Bad Movies We Love About Marilyn Monroe


If you like bad movies and Marilyn Monroe, you will probably like these six bad movies about the iconic actress.  Edward Margulies explored the cinema of Marilyn in the August 1991 issue of Movieline magazine.

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Aug 24: Happy Birthday Rupert Grint and Steve Guttenberg


During his first decade of acting, Rupert Grint appeared in a number of films, including the quirky family film Thunderpants, the coming-of-age story Driving Lessons,  and the romantic crime comedy Wild Target.  However, none of the foregoing is the reason he’s a headliner today, as he turns 28.  In August of 2000, Grint was selected as one of the leads in the first of a series of films based on a set of bestselling juvenile/young adult novels.  About wizards:

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LeBlog’s Cheesetastic Classics: Supertramp vs Smash Mouth

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 11.56.25 AM

Welcome to the next matchup in our continuing search for the most satisfyingly cheesy pop songs of all time! A LeBlog Cheestastic Classic should be both undeniably corny or over-the-top while also possessing some quality that makes some of us grin and pump our fists in gleeful irony. Some people might also use the term “guilty pleasure.” But I’m not going to. For our purposes here, these are “LeBlog’s Cheesetastic Classics.” The skill and talent involved in producing some of these songs may, in fact, be quite impressive and at their core these songs might actually be rather superior to some which are considered cool. But somewhere along the way the songwriter or performer took that wrong turn at Albuquerque and landed themselves in the land of cheese.

Today we’ve got another inter-decade matchup with a high concept, high-production rock band taking on a group that quickly revealed themselves to be a serial novelty act. The question in both cases will likely be whether the tongue they may or may not have planted in their cheeks gets them off the hook for inclusion alongside people like Melissa Manchester, Meatloaf, and Dan Hill. Join us after the break and let’s talk!
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Starlog Archives: Star Trek Past, Present and Future

The first issue of Starlog magazine was published in August of 1976.  It was started by high school pals, Kerry O’Quinn and David Houston.  They had kicked around the idea of a publication that would cover sci-fi movies and TV shows.  Originally, O’Quinn pitched the idea of a one-time special that would deal exclusively with Star Trek.   They contacted Trek creator Gene Roddenberry who agreed to be interviewed for the magazine.  With Roddenberry’s blessing, the founders thought they were clear to proceed.  But when Paramount caught wind of the project, they asked for royalty fees that exceeded the magazine’s profits.  After shelving the project, O’Quinn revisited the idea of a quarterly magazine that would cover all of science fiction (with a heavy emphasis on Star Trek).

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Aug 23: Happy Birthday Shelley Long and Rick Springfield


Our two headliners for today were both born this day in 1949 and are both celebrating their 67th birthdays today.

Shelley Long dropped out of Northwestern University to pursue an acting career.  She joined The Second City comedy troupe, while also hosting a Chicago area television program.  In the late 1970s she began to get regular guest spots on television shows like The Love Boat and M*A*S*H.

Long’s big break was in 1982.  She appeared in the quirky romantic comedy Night Shift opposite Henry Winkler (although they were both a bit upstaged by a supporting player named Michael Keaton), and later that year began a five year run on television, playing a graduate student who is forced to take a job as a cocktail waitress at a certain Boston bar after her fiancé abandons her:

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Billy Baldwin: William Tells

Baldwin - Fair Game

In the nineties, there were so many Baldwins it was hard to keep them straight.  Since then, the oldest one has continued to work primarily in television, the youngest became a minister and a fixture on reality TV, and the middle two brothers kind of disappeared.  Billy Baldwin had a pretty good run through the first half of the decade.  In the August 1995 issue of Movieline, Dennis Hensley asked him about filming sex scenes with a super model, proposing to one third of Wilson Phillips and knocking his mother’s teeth out.

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Fear the Walking Dead: Grotesque

FTWD - Grotesque

During Fear the Walking Dead‘s first season, I frequently requested for Nick to be killed off as soon as possible.  The show spent a lot of time developing the idea that a drug addict like Nick was uniquely suited to life in a zombie apocalypse.  I’m still not buying into that thesis, but I’m not asking to have Nick meet his demise either.  Although Nick himself seems like he would be perfectly okay with being one of the walkers.  The midseason premiere of Fear the Walking Dead was devoted to Nick’s solo journey and to my surprise, I was digging it.

