What the Hell Happened to Demi Moore?

Demi Moore

Demi Moore

Demi Moore  was launched to stardom along with the rest of the Brat Pack.  But while her colleagues’ careers were cooling in the 90’s, Moore’s star kept rising.  By the middle of the decade, Moore was the highest-paid actress in Hollywood.  But soon after her career peaked, Moore walked away from it all to focus on her personal life.

So, what the hell happened?

moore - cross eyed

As a child, Demi was cross-eyed. She underwent two surgeries to correct her vision.

Demi Moore came from humble beginnings.  Her parents separated before she was born – a fact she did not discover until she was 13.  She was cross-eyed as a child and also suffered from a kidney dysfunction.  When Moore was 15, her mother left her husband and moved to Hollywood to work for a magazine-distribution company.  Two years later, Moore’s adopted father took his life.

Moore with her first husband, Freddy Moore.

Moore with her first husband, Freddy Moore.

At the age of 16, Moore moved out on her own.  She dropped out of high school during her junior year to pursue a career in entertainment.  Three weeks before her 17th birthday, she met rock musician, Freddy Moore who was married to another woman.  Six months later, at the age of 17, Demi Moore married the recently divorced rock star.

Freddy Moore was the lead singer for a band called the Nu-Kats.  Moore and her husband co-wrote three songs together.  The band is best known for one of those songs, It’s Not a Rumor.  Demi appeared in the video.

The song was not a hit, but it received a lot of play on MTV in the early 80s.

moore - oui

Demi Moore – Oui Magazine – 1981

In 1981, Moore lied about her age in order to pose for the cover of the adult magazine, Oui.  According to Moore, “only posed for the cover of Oui—I was 16; I told them I was 18.”  There were pictures of Moore inside the magazine, but Moore claimed they were re-purposed from a European fashion shoot.

moore - oui2

Demi Moore – Oui Magazine – 1981

That does look European if you ask me.

moore - general hospital

Demi Moore – General Hospital – 1982-1983

From 1982-1983, Moore appeared on the daytime soap opera, General Hospital.  Moore played investigative reporter, Jackie Templeton.

All of this was pre-Brat Pack.

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  1. Demi Moore is poised to return to TV

    Moore, whose last regular TV role was on General Hospital in the ‘80s, is set to play a mom whose 5-year-old daughter is kidnapped in the drama 10 Days in The Valley, from the co-creator of Rookie Blue. The project is currently being shopped to networks.


    • Blind Item #9

      This former A+ list mostly movie actress who has multiple celebrity offspring and multiple A list exes had to drop out of an upcoming project

      . It was drugs. The studio wouldn’t greenlight it with her involved.


    • Christ the woman is in her mid 50’s and she’s still playing the mom of a 5 year old??


      • Um excuse me Geena Davis is in her 60s and playing the mom of two teenagers in The Exorcist. Kim Basinger did several movies in her 50s where she played the mother of little kids. So did Susan Sarandon. Lucille Ball played a pregnant woman at 57 (!!) in Yours, Mine & Ours.

        But Moore is not doing the show anyway. She withdrew because it was going to be network TV and she wanted to be on cable for its recent prestige factor. Kyra Sedgwick replaced her.


  2. Was a great read thanks, how about an update from 2012 to now?


  3. Demi Moore.

    Back around 1992, my family and I were on vacation in Vegas.

    My mom, being a huge Robert Redford fan heard that he was making a movie at the adjacent hotel. Well, we had some time to spare and she wanted to see if she could get a glimpse of him, possibly an autograph.

    If you haven’t guessed yet, the movie being filmed was “Indecent Proposal.” The scene that we watched being filmed was where she is going to the hotel dress store, notices a dress she likes and R.R. ends up buying it for her.

    We hung around the hallway for longer than we should have (in my opinion at least, while you would think it would be interesting to see a movie being shot, it’s boring as shit). My mom spotted Demi, and suggested I ask for her autograph. I don’t know who this broad is or did I give a shit, but hey, I could get my mom an autograph since she knows who she is.
    Cut to 10 year old little girl me, waiting with a paper and pen in my hand as Demi went on her break and her bodyguard was escorting her to the elevator. I politely ask, “Ms. Moore, do you mind if I have an autograph?” She couldn’t be bothered to stop or even give me a response. Her bodyguard said, “She’ll give you one when she gets back” and they continued walking.

    Here I am, again, not really giving a shit if I got an autograph in the first place but whatever. We hung around some more, talking to the crew and getting some pics and she finally came back. Keep in mind, we were the only “fans” in the hallway and I was the only one asking for an autograph.

