What the Hell Happened to Mel Gibson?

Mel Gibson

For a long time, I debated whether or not to write-up Mel Gibson.  On the one hand, the answer to the question “what the hell happened” is known by all.  Gibson’s personal life and bad behavior exploded very publicly.  I’m not sure if any celebrity has ever had such a public melt-down.

It’s easy to forget now, but not all that long ago Gibson was one of the undisputed kings of Hollywood.  He was so popular and so beloved that he could do no wrong.  Even if he made a cinematic turkey, his legion of fans practically guaranteed a hit.  And while the hits rolled in, his eccentric behavior was portrayed as charming in the media.

Gibson had a long history of courting controversy.  He had gotten in trouble with GLAAD for supposedly homophobic comments as well as some borderline offensive film roles (see Bird on a Wire – or better yet, don’t).  His 2004 blockbuster, The Passion of the Christ, was seen by many as anti-Semitic.  And Gibson was a drinker and a womanizer from way back.

Gibson’s mug shot

Eventually, that behavior caught up with Gibson.  In 2006, he was arrested for a DUI.  A drunken Gibson made matters worse with a series of anti-Semitic and sexist comments.

Amazingly, Gibson managed to recover from what many considered career suicide.  However, in 2010 he imploded again with domestic abuse charges and a series of phone messages that showed his dark side.  Every day, a new message was leaked to the press.  And each one made Gibson look more and more like a monster.

So, right up front, the answer to “What the hell happened to Mel Gibson?” is that his inner demons spilled out on the public stage for the better part of a decade.

To the point where many of his fans can’t look at the guy anymore without seeing a despicable human being.  But even though we know how the story ends (or do we?) it’s worth going back to the beginning and reviewing the fascinating career of Mel Gibson.

Gibson was actually born in Peekskill, New York.  He was the 6th of 11 children.  His family relocated to Australia when Gibson was 12.  He began his film career in Australia and in 1979 he had the good fortune to be cast in George Miller’s apocalyptic action film, Mad Max.

Mel Gibson - Mad Max - 1979

Mel Gibson – Mad Max – 1979

Even today, Mad Max is kind of crazy movie.  Most American audiences think of the post-apocalyptic sequel, The Road Warrior, when they think of Mad Max.  But the original film was about gang warfare on the open road as society comes crumbling down.

Gibson didn’t actually go to the audition for Mad Max hoping for a part.  He was there accompanying a friend who was reading.  Gibson had been in a bar fight the night before and described his head as looking like a “black and blue pumpkin”.  He was asked by the casting director to come back in three weeks to audition to play one of the movie’s post apocalyptic freaks.  Instead, with his face healed, Gibson was asked to audition for the lead.

Mad Max has a very loose structure which can be hard to watch.  The ending in which Max takes revenge on the gangsters is killer stuff.  But getting to that point can be pretty brutal.  When the film was released in America in 1980, all the dialogue (including Gibson’s) was redubbed.  While the film was not a hit in America, it was a big hit over seas.

Mel Gibson - Gallipoli - 1981

Mel Gibson – Gallipoli – 1981

Gibson was a rising star in Australia.  But in 1981, he had two films which crossed over to the US.  The first was Peter Weir’s World War I drama, Gallipoli.  Gibson played an Australian sprinter who signs up to join the ANZACs in World War I. They are sent to Gallipoli, where they must stand against the Tuskish army.

Weir described young Gibson as “full of beans and really with no grand career ambitions.”

Gallipoli was a huge hit in Australia.  It was less successful in other countries.  In the US, it grossed less than $6 million dollars.  But it was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film.

Mel Gibson in Mad Max 2.

Later that year, Gibson returned to the Mad Max franchise for George Miller’s sequel, The Road Warrior.

The Road Warrior is all out action on the street.  Gibson only had 16 lines of dialogue in the entire film, and two of them were: “I only came for the gasoline.”

Mad Max was not a hit in the US.  So when The Road Warrior was released, Warner Brothers decided to change the title to The Road Warrior.  The original marketing materials focused on the car crashes and mayhem rather than Gibson’s character.

