What the Hell Happened to Meg Ryan?


Once upon a time, Meg Ryan sat at the top of the A-list.  Her nearest competitor was Julia Roberts.  She was America’s Sweetheart.  Now, she seems to be retired after years of direct-to-video schlock.  It’s time to ask that age-old question: What the hell happened?

ryan rich and famous

Ryan first appeared on the big screen with a small role opposite Candice Bergen in the drama Rich and Famous in 1981.

The film got mixed reviews and didn’t do much at the box office, but it gave Ryan her start.

Is it just me or does young Meg Ryan look a lot like Alicia Silverstone?

Ryan - As the World Turns

Ryan first gained attention on day time soaps.  From 1982-1984, she played Betsy Stewart on As the World Turns.

Apparently her story arc was a popular one.  When I searched for pictures from this time period, I found Ryan in another wedding picture with a different groom.  Could have been a different actor playing the same character.  Or maybe Ryan played twins.  I don’t get soaps.  Sorry.

I also found this old Burger King commercial starring Ryan from about the same time.  Ryan is so perky!  Makes me want to eat a Whopper.

 ryan amityville 3d

Most actresses have at least one horror movie on their resume.  In Ryan’s case, she paid her dues in Amyityville 3-D in 1983.

Ryan played a girl who was obsessed with the Amityville Horror house.  She and her friend, played by Lori Loughlin snuck into the house with a couple of boys and started playing with a Ouija board.  I’m sure that ended well for them.

Amityville 3-D rode the tail end of a very brief 3-D craze that started and ended in 1983.  Reviews were terrible and the movie flopped.

ryan - top gun

Ryan returned to the big screen with a small role in the 1986 smash, Top Gun.

Ryan played the wife of the doomed fighter pilot, Goose.  The minute she shows up on-screen looking all cute and with a kid in tow, you just know Anthony Edward’s Goose is cooked.  (I’m not proud of that joke.)

It was a small part, but Ryan was winning in it.  Everyone remembered the charismatic pixie girl from the few scenes she was in.

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  1. Thank you Lebeau and RB. I’ll always cherish those kind words.


  2. yawn She has been happily leading a quiet life in NYC with her daughter and boyfriend for years now and obviously no longer has any interest in a big career anyway.


    • That’s why she’s been doing interviews and signed up to star in a TV show? Why she’s been trying unsuccessfully to launch a career as a director for the last decade and starring in direct-to-DVD movies? Oh right, apologists don’t concern themselves with reality.


  3. They Threw It Away – Self-Destruction and Acting Careers:

    Meg Ryan killed her All-American Sweetheart image when she fell in love with “bad boy” Russell Crowe and ended her marriage to Dennis Quaid. I remember a lot of people on the internet were pissed off and unforgiving towards her. That, plus her aggressive search for “edgier” roles, caused a career stumble from which she never recovered.

    by: Anonymous reply 407 01/19/2014 @ 03:37PM


    • Re: Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe:

      I never understood those who thought that Ryan and Crowe were anything other than a fling. I remember all the publicity at the time as there was a huge buzz about “Gladiator” and lots of pictures, etc. What I do recall is seeing photos of Dennis Quaid dancing on some table in some Spanish nightclub. Barely a day afterward, photos of Ryan and Crowe appeared. It seemed to me that it was Ryan sending a clear message to Quaid that she was with the new hot actor.

      As for Crowe, he had long been talking about having kids and was adamant about living in Australia. And the life he’s chosen to live since then follows that path. Given Ryan’s age and her life in Hollywood, would anyone really expect her to move to Australia?

      As for Ryan’s career, she was fast approaching the big 40 which is usually the death knell for a woman’s career in Hollywood. It’s not as if she had a very versatile career anyway (although I liked her in Courage Under Fire).

      A couple questions I have always wanted to have answers for. Since someone started a thread on this topic, perhaps someone here knows the answers.

      1. Is it true that Meg Ryan had a nasty reputation on films sets?
      2. I cannot recall ever seeing her do publicity for her romantic comedies. Isn’t that part of an actor’s job when you reach her level?

      3. Since that film that Crowe & Ryan did “Proof of Life” was started before Gladiator came out, Meg would have been the bigger star at that point. Is it true that she would have had the power to pick her co-star?

      4. Rumors circulated at the time that during the shooting of that film, Crowe was having a romance with an actress who had a small part in the film and that Ryan had the girl fired, making way for her. Anyone else here this?

      I wonder what happened to the love scene that was shot for Proof of Life. I recall when Taylor Hackford was asked if it would appear as an extra on the DVD, he said “No, it would not. Meg insisted.”

      And, yes, I know way, way too much about all this, but since this is old news, there might still be someone here who actually worked on that film.

      by: Anonymous reply 29 06/10/2010 @ 04:53PM

      While Quaid’s current marriage may be crumbling, they’ve called off the divorce… For now.

      You can blame Quaid for letting Ryan take all the heat in their divorce, but there’s a little karma there too. Ryan, who was always portrayed as America’s sweetheart, is (was?) a colossal bitch in real life. I think many were eager to see her reputation dragged through the mud after all the headaches she had caused in the past.

      by: Anonymous reply 48 05/14/2012 @ 07:05AM

      “She felt Meg was the one who really ended it because she was unwilling to give in to Crowe’s pressure to get more serious.”

      I always heard that it was the other way around; Ryan wanted a committed relationship and Crowe wasn’t ready for it. At any rate, they weren’t meant to last. It was just a fling, although Crowe said they “fell in love.” And it is true that Crowe’s home-base is Australia; he’s said publicly that he would never live in L.A., which is wear Ryan supposedly wanted to buy a “love nest.”

      The tabloids had a good time with their brief affair. There was photos of Ryan and Crowe together in some cafe or something, her hand on his leg, and articles that gushed about future babies and Academy Awards (for “Proof of Life!”) and the aforementioned “love nest” in L.A. She was still married to Quaid at the time, so she got lots of bad publicity and was no long “America’s Sweetheart” but a two-timing cheater. Her image was ruined.

      Ryan really is quite unrecognizable now, due to all the bad plastic surgery. She can never go back to playing the cute, girlish roles that were her forte, so her career is essentially in the toilet. Oh well. It happens.

      by: Anonymous reply 52 09/14/2012 @ 09:51AM


    • What the heck happened to Meg Ryan’s career:

      [Post New]04/24/2014 07:07 Subject: What the heck happened to Meg Ryan’s career [Up]

      Anonymous wrote:
      Anonymous wrote:

      Cheating on Dennis Quaid with Russell Crowe did her in. She’s been on the outs since then. The plastic surgery came after.


      +1. She was doing a movie with Russell Crowe about a kidnapping in Colombia. I think it’s supposed to be a good movie. Anyways, their affair damaged both of their careers, I think. But most of all, the affair completely took over the headlines and messed up all the chatter about the movie; I recall that people in the industry believed that the movie tanked because of this interference. So I think Hollywood was pretty pissed off at her; think about it, millions of dollars and so many people’s careers etc. screwed up thanks to them; perfectly good movie down the drain. So after that, I don’t think people wanted to work with her, and I think it hurt him badly too, but he had been in Gladiator and so that helped cushion him a bit. (or maybe typical Hollywood sexism cushioned him…anyways, it was bad all around).

