What the Hell Happened to Mena Suvari?

Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari made the leap from modeling to acting.  In 1999, she appeared in two hit films; the raucous teen comedy, American Pie and the Best Picture winner, American Beauty.  Suvari seemed poised for greatness.  But her career quickly stalled out.  Only a few years later, she was appearing in direct-to-video dreck like a remake of Day of the Dead.

What the hell happened?

suvari - boy meets world 2

Mena Suvari – Boy Meets World – 1995

Suvari started modeling as a preteen.  This lead to commercials which lead to TV work.  As a teenager, she started doing TV appearances.   In 1995, she appeared on an episode of Boy Meets World during the show’s second season.  She played Laura, Eric’s girlfriend’s cousin from Manhattan.

Suvari - Boy Meets World

Mena Suvari – Boy Meets World – 1996

In 1996, Suvari appeared on the third season of Boy Meets World.  But she played a completely different character.  This time, she played Hilary, a girl Corey meets at a party

Suvari - ER

Mena Suvari – E/R – 1996

Later that year, Suvari played a sick kid on the hit TV show, E/R.

From 1996-1997, Suvari played David Keith’s daughter on the TV show, High Incident.  Believe it or not, the show was not about drugs.  It was a cop show that lasted only one season.  Suvari appeared in four episodes.

Suvari - Nowhere

Mena Suvari – Nowhere – 1997

In 1997, Suvari made the leap to the big screen in the indie teen drama, NowhereNowhere was the third film in director Gregg Akari’s “Teen Apocalypse Trilogy”.  Suvari co-starred with up-and-coming teen actors like Heather Graham, Ryan Phillipe and Denise Richards in a story of debauched teenagers.

The movie has been describes as 90210 on acid.  The bizarre experiences include bad acid trips, bi-sexuality, suicide, rape by a TV star and alien abduction.  The cast included TV actors like Christina Applegate, John Ritter, Christopher Knight and Eve Plumb.  It also included appearances by the likes of Traci Lords, Rose McGowan and Shannen Doherty.

Later that year, she had a small role in the Ashley Judd/Morgan Freeman thriller, Kiss the Girls.

Suvari - Chicago Hope

Mena Suvari – Chicago Hope – 1997

Next, Suvari played a girl who tests positive for HIV on the medical drama, Chicago Hope.

Next: American Pie and American Beauty


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  1. I thought the same at the time and just read this weeks popbitch email. it said:

    Saddest email this week: “Mena Suvari available
    for interview to support the launch of ‘The
    Captian’s (sic) Island with Captain Morgan’.
    From American Beauty to promoting cheap rum.”


  2. I always thought she wasn’t very good looking. Hard to be a movie star when you are a 5 at best tbh.


    • Surely, there’s more to it than looks. Speaking of which, she was quite stunning on American Horror Story last week. Great to see her getting work. Especially a role she is well-suited for as opposed to that wretched Day of the Dead remake.


    • 8 Actresses Who Were Hottest The First Time We Saw Them:

      7. Mena Suvari – American Beauty

      In her first proper movie role, Mena Suvari (perhaps best known for her stint in the American Pie films as “Nice Girl” Heather) played the object of Kevin Spacey’s affections in American Beauty. As the best friend of Spacey’s teenage daughter, Suvari starred as the flirty Angela, who spends much of the movie bragging about her sexual conquests and exploits, and getting Kevin Spacey all in a fluster.

      And we’ve all seen the movie poster for this movie, haven’t we? You know, the one with Miss Suvari lying on a bed of rose petals, looking particularly seductive. Suvari, of course, has had a fairly choppy film career since American Beauty, appearing here and there in both studio and independent films. It’s safe to say that she’s never quite conjured the hotness she managed to cook up here, though.


    • I didn’t quite appreciate her look back in the day either, but something changed a few years ago and I now think she’s quite stunning…


  3. She has the ass of a goddess, but the face of a jester. I’d still tap that all weekend.


  4. she definitely benefits from bangs. what? I meant hair. you perv.


