Internet Urban Legends: Was Die Hard Developed as a Sequel to Commando?

Die Hard - 1988

Die Hard – 1988

“If it’s on the internet, it must be true.” – Sarcastic Person

The internet is a marvel of modern technology.  Never before in human history has so much information been available so readily.  Unfortunately, it also follows that misinformation spreads more rapidly than ever.  Someone writes something on-line and someone else repeats it.  Before you know it, the story is accepted as fact despite having no credible sources.

I come across these kinds of tall tales and internet legends all the time while researching articles for the site.  Despite the fact that sites like Wikipedia have a team that theoretically monitors updates for proper sourcing, an amazing number of errors slip through the cracks.  The purpose of this series is to separate fact from fiction.

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What’s Coming to Disney World: Star Wars, Toy Story, Avatar and Frozen

Star Wars Launch Bay Concept Art

It’s been a while since I have discussed new projects at Walt Disney World because frankly, there hasn’t been much to discuss.  It seems like ages since we were scrutinizing concept art for the New Fantasyland Project which is understandable since that expansion was initially announced six years ago.  To put that into perspective, my first-grader was an infant when the last major Disney World project was announced.  Last summer, we visited the Magic Kingdom just as the project was completed.  Things move slowly at Disney World in the 21st century.

For the last several years while New Fantasyland was being built, Hyperion Wharf was announced and then replaced with Disney Springs and Magic Bands became a thing, there haven’t been a lot of new developments that Disney fans could get excited about.  The announcement of an Avatar-themed expansion went over like a fart in church.  And the Frozen-themed make-over over Maelstrom at Epcot has been controversial to say the least.  There were rumors of good things to come, but for several frustrating years they remained only rumors.

This year at Disney’s D23 convention, those rumors were finally confirmed.  Details were few and far between.  But coupled with the projects which had already been announced, we’ve got a pretty good idea of where Disney World is headed over the next several years.  So it seems like as good a time as any to assess the up-coming projects and rank them in terms of their overall potential and my personal excitement level.

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Fear the Walking Dead: So Close, Yet So Far Away

FTWD So Close

The brilliance of the pilot episode of Fear the Walking Dead may be that it set the bar for the series so low that the second episode couldn’t help but feel like a massive improvement.  Just by virtue of the fact that So Close, Yet So Far Away was 30 minutes shorter, it was tighter and less bloated.  Were there problems with then episode?  Is this a Walking Dead TV show?  Of course there were.  But at least this episode managed the minimal task of holding my attention for the duration of its run-time.

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My Lovely Day of Movies

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 9.54.35 PM

After summer months filled with a Disneyland vacation, directing for my developing theatre company, and transitioning into a new job, I finally found a weekend that was not already spoken for in one way or another. So I decided to try to catch up with a couple of the movies that had so far slipped past me this year. Despite seeing the mildly disappointing Avengers sequel, the Pixar smash Inside Out, the fantastically creepy Ex Machina, the lighthearted Marvel world builder Ant-Man, and the Ian McKellan vehicle Mr Holmes (McKellan is wonderful in it, by the way), I was still left feeling way behind overall. As I perused the lists of films that were still playing on the big screen locally I found that getting anywhere close to up to date was going to be a daunting task indeed. Running out and taking in a couple of popcorn flicks on a lazy Saturday was not even going to come close to doing the trick.

What formed in my mind instead was a scheme that would both allow me to “x” out plenty of empty boxes on my movies checklist and make the endeavor into an event in and of itself.
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What the Hell Happened to Ally Sheedy?

Ally Sheedy

Ally Sheedy

Ally Sheedy rose to fame as part of the Brat Pack in the 1980’s.  In the middle of the decade, she starred in two of the most iconic coming-of-age movies of the decade.  Like a lot of her fellow Brat Packers, Sheedy’s  movie career cooled off quickly as the decade came to an end.  In the 90’s, Sheedy seemed to disappear.

What the hell happened?

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Fear the Walking Dead: Pilot

FWD - Pilot

The premiere episode of the spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead, was titled Pilot.  Autopilot would have been more appropriate.  Zing!  The parent series, The Walking Dead, does one thing really well: zombie gore.  For five years, the creative genius behind the series’ practical effects have found new and creative ways to give audiences goose-flesh.  Where The Walking Dead tends to fall down a lot are areas like plot, pacing and character development.  The pilot episode of Fear the Walking Dead demonstrate what happens when the creators of The Walking Dead dedicate an hour and a half of television to all of their many weaknesses while barely teasing their strengths.

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Review: Straight Outta Compton

Parental Advisry

“You’re now about to witness the strength of street knowledge”

When I heard that a movie about the seminal rap group NWA was on the way I felt a combination of excitement and unease. Excitement because I’d been a fan of the group since the early 90’s and knew there was cinematic potential in their story. Unease because many musical bio-pics tend to be uneven and formulaic. The two most recent ones, the Clint Eastwood directed Four Seasons tribute Jersey Boys and the James Brown bio-pic Get On Up both fell into that category. Even the better ones (Walk The Line) have their flaws.

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What the Hell Happened to Edward Furlong?

Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong’s first movie was a critically acclaimed box office smash.  He was thirteen years old when he became famous overnight for playing a boy who was destined for greatness.  At the time, it seemed like great things might have been in Furlong’s future as well.  But almost immediately, Furlong went down a dark path of addiction, legal problems and charges of domestic abuse.  This once promising young actor is now considered to be a cautionary tale.

What the hell happened?

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