    I saw her exit the elevator and anxiously held out my paper and pen. “Ms. Moore, can I..?” Before I even finished she breezed past me, no eye contact, nothing. Bitch couldn’t stop for a goddamned second to give a kid an autograph. Now, I know it’s not like she spit in my face, but coming from a 10 year old, I didn’t really understand why she straight up ignored my ass. Again, we were the only people in the hallway aside from anyone directly working on the movie or various hotel staff.

    I was more upset because I wanted to get that autograph for my mom, not for myself. She damn well knew what she was doing and maybe I’m still looking at it through the eyes of a 10 year old, but for fucks sake you cunt. I’m glad she got fucked over by douchebag Ashton Kutcher, overdosed on whip-it’s while pushing 50 years old and her daughter looks like a f***ing potato.

    On the bright side, she’s been the only offending celebrity I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

    To name a few, Keanu Reeves, Ron Jeremy, Cher, Debbie Reynolds are some really great and gracious celebs. People like them make up for the Demi Moore’s of the Hollywood world.


  4. Demi Moore, Celebs Accidentally Register for Former Segregationist Party

    About 350,000 California voters may have accidentally registered for the American Independent Party, thinking it was the designation for independent voters, the Los Angeles Times reports.


  5. Demi Moore, 53, Lets Her Gray Hair Grow Out as She Embraces a More Laid-Back Look

    Demi Moore’s trademark brunette hair now includes some streaks of gray. The 53-year-old actress was spotted out at Pinches Tacos in West Hollywood, California, with her pregnant friend over the weekend, and kept her style very relaxed and her hair au naturel. Despite her laid-back lunch, Moore still knows how to go glam on the red carpet.


  6. Hi, I think you missed out HBO If These Walls Could Talk, 1996 I thought it worth mentioning since she starred and produced, among the strings of flop in that period.


  7. The paparazzi shots of her date with Leonardo Dicaprio are finally on the internet:

    These are from March 1997. Bruce Willis was filming The Jackal in Delaware, the kids were with a nanny in Idaho and Demi out on the town with Leo in Malibu.


  8. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Demi Moore

    Demi Moore first rose to fame in the ‘80s but, it was during the ‘90s, that she became an A-list star. She starred in box office successes like Ghost, A Few Good Men, Indecent Proposal and Disclosure; however, after box office disappointments like Striptease and G.I. Jane, she took a long break from the spotlight. Even though she’s made several comebacks since, her career is nowhere near as successful as it once was, but that doesn’t matter – people are still really interested in her as a celebrity. In celebration of her upcoming birthday, we have 10 things you didn’t the actress:


  9. That Oui cover says 1982 so it’s not the issue in question. This is the infamous one everybody talks about:

    It was largely forgotten then became controversial again when some of the pics were referenced on Tosh.0

    She turned 18 in November ’80 and appeared in an adult magazine with a January ’81 cover date. Talk about ambitious!


  10. I’m in awe of her plastic surgery. She was a goddess after the face work in her mid-thirties. I think she had these procedures done while her head was shaven for G.I. Jane. The transformation was unbelievable. Unfortunately Passion of Mind is the only movie where this freshly enhanced look was preserved on celluloid.


  11. Ashton’s Heartbreak! Kutcher Finally Tells About About Divorce From Demi Moore- What Does Pregnant Mila Think?!.html

    Years later, Ashton Kutcher is finally opening up about his life post divorce from his ex-wife, Demi Moore, and how one moment left him in complete “shock.”


  12. Actors almost cast in video game movie disasters

    Demi Moore (Lara Croft in Tomb Raider)

    Lara Croft is one of the most beloved video game characters of all time, having recently set the record for highest number of magazine cover photos—1,230—in history. “Lara Croft is one of the most vital and iconic characters in gaming, with a powerful legacy and a string of great games under her belt,” said editor of Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition Stephen Daultrey.

    The aforementioned number of magazine covers includes those from movies, culture, and lifestyle magazines, not just from video game magazines—and we bet Angelina Jolie was on the cover of a lot of them leading up to her debut as the big-screen version of the character in Simon West’s Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. But before Jolie was cast as the English archaeologist, Paramount Pictures reportedly looked into casting Demi Moore.

    It’s unclear if Moore chose not to move forward with the role or if the studio simply lost interest. All we know is that Jolie eventually joined the film and became the face of Lara Croft for many years. Now Warner Bros. is looking to change that with their 2018 Tomb Raider movie, starring Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft.


    • They dated in 2002 (when Demi moved back to LA) so it’s is a rerun. Idk why she choses these manchild types.