  5. Mena has definitely had a fall from grace. Do you plan to write up about Tara Reid, Shannon Elizabeth, and Natasha Lynnoe (sp?)?


    • I probably won’t get around to the three of them or any of the male co-stars from the American Pie films. They have all had pretty much the same career arc (save for Alysson Hannigan of course). I decided to focus on Mena for 2 reasons. One, I had just seen her in that awful Day of the Dead remake. And two, she showed the most promise of the bunch pairing AP with American Beauty in one year. Although I am sure Reid and Lynnoe would make for some fun reading!

      Shannon Elizabeth was the Megan Fox of her day and vice versa.


      • 10 Acting One-Hit Wonders:

        7. Shannon Elizabeth

        Shannon Elizabeth made a name for herself as the foreign exchange student Nadia in the teen sex comedy American Pie, starring in the film’s most famous scene, as she performs a sexy strip for Jim (Jason Biggs), only for him to, ahem, blow it and ruin the whole thing.

        Nudity is always an easy way to ingratiate yourself to the teen audience, and she certainly succeeded, though oddly for an industry as superficial as Hollywood, her career never really seemed to take off.

        After starring in the first American Pie sequel, as well as Scary Movie and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (we’re seeing a pattern here), she pretty much faded into obscurity for a decade until re-appearing for a brief cameo in the fourth theatrical American Pie film, American Reunion. Simply, Elizabeth wowed us in one role and then quickly descended into nothing.


        • What the hell happened to Shannon Elizabeth?

          2008-08-23 02:47:56 PM

          She went big by being willing to strip on screen. Once she refused to do that (after American Pie), she stopped getting calls because that’s all people wanted out of her.

          It’s not like she was ever going to float on her acting skills. Once she lowered the bar for herself, it stayed there.

          2008-08-23 03:17:11 PM

          Same thing that happened to Kari Wuher. Same thing that happens to all nascent, hot, 20-somethings that can’t really act. They turn 30.

          2008-08-23 07:08:10 PM

          But regarding Shannon Elizabeth, she did what Anna Faris is doing right now. She allowed herself to be typecast as the chick with a hot body, the disposable chick who never bothered to try and grow as an actress, or become anything BUT the “chick with a hot body who got naked in American Pie”. She reminds me of Denise Richards, except that Denise was smart enough to sink her claws into a rich guy, get knocked up with his brats, and then milk him for every dime she can get.

          2008-08-24 12:56:27 AM

          But sadly, that’s exactly what happened. She got typecast & unfortunately she’s considered to “old” by Hollywood standards to be in movies like that. Now she’s supposed to be doing “mommy” & “wifey” roles since she’s 34. It’s not fair, but it happens.


      • Why Hollywood won’t cast Seann William Scott anymore

        Read More:

        Seriously, where did Seann William Scott go? He was everywhere for a few years following the success of American Pie (1999) and its sequels, but right around 2010, it seemed like he pretty much disappeared. Here’s what probably led to the hunk falling off the Hollywood radar.


    • Jeebus, she looks like a 12-year-old. Maybe a somewhat acvdnaed 12-year-old, but still …I’ll never watch American Beauty the same way again. (Wasn’t she topless in that? I thought she was, um, a bit better endowed …)


  6. Her roles in Pie and Beauty in 99 were small marginal parts. The fact that she has been able to get consistent work in movies and on tv since then and not fall back into anonimity makes her anything but cursed but rather lucky that was she able to propel a very long career out of lightning in a bottle of 99. Looking back it’s actually kind of funny how in 2000 and 2001 almost all the supporting players in the movie were able to propel themselves into somewhat prominent roles.


    • 10 More Really Annoying Movie Characters:

      8. Angela Hayes (American Beauty)

      Detestable cheerleader Angela Hayes (Mena Suvari) was pretty much the only negative aspect of the phenomenally brilliant American Beauty (even if she did turn out okay in the end).

      She essentially plays the popular cheerleading stereotype – always talking about (and supposedly having) sex, pretentious, so far up herself she can lick her own stomach and always looking down upon the less popular crowd. She even drops a C-bomb.

