What the Hell Happened to Winona Ryder?


Winona Ryder

She was arguably the actress of my generation.  Or at least she was during my late teens and early 20’s.  And then, she disappeared from the big screen in the midst of a bizarre shoplifting scandal.

What the hell happened?

ryder - lucas

Winona Ryder – Lucas – 1986

Winona Ryder got her start in the 1986 teen cult classic, LucasLucas was one of the better coming-of-age dramas from this time.  Many members of its cast of unknowns would go on to be stars.

Lucas was of course played by the late Corey Haim and the film co-starred the scandal-prone warlock, Charlie Sheen.  Ryder played Lucas’ best friend with an unrequited crush.  Courtney Thorne-Smith and Jeremy Piven had small roles as well.

Everything about Lucas is cliché right down to the slow clap that ended every coming of age movie from the 80’s.  But the cast and execution set it apart.  Ryder’s role was small, but it helped get her noticed for later roles.

ryder - square dance

Winona Ryder – Square Dance – 1987

In 1987, Ryder got her first lead role in the low-budget country music drama, Square Dance which co-starred Jason Robards and Rob Lowe.

Ryder plays a teen from the country who ventures into the city.  No doubt she learns important life lessons.  I haven’t seen the movie myself, so I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a slow clap.

Odds are you haven’t heard of Square Dance either.  It’s a small movie.  But it showed casting directors that Ryder could play a lead.


Winona Ryder – Beetlejuice – 1988

In 1988, Ryder appeared in Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice was a transitional film for director Tim Burton.  Pee Wee’s Big Adventure had shown that the former Disney animator could direct a hit film.  Based on the success of that film, Warner Brothers was willing to develop his idea for a Batman movie.  But they wouldn’t green light it yet.

In the meanwhile, Burton began looking at scripts he could direct at a budget the studio would agree to.  He settled on the supernatural comedy, Beetlejuice.  Burton cast Ryder as the goth teen, Lydia Deetz, after seeing her performance in Lucas.  The rest of the cast was filled with actors who would also go on to great success.

Beetlejuice helped save Michael Keaton‘s flagging career.   It gave Burton the clout he needed to make his Batman movie.  Ryder (along with co-stars Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis) didn’t get as much credit for Beetlejuice‘s success.  But it certainly helped get them noticed.  And it was the start of a partnership with Tim Burton.

ryder 1969

Winona Ryder – 1968 – 1988

In 1988, Ryder also appeared in 1969.  That’s the name of a movie.  I didn’t mean to suggest Ryder was a time traveler.

In the late 80’s, there was a wave of 60’s nostalgia that elevated hippies to the level of sainthood.  As a result, Hollywood released a handful of movies starring the 80’s brat pack celebrating the Summer of Love.

1969 starred Ryder, Keifer Sutherland (who went on to star in the hippie-comedy Flashback) and Robert Downey Jr.  1969 didn’t have much of an impact on anyone’s career.  It got mixed reviews and disappointed at the box office.

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  1. lebeau,

    Just some interesting cross-WTHH tidbits for you to mull over, the next time you update this:

    Lost Souls was produced by Meg Ryan’s production company, Prufrock Pictures, initially as a vehicle for her to star in (duh). When she eventually passed, Winona came aboard. I thought I read somewhere that when Lost Souls bombed, it took Prufrock with it, but that doesn’t appear to be the case (though obviously it didn’t help matters any, as imdb says Prufrock’s last movie was in 2002).

    That fascinating NY Times article about Lindsay Lohan and The Canyons reminded me of this nugget: in 2003(?) Woody Allen supposedly wanted to cast Ryder and Robert Downey Jr in Melinda & Melinda, but couldn’t afford (or even get?) the insurance on the two.

    One of the lower-profile films in Winona’s post-shoplifting resume: The Informers (2008), starring potential WTHH candidates Billy Bob Thornton and Mickey Rourke, and Kim Basinger (who’s probably the only bright spot in this otherwise terrible movie).

    Winona supposedly auditioned for and beat out Uma Thurman (among others) for the thankless job of being Kevin James’ wife in The Dilemma (I think EW said that Uma actually “flew herself in” to audition for the role.. if true I guess that just proves how hard it is for 40-something actresses in Hollywood…).


    • Thanks RL. Those are some terrific little nuggets. I will definitely incorporate some of these details next time I update this article.


      • You prob’ly know this already, but one of the horror films Ryder starred in — “Lost Souls,” perhaps — she refused to go “on the road” to promote it (talk shows & the like, I guess).

        Ryder was in one of THE WORST — perhaps THE VERY WORST — movie I’ve yet seen: “The Ten,” in which she passionately kissed a ventriloquist’s dummy. I felt sorry for her, I really did…this was the ONLY movie after viewing it on DVD that I was actually ANGRY at the actors, writers, and directors…in fact (pardon my ego) here is my amazon review of it:

        Have you ever seen a movie so bad that you actually held your head in your hands, shaking it in disbelief? Ever see a movie SO UTTERLY AWFUL that you’ve gained a new level of respect for ED WOOD? Not the biopic about Ed Wood, but Ed Wood himself???

        It has happened. I’ve seen a movie so inexplicably appalling that I’m in favor of mandatory mental competency tests being given to Hollywood directors, actors, and screenwriters before a frame of film is shot. This cinematic cold sore is The Ten. It’s an allegedly comedic collection of short stories “based” on each one of the Ten Commandments [tee hee].

        Let’s see, where to begin: IT’S NOT FUNNY. Not in the slightest. The stories have little or nothing to do with the particular Commandment to which it’s linked…unless, of course, one can truly draw a line from the “thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods” ruling and connect it to two guys in prison making the beast with two backs (get the kids out of the room). Here’s a sample of the dialogue, an argument between The Ten’s host/moderator (played by, alas, Paul Rudd) has with his wife (Famke Janssen) in front of gigantic approximations of those TWO STONE TABLETS Moses brought down from Mt. Lebanon or wherever:

        Man: You know what, Gretchen? You know what you can do?
        Wife: Don’t say something you’re gonna regret.
        Man: Go…
        Man: Fly…
        Wife: I’m warning you, Jeff.
        Man: A…
        Wife: Don’t you say it!
        Man [earnestly]: Go fly a kite, Gretchen! Go fly a kite!

        Get a load of this: A street sign reads, “No Parking 8AM – 6PM Mon. thru Adultery.” One cop says amid a gathering of policemen [after they see a crime], “Maybe we should call the cops.” OY, what a hoot! Plus there’s plenty of ham-fisted humor about butt-banging, size of the male member, California Gov. Ah-nuld, Mexican farmers, the Rapture, and a Mexican guy named “Jesus” who’s really…the son of G*d! Golly, what guffaws!

