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Video: Town Square Exposition Hall Opens at the Magic Kingdom

Yesterday, I posted some pictures of the new Mickey Mouse meet and greet at the Town Square Theater on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.  Today, I’ve got some videos of the new experiences courtesy of Jeff Lange.  Unlike yesterday’s photos, this video footage includes a look at the Princess meet and greets in addition to Mickey.

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Video: New Wonder Woman in Action!

Because I love my readers, I’m not satisfied with just showing some photos of the new Wonder Woman in action.  After the jump, check out this on-set video (as well as a few more pictures of Adrianne Palicki in action.

(Love the costume modifications.  Especially the classic red boots!)

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Town Square Exposition Hall Opens at the Magic Kingdom

With Toon Town closed and Mickey and Minnie evicted from their homes, it was a dark time for fans of the mouse at the Magic Kingdom.  Sure, you could find the iconic mice slumming it in Tomorrowland.  But that was just a temporary fix.  Mickey needed something better!

This morning, Disney fans got their first look at what that would be.

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Movies that were supposed to launch franchises (but didn’t) Pt. 1

In journalism classes, they teach you never to refer to something as “first annual”.  No matter how good the intentions, sometimes events that are planned as annual never have a second installment.  The same is true in movies.  Some films were clearly intended to launch long-lasting franchises but act two never came.

What follows is a cautionary tale about what can happen when a franchise dies out after the first installment.


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Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Revealed

I watch Smallville selectively.  Basically, if they have a guest star on that I deem worth my time, I give it a look.  Of course Smallville is pretty terrible.  But sometimes these guest spots are fun (like the Zatana episode).

If there’s one episode comic fans have been looking forward to this season, it’s the Geoff Johns-written episode introducing Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle to the Smallville universe.  TV Guide has unveiled the first look at the comic duo’s costumes. 

By Smallville standards, I have to say they aren’t too bad.  For one thing, no one is wearing a hoodie.

I have to admit, I find it hysterical that Jamie Reyes who is the third Blue Beetle in DC Comics history has a longer super hero career on Smallville than Superman.

Disco Yeti Song

If you’re a Disney geek like me, this song speaks for itself.  If not, well, you’re going to be a little lost.  But here’s what you need to know.  Expedition Everest is the big roller coaster at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  The ride ends with a giant animatronic yeti taking a swipe at you.  Or at least it used to.

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Fantasyland Expansion Concept Art – Pt 4

This is the fourth and final installment in my look at the concept art Fantasyland Expansion Project currently under construction at Walt Disney World.  In Part 1, I looked at the parts of the project that were announced but will no longer be built.  In Part 2, I reviewed the Little Mermaid dark ride and the Beauty and the Beast portions of the expansion.  And in Part 3, I covered the Storybook Circus including the Great Goofini and Dueling Dumbos concepts.

In this last installment, I’ll look at the most radical departure from the original plans.  Instead of highly themed Cinderella and Aurora meet-and-greets, the Fantasyland expansion will now include a new family thrill ride.

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Kings Island Blasts Roller Coaster Enthusiasts

Kings Island decided to advertise to their most die hard fans on their website with a video that absolute skewers them!

It’s funny because it’s true.  Does the fact that this video makes me want to go to King’s Island mean I am an enthusiast?

My (Disney) World is Rocked by a Family Secret!

My first trip to the Magic Kingdom in 1977

I had long planned to write up an article about my earliest memories of going to Walt Disney World.  My first trip depicted above was in 1977.  I’m the cute one in the middle.  The one thing I was waiting on was the opportunity to raid my mom’s photo albums for pictures from the trip.

Today, that opportunity arose.  I was flipping through pages of various photo albums when suddenly my mouth dropped.  I had passed 1977 in this particular album.  To the best of my knowledge, this was the only time I had been to the Magic Kingdom as a child.  And yet, this picture was clearly in the early 1980’s…

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Fantasyland Expansion Concept Art – Pt 3

Welcome back for the third installment in a series breaking down the Fantasyland expansion project which is currently underway at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.  So far, we’ve looked at the parts of the plan that were announced but subsequently cancelled as well as the two princess-themed offerings that remain.

In this installment, I will examine a part of the expansion that was included in the original announcement but has since been expanded.

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What the Hell Happened to Elisabeth Shue?

'Gracie' Press Conference

Elisabeth Shue was the girl friend to the Karate Kid and Marty McFly.  She had babysitting adventures and cocktails with Tom Cruise.  In the 90s, she was an Academy Award nominee for Leaving Las Vegas, but then she disappeared from the spotlight until recently.

What the hell happened?

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Fantasyland Expansion Concept Art – Pt 2

In part 1 of this series, I reviewed the part’s of Disney World’s Fantasyland expansion project that were announced but will never be built.  In part 2, I am going to look at the parts of the original plans that are currently under construction.

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Was I Wrong?: Starship Troopers

The purpose of this column is to revisit a movie and see if my opinion has changed years later.  It might be a movie I liked or, as is the case here, a movie I hated.  Often, a different perspective or expectations can make for a very different movie experience.  Almost 15 years later, will that be the case for Starship Troopers?  Was I wrong to hate it?

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