      [Post New]04/24/2014 07:30 Subject: What the heck happened to Meg Ryan’s career [Up]

      She was never that great of an actress to begin with, and did a poor job at picking movies. When Harry Met Sally – great – but how many times can you play the same character? Especially knowing that at a certain point you’ll be too old to play her, but too typecast to do anything else?

      [Post New]04/24/2014 08:42 Subject: What the heck happened to Meg Ryan’s career [Up]

      Anonymous wrote:
      Anonymous wrote:
      Anonymous wrote:
      Anonymous wrote:
      Anonymous wrote:
      She was never that great of an actress to begin with, and did a poor job at picking movies. When Harry Met Sally – great – but how many times can you play the same character? Especially knowing that at a certain point you’ll be too old to play her, but too typecast to do anything else?

      Someone needs to give Jennifer Aniston this memo.

      Ha, so true.

      I’m not the biggest JA fan but really? Horrible bosses vs Good Girl vs Office Space?

      Those are all good, if not great, movies, but only her role in Good Girl played an important part in making the movie good. Anyone could have played that bit part in Office Space. It was the guys who made the movie (and the writing). I actually didn’t think she did a great job in Horrible Bosses (although I know I’m in the minority) but, to a lesser extent, it was still the guys who made that movie and any number of actresses could have played that part. Most of her other roles are the same thing over and over again (Along Came Polly, Just Go With It, Love Happens, etc.)

      Yes, lots of romantic comedies:
      When Harry Met Sally
      Joe vs. The Volcano
      Prelude to a Kiss
      Sleepless in Seattle
      French Kiss
      Addicted to Love
      You’ve Got Mail
      Kate & Leopold

      I will say she tried to branch out more than JA with movies like Courage Under Fire, When a Man Loves a Woman, Against the Ropes, Flesh and Bone, but America did not want to see her like that. They rejected her branching out of “America’s Sweetheart” whrereas I’d say we’re all ready for JA to try something new.

      04/25/2014 09:14 Subject: What the heck happened to Meg Ryan’s career [Up]

      Anonymous wrote:
      I loved her in French Kiss.

      Me too. Normally, her over-the-top cutesy crap annoys me, but in this one, she was more of a neurotic bitch dork, which rings truer.

      Too bad she seems to believe she has to try to be cutesy or “beautiful.” Middle-aged moppets are creepy. Just look at her casting in the remake of “The Women” to see how messed up Hollywood has things. (Not that “The Women” should ever have been remade.) But I’d put her in Rosalind Russell parts–lanky, good with physical comedy, brash, bitchy, and mouthy.


      • Where Did Meg Ryan Go?


        Meg Ryan was the darling of the movie industry back in the 1990’s. Her face and name generated millions of dollars and movies were almost always assured of being a success when Ryan had top billing. Even when her movie was not a smash, it would usually go on to generate huge profits when it went to VHS or DVD. Yep, Meg Ryan was the top A-list star and it seemed like her run of success would never come to an end.

        So, what happened to Meg Ryan? Where did she go? It seems like she just kind of fell off the face of the Earth. Where is she today. Will she ever make a successful return to her rightful place as America’s Sweetheart? Let’s examine her career, how it abruptly changed, and what she is doing today.

        Meg Ryan’s Glory Days

        Meg Ryan’s movies generated over a billion dollars from 1993 to 1998. It was not uncommon for her to command $15 million for a single picture. Ryan hit the movie industry’s radar screen when she played opposite Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally. Her fake orgasm scene is still one of the most memorable scenes of all times. Over the next 15 years, Meg Ryan took roles in mainly romantic comedies. The most famous movies she starred in were Sleepless in Seattle, French Kiss, Addicted to Love, City of Angels, You’ve Got Mail, and Kate and Leopold. Even the commercial disappointment Joe vs. the Volcano ended up generating a cult following and has become a financial success on DVD. Some people consider her the greatest female actress in romantic comedies. I think I will agree with them.

        Ryan’s Fall From Grace

        Ryan’s fall from the top was not sudden. Kate and Leopold, which was a 2003 film was, and still is, Ryan’s top grossing film of that decade.She had already had one movie, Hanging Up, that fell short of expectations and another, Proof of Life, has been pointed at by some as the beginning of the end for Ryan. Whether they are right or not, some people claim that the alleged affair she had with her co-star Russell Crowe is one of the reasons that her career began to crumble.

        After the 2003, Kate and Leopold, Ryan began stepping away from the romantic comedies that made her a household name. She took on In the Cut and appeared nude in a lengthy scene. This is another reason that some people claim led to her fall. They claim that Meg Ryan was the darling of the movie industry, but this movie made the people who loved and admired her very uncomfortable. Critics hated the movie and hated her next movie even more. It was a boxing movie called Against the Ropes. The movie made less than $6 million dollars. Ryan was no longer the draw she once was.

        Ryan took a three year break after the bomb Against the Ropes. She finally returned in the movie, In the Land of Women in 2007. The movie had a small budget. It made more money than it cost to make and Ryan, who played a mother facing breast cancer who connected with a younger neighbor, received generally good reviews. She followed that movie with The Deal, which was another bomb and was released straight to DVD. Ryan was off the radar of the elite in Hollywood. Her next film, My Mom’s New Boyfriend also went straight to DVD and it seemed like her career was over.

        Ryan took on a role in The Women in 2009. The movie was blasted by the critics but it did well at the box office. It is her second best grossing film of the 2000’s and did bring Ryan back to the public’s radar. Sadly, Ryan’s next film only generated $150,000 worldwide. She starred opposite Timothy Hutton in Serious Moonlight and received very mixed reviews.

        Where is Meg Ryan Today and Why Did She Fall So Far?

        Finally, Meg Ryan was cast in Lives of the Saints in 2010 and was supposed to make her feature film directing debut in a movie called Into the Beautiful. She has also been cast in Long Time Gone. Her fans hope she can return to the glory of yesteryear but that hope may be a bit hollow.

        Ryan and her husband, Dennis Quaid divorced in 2001 after her alleged affair with Russell Crowe back in 2000. Interestingly, Ryan announced in 2008 that Quaid had had multiple affairs during their marriage. Some people feel that Ryan’s revelation was her way of fighting back against those critics who claim that her affair with Crowe led to her fall.

        Other critics say that Meg Ryan’s plastic surgery was a failure and that was the main reason her career fell apart. People will always remember Ryan for being the girl next door, the sweet, pretty girl who anyone could approach. She lost that look after her plastic surgery. One critic claimed that the only role Ryan will be able to succeed at now is as The Joker. I find that to be cruel and distasteful, but I will agree that Ryan no longer looks like her former self and that will undoubtedly mean that she will never rise back to the levels she enjoyed in the 1990’s.


        • What the hell happened to Meg Ryan?


          She’s thrived over the years over being the cute single gal, which doesn’t work as well when you’re in your 40s. At this point she should be gracefully transitioning to the comedy mom/wife roles (like Bonnie Hunt in Cheaper By the Dozen) but she seems to desperately cling to her youth type romantic/sexy roles (In the Cut, drastic plastic surgery). If she keeps it up she’ll be trying to play romantic single gal after 50. It worked for Diane Keaton, but Something’s Gotta Give was about older romance… if Meg does it she’ll probably try to pass herself off as 34.

          She’s pulling the female equivalent of a ‘comb-over’.