        Further, Jessica Alba proves once again how gosh-awful CUTE and yummy-hot she is while displaying minimal acting ability. Winona R pours herself into a scene where she’s passionately French-kissing a ventriloquist’s dummy. Oh the humanity! I actually felt sorry for her. I would rather eviscerate myself with a rusty lawnmower than sit through Ten again.

        If there’s somebody you wish to excise from your life, to cast him or her into the Abyss of the Formerly Known, give that special someone a DVD of The Ten. Give this wretched excuse for a “movie” to a friend and make an instant enemy.


        • I’ve seen video on dailymotion of Ryder promoting Lost Souls via E! interview, but heard the same thing about her reluctance to promote it. She was pretty much MIA for the recent Homefront as well…

          I’ll sadly concur with your assessment of the cringe-inducing “The Ten”. The only saving grace for Ryder’s participation in it IMO is that she was in two of the ‘better’ vignettes (relatively speaking). And Shemp, you’re very restrained 🙂 in describing what she does with the puppet… anyone curious should search on Youtube.

          I keep telling myself that the actress who gambled on Heathers (and won) will of course tend to pick other risky, ‘out there’ comedies (Sex and Death 101, The Ten) and lose…


    • Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid! The “Oscar Jinx”!

      Name: Kim Basinger

      Oscar For: L.A. Confidential (1997)

      Where Is She Now: Like many of the women on this list, it’s difficult to determine if aging or the Oscar jinx was responsible for Kim Basinger’s career decline. She was a smokin’ hot 43-year-old when she won her Best Supporting Actress award, and now she’s 56. While still far more attractive than most women her age, the acting opportunities are growing increasingly slim (especially since her current demographic forces her to compete with the likes of Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren). She played Eminem’s white trash mom in 8 Mile, but following that up with Cellular and The Sentinel didn’t help her did not work for her. Most of her work these days is limited to television and indy films. A perfect example of the Oscar curse manifested when Basinger was cast in 2009’s The Informers, a film co-starring Billy Bob Thornton, Mickey Rourke and Winona Ryder. Despite the impressive cast, the movie never moved past limited release, and it only grossed a paltry $300,000.


  2. Watching a Woody Allen movie is worse than getting a tooth extraction without novocane! How can this third rate hack keep making movies that his ugly ass gets to star in?


  3. 10 Actors Who Completely Wasted Their Careers:

    8. Winona Ryder

    Winona Ryder became a crowd and critical favorite after her starring role in Beetlejuice and went on to cement that profile by starring in popular films like Heathers, Edward Scissorhands, Dracula, Age Of Innocence, and Reality Bites. She was even supposed to star as Mary Corleone in The Godfather Part III and undoubtedly would have improved the ridiculed film had she not pulled out because of exhaustion.

    In the mid 1990s she starred in the box office bomb The Crucible and the disappointing Alien Resurrection, but with her talent Ryder could easily have overcome those setbacks.

    But then in December 2001, Ryder was arrested for shoplifting $5500 worth of clothes from a Beverly Hills department store. During the highly publicized trial Ryder was accused of being on various drugs to explain why a millionaire would steal clothing, and she was found guilty on most of the charges and had to serve probation.

    Though she has since worked steadily in lower budget films or bit parts in blockbusters (like 2009′s Star Trek) her career has never recovered from the stigma of her bizarre crimes.


    • The author of that list picked a terribly sensationalist title for it, and made some questionable choices… I don’t care how many bad movies De Niro makes near his career’s end, he doesn’t belong on a ‘completely wasted his career’ list like this, and especially not at #1! (Ahead of Lindsay Lohan? Seriously?)

      I also don’t agree that Ryder ‘completely wasted’ her career. ‘Could have been a bigger star’ or ‘Could have stayed A-List/near A-List longer’ I could (sadly) agree with. But ‘wasted’? Not really. If anything, she capitalized on what would have to be considered, at least partly, luck (Beetlejuice was her 3rd movie, and she actually turned it down before reconsidering; Heathers was truly lightning in a bottle, considering the relatively unremarkable future careers of Lehmann and Waters) to really strike it big while she was young, and stay relevant for far longer than many teen stars do.


      • Let me guess. What Culture? That is typical for that site.


      • You can easily argue that the shoplifting incident was the ultimate or final catalyst (Winona was from my understanding, already losing support from within the industry due to her difficult behavior behind the scenes) for at the very least, kicking Winona Ryder off of the A-list. I just don’t feel that anybody no wanted the controversy distracting from any film that she appeared in. In effect, hiring her would’ve likely tarnished the image of the movie. Winona was as such, now considered “low class” since shoplifting and pill-popping being acts well beneath what was considered proper “movie star” behavior.


    • 10 Amazing Actresses Hollywood Don’t Know What To Do With:

      Winona Ryder

      Winona Ryder may be a convicted kleptomaniac and a kook, but they forgave RDJ, and now he’s the highest paid actor on Earth. For Ryder, a two-time Oscar nominee that was regarded as an exciting, vibrant talent in her youth, thankless roles in films like Star Trek (which was a major critical and commercial success, but it gave Ryder nothing to do) and Homefront (a Jason Statham action vehicle? Come on!) is the best she can currently get.

      Only supporting roles in The Iceman, in which Ryder easily holds her own against the powerhouse that is Michael Shannon, and Black Swan, which finds the actress scarily parodying her lot as a faded former star, have given her much to do post-arrest. It’s difficult to know whether the 2001 trial for shoplifting has been the sole reason for Ryder’s fall from grace, or if it’s her stubborn refusal to stay in her 20s forever that’s seen the offers dry up, but she certainly has the acting skills to get back to where she once was.


    • They Threw It Away – Self-Destruction and Acting Careers:,13556983,3

      I agree Winona did far more with her career than she had any right to have done–she is not an exceprionally talented actress, even thought he camera loves her. She was twice up for Oscars (for Little Women and The Age of Innocence) and was even a favorite for the latter performance, though she got beat out by Anna Paquin. Had she done a Barbara Walters confessional after the shoplifting incident and admitted she was f***ed up and had made a horrible mistake, she would have been able to revive her career; instead, she stuck to her stupid and unbelievable story she was shoplifiting “as preparation for a role”, and kept waiting for people to forgive her with out apologizing, and no one did.

      by: Anonymous reply 56 01/06/2014 @ 04:43PM


    • 9 Celebrities Who Committed Career Suicide!:

      1. Winona Ryder

      Winona Ryder was a huge film star in the late ‘80s and all through the ‘90s. She landed a number of diverse leading roles in many well-received films including “Edward Scissorhands,” “Reality Bites” and “Girl Interrupted;” however, after getting arrested for shoplifting at a Saks Fifth Avenue department store, she became better known for her personal struggles with depression and anxiety. The arrest also put an end to Ryder’s promising career as a heavyweight dramatic actress.


