What the Hell Happened to Jude Law?

Jude Law's thinning hair

Jude Law has been on the edge of breaking out onto the A-list for the last decade.  And yet, he’s never quite made it.  This is in spite of the fact that for a while there it seemed like Law was in every other movie made.  In 2004, Law starred in no less than 6 movies!

(I bring this up partially so I can add the disclaimer that I’m not going to cover every single movie Law has appeared in.  Otherwise, this article would become a book.)

Since then, Law’s rising star has cooled a little.  What the hell happened?

jude law - gattaca

Jude Law’s first major movie role was in the 1997 sci-fi film Gattaca opposite Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman.

Gattaca is a very smart science fiction story about a future in which genetic tests determine one’s social standing.  Hawke starred as a man who wanted to be an astronaut but was not deemed genetically fit for the job.  To overcome this limitation, he borrows genetic material from Law whose DNA is perfect.

I think that perfection is part of why Law has never really caught on with a broad audience.  He’s too good looking.  Men find him threatening.  And unlike Brad Pitt who can convince us he’s one of the guys with movies like Fight Club, there’s something about Law that distances him from a lot of men.  We’ll see it in the roles he plays.  He’s played a lot of “perfect” men.

Anyway, Gattaca got really good reviews.  But audiences took a pass anyway.

jude law - midnight in the garden of good and evil

In 1997 Law also appeared as a male prostitute in Clint Eastwood’s adaptation of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Kevin Spacey and John Cusack co-starred.  The movie was not a hit with audiences or critics.

It should be noted that Law also played an unusually high number of male prostitutes over the course of his career.

leigh - existenz

In 1998, Law appeared in three films, but the odds are you have never seen or heard of any of them.  In 1999, Law appeared in David Cronenberg’s film eXistenZ.

eXistenZ is a trippy little movie starring Jennifer Jason Leigh  as a game designer in the near future.  As can be expected from a Cronenberg movie, the games include an organic element.  There are questions about reality and the nature of existence.

Like Gattaca, this movie got mostly positive reviews but may have been “too smart” for general audiences.  If you enjoy Cronenberg, it’s worth checking out.


Later that year, Law had his break-out role in The Talented Mr. Ripley.  The movie was based around the premise that Jude Law is so good looking and charming that both Matt Damon and Gweneth Paltrow want him.

As filmed by Anthony Minghella in gorgeous Italy, Law comes across as the the most handsome and charming man in the world.  Eventually, Law’s character spurns Damon’s Ripley and Ripley kills him in a fit of jealous rage. Apparently, Jude Law is so amazing that those who can not have him are compelled to murder.

The Talented Mr. Ripley got good reviews and was a hit at the box office.  It scored a number of nominations come award time including a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Law.

jude law - enemy at the gates

Unfortunately, Law was unable to capitalize on the attention Ripley brought him.  His next major role was the World War 2 drama, Enemy at the Gates.

Enemy  didn’t make much of an impression with critics or audiences and is largely forgotton.

jude law - AI

In 2001, Law also appeared in Stephen Spielberg’s Stanley Kubrick-inspired sci fi film, AI.  I love Spielberg and I love Kubrick.  But apparently, they are not two great tastes that taste great together.  I hated AI!

Law plays yet another male prostitute.  Gigolo Joe is a lovebot who helps Haley Joel Osment’s adorable robotic Pinocchio in his journey to find the Blue Fairy.  This time, Law’s perfection is so complete that he isn’t even human.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about AI because it invariably causes me to rant about the multiple endings – each less satisfying than the one before it.

AI was supposed to be the movie that made Law into a star.  Critics were mixed though most praised Law’s performance.  Law was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.  Audiences (myself included) were frustrated by it.

Next: Road to Perdition and Cold Mountain


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  1. lebaue think cusack will ever make the list he never really made a list but he had some success in a few year throw hugh grant too


    • I posted some links in the comments section for Neve Campbell’s WTHHT article (since it can be argued that John Cusack, who dated Neve for a while, had a hand in the decline of her career) should eventually get his own WTHHT:

      In the ’80s, John Cusack made many hit movies like Better Off Dead and Say Anything. In the ’90s, his career was cooling off a bit but he still had some hits like Grosse Point Blank. However, in the 2000s, most of the movies he made were critical (and even sometimes commercial) flops. However, in 2012, The Raven was pretty much the last straw as he’s mostly done only independent films since then, with the exception of a cameo in The Butler.


    • Nope. John Cusack had decades to achieve A-list status. It never happened. Too late now.