      Nevertheless, she soon becomes a point of attraction for the film’s main character Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) who also happens to be her best friend’s Dad. This is followed by cringe-worthy flirtations and, ultimately, a near-miss sex scene in which she declares she’s actually a virgin, despite all of her prior sexual boasting, and Lester Burnham bows out of the situation with his pride intact.

      After that, it turned out she wasn’t actually too bad a person, but she was indeed a ‘C-bomb’ for much of the film.


      • I just don’t get this guy. How was she annoying? Because she was putting on an act for the first 2/3rds of the movie?

        American Beauty is filled with unsympathetic characters, By the end of the movie, it is revealed that Suvari’s character is one of the more sympathetic characters in the cast.

        Whatever. The lists on this “What Culture” site are nonesense.


  7. I’m going to say that Suvari’s career started going south immediately following American Beauty. Day of the Dead wasn’t so much the turning point as it was Rock Bottom. But it was the moment that I realized exactly how far she had fallen. It was also the moment WTHH was born.


  8. whatever happened to her costar in american beauty thora birch


  9. Whatever Happened To …. The Cast of American Pie? – See more at:

    Mena Suvari (as Heather): She seemed like a sure thing after starring alongside Kevin Spacey in American Beauty, but then Suvari decided she’d had enough of being a pretty chick. She shaved her head; uglied herself up for subsequent roles in Spun, Factory Girl, and The Mysteries of Pittsburgh; and basically became an eccentric to no effect.

    Her Next Move: Some Hollywood exec will eventually have the bright idea of attempting to engineer a comeback by revisiting her Beauty character.


  10. It’s taken a while but I’m almost through reading all the WTHH series. Very enjoyable. Always written with respect of the subject, maybe some good natured ribbing, but never mean spirited.
    “American Beauty” was one of those irritant movies that I would never watch again but contained great performances. I do feel Suvari got the short end of the stick for whatever reason. The movie helped solidify Kevin Spacey’s career, and wasn’t Annette Bening already working steadily, before and since? It’s a shame Mena didn’t find the right project. She still might, she’s not exactly old.


    • American Beauty is one of those polarizing movies. Personally, I loved it when it came out. I have cooled on it a little since. You are right that the performances carry the movie.

      I’m sure Suvari will continue to work. But the odds of her returning to the spotlight in a major way seem pretty slim at this point.

      I am glad you have been enjoying the series. The past two weeks have been frustrating because work has kept me away from the blog. Hopefully that will not be the case next week!


      • I just caught myself grammatically, I meant to say that “American Beauty” is arguably one of those movies that WERE initially popular…


      • 10 Best Picture Oscar Winners That Aged Terribly

        American Beauty (1999)

        American Beauty is in no way a bad film. It was the first film directed by Sam Mendes after a career in the theater, and it’s clear that the director put a huge amount of work into it. Similarly, writer Alan Ball put a lot of his personal experiences and views into the script over the better part of a decade, and that care is apparent on the screen.

        But was American Beauty, the Lolita-esque film about a rich middle-aged man creepily grooming his teenage daughter’s best friend to have sex with him, really the best film of 1999? Of course, it wasn’t. It sure wasn’t the worst (that would be Wild, Wild, West), but it’s such a unique product of its time, it’s hard to imagine anyone being particularly sympathetic to Lester Burnham in 2017.

        The film resonated so well with critics and Academy Award judges in 1999 because it was well crafted, and because it had legitimately funny pitch black humor in abundance – which was a novelty at the time. Most importantly, though, all the narratives and themes in the film resonated with privileged, white, middle-aged males. You’ll recognize that as the exact demographic that makes up basically the entire Academy Awards voting bloc, and in 1999, the vast majority of the film criticism industry.

        Due in no small part to its creepy sexism, fragile masculinity, and profoundly nostalgic views, a critical backlash has emerged in the ensuing years. Even Sam Mendes has stated that he thinks the film was ‘over-praised’ when it came out.

        It still might look gorgeous, but it sure feels a whole more shallow than it once did.