      • People forget how huge celebrity gossip and news used to be compared to what we get now. Her shoplifting story was mainstream news for ages. Without the understanding of mental health that we have today, the audience’s inability to respond and voice their opinion not only on the matter itself but on the content of the media coverage, as well as the higher level of trust people had in gossip publications, she became a pariah.


    • Future of Movie Stars: Who Will Shine? Who Will Fade Away?

      I never of the shoplifting incident being the thing that ruined Winona Ryder’s career. In looking at her IMDb page, it seems her peak years were the late 1980s to mid-1990s and if someone is a doe-eyed ingenue, outgrowing that stage in life is a major career challenge. She was already well on the downslope long before 2001. It reminds me a bit of Meg Ryan and how the Russell Crowe affair gets blamed for completely ruining her career, when being a cutesy rom-com sweetheart approaching forty and the awful plastic surgery she went on to have, were factors, too. She tried some serious dramas well before the scandal, but the nominations didn’t follow. There were other actresses close in age who were more popular, got more critical acclaim, hadn’t jacked up their faces, or some combination of all three.


      • Winona Rider – Worst Actress Then and Now

        She can’t breathe for two seconds without showing her horrible lack of skill. How did this person ever have a career, and how did she manage never to learn anything about acting?
        God, she ruins every scene. Not one line is authentic, sensibly uttered or suggestive of a real person.
        —Anonymous (592 views)

        62 replies 62 Last Monday at 6:15 PM

        She’s a relic of the eighties. Her forte was playing neurotic, twitchy teenage girls. She was so good at that because she WAS neurotic and twitchy. But you can’t play a neurotic, twitchy teenage girl forever. But she hung on as long as she could; she was near thirty when she played a seventeen year old in “Girl, Interrupted.” She’s never been convincing in adult roles. She has a strange look; she looks like an old teenager. And she still has that high-pitched, teenage girl voice. Poor thing; she’s been talking about sequels to “Beetlejuice” and “Heathers” for the last couple of decades. Her movie career is over, so she’s doing gigs on TV now for which she is not suited. She is simply not believable as a mature adult.


        reply 15 Last Monday at 6:55 PM

        She got by and was OK in certain things, other than that; her extreme lack of depth really showed as an actress. She is and was really beautiful though and I like the way she has carried herself, neurosis and all. She has a sort of mystery . I bet she could tell some real stories if she wanted to. I suspect she is not the type and has too much class.


        reply 20 Last Monday at 7:20 PM

        She and Richard Gere starred in an execrable movie called “Autumn In New York.” They played lovers in the film, which was pretty funny since Gere looked old enough to be her grandfather. And they couldn’t stand each other in real life. Gere called her “Nervous Nellie” due to her neurotic nature. I don’t know what she called him.


        reply 38 17 hours ago

        She was chewing up the scenery in Stranger Things. It was embarrassing to see her acting opposite her screen son – who actually could act, and that made it all the worse.


        reply 40 10 hours ago

        Someone on one of the many previous Winona threads described her as totally neurotic and high maintenance, but at the same time so sweet and kind, that all you wanna do when you see her is give her a big huge hug forever and tell her everything’s gonna be OK. She’s Hollywood’s problem child that no one has the heart to write off completely.


        reply 4110 hours ago

        She is beautiful and was always beautiful. She might have had something slight done to her nose but its very subtle. She always had big breasts and she has never showed them off or used them in her roles or showed them off unlike Salma Hayek and Halle Berry. She is not much of an actress that is true but she was as good as many who get more credit than they deserve. Without knowing enough about her I suspect she is a bright and neurotic person who could not stand the extreme pressures faced in Hollywood. Wish she would write a memoir. She is a certain type that is not really popular anymore. I cannot think of her name but the girl from Ghostworld and American Beauty was a similar type and also a better actress and sadly has disappeared.


        reply 49 5 hours ago

        I can’t see her ever writing a memoir. She’s a very private person for one thing but I can’t imagine her ever wanting to explain what was going through her mind during that visit to Saks. But her life story is more interesting than most, her “hippie” parents knew some big names in the counter-culture world, like Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti.


        reply 50 3 hours ago

        She was perfect as May in The Age Of Innocence. I think she’s fine, not the greatest, but not the worst. I mean, come on, she was the tonic for Ringwald.


        reply 61 11 minutes ago


  4. Gone Girl: The Disappearance of Winona Ryder

    Thoughtful retrospective from a sad fan…


  5. Winona Ryder’s shoplifting incident makes the list of WatchMojo’s Top 10 Career Finishing Scandals


  6. Winona Ryder to star in an ’80s-set Netflix supernatural thriller:

    Ryder is expected to play a mom whose 2-year-old son vanishes. The eight-episode series would mark Ryder’s first regular TV role.


  7. 9 Actresses Who Are In Desperate Need Of A Career Comeback:

    By Fame 10 Staff on June 15, 2015 1:24 pm

    Winona Ryder

    During the ‘90s, Winona Ryder was one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. Since her shoplifting arrest, however, she’s all but disappeared. She has only appeared in a handful of films and her last big role was in “Black Swan,” as an aging ballet star.

    Ryder may say that she has no interest in being a movie star, but we think she needs to make a comeback. She’s just so talented. It would be a complete waste if we were to just let her fade into oblivion.

    Renee Zellweger

    Renee Zellweger was considered one of the most talented actresses of her generation. She won an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards, all before she turned 40. Since she won the Oscar, she’s stopped receiving those quality roles that are what made her famous to begin with. Now she only makes headlines because of her ever-changing face.

    We think Zellweger is due for a comeback. Acting abilities like hers just don’t go away. Just because she’s gotten older doesn’t mean that she should be cast aside like some sort of has-been.


  8. Beetlejuice 2: Winona Ryder set to return:

    Winona Ryder is set to rejoin Michael Keaton for Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice 2…

    Just because we’ve not heard anything on the project for a little while, it doesn’t mean there hasn’t been progress. Plans remain afoot for Beetlejuice 2, which Tim Burton may well be getting to after he’s finished directing his current project, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.

    Michael Keaton is set to reprise the title role for the new movie, which is being penned by Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg. And now Winona Ryder too has confirmed she’s set to return for the movie.

    “I think I can confirm it because Tim Burton did this interview”, she said on Late Night With Seth Meyers in the US.

    “It was very hush-hush, top secret”, she said, “and then he was doing some press for Big Eyes and he did an on-camera interview and he said, ‘oh yeah, we’re doing it and Winona’s going to be in it’. So can I say…? I mean if he said it. But I really don’t know much more than anybody else”.

