Who Was Who in Young Hollywood 1991

young hollywood cover I was doing some research when I came across an article in an old Movieline Magazine.  The article was about the hot young Hollywood stars of 1991.  Who did they pick as the stars of the future?  And were they right?  Let’s take a look. winona ryder and johnny depp 1991

Winona Ryder

Prediction: If only, for her sake and ours, she’d stuck with The Godfather Part III in the role Sofia Coppola took over. Now she has to find another role to grow up in on screen and show some of whatever it was that drove Johnny Depp to have her name tattooed on his arm.

How’d it turn out: Ryder had just starred in Mermaids and Edward Scissorhands.  She did go on to become the Gen X actress of the 90′s before sputtering out in the new millennium.  A bizarre shop-lifting scandal ended her time on the A-list though she still works in independent films and supporting roles today.

Next: Penelope Ann Miller

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  1. The biggest star in Mobsters is still Anthony Quinn. Or maybe Michael Gambon (you know…Dumbledore)
    It’s pretty impressive how well they did with their predictions. Of course they didn’t exactly go out on any big limbs.
    Was the “Prediction” section published in the magazine?

    • Yes. “Prediction” is what was printed in the 1991 article. The rest is my commentary looking back from 2013.

      No, they didn’t really go out on any big limbs. They really liked the cast of Mobsters. But other than that, they played it pretty safe. But I had a blast going back and looking at things from the perspective of 1991 when these actors futures had yet to be written. I was 20 in 1991 and these were the actors of my youth. I followed most of their careers pretty closely as the WTHH articles probably demonstrate. Most of the actresses have already been covered here. Reading this took me back to when I thought Bridget Fonda and Penelope Ann Miller were the next big things. And Winona Ryder was on her upswing. Good times.

      • It was an enjoyable stroll down memory lane.
        I saw Mobsters on opening night and remember thinking it should have been awesome. The Luciano and Lansky from Boardwalk Empire entertain pretty well nowadays.

        • I should have guessed you would have been excited about Mobsters given your interest in the period. I have actually never seen it. I just remember the hype leading up to it and then the crickets chirping when it finally opened.

          Oh, by the way, this is the 10,000th comment here at Le Blog!

          • I tried to give your comment a “thumbs up,” but it kept disappearing.

            Period pieces have always been interesting to me, especially anything between the Civil War and the 1970s. I haven’t seen Mobsters since it was in theaters, so I can’t really offer a detailed set of reasons why it wasn’t great. I just remember being sort of underwhelmed and unimpressed with the generational nature of the story. Yes, the historical character Quinn played was murdered, but in the movie it sort of felt like lousy young actors bumping off a great older actor.

            • That seems to be the consensus on the movie. Obviously, it’s been a couple of decades. I’ve had opportunities to watch Mobsters. Seems like it’s been on cable a lot lately. But based on what I have heard, I’ve never felt motivated to do so.

  2. Why didn’t Grieco do anything else!?!

  3. I still weep over Sherilyn Fenn.

    She was so classically Liz Taylor-like beautiful and seemed to have genuine talents, that her fading away still bothers me.

    She could have had a career playing femme fatales atleast until she could transition to something more long-lasting.

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