EQUUS – Opens Tonight

Poster for the show

Poster for the show

Not long ago you may have recalled my announcing Equus, the play I’m producing and starring in here on the LeBlog. Well, tonight we open. It’s been 6 months of hard work, and the last 6 weeks of rehearsal has been intense. It’s been both fun and exhausting. I’m proud of the show we are about to mount.

It only runs for 3 nights and if you are in the central Texas area (or if you love driving or have disposable cash to fly here with) here is the ticketing website:


We got a front page write-up in the paper (the benefits of living in a small town (it costs $1 to read it online):


Part of the benefit of having many talented friends is I had two professional photographers come and take pics of the show, and had it recorded, and copyright be damned I may post it anonymously after the run. In the meantime I’ll share some of the pictures that Aaron Yates of Kerrville Photo took of the production.

I’m excited to say we may sell out all three nights which will make EQUUS the biggest unqualified success of my producing career. The show is stellar. I’ve had people say they’ve seen EQUUS 6 times in their life and it’s the best they’ve ever seen (including a production which starred Gabriel Byrne as the doc).

For the role of Alan I lost 7 pounds, and dropped 4% body fat to lean out my body, as a friend told me, I have a man body at almost 25, so to be a convincing 17 I went all out changing my workout routine, diet, and even juiced for a week. I’ve also grown my hair out and am clean shaven, which I can’t wait to fix.

It’s a large cast of 13 and they are all incredibly talented, and I couldn’t be more proud. Thanks for letting me share!

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  1. Much to be proud of, young man! One in a long line of successes, I’m sure!


  2. The photos are excellent! So glad to hear that it’s been a great experience and that you’re getting good feedback!


  3. Very sorry that I missed it. Stuck in Georgia. From the pics, it looks very intriguing. You should charge for the video though. All my best, Nick

    Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 21:10:27 +0000 To: nick347@outlook.com


  4. Sold out (100 people) 2 of the 3 performances, apparently had a broadway producer in the audience, and people loved the show. It was amazing.


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