The Road Warrior is one of those movies whose impact is bigger than the movie itself.  It redefined the look and feel of sci-fi movies going forward.  Almost every post-apocalyptic movie made since 1981 owes a debt to Miller’s Road Warrior.

Kevin Costner drove his career into the ground trying to make his own Road Warrior-esque post-apocalypse flick.  He failed twice.

What strikes me the most about Gibson’s Australian film career is that in the span of 1979-1981, Gibson managed to work with the two most successful directors in his country’s film industry.  Wier and Miller would both go on to have long, successful Hollywood careers.  That’s some pretty amazing luck to get to work with two immensely talented directors so early in your career.

Next: The Bounty and Beyond Thunderdome


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  1. Jason Thanatos

    WTF is up with thisTerrence Clay guy reporting a lot of things from other sites? I guess it’s a way to earn visibility for the blog by adding tag words, but it makes comments unreadable and pointless.
    Please, ban or limit it if you are condoning this sort of shit on your blog.


    • I report a lot of things from other sites (as you put it) to bring about different perspectives for why and how said actor or actresses’ careers entered a serious downswing. If you have a much better or efficient way to contribute to this blog, then be my guess. How exactly am what I’m doing “pointless”, but you going out of your way to directly calling me out/antagonizing me w/o further rebuking what has been said about Mel Gibson not!?


  2. Awesomely Shi**y Movies: The Patriot

    The Awesome

    Mel Gibson

    As always, Gibson turns in a compelling, dynamic performance, blending his proficiency as an action-hero with his more nuanced dramatic chops to create a convincingly human protagonist. Despite being praised as a war hero, Martin has a much more realist view of himself as a man who has done things for which he is ashamed, and who, as a single father, can no longer afford to be the idealist he once was. This establishes a captivating friction, both between Martin and his superiors, and between Martin and Gabriel, who wants to contribute to the war effort despite his father’s objections. During the later parts of the film the evils of battle take their toll on Martin and he feels the loss of his own humanity. Gibson conveys all this superbly and is completely believable in the role (Again, the man’s a sick a**hole in real life but I’ll be damned if he wasn’t one of the best actors out there for a while).


  3. Mel Gibson Rampages To Protect His Daughter In The Latest Trailer For ‘Blood Father’


  4. Blind Item #12

    This basically blacklisted actor still directs

    . He almost killed a former superhero though by giving him homemade remedies to try and break the former superhero’s drug addiction. A real doctor stepped in and ended up reversing most of the damage caused.



      This A- list mostly movie actor used to be A+ list. He has had a couple of very good years acting wise, but not the box office successes he enjoyed in the past. Anyway, he is back to his old ways of being abusive towards women. His half his age girlfriend is the latest victim but she won’t leave him. She likes being close to fame so puts up with it.

      Mel Gibson/Rosalind Ross


  5. Gibson on WatchMojo’s Top 10 Unpredictable Celebrity Interviewees


  6. Mel Gibson and Sean Penn Create the Oxford Dictionary in Their Next Movie

    Movies AUG 2, 2016

    Mel Gibson and Sean Penn will play developers of the Oxford dictionary in a film adapting the novel The Professor and the Madman.


  7. Mel Gibson’s “Blood Father” Quietly Appears on iTunes Two Weeks After Box Office Flop

    One day Mel Gibson’s bio may be called “From Braveheart to The Beaver to Blood Father.” That’s how it’s gone for Gibson since he won the Oscar in 1995. Ten years ago he was arrested for a DUI, was revealed as an anti-semite and racist. From there, he left his wife and the mother of his seven children, Robin, for a Russian musician, Oksana Grigorieva, sired a child outside of marriage, and then turned the whole thing into a tabloid soap opera. And here we are: “Blood Father,” released two weeks ago to theaters, bombed. It had such a small distribution, and no real ticket sales, that the critically praised action film never reported box office results. It may still be playing somewhere in the wilds



    Thought some of you might find this posting about Mel Gibson’s “Hacksaw Ridge” interesting. This quote gives you a idea what you are in for: “the battle scenes in “Hacksaw Ridge” make the first half hour of “Saving Private Ryan” look like a Noel Coward play”.


