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Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

It’s official.  This is where we will be staying in November.  I have been eyeing the Art of Animation resort ever since it was announced.  But I wasn’t sure it would be discounted during our travel dates.  As of Monday morning, we were able to apply the Free Dining Promo to our stay.  So, Art of Animation, here we come!

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My Disney World Memories – Part 8

In Part 7, we experienced Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom.   The year was 2008.  Mindy was pregnant with Kara.  And Josie was being mean to her grandparents.  I was just trying to hold it all together.  In retrospect, there were a lot more bumps in the road than I realized at the time.

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Was I Wrong?: Superman 3

The purpose of this column is to revisit a movie and see if my opinion has changed years later.  It might be a movie I liked or, as is the case here, a movie I hated.  Often, a different perspective or expectations can make for a very different movie experience.  Almost 30 years later, will that be the case for Superman 3?

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San Francisco, Day 7: Cosgrove and Peggy out on the town

The influence of mid-20th century American culture is still rampant. And why not? We’d pulled ourselves out of a financial depression to defeat a patently evil regime in a World War and found ourselves prosperous on the other end. It was time to celebrate and to make our myths for the modern age. Any era with money and hubris will spread its legs out and take up some room. As tourists on the tail end of the era, Lynn (Peggy) and myself (Cosgrove) took in the 20th century playhouse as presented in one of its signature cities.
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Review: The Amazing Spider-man

If you would have told me 10 years ago that a Spider-man movie would be the least anticipated super hero movie of the summer, I’d have laughed in your face. Well, maybe not. I’m not the laugh-in-your-face kind of guy. But after the conversation was over I’d have commented to others that you had no idea what you were talking about and what do you know about super hero movies anyway?

But here we are in 2012.  There’s a new Spider-man movie and it’s doing all right.  But sandwiched between the behemoth that was Avengers and the conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Amazing Spider-man can’t help but feel a little bit like an also-ran.  Or even a re-run given that it makes the puzzling decision to retell Spider-man’s origin story just 10 years after Sam Raimi told it.

*Spoilers below*

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San Francisco, Day 6: The Rock and a Hidden Gem

Okay, so first off, the top image here is neither of the sights referred to in the title of this article. What you see here is San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts, and it got the top spot because it is very photogenic. We will talk more about it later. If you’d like to know about the attractions mentioned in the title, click below now…
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San Francisco, Day 5: Shakedown Street?

I’m short on time today, so I’m going to let the photos do the talking this time around. For our July 4th we visited Golden Gate Park and its Cal Academy of Science. A fantastic museum. Then we walked out of the park and down Haight Street, visiting a few shops and generally taking in the scenery. Read the rest of this entry

Blade Runner: The Big Question


If you are a fan of Blade Runner, you already know what “The Big Question” is.  And odds are, you have a pretty strong opinion one way or another.  If you’re not a fan of Blade Runner, this article probably won’t be of much interest to you.  Sorry about that.  But if you read on, make sure you watch Blade Runner first as there are spoilers.

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San Francisco, Day 4: Zin and the Art of Marital Maintenance

When Lynn and I first decided on a visit to San Francisco as our yearly summer vacation, she made it clear that the one thing she really wanted to do was to see Northern California’s wine country. Not being a complete idiot, I helped make sure that we took care of this requirement early on in the process. In fact, today’s trip to Sonoma with a personal guide was reserved well before any of our other activities. Lynn has been looking forward to it over all other things, and it was finally here!
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San Francisco, Day 3: Tourists Ahoy!

Every vacationer has a different relationship with the word “tourist” and what it might mean. There is a pejorative quality to the term invoked by locals and others which paints the worst possible picture of the traveler. The image of an overweight bumpkin wearing black socks with sandals and a fanny pack comes to mind. While there are some activities which are labeled as “touristy” and therefore carry that same negative conotation..well, what can we say? We ARE tourists. And what of it?
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My Disney World Memories – Part 7

In Part 6, I covered the unusual circumstances that lead to our Fall 2008 Orlando trip.  After a bit of a rough start, we were finally ready to visit some of Orlando’s theme parks.  Mindy’s priority was Sea World which made it my priority as well.

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Beauty and the Beat

Need a laugh on a Monday afternoon?  Here you go.

San Francisco, Day 2: Winging It

In one of my previous articles I discussed the merits of both planning a vacation carefully and being willing to throw off the established plan and “wing it” when necessary. Today was my opportunity to practice what I preach.
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