The DC Universe Strikes Back


DC Universe 1

What’s on DC’s Horizon?

DC has a lot going on right now. “Arrow” is wrapping up its second season and “Gotham” debuts this year, but it’s really hard to focus on anything when you have “Batman vs. Superman” looming in the distance. And all that talk of a “Justice League” movie is now just a fading memory.

Imagine an Avengers movie without all of the character development that took place in Marvel’s individual superhero films. It could have been a decent effort, especially in the hands of Wizard Whedon, but it would have been missing substance and foundation. That’s why the world wasn’t ready for a Justice League movie. DC needs to create the universe first, before tackling such a complex assembly.

Batman vs Superman

Scary Times

With the recent Batman Trilogy and the Superman reboot, one would think that a foundation has been formed. And with the potential of Wonder Woman playing a role in the “Batman vs. Superman” movie, the foundation is being further fortified. But then why do so many fans seem skeptical? Maybe it’s the fear of possibly ruining several franchises in one shot. After all, it’s not Christopher Nolan at the helm. It is Zack Snyder and we just don’t feel comfortable handing over Batman to the director of “The Man of Steel.” Okay, the movie made tons of money worldwide, but overall, it fell apart in the third act. The grotesque overuse of CGI turned it into a farce, and it never really touched any of us on an emotional level.

Is that what we can expect with “Batman vs. Superman?” Things get even sketchier knowing that Christian Bale is out and Ben Affleck is in. Hasn’t he played a superhero already? How did that go? Anyway, all that is the root of anxiety surrounding “Batman vs. Superman,” but we all should try and remain optimistic. Old Ben has grown as an actor and maybe Zack will learn something from his “Man of Steel” shortcomings.

Superheroes Are Usually Indestructible

If Joel Schumacher couldn’t kill Batman, then there really isn’t much damage that Zack and Ben could inflict on everyone’s favorite bat. For now, we can all hope for a masterpiece that will trigger the actual development of other DC superheroes like The Flash, Wonder Woman, or a reboot of The Green Lantern.

Maybe the Marvel formula had us all doing too many comparisons. It is obvious that there has been less collective planning for DC movies, but who ever said they had to follow the Marvel template? The Batman Trilogy was exceptional. It was arguably one of the best trilogies ever made. There would be nothing wrong in treating each DC hero the same way, without forcing them to play nice together. Let’s just get this “Batman vs. Superman” movie out of the way (hopefully enjoying it in the process) and start from scratch. The DC Universe in movies could be a marvelous thing.

Batman Arkham Knight

It’s All Fun and Games at DC

DC gaming:

Fight DC’s most wicked villains as your favorite hero in DC Comics Deck Building Game. Each Super Hero has a unique special ability that will serve different prescribed strategies. Or, be bold and create your own strategy to defeat your foe. Play as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or many others and try to accumulate Victory Points and win the game.

More DC gaming:

Online giant Intercasino currently has five DC Universe slot machine games: Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman. Whether helping the Dark Knight in his battle against the menacing Joker, or making your way through a zombie-infested island in an epic Wonder Woman adventure, the excitement will rock your DC loving world.

Even more DC gaming:

DC is now offering Free Play of Infinite Crisis. DC Comics says, “A sudden assault threatens the DC Multiverse. All realities stand on the brink of annihilation. Now, the last hope for Earth lies in the powers of the DC legends.” Also, Batman: Arkham Knight, the video game, will be released this year for XBOX One, PS4, and PC platforms.

DC Universe 2

Not Such a Crisis After All

Things are really looking up for DC and its universe. They are embedded in pop culture with comic books, TV shows, movies, and games. No matter how you slice it, DC continually keeps us entertained while making us hungry, and anxious, for future productions.

What the Hell Happened to Ralph Macchio?

ralph macchio

In the 1980′s Ralph Macchio was a teen heartthrob.  He rose to prominence along with with other hot actors of his generation with roles in iconic movies that are still relevant today.  Macchio managed to avoid the Brat Pack label that doomed many of his contemporaries.  But he struggled with transitioning to adult roles.  In the early nineties, after a small role in one last memorable movie, Macchio faded into obscurity.

What the hell happened?

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How Frozen Should Have Ended

Too funny. These are always great, but this one is especially awesome. Enjoy.