  9. Mel Gibson slams #BatmanvSuperman: Dawn of Justice as he discusses overblown movie budgets


  10. The Early Screenplays of JJ Abrams

    Forever Young (1992)

    “Time waits for no man, but true love waits forever.”

    What’s it all about? In 1939, heartbroken US Army test pilot Daniel McCormick (Mel Gibson) volunteers to take part in an experiment with suspended animation after the love of his life (Isabel Glasser) goes into a coma. When he wakes up alone 53 years later, a single mother (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her son (Elijah Wood) take him in.

    Background: This one plays a little like the Captain America movie that would fall between the flash forward at the end of his first movie and Avengers, as a character study of an all-American bloke from the 1930s who suddenly wakes up in the 1990s after being frozen. There’s not a lot of time for reflection on that sort of thing in Marvel movies, which have to keep moving as they develop their characters, but this makes for an enjoyable slice of romantic science fiction and it’s the standout among these early scripts.

    During the heyday of the spec script market, Abrams sold The Rest Of Daniel for $2 million, the most ever paid for a screenplay at the time. Mel Gibson turned down the opportunity to direct, but as one of the biggest movie stars in the world at the time, he lent considerable heft to the project in the starring role. Horror veteran Steve Miner, who holds the distinction of being the only filmmaker to have directed more than one entry in the Friday The 13th franchise, took the director’s chair instead and brings some pathos to a film that is a definite outlier in his CV.

    It’s certainly sentimental, but that’s not always a bad thing, and it shows Abrams’ early aptitude for sci-fi in a setting that’s more low key and grounded than any of his later endeavours in the genre. If there’s a Spielbergian influence here, it’s from 1989’s Always, in which Richard Dreyfuss’ deceased fire and rescue pilot is supernaturally estranged from Holly Hunter – it’s more mawkish and meandering than this is. The third act is a little muddled, but it’s engaging enough to muster through all the same.

    How was it received? The first bona fide hit to credit Abrams as a writer, grossing $127 million worldwide. The critics were still a bit sniffy about its sentimentality, but for our money, it’s the best film on this list.


  11. Mickey Rourke — Hollywood Tried to Hex Mel Gibson, But He’s Got Too Much … (VIDEO)


  12. Mel Gibson Is Expecting His Ninth Child!!

    Mel Gibson’s having a baby … for the 9th time … with his 26-year-old girlfriend.

    Mel and Rosalind Ross, his GF of 2 years, are expecting the newborn sometime early next year … according to Mel’s reps.

    60-year-old Mel is an old pro — he had 7 kids with his ex-wife, Robin, and one more with Oksana Grigorieva. This will be Rosalind’s first baby.

    People first reported the pregnancy.

    Couple fun numbers: 36 and 6 … the ages of Mel’s oldest and youngest kids, as of today


  13. Exclusive: Mel Gibson in talks to star in action-adventure ‘Every Other Weekend’


  14. Mel Gibson Is No Longer Persona Non Grata in Hollywood

    After 10 years in director’s jail, Gibson is back with ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ and lining up acting projects said to have CAA and UTA in a race to rep the star, who was once fired by WME’s Ari Emanuel.

    For the past decade, Mel Gibson has received the cold shoulder from Hollywood.

    After a DUI arrest in July 2006, the Oscar-winning Braveheart director hurled statements about “f—ing Jews” at an officer. Within hours, the arrest report was leaked, and industry reaction was swift and sudden.

    Ari Emanuel, then at Endeavor, penned an open letter that said the industry can’t “allow Mel Gibson to get away with such tragically inflammatory statements.” (He later dumped Gibson as an agency client.)

