Worst to First: Ranking the Nightmare on Elm Street Movies

A Nightmare on Elm Street

In the 1980’s, horror movies were dominated by the slasher genre.  Michael Myers started a trend in the late 70’s and Jason Vorheese took it to the next level.  For the most part, the killers in these movies were big, silent killing machines who walked slowly from the shadows.  But Freddy Kruger was different.  He was talkative.  Funny even.  And he didn’t have to sneak up on you.  He was already in your dreams waiting for his next victim to fall asleep.  Freddy gets you when you are completely defenseless.

Over the course of the decade, the lunatic with a scarred visage and knives for fingers became a pop culture icon.  But as audiences moved away from the slasher genre, Freddy struggled to remain relevant.  The last few Nightmare on Elm Street movies have relied on stunts to try to win back Freddy’s fans.  Some have worked out better than others.  So let’s rank the Nightmare on Elm Street movies from worst to first.

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Golden Raspberry Awards: 1981


The first Golden Raspberry Awards ceremony started as a joke.  Founder and publicist, John J.B. Wilson was able to parlay his potluck dinner party into a few local headlines.  The following year, he held another potluck dinner following the Oscars and attendance doubled.  The list of nominees was also trimmed down to five each to mimic the format of the Academy Awards.

Let’s review the nominees and “winners” of 1981.

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Readers Rank the Die Hard Movies

Die Hard Movie Posters

Jeff the Wild Man recently ranked the Die Hard movies from worst to first.  Naturally, we gave you the chance to do your own rankings.  Here’s what readers came up with.

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Dessert Tray Smackdown: Cake Vs. Pie

Cake Vs. Pie

We cover a lot of important topics here at Le Blog.  But perhaps no topic is as near and dear to my heart as this one: Dessert.  At family gatherings, no debate gets more heated than which dessert is better.  Cake or pie.  Today, we’re going to settle this once and for all.

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Happy 52nd Birthday Elisabeth Shue!

Elisabeth Shue - Link - 1986

Elisabeth Shue – Link – 1986

It’s Elisabeth Shue’s 52nd birthday!  For most WTHH subjects, that would mean posting a gallery here, but Shue already has one.  So we’re going to celebrate another way.

If you’ve read the WTHH article on Shue, you know that one of her early gigs was selling hamburgers for Burger King.  She appeared in a number of Burger King commercials in the early 80’s including a famous Christmas commercial that paired her with her future Back to the Future Part II co-star Lea Thompson and future vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar.  But that one was included in the original article.  So today, we’re looking at another classic BK commercial that I’ve never shown here before.

This one features a flirty Shue making a special announcement with a young Andrew McCarthy.  She’s wearing her very fetching BK visor and he’s got his Pepsi ball cap on.  Are they getting engaged?  Oh no!  Is she pregnant?  No, nothing like that.  The adorable couple is here to announce that BK is switching to Pepsi soft drinks.


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Totally Awesome Facts You Need to Know About Fright Night

Fright Night

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the vampire classic, Fright Night.  To celebrate this anniversary, let’s go over some totally awesome facts you need to know.  Maybe by doing so, we’ll find out what makes Brewster so cool.

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Fear the Walking Dead: The Good Man

FTWD - A Good Man

In last week’s episode, Daniel tortured Andy – the one seemingly could soldier and his daughter’s boyfriend, until he finally confessed that “Cobalt” (a concept so important that the episode took its title from the operation) was a code word for evacuating the safe house and killing all the innocent citizens who remained.  It was a plan that raised more than a few ethical concerns.  Would soldiers who had previously devoted themselves to protecting their country really turn on American citizens for no apparent reason?  It turns out, no.  They won’t.

Based on the evidence provided, it would seem Andy lied about the meaning of Cobalt.  Or probably more accurately, it was easier and cheaper for the show to ignore the information it had just devoted an entire episode to.  Because instead of having to sneak out of the safe zone under the noses of armed guards, The cast of Fear the Walking Dead just rolled out the front gate.  Naturally they left the gate wide open to virtually guarantee that their unsuspecting neighbors will be killed by zombies.  This is the level on which the finale of Fear the Walking Dead operates.

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Totally Awesome Facts You Need to Know About Commando

Schwarzenegger - Commando

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Commando – 1985

In 1985, the reigning king of action movies was Sylvester Stallone.  Stallone starred in the second and third highest-grossing movies of the year; Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rocky IV.  But there was a challenger who was making a name for himself.  Former body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger had made the leap to the big screen with Conan the Barbarian and The Terminator.  With Commando, which was released 30 years ago today, Arnold proved he was a legitimate threat to the Italian Stallion’s reign.

To celebrate Commando‘s 30th anniversary, let’s take a look at some totally awesome facts you need to know.

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Franchise Killers: Scream 4

Neve Campbell - Scream 4 - 2011

Neve Campbell – Scream 4 – 2011

For the month of October, Franchise Killers will be covering movies that ended film series in the horror genre.  So we’ll be looking at movies that killed franchises about killers.  Since today is Neve Campbell‘s birthday, I thought we would kick things off with a look at Scream 4.

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