Nope, Not a 1-Hit Wonder: Survivor

Survivor is one band that has it doubly rough. Not only is it regarded as a one-hit wonder by much of the public, more people know them as the Eye Of The Tiger band than by actual name. Mention Survivor to most people and the reality show is the first thing to come to mind.

But is “Eye Of The Tiger” Survivor’s only hit? Not quite. In fact, they had several other hits.

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Draft Day: Review


One of the biggest and most dominant entertainment organizations in the United States of America is the National Football League (the NFL for short). The Super Bowl, in which the league crowns its champion, is routinely the highest rated television program of the year and 24 of the 50 highest rated programs of all time are Super Bowls. Americans love our version of football so much, in fact, that the NFL Draft has become a highly rated television property in its own right. The folks who made the new movie Draft Day are counting on this popularity rubbing off to the cinema. For the uninitiated, the draft is an event in which the league’s teams take turns choosing eligible college football players to be a part of their franchise going forward. Making the right choices and the right deals can spell huge success and glory for years to come, while making the wrong choices and deals can get you fired.

This is just part of what Cleveland Browns general manager Sonny Weaver Jr (Kevin Costner) is dealing with in Ivan Reitman’s new sports movie Draft Day.
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What the Hell Happened to Katherine Heigl?

unite4:good And Variety's unite4:humanity

Katherine Heigl first came onto the scene with the cult TV series Roswell. She would go on to greater TV success with Grey’s Anatomy, which would win her an Emmy Award. From there, Heigl capitalized on that success with success in a trilogy of romantic comedies. In recent years, though, she became known as a cautionary tale about the dangers of biting the hand that feeds you. As a result, her most recent appearance was a commercial for NyQuil.

What the hell happened?

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Nope, Not a 1-Hit Wonder: Rupert Holmes

“Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” is one of the biggest and most iconic soft rock hits of the late 70′s. Its smooth echo-enhanced jazzy production sent it to a 3-week stay at #1 on the Billboard charts in the U.S. in November of 1979 and made it one of those songs that caused folks who considered themselves fans of real rock ‘n’ roll to retch a little. If I wasn’t a sucker for verse-chorus-verse style songwriting, I’d probably be one of them. As it is, I could only  bear to listen to the song once while writing this article, and that was just to be sure the video I included matched what I was hoping for.

This ode to a pair of lovers who plan on cheating on one another only to find that they’d answered each other’s personals ad somehow caught on with the folks who program the music in dentists’ waiting rooms. I find it hard to believe that a real couple in this situation would find it so hilarious and romantic. It sounds more like a fast track to the end of a relationship to me.

The “Me” Generation easy listening dork with the glasses and beard to match is definitely a 1-hit wonder, right? Right?
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Our 2014 Disney World Character Hitlist


This summer, I’ll be taking the family back to Disney World.  Our last trip in 2012 was filled with character meet and greets.  I expect that will be the case again this year.  Here are the top ten characters (or groups of characters) I’m looking forward to seeing this year.

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Review: Captain America: Winter Soldier

cap winter soldier

Following the mega-success of Marvel’s super hero mash-up, The Avengers, the big question was whether or not Marvel could generate the same excitement over the character’s solo films.  So far, based on the box office, the answer would appear to be a resounding “yes”.  Both Iron Man 3 and Thor: Dark World enjoyed post-Avengers bumps.  But for my money, Captain America: Winter Soldier is the first truly satisfying film in the series post Avengers.

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Noah: Review


Noah has long been a passion project for auteur Darren Aronofsky. It looked unlikely the big budget spectacle would ever be backed by a studio given the director’s artistic intentions and limited appeal. However, after a $330 million BO take for Black Swan, someone decided that it was worth the risk, especially given the success of more christian-centric films over the last few years. Aronofsky proved ill-suited to the studio system with fights over final cuts, disclaimers, budget issues, and marketing problems plaguing the film before it ever hit theaters.

I’m a big fan of DA, and was of the opinion that he’d never made a bad film. His films are incredibly emotional, singularly shot, and usually marked with a fervor. Black Swan was remarkable as an artist in search of unattainable perfection. The Wrestler was one of the saddest films you will ever see. The Fountain was a work of vision and a testament to what you want to say more than making sure it’s understood. Requiem hurts. Pi is insane. What then is Noah?

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