What the Hell Happened to Sharon Stone?

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

Hollywood is a treacherous place.  It take a certain kind of person to make it as an actor.  But however hard actors have it, actresses have it that much worse.  For an actress to make it in Hollywood, well, they have to be strong.  Some might even say they need to be made of stone (Get it?  I’m sorry.  I couldn’t resist.)  Whatever it takes to climb to the top of the A-list, Sharon Stone had it in spades.  She had the looks, the talent, the determination and she was more than a little crazy.

For a time, Stone was the among the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.  She had the power to get a project green-lit.  She could choose her directors and co-stars.  Stone was A-list.  But her time atop the A-list ended quickly.  As the 90’s ended, Stone’s spotlight faded with it.

What the hell happened?

Stone - Miss Crawford County

Sharon Stone – Miss Crawford County – 1976

When Sharon Stone finally took Hollywood by storm, it seemed like she was an overnight sensation.  But that was not the case.  The truth is that Stone had a long uphill climb to the top.  She fought tooth and nail for years to make it in Hollywood.  Sharon Stone started off as a model and a beauty pageant contestant.  She was a contemporary of Michelle Pfeiffer.

Sharon Stone – Stardust Memories -1980

The two models bonded while auditioning for the role of an extra in Woody Allen’s 1980 comedy-drama, Stardust Memories.  Stone got the role.  But Pfeiffer’s acting career would take off while Stone’s languished.

Stardust Memories is one of Woody Allen’s favorite of his own films.  But pretty much anyone who isn’t Woody Allen hates it.  Although Allen denies that it was his intent, the movie plays like the director telling off his fans.

The image of a young Stone in glorious black and white blowing kisses from a train is a memorable one.  I also liked the bit where the aliens told Woody they liked his earlier, funny movies better.

Stone - deadly blessings

Sharon Stone – Deadly Blessings – 1981

In 1981, Stone appeared in Wes Craven’s horror movie, Deadly Blessings.

The movie takes place on a farm in a rural community.  The locals are extremely religious and distrusting of outsiders.  One day, the farmer is killed by a mysterious figure who runs him over with his own tractor.  Stone played one of the widow’s friends who helps her deal with the mysterious killings.

In one scene, Stone’s character has a nightmare about having a spider forced into her mouth.  The scene was filmed using a real spider.  Stone initially refused to do the scene until the spider had been defanged.  The crew was reluctant to comply as it would make it difficult for the spider to eat going forward.  But eventually, the spider’s teeth were removed and Stone filmed the scene.

Reviews were mostly negative and Academy Award-winner Ernest Borgnine was nominated for a Razzie award for “Worst Supporting Actor”.  Wes Craven was still honing his craft, but there are hints of the horror master to come.

Stone - Silver Spoons

Sharon Stone – Silver Spoons – 1982

In 1982, Stone appeared in a TV movie called Not Just Another Affair and had a guest spot on the TV sit-com Silver Spoons.  Check out Stone’s entrance on the choo choo:

As a working model, Stone also popped up in a ton of commercials throughout the 1980’s shampoo commercial featuring Stone from 1982.

Stone plays a business woman who also looks fabulous playing tennis.  Sometimes she needs a little Finesse.  Sometimes she needs a lot.

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  1. Movie Jail: This week’s defendant is…Sharon Stone!


    The Case

    The Prosecution: Border Run, The Burma Conspiracy, Streets of Blood, $5 a Day, The Year of Getting to Know Us, If I Had Known I Was a Genius, Basic Instinct 2, Catwoman, A Different Loyalty, Cold Creek Manor, Picking Up the Pieces, Simpatico, Gloria, Sphere, Last Dance, Diabolique, The Specialist, Intersection, Sliver, Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold, King Solomon’s Mines

    Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Sharon Stone is known worldwide thanks to the infamous leg-crossing scene in Basic Instinct and has a Golden Globe sitting on her mantel for her performance in Casino. The prosecution believes Miss Stone is a talented actress (even though she won a couple of Razzie Awards and some will say she isn’t a particularly strong one), however she’s been punching below her weight as of late in forgettable and poorly-reviewed movies.

    While Catwoman and Basic Instinct 2 obviously didn’t do anything to help her career, in the prosecution’s opinion she should have been able to rebound from those critically-panned flops. But Miss Stone has always had an awful eye for picking movie roles, and in the almost decade since those two bombs, she has appeared in uninteresting and dull films like Border Run, Streets of Blood and $5 a Day. The actress isn’t known for being the most friendly person, which more than likely has something to do with her recent straight-to-Wal-Mart-bin movies, but we feel she could be taking better roles than starring alongside Tom friggin’ Arnold in The Year of Getting to Know Us.

