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Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Trailer


This trailer was leaked in a low-quality version earlier tonight, so Marvel stepped up by yanking the offending leaks and posting their nice shiny HD version within a couple of hours. The trailer was supposed to premiere during next week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD, so this kind of stinks for Marvel and their TV show, which could have used the ratings bump. The show has improved significantly since the weak first 2/3s of its inaugural season. Too bad most people won’t know.

Pop Culture Quiz: What the Hell Happened Quiz #4 *Results*

Time Travel Movies

Our latest What the Hell Happened Quiz tied into the Time Travel episode of our podcast, Le Show.  Let’s see how everyone did.

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What the Hell Happened to Damon Wayans?

Damon Wayans

Damon Wayans is part of a big family.  Several members of the Wayans family have had successful careers in entertainment.  After being fired from Saturday Night Live, Wayans co-created In Living Color with his brother, Keenen.  The upstart sketch show was a hit and Damon Wayans was the breakout star.  He left the show to pursue a movie career.  But his career on the big screen never gelled.  Eventually, Wayans retreated to TV in the form of a safe sitcom.  These days, Wayans is in danger of being eclipsed by his son, Damon Wayans Jr.

What the hell happened?

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Pop Culture Quiz: What the Hell Happened Quiz #4 – Time Travel Edition

Time Travel Movies

In celebration of the time travel episode of Lebeau’s Le Show, we’re testing your knowledge of What the Hell Happened stars and time travel movies.  So sharpen those pencils and rev up that Delorean.

The quiz starts after the jump.  No cheating off your neighbor!

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Lebeau’s Le Show: Episode 008 – Time Travel

Time Travel

A while back Daffy and I were approached by Dan of Annie and Danny’s FastPass Podcast to do a show on time travel movies.  Since coming up with topics is hard, Daffy and I decided to steal Dan’s idea  take him up on his offer.  We were finally able to master time enough to line up all three of our schedules to talk time travel.  So Dan becomes our first-ever guest star here on Le Show.

But it wasn’t just Dan joining us this time.  We also took feedback from the wonderful readers here at Le Blog.  About a week before we recorded, I posted a survey asking you guys what you wanted to hear about in a time travel show.  The response was overwhelming.  So we’ll probably continue to seek your input for future podcasts.  For this episode, we had you guys rank eight time travel comedies and eight action/adventure movies.

We’re obviously going to cover the classics like Back to the Future and The Terminator.  But Daffy dives deep with some scholarly research.  We also look at the indie comedy, Safety Not Guaranteed and everyone wishes they had found the time to watch Primer.  Special guest time travel expert Dan disses Star Trek and praise Jean-Claude Van Damme.  And we all talk about what we would do if we could travel through time.

The show is embedded after the jump.  Hope you like it.

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Review: Gone Girl

gone girl

Gone Girl is the latest movie from director David Fincher.  Fincher is known for making movies that are extremely slick, intelligent and emotionally distant.  Gone Girl is at least two of those things.  If it is not the smartest movie in Fincher’s oeuvre, that can be attributed to the source material.  The movie is an adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s popular novel of the same name.  Flynn wrote the adaptation herself and the movie retains the absurdity of the book.  Fortunately, Fincher is a talented enough director to ground the movie in something close enough to reality that most audiences will be willing to play along.

Ben Affleck stars as Nick Dunne, a man whose wife goes missing on their fifth anniversary.  Nick’s missing wife is known was the inspiration for a series of children’s books called Amazing Amy.  It’s made her a minor celebrity, but she is uncomfortable with her perfect alter ego.  The real life Amy, played by Rosamund Pike, also has a prickly relationship with her parents who got rich off of turning her life into fiction.  When Nick and Amy meet at a party, it’s like a romantic comedy.  But their happy ending doesn’t last.

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Survey: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again!

Time Travel Movies

Daffy and I are preparing for our next episode of Le Show.  The topic this month is time travel.  So I thought I would give readers and listeners a chance to tell us what they want to hear us talk about before we record the show.  After the jump, I have included a brief survey for readers to share their opinions about time travel movies and to tell us what topics they would like to hear covered in the podcast.

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Snowpiercer: What Does It Mean?

snowpiercer poster

The other day, I wrote a pretty bare-bones review of the Korean science fiction movie, Snowpiercer.  Partially, I was trying to shield readers from spoilers.  But I was also still processing the complicated messages of the movie.  Over the last week, the movie has stuck with me in a way few movies do.  So the purpose of this article is to analyze what is going on beneath the surface of the action movie.

To do that, I am going to have to get deep into spoilers.  So if you haven’t seen Snowpiercer, turn back now.

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Review: Snowpiercer



For the last week or so, I have been sidelined by a nasty cold.  The upside of that is that it allowed me to catch up with some movies I had been wanting to see for a while.  The most anticipated of the bunch was the Korean import, Snowpiercer.  The quirky sci-fi action film made some waves earlier this summer during its limited release.  But it failed to break out with mainstream audiences.  As the movie becomes available on video, I think its cult status is assured.

Snowpiercer has a brilliant premise.  An attempt to fight global warming goes terribly wrong and ends up freezing the earth making life unsupportable.  What remains of humanity is now confined in a luxury train built by an eccentric and mysterious mogul named Wilford.  The train is divided into a strict socioeconomic hierarchy with the rich passengers at the front of the train and the poor living in squalor in the tail section.  Chris Evans, best known as Marvel’s Captain America, plays a resident of the tail who leads a revolution to the front of the train.

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Walt Disney World: First Time, Last Time, First Time in a Long Time




Every time I get home from a visit to Walt Disney World in Florida I take some time to look back at some of the great things I got to do. Usually these are well-worn favorite experiences and sometimes they are wonderful new things I had never gotten around to in the past. But I also am constantly amazed by how much stuff I still haven’t done, or by that long neglected attraction that got past me again. As I prepare for another foray into the World of Walt, I intend to right some of these past wrongs.
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