      • Yeah he was B+ for a loooooonng time


        • Exactly. And I feel the need to keep repeating this given the tone of the conversation this week, there is nothing wrong with not being an A-list actor. At any given time, there are only a handful of actors who qualify as A-list. That’s why it’s the A-list. They are the biggest of the big. It’s not a reflection of talent. It’s not a reflection of quality. It’s about the power to sell tickets and get movies made. There’s a lot of actors and actresses out there. The vast majority of them aren’t A-list. Even among movie stars, most are not A-list. And that’s okay.


        • maybe an article identifying the current B+ers would be fun?


        • I’d love to read it if you’re inclined to write it. 😉


        • no time today, but it might make a punchy 1-page supplement to WTHH, one actor at a time


        • Yeah, I know you have your hands full with your Double Bill. But I’m a patient man. I can wait.

          I’ve been tweaking old WTHHs lately and I’m thinking about writing a second That’s Messed Up if I can find the time. Plus, we both have another podcast to get ready for.


      • jeffthewildman

        Yeah I always saw Cusack as a character actor who despite some good lead roles was always at his best in ensemble and supporting parts.


        • After the Sure Thing, he sure looked like a leading man. But he was stuck in that awkward transition between teen and adult roles. He made the transition, but not as an A-lister. It’s kind of like what happened with Kurt Russell only Cusack didn’t go full on action hero. Like Russell, Cusack dabbled in all genres but never really established a brand. You can’t really identify what a John Cusack movie is. Which is a good thing for an actor to show his range. But it’s not good for a movie star trying to sell tickets.


        • Is it just me, I think Cusack is a fine actor and could have been A list… that is a really good WTHH possibility?


        • It’s not just you. Cusack is on my list. Not any time soon, but some day for sure.


  2. cusack is like johnny depp before he made pirates well respect actor but most of his films are not box office hit they do ok and some regarded as classics after there original releases his only box office hits is con air and he didnt have to carry the movie and hot tub time machine he is still a good actor. But should do more roles like being john malchage instead of romantic roles because thats his problem at a certain age an actor gets too old for romantic roles which explains hugh grants drying up


  3. turning down hot tub time machine was a dumb move that movie could have been his safety zone anytime he had a flop he retreat to the hot tub time machine for a hit. Hot tub machine was a such a hit that it got the younger generation more familiar with cusacks work. What an idiot. And lebeau u say he never established himself in a certain genre well he did if notice most of his movies and sucessfull ones are romantic comedies better off dead on crazy summer sure thing say anything and gross point blank.


  4. whats interesting his character on american sweethearts had a better career then him


  5. jude has take on more serious leading roles like he did in cold mountain he can carry a movie that movie proved it


  6. road to perison made 115 million that is a box office and reviews praised laws perfomance


  7. another indie would be good for law it seems like he seems more comfortable in indies then big budget kind of like kidman


  8. u never mentioned hugo got best pic nom thats important


  9. grand budapest hotel made money. Plus wes anderson is currently a popular director i think colin and jude should both try getting a lead in wes film


  10. Just read an article on MTV where Jude Law admits that he was approached to play the iconic role of Superman in the early 2000’s. This was when Brett Ratner was lined up to direct. In Jude Law’s words… “At the time I really didn’t want to. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life being the guy who played Superman.” Brett Ratner did convince him to at least try on the costume before turning him down. “I go in the bathroom, put it on and look in the mirror and suddenly, I am Superman. That was it. I got it out of my system. I took it off, put it in the bag. No need for the rest of the world to see me.” So sadly no pictures were taken of Law as Superman, unlike the Nicholas Cage debacle from the late 90’s. Thank goodness he said no, I cannot imagine Jude Law as Superman.


  11. To me, Gattaca is a cult classic. And I think it’s appropriate the use of the word “cult” here.


  12. u didnt mention huge best picture nom


  13. I think that Jude Law definitely let his personal life interfere with his professional one. He is a notorious womanizer. Definitely overexposed too. To me actors shouldn’t appear in more than 3 movies in one year.


  14. forrestbracket

    leabeu all shue did was latch on to an already hit tv show. Like kutcher did with two and a half men. laurence fishburn was also o n csi does that mean his career had big boost. csi would been a hit with or without her. it was on for years before she came on. shes not the first movie star that was added to the show. all the promos for the show barely promote her .


