Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

It’s official.  This is where we will be staying in November.  I have been eyeing the Art of Animation resort ever since it was announced.  But I wasn’t sure it would be discounted during our travel dates.  As of Monday morning, we were able to apply the Free Dining Promo to our stay.  So, Art of Animation, here we come!

With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to take a look around the place.  Let’s start off with a look at the resort map:

The main building in the resort is Animation Hall.  This is where guests check in.  There’s an arcade, gift shop and of course the food court.  (We’ll get to the Landscape of Flavors food court a little later.)

The Pixel Play Arcade. We will be avoiding this at all costs.

Okay, let’s get outside and look around a bit.

The central complex and the first to open to guests was the Finding Nemo suites.

And one of two bathrooms.

The Lion King Suites are scheduled to open Aug 10.

The final phase of the Art of Animation project is the Little Mermaid rooms which open September 15. These are tradional Value rooms unlike the suites in the other buildings.

These are promo photos and not the real thing.  But here are some of the menu items offered at the Landscape of Flavors:

This looks like a great place for families with young kids.  I am genuinely excited to check it out for myself.  In roughly 4 months time, I’ll have a personal account to share!

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  1. Actually, when you get a chance, check out the studio that makes the ‘Cars’ characters….

    They take real vehicles, cut them up and put them back together with the personality of the character portrayed. As a car (and ‘Cars’) lover, I totally geeked out.


    • That’s pretty awesome.

      Cars isn’t a favorite around my house. But when I saw the pictures, I figured I’d sneak over for a look-see.


  2. hello? why can’t i see dark knight rises? just keeps coming up ‘page not found’


    • Hi Sean. Sorry about that. I have been having computer problems. That’s the short answer. The DKR article should be up as soon as I get my computer problems ironed out. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  3. you don’t have to apologize…I just thought it was me


  4. I’ve been listening to some of the WDWToday podcasts, and one of the guys mentioned that they’re carrying nan at one of the Art of Animation food court spots. I’m a big fan of Indian food in general and nan in particular (if you’ve never had any, it’s like a flakier version of pita bread, and FAR superior). Any chance you’d sample some while you’re there and let me know if it’s worth my while to hoof it across the bridge from Pop Century to pick some up?


    • I’ll make every effort to do so. I have heard good things about the nan as long as you get it while it’s fresh. I have heard from some people eating late getting non-fresh nan.

      Here’s a pic:



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