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Lebeau’s Le Show: Interstellar Review



Daffy and I both caught Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic, Interstellar this morning.  So we decided to try something new.  We set out to do a 10-minute episode of Le Show to review the movie.  Instead, we ended up talking about Interstellar for 35 minutes.  The first fifteen minutes is spoiler-free, so feel free to listen even if you haven’t seen the movie.  We give you a warning before we start talking about the ending.

Katherine Heigl Gallery

What the Hell Happened to Emilio Estevez?

Emilio Estevez 2014

Emilio Estevez comes from Hollywood royalty.  His dad is actor Martin Sheen.  His brother is Charlie Sheen.  As a child, his best friends were the Penns (Sean and Chris) and the Lowes (Rob and Chad).  Estevez grew up immersed in show biz.  In the early 80’s Estevez became the de facto leader of the actors of his generation.  Collectively, they were known as the Brat Pack and for a short time, they reigned supreme.  As the decade ended, there was a backlash against the Pack.  Among his colleagues, Estevez held up better than others.  But these days, Estevez is rarely heard from.

What the hell happened?

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Review: St. Vincent


They say that there are no new stories, just variations on the same old ones. Sometimes the measure of true talent is how a group of artists is capable of elevating relatively predictable material to make it emotionally impactful and revelatory. The newest Bill Murray vehicle St. Vincent falls into this category of achievement.

St. Vincent is a very familiar story of redemption through opening up to the people around us and really learning who they are. There are many examples of these kinds of stories, especially with a child being the catalyst for bringing down carefully constructed walls against the outside world. Nick Hornby’s novel About a Boy, which has been made into both a film and a TV show, comes to mind. These stories, especially in their movie forms, have a tendency to be a little treacly and simplistic, even in their best incarnations.
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What Might Have Been: Sean Young

Sean Young

Sean Young

Few actresses embody the concept of a “missed opportunity” as well as Sean Young.  For a time, she seemed to be the next big A-list star.  A leading lady for the 80s.  Young herself has compared herself more than once to Julia Roberts.  But somehow, she never became America’s Sweetheart.  We’ve already examined what happened to her.  So now, it’s time to look at what might have been.

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The A-List: Don’t Call It a Comeback

Dumb and Dumber To

This past weekend, Dumb and Dumber To exceeded even the most optimistic box office projections.  Critics were unkind to the sequel, but audiences who have been waiting twenty years for more Dumb and Dumber didn’t care.  Now there’s talk of a Dumb and Dumber trilogy!

The box office success of Dumb and Dumber To has some people talking about a comeback for Jim Carrey.  Carrey’s movie career has cooled over the last decade or so.  His last unqualified box office hit was arguably Bruce Almighty in 2003.  When a Dumb and Dumber sequel was announced, it seemed to some (myself included) like a desperation move.  But now, it seems like a “hail mary pass” that connected.

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