        • 9 Celebs Who Looked Better Before Plastic Surgery:

          1. Meg Ryan

          For a good chunk of her career, Meg Ryan was gorgeous. She just had such a lovely face. Over the last decade though, she seems to have tried to preserve what was left of her youthful appearance with lip implants, fillers and Botox injections. It has not worked. In fact, it looks as though it has had the opposite effect. She now looks a lot older. We’re not sure what possessed her to do this or who was actually performing the plastic surgery on her face. Whoever did it did a budget job.

          We still can’t get over how pretty Ryan was earlier on in her career. She seemed to have it all – good looks and a prosperous career. Now, she is almost unrecognizable and her career is more or less nonexistent. She really needs to lay off the plastic surgery – it’s not helping at all.


        • Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Disaster:

          Meg Ryan – an unsuccessful one of Plastic surgery

          In 2011, Meg Ryan turn 50 and she seems nearly unrecognizable after going through many times of plastic surgery. Getting fame in 1989 when playing excellently the leading role in the film When Harry met Sally, she became a shining face for film directors to choose. And that is the reason of many good romantic – comedy films later such as Sleepless in Seattle, French kiss, Addicted love, City of Angels, etc. She was definitely one of the most beautiful actresses with innocent face, nice smile and charming looks in Hollywood.

          Although owning a perfect beauty, Meg wanted to be better and she got on well with plastic surgery.

          Easily to realize on the before and after picture above that she had lip implants. Some experts said that she used Goretex technique – a method of enhancing lip muscles. Moreover, her cheek liked a modified cheek. Maybe, she got volumetric facelift. Her face had not kept the natural beauty as once.

          In addition, to hiding the age signs, she still had undergone neck-lift and forehead procedures. So that, her skin face seemed not to be sagged.

          Her brows were pulled wider to stretch her eyes to look small and long. And her entire face shows that lots of Botox might be used. In comparison with her nice looking in the left photo below, its right one is so bad. She liked a very old lady as her age.

          Looking back changes on her face from year to year, it is visible to see that she has let plastic surgery remove natural beauties she once owned. Now she is not only old because of her age but also partly ugly than what time can change on her face.


      • What Really Happened to Meg Ryan’s Career?


        She reached her Hollywood “expiration date”. Being the “cute, All-American girl next door” will only work for so long. If you’re a female in Hollywood and have any real acting chops, you’d better display them very early if you want to stay “A-list” longer than 10 or so years. I’d say Meg’s peak years were 1989 (When Harry Met Sally) to 2001 (Kate & Leoplold).


        reply 23 07/04/2015

        Meg was always the “hottest” relatable girl you could get. She was like a female Tom Hanks. IMHO, it’s a combo of personal problems, being away too long and plastic surgery that has done her in. Also there’s the whole idea that she was the “cute” young girl in her late 20s / early 30s and she’s no longer that type anymore. If that wasn’t the thing she was known for, I’m sure she’d be fine today but alas that’s how she made her fame and now that special something she had is gone for good.


        reply 24 07/04/2015

        She had no range, and there’s no such thing as a 50 year old cutie-pie.


        reply 32 07/04/2015

        I’ve always heard she’s very nice in real life.

        I blame the plastic surgery 50% and the Crowe affair 50%. I think she could have gotten past the Crowe thing if she looked like her original self.

        —Peggy Hyra

        reply 36 07/04/2015

        Meg Ryan had sort of a trifecta of bad PR–the Russell Crowe thing happened while she was trying to transition out of the sweetheart roles.–and so people weren’t willing to cut her slack right then and go see her more daring stuff. She then screwed with her mouth. At which point, she was over 40 and unable to go back to the sweetheart roles, but without the critical acclaim to do the more dramatic stuff.

        I don’t see Reese Witherspoon in the same category–she’s pulled off some more serious stuff and she’s got a sideline playing bitches that means she’s always been able to do more than rom-coms. Also, she’s married to an agent, has picked up the producing thing and is driven. If she weren’t, that drunk bitch moment would have killed her career; instead she netted a nomination for Wild and made money producing Gone Girl. She’ll be around somehow, though not necessarily as a star.

        The other one who really disappeared besides Meg Ryan was Renee Zellwegger. She seemed to be doing fine career-wise and then she went “poof” and came back a few years later with no roles and an unrecognizable face. Drugs?


        reply 41 07/04/2015

        There was a gossip drop here that Rene Zellweger was sexually abused as a child and can’t have romantic attachments with men, all her romances have been “showmances.” I found this plausible and sad.

        It’s a shame Meg was so vilified for the Russell Crowe affair when Dennis Quaid cheated on her constantly. There was a gossip item revealed that Crowe actually made a bet with crew members on “Proof of Life” that he could seduce Meg; it was just scoring points for him.


        reply 42 07/04/2015

        She’s in her mid fifties yet doesn’t come across as a mother. Is there a place for a ditsy single mid fifties supporting character actress in movies now? In the old days she’d be the oldest stenographer in the pool who showed the younger ones the ropes.


        reply 46 07/04/2015

        Two things:

        She had a really scandalous fling with Russell Crowe that was completely opposite of her perceived public persona of America’s sweetheart. She got terrible PR advice, and everyone liked Dennis Quaid.
        She got some of the worst plastic surgery in the business, rivaling Jennifer Grey’s unrecognizable transformation.

        An actress might survive one of those things, but not both.


        reply 52 07/04/2015

        I thought Meg was gorgeous on ATWT and Top Gun. You just knew she was going to be a star.

        But like others have said, she messed it up with that terrible plastic surgery. She obviously had a lot of insecurities to do THAT to her face – I wouldn’t normally blame it on trying to retain her youth, but because like someone said earlier, she basically disfigured herself. Her Barbara Walters interview was very revealing in that she has a difficult past, particularly her relationship with her mother.

        She also couldn’t transition to more dramatic roles, though she tried (Courage Under Fire, When a Man Loves a Woman).

        I think Meg could have survived the Russell Crowe scandal since Dennis Quaid was no prince. But that all became moot when everyone kept focusing on her face.

        Also, the interview with Parkinson did her no favors (although to be fair, he was rude to her).


        reply 76 07/05/2015

        think it was the Crowe affair that did her in. You have to go all the way back to Mary Pickford to find another “America’s Sweetheart” who was so beloved by the public. Ryan did something like 15 rom-coms and she had stolen people’s hearts with that goofy, quirky, arm-waving adorableness.

        The Crowe affair was quite simply a shock. I think audiences felt genuinely betrayed by her sudden image reversal; after all, they had completely bought into her “girl-next-door” act. Now, she was brazenly cheating on Quaid and shitting all over her image. It was like a big “fuck you” to the public. It was scandalous.

        It would be like if Mary Pickford had been discovered cheating with Douglas Fairbanks before she divorced. Back then, they managed to hide the affair which ultimately ended in their marriage, which reinforced her “sweetheart” image.

