Town Square Exposition Hall Opens at the Magic Kingdom

With Toon Town closed and Mickey and Minnie evicted from their homes, it was a dark time for fans of the mouse at the Magic Kingdom.  Sure, you could find the iconic mice slumming it in Tomorrowland.  But that was just a temporary fix.  Mickey needed something better!

This morning, Disney fans got their first look at what that would be.

The new meet and greets at The Town Square Theater on Main Street officially open to the public on Friday, April 1.  But today, Disney began offering a sneak peek that they call a “soft opening”.

Once you enter the lobby, you are faced with choices.  Do you want to see Mickey Mouse or the Disney Princesses?  There are two lines each for both options.  You can either use a FastPass or wait in stand-by.

To help you make up your mind, Disney has added clearly marked signs at each entrance.  The sign indicates the wait times and the characters you will see.  Are Aurora, Cinderlla and Belle worth a 15 minute wait?  They sure are in my house.  Stand-by it is!

The queue isn’t just the usual switchback.  Disney has themed the entire experience to the backstage of a theater at which Mickey is performing magic tricks.  Along the way, you will pass posters that magically spring to life!

The queue winds through the Theater Offices all the way to Mickey’s dressing room for your meeting with the mouse before he goes ontsage.  Along the way, you’ll pass all kinds of Disney details.

The bunny ears actually move.

Mickey’s sorceror hate and robe hang in his dressing room.

Careful! That hat is dangerous!

Finally, the main attraction! Have your camera and autograph book ready!

 This is an extended look at the entire Mickey meet and greet and the queue that leads up to it:

And here’s a shorter video just showing the parts that are different for the princess meet and greets:

While I miss Toon Town and the old houses, I have to admit this is a terrific replacement.  And you can’t beat the Main Street location!


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