  15. forrestbracket

    fyi shue was never a list. that jennifer lawerence movie she was in was a modest hit


  16. Future of Movie Stars: Who Will Shine? Who Will Fade Away?

    Watching Spy and seeing Jude Law again made me think about how hard he went for superstardom a decade to 15 years ago, and he just never really pulled it off. I think the guy is another example of “leading man face/body”/”character actor” soul. He was pretty hilarious in his supporting role.



      RIBBONINTHESKY1, ON 24 AUG 2015 – 11:22 AM, SAID:
      Regarding Jude Law – has he ever pursued leading man status? Outside of Sherlock Holmes, I can’t think of any blockbuster films he’s done to put him on the map. To me, he had a similar (albeit less severe) problem as Colin Farrell in that his personal life overshadowed the professional at an integral point in his career. But he’s always struck me as a character actor anyway. Plus, in my view, most leading men aren’t character actors.

      There was that one year where movie studios were REALLY trying to make Jude Law happen; I want to say around 2004. He was the lead for a couple of movies that just bombed (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and Alfie are the two that are popping into mind, but I think there are others), which led to Chris Rock snarking on him at the Oscars (“If you want Tom Cruise, and all you can get is Jude Law? Wait!”), and Sean Penn got hilariously offended by that. And then, as you mention, his affair with Sienna Miller came out, and then he didn’t do a whole lot of big movies until Sherlock Holmes.


  17. forrestbracket

    Spy was huge hit so jude is doing fine .I think hes going to have michael caine career go from lead actor to character actor in hit films.


  18. Gattaca is a cult classic now.

    A lot of actors would kill to have been in that string of iconic movies from the first half of the 2000s. Law’s filmography is like a what’s what of some of the best movies of that era.

    Seems like he had a burnout after that 2004 schedule, with The Holiday being his only big vehicle for the next 4 years. That work on Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus was kind of an extended cameo. He finally ramped things up in 2009 with Sherlock Holmes. Those movies were huge successes and while it’s Robert Downey that makes those – Law is also good and adds to them.

    I remember Jude Law got shout-outs at the Oscars both by Michael Caine in 2000 and Sean Penn in 2005 when they won. Penn backed him up against host Chris Rock making fun of him for being in so many movies that year. You have to be pretty respected & well-liked for those two big-time actors to go to bat for you on the big stage.

    Just looking at Law’s Rotten Tomatoes list – he’s definitely a critical favorite. More often than not critics like his work quite a bit. Out of the movies he’s been in since 2009, 3 out of 4 of them are very highly rated.

    His upcoming projects include another Sherlock Holmes sequel and two possible A-list caliber features – a drama called “Genius” with an A-list writer and a mostly A-list ensemble cast. He’s also in Guy Ritchie’s adaptation of King Arther where he plays the villain and appears to have top billing.

    So there’s not much wrong with his career. If anything he might blame himself for burning the candle at both ends in that 1999-2004 period. He should have been able to follow up that 2004 series with a star vehicle for himself, but may have been too overworked at that point to take offers. It looks like he took 2005 off pretty much then had a fairly easy schedule for 2006-2008.

    So I don’t know if Jude Law deserves a WTHH. If you ask me, while not a leading man, he’s one of the more successful actors of the 21st century. He’s setting himself up as the next Michael Caine or Jon Voight which is pretty good company.


    • I admit, he’s an odd fit. The article was actually not originally written as a WTHH entry. Once upon a time, I had a series with the awkward name of “that’s so fetch”. The idea was to cover actors who looked like they were going to be big movie stars, but never quite made it. For a long time, everyone expected Law to become an A-list leading man. But instead, he became a supporting actor. So he was a natural for the “fetch” series. Eventually, it became clear that WTHH was much more popular than “fetch”. So I combined the two.

      Having said that, I do think Law fits the broad terms of the series. You really have to remember the time when everyone thought Law would be the next Tom Cruise or at least Matt Damon for his inclusion to make sense. He hasn’t disappeared. He’s just fallen short of movie star expectations.


  19. Jude Law is great looking. However, he should use his talents to build and expand his influence or celebrity. He has chosen roles, unfortunately, were others have used his looks in exchange for tidbits or crumbs compared to what he could use if he used his wits. In appealing to the people, he should resort to de elvish roles, movies used to add to his celebrity. He, his charm, and good looks, should seek roles like twilight, Dracula (the last one that came out), Alice in wonderland (the role depp played), and other mystical roles to add. However, don’t fuck up the aura by adding movies that go againt such aura. Thus, play movies that give a mystic, mysterious, etc role. However, he would have to align interviews, consistent with such roles, and give off such an air. That way, he may attract and captivate the imagination, interests, and hearts of people.

