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wonder woman

I have been a vocal critic of this year’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel from Zach Snyder and David Goyer.  Their involvement in the sequel has me less than excited about the project.  The announcement that Ben Affleck would co-star as Batman had me even less excited - both because I didn’t care for the casting and because I didn’t really want to see Batman crowding Superman out of his own movie.  I had suggested that if WB wanted to team Superman up with another hero, it made more sense to have Wonder Woman co-star.

Well, apparently I will get my wish.  Gal Gadot has been cast as Wonder Woman in the untitled sequel.

What do I think of the casting?  I don’t know.  I have never seen Gadot act.  Her biggest role to date was in Fast and Furious, the fifth movie in the The Fast and the Furious franchise.  But that doesn’t concern me.  I didn’t know who Chris Hemsworth was before he was cast as Thor.  The best I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope she can act.

All I can really judge her by is her look.  Sure, she’s a beautiful girl.  But does she look like Wonder Woman?

Gal Gadot

She’s a bit skinny to be an Amazon.  But she can hit the gym and bulk up like any of the male actors playing super heroes.  I do hope the new Wonder Woman doesn’t appear on the big screen for the first time looking like a runway waif.  The Israeli-born actress does have an ethnic look which is important.  The character is supposed to come from Greek mythology.  Gadot fits that aspect of the character more than a lot of higher profile actresses who have been suggested for the role of the years.

I’m not forgetting that Snyder and Goyer are still involved.  We still have Batfleck to look forward to.  There are a lot of potential strikes against this movie right up front.  But I’m not going to lie.  Wonder Woman has me jazzed.  For tonight, I’m just going to pretend like Gadot is perfect for the role.  I’m going to imagine that Snyder and Goyer have learned everything there is to know about super heroes and won’t make the same mistakes they made on Man of Steel.  I know it’s unlikely.  But I want to hope.  (I hear that’s what the S stands for.)

My 4-year old as Wonder Woman this year for Halloween.  So cute!

My 4-year old as Wonder Woman this year for Halloween. So cute!

Recently, Wonder Woman has become near and dear to my heart.  I will admit that for a long time, I never really appreciated the character.  But my four year old has fallen in love with Wonder Woman.  And it has opened my eyes to all of the untapped potential Wonder Woman has.  A lot of people complain that Wonder Woman is a hard character to do.  There is no definitive version.  She’s a pacifist warrior.  A walking contradiction with the baggage of Greek mythology for an origin and being a feminist icon.

But all that means is that Wonder Woman has lots of material to draw from.  At the simplest, most basic level, she is the most iconic female super hero.  The only one who wasn’t derived from a better-known male superhero.  If all you can do is make her a female Superman, that works.  But in the right hands, Wonder Woman could be so much more than that.  She has so many dimensions to choose from.  All she needs is the right person to make that definitive version of the character.

I have serious doubts that Snyder (director of the dreadful quasi-feminist nerd porn, Sucker Punch) is the guy for the job.  Between now and the movie’s release I will wake up in cold sweats imagining a movie in which Wonder Woman runs around snapping the necks of her enemies.  Or worse yet, if a damsel in distress for Superman and Batman to save.  I want to be able to take my then-six year old to the movies so she can see the Wonder Woman she idolizes save the day and inspire hope.  Please, let them make a movie where that happens.

So today, I’m just going to allow myself to be excited that Wonder Woman is finally coming to the big screen.  Hollywood can disappoint me later.

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  1. Gal Gadot seems more like Wonder Girl than Wonder Woman. But let’s give her a chance…Keaton was fine as Batman and Mickey Rourke was great as Marv in “Sin City.”

    • I am more than willing to give her a chance. I did watch a few clips of her in the Fast and the Furious movies. Wasn’t impressed with her acting at all. But she did give a mean tough girl face. She seems physically capable of doing the action stuff. Plus, she has that exotic look and voice that fits the character. So she is light years ahead of other contenders. After the Affleck announcement, I was half expecting Megan Fox. I get the impression Gadot isn’t that far removed from Fox, but at least she has olive skin.