  11. Craig Hansen

    In the wake of the big success of American Pie back in ’99, pretty much all of the actors got a boost of some kind to their careers, obviously to varying levels of success. Certainly everyone involved was able to get follow-up work from the films’ success for a few years, at least. I’d say those that got the biggest boost were Eugene Levy (he was already well-established, but his career really got a jump-start after AP), Jennifer Coolidge, Alyson Hannigan, and for a couple years at least Shannon Elizabeth.

    While all of the American Pie actors got at least a brief boost to their careers after the big success of AP, I would argue that Sean William Scott had the most successful career of that cast. For several years he was getting a lot of co-starring and sidekick roles in films that were respectable mid-range hits: Final Destination, Road Trip, Old School, The Rundown, Bulletproof Monk, The Dukes of Hazzard, Role Models….

    Mena Suvari had the prestige of appearing in American Beauty, something Scott obviously doesn’t have in his career, but he seems to be the only one who turned into a semi-box office draw for a while.


    • I really expected Sean William Scott was going to go on to bigger and better things. After writing up Mena Suvari I have avoided doing any other members of the American Pie cast. But he really needs an entry some day.


      • Craig Hansen

        I agree, Mena Suvari makes for a great write-up, but ultimately it’s based more on the potential that her career seemed to have more than the career that she had. For one hot minute, I thought Mena Suvari was going to be a big star. Sean William Scott is really the only other American Pie actor that would be worthy of one, I think after you complete that write-up you can safely skip the Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Tara Reid and Shannon Elizabeth write-ups and close the American Pie book of write-ups.


        • Prince of a Thousand Frenemies

          I actually would like to see you cover Tara Reid. The story of her fall is pretty straightforward (I’m guessing the botched plastic surgery is fairly well agreed-upon), but she actually did have a weird kind of talent. “Ditzy blonde” may not be a remarkable archetype, but she played that sort of character well, and with unexpected sweetness and vulnerability. I actually can’t imagine another actress pulling off the role she did in Josie and the Pussycats without seeming fake or sickening; the fact that her character acted dumb out of what seemed like a genuinely childlike worldview (without falling into ‘Simple Jack’) must be harder than it looks, or else more actors would be able to do it well.

          She always came off as pretty clueless in interviews, but it’s hard to put too much stock in how an actor appears in interviews: she’s a professional actress and her stock-in-trade is dumb chicks, so who’s to say she’s not just staying in character because it’s what’s expected? Anyway, it’s hardly her fault Uwe Boll cast her as a brilliant researcher…


        • Originally, it was my intent to let Meena Suvari substitute for the entire cast of American Pie. But as I have been expanding the series, I have considered writing up more of the cast. They all have good stories. When I do, Reid will probably be the first. I love how she walks around telling people she’s going to be in Big Lebowski 2 even though no one has any intention of making a sequel to Big Lebowski.

          Also, there was this:


        • How classy. I can’t believe that pic is for real. If it is, she must’ve been stoned out of her mind not to notice that kind of wardrobe malfunction happening to herself.

          I have a fondness for the American Pie movies, I’d look forward to any future write-ups if they happen. Sean William Scott arguably had the most successful movie career from that cast so I’d say he definitely earns a write-up, and as a wildcard I’d throw in Eugene Levy too, he’s had a long and interesting career, though I don’t know of any scandalous behavior on his part to sexy-up his write-up; I guess he left that to Ms. Reid here.


        • Reid was completely unaware her surgically enhanced boob was hanging out for all to see. Apparently this was just after she had had them enhanced. Guess she wasn’t used to them yet.

          I like the first AP movie quite a bit. After that, it was diminishing returns. But they were all watchable. I figure Reid has a long line of ScyFy movies to look forward to now.


        • Derailed Film Stars: Retracing Tara Reid:

          It’s hard to remember a time when Tara Reid was just a fresh-faced blonde actress in the late nineties with a sweet smile and a great sense of humor. From her small but memorable role in the cult hit The Big Lebowski to the series of fun, teen-trending comedies including American Pie, Josie and the Pussycats and Van Wilder, Reid still had a sense of self awareness, comedic timing and her original face. While her globetrotting E! nightlife series, Taradise, will always have a special place in our heart, Reid fell victim to a common Hollywood trap when a series of rehab stints set her career back and never fully recovered. With the surprise popularity of Sharknado, is Reid poised for a career, albeit-campy, comeback? Until then, there’s always her Twitter feed for 24/7 entertainment.