    Which is a yes, right?

    We find out soon we’d imagine if Beetlejuice 2 is indeed next on Tim Burton’s docket. Maybe if we say the name of it three times, it’ll be showtime just a little bit faster…


  9. Why “Edward Scissorhands” would never get made today



    For the last few years of the ’80s and the bulk of the ’90s, there was no young Hollywood actress who was as compelling as Winona Ryder. Picking up two Oscar nominations for her roles, providing pitch-perfect voice-over narration for the majority of her films, and serving as an aspirational fashion icon (and one who carried a brainy depth to boot), Ryder was a high-ranking member of Hollywood’s A-list. While her work in the new millennium has not been as strong as her string of hits in the ’80s and ’90s (such is the career trajectory for many a young woman working in the film industry), you can’t deny her extremely brilliant — and surprisingly diverse — roles toward the end of the last century.


  11. Heroines of Cinema: The Life Cycle of an Actress

    According to the old adage, a Hollywood actress’s career ends at 40. Of course, this is an adage, not a scientific formula. If you are good enough (Meryl Streep) or famous enough (Sandra Bullock), there is still hope. And the adage only applies to traditional leading ladies — if you are a character actress, forty may be when your career takes off. Judi Dench received her first Oscar nomination at the age of 64, and five more within the following decade.

    But when it comes to your classic Hollywood star, it appears there is some truth in the matter. If we look at some of the biggest female box-office draws of the 80s and 90s – Meg Ryan (aged 50), Demi Moore (49), Michelle Pfeiffer and Sharon Stone (both 54) – it is clear that they are no longer appearing in lead roles in commercial films, as once they did. By contrast, their peers such as Brad Pitt (48), George Clooney (51), Denzel Washington (57) and Bruce Willis (57) are all still major box office draws.

    Of course, some would say it is no great shame that the likes of Demi Moore can no longer command our attention at the multiplex, but that is beside the point. Hollywood has happily replaced Demi and co with such questionable luminaries as Katherine Heigl, Scarlett Johansson and Megan Fox, and whatever we think of their acting skills, the existence of a gaping gender inequality in terms of career opportunity cannot be denied.

    Why is this so? Partly, it comes down to simple chauvinism, and the fact that the Hollywood studio machine has always fetishized youth and beauty in the female roles it has green-lit and subsequently cast. But this is not the whole story. Sharon Stone is incapable of being cast as Denzel Washington’s love interest, not because she is too old, but because mainstream commercial cinema has played a primary role in shaping the general public’s perception of what a 54 year old woman is – what she feels, thinks, is capable of.

    This can be demonstrated by taking a willfully unscientific look at the career of an actress currently at the dreaded age of 40. Step forward, Winona Ryder – who just happens to be interviewed on Indiewire today. Through her example, allow me to demonstrate how Hollywood conspires to make unwholesome use of its brightest female stars in seven easy steps.

    1 – Become a star
    Winona pulled this off with admirable speed when breakout roles in two 1988 releases – Tim Burton’s “Beetlejuice” and cult hit “Heathers” – made her a hot property at the age of 18. Subsequent performances in “Edward Scissorhands”, Francis Ford Coppola’s “Dracula” and Martin Scorsese’s “The Age of Innocence” – which yielded an Oscar nomination – confirmed her as a bona fide star. But for how long?

    2 – Lose your edge
    The problem with breaking into the mainstream is that it tends not to have many interesting parts on offer, especially for women. And thus, Winona made a series of bland choices. From “How to Make an American Quilt” to “The House of Spirits”, a succession of mid-90s roles saw her star persona start to lose its edge. And when that happens, it is only a matter of time before you can expect to…

    3 – Be over-shadowed
    A Hollywood actress is never too young to be upstaged by a younger pretender. This happened for Winona in damning fashion with 1999’s “Girl, Interrupted”, which she produced and starred in. Widely seen as her big comeback film, attention was quickly drawn to supporting player Angelina Jolie, then a relative unknown. Critical acclaim led to an Oscar for Jolie, not to mention a subsequent career as the biggest female star of the 21st century. While Ryder has only ever expressed praise for her young co-star, the All About Eve-esque scenario (which cast the then 29 year old Ryder as an ageing, fading has-been) was lapped up by the press and certainly did her no favors.

    4 – Fulfill middle-aged male fantasies
    With Angelina now on hand to satisfy male audiences’ bedroom fantasies, Hollywood needed to cast Winona in a new role. Regrettably this came in the form of 2000’s execrable “Autumn in New York”. Starring opposite Richard Gere – twenty three years her senior – she played a terminally ill young woman whose tragic early death is not without its benefits – her brief romance with Gere’s character allows him to see the truth about love and the error of his formerly womanizing ways. That’s positively feminist, right?

    5 – Play a mother
    We’re not here to gossip, but suffice it to say that Winona’s career in the early 2000s had its tricky moments. Nonetheless, she was only 37 when she played the mother of then 31 year old Zachary Quinto in 2009’s “Star Trek” reboot. Of course, she also appears with a child version of Quinto’s character, making sense of the age anomaly, but the role was significant nonetheless. Once cast in the Mother role – by which I mean not simply a woman with children, but one whose motherhood is defined by its supporting context, with no story of its own – it can be difficult for actresses to return to parts which acknowledge a woman’s agency, sexuality, and god forbid, career.

    6 – Play a slut
    That is unless you are willing to play a less forgiving role than the classic romantic heroine. Many people were surprised when Winona was cast as one of the female leads in Ron Howard’s 2009 film “The Dilemma” – until they read the synopsis. She plays a woman who cheats on her husband with a hot younger man, and judging by reviews (I admit, I haven’t seen it) the film is hardly concerned with giving a balanced account of why a woman might be led to cheat.

    7 – Play a psycho
    Tired and depressed by stages one to six? Behold your fate. The professional ballet world is one of the few arenas with a worse reputation than Hollywood for cutthroat ageism. Still, there are physical justifications, and one assumes that not all prima ballerinas retired against their will take the psychotic approach exhibited by Winona’s character in Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan”. Many critics were delighted with her performance, but I found it a depressing example of casting laziness, for an actress often unfairly characterized as fragile and odd. She only narrowly avoids the fate often required by Hollywood for a character both female and crazy – death.

    Before we get too depressed on Winona’s behalf, bear in mind that I have mostly been discussing the worst tendencies of commercial cinema, and that any actress with even a passing taste of A-list stardom should have no trouble finding interesting work in the independent sector or on stage, should they so wish. Indeed, Ryder told Indiewire that she is looking forward to the “Baby Jane” stage of her career, demonstrating a wry awareness of how her career has progressed and perhaps even an excitement at freeing herself from such an unforgiving cycle.