      My apprehension comes from Goyer and Snyder. They have demonstrated that they don’t get or particularly like super heroes. I’m sure they think they do. They both claim to be fans of the genre. But look at the two super hero movies Snyder has made. Both Man of Steel and Watchmen completely missed the point.

      I think another director could coax a great performance out of an actress who is basically a model like Gadot. But Snyder has demonstrated in Watchmen (Malin Åkerman) and Sucker Punch (Emily Browning) that he can’t do that. Heck, the same could be said for Henry Cavill in Man of Steel. Man of Wood was more like it.

      These movies aren’t about great acting. But a certain amount of charisma really helps. The Iron Man franchise is based entirely on RDJ’s screen presence. The first Thor worked largely because Chris Hemsworth was a charmer with a light comic touch. Chris Evans’ earnest portrayal of Captain America made that movie work. Cavill, Affleck and Gadot could be a charisma black hole on screen and Snyder couldn’t save them.

  2. unfortunately, I’m betting Snyder is into Wonder Woman’s bondage origins.

    • Dude. Snyder has the worst impulses. I could totally see that.

      My first reaction when I saw that Wonder Woman had been cast was elation. Maybe we would get a Wonder Woman movie in 2017! There is so much potential there. Seconds later, I had an image of myself sitting in a dark theater next to my then-six-year-old trying to explain to her why this version of Wonder Woman is being rescued by Batman again. Or why this version of Wonder Woman shopped a bad guy in half with a sword.

      After Sucker Punch, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an entire movie of Wonder Woman being raped and lobotomized. I liked Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake. But other than that? The guy needs to stick to zombies and leave the super heroes to directors who aren’t afraid of fun and primary colors.

  3. She is too tiny and skinny…Where is Linda Carter when you need her…..

    • That’s my #1 complaint as well. Hopefully, she’ll pull a Cavill and bulk up a little. She doesn’t need to look like a body builder. But she should be able to pull this off:

      I have been revisiting the Linda Carter era Wonder Woman with my 4-year old on You Tube. We love it. It’s great stuff. Carter was a great WW for the 70s. But I want a tougher WW if she’s going to hang with the rest of the Justice League.

      Carter had a fuller figure which I’m not gonna lie, I appreciate. But I’ll trade that for a more athletic Wonder Woman who actually could pass for a princess from a Greek isle.

  4. Those are some skinny arms- hopefully she is at the gym NOW.

    I’ve read a lot of post saying “she can bulk up”- but women just can’t the way men do. I know a lot of female athletes- WW needs to be built like a female rower or basketball player- not the first photo!

    • Ideally, WW should have some guns. I’m okay if she doesn’t. I keep remembering the days when everyone wanted Sandra Bullock to play Wonder Woman. That possibility keeps my expectations in check. It could have been so much worse. Gadot isn’t my ideal Wonder Woman. But lookswise, she is adequate. Frankly, she looks more like Wonder Woman than what I was expecting to get. And a part of me is just excited to get any Wonder Woman at all. Tickled even.

      What’s more important to me is how she is portrayed. I want a Wonder Woman my daughter can look up to. That is terribly important to me. If Snyder and Goyer fail me in this respect, I will be one angry geek. Unfortunately, their track record suggests I will be Hulking out in 2015.

  5. The casting is a joke, and so is this entire project. I don’t remember reading your comments on MAN OF STEEL, and may not have (I’ll have to check that out), but that was a godawful Superman flick–yet another Goyer/Nolan shit taken on a great character. It’s nothing more than a noisy, sci-fi special effects show, in which the title character (well cast) was little more than a guest-star in his own movie–probably didn’t have five lines in the entire film. No one involved was even remotely interested in making a Superman movie. So now we have this as a sequel, rather than just abandoning it and starting over; Affleck as Batman (I laughted at “Batfleck,” and will probably steal it); and this unfortunate rail as Wonder Woman. I don’t know if she can act, but she doesn’t have the physical equipment or bearing for this part, and that’s something she just isn’t going to be able to overcome. This is Wonder Woman:
    This is NOT Wonder Woman…
    …and, honestly, never will be. It’s Jamie Campbell Bower as King Arthur–it just isn’t going to work.

