Art of Animation Resort Map

It’s been a hectic month.  But this week in particular has been a doozy.  My wife had her wisdom teeth removed and her recovery was messy.  I’m happy to report, she’s on the mend.  But after a long week, we could all use a bit of a pick-me-up.

For me, that frequently comes in the form of planning my upcoming Walt Disney World trip.  Today, I booked our initial reservation for a Nemo suite at Disney’s new Art of Animation Resort.

Purely by coincidence, I got my first look at the resort map for Art of Animation today.

Pretty nice, huh?  Check out the big pool!  And hey, those Nemo rooms are centrally located.  That’s some primo real estate!

We have been hearing more and more about the Art of Animation as Disney slowly releases details.  For example, the food court promises to be second-to-none.  I’m sure Josie will be excited to see chocolate chip pancakes on the menu.

Originally, Disney has excluded Art of Animation from their discounts.  However, they have recently opened the floodgates.  Hopefully that will carry over into the fall.  Since my mom is traveling with us, the suites will be perfect for our travel group of 5.  And since Nemo is a family favorite, this resort seems like a perfect fit.

It’s still too early to cement the plans for our trip.  But after a bit of an exhausting week, it’s nice having something to look forward to.

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  1. Just seen this on wdwmagic. It looks amazing. So excited you guys are going this year. Hope your wife feels better. That is an amazing resort but for now, it’s out of our price range. We have to get three to four rooms everytime we go so it’s a little pricy. One day when we don’t have to pay for everyones rooms then we can stay at the more expensive resorts. You will have to have a complete trip report on it for us when you get back though ;).


    • Mindy is feeling much better, thanks. She still looks like a chipmunk though. She tried to go into work today after 4 days of bedrest and her boss sent her home.

      With that many rooms, I would look into renting a vacation house. We did that one year and it was great. There are some terrific deals out there.

      The AoA suites would be out of our price range save for 2 things. One, I expect a good discount given that we are traveling during the offseason. Two, we can split the room with mom. If we had to pay for it completely out of our own pocket, we’d stay in a regular room or a moderate resort instead. So, this is probably a one-time deal for us.

      There will definitely be an insanely detailed trip report this fall!


  2. Sounds like the vacation will be a blast! I hope your wife is doing well–wisdom teeth can be troublesome and painful, to say the least.


    • She is slowly starting to get feeling back in her mouth after the nerve damage. On the upside, she says she’s lost weight without really trying due to the liquid diet.

      We leave for FL 6 months from today. This trip represents a ton of effort on my part. Both in planning and saving up for it. But also all the various things I have done to prepare myself and the kids for it. There’s still a lot more to do and more to be sorted out. But I have no doubt that however things shake out, it will be a trip to remember. Hopefully in a goodf way!


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