    The real victims here are not the most wealthy, beautiful and privileged women in the world, but the mainstream cinema goers who are fed little other than these bland and often damaging female roles — versions of womanhood that consistently decay and expire before their time. They deserve better – and Meryl Streep can’t do it all by herself. With Winona Ryder and countless other actresses raring to join the charge, it is time to give the traditional life cycle of an actress a shot in the arm.


  12. Dana Delaney was waaay too old to have played Veronica- she was already 30 and known for playing grown- ass women on grownup television shows. And the notion that anyone would have once thought that Justine Bateman was a preferable casting choice over Winona Ryder for a motion picture is pretty hilarious. I guess you can see here that Daniel Waters could write a script, but he obviously didn’t know shit about casting. I could totally have seen Heather Graham as Heather Chandler, though Kim Walker was the epitome of soulless bitchiness. I do agree that a Heathers sequel was a ‘cockamamey’ idea. In fact, I feel the same way about a Heathers musical, but to each their own.


  13. Tim Burton and Joel Silver “honored” with cringeworthy ’90s mockumentaries

    That same year, HBO unwisely decided to promote the release of Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands with a half-hour mockumentary by director Roland Mesa, who went on to helm the third Revenge Of The Nerds movie but not a great deal else. In The Director’s Chair: The Man Who Invented Edward Scissorhands is a queasy concoction indeed: equal parts commercial and hyper-extended comedy sketch. The central conceit of Mesa’s film is that it’s a probing look at the entire life and career of Tim Burton, including interviews with actors pretending to be the director’s parents and even some mock “home movies” (à la The Wonder Years) supposedly depicting Burton’s 1960s childhood, when he was a dour little boy surrounded by perversely cheerful relatives. The oddest part of all this is that not everyone seems to be in on the joke. Winona Ryder, Johnny Depp, and especially Vincent Price give sweet, sincere interviews, while Alan Arkin, Danny Elfman, and Stan Winston give “wacky” interviews. And then Jim Brown and Heather Thomas do some sort of ill-advised Thing With Two Heads parody, and there’s a running joke about a John Wayne Gacy-style killer clown. It’s all certainly something. Just what, however, is opaque.


  14. 15 Actors Stuck In Hollywood’s Dog House

    Winona Ryder

    Another victim of committing the wrong crime on the Hollywood Cool-ometer (it’s a real thing, honest), Ryder’s conviction for shoplifting in 2001 virtually destroyed one of the most promising careers in Hollywood. Following early break out roles in teen-drama Heathers, dark fairy-tale Edward Scissorhands, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Ryder received consecutive Academy Award nominations for The Age Of Innocence and Little Women. Interesting roles followed but it appeared like her career had peaked early before struggles with depression and anxiety led to that conviction.

    Since then she’s been paying her dues with small roles in Black Swan and Star Trek but a return to the upper echelons of Hollywood casting still appears some way off. Think about it though; have you ever seen her being less than good in anything?

    So What Next?

    Beetlejuice 2 might be her salvation and further roles in Tim Burton films wouldn’t hurt. Again, though, back to basics is likely the answer and proving herself either on stage or the small screen (Ryder is currently filming new show Stranger Things for Netflix) could re-invigorate her career.


  15. What celebrity’s career never recovered after a controversial incident?

    Winona Ryder.

    Ever since the whole shoplifting thing, really. I like a lot of her movies, but since that whole bizarre incident I feel like the only half-decent thing she’s done is a small part in Black Swan? It’s a shame, because I do think she’s a good actress, and she’s also really pretty IMO.

    She just… got hooked on a lot of prescription pills I seem to remember? The whole stealing thing happened like, 3 months after 9/11, so maybe people were generally less forgiving? I dunno, totally just speculating now. Oh well, bit of a shame, really.


  16. 15 Movie Stars Who Peaked in the ’90s


    The ultimate chic chick, Winona Ryder could do no wrong in the ’90s. No joke, everything she touched was either been hailed as a gem out the gate or has ascended to cult status among movie lovers. Except maybe Alien: Resurrection (1997), but we’ll just give her a pass on that one. Elsewhere, Ryder’s resume purrs like a new motor, decorated to the hood with hits like Edward Scissorhands (1990), The Age of Innocence (1993), Reality Bites (1994), and Little Women (1994). Varied as she was successful, the versatile actress even drew acclaim in the face of otherwise mixed releases Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael (1990) and Girl, Interrupted (1999). By the end of the decade, Ryder was the biggest woman in Hollywood besides Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan.

    Then came the Razzies. Almost as if designed to define this list, Ryder string of 2000s work, beginning with Autumn in New York (2000) and forging ahead with Mr. Deeds (2002), earned her repeat honors from the notorious institute. A few more duds and a shoplifting debacle have caused Ryder to become a disappeared icon of the past. And frankly, a Star Trek (2009) cameo just isn’t cutting it when it comes to the proper Winona quota.


  17. Blind Items Revealed #4

    March 1, 2016

    This former A- list mostly movie actress has been around forever but she is still just in her early 40’s. She has never been able to match what she did a couple of decades ago because of personal issues and her inner demons. What she has done though is slowly have procedures done to her face over time so it looks like she has never had anything done. She looks amazing and everyone thinks she looks the same as she did two decades ago.

    Winona Ryder


  18. Re: Actors Who Abruptly Quit at the Height of Their Popularity

    Winona saw her popularity rise to heights never seen before when she shoplifted.

    (Sun May 8 2016 22:44:48)

    In hindsight the long run doesn’t matter. She clearly gave up and quit her career all on her own. Her scandal was a newsworthy item that came and went, like that guy who got bit by that Komodo dragon. It hasn’t defined her career.


  19. I have to ask off topic but was ryder little women co star susan suranden ever a list. i can name maybe 4 movies where a person can say her name drew people in but 4 movies is not enough to warrent a list. i tihnk maybe stepmoms success is owed more to roberts susan respect actress never really had commercial success. lol also sorry ask but her dead man walking costar sean penn i think he never really became a lsit either .



      I never got the hoopla over Ryder. She worked in some of her earlier roles but around Little Women she started to show her limitations, IMO. She’s one of those actors who has a distinctive (in her case croaky) voice but never learned to work with it so I can never forget it’s Winona Ryder. She can give such wooden deliveries too. It’s always bothered me how defensive her posture is, even in roles that don’t call for it at all.


      • Winona Ryder

        Winona rues the day she met Angie.

        “Girl, Interrupted” was intended as a vehicle for Winona’s awards circuit run at the time. Winona had hand picked and produced the film for such purpose. (It took her seven years to get it to the screen.)