    • I am inclined to agree with you. I feel exactly the same way about Man of Steel. I kept trying to like it because I love Superman. But it is such a bitter disappointment. I keep debating which is worse; Man of Steel or Superman Returns. And I can’t decide. It’s a loose/loose proposition.

      I decided when the WW casting was announced to focus on the positive. I love Wonder Woman and I am thrilled to get a live action take on her after literally decades of waiting. But my enthusiasm is tempered by the fact that every sign points to her being horribly misrepresented. I’m prepared for that. But I’m going to try to withhold judgement until the teaser trailer at least. 2015 is too far off to remain pessimistic the entire time. I have every faith in Goyer and Snyder that they will produce a popular train wreck that will crush my inner fanboy.

      What I really want is a Wonder Woman movie I can take my WW-loving daughter to. I have no hope whatsoever that this will be it.

    • I saw the picture… and it seems Wonder Woman will save the world for food…

      • lol

        I don’t think food is her priority. Looks like she’d turn her nose up at anything more substantial than egg whites.

        • Well, ya hit the proverbial nail on the head there…I say, give the gal a chance (after all, she was in the Israeli army) — after all, the fanboys were wrong about Keaton and Ledger, who done fine. But, truth be told, she looks a bit too skinny and waif-y to play Wonder Woman…Wonder GIRL, maybe.

  6. it’ll probably be a glorified cameo, since I don’t think Goyer and Snyder care too much about anything but Batman, and by necessity Superman.

    Too bad Wonder Woman’s big screen debut will be under that annoying Frank Miller fan-boy’s hands.

    • These are all my worst fears. And they will probably be realized. But I’m not ready to deal with them yet. I’m going to cling to the hope that Wonder Woman will be handled properly until I am faced with the grim reality that Nolan, Goyer and Snyder have screwed it all up. This is almost a certainty, but I am going to bury my head in the sand until I have no choice in the matter.

      Last night, my daughter and I watched some clips from the old Wonder Woman TV show and some of the animated versions of Wonder Woman over the years. The characters has so much power. And I don’t mean her super powers. There is so much untapped potential there. I only hope somehow these guys stumble into it.

      Although the Wonder Woman show is every bit as cheesy as I remember it, I was impressed by how much the show “got right”. It’s remarkably faithful to the source material. My 4 year old is endlessly entertained. We always have a blast watching the best-of clips on You Tube.

      Check out the clip 1:30 in where she cold cocks the Nazi pilot. Awesome!

      • Ha ha! That was Kenneth Mars!!!

      • Holly Hunter is adorable here. Linda Carter just had so much presence-

        I like the Nazis- they look like they are going to a costume party with Prince Harry. Wonderfully cheezy uniforms.

        • The YouTube clips have reminded me just how much fun the old Wonder Woman show was. Man of Steel could use some of that charm. Unfortunately, Nolan and company seem to abhor fun. I have also been surprised by just how faithful the show was to the source material. Sure, they made some changes. But a lot of the details from the comic book made it on to the screen. Finally, you just can’t help but be impressed by Carter. She really shines.

          • Wonder Woman is on MeTV – I DVR’d a few- its pretty good- Carter is magnetic- I love the ’42 setting- played by 1970′s actors who need haircuts REALLY badly.

            • Unfortunately we don’t have MeTV on our line-up. There are some full episodes on YouTube. But it would be fun to see how my 4-year-old Wonder Woman fan responds to the real thing on TV.

  7. and now we find out that Jesse Eisenberg is set to play Lex Luthor.