        Ryan was so disillusioned with the public’s rejection of her that she did “In the Cut” about a sexually obsessed woman to prove that she was more than just “America’s Sweetheart.” Of course, that backfired; her career would never come back because there was only one way people wanted to see her, and they never got over that sense of betrayal.


        reply 90 07/05/2015

        Meg was good at one type of role only: the cutesy, whimsical kind whom all white women (and wannabe white women such as Asian chicks) want to be. She had no range as an actress and it no longer looks cute when a forty-something actress has nothing to fall back on but her ability to make cute faces, wear oversized shirts and cradle a mug of hot cocoa in some shitty Nora Ephron or Nancy Meyers film. Good riddance to her, I say. She was an overrated, minimally talented cow who had a much more successful career than she deserved, thanks to the likes of cunts like Nora and Nancy.


        reply 91 07/05/2015

        The type of film she specialized in are no longer popular. When was the last big hit rom-com that didn’t have a gross-out or slapstick element to it? Meyers and Ephron moved on to making very beige films about middle-age. You’ve Got Mail is by no means high art and is in many ways a terrible movie, but if it was remade today it would involve one of the Seth Rogen/Vince Vaughn/Paul Rudd pack of men who are in absolutely everything and there would be a joke involving a dick pic.


        reply 99 07/05/2015

        As for her career – no real surprise. She was close to the expiration date, age 40, for cute female stars in Hollywood. She replaced some other cute Rom-Com star on the way up and now it was her turn to hit the wall. I thought she was good in “Courage Under Fire”, but she kept on with those cutesy roles, the irritating phony foot stamping, etc. People will be charmed and amused by that when you are young and cute and you can get away with it. When you try that stuff at age 40, you just look stupid.


        reply 102 07/05/2015

        Her career wasn’t over when she had the fling with Crowe, but it was at a critical point–she was getting old for rom-coms and hadn’t shown much range outside of rom-coms. Her film with Crowe was one of those attempts to be taken seriously–but it and all her other “serious” movies tanked.

        If she’d laid off the plastic surgery a bit, I think she could have ended up back on television–doing some part that worked with her narrow range and portrayed her as some sort of lovable, but fallible woman–say, a divorcee who did cheat after her husband did, but she felt terrible about it.

        Her career’s kind of an interesting contrast to Amy Adams, who could have been America’s sweetheart after Enchanted, but has kept doing serious supporting rules along with the occasional starring one. Adams has never been as big a star as Ryan, but she’ll probably keep working.


        reply 110 07/05/2015

        Her shtick was being cute and sassy. Cute and sassy doesn’t play when you’re 40 and up.


        reply 113 07/05/2015

        Her career was already on the downward slide by the time of the Crowe affair. She didn’t want to make cutesy rom-coms anymore, and she’d alienated her rom-com fanbase by acting like she was above that kind of film.


        reply 114 07/05/2015

        She had a lot of bad luck. If her husband had been caught cheating first, she would have been sympathetic. If she had a better surgeon, her face would look normal. If her agent hadn’t retired he could have guided her through the transition to middle aged actress.


        reply 130 07/06/2015

        always thought she was cute more than beautiful. Her face was a bit on the long, narrow side. When she got her lips inflated, it totally threw off the proportions of her face and made you notice that her other features were a bit off. It’s hard to look at her, which is not a good trait in a movie star. Even at her peak, her big beauty selling point was her. She also has always had a good figure, but that wasn’t a big part of her package–she was supposed to be cute and lovable–the girl next door–but with awesome hair. Jennifer Aniston kind of inherited her position. She’s also cute more than beautiful. I think Aniston’s sharper about her career though and knows not to overdo it on the plastic surgery.


        reply 146 07/07/2015

        rowe, bad plastic, ageism, fading public reputation, huge breaks between films, and the natural ebb and flow of the industry (eg. a new wave of America’s Sweethearts, they stopped making that kind of vehicle after the early 00s). I actually miss her character type leading films: very cute and charming (despite not always being likable) but also intellectual, neurotic and witty. So much life and vivre injected into her characters, and a tonne of moxy (gays never seem to like this quality in female stars / personas).

        She’s no Isabelle Huppert or Judy Davis, but she’s given some fine performances – When Harry Met Sally, In the Land of Women, Flesh and Bone, Joe Versus the Volcano, Hurlyburly, Promised Land, You’ve Got Mail, When a Man Loves a Woman, and a surprisingly bold and brilliant turn on Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy series as a mentally unstable shut-in who becomes fanatically obsessed with Kudrow’s (unconvincingly closeted) politician husband. And i’ll always love the sappy but funny and utterly wonderful French Kiss with Kevin Kline and Timothy Hutton – perhaps the most beautiful France has ever looked on film, too. To her credit, she tried to get out of the ’sweetheart’ box many times but the public wasn’t interested.

        Also, they stopped making romantic comedies years ago (the ‘sex comedy’ took over), and I don’t think she was ever willing to vulgar down for a Will Ferrell / Judd Apatow / Cameron Diaz type of film… things were much more slow and schmaltzy then and she’d be out of place. Funny that so many are name dropping Melanie Griffith, Meg directed her in a cast that also includes Ryan herself, Tom Hanks again, and her son with Quaid in her debut behind the camera, due this year I think. I’d like Netflix or HBO to throw her a bone (maybe something like Enlightened), but the surgery really is hideously distracting. A shame because she was naturally so gorgeous Poor Zellweger obviously has something bigger going on behind closed doors that we don’t know about.


        reply 152 07/08/2015


        • From what I understand, Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid were already going to be splitting the sheets (quoting Charlie Runkle from “Californication”; RUNKLE!), but that situation really gave “Proof Of Life” a ton of crud press. I actually like the film (totally recorded it, an episode of season two of the awesome “Dexter” and some NFL Films Dallas Cowboys footage in on that VHS tape:-).
          In general, I like the films directed by Taylor Hackford anyway, though I favor “Jagged Edge” probably the most, and I like “White Nights” a lot as well.


  4. I think Meg Ryan received a bad deal when it comes to the public perception of her films that were non rom com. What, is she not allowed to have range or grow as a performer? Not only “In The Cut” or “Flesh and Bone”, but I think “Proof of Life” holds up (I don’t give a rat’s arse about scandals or any of the nonsense that doesn’t deal with the film in question).


    • I agree. Although in defense of the audiences who rejected these roles, Ryan never really made a stand-out drama. Maybe if she had done a Leaving Las Vegas, audiences would have accepted her attempts to grow.


      • Eillio Martin Imbasciati

        That’s true; most of the dramas she appeared in just missed. I still think that the majority of audiences preferred her in the plucky “America’s Sweetheart” roles, and had difficulty accepting her in any other capacity.


    • jeffthewildman

      Her best dramatic role is still Courage under Fire.


  5. Eillio Martin Imbasciati

    I have to agree, jeffthewildman. It demonstrates that Meg Ryan can do well with roles that have some teeth.


    • What I liked about Courage Under Fire is that it allowed Ryan to show some range. Her character changed depending on who was telling the story. My criticism of her performance, from memory, is that the changes could have been more subtle. If she was being presented as a coward, Ryan played it like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. If she was brave, she was Rambo. Maybe that’s how she was directed. But it would have made more sense to me for the characterization to have been more consistent and the changes more subtle. Each iteration seemed like a completely different person instead of the same person perceived differently by different people. That’s my memory of the movie anyway. Haven’t watched it in ages.


      • I see what you mean Lebeau; the story of “Courage Under Fire” was told in a black and white manner (a grey area would have been a better option, in my opinion).I kind of understand it (certain people like to gossip, or compete for the best possible story.


  6. Meg Ryan will play the narrator on “How I Met Your Mother” spinoff:

    She’ll be the female Bob Saget on “How I Met Your Dad,” playing the future Sally to Greta Gerwig’s present Sally.


    • Meg Ryan won’t get a Travolta comeback:

      The Travolta Comeback – it’s what every former A-lister pines for when their agent’s phone stops ringing.

      John Travolta himself has had at least two such comebacks, and Mickey Rourke may be in the middle of his first.

      But what are the chances that Meg Ryan … or any other 40-plus actress … can swing such a feat?