    Fast forward 10 years in directors jail, and the freeze-out is thawing. With his latest directing effort, Hacksaw Ridge, garnering Oscar-level praise (THR’s David Rooney called the movie, about a conscientious objector in World War II, a “forceful comeback … that succeeds in combining horror with grace”), the embattled star is poised to make a comeback.

    “I’ve known Mel for many years, and his talents as a filmmaker are undeniable,” says Sue Kroll, president of worldwide marketing and distribution at Warner Bros. “He is a gifted storyteller and has created some really exceptional films.”

    Though Gibson publicly denounced his words and asked for forgiveness in the days following the arrest, he has been in directors jail ever since. In fact, Hacksaw Ridge marks his first foray behind the camera since Apocalypto, a film that opened four months after the infamous comments and whose Oscar chances took a nosedive amid the fallout. It didn’t help that Gibson previously had made disparaging comments about gays during a 1991 interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais. He later said he was under the influence at the time of the interview and “shouldn’t have said it.”

    Producer David Permut, who is gay and Jewish, had some reservations before teaming with Gibson on the film, but he decided to get to know Gibson personally before drawing conclusions. What he found was a man well at odds with the headlines.

    “Believe me, there were conversations I had with people who were questioning me about going down the path with Mel,” says Permut. “But he’s not the person some people interpret him to be on the surface. Ask anyone involved with this film — above the line, below the line — they all revered him. The crew would lay in front of the tracks for Mel. It was an amazing experience and a learning experience for me because I got to know the man whom I never really knew.”

    Permut is glad he did. After all, the producer had been developing the true story of Desmond Doss (played by Andrew Garfield) for 16 years before Gibson enlisted in 2014. That triggered Cross Creek Pictures (Black Swan) to come on board as financier. Lionsgate will release the drama Nov. 4.

    Mel Gibson in Talks to Star in Action-Adventure ‘Every Other Weekend’ (Exclusive)
    In the meantime, Gibson — once one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars — also is lining up work as an actor. He is currently in Ireland shooting passion project The Professor and the Madman opposite Sean Penn (Apocalypto screenwriter Farhad Safinia is directing). And he is in negotiations to play a CIA spy in Every Other Weekend, with the current plan to shoot that film in January (Clement Miserez and Jean-Charles Levy are producing the feature along with Peter Safran).

    As Gibson’s heat index rises, the jockeying to rep him has intensified. CAA and UTA are said to be chasing the star, now repped solely by manager Rick Nicita. Whether Emanuel’s WME enters that bake-off remains to be seen, though the agency reps Gibson’s partner, writer Rosalind Ross, who is pregnant with Gibson’s ninth child.

    “I think Mel has been misunderstood by people who may not know him, but nobody can take his talent away,” adds Permut. “Ultimately, I think time heals.”


    • Celebs that are fall-down drunks

      Mel Gibson

      While a case could be made that LaBeouf’s drunken rant is almost as bad, Mel Gibson’s 2006 DUI arrest still ranks as one of the top disasters in celebrity drunkenness. According to New York Daily News, the Braveheart actor’s career has never fully recovered from that fateful night in Malibu when he referred to a female officer as “sugar t*ts” and asked another officer if he was Jewish because “Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” TMZ also reports that Gibson was a handful who repeatedly threatened officers, made several other anti-Semitic remarks, and was just all around awful.

      Once his behavior became public, Gibson released a statement apologizing for his actions. “The arresting officer was just doing his job and I feel fortunate that I was apprehended before I caused injury to any other person. I acted like a person completely out of control when I was arrested, and said things that I do not believe to be true and which are despicable. I am deeply ashamed of everything I said. Also, I take this opportunity to apologize to the deputies involved for my belligerent behavior. They have always been there for me in my community and indeed probably saved me from myself.”

      In Gibson’s defense, he hasn’t had a major alcohol-related scandal since. As for his penchant for racist and violent rhetoric, that’s another can of worms for another day.


