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Super Heroes of the Seventies

Legends of the Superheroes - full cast

It has been said that we are living in a Golden Age of super hero stories.  The genre is certainly experiencing a boom in popularity at the movies and on TV.  But the seventies were no slouch in the super hero department either.  Some of the seeds of our modern day super hero explosion were sown back in the 70’s.

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What the Hell Happened to Kirsten Dunst?:ext

dunst 2013

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst was a child actor who successfully transitioned into adult roles.  She worked opposite Brad Pitt, Robin Williams and Jim Carrey.  She was directed by the likes of Woody Allen, Sam Raimi and Neil Jordan.  She played a cheerleader, a vampire and Spider-man’s true love.  But when her web-slinging stopped, Dunst disappeared from the once-hot spotlight.

What the hell happened?

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Top Ten Movie Trilogies


To celebrate the release of The Hobbit, I’m counting down the top 10 movie trilogies. 

As always, there are a few rules to review.  In this case, what constitutes a trilogy.  Obviously, a series of three films is technically a trilogy.  However, while three is a minimum requirement, I won’t disqualify a film series that extended beyond three films.  Ideally the series should contain three films that tell a tightly connected story.

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Review/RANT – The Amazing Spider-Man: Where It Went Wrong (and Why You Probably Don’t Care)

Review/RANT - The Amazing Spider-Man: Where It Went Wrong (and Why You Probably Don't Care)

My colleague over at read/RANT went on a good one about Amazing Spider-man.  I thought I’d share.

Review/RANT – The Amazing Spider-Man: Where It Went Wrong #and Why You Probably Don’t Care#.

My Disney World Memories – Part 8

In Part 7, we experienced Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom.   The year was 2008.  Mindy was pregnant with Kara.  And Josie was being mean to her grandparents.  I was just trying to hold it all together.  In retrospect, there were a lot more bumps in the road than I realized at the time.

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Review: The Amazing Spider-man

If you would have told me 10 years ago that a Spider-man movie would be the least anticipated super hero movie of the summer, I’d have laughed in your face. Well, maybe not. I’m not the laugh-in-your-face kind of guy. But after the conversation was over I’d have commented to others that you had no idea what you were talking about and what do you know about super hero movies anyway?

But here we are in 2012.  There’s a new Spider-man movie and it’s doing all right.  But sandwiched between the behemoth that was Avengers and the conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Amazing Spider-man can’t help but feel a little bit like an also-ran.  Or even a re-run given that it makes the puzzling decision to retell Spider-man’s origin story just 10 years after Sam Raimi told it.

*Spoilers below*

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Super Hero Cartoon Block Smack-Down: DC Nation Vs. Marvel Universe

When I was a kid, Saturday morning was the highlight of my week.  The reason?  Saturday morning cartoons.  Sure, there were cartoons on every day after school.  But only for an hour or two.  And then the reruns of old sitcoms started.  But Sarurday morning featured hours of brand new (or newish) cartoons.  Best of all, there was the Superfriends.

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Top 10 Best Super Hero Movies – Follow-Up


Yesterday, I posted a Top Ten list.  I rarely engage in lists because I am really bad at them.  I always worry I will forget something important.  And I find ordering things based on subjective reasoning to be extremely frustrating.  I enjoy debating (and ripping apart) other people’s lists.  But I hate making my own.

The response to this list was so positive, I may have to rethink my stance and start posting more Top Ten lists in the future.  But for now, I thought I’d write a follow-up to yesterday’s list.

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Top 10 Best Super Hero Movies

As with any Top 10 list, there are provisions.  This is a list of super hero movies, not movies based on comic books.  So, no Men in Black.  No, Road to Perdition or History of Violence.  No, The Mask who was certainly a colorful comic book character, but was not a super hero. 

With that in mind, here are my picks for the 10 best super hero movies ever made:

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The A-List: Emma Stone

Before anyone accuses me of jumping the gun on this one, let me state right up front that Emma Stone is not yet on the A-List.  What she is is a rising star with a lot of potential.  Hollywood is littered with with the hopes and dreams of starlets who never quite made it to the top.  I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that Emma Stone will not be one of them.

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