      It’s not pretty.

      Ryan is a good example of what happens to too many older actresses. Sure, you’ll always have the exceptions – Meryl Streep and Judi Dench come to mind. But only Streep remains red-hot, commercially speaking, at the ripe age of 59.

      Ryan, the ’90s rom-com princess, could command big paychecks. Romantic comedies are where actresses shine, both commercially and in the hearts and minds of movie goers.

      Just think back to Goldie Hawn and Doris Day before her.

      Today, Ryan is often seen in direct to video fare (“The Deal,” “My Mom’s New Boyfriend”). She still looks beautiful even if she may have dabbled in some plastic surgery. And her figure remains to die for.

      But she’d need Quentin Tarantino to stage an entire film around her to give her career that ol’ A-list juice.

      Then you have Rourke, an actor who seemingly spent the last decade burning every bridge in sight. And his face is a Jackson Pollock painting of age, boxing losses and who knows what.

      But he came this close to beating out Sean Penn for the Best Actor Oscar over the weekend and is in talks to star in “Iron Man 2.”

      He’ll be the toast of town again, at least for a while, and have a crack at some scripts he may have never seen as little as a year ago.

      As for Ryan, she’ll keep on working, like her female peers, but with the knowledge that her days on the A-list are likely over.


  7. meg ryan like kilmer and law never really made a list with exception of sleepless and Seattle ,youve got mail and top gun all her movies either flop or do decent business those 3 hits with hanks movies and cruises so she never really made a list


  8. a lot of the top actress cant carry a movie not alot of actress that can carry a movie cate blanchett julia roberts streep and bullock are the only ones that comes to mind oh and diane keaton i guess


  9. The bottom line is that audiences did not want to see Meg Ryan in hard hitting, dramatic roles. Yes, she was typecast as “America’s Sweetheart” and either didn’t want to be or actually wasn’t at all in real life.
    But ask her back in the early 80’s whether she would want the success that being America’s little Sweetheart or “the 1990’s Doris Day would mean to her?
    Why is it that actors dream of being on top and when they get there, they want to dismiss the reasons why they are>
    Meg Ryan apparently wanted to show she was a talented dramatic actress.
    So what, the problem was no one wanted her to be that. She had the success she wanted early but that was not enough.
    My advice to Meg Ryan and others who fortunate to get to the top and then want to show their range.. . .GO TO THE BROADWAY STAGE!!
    That is where you show true acting ability. Nightly, without 25 retakes.


    • Absolutely true. For a period of time, Meg Ryan was America’s Sweetheart. She was our darling! Nobody wanted to see her in serious dramatic roles. That’s the downside of being America’s Sweetheart. Fluff is the way to our heart, apparently.


      • I’m not a big rom com fan. I was interested in Ryan’s dramatic career. Unfortunately, she made a lot of dramas that didn’t interest me at all. She needed to pick better projects.


        • Nancy Meyers on Anne Hathaway, Amy Schumer and Why the Rom Com Is in a ‘Coma’:

          You have done a lot of rom-coms in your career. This is more a platonic bud-com, but there are always headlines, “The rom-com is dead.”

          The rom-com has been in a bit of a coma. Perhaps not dead.

          I’ve noticed all my life if I ask, “How did you two meet?” the whole table will turn and listen. Everyone’s interested in relationships. There’s a ceiling to how much money rom-coms can make, but Trainwreck was a hit.

          Does the rom-com have a place in modern cinema?

          Listen, I’ve been doing this a long time. There’s a pendulum that swings. I think it’s going to come back. For awhile, they put romantic comedies aside because there was a period where I think some of them got made that weren’t as good as others.

          I get emotional talking about this. People who run studios have their own agendas about what earnings have to be. So I think they’re going for bigger, bigger, bigger. Bigger effects, bigger comic book movies. But I think Trainwreck is a terrific example of how the audience showed up opening weekend. So maybe the doors will open again.


      • Re: Who is Blacklisted in Hollywood and why (bring the tea):

        Chick rivaled Julia Roberts for the title of the America’s Sweetheart in the 90s (I’d argue that she had a better track record during that time because she didn’t have a dry period during that entire decade, while Julia had a 4-year drought), yet you’d never know by the way that Hollywood froze her out after her “affair” with Russell Crowe went public. Though the bad plastic surgery was the final nail in that coffin, that scandal was what the industry latched on to as a reason to cast her aside like yesterday’s news (while Russell went on to win an Oscar and Dennis got to act like the cuckolded husband even though he cheated on her throughout their marriage).


        • http://www.lipstickalley.com/showthread.php/832224-Who-is-Blacklisted-in-Hollywood-and-why-(bring-the-tea)?p=20959571&viewfull=1#post20959571

          While I think the “affair” was the nail in the coffin, her career was heading downward beforehand. Her rom coms were getting smaller returns so she started doing dramas (The Doors, Proof of Life – which was the movie she did with Crowe and finally In the Cut – a sexual thriller that demolished her career). The “affair” was just an excuse for execs to quit taking her agent’s calls (cause everybody knew Dennis Quaid was cheating on her left and right).


        • http://www.lipstickalley.com/showthread.php/832224-Who-is-Blacklisted-in-Hollywood-and-why-(bring-the-tea)?p=20960275&viewfull=1#post20960275

          The Doors was released in 1991 – years before her decline and during her A-list heyday. The filming of Proof of Life is where that “affair” began, so the negative buzz coincided with its release and eventual flopping of the movie (which hurt her while her costar skated away scot-free).

          In the Cut was her last ditch effort to get the A-list she’d lost from the “affair” but it failed because:
          a. no one ever wanted to see her in any kind of femme fatale role
          b. folks were starting to notice the facial butchering that she’d done after that Proof of Life flop

          For the record, I’m not saying that she would’ve had a Sandra Bullock career (going stronger than ever into her 50s). She could’ve very well aged out of those roles as many of her ilk did, but the way that her downfall happened reeks of blacklisting to me.


    • I don’t begrudge Ryan trying to diversify her career. She had to know there was a ticking clock on her ability to reign as the queen of rom coms. There were already younger actresses coming up to compete for the crown. If she could branch out into dramatic roles, her movie career would have had more longevity. And who doesn’t want validation. She had dominated the box office. Of course winning an Oscar was the next challenge. I actually respect that more than someone like Adam Sandler who decides he is comfortable cranking out the same dumb movie every year for two decades because he knows it sells.


      • For myself, the only Adam Sandler film that I really enjoyed was “The Wedding Singer” (it had the 1980’s , and heart Oh, and that wanker Billy Idol. Just kidding: I love the vital Idol). Otherwise, he can take a hike (or take a drag, since I think he’s become one).


  10. Derailed Film Stars: Meg Ryan Messed-up:

    With her startling blue eyes, blonde ringlets and effervescent personality, Meg Ryan was the undisputed queen of romantic comedies throughout the 80s and 90s. Despite her bubbly persona, Ryan was also considered an A-list actress. That was until a personal scandal irreparably damaged her career and made her the frequent subject of “what ever happened to ….” types of Internet queries. With an impressive filmography, see how Ryan rose to stardom and recovered her career.