  15. ‘I’ve worked a lot on myself’: Mel Gibson would tell his younger self to ‘shut the f*** up’

    He did damage control on his tarnished movie star persona


  16. The double life of Mel Gibson

    After a brutal scandal essentially left him persona non grata in Hollywood, actor Mel Gibson is forging yet another comeback attempt with his sobering World War II drama Hacksaw Ridge (2016). This time, he’s also presenting himself as an actor who’s ready to move on from the past, who can go back to doing goofy things on late-night talk shows and talking about hot-button issues. While many critics have given him the “okay,” other people aren’t exactly ready to forgive and forget, much as Gibson apparently wants. Here’s why Gibson’s comeback might be another struggle—and why that struggle might be justified.


  17. Mel Gibson Calls Out Marvel Movies’ ‘Violence Without Conscience’

    Mel Gibson discusses the role of violence in film, singling out Marvel Studios’ efforts in particular as example of how it should not be done.


  18. 3 Celebrities Who Never Deserved to Be ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

    There are some celebrities who have terrible style and don’t dress their age, but then there are those who are so sexy they were awarded for it! People magazine has been dubbing famous men as the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ every year since 1985. It’s a pretty bold statement that essentially means nothing since it’s given to multiple men. Those who get the title always seem to be the year’s “it” man, someone who is getting all the leading male roles and has the world drooling over them.

    However, simply following this criteria can lead you astray. Many of the men who were given the title were actually awarded it after their sexiest years. Also, many of them have since been in hot water over very sensitive issues, which makes it hard for the public to ever find them sexy again. So which men need their ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ card revoked? Here are three stars who a lot of people would argue aren’t that sexy at all.

    Mel Gibson

    Ever wonder what man started People magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ series? Believe it or not, it was Mel Gibson. The blue eyed actor was shockingly sexy enough to the publication that they gave him the title and started a yearly trend. But what qualities other than his looks helped him get the title over other male celebrities?

    Back in 1985 the actor was still on top of his game. That year his movie, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was released. In it he rocked big hair with a grey streak topped off with a mullet. The action hero might have been pretty dreamy for the time, but when looking back at his character “sexy” doesn’t quite come to mind.

    However the year before, the actor was in The Bounty where he again rocked longer hair that was pulled back and showed his pretty boy looks. He was also in The River and Mrs. Soffel. With so many films, it makes sense that the next year he would be nominated, but many would agree that he wouldn’t be given the title today. Also, it’s unfortunate for People magazine that the controversial actor will forever be tied to their brand in this way.

    In 2006 the actor was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. That alone isn’t what muddied the actor’s fairly clean persona. During the arrest the actor said, “F*cking Jews … The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world,” according to the report. He then turned to the deputy and asked, “Are you a Jew?” The actor also reportedly noticed the female sergeant on duty and said, “What do you think you’re looking at, sugar tits?”

    Being dumb enough to drink and drive is already enough to strike you down from the sexy list, but to be anti-Semitic and sexist on top of that is really grounds for revoking the title. The actor is no longer A-list like he once was, but he has been able to continue his career after the arrest and many other unsavory blunders in his personal life.


  19. Mel Gibson Defends Nate Parker: “He Was Cleared of all That Stuff”

    Should a filmmaker’s work be separated from his personal life?

    Mel Gibson says yes.

    The Hacksaw Ridge director, whose own past has been marred by controversy, participated in The Hollywood Reporter’s Director Roundtable and defended Nate Parker. Despite The Birth of a Nation drumming up a ton of buzz after debuting at the Sundance Film Festival—it also sold for a whopping $17.5 million—the movie became a box office bust after director Parker’s past became headline news again.

    While Parker was a college student at Penn State, a woman accused him of rape. He was acquitted of the charges, but the case came back into the spotlight in 2012 because his accuser committed suicide. Parker addressed the tragic news in a post on Facebook, but the negative attention only increased after one of the actress’ in his movie, Gabrielle Union, wrote an op-ed criticizing the director.

    Gibson, however, told THR that the work of a filmmaker should be completely separate, and called the boycott of The Birth of a Nation “unfair.”

