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What the Hell Happened to Ralph Macchio?

ralph macchio

In the 1980′s Ralph Macchio was a teen heartthrob.  He rose to prominence along with with other hot actors of his generation with roles in iconic movies that are still relevant today.  Macchio managed to avoid the Brat Pack label that doomed many of his contemporaries.  But he struggled with transitioning to adult roles.  In the early nineties, after a small role in one last memorable movie, Macchio faded into obscurity.

What the hell happened?

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Draft Day: Review


One of the biggest and most dominant entertainment organizations in the United States of America is the National Football League (the NFL for short). The Super Bowl, in which the league crowns its champion, is routinely the highest rated television program of the year and 24 of the 50 highest rated programs of all time are Super Bowls. Americans love our version of football so much, in fact, that the NFL Draft has become a highly rated television property in its own right. The folks who made the new movie Draft Day are counting on this popularity rubbing off to the cinema. For the uninitiated, the draft is an event in which the league’s teams take turns choosing eligible college football players to be a part of their franchise going forward. Making the right choices and the right deals can spell huge success and glory for years to come, while making the wrong choices and deals can get you fired.

This is just part of what Cleveland Browns general manager Sonny Weaver Jr (Kevin Costner) is dealing with in Ivan Reitman’s new sports movie Draft Day.
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What the Hell Happened to Katherine Heigl?

unite4:good And Variety's unite4:humanity

Katherine Heigl first came onto the scene with the cult TV series Roswell. She would go on to greater TV success with Grey’s Anatomy, which would win her an Emmy Award. From there, Heigl capitalized on that success with success in a trilogy of romantic comedies. In recent years, though, she became known as a cautionary tale about the dangers of biting the hand that feeds you. As a result, her most recent appearance was a commercial for NyQuil.

What the hell happened?

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Review: Captain America: Winter Soldier

cap winter soldier

Following the mega-success of Marvel’s super hero mash-up, The Avengers, the big question was whether or not Marvel could generate the same excitement over the character’s solo films.  So far, based on the box office, the answer would appear to be a resounding “yes”.  Both Iron Man 3 and Thor: Dark World enjoyed post-Avengers bumps.  But for my money, Captain America: Winter Soldier is the first truly satisfying film in the series post Avengers.

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Noah: Review


Noah has long been a passion project for auteur Darren Aronofsky. It looked unlikely the big budget spectacle would ever be backed by a studio given the director’s artistic intentions and limited appeal. However, after a $330 million BO take for Black Swan, someone decided that it was worth the risk, especially given the success of more christian-centric films over the last few years. Aronofsky proved ill-suited to the studio system with fights over final cuts, disclaimers, budget issues, and marketing problems plaguing the film before it ever hit theaters.

I’m a big fan of DA, and was of the opinion that he’d never made a bad film. His films are incredibly emotional, singularly shot, and usually marked with a fervor. Black Swan was remarkable as an artist in search of unattainable perfection. The Wrestler was one of the saddest films you will ever see. The Fountain was a work of vision and a testament to what you want to say more than making sure it’s understood. Requiem hurts. Pi is insane. What then is Noah?

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9 Additions for Captain America’s Catch-Up List

One of the fun details in the new Marvel studios film Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the list he keeps in a little notebook of things acquaintances have recommended to him as necessary for bridging the gap between his dive into the icy waters of the Atlantic in the mid 1940s and his rebirth in 2011.

As you can see in the above picture, poor Steve Rogers’ friends have given him pretty inconsistent advice on the subject. Some of the items are just historical events, while others might help him get a bit of the flavor of their times. The period of time between World War II and Cap’s first movie installment contains quite a bit to digest in American history, society, and pop culture. While his list is different in the movie depending on what country you’re seeing it in, I’m going to focus entirely English-speaking selections (and since this is a pop culture blog, on the entertainments I believe will help tell the story of those 60+ years he was a “Capcicle”)
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Lebeau’s Le Show: Episode 002 – Superhero Movies

Lebeau's Le Show Episode 2

Welcome back to Lebeau’s Le Show.  To celebrate the release of Captain America: Winter Soldier, Daffy and I discuss the past, present and future of super hero movies.

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Bad Words: Review

Some movies are more disappointing than others when they fail to live up to either expectations or their own inflated sense of self-worth.
Jason Bateman’s directorial debut, the cheerily grimy spelling bee comedy Bad Words somehow manages to underperform but charm anyway. While it could be more than it is, both in laughs and plot, what it brings is, nonetheless, a pretty satisfying entertainment. And isn’t that what people go out on a Friday night hoping for?
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The Grand Budapest Hotel: A Review


I guess you really like Wes Anderson’s movies, or you just don’t get them. After the very sweet, quirky, and funny Rushmore hit theaters back in 1998, I was ready to declare myself a bona fide fan. I’d seen Bottle Rocket and had thought it showed promise, so things really appeared to be heading in a great direction.
But somewhere along the way, Anderson seems to have decided that a charming style was a substitute for fully realized characters. And as the cast list of his newest film The Grand Budapest Hotel shows, he has plenty of enablers ready to be a part of the lark.

This is not to say that I hated the movie…Far from it.
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What the Hell Happened to Michael Biehn?

Michael Biehn

Michael Biehn has starred in some classic science fiction/action movies.  Even if you don’t know his name (and odds are you don’t) you know his characters from James Cameron’s early hit movies.  If things had gone just a little bit differently, he would have been a household name.  Instead, he’s doing voice work for video games.

What the hell happened?

Come with me if you want to know.

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