        Seeing Angie walk off with the highly coveted SAG, Globe, and Oscar for “Girl, Interrupted,” awards she had coveted for a film she produced, must have been devastating for Winona.


        reply 14 an hour ago

        “Winnie” is a mentally ill, druggie, shoplifting dip who can’t keep her legs closed. Her forte was playing neurotic teenagers. That’s how she plays every role: twitchy and neurotic. What was she on at the SAG awards last year? Crystal meth? Poor Winnie; she made such a fool of herself.


        reply 15 33 minutes ago



      The subject of this blind is an actress that I consider A list. If you’re a certain age, then you know who she is and probably would call her A list too. She’s is pretty low profile, but I think she probably likes it that way. The reason is because she was once involved in a very notorious situation that brought a lot of attention onto her that she did not want. Most people who can remember what went down think they know the whole story, but the thing is, the accepted narrative is only a tiny piece of the entire situation. I’ll call our actress Ms. L. When she was younger, she was considered one of the most intriguing and talented people of her generation. She hung around a group of other very young and dynamic people of similar ages who were really enjoying themselves during those times. Ms. L eventually entered into a relationship with an uber famous man who I’ll call Mr. M. They appeared to be very serious about one another for quite a while- until a very disturbing incident occurred. Ms. L was collateral damage in that situation, in terms of everything that took place. The sad truth is that Ms. L was actually herself a victim of relationship violence that at times was so severe that she required hospitalization. Even years later, she has serious residual trauma from her past situation that almost no one knows about. This violence escalated after the above mentioned incident occurred. Ms. L was also subjected to physical and emotional intimidation to prevent her from talking about things she had seen and witnessed in her situation. She was essentially silenced by threats and kept quiet out of fear for years. Anyway, fast forward to now. Ms. L has kept her mouth shut for a very long time, but has received extensive treatment for trauma and PTSD-type problems. It has taken a long time to heal and she has been fortunate that she has had good psychological care and support from her loved ones. Again, virtually no one knows she has had any of these problems– she’s been very good at hiding it. The only people who know the severity of what she had to endure are close family and only a few friends who have been sworn to secrecy. Ms. L also suffered from some repressed memory issues about what happened to her and only recently has been able to recall all the horrible incidents in detail. Ms. L has a young female actress friend who recently became aware of Ms. L’s story. I’ll call her Ms. C. Ms. L confided her story to Ms. C as a cautionary tale so that the young actress would be careful not to get herself into a similar situation. Ms. C. is an outspoken feminist and looks up to Ms. L as a mother figure and she’s urging Ms. L to go public with her story. Ms. L has also gotten to the point in her therapy where she is no longer afraid and is ready to tell all. She’s angry about being silenced and her family, friends and medical team are supportive of her desire to go public. Mr. M and the other people involved in the past situation have of course gone on with their lives as if nothing happened, and have no clue that Ms. L could potentially expose them. If she does decide to go public, there will be added shock value because those who witnessed what was going on and did not intervene will also be called out publically. The best part is that Ms. L also has journals and medical records that document the abuse which will be undeniable. This story has the potential to be huge and will shine an important light on relationship abuse survivors. Ms. C is also anxious to help publicize Ms. L’s story and has a lot of power to do so because she has a massive following on social media. I hope Ms. L can remain strong and maintain the courage necessary to come forward.

      Ms. L: Winona Ryder

      Notorious situation: shoplifting charges in Beverly Hills, California

      Mr. M: Johnny Depp

      Disturbing incident: Johnny accidentally shot Winona Ryder (CDAN reveal)

      Ms. C: Natalie Portman (starred together in “Black Swan”)


    • Did Johnny Depp abuse Winona Ryder?

      When Mr. Depp threw his money managers under the bus, he messed with the wrong people. I actually believe that he is the one responsible for his own lack of funds, and I can tell that he really woke up a sleeping dragon. They don’t play.

      Would love to see what else they are holding over his head. He sounds like a horrid person.

      And, no, I’m not bashing him because of the Trump thing. If I had to guess, I would say he probably did that as an “eff you” to the people who are now throwing all his dirty laundry out there for the world to see. Like, “I can mess my career up faster than you can. To rob you of the satisfaction of doing so.”

      —heart not exactly bleeding for this douche

      reply 1 5 hours ago

      Anyone who bashes Trump can come and sit by me. Winona has a lot to hide, she would never rat anyone else out, she has many, many secrets. So go take your bullshit somewhere else…perhaps someone else will believe you.

      Johnny is probably hiding some of his money, he just went through a nasty divorce.


      reply 2 4 hours ago


  20. Winona Ryder talks being a ‘serial monogamist,’ says she doesn’t see marriage in near future


  21. Still early days, but Stranger Things is really kicking that comeback into overdrive. Nice to see that both the stars of Heathers are regaining some of the respect the years took from them through TV’s new age.


    • Winona Ryder’s comeback

      It’s pretty well she’s made a genuine comeback with the huge success of “Stranger Things,” after spending years in Coventry after the shoplifting conviction. I’m glad, because I’ve always liked her and think she’s pretty and quirky.

      However, just before her fall from grace, she was the subject of many blind items that accused her of being a pain in the ass and being especially cruel and obnoxious to her personal assistants. Looking back, that (and her infamous promiscuity in Hollywood in the 90s) seem symptomatic of the problems she’s had with mental illness and over-medication that ended up with her shoplifting. Has she got all that all under control? Or is she still hell on wheels?


      • Actors whose careers were saved by Netflix

        Winona Ryder

        For over a decade, Winona Ryder had reached icon status in Hollywood thanks to her unforgettable on-screen presence in films like Edward Scissorhands, The Age of Innocence, and Girl, Interrupted. But her reputation went very south in 2001 when she was caught shoplifting from a Saks Fifth Avenue, which was especially irksome to the public because of her continued fame and fortune. 

        While Ryder would later credit her run-in with the law as the best thing that ever happened to her on a personal level, as it earned her some much-needed time away from the industry, her career suffered as a result. She had a great deal of trouble reaching the A-list again after that, even despite some notable performances in films like Black Swan and The Iceman. 

        But Netflix’s Stranger Things has put her right back on the map with her delightfully off-kilter turn as Joyce Byers, the mother of a boy who’d been thought for dead by her hometown but was really taken to the Upside Down world by a toothy monster. She’s still seen as a little bit of a kook, especially after her ultra-memeable appearance at the SAG Awards, but thanks to Netflix she’s being touted for her acting chops instead of her flattering courtroom ensembles these days.