    It seems though he is doing the reverse now.

    He is balding, getting fat, and wack ass reports, like this one posted online, are only placing his amongst the level of average people. Law is the only one to blame!!! (Get your balding, fat, lazy mind together Law!!! Your a beautiful man!! c’mon bro!!!) do it for something other than the money, you have plenty of that!!! Do it for the challenge, the thrill, the knowledge, testing your limits, growth, possibilities, the legend, legacy, giving back to community, the women, etc!!!


    • Future of Movie Stars: Who Will Shine? Who Will Fade Away?

      I’m not sure Jude Law is the best comparison there, since even in his “pretty boy” days, he was always highly praised for his acting, including receiving two Oscar nominations and a BAFTA win, whereas Bloom’s success seemed to stem almost entirely from a combination of his looks and his luck in landing a role in LOTR straight out of drama school. But hey, if he’s doing good work these days then all the best to him.

      Actually, someone I’ve started to contemplate going the Jude Law route is Michael Fassbender. He sort of had a similar ascent in that he made his name with a series of acclaimed performances in smaller movies and supporting roles until Hollywood decided they wanted him to be a movie star. However, although I think he’s a terrific actor, the general public does not seem to be here for him and I’m beginning to wonder how many flops he’s going to get before he stops getting offered all these leading roles. Like Law, I think he’s talented enough that he’ll always get work, but I’m beginning to think it might not be the same type of leading man work that he’s getting now.


  20. Maybe a superheo role would help.


  21. Lebeau i need articles that where written in time of these movies release. I need articles stating seven years in tibet and devils own where flops. My friend does not believe me. She thinks in their original release they where considered hits.


  22. Infamous Queer: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997)


  23. What Happened to Jude Law – 2016 Update on What He’s Doing Now

    Jude Law is one of those actors who has settled into an odd position in Hollywood. Never quite making it into the A-list, Law was known for years for his physical attractiveness. These days, he’s known for his portrayal of Dr. Watson in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes, and for having been attractive in the past.

    Law’s had a prolific career, though. In 2004, when he seemed closer to the A-list than ever, he was in six films. Since then his career has transitioned, with more roles portraying Law as a serious character. Let’s look at how Jude Law’s career has grown and changed, and at what his most recent projects are.

    Musical Theater & Early Film

    David Jude Heyworth Law was born in South London in 1972, growing up in Greenwich. He attended Alleyn’s School, a secondary school in London known for its theater department. In 1987, Law began acting with the National Youth Music Theatre, eventually going on to appear in a West End production of Les Parents terribles which earned him the Ian Charleston Award for Outstanding Newcomer.

    For the next few years, Jude Law performed in several minor roles for British television. Starting in 1989, Law was in over two dozen different shows and televised films, notably Shopping. On the set of Shopping, Law met Sadie Frost, with whom he formed a relationship almost immediately.

    After Les Parents terribles changed its name to Indiscretions, it was transferred to Broadway in 1995. Law was part of the cast moved with it, and after acting opposite Kathleen Turner, Law was nominated for a Tony. After performing alongside Stephen Fry in Wilde, the Oscar Wilde bio-pic, Law won Most Promising Newcomer from the Evening Standard’s British Film Awards.

    Early Hollywood Roles

    Law’s first major role came later in 1997, in Gattaca, where he performed with Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. Gattaca is noteworthy for how it introduces Jude Law to future audiences. Hawke’s character wants to be an astronaut, but is deemed genetically unfit in the eugenics-obsessed dystopia that is Gattaca. Jude Law’s DNA is perfect, though. Sadie Frost, his partner since 1994, thought so to, and married him in September of 1997. They would eventually go on to have three children before divorcing in 2003.

    His physical appeal is the focus of many of Law’s roles through the rest of the 90s. He’s attractive, to the point his physicality is the focus of entire plots, like Gattaca. In Clint Eastwood’s adaptation of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Law plays a prostitute who is killed by Kevin Spacey’s character. The film is not a success, commercially or critically, which won’t be the first time Law performs in a dud (or as a prostitute, for that matter.)

    In 1998, Jude Law was in three films, Final Cut, The Wisdom of Crocodiles, and Music from Another Room. I’m only listing them because they are so bad that they aren’t even mentioned in most accounts of Jude Law’s career. Music from Another Room focused on the obsession Law’s character has for a young girl he helped deliver when his character was five. Final Cut had a stronger plot, but was most notable for its nepotistic casting: Jude Law starred alongside his wife and her sister, who brought on two brothers.

