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Countdown to Kings Island 2012

Opening day is still a month away (April 28 to be exact).  It’s close enough to start getting excited but far enough away to feel like forbidden fruit.  With a month to go, I am starting my personal countdown.

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Juror #6: Edward Binns

You say stuff like that to him again…I’m gonna lay you out.

Edward Binns as juror #6 in “12 Angry Men” experiences the happenings of the jury room from the point of view of the audience, but gets the chance to intervene as well. At the beginning, he is just as sure as the others about the defendant’s guilt. His scene with Fonda’s Juror #8 in the washroom telling him to “wrap it up” reflects the impatience of most of the jury, but what ends up sticking with the viewer is a later scene in which he sticks up for a fellow juror against a bully. The house painter is just as tired and fed up as the rest of the men, but he takes the job seriously and his blue-collar ideas of what is just end up informing the proceedings.

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Betrayed by Kevin Smith

I am a little embarassed by the fact that I ever had any expectations of Kevin Smith as a film maker.  But the truth is, once upon a time, I looked to Kevin Smith as a voice for my generation.  It seems silly now.  But in 1994, it was the truth.

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Wrap-Up

Okay, so I don’t really have it in my to dissect the season 2 finale of The Walking Dead.  Every episode is the same with this show.  The writing makes no sense.  The characters are sketchy at best. And the pacing is terrible.  They spend way too much time having the same vague philosophical debates over and over.  The same characters will have the same argument two or three times in one episode. Read the rest of this entry

Review: Flesh and Bone

Friend of the site, Paul S, is the author of a wonderful site dedicated to two of my favorite actresses from the 80s and 90s, Michelle Pfeiffer and Meg Ryan.  We have had an on-going conversation about the two actresses in which we each picked a favorite.  Personally, I have always been more of a Pfeiffer fan myself.  But Paul makes a compelling case for Meg.

Like a lot of viewers, I hadn’t seen some of the movies in which Meg Ryan attempted to stretch beyond her “girl next store” romantic comedy image.  So when I heard Paul praise Flesh and Bone as one of Ryan’s greatest performances, I decided I needed to see it for myself.

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First Look: Walt Disney Imagineers Offer a Taste of the Be Our Guest Restaurant

As the Fantasyland Expansion has been shaping up at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Disney has dropped a few teasers as to what we can expect.  I haven’t picked up on many of them here at Le Blog becuase for the most part I covered them all at least a year ago when details were hitting the rumor mill.

Today, Disney released a short video showing some of the work being done on the Be Our Guest Restaurant.  Again, there’s nothing new here.  But when I saw the giant wall mural that was being installed, I have to admit I was impressed by just how much this restaurant promises to transport guests into Beauty and the Beast (one of my favorite animated films of all times, by the way).

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Avengers Alliance Game

I feel a little guilty posting this.  This is a busy time of year for me and my blogging has slowed down.  There are a lot of topics I want to cover and a backlog is developing.  So, I am a little reluctant to devote an entire post to a social media game.

I mean, social media games are annoying, right?  You’re constantly be spammed by the things.  They are basically just a pyramid scheme.  They are all the same thing with a different coat of paint.  All of this is true.  However, the new Avengers Alliance game on Facebook is still worth checking out.

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R.I.P. Robert Sherman (1925-2012)

Legendary songwriter Robert B Sherman, who teamed with his brother Richard to create some of the most memorable songs of the 20th century, died in London on Monday, the 5th of March, 2012. For the Disneyphiles who run and visit this blog, the Sherman brothers are an integral part of the history of that company’s film and theme park soundtrack. They have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and won two Oscars for their work on Disney’s “Mary Poppins,” one for the classic “Chim Chim Cher-ee”  Read the rest of this entry

Juror #5: Jack Klugman

“Oh, now, there was something personal!”

“Juror #5,” as played by Jack Klugman in “12 Angry Men,” comes across initially as a quiet, humble man who genuinely does not wish to make waves. It’s probably the only reason the prosecution let him through when it came time to choose the jury. Either that, or they were out of exceptions. It pains him to admit to the rest of the men that he has been a lifelong resident of a slum, but when the neighborhood the boy lives in is cited as proof of his guilt, he cannot help but speak up. Then, his expertise on what a knife fight looks like becomes very important.

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