          Scrubs Guest Star

          Tara actually got her start on soaps (Days of Our Lives), but it would be much later in her career when she returned to the small screen. In 2004, she guest-starred on the hit hospital comedy Scrubs, playing Jordan Sullivan’s (Christa Miller) sister and new love interest for series star Zach Braff. Her babyish voice, contrasted with her wild personality, worked in real life and on the show, that is until her character arc was cut short by showrunner Bill Lawrence because she allegedly stank of booze and smoke.

          My Boss’s Daughter

          Not even an all-star comedic ensemble — Molly Shannon (SNL), Andy Richter (Conan) and Airplane! director David Zucker could save this comedy flop. Coming off the success of American Pie 2, Reid plays another hot girl next door, as the daughter of tyrannical publishing magnate Jack Taylor ( Terence Stamp). In his latest attempt to become a big-time star, Ashton Kutcher ditches his typical goofy antics to play the put-upon straight man and fails spectacularly, while Reid takes the back seat to more outlandish characters and is only remembered for her stripping scene.

          American Reunion

          In addition to milking another movie out of the American Pie franchise, American Reunion also served as a reminder of the individual star power, or lack thereof, of the original cast. Four movies and 13 years later, Reid went from being one of the top-billed stars on the original to reportedly the lowest-paid member of the cast. The film did so-so at the box office and was a welcomed slice of nostalgia for fans of the franchise, but it didn’t exactly revive anyone’s career and just made us feel old.

          The Plastic Surgery Debate

          Reid’s unfortunate string of surgeries could easily land her an appearance on E!’s Botched. A bungled liposuction and breast implant procedure in 2004 left her stomach looking like a “ripply, bulgy thing,” according to Reid. Reid then underwent reconstructive surgery in 2006 to fix her botched body contouring and deformed nipples and posed for Playboy in 2009 to show off her fixed plastic surgery. While many stars deny or accept their surgeries, Reid is one of the few that openly regrets going under the knife so many times. She was looking sleek and svelte on the Sharknado 2 red carpet, but her cartoonish bust has stayed the same.

          Sharknado 3?

          A Syfy horror film about shark-infested weather disturbances is as good a comeback vehicle as any and Reid took the opportunity and ran with it. Originally titled “Dark Skies,” the film’s name was changed to Sharknado and Reid feared for her career (or what was left of it). Despite her initial reservations, the homage to old-school B movies was a smash success and led to a successful sequel and a third film in the works. In the wake of the popularity of the Sharknado films, Reid even launched a new fragranced named — you guessed it — Shark, and experienced a career resurgence, with multiple actors clamoring to join her in the film’s third installment.


      • Derailed Film Stars: The Slide of Seann William Scott:

        On one hand, playing the foul-mouthed, oversexed, All-American jock, Steve Stifler, in American Pie made Seann William Scott a household name. On the other, it also pigeonholed the rest of his career, even to this day. While Scott would be the first to tell you his filmography is far from highbrow, he still walked the red carpet of the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year for the premiere of Just Before I Go. He may not be Oscar material, but we’ll always have a soft spot for .


        Just a few years after his big break out in American Pie, Scott played another designated doofus in the effects-heavy sci-fi comedy directed by Ivan Reitman. Basically cribbing from his own material, Reitman aims for another Ghostbusters-type ensemble comedy but unlike the premise of the film, it failed to evolve. When a meteor strikes Earth and brings with it rapidly evolving alien organisms, it’s up to two professors (David Duchovny and Orlando Jones) and an aspiring firefighter (Scott) to save the day. While he may not get the same witty one-liners as Duchovny and Jones, he plays the lovable dolt well and uses his karaoke skills to track down the evolving beasts, showing off his pipes in the process.