    • Hated, infamous or mocked celebrities that rub you the right way

      OP Winona’s career didn’t end because of the shoplifting. It was well and truly in trouble by the time she started stealing. The stealing was just the nail in the coffin. I’m not sure why this needs an explanation but people don’t like thieves and they especially don’t like rich thieves who aren’t stealing out of necessity but because they’re too tight fisted to pay for clothes they can well afford.


      reply 1 Last Saturday at 6:01 PM

      [R1] It goes deeper. Winona was high HIGH on drugs when she was doing the shoplifting. There were clips of her on the internet from store cameras when she was stealing and she looked truly stoned and goofy. Then there was the fascinating story in a magazine by the drug doctor who gave her most of her prescriptions, as well as other celebrities. He said that rock stars were the worst. They would come into his office as though they were doing him a favor by just being there and then give him tickets to their concert after he handed over a script. He said Eddie Vedder was a regular – would come in, complain about having a sore back and then want a bunch of strong painkillers. The doctor was disbarred for awhile but the stories he told and the names he named (Winona would come in and, behind their back, manage to steal a prescription pad) was a real eye full. Spoiled, drugged- up celebrities.


      reply 10 Last Saturday at 6:56 PM

      Not that mention [R10], she never showed an ounce of genuine remorse. She behaved as though she were the victim, going so far as to jokingly pose in a “Free Winona” t-shirt like a political prisoner being unjustly persecuted.


      reply 19 Last Saturday at 8:11 PM


  22. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Winona Ryder

    Winona Ryder was one of the best things to come out of the ‘90s. She rose to fame during the late ‘80s thanks to her roles in Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands and quickly graduated to more Oscar-baity parts in movies like Dracula, The Age of Innocence and Little Women. Although she disappeared from the spotlight for a while, she’s finally making a comeback thanks to her starring role in the Netflix supernatural-horror series Stranger Things. Since she has a birthday coming up, we have 10 things you didn’t know about the ‘90s icon:


  23. What Happened to Winona Ryder – News & Updates

    Winona Ryder is an American Actress who first rose to prominence during the late 80’s for her role in Beetlejuice. At a young age, Ryder developed an interest for acting after being shown multiple movies by her parents at the family barn. Eventually taking her fascination with acting more seriously, she enrolled at the American Conservatory Theater in California where she studied drama. Deciding that a career in show business was what she wanted to do, she later auditioned for the film Desert Bloom at the age of fourteen. Although she ultimately did not get the part (it went to actress Annabeth Gish), her performing talents were noticed by movie director David Seltzer, who eventually offered her a part in his 1986 tragicomedy film, Lucas; although it was no major role, it served as Ryder’s screen debut. The following year, she appeared in Square Dance (1987)ーa part which garnered her acclaim as a young actress.

    However it wasn’t until Ryder was cast in Tim Burton’s comedy fantasy, Beetlejuice in 1988 that she first received much positive attention for her acting. Critically praised for her portrayal of a goth teenager in the film, she soon found herself landing more and more roles, some of which included Great Balls of Fire (1989), Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael (1990), Edward Scissorshands (1990) and Mermaids (1990). Since she first made a name for herself in the industry, Ryder has accumulated many accolades throughout her professional career including a Golden Globe Award, a Blockbuster Entertainment Award, a Boston Society of Film Critics Award, a Jupiter Award, and a Young Artist Award, amongst a number of other nominations. A two-time Screen Actors Guild Award nominee, Ryder was also presented with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2000.

    A well-respected actress in the show business, acting isn’t the only thing that gets Ryder in front of the camerasーshe has also been invited onto numerous talk shows. Since she made her initial appearance as a guest on Today back in 1989, she has appeared in The Oprah Winfrey Show (1990), Wogan (1991), The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1999), The Rosie O’Donnell Show (2000), Charlie Rose (2000), Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (2011) and various others. Back in 2002, she even worked briefly as a host on the popular Saturday Night Live. On top of making guest appearances, Ryder has also starred in a number of television documentaries such as The Day My God Died (2003), Black Swan: Metamorphosis (2011) and The Future of Spaceship Earth: Glitches Found in Spaceship Earth’s Support System (2014).

    So what has this multi-talented American actress been up to as of late? What has she been busy with recently? What happened to Winona Ryder? Where is she now in 2016?

    Winona Ryder’s Childhood and Eventual Start in the Show Business

    Born on October 29, 1971 in Winona, Minnesota, Winona Ryder (Birth Name: Winona Ryder Laura Horowitz) is the daughter of Michael Horowitz, and Cynthia Palmerーwho worked as a book author and video producer respectively. Of Jewish ancestry, many members of her family on her father’s side had tragically perished in the Holocaust; she has a younger brother named Uri and two half-siblings from her mother’s earlier marriage. At the age of seven, Ryder and her family moved from a small farmhouse in Winona to a commune near Mendocino County in California; there they lived with a handful of other families on a large, 300 acre plot of land. Due to the fact that the remote property was not powered by electricity, Ryder spent much of her early days reading novelsーone of her all-time favourites is The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger.

    It wasn’t until her mother showed her a few movies on a screen at the family barn that Ryder first developed an interest in drama and acting. After a few years of calling the remote area home, the family relocated once again to the small California town of Petaluma. A student at Kenilworth Junior High, Ryder’s high school days weren’t the best; often bullied by a group of boys, she eventually left the school and opted for home-schooling instead. Wanting to explore her interest in acting further, she later went to the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco to learn how to act. When she was fourteen years old, she participated in an audition for the 1985 film, Desert Bloom. While she didn’t land the part, the movie director took a liking to Ryder and later offered her a part in another film of his, Lucas.

    Winona Ryder’s Early Acting Career in the 80’s and 90’s

    Following her screen debut that year, Ryder soon received her first starring role in the 1987 drama film, Square Dance. Adapted from a novel of the same name by Alan Hines (who also wrote the movie), it centred around a thirteen year old country girl named Gemma Dillard, who eventually forms a close friendship with a mentally disabled man named Rory Torrance after moving to live with her mother in the city. While Ryder portrayed the part of Gemma, actor Rob Lowe played the role of Rory. A bitter-sweet tale, the film was released in theatres in February 1987, albeit to mixed reviews. Despite the lack of success at the box office however, Ryder’s performance in Square Dance earned her much acclaim; The Los Angeles Times even went as far as calling her acting in the movie “a remarkable debut.”

    A few years after she first broke out into the show business, Ryder received her long-awaited breakthrough when she was cast as a supporting character in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice (1988). Produced by The Geffen Film Company, the feature film revolved around a recently deceased couple, who after finding out that their previous home has been inhabited by obnoxious new owners, recruit help from a “bio-exorcist” to permanently remove them from the house. In the comedic fantasy movie, Ryder played the part of a goth teen named Lydia Deetz, one of the house’s new inhabitants who eventually befriends the ghosts; other members of the cast include Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Jeffrey Jones, Catherine O’Hara and Michael Keaton. A commercial hit, Beetlejuice grossed well over $70 million at the box office and won multiple awards including an Academy Award and two Saturn Awards.