    “I don’t think it’s fair. He was cleared of all that stuff [a rape trial in which Parker was found not guilty]. And it was years ago,” Gibson answered. “You have to follow the system there. I think he’s innocent of all that stuff. The fact that he has to live with that stigma, and that it affects the art he does, is unfair.”

    Queen of Katwe director Mira Nair echoed Gibson’s sentiments, but noted that the film’s content furthered the controversy surrounding Parker.

    “I think yes, the art should be separated,” Nair said. “But in this case, it was ironic that at the heart of Birth of a Nation was the nature of what he was linked with [a rape of the lead character’s wife]. That was, I think, what created ambiguity and confusion in the eyes of the audience.”

    Despite the backlash, Parker maintained his innocence and said he wouldn’t apologize for what he did not do.

    “I’ll say this. I do think it’s tragic, so much of what happened and [what] the family had to endure with respect to this woman not being here,” he told Anderson Cooper on a 60 Minutes special. “I don’t want to harp on this and be disrespectful of them, but at some point I have to say it: I was falsely accused. I went to court, and I sat in trial. I was vind— [choking up]. I was vindicated.”

    Parker continued, “I was proven innocent, and I feel terrible that this woman isn’t here. Her family had to deal with that, but as I sit here, an apology is—no.”


  20. Lebeau would hackshaw really ressurct mel career. It was box office hit but he directed it not starred in it. It would give him clout as a director but not as actor. It also helps vince career since before hackshaw he was in 7 yeat slump


    • It made money. “Box office hit” might be a bit of a stretch. I mean, it never ranked higher than 3rd place at the box office. It makes the odds of Gibson directing again more likely than it was a year ago.


  21. Blind Items Revealed #2

    December 9, 2016

    This former A+ list mostly movie actor banished to the island of misfit actors thinks all has been forgiven. The thing is though, he is just as much of an a-hole as he was before. Maybe even worse. He is treating people like crap and gone back to his entitled being a jerk ways.

    Mel Gibson


  22. it did great worldwide.


  23. it more then double its budget world i thought it was more then base hit


    • More than double the budget means it probably made s profit. It did okay, but it’s not a “sit up and take notice” kind of thing. It’s not going to launch a Gibson comeback, but it could grease the wheels a bit for a future comeback vehicle.


  24. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mel Gibson

    Mel Gibson’s career in Hollywood has been one heck of a rollercoaster ride, not only for the actor, but for his fans and those who he works with as well. Gibson’s trajectory in the entertainment industry has been well recorded from his beloved Mad Max and Lethal Weapon days, to recent years which included being blacklisted from Hollywood. Now, the actor and director is attempting to make a comeback, so here are 10 things not widely known about the star:


  25. this Tuesday Oscar announcments come out let hope mel flick gets best picture and best director nom


    • Hacksaw Ridge is definitely in the mix for a Best Picture nomination in a group of about 5 movies fighting for two or three spots. Gibson is less likely to be nominated for Best Director, but he’s on the list just outside the top 5, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if he did grab a nomination.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Whoever gets nominated, we will have a complete list Tuesday morning. Feel free to sound off in the comments section.

        After the 1997 bracket game, we will turn our attention more fully to the Oscars (and Razzies).


  26. hackshaw moonlight hidden figures la la land Manchester by sea lion fences arrival are my predictions for best picture


  27. this article calls man without a face a hit but it made 24 mill of 25 mill budget lol am I missing something here ?


  28. mel scored best director nom looks like mel is back


  29. Suicide Squad 2: Mel Gibson, Daniel Espinosa amongst the candidates to direct


  30. Eric makes Captain Logan watch the sequel to his favorite movie of all time.


  31. I was wondering was mel patriot heath ledger star that big before he died. I don’t remember that much hype around him. in fact before dark knight his only box office hit was brokeback. just before he died people kind of forgot about him


  32. Hollywood’s first female studio boss on Angelina Jolie’s daily drug tests, defending Mel Gibson, supporting Tom Cruise and Scientology, and how her breakup inspired ‘Fatal Attraction


  33. Random Movie Night Episode 2: ‘Tequila Sunrise’ Features Mel Gibson As The World’s Dullest Drug Dealer


  34. “He grabbed a large glass ashtray and threw it through the wall. He threw the ashtray through the wall!”