        The Dukes of Hazzard

        Reboots of beloved franchises can be a tricky endeavor — just because you have the same car, doesn’t mean you can capture the same spirit. It should have been a red flag for Scott when the then-reality star/pop singer Jessica Simpson was cast in her big-screen debut as Daisy Duke. But not even the rowdy combination of Scott and Jackass star Johnny Knoxville could get this film’s motor running. We love seeing the General Lee in action, but no one needs a feature length film about a car unless you are Pixar.

        Southland Tales

        Just like Donnie Darko, Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales is a mess; a pseudo-intellectual exercise that mistakes confusion for depth of plot. While Darko experienced a cult following, Tales was Kelly’s magnum opus, an ambitious, sprawling, apocalyptic sci-fi thriller/satire set in a dystopian Los Angeles. Scott starred as two twin brothers, one a Neo-Marxist, the other a police officer who holds the key to a vast conspiracy. Just as Ashton Kutcher had made the crossover into more dramatic roles, Scott was looking for his own “Butterfly Effect” to prove he could be more than just the jester. Joined by a hodgepodge of pop singers, character actors and The Rock, each star essentially got to play a subversive version of themselves and their celebrity image. While Hollywood loves poking fun at itself, the film had one of the worst premieres in the history of the Cannes Film Festival.

        Mr. Woodcock

        As much as we love to watch Billy Bob Thornton play Bad Santa or some other comically-unhinged anti-hero, even we couldn’t get behind his sadistic coach character in this film. Scott plays John Farley, the hometown boy who has gone out into the world and written a best-selling self-help book, and who later returns home to discover his mother is planning to marry the gym teacher who made his high school days a living hell. While you want to root for Farley’s revenge, Scott’s character is too pathetic to cheer and comes across as just a grown-up Stifler with Mommy issues.

        The Promotion

        After playing the obnoxious, slapstick doofus for much of his filmography, Scott was given a real opportunity to escape the typecasting that had dogged him for nearly a decade. An offbeat, workplace comedy, The Promotion pokes fun at the corporate ladder and all the desperate things we do to climb it, but it never quite reaches the absurd brilliance of Office Space. Paired with one of today’s greatest comedic talents, Scott is able to play off John C. Reilly’s natural sparring ability for comedic payoff. While it may not be a laugh-riot, The Promotion marked a turning point in Scott’s career, and showed us he could rein it in and finally graduate from his high school antics.


  12. 10 Best & 10 Worst Zombie Movies:

    Day of the Dead (2008) – Directed by Steve Miner

    Without bearing any resemblance to its namesake, 2008’s Day of the Dead is a stinking brown cloud of a movie that deserves to be forgotten (but don’t worry, it will be). At least James Gunn’s 2004 adaptation of Dawn of the Dead attempted to re-explore the original’s core premise, despite straying wildly off course. Day of the Dead follows a questionably cast Mena Suvari as a soldier, intent on gathering survivors and escaping from a Z-infested city. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of poor writing, misdirection and ridiculous concepts that defy even Zombie logic – people die, re-animate and decompose into messy CGI rotters before our very eyes. Romero deserves a smacked wrist for letting this drivel get made.


  13. 10 Promising Film Careers that Stalled:

    7. Mena Suvari

    The beautiful Mena Suvari enchanted the world with her turn as a beautiful, spoilt and vulnerable cheerleader in American Beauty.

    But a couple of appearances in the American Pie films and the dark comedy Sugar & Spice spelt the beginning of the end. The Pie film’s although successful were not for the critics and Sugar & Spice just tanked royally although the movie was arguably not as bad as audiences and critics thought.

    Suvari continued to act in low budget films and there is a sense that she has tried to pick her films carefully however that next big break has eluded her and as time has gone on Suvari is no longer in the running for the leads in major films but appears in roles such as the sister or the friend.


