Review: Drive

Drive is one of those movies that benefits from a lack of expectations.  I went into Drive knowing very little about it and I would recommend that you do the same.  If you haven’t seen the movie, stop reading and go out and rent it.  The odds are if you are reading my little blog, you’re the kind of movie-goer who won’t be disappointed.
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The Walking Dead: 18 Miles Out

Last week, I skipped my usual Walking Dead write-up because I didn’t really have anything to say about Triggerfinger without repeating what I have said about every episode this season.  It was a frustrating mix of action scenes that worked and dramatic scenes that fell flat.  The same can be said of 18 Miles Out, but the mix weighs more heavily in favor of the action scenes.  As such, 18 Miles Out is an improvement over the first half of the season.
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Kings Island Flashback

KI Carousel Night 4.17.15
It never fails.  This time of year, when it’s cold and I’m working long hours, I start longing for spring to arrive.  And the thing I look forward to the most is the opening of Kings Island.
When I was a kid, we went to Kings Island once a year every year.  There were no season passes back then, and Kings Island was an expensive day for most.  I come from a large family, so that was even moreso for us.  But, my grandpa worked for General Electric, so every summer on GE Day, my entire extended family went to the park.  It was packed shoulder to shoulder, hot as blazes and completely glorious.  Next to Christmas, it was usually the best day of the year.
These days, we have season passes.  I take my kids and we have a good time.  Can’t wait to go back for Kings Island’s 40th anniversary this year.  But I saw some old pictures from the park as I remember it from my youth, and I wanted to share. Read more about Kings Island Flashback

Review: Super 8

Super 8 reminds me quite a bit of Steven Spielberg’s A.I.  A.I. started life as a Stanley Kubrick movie.  Kubrick wanted to collaborate with Spielberg and thought the material was more along the lines of Spielberg’s sensibilities.  But he could never get the tone right.  So Spielberg was left to complete the project himself after Kubrick died.
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The Oscars – Snub or No Snub?

Okay, I admit it. Despite some evidence that arms my better judgement, I tend to take the Academy Awards relatively seriously. The same can NOT be said for any of the other awards shows. Grammys? Avoid ’em like the plague. Golden Globes? meh. Tonys? Why would I watch? I haven’t seen any of the shows. The Oscars, however, hold a special place for me, in part, because they generally get them at least partly right. While business politics certainly play a role at times in who gets nominated or who wins, at least the Academy has mostly held out against public opinion when it comes to giving out their awards. The public has awful taste. The public made the “Flintstones” movie a hit. The public made “Cliffhanger” a hit. The public loved “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.”

Do they always get it right? Certainly not. You’d have a hard time getting everyone to agree on what that means, anyway. But I feel like most of the time, the film or performer that wins is indeed worthy, even if the winner wouldn’t have been my personal choice.

Every year about this time, we get lists of the “biggest snubs” in Oscar history. What is a snub? Well, in my book, it generally isn’t a case where a film or performance appears to me to have been a little bit better than the one that beat it. A snub is when I just can’t fathom what they were thinking. I will not be entertaining candidates who were not nominated. I also will not be listing great directors and performers who just never won. Anytime somebody wins, others lose. It is an inescapable fact. So, I will be addressing very specific matchup results which some people have denounced as “snubs” and I will ask the question: Snub or No Snub?     Read more about The Oscars – Snub or No Snub?

Disney's Top Secret Next Gen Project

The Disney Vacation Club is marketed as “Disney’s Best Kept Secret.”  This is something of an in-joke among fans because Disney goes to great lengths to spread the word about DVC.  By this point, it can’t be considered a secret at all, much less a well-kept one.  The best-kept secret at Walt Disney World these days has to be the details behind the Next Gen project.  For the last few years, people have been buzzing about Next Gen and what it means, but the details are still shrouded in secrecy.
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Juror #4: E. G. Marshall

“Now sit down and don’t say another word.”

E.G. Marshall makes an indelible print on “12 Angry Men.” His performance as “Juror #4” is both haunting and heartening. He displays the kind of tough-minded, exacting approach that should accompany any important endeavour. And he nearly puts it to use against justice.

*Warning, this article contains spoilers for “Creepshow” and “Absolute Power.”*

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Walking Dead: Nebraska

Walking Dead Nebraska
When The Walking Dead left off with it’s mid-season finale, I was frustrated.  The first half of the season  flirted with greatness (or at least very goodness) but got bogged down in a never-ending plot that was destined to go nowhere.  On the one hand, I was relieved to see the dreaded “search for Sophia” come to an end.  On the other hand, I couldn’t believe it took so long to get there.    After seven episodes of picking the show’s nits, I wasn’t overly excited for this week’s mid-season premiere.
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What the Hell Happened to Kim Basinger?


She’s been a Bond girl, Batman’s girlfriend and a corpse in a Tom Petty video.  Most recently, she played Zach Effron’s mom.  What the hell happened?  The easy answer is that Kim Basinger was a sex symbol who got old.  But the story of Basinger’s career is far more interesting than the easy answer would lead you to believe.
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