  35. MoNique burning more bridges in Hollywood

    Regardless if you are black or white, you have to play the game in Hollywood. Now, if you are straight, white , male, and heteosexual, you may get a few additional chances (Mel Gibson) but even those additional chances run out. If you don’t come across as grateful for your success, talk too much, and if you bite the hand that feeds you, they will shut you out. Sometimes you just have to take responsibility for your own actions, but more importantly, you need to keep your business off the street.


    reply 14 4 hours ago


  36. How Did Mel Gibson Gets His Career Back?

    He made a well-received film.


    reply 1 7 hours ago

    He’s never been sorry for his statements. Oh, well. He is the toast of the town, that is for sure.


    reply 2 7 hours ago

    Because millions of people around the world agree with what he said during his drunken rampages, although they’d hang first before they’d admit it.

    —people cannot stand Jews.

    reply 4 7 hours ago

    He’s been absent from the scene for a long time and then directed a hit movie but he’s not exactly on top again. He won’t reach that peak again.


    reply 7 7 hours ago

    He’s kept a fairly low profile for a while. He can certainly get a film financed, and he can be a very good director. He’s also a white male, which goes a long way. I doubt he’ll ever be 100% “forgiven” but he’ll manage just fine.


    reply 8 7 hours ago

    That movie was well received but it wasn’t THAT well received. No one went to see it.


    reply 9 7 hours ago

    Because his rant was against Jews, an acceptable target for bigotry. Bigoted scum [R10] is typical. If Gibson had run his ugly mouth about African-Americans, he would be persona non grata in the US.

    —Life in Bigoted America

    reply 11 7 hours ago

    His inside ugliness has finally made it’s way to the outside, he looks terrible.


    reply 13 7 hours ago

    Money and talent, that’s how.


    reply 14 6 hours ago


  37. They’re getting too old for this! Mel Gibson reunites with partner Danny Glover at tribute event for Lethal Weapon director Richard Donner


  38. Bruce Willis is one of the most recognizable action stars in film. He emerged onto the scene with his Die Hard franchise. He has also played an important role in Pulp Fiction, The Fifth Element, and many other standout films. Not to mention his part in The Sixth Sense, shocking the world of horror without relying on constant gore or jump scares.


  39. Getting in on the action! Mel Gibson’s son Milo cast for key role in new movie Hurricane and is expected to star alongside Game Of Thrones’ Iwan Rheon


  40. WHET Jodie Foster?

    She says that she has remained friends with Gibson because she felt his controversial actions were due to addiction and mental illness and you don’t abandon a friend because of those reasons.


    reply 13 3 hours ago



    This B list mostly television actress is best known for her run on a very hit long running cable show which is still airing. She is taking a lot of flack from fans of that show for her public statements supporting a racist who used to be an A+ list mostly movie actor. Laurie Holden (“The Walking Dead”)/Mel Gibson


  42. Actors accused of unforgivable crimes

    Mel Gibson

    As of this writing, Mel Gibson seems to be back in the good graces of Hollywood after a decade of being ostracized following several high profile incidents involving disturbing off-set behavior. Those conflicts included hurling anti-semitic slurs at a cop during a DUI arrest and secret recordings of violent rants against his ex-wife, Oksana Grigorieva. Out of all of the dirt that came to light, perhaps the most disturbing allegation against the Lethal Weapon star was Grigorieva’s claim that Gibson “broke her front teeth with a blow that glanced off her jaw and grazed the chin of their infant daughter, whom she was holding at the time,” according to Vanity Fair. Gibson later admitted to slapping his ex “one time with an open hand in an attempt to bring her back to reality.” Not surprisingly, the pair finalized their divorce in 2011.


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