    In 1999, Law performed in eXistenZ, another cerebral sci-fi thriller like Gattaca. It was with his role in The Talented Mr. Ripley where Law again was allowed to draw focus to how hot everyone thinks he is; the plot is based on Jude Law being so good-looking that Gwyneth Paltrow and Matt Damon both want him. After Damon’s character’s advances are refused, he kills Law’s character. This only drives home the point that, in the eyes of Hollywood, Jude Law is so attractive, if you can’t have him, no one should.

    Receiving a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor, The Talented Mr. Ripley was the first real success Law had seen in America. For the next few years, Law seemed to squander that, starring in relatively few films. Enemy at the Gates, while a strong film, went largely unnoticed. In Spielberg’s sci-fi film A.I., Law plays another prostitute. In A.I., Law’s character isn’t even human, to excuse his perfection. While nominated for another Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor, box office reception proved A.I. was relatively perfect, and pushed Law’s entry into A-list a little further down the line.

    In 2002, Jude Law gave a strong performance in Road to Perdition, and while a relative success and critically rewarded, most attention focused on Daniel Craig, who was new to film at that point.

    In 2003, Law played his first lead Hollywood role, a Confederate soldier in Cold Mountain. Directed by Anthony Minghella, who directed The Talented Mr. Ripley, Cold Mountain was a box office hit, but again, most of the buzz went to a costar. This time Renee Zellweger got the fame, winning Best Supporting Actress.

    2004 to Sherlock, Jude Law’s Perpetually Imminent Breakout

    2004 was Law’s best year so far. Opening the year with I Heart Huckabees, Jude Law was put beside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Unfortunately, all that star power couldn’t save a bad production, and the movie failed to break even. Closer, released later that year, also relied on an ensemble cast, and while it fared better, it did little to boost Law’s career.

    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was expansive, with trailers showing big action scenes and intense close-ups of, among other things, Jude Law’s face. With its use of contemporarily advanced special effects, Law was so supportive of the film he brought in Gwyneth Paltrow. Unfortunately, despite a strong publicity campaign, audiences didn’t bite, and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow failed to bring Jude Law fully into stardom. In Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator, Law is cast as yet another flawless man. With a small role, The Aviator failed to progress Law’s career beyond a slight boost to screen recognition.

    The strongest evidence that 2004 failed to bring Jude Law’s career into bloom is his remake of the Michael Caine film, Alfie. Reliant on Jude Law’s box-office draw instead of traditional appeals like plot or cinematography, Alfie‘s failure showed that audiences weren’t interested in seeing Jude Law on a screen without something else to bring them there. The trademark of A-list, ticket sales, just wasn’t there for him.

    Another mark, tabloid coverage, was. Law divorced Sadie Frost, with rumors of infidelity circulating, supported by his relationship with Sienna Miller. Doing nothing but fan the rumors, Law and Sienna Miller got engaged on Christmas Day in 2004. By that time next year, Law was rumored to be cheating on Miller with their nanny, while Miller was rumored to be cheating on Law with Daniel Craig.

    Perhaps that was why Jude Law didn’t appear in a single film in 2005. In 2006 he was back, showing up in 3 films in 2006. All the King’s Men was a critical and commercial failure, as was Law’s third film directed by Anthony Minghella, Breaking and Entering. The Holiday, another ensemble film, was a hit with audiences, but that likely had more to do with the combined star power of people like Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, and Julia Roberts.

    In 2007, Law starred in another remake of another Michael Caine film. This time, it was Sleuth, and even featured Michael Caine. No one particularly cared for the film. It wasn’t until 2009 with the updated Sherlock Holmes that Jude Law had another strong role.

    Playing as Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes relied on the success Robert Downey Jr. had seen with Iron Man. Downey Jr.’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes was a massive commercial success. The second film, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows was released in 2011, and while ultimately successful, did not see the same response as the first. The second Holmes is remarkable for having much more success in Law’s native England than in America, despite being a US production.

    Jude Law Now In 2016 – Recent Updates

    Repo Men, released in 2010, was Law’s only film that year. With overwhelmingly negative reviews, the movie quickly left theaters. In 2011, Law was in three films, the critically acclaimed Contagion, Hugo, and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Contagion did well, but, as with The Holiday, the credit is with the rest of the cast, not necessarily Law. Hugo is notable for being a self-proclaimed ode to silent films, and did about as one would expect for a 3D movie homage to silent movies. In 2014, Law was in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. The movie was nominated for several awards, and was a commercial success in the UK. Spy, a 2015 lampoon of spy films, kept Jude Law’s name relevant through the earlier part of the year, but the next film Law worked on, Genius, won’t be released until July 2016.