    • re: There were rumors that Mena Suvari was an S&M sub

      Ooh, tell us more…

      Hollywood be thy name: Fame/Success be a fickle Bitch-Mistress. I wonder if her blonde-goddess look has anything to do with her H’wood profile, in that EVERY YEAR brings a new crop of “hot blonde goddesses” from/to the Hollywood scene and H’wood seems to tire of them awfully fast. (Heck, I’m old enough to recall when Natasha Henstridge was gonna be a big-ish star and look what happened w/ her…and she’s a decent actress too.)


    • Blink And You Miss ‘Em: Celebs Who Were Famous For, Like, Five Minutes:

      Mena Suvari should’ve been massive. The gorge former child model had a huge year in 1999, appearing in two of the decades biggest films: American Pie, and the Best Picture Oscar winner, American Beauty. One was a raunchy, zeitgeisty teen comedy, and the other was a smart drama — and the fact that she shone in both should’ve proved she had the range to be a star. Sadly, her ship quickly sailed, and she ended up taking roles in straight-to-DVD abominations like Day of the Dead. Come back, Mena!


  14. Mena Suvari to star in “Hysteria” on Amazon:

    She’ll play a Texas doctor who investigates an epidemic in her hometown.


    • Mena Suvari To Topline WE TV Thriller Drama Series ‘South Of Hell’ From Jason Blum & Eli Roth:

      By Nellie Andreeva 4 hours ago

      EXCLUSIVE: I’ve learned that Mena Suvari is finalizing a deal to play the lead in WE tv’s second original scripted series, thriller drama South Of Hell from Sonar Entertainment and Blumhouse Television. The show, which has an eight-episode straight-to-series order for a 2015 premiere, comes from top horror producers Jason Blum and Eli Roth, in their first pairing. A supernatural thriller set in South Carolina, South Of Hell focuses on Maria Abascal (Suvari), a stunning… Read


  15. Blockbuster Buster: The Musketeer

    Yes Virginia, there is a worse Three Musketeers movie than the one Paul W.S. Anderson made.


  16. ER Surgery Resident

    While George Clooney was in both shows, E/R and ER are not the same.


  17. Mena Suvari appeared in the music video for this song:

    Fifteen years ago Monday, the world had a song bestowed upon it that would change the course of music by lowering the level of discourse in the world of pop punk to its nadir. If you are of a certain age, you will remember the heyday of pop punk, a brief period of time when it took over music around the turn of the millennium. After the surprise success of Blink-182’s 1999 Enema of the State, pop punk, the logical endpoint stemming from The Ramones adding some melody to punk, became the music of the moment. It still has its champions, but those are increasingly hard to find in the mainstream. And that’s the fault of “Teenage Dirtbag.”


  18. Mena Suvari’s holding out hope for another “American Pie” film


  19. 10 Forgotten Actresses From The Early 2000s

    Mena Suvari

    At the turn of the millennium Mena was in everything from American Beauty to the hilarious teen-comedy American Pie, and the HBO hit Six Feet Under. But by the turn of the decade, it would seem that she fell off the A-list and onto the B-list, starring in TV movies like Orpheus and Sex and Lies in Sin City, and the direct to video horror flick Day of the Dead. In 2015, she starred in the one and only season of South of Hell. She doesn’t appear to have any projects lined up for 2016, but we’re hoping she’ll return with a vengeance!


  20. Cast of American Beauty: How Much Are They Worth Now?

    Mena Suvari

    Estimated Net Worth: $7 Million. Mena Suvari got her start as a model but quickly made the transition to television and film with minor roles in Boy Meets World and Nowhere. Her most notable roles were both in 1999 in American Beauty and American Pie. Her outstanding performances earned her a BAFTA nomination and a Young Hollywood Award respectively. She continued to star in films like Spun, Domino, American Pie 2, and American Reunion. She was also in the hit series Six Feet Under and in 2015, she starred in the horror series South of Hell. All of her hard work has paid off and has earned her a huge fortune of an estimated $7 million.


  21. Mena Suvari Joins Alicia Silverstone in American Woman Pilot for TV Land

    Mena Suvari will sparkle the eyes of boy toys in TV Land’s American Woman.


  22. Mena Suvari sets pulses racing as she strips off for VERY steamy lesbian romp with Lena Hall in racy new drama Becks


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