What Might Have Been Wednesday: James Caan in Rocky

James Caan as Rocky

The story of Rocky Balboa overcoming long odds parallels the success of his creator, writer and actor Sylvester Stallone.  Stallone wrote the script for Rocky because he was having trouble finding work as an actor.  He refused to sell the script unless he was allowed to play the lead, but the studio had other ideas.  United Artists wanted James Caan, Burt Reynolds or Ryan O’Neal to play the Italian Stallion.

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Worst To First: Ranking the Rocky Movies

Rocky Posters

Today is the opening day for Creed, a spin-off from the long-running Rocky franchise in which Sylvester Stallone plays Rocky Balboa for the seventh time.  That’s a lot of “Yo Adrians!”  As the Italian Stallion passes the baton to the next generation, I’m going to rank the Rockies from worst to first.  And of course readers will get a chance to do the same.

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Happy 37th Birthday Katherine Heigl

Knocked Up movie image Seth Rogen Katherine Heigl

It’s Katherine Heigl’s 37th birthday today!  Since the Knocked Up star already has her own gallery, we’re going to celebrate with an embarrassing commercial from her past (like we do).  I only have one this time, but it’s a doozy.  Here is Katherine Heigl, future star of Grey’s Anatomy, in a 1996 commercial for an HIV detection kit.

Happy birthday, Katherine Heigl!

Rocky Boxing Smackdown Explosion!: The Champ!

Who won our little boxing tournament? Check out the video above to see how it turned out!

Thanks to everyone who participated by voting and in the comments section!

Rocky Boxing Smackdown Explosion!: The Final- Rocky vs “Clubber” Lang


We had a split decision overnight! When I went to bed last night, “Clubber” Lang and Ivan Drago were locked in a straight-up tie in our voting, and in the match that inspired the highest rate of participation yet in this tournament, Lang had eked out a win against the towering Russian by the time I’d woken this morning. This leaves us with a rubber match between Lang and Rocky after they split knockouts over the course of Rocky III.

Come help us decide who will take home our fictional heavyweight belt!
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Rocky Boxing Smackdown Explosion!: Lang v Drago

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 4.00.50 AM

And here we have probably the two biggest ‘bad guy’ boxers in the entire Rocky series. “Clubber” Lang and Ivan Drago are a couple of really bad, dangerous dudes, so we’ve decided to let them face one another in hopes that the winner comes out so bloodied that Rocky can take care of him in short order. Of course we’re the ones making these decisions, so let’s be sure to make the right ones. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain about which cartoonish cultural stereotype gets to fight an Italian-American with mob ties.

Let’s get started!
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Totally Awesome Facts You Need to Know About Dances With Wolves

Costner - Dances With Wolves

Twenty-five years ago, Kevin Costner directed and starred in Dances With Wolves.  No one expected the three-hour Western to succeed, but it ended up winning Best Picture in 1990.  Dances With Wolves turned into the rare Oscar-winner that was also a popular hit.  It became the third highest-grossing movie of the year behind Home Alone and Ghost.  To celebrate the movie’s twenty-fifth anniversary, we’re reviewing the totally awesome facts you need to know about Dances With Wolves.

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Rocky Boxing Smackdown Explosion!: Balboa v Creed


We’re down to the final four in our Rocky-themed bracket tournament, and this is where the real interest starts to amp up! Rocky’s two official bouts with Apollo Creed were extremely competitive, with each boxer winning once. My Aunt once insisted in front of the whole Thanksgiving table that Rocky had won in the first movie, reasoning “Stallone wrote the movie. Why would he write himself a losing part?” This was an interesting line of logic. It displayed her knowledge of Stallone’s role in creating the first Rocky film, but a complete lack of understanding of what had made the story meaningful. Oh yeah, and she was also wrong. I proposed a wager on the facts, but was waved away with the supposed authority of age. You can’t just decide that a boxing match ended a certain way because it pleases you.

Well…you can, faithful readers. Because that’s exactly what we’re asking you to do. Join us after the break and tell us who should win the rubber match between Rocky and Apollo!
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Happy 56th Birthday Sean Young!

Young - Blade Runner

It’s Blade Runner star Sean Young‘s 56th birthday today. Regular readers know that Sean Young is a favorite here at Le Blog even though Le Blog is not a favorite of hers.  Young has already received the traditional birthday gallery, so we need to find another way to commemorate her big day.  Lately, that has meant reviewing embarrassing TV commercials.  Let me see if I can find some for Ms. Young…

Hey, here they are!

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John Badham: Mr. Slick

John Badham - Nick of Time

Twenty years ago, the real-time thriller Nick of Time opened in theaters.  The movie starred Johnny Depp as a man who is given an ultimatum.  He has to kill a politician in order to save his daughter.  Here is an interview with director John Badham from the November 1995 issue of Movieline magazine.

Over the course of the interview, Badham discusses how he came to direct Saturday Night Fever and why he passed on the sequel, what it was like to work with Richard Dreyfus during and after his drug addiction, why he didn’t always get along with Kevin Costner and why he was replaced on The Firm.  Badham comes across as an especially down-to-earth director who likes sharing credit with his collaborators.  Today, the director works primarily in television.

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Rocky Boxing Smackdown Explosion!: Lang v Dixon

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.54.59 PM

This Thanksgiving week, movie fans are being treated to the newest story from the world of fictional boxing champion Rocky “The Italian Stallion” Balboa. The film Creed will feature Michael B Jordan as Apollo Creed’s son Adonis, who is following his Father’s footsteps into the boxing ring. Apollo has already booted Adonis from our little competition here, but if you join us below the break, you can help us decide on the final member of our final four.
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When Good News Goes Bad


It’s after midnight and I can’t sleep.  This is not a common situation for me.  I have always been fortunate in that sleep has never really been a problem.  If I can’t sleep, it is because something is troubling me.  Unfortunately, that is the case tonight.

Normally, the content here at Le Blog pertains to entertainment.  I usually limit my personal stories to observations and anecdotes.  But this isn’t going to be one of those times.  I am hoping that if I get this off my chest, I will be able to salvage a few hours of sleep tonight before I get the kids ready for school and go in to work.

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Happy 54th Birthday Meg Ryan!

Meg Ryan - When Harry Met Sally... - 1989

Meg Ryan – When Harry Met Sally… – 1989

Today is Meg Ryan‘s 54th birthday.  This year, we have been celebrating birthdays for What the Hell Happened subjects with a photo gallery.  But Ryan already has one!  It turns out I started the gallery tradition with Ryan’s birthday last year, so going forward we’re going to do the next best thing.  Or maybe, depending on your point of view, something better.  To celebrate Ryan’s big day, we’re going to go back to before she was a movie star and look at some embarrassing commercials!

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