    That same year, Ryder also gained much recognition for her portrayal of the lead part in the 1988 cult film, Heathers. Considered by many to be a cult classic, the movie took place at a fictional Ohio High School and revolved around four teen girls, three of whom share the same name of Heather. Although it was not a major hit at the box office, Heathers received nothing but positive reviews from critics; in 2006, it was also included on Entertainment Weekly’s list of “50 Best High School Movies.” Looking past the fact that it was a commercial failure at the theatres, the film performed well both in rentals and sales after its release. In the black comedy, Ryder played the role of Veronica Sawyer, a girl who joins the Heathers’ clique only to find herself preferring the company of her old and nerdy friends in the end. For her portrayal of the character, the actress won an award at the Torino International Festival of Young Cinema; she also received two nominations for the Chicago Film Critics Associations Award and another for an Independent Spirit Award.

    In December of 1990, Ryder took part in the comedy film, Mermaids alongside Cher and Bob Hoskins. Based on a book of the same name, it followed the life of a single mother who after relocating to a small town in Massachusetts, finds herself faced with a number of challenges. Opened to largely positive reviews, the movie saw Cher as Rachael Flax, the mother in question, while Ryder played the role of Charlotte Flax, the oldest daughter and Christina Ricci played the part of younger sister, Kate Flax. Although Mermaids was only a moderate success at the box office, having grossed $35 million from a $31 million budget, it earned Ryder a Golden Globe Award nomination for the category of “Best Supporting Actress.”

    Winona Ryder’s Acting Career in the Later Years

    Throughout the rest of the 90’s, Ryder continued to play a number of diverse roles on film including Edward Scissorhands (1990), Bram Stocker’s Dracula (1992), The Age of Innocence (1993) and Little Women (1994), winning a series of awards and nominations along the way.

    After receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2000, the actress appeared in the comedy movie, Mr. Deeds opposite of Adam Sandler. A remake of a film from the 1930’s, it told the story of Longfellow Deeds, a sweet-natured man from a small town who inherits a fortune after the death of a multibillionaire, who happens to be one of his extended relatives. In the movie, Ryder played the role of Babe Bennett, a reporter for the local tabloid, Inside Access who approaches Deeds in order to gain more information for her news report.

    From there, Ryder seemed to have taken a back seat from the big screen, prior to returning in Star Trek in 2009. For her role as Amanda Grayson in the film, she received a shared Boston Society of Film Critics Award for “Best Cast.”

    What’s Winona Ryder Doing Now in 2016- Recent Updates

    ryder5This summer, Ryder starred in the popular Netflix original series, Stranger Things playing the role of protagonist Joyce Myers. Released on the online video streaming platform in July 2016, the horror series takes place in the 1980’s in a fictional Indiana town called Hawkins; it revolves around the disappearance of a young boy (Joyce’s son) and the eventual investigations that pursue. Hailed for its atmosphere, characterization and acting, Stranger Things was a critical success, currently holding a 95% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Besides Ryder, other cast members include David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Boby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and Natalia Dyer. Stranger Things has since been renewed for a second season, set to be released on Netflix sometime in 2017.

    In other headlines, it was recently stated that a Beetlejuice sequel is currently in the worksーthe now 44 year old star first starred in the 1988 original film alongside actor Michael Keaton. When creator Tim Burton was previously prodded about the possibilities of a sequel, he had admitted that “he would love to work on a follow up” given that the original cast members are keen on the project. Although it probably won’t happen anytime soon, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled!

    Wanting to stay up-to-date with the award-winning celebrity? Although Winona Ryder doesn’t seem to have either Twitter or Instagram, you can still connect with the star by following her on her official Facebook page (@WinonaRyder)! You definitely wouldn’t want to miss reading the latest posts from the actress herself!


    • Actor/actresses that were truly blackballed?

      Winona Ryder’s career stopped for years when she was convicted for shoplifting in 2001. She had already made a lot of enemies in Hollywood by behaving extremely badly to personal assistants very publicly, and for behaving badly on sets; she had been overworked for years and also suffered from bipolar disorder, and had not figured out how to manage it and was thus a complete monster. People were glad to see her convicted of the shoplifting charge, and the fact that she had a string of failures (most spectacularly “Autumn in new York”) meant that her career stopped for years. She returned to acting in 2005, but never got more than cameos or girlfriend roles until the last year, when she attracted excellent critical notice for “Experimenter.” That, plus her status as a Gen X icon, led to her big comeback this year in “Stranger Things”; though she got wildly divergent reviews for her role in that miniseries, she garnered nominations from both the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild for that show, and there’s no denying now she’s back.

      She’s an odd film actress of the Natalie Wood sort: like Wood, she was a very naturally talented child actor, but never studied how to become a real adult actress (the way Jodie Foster, another talented child actress, did formally after Yale), and so she grew up to rely too much on cheap mannerisms. But, like Wood, she also grew up to be beautiful, and became a generational icon. People seem to love seeing her come back despite her grave limitations as an actress.


      reply 109 11 hours ago



        This former A+ list mostly movie actress who has gone up and down multiple times since a very very early age is becoming paranoid. I don’t know if it is meds or what, but she freaks out if you get too close to her. Fans have discovered this first hand as of late. Winona Ryder


  24. After Winona Ryder, who’s the next 90s movie star to have a TV renaissance?

    It’s no longer just a big, shiny effects budget and edgy subject matter that defines modern TV: increasingly it’s the place where 90s stars come to reassert their cult status. The most prominent example last year was the decade’s fave cult actor Winona Ryder’s redemptive turn in Stranger Things, but see also Now And Then’s Gaby Hoffmann, now appearing in Transparent; Liv Tyler, of Empire Records fame, in apocalypse cult drama The Leftovers; Ryan “Cruel Intentions” Phillippe in the (admittedly terrible) Netflix series Shooter; and now Addams Family star Christina Ricci, who plays Zelda Fitzgerald in Amazon’s Z: The Beginning Of Everything, airing later this month. Basically, if you used to put their poster up on your bedroom wall and kiss it every night before bed, they’re having a career renaissance. Here are some other 90s teen-throbs who deserve their own HBO star vehicle in 2017…


  25. Winona Ryder expressed MANY emotions during David Harbour’s passionate #SAGAwards speech.


  26. Alien: Resurrection (1997) – Hilariocity Review


  27. Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On – Alien: Resurrection (1997)

    With another Alien flick coming out, let’s take a look at what is (probably) the worst movie in the franchise, Alien: Resurrection.


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