    • It’s crazy casting. Not who I would have picked. But it could work. Afterall, Lex Luthor and Mark Zuckerberg share a lot in common I imagine.

      Also Jeremy Irons as Alfred which is a much more traditional casting choice.

      • of course I never would have cast Hackman either. Hmmm…how about Jon Hamm?

        • If I remember correctly, Hackman and Brando were attached to the project before Donner came on board to direct. When he was hired, he was handed a script by Puzzo (which was awful) and told to use 70′s icons Hackman and Brando to give the movie credibility. Hackman refused to shave his head. But for a time, he refused to shave his stache. Donner had to shave his own mustache to get Hackman to clean his upper lip.

          It shouldn’t have worked. But it did. While I would have preferred a less comical Lex, Hackman gives just the right amount of menace under the goofiness.

          Hamm would be a pretty terrific Luthor I think. But Hamm is pretty terrific. The main trait you think of when you think of Luthor is arrogance. Hamm can definitely convey that. So can Eisenberg which is why I don’t hate this casting as much as I imagine most people will.

          • but I also think of Luther as someone who is imposing beyond just his intellect or arrogance. Also, the voice needs a little something that Eisenberg doesn’t have.

            But I really shouldn’t care, because I have no plans to see the movie.

            • I agree. But also, Luthor has changed a lot over the years. He’s been a mad scientist, a corrupt business man, a stand-in for George W. Bush variations of all of the above. Sometimes he wears power armor and fights Superman hand to hand. Sometimes, he wears a snazzy suit and hangs out in a penthouse (or the White House). And a lot of the time, he’s wearing a prison uniform. My point is, there isn’t any one definitive Luthor. There’s room for reinvention.

              Problem is, with Man of Steel, Snyder and company have shown they don’t get these characters enough to be trusted with reinventing them. At his core, Luthor should be a human (thank goodness JJ Abrams was stopped from making him a Kryptonian). Just as Superman represents the best of humanity (despite being an alien) Luthor should represent the worst. With Luthor’s great intelligence and wealth, he should be doing as much good as Superman. But his arrogance prevents him from that. He can’t stand that Superman is seen as Earth’s hero when he thinks it should be him. So instead of curing cancer, he throws all his resources at destroying Superman.

              Eisenberg lacks the menace of a traditional Luthor. But I could see a new take on Luthor as a twitchy Zuckerberg type. The core character traits could be maintained. Of course I suspect the main consideration in casting Eisenberg was that he is young. I don’t have any expectation that anyone associated with this movie will get things right. But I’m still clinging to hope for some reason.

              Did you ever see Man of Steel? I’d be curious to know your thoughts.

              I will go see the sequel. How can I not? No matter how horrible it is, I will go. I expect it will be painful for me. But I have to see it for myself.

              I won’t take Kara until after I have seen it. If they do Wonder Woman justice, I’ll go back and see it with her. I don’t expect that to happen.

              • I haven’t seen it yet. Maybe I’ll watch it when it shows up on HBO or some similar spot. I don’t have the emotional attachment to the DC heroes that I do with characters like Spider-Man or the X-Men. Poor reviews and the disappointing Iron Man 3 put me off seeing it in the theater and now I’m focused on the Oscar films.

                • I can understand being in no hurry to see it. A part of me wishes I had never seen it. Unfortunately, I have a very strong emotional attraction to the DC characters. Much more so than the Marvel characters. Probably more than is healthy for a middle-aged father of two. I actually think I’m pretty easy to please where Superman is concerned. You have to really screw him up to upset me. I am open to any reinvention/reinterpretation that keeps the core of the character in tact. I liked Lois and Clark for crying out loud! Even Smallville had its moments. But Man of Steel was a betrayal. A high crime against something I hold dear. Blasphemous.

                  Given that the people behind the sequel were largely responsible for the original, I have no real expectations that it will be any different. But the lure of seeing a big screen Wonder Woman is too much for me to resist. Even if I am pretty certain I will curse myself for taking the bait.

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