    The prosecution isn;t sure if Miss Stone has been double secret blackballed by Hollywood or if she just needs a new agent, but one thing is for certain: the actress definitely deserves a lengthy stint in Movie Jail.

    The Defense: Fading Gigolo, Lovelace, When a Man Falls in the Forest, Bobby, Alpha Dog, Broken Flowers, Beautiful Joe, The Muse, The Mighty, Casino, The Quick and the Dead, Basic Instinct, Total Recall

    Ladies and gentlemen, my client’s filmography as of late isn’t pretty; there’s no getting around to that. Miss Stone still has some gas in the tank though, and the defense believes she just needs to find the right role to prove she’s still got as an actress, which will help her land more solid movie roles than her recent ones.

    But it hasn’t been that long ago since she delivered a great turn in Alpha Dog, and the defense also thought she was quite good in Fading Gigolo, Lovelace, When a Man Falls in the Forest. Miss Stone hasn’t recently appeared in “big” films, but at least she’s been staying busy, and it’s not like there are a ton of fantastic being written for fifty-seven-year-old actresses.

    If she has been exiled of sorts from Hollywood, it probably has more to do with her notorious reputation than her talents as an actress. My client can be a little difficult to work with and doesn’t always say the smartest things, however it’s not as if she is the first movie star to be a bit of a diva or say dumb things. The defense knows some jury members will want to lock Miss Stone up and throw away the key for her bitchiness and questionable comments, but that’s not the purpose of Movie Jail. Although it could be argued that my client needs to go on probation for her recent output, the defense doesn’t believe a lengthy prison sentence is necessary.

    What should we do with the sultry and salty actress? Has Miss Stone used up all her goodwill she built up with Basic Instinct and Casino, or do you think she doesn’t belong in Movie Jail? Is Sharon Stone GUILTY or NOT GUILTY?



  2. Nothing happened to her. It is only suggest a fad, is what I feel


  3. Nostalgia Critic: Catwoman

    Catwomen unite against the evils of Halle Berry!


  4. Bad Movie Beatdown: Scissors

    Film Brain reviews this gonzo saga of talking birds, twin brothers and (naturally) scissors, starring Sharon Stone.


  5. 10 Actors Whose Craziness Got Them Kicked Out Of Hollywood:

    Sharon Stone

    Sharon Stone doesn’t get much work in Hollywood nowadays for two reasons. First off, she’s a female in her fifties, which isn’t exactly the best position to be in in this specific industry, regardless of her mental state. Secondly, she’s batsh*t crazy.

    Yes, Stone’s age is the the least of her problems, given her notorious reputation for being a difficult and – quite frankly – crazy person. Back in the ’90s, at a time when she was deemed to be the hottest woman on the planet, Stone could presumably get away with acting like an insane jerk to everybody. But not these days; times have changed.

    Nope, the woman who once said, “If you’re in a situation where you cannot get out of sex, offer a blow job,” has marked herself as “impossible to work with” through a never-ending parade of crazy incidents, and has succeeded in alienating absolutely everyone in the industry, which means that she hasn’t made anything you’ll recognise since Catwoman.


  6. Well, Sharon S starred in a woman-in-prison/on-death-row movie, Last Dance (I think). Unfortunately it bombed. SS was GREAT in Casino but that did not lead to many good movies.


    • She definitely tried to switch from sex symbol into a serious dramatic actress. An actress (particularly one her age at the time) only gets so many chances to do that. Unfortunately, Stone never did find the right project during her career peak.


  7. Stone in Top 10 Sexiest Women of the 1990s


  8. Re: Who is Blacklisted in Hollywood and why (bring the tea):

    Sharon Stone was typecast with “Basic Instinct” and most of her roles were for the ‘stone-cold sex machine’ character. Even in “Casino” she plays a similar character. She eventually got too old for those kinds of roles, and she had never really tried branching out to other kinds of un-glamorous roles, so that worked against her too.


  9. Sharon Stone will play America’s 1st female vice president on TNT’s “Agent X”:

    TNT has given a straight-to-series 10 episode order for the drama series, which also co-stars Gerald McRaney. Stone will play America’s first female vice president, who soon learns that her job comes with a top-secret duty to protect the Constitution in crisis situations by using a secret operative called “Agent X.”


  10. Now on Page 4 with only two old commercials of her being added so far. I have to wait and see on what the new and improved story about Stone will be like in the next few days!


    • Yeah, I threw in the commercials before I lost the links. But there’s lots more coming to this story before I move on. I hope to update picking up where I left off starting tomorrow.


  11. Here’s hoping this article gets the update it deserves! It’s mostly because I can’t see the top photo of her at the beginning of the page by the way.


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