    In 2006, Jude Law began acting on stage again, and in 2009 joined West End for their production of Hamlet. With mostly positive reviews, Law has acted in several performances across London since. Most notable is his portrayal of Henry V in the Shakespeare play of that name, which ran at the Noel Coward Theater. As of the end of 2015, Law is performing in the Donmar Warehouse rendition of The Vote.

    In May of 2015, HBO announced The Young Pope. Jude Law will be starring as a conservative American Cardinal who is elected pope. The miniseries, directed by Academy Award winner Paolo Sorrentino, is highly anticipated and is thought by many to be the best role Law has been given. The show will premiere in 2016.

    Outside of acting, Law has recently cultivated an interest in political activism. In 2007, Law was in Afghanistan for 10 days for a film about UN activities in that area, eventually titled The Day After Peace. In 2008, Law returned to Afghanistan to renew commitments built while he was last there. Jude Law also joined pro-democratic protesters in Belarus in 2011.

    Since their initial interest during his relationship with Sadie Frost, the tabloids have kept an eye on Law. After separating from her in 2003, and then from Sienna Miller in 2006, Law had a brief relationship with an American model. This gave him his daughter Sophia. In 2015, Law had a fifth child with Catherine Harding, whom he had already left in 2014. Plenty of fodder to keep paparazzi busy, which may be why Jude Law’s name has such staying power, despite a relatively inactive career.

    Jude Law is not an A-list celebrity, and at this point, it doesn’t look like he ever will be. This hasn’t kept him from many of the trappings of that lifestyle. Featured alongside the biggest names, with publicized affairs and children hounded by the press, Jude Law has secured his name as a celebrity, without having a single role to point to and thank for it. Hopefully, The Young Pope will be the production we can all remember him for, instead of as the man typecast for being obnoxiously perfect.


  24. Jude Law on MsMojo’s Top 10 Hottest British and Irish Actors


  25. His looks have aged. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a very handsome man. But he had a youthful, golden-boy look and now that he’s older he isn’t getting the same parts. This is what happens to actresses all the time. He’s talented and I’m sure we’ll start seeing him in a new type of role very soon.


  26. Nostalgia Critic – A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001)


  27. 10 Movie Flops You’ve Probably Forgotten


    3 years before he took the Michael Caine role in a forgettable remake of Sleuth (opposite Caine, who had the Laurence Olivier role), Jude Law took the Michael Caine role in this forgettable remake of Alfie, which has been watered down and relocated to NYC.

    Law still talks to the camera, moaning about his lot and explaining his actions, but all of the darker moments from the original (remember Denholm Elliott as a seedy abortionist?) have been excised and replaced by…well, nothing much. There’s a touch of feminism, life lessons are learned but the film still doesn’t add up to very much.

    The director is Charles Shyer (Father Of The Bride), who’s not known for edgy humor, and his attempts to make us like the character cost the film dearly at the box office. In the US, it grossed $13 million on a $60 million production budget.


  28. Jude Law On Why He Never Played Superman

    Jude Law told Stephen Colbert about the time he was wooed to play Superman, and why he ultimately decided not to take the role.


  29. Celebrities who had affairs that ruined their careers

    Jude Law

    Jude Law’s dalliances with his children’s nanny became a true celebrity spectacle. The actor’s paramour had gone public with the details of their romantic episodes, so he had no choice but to turn to the same forum to issue his own apology for the affair. It wasn’t the first time he’d been accused of stepping out, but the high-profile nature of his relationship with Miller made Law’s latest cuckolding that much more damaging to his career.

    Before his transgression, Law enjoyed A-list status with leading roles in films like The Talented Mr. Ripley, Cold Mountain, and Closer, but after the affair, it took years for him to recoup his mainstream appeal by way of the Sherlock Holmes films. Recently, he’s booked a series of indie pictures (with titles like The Grand Budapest Hotel and Don Hemingway), keeping a relatively low profile instead of reading his name in big lights.


  30. Jonathan Nelson

    He has gone from a boy to a man. There’s nothing wrong that has happened to him. These pictures were years ago. He looked like a kid then. Now he looks grown up. He should just keep his head shaved bald, but leave some stuble. The stuble looks best for his head. It’s more natural buzzed than with a hair piece.


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