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Cooking With Joey: Potato Casserole

Welcome to the first installment of what will likely be a semi-regular feature here at le blog, Cooking With Joey.  Joey’s my oldest daughter and on her 6th birthday, she got a personalized apron.  So, we decided to make her a celebrity chef by helping daddy in the kitchen and sharing Walt Disney World recipes with everyone we know.

This weekend is Memorial Day and like a lot of people, we had a few parties to attend.  My mom asked that we bring some kind of side dish to her cook-out.  When it comes to Disney World recipes, I find it can be difficult picking a side dish.  There are lots of entrées, desserts and soups.  But side dishes can be a little more scarce.  Many don’t travel especially well.  And since we were going to be travelling, I wanted something easy like a casserole.

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Video: The Little Mermaid Ride


Here is the complete, 7-minute ride through video of the new Little Mermaid ride at Disney’s California Adventure.  Fellow east-coasters can look forward to a nearly identical ride opening next year as part of the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland Expansion at Walt Disney World.

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Twin Peaks

Recently Netflix started streaming episodes of Twin Peaks.  This news was cause for celebration as far as I was concerned.  During most of its brief run, Twin Peaks had been my favorite TV show.  But most people didn’t share my enthusiasm.

The years have not been kind to Twin Peaks’ reputation.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say Twin Peaks has become something of a cautionary tale.  Back in the days when Lost was frustrating its fans with bizarre clues to mysteries it seemed it would never answer, I commonly heard the phrase “They better not pull a Twin Peaks!”

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What the Hell Happened to Sean Young?

sean young 2013

In the 80’s, Sean Young was a rising star.  She co-starred with Harrison Ford, Bill Murray, Kevin Costner and James Woods.  She worked with directors Ridley Scott, David Lynch and Oliver Stone.  She was cast in the star-making role of Vicki Vale in the 1989 Batman.  And then, she became a cautionary tale of career implosion.

What the hell happened?

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First Look at Bane from Dark Knight Rises

Recipe: Flame Tree BBQ Sauce

I don’t typically post recipes.  But we just had a birthday party and the BBQ chicken was a big hit.  So rather then e-mail the recipe to everyone, I thought I’d post it here.

The recipe comes from the Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

If you find yourself in Animal Kingdom and you’re hungry for BBQ, this is the place you want to go.  Many consider it to be the best counter service restaurant on property.  (Once you’ve tried the sauce, you’ll understand why.)

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NBC Nixes Wonder Woman TV Show

In a move that didn’t really surprise anyone, NBC declined to pick up the Wonder Woman pilot for a series.  Rumor has it that reaction to the show’s test screenings was mixed, but primarily negative.  And the response to the costume design that was released to the public was also mostly negative (though I for one liked it pretty well for a TV show budget).

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Survivor: Redemption Island Rant


In case you didn’t know, I’m a Survivor fan.  I have watched every episode since the first season – even the dreaded “recap” episodes.  I understand the show is long in the tooth and Mark Burnett is always looking for ways to shake things up, but the twist for season 22 has me seeing red.

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What the Hell Happened to Val Kilmer?

Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer

In the 80’s, Val Kilmer was Tom Cruise’s rival both on-screen and off.  Top Gun launched the actor to super stardom and Batman cemented his status at the top of the A-list.  But then, Kilmer’s career spiraled out of control.  Today, the former sex symbol is considered by many to be a bloated tabloid joke and his movies go straight to video.

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Who is the Best James Bond?

Bond Actors

Look, Connery’s the best Bond.  End of story, right?  Not so fast.  I mean, Connery is the best Bond.  We’re not having that discussion.  But we can still rank 2-6.

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Happy National Star Wars Day!

Today is May 4 which I have just discovered is National Star Wars Day.  Why May 4th?  So you can say the pun-tastic “May the Fourth Be With You!” of course.

I’ve never dressed up like a Stormtrooper and marched with the 501st Legion or anything, but I am an old school Star Wars fan from way back.  To celebrate National Star Wars Day, I thought I’d post the oft-told and somewhat unusual story of how I saw Star Wars for the first time.

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