    Joe Versus the Volcano

    Three Meg Ryans are better than one in this romantic fantasy comedy starring the ultimate rom-com couple, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Coming off the success of When Harry Met Sally, Ryan really got to show off her range, playing three different sisters and three different versions of the ideal woman in Joe’s (Hanks) life. From tight-laced career woman, to screwball L.A heiress, and a more heightened version of her usual charming self. Tom Hanks’ mane of glory wasn’t the only thing of beauty on set; the whole film is a masterclass in production design. Despite being a first-time director, John Patrick Shanley knew how to infuse magic into his movies, after winning the Oscar for his very first screenplay, Moonstruck. With his theatrical background, Joe Versus the Volcano buzzes with snappy, stage-worthy dialogue and whimsical flair. It bombed at the box office, but was one of Ryan’s best performances.

    Musical Miscasting

    As much as Ryan shines in her element, she rarely strays from it, and with good reason. In a case of gross miscasting, Ryan’s girl-next-door persona fell short when it came to playing Pamela Courson — Jim Morrison’s longtime paramour and muse. All the 60s costuming in the world wasn’t going to turn Ryan into a rockstar girlfriend and free-spirited siren. But Ryan was hardly the weakest link in Oliver Stone’s overwrought biopic, The Doors (1991). While Val Kilmer went all-in to play the “Lizard King,” the whole film was a mess and an exercise in self-aggrandizement on Stone’s part.

    The Love Equation

    You’ve got to hand it to the writers to come-up with a very novel take on the life of brilliant theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, as he experiments with the human heart. Evoking the romantic screwball comedies of the 30s, I.Q manages to make everyone seem smarter than the predictable romantic mechanizations at play. The film features your typical meet-cute with a pixie-haired Ryan and an affable car mechanic, played by Tim Robbins. As a brilliant mathematician and the niece of a genius, Ryan’s stubbornness to immediately just fall for some guy is what made her the in-demand leading lady for most of the decade. The film is loaded with comedic talent, including Walter Matthau’s brilliant turn as Einstein, British comedian Stephen Fry and other veteran character actors, who makeup the Greek chorus that cheer on the young lovers.

    Proof of Life

    After riding high for over a decade as the reigning queen of rom-coms, Ryan’s personal and professional life would implode on the set of Taylor Hackford’s action thriller, Proof of Life. It didn’t help that Ryan played a married woman who’s swayed by Russell Crowe’s Aussie charms, when it was revealed the two co-stars were hooking up on set. When news of the purported coupling broke, Ryan’s picture perfect, ten-year marriage to Dennis Quaid fell apart. So did her image as America’s sweetheart, despite the fact that Quaid had previously been unfaithful and the marriage was all but over anyway.

    In The Cut

    After the whole Crowe debacle, Ryan retreated back to romantic comedies in an attempt to resuscitate her career, but it seemed audiences were not so quick to forgive. When Kate and Leopold flopped at the box office, she decided to change gears and opt for some edgier material with the ill-advised erotic thriller called In the Cut. Promotion of the film heavily relied upon Ryan’s nudity rather than her performance, and the movie suffered for it. It took guts for Ryan to play a sexually-starved forty-something at an age when most actresses are supposed to stick to mom roles, but Ryan never got the credit she deserved. The film was panned by critics and ignored by audiences, but with a trio of women behind the scenes (Jane Campion directed it, novelist Susanna Moore wrote the screenplay, and Nicole Kidman served as producer), it subverted the usual noir cliches and deserves a revisit.

    Meg Embraces her Comeback

    Despite her forced hiatus and string of straight-to-DVD movies and TV cameos, Ryan is primed to make a comeback, with two new promising projects in the pipeline. One has her joining Mad Men’s Sally Draper, Kiernan Shipka, in the indie high-school comedy, Fan Girl, about a 15-year-old girl who’s obsessed with making movies and the real-life alternative rock band All Time Low. On the other side of the coin, Ryan will be moving into the director’s seat and reuniting with her former co-star Tom Hanks in the WWII-era coming-of-age drama, Ithaca. Hanks will executive produce while Ryan will also star in the adaptation of William Saroyan’s classic 1943 novel The Human Comedy, along with Sam Shepard, Melanie Griffith and Jack Quaid.


  11. Happy 53rd birthday to Meg Ryan.


  12. LeBeau,

    I think that having over 400 comments for Meg Ryan makes a powerful statement. Somebody must be watching something….

    Happy birthday Meg.

    Brad Deal


  13. i think a mom role on a sitcom is good for her her movie star days are over i actualy thought maybe mother roles in superhero films i actually pictured her as aunt may in spiderman


  14. Meg is meg she is like feniks she lose energy but energy is come to meg she is star yes she is star beauty star in hollywood and sky she just shorting hair and meg is younger hair is energy of life i prying fo meg she is so sveet sou.. Lv you meg forever!!by!


  15. Beauty came from sou eyes is a window of sou meg heave so beauty window of the sou.. Good bless you


  16. she needs a sitcom role her movie career is done a mother in a family sitcom leabu she does have a tom hanks film coming out this year u think that could be her comeback


  17. Ryan in Top 10 Movie Stars Who Dropped Off the Map


  18. 10 Young Actresses Who Could Be The Next Meg Ryan:

    With movies like When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, French Kiss, and many more, Meg Ryan became America’s sweetheart and the face of the romantic comedy in the 1990s. While she occasionally took a grittier, more serious role, like in Courage Under Fire, she consciously cultivated her public persona — for instance, she reportedly was offended by the offer to play Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs.

    While Ryan is still very much working, and still endearing to boot, there hasn’t been an actress in recent years that has really dominated the rom-com genre like she once did. Drew Barrymore came close for a minute. It looked like Renee Zellwegger might step into that role for a bit, and the same for Reese Witherspoon. Katherine Heigl and Kate Hudson gave it a shot, and Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone both seem like they could still make a go of it, if they wanted to. Hollywood has never had a shortage of actresses looking to break into the business, so we’ve put together a list of some young talents with the potential to take over the Queen of Rom-Coms title once held by Meg Ryan.


  19. Against the Ropes is #5 on WatchMojo’s Top 10 Worst Movies Based on Real Life Events


  20. What is Meg Ryan up to? What Happened to Her?


    You would be hard pressed to find a woman more closely associated with romantic comedies than Meg Ryan. Ryan practically defined the genre in the 1990’s and dated male stars as big as Dennis Quaid, Russell Crowe, and John Mellencamp during the peak of her career. Yet, the once sought-after leading lady hasn’t had a major hit in almost 15 years. Perhaps Meg Ryan could have taken a lesson from Sandra Bullock, who also spent many years as a romantic comedy darling, but, unlike Ryan, Bullock branched out into action films and serious dramatic roles while she was still in high demand. As a result, Ms. Bullock has multiple academy award nominations, one win for Best Actress in a Leading Role, and literally hundreds of awards and nominations with other awards associations. Ms. Ryan’s most recent nomination was a Golden Raspberry for worst actress. What happened?

    Pushed into acting at a young age by her “almost famous” mother, Meg Ryan’s early career was marked by bit parts and inauspicious roles in minor genre films. One of her earliest roles was as Betsy Stewart in the soap opera As the World Turns. She also appeared in horror movies, science fiction flicks, fast food commercials, and mystery films before snagging a minor role in Top Gun. On screen for only a few minutes as one of the pilot’s husbands, Ryan still managed to make a big splash with her classic line, “Take me to bed or lose me forever!” The spirit of this cute-but-tough character would help earn Ryan a breakout role in Rob Reiner’s bar-raising romantic comedy, When Harry Met Sally.