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Aug 22: Happy Birthday Kristen Wiig and Ty Burrell


Our two headliners today appeared together in the film The Skeleton Twins, so they also appear in pictures from the premiere.

Kristen Wiig, who turns 43 today, dropped out of college at 19 to pursue an acting career.  She became a member of The Groundlings, a sketch comedy and improv troupe which has an impressive roster of alumni who have gone on to entertainment industry careers.  While there, she submitted an audition tape to Saturday Night Live, and was selected to join the show starting in 2005.  During her SNL stint, she received five Emmy nominations for work like this:

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Disneyland Bingo with Daffystardust! Video

What’s this, you say? Didn’t you go to Disneyland more than a year ago?

Well, yes you’re right about that, so in a way this video is sorely behind schedule isn’t it? Well, the whole point here is for me to teach myself how to use the iMovie program on my computer so that I can make even more videos in the future to share here at LeBlog. Heck , I’ve got a return trip to Walt Disney World in Florida coming up the first weekend of October and I’m really hoping to shoot a bunch more video on that trip than I ever have before, which would make any resulting composition I’d present here even more dynamic than what I was able to put together to show you today. The above video is just my second attempt, after a seven minute jaunt focusing only on my dog whetted my appetite to give this a try.

If you’re new to the blog and you’re reading this, welcome! Everyone who wishes to can go ahead and grab the Disneyland Bingo card I created just below the break. It is up to date and should be fully possible to accomplish if you attend the California Disney parks anytime soon.
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Aug 21: Happy Birthday Kim Cattrall and Kenny Rogers


Kim Cattrall, who celebrates her 60th birthday today, started acting in her teens.  During the 1970s she was a regular guest star on a variety of TV series.  In the 1980s, she began to get regular feature film work, but a lot of it was in films that would probably make “worst of” lists of various sorts—Porky’s, Police Academy, Mannequin (Big Trouble in Little China has, however, become a bit of a cult classic).  Star Trek VI at the opening of the 1990s was a bit of a step forward, but as that decade moved forward, it seemed that even if Cattrall got a role in a prestige picture, all she could get out of it was a Razzie nomination.

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Summer Movie Survey 2016

Summer Movies 2016

Another summer movie season has come and gone.  Next week, Daffy and I will have a recap of what we saw and what we thought.  But I wanted to give you readers a chance to have your say.  After the jump, there is a survey consisting of 30 of the biggest summer releases.  For each one, let us know if you gave it or thumbs up or a thumbs down or if you just didn’t see it.  Next Sunday we’ll include your responses in our summer movie round-up.  (Don’t worry if you haven’t seen most of them.  I doubt many readers have.)

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Building my Movie Posters Puzzle: Frankenstein

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.13.25 PM

In late June I took advantage of some free days to visit my Mother in Virginia for her birthday. It was a fun long weekend that included meals out, a screening of Finding Dory, and an unexpected shared activity when I ran across a puzzle in the book store that was just too good to pass up. It consists of thirty-nine posters from a wide variety of classic films stretching from the silent era of the 1920s into the 1970s. It was an engrossing project to undertake alongside my Mother and we naturally discussed several of the featured movies as we built it. What stunned me a little was that I had actually only seen twenty-six of the thirty-nine films honored. I have vowed to fill these gaps in my knowledge of film and take you along for the ride as I reconstruct the puzzle in question. I’ll re-watch the movies I’ve already seen along with experiencing the ones that are new to me and share my thoughts on each one.

Director James Whale’s 1931 production of Frankenstein continues to be one of the most iconic films in the history of cinema and helped to bring Mary Shelly’s creation to the masses in unexpected and perhaps unfortunate ways.The image of the creature animated by Dr. Frankenstein and portrayed by actor Boris Karloff was as famous as Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny more than forty years after the film’s release when I was growing up in the early 1970s. It might have receded a bit in recent years, but is still quite well known. The Whale film that kicked of the mania has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s discuss.
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Aug 20: Happy Birthday Amy Adams and Andrew Garfield


Amy Adams celebrates her 42nd birthday today.  In 1999, she was working in dinner theater in Minnesota when she had the chance to audition for a role in Drop Dead Gorgeous.  Although her role was small she won critical praise, and she moved to Southern California.  For the next several years her film career had ups and downs—a significant supporting role in Spielberg’s Catch Me if You Can was followed by a year where she got no work at all.  But things began looking up for her in 2004 when she was sent the script for an indie film, a bittersweet comedy called Junebug, and was cast as the role of Ashley Johnston.

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