What the Hell Happened to Mike Myers?

mike myers

Mike Myers successfully made the transition from Not Ready for Prime Time Player to movie star.  His characters and catch-phrases were inescapable.  Myers wasn’t just a comedian, he was shaping pop culture.  And then, he stopped.

What the hell happened?

Myers’ first acting job was on a TV commercial when he was 10 years old.  The commercial co-starred Gilda Radner, who was about to become a star on Saturday Night Live.  In 1989, Myers would follow in Radner’s footsteps as a cast member of SNL.

Myers - King of Kensington

In 1975, a young Myers appeared on the Canadian sitcom, King of Kensington.

Many years later, Myers named the character played by Elizabeth Hurley in Austin Powers “Vanessa Kensington” in tribute to the TV show that gave him his start.

Myers - Little Hobo

In 1979, Myers appeared on another Canadian TV show, The Littlest Hobo.  The show is about a stray German shepherd named London who wanders from town to town helping people in need.  Sort of Lassie meets The Incredible Hulk.  In the episode Myers appeared on, London encourages a child in a wheelchair to participate in a freisbee competition.

To date, no characters have been named after The Littlest Hobo.

In 1982, Myers joined the Canadian touring company for Second City immediately out of high school.  From there, he moved to the United Kingdom.  In 1985,  Myers was one of the founding members of The Comedy Store Players, an improvisational group based in London.

Myers also played a delivery boy in the TV movie, John and Yoko: a Love Story.  Here’s a clip with both of his lines.

In 1986, Myers starred in the British children’s TV program Wide Awake Club.  Myers satirized the show’s typical energy with his own bit, the  “Sound Asleep Club”.

myers - wide awake

Here’s a retrospective about The Wide Awake Club which includes some footage of Myers doing his bit on the show.

Next: Wayne, Dieter and SNL

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  1. You see him on the SNL40 thing last night, Lebeau? Was pretty interesting, I thought. I saw about a zillion people on Twitter commenting that they didn’t know about the whole Dr. Evil/Lorne thing. They clearly need to read more WTHH!

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    • Could not agree more. I saw your Tweet last night and thought the Myers-Kanye connection was also interesting.

      By this point, I am fairly certain Myers and Carvey have put whatever beef they had behind them. I don’t know that Carvey was ever all that upset with Myers stealing his impersonation. It’s not like Carvey was doing anything with it. I imagine Carvey would have liked to have been asked or at least given credit after the fact.

      Any time I see Carvey I am just grateful the dude is alive.


      • I wish Myers had made some sort of throwaway reference to the MTV thing. Something like, “It’s okay, I think he likes Obama…” or something. I don’t know. Just a little nod would’ve been fun.

        That special could’ve been great but they completely lost their momentum. Kanye’s performance brought it to a grinding halt. Shame. It was still enjoyable, though.


        • I had to squeeze in The Walking Dead last night for my weekly recap. I ended up fast forwarding through all the musical acts just like I do when I watch the regular show.

          On the whole I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a fitting tribute to 40 years of SNL.


  2. Re: What’s the real reason?


    He’s crap to work with. Virtually everyone who does refuses to work with him ever again.

    He stole ad-libbed jokes from Dana Carvey on the set of Wayne’s World, and almost shut the production down because he wanted a different Alice Cooper song. Also stormed off the set because he didn’t have the right brand of margarine for his bagel. This was all after demanding that Carvey’s Garth not appear in the film whatsoever. Yes, you read that correctly: He didn’t want to have Garth in the film because he felt people only wanted to see Wayne.

    He pissed off the crew of So I Married An Axe Murderer so much that nobody from that production would ever work with him again. His little demand to rewrite the script himself even resulted in a major plagiarism lawsuit, which Myers lost.

    He also demanded rewrites on the movie “54,” so that only his character was portrayed as the founder of the Studio 54 night club.

    From there, he refused to do Wayne’s World 2 if the original director was brought back, and he sought to have her black-listed in the entertainment industry.

    So badly mistreated Elizabeth Hurley during the filming of Austin Powers that he had to write her out of the second script when she essentially told him he could go F himself. This was during the very peak of her career as well, and all he had to do was not treat her like she was some stupid cow of a prop.

    Sent the script for Austin Powers out to several producers and performers AT ONCE, which is such a massive no-no that I’m shocked he worked after that. He then scheduled them all for one single meeting because he didn’t feel like taking several. The ego that it takes to do that to people like Spielberg, DeNiro, etc. He made enemies of a lot of the Hollywood A-List with that one move alone.

    Finally, after pissing off Michael Caine and the rest of the Goldmember crew with his bizarre and petty demands (He literally demanded that Michael Caine stop delivering his lines in a funny way so that HE could have the bigger laugh lines), he went on to anger the producers of Cat in the Hat with his constant, bizarre demands.

    From there, he made The Love Guru, and refused to listen to any studio notes or the suggestions of his cast and crew. It was obviously a massive turd, and the people who worked on it have all said they won’t work with Myers again.

    So if you want to know where he went, take a look around the interwebs. No shortage of stories about him acting like a complete dickhead to just about everybody in his path.

    And frankly, when the Shrek franchise is finally dead and gone, he’ll be stuck with nothing to do and only himself to blame for it. He’s spent 25-ish years burning every bridge he could.

    Even today, talk show crews trade stories about the time Mike Myers came into their studios and acted like an entitled, arrogant, smug little prick.

    So I’d say he deserves to have lost his career except for one voice gig that only toddlers follow. Guy’s a complete d***hole.


  3. Watch Mike Myers in a 1987 TV pilot:

    Myers filmed 110 Lombard for Second City with Bonnie Hunt, Ryan Stiles and Richard Kind.


  4. Mike Myers received a late invite to SNL 40, got no chance to rehearse Wayne’s World:

    Myers tells Letterman he saw the ads for SNL 40 and was wondering why he wasn’t invited. In fact, Lorne Michaels didn’t give him a call until a week and a half before the live broadcast.


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