    Reiner’s so-called “perfect date movie” exploded across America in 1989, growing by word of mouth as the distributors catered to endless demands for more screenings. The movie featured the story of a would-be couple and their relationship over a dozen years, exploring the question of whether or not men and women can ever manage to just be friends. The two stars, Ryan and Billy Crystal, were lauded as having instant, palpable chemistry, and the movie has gone on to be a staple for first dates, midnight movie screenings, and “greatest film ever” lists. It is widely considered to have set a new standard for romantic comedies and put the young Ryan in high demand.

    Ryan’s subsequent movies followed the pattern set by When Harry Met Sally, plopping Ryan into plucky, dream girl characters appearing opposite charismatic, lost-puppy-like leading men. She appeared with Tom Hanks in two romantic comedies, the wild, globe-spanning silliness of Joe vs. the Volcano, and the more subdued, better received, quiet desperation of Sleepless in Seattle. Sleepless in Seattle featured star-crossed lovers who were born to find each other. The idea resonated with the world’s lovers and the world’s lonely-hearted enough to make ten times its production budget at the box office. It was also nominated for several awards and brought more attention to Meg Ryan. Five years later, Hanks and Ryan would unite for a third romantic comedy, You’ve Got Mail. This film was similar in theme and similarly successful. Ryan went on to film further romantic comedies including French Kiss, I.Q., and Hanging Up, but these were less successful. Despite a few wins in slightly more dramatic turns, including the animated Anastasia, City of Angels, and When a Man Loves a Woman, Ryan was unable to break out of her early typecast. Her cachet was coming to an end.

    Ryan made a number of unsuccessful films throughout the 2000’s, with regrettable reviews and levels of attendance. One notable hit during this period of time was 2001’s Kate and Leopold, in which Ryan was paired with Hugh Jackman. Kate and Leopold was a wish-fulfilling romantic comedy about a woman who falls in love with a wealthy time travelling gentleman. It was a surprise hit, making almost $80 million worldwide on a budget of just over half that. Apart from that spike in fame, Ryan struggled to find praise, attention, and work throughout much of the decade. Ryan left the limelight for several years, but eventually returned to Hollywood to star in several more poorly received films. 2008’s remake, The Women, was so heavily panned that even its few positive reviews had to be given disclaimers and warnings. Time magazine called it one of the worst movies of all time. Other reviewers suggested that it was intolerable past 30 minutes. Ryan made few movies after The Women and even those struggled to find theatrical distribution.meg-ryan-now

    Most recently, Ryan has attempted to branch off into other media. She has made an attempt at directing with the film Ithaca, an adaptation of the 1943 William Saroyan book, The Human Comedy. The film is slated to be released at the end of 2015. Ryan may be in talks to star in the female-centric sequel to How I Met Your Mother, unsurprisingly entitled How I Met Your Dad. She has also reportedly attempted to produce and star in a new comedy pilot of her own design, but this effort has seemingly been abandoned or otherwise fizzled out before it could get off the ground.


  21. Friends Worry Meg Ryan Has Overdone It With Cosmetic Surgery, Is Hardly Recognizable:

    It’s long been speculated that Meg Ryan has had some work done on her face, but now pals and cosmetic surgeons are worried she’s overdone it with the procedures.

    A “concerned friend” recently told the National Enquirer: “When Meg’s out and about in Martha’s Vineyard, where she has a home, the locals hardly recognize her.”

    An insider added, “It’s rumored Meg had a facelift and fillers. Actually, it’s obvious because her forehead and the area between her eyes don’t move.”

    Ryan, 53, certainly looks different than she did years ago, but is it just age? The “When Harry Met Sally” and “Sleepless in Seattle” star has never admitted to undergoing surgery or getting Botox injections.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Lyle M. Back, who has not treated Ryan, believes she’s had “multiple laser resurfacings,” “way too much Botox,” and “heavily pumped filler,” according to the tabloid.

    Dr. Otto Placik, who has not treated the star, added: “Meg’s charm was an all-American kind of sexiness, but all this work has transformed her into something else. She’s had a lot done to her eyes, which are thinner than they once were, suggesting the lower lids have been lifted. Her nose is clearly altered.”

    Earlier this month Ryan made headlines for making a rare public appearance during Paris fashion week. She was lauded by fans and the media after stepping out in a navy blue form-fitting dress and later in an off-the-shoulder black lace dress.

    But still, it was difficult not to notice her changed appearance. One fan commented: “I still like Meg Ryan, but I wish to God she hadn’t messed with her adorable face.” Another added, “Why did she mess with that adorable face.?? Where did the real Meg Ryan go? She was so cute.”

    The actress directs the upcoming film “Ithaca” alongside her son, Jack Quaid, and Tom Hanks and Melanie Griffith. The movie is based on Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Saroyan’s 1943 novel, “The Human Comedy.” She is also working on the film “Fan Girl.”


  22. Meg Ryan Broke Rumors: ’80s ‘America’s Sweetheart’ In Dire Financial Bind; Humiliated By Mellencamp-Brinkley Dating:


    • Broke & Dumped! Meg Ryan Breaks Down In Tears Over Latest Heartbreak—Why Her Life Is Ruined:

      In her 1980s-90s heyday, Meg Ryan was one of the most successful and beloved actresses in the world. Romantic-comedy hits like Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally launched the perky blonde to the top of Hollywood’s A-list, and earned her the mantle of America’s Sweetheart.

      But in a dramatic reversal of fortune, Meg’s current situation appears dismal. Her career has been sinking for more than a decade, and insiders say she’s burned through most of the money that she earned in her glory days.

      “Meg hasn’t been sensible with her finances over the years,” explains a source close to the actress. “And now she’s gotten to the point where she’s reaching dire straits.”

      Despite her career slump, Meg found happiness with John Mellencamp in 2010—until their relationship took a turn for the worse in 2014 when living in different states and busy touring schedules caused them to split.

      When John won her back by calling Meg “a beautiful girl” and claiming he “will never, ever, ever be with a funnier girl than her,” the line that likely had Meg running back to him in March 2015 was John saying, “She’s an angel sent to me, and you know, nothing’s over till it’s over.”

      But by spring of 2015, the duo sprang back together, but called it quits once more in June. That registered to Meg that they were on another break due to another rough patch—that was until Meg saw photos of John, 63, and supermodel Christie Brinkley, 61, out on a date Sept. 14—leaving Meg heartbroken and alone, with nowhere to turn for support.

      “Meg was shocked when she found out John was dating Christie. She broke down and cried, ‘I’m so humiliated! We were talking marriage!'” a source reveals to Star.

      And that’s not all, John took Christie out just a few blocks from Meg’s New York City apartment—after she’d spent years trying to convince him to relocate for her. “That was a slap in the face. She loves him so much, and it’s really hurting her to know he would treat her like this,” the insider adds. “Meg is furious and heartbroken.”

      And that’s not all, John took Christie out just a few blocks from Meg’s New York City apartment—after she’d spent years trying to convince him to relocate for her. “That was a slap in the face. She loves him so much, and it’s really hurting her to know he would treat her like this,” the insider adds. “Meg is furious and heartbroken.”


  23. 9 Actors/Actresses Who Can’t Headline Blockbusters Anymore:

    By James Sheldon on September 30, 2015 12:21 pm

    Meg Ryan

    This one is truly sad. Meg Ryan was the queen of romantic comedies. There was something so desirable about her, and a sweet disposition that made you fall in love with her on screen, regardless of her role. Yes, Meg did some heavyweight acting in films like When a Man Loves a Woman. For those who haven’t seen the 1994 drama, it is her best work. She’s a force. At a certain point, Meg was caught in the trap of “aging actress,” and didn’t really seem to know what she wanted to do next. She was too old to play the ingénue, and seemingly too sweet to play the rough-around-the-edges mother, or woman struggling to grow older. Bottom line, Meg was pigeonholed. Then, everyone started being really mean to her. In the press, on social media… it didn’t make a lot of sense. She’s responding with a directorial debut.


  24. Why doesn’t Tom Hanks help Meg Ryan:

    She’s burned a lot of bridges. She thought she was a better actress than she was. She doesn’t realize that most actors and directors really don’t want to work with her anymore.

    As to why no one will help her, why should they? She has treated people like s*** for years, who would want to help someone who treats others like that.


    reply 100 3/13/2010

    I have never heard a good thing about Meg Ryan. She was a complete bitch on set at the height of her career. When you act like that and your career tanks, nobody will go out of their way to help you get back on top. It’s an age-old Hollywood lesson.


    reply 270 3/14/2010

    A lazy actress who went for the easy paycheck over the artistic quality. Makes Julia Roberts look like Debra Winger.

    She was a good dramatic actress at the beginning of her career, but her post-“Harry Met Sally” dramas have been awful. “When a Man Loves a Woman” was the nadir of her career.


    reply 280 3/14/2010


  25. Meg Ryan hits film festivals with directorial debut ‘Ithaca’ http://tinyurl.com/obkp5e6


  26. Whatever Happened to Meg Ryan?


    Meg Ryan hasn’t made a movie since 2009’s Serious Moonlight — which, I must confess, I’ve never heard of — but she’s back in front of the camera (and, for the first time, behind it) with Ithaca, an adaptation of William Saroyan’s The Human Comedy that screened at the Virginia Film Festival in Charlottesville. I’ve never been a big fan of Ryan’s cutesy acting, but I’m shocked and delighted to report she’s a born director.

    In a Q&A following the film, Ryan mentioned that she loves photography and her home is full of pictures she’s taken, and she’s got a striking visual style. Gorgeous images permeate the pleasingly old-fashioned yet dark story of Homer Macauley (impressive first-timer Alex Neustaedter, in a role that earned Mickey Rooney an Oscar nomination in 1943), a small-town messenger forced to confront the stark realities of life and death in World War II-era America.

    His older brother Marcus (Jack Quaid, Ryan’s gifted real-life son) is fighting overseas, and his father (Tom Hanks, in a haunting cameo that reunites him with two-time rom-com partner Ryan) has recently passed away. At the unripe young age of 14, Homer must become the man of the house for his mother (Ryan) as well as his sister Bess (Christine Nelson) and four-year-old brother Ulysses (scene stealer Spencer Howell).

    Much of the film’s action takes place at the telegraph office where Homer works with the wry Tom Spangler (Hamish Linklater, bringing his typically light touch) and the sweet-souled alcoholic Willie Grogan (Sam Shepard, doing his best screen work in years). The film unfolds at a leisurely, pre-Internet pace, yet it manages to tell a complete coming-of-age story in a mere 96 minutes.

    My only quibble with Ithaca is that Ryan miscasts herself as the Macauley matriarch. In the post-screening talk, producer Janet Brenner admitted that having Ryan on screen helped to raise the film’s tight $5 million budget (it was shot in 23 days in Petersburg, Va.). But at 54, she’s a bit too old to play the mother of a four-year-old convincingly and her signature “trout pout” seems fishy in the 1940’s, when cosmetic surgery wasn’t so common.

    Ryan said she’d like to direct again — and that she wouldn’t cast herself in her next film — and I hope she makes good on both those promises. She’s sure-handed as a storyteller, composing shots of 20th century Americana worthy of Norman Rockwell and expertly utilizing the evocative score composed by her ex-beau, John Mellencamp. While Ithaca doesn’t quite reach the orgasmic heights of Ryan’s When Harry Met Sally… Katz’s Deli scene, I’ll still have what she’s having.


  27. Meg Ryan Dismisses Speculation About Her Changing Face: ‘I Love My Age’


    Meg Ryan is totally over all the hubbub on her evolving looks.

    The 54-year-old actress opens up to Porter magazine on aging, and says there are “more important conversations” than how a woman looks as she ages.

    “I love my age,” Ryan stresses. “I love my life right now. I love what I know about. I love the person I’ve become, the one I’ve evolved into. In my life I’ve been scrappy as hell, but I feel easy with things now. I think that comes with age.”

    “We get stuck in these conversations about looks and hair color and our roots,” she adds. “It’s interesting and funny for five minutes, but it’s not that interesting.”

    And she doesn’t let the haters get her down.

    “I don’t pay a lot of attention frankly,” she says about what’s written about her. “There’s a lot of hatred in the world today, it’s so easy to judge. Imagine being a hater, how stupid! My women friends are not sitting around talking about… well, sometimes there are conversations like that, but the people I value talk about kids growing up, what kind of world they are going into, what we are eating, what we are breathing.”

    The notoriously private Ryan also opens up about her ex, musician John Mellencamp, who she’s still on good terms with. Ryan chose Mellencamp to write music for her 2015 film Ithaca — which she both directed and starred in — even after the two reportedly split last August after three years together. After reconciling last October, the two broke it off for good a few months later, according to reports.

    “He’s world class,” she gushes about 64-year-old Mellencamp, who’s now dating supermodel Christie Brinkley. “There’s not one speck of music that’s not his. He’s got some kind of magic touch.”

    Ryan says she’s on a “break” when it comes to dating again.

    “I’m with my life right now in a way that I adore, with my kids and my world,” she says.

    However, she leaves the door open for her next “unexpected” choice.

    “They [men] have all been [unexpected]… Don’t you think every one of them has been unexpected?” she asks about her famous exes, which include Dennis Quaid and Russell Crowe. “Ha! I tell you what, it will be unexpected whatever it is!”




      MEG RYAN

      In 2010 and 2011, Meg Ryan faced severe criticism for her overly-plumped pout and taut face. She disappeared for about two years, re-emerging in 2013 for the Taormina Film Festival without all the previously seen puffiness in her face. She waited another 14 months to walk a red carpet again, but it looked like she went under the knife again. Her lips were puckered and plumper than their natural state, and her skin was pulled so tight (experts speculate fillers and a possible face-lift) that she was almost squinting. The Daily Mirror pointed out she had a much different nose than before. Once regarded as America’s sweetheart, Ryan has kept a decidedly low profile since.


  28. 10 Famous Actresses Who Don’t Act Anymore


    Meg Ryan

    Meg Ryan was America’s sweetheart in the ’80s and ’90s with flicks like When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail, but after a hugely public affair with Russell Crowe and consequent divorce from Dennis Quaid, Meg decided to move out of the spotlight to raise her family in private. She was still much sought after but turned down many roles and has only appeared in B-list films since. She even earned herself a Golden Raspberry Award nomination for Worst Actress in The Women. In 2016, she will return as actress and director in Ithaca.


  29. Reese Witherspoon and Meg Ryan Are Giving us Bestie Fever! Here’s Who Else We Want to Be BFF’s With Reese http://eonli.ne/1OAE8V0


  30. Meg Ryan Signs With Gersh; Sets Delia Ephron-Scripted ‘The Book’ As Next Directing Gig



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