      One of the comments in the link mentions her being a “former high-priced Las Vegas callgirl.” I’ve seen similar comments on message boards, never gave it much thought. Did a Google Groups search and it turns out this rumor has been on the internet for at least 17 years.


  13. Episode #130 – The Scarlet Letter

    We finally get to the Roger Ebert tribute episode, with our movie pick voted on by you from his book “I Hated, Hated, Hated this Movie.” You chose The Scarlet Letter. You hate us. Meanwhile, Dan can’t seem to get ANYTHING right, Stuart reveals a very …


  14. Demi Moore

    Why was she a big star? She’s not talented and she’s not beautiful. Did straight men really find her hot?
    —Anonymous (2699 views)

    254 replies 254 Last Saturday at 4:52 PM

    She was big because she was married to Bruce Willis.


    reply 1 Last Saturday at 4:54 PM

    Demi Moore was a movie star as opposed to being an actress. She hit her expiry date in her early 40’s. Lots of other young, beautiful women to take her place. Yes, she was pretty in her day but then the bad movies and the plastic surgery started to take over. Toy boy Ashton Kutcher kept her in the spotlight for awhile but even he left her. Twinkle, Twinkle falling star……….


    reply 3 Last Saturday at 5:00 PM

    She was a shrewd business woman.


    reply 6 Last Saturday at 5:12 PM

    The fraus made her a hit, OP. She first appeared on General Hospital, and she was a hit.

    She was pretty, and her raspy voice was unique. She was a bigger star, with more work than Bruce Willis at one point (before they even met).

    Demi got very lucky. She and Melania Trump, actually did quite well for themselves, considering their original “profession”.


    reply 8 Last Saturday at 5:23 PM

    She was beautiful and has always been sexy. Her raspy voice and spunky personality set her apart from the rest. She was also a good actress who was in a number of entertaining movies.


    reply 11 Last Saturday at 8:42 PM

    “What the hell happened to Demi Moore?”

    …if I remember correctly, she and Phoebe Cates used to be good friends. At some point Cates recognized that Moore was very much intent on making it to the top, and was focused on this in a way that Cates couldn’t relate to, and they grew apart

    What the Hell Happened to Demi Moore?
    Demi Moore was launched to stardom along with the rest of the Brat Pack. But while her colleagues&…


    reply 12 Last Saturday at 9:25 PM

    She used to look like this.

    She has aged very badly because she’s too thin. There used to be a saying, when you get older, you have to chose between your ass or your face (figure or face), because older women need a little plumpness on the face to look more youthful. She’s stayed thin, so her face looks far too haggard for her age.


    reply 13 Last Saturday at 10:05 PM

    She was beautiful. Especially when she had her makeover and showed up looking very glamorous with the short hair. Plus she had something different. She had great instincts on what to scripts to pick. Then, what I think happened, is she got older and her confidence and instincts got rattled. She tried to hard to remain 29. She turned herself into a joke and it didn’t go well. She want from being an A list actress to being a publicity stunt. Foisting her ugly kids on us didn’t help any. She was a perfectly fine actress. To say she wasn’t beautiful is ridiculous. I like her a lot better than Julia Roberts.


    reply 14 Last Saturday at 10:09 PM

    Very true, [R14]. As soon as she got together with Kutcher, her descent was unavoidable.

    She also started getting f***ed up on drugs again. She was known for being one of the actresses who would not touch them, and almost overnight, she started using heavily. From what I understand, she nearly died during one incident. I recall seeing her often after that. She was very frail and thin. Tiny. The break up with Kutcher did a huge number on her.

    She has straightened out since, and has gained some weight. Hopefully she’ll remain healthy. She’s actually a very nice woman. I wish her all the best.


    reply 15 Yesterday at 4:45 AM

    She was very beautiful in that rare way that appeals to men and to women. The Audrey Hepburn kind of beauty, but filtered through an 80’s sensibility.

    And she was once the highest paid actress in Hollywood, which means she was the highest paid actress in the world. And yet, she couldn’t much act. She was photogenic. It starts and finishes there.


    reply 16 Yesterday at 5:20 AM

    What [R1] said. She was just a soap opera actress — and, as several critics noted, not a very good one — who struck pay dirt when she married Bruce Willis. His being a movie star (because of the “Die Hard” films) basically made it possible for her to become one herself. I’m sure if Willis had stayed in television after “Moonlighting,” she likely would have done the same.

    In fairness, Demi hasn’t been the only TV actress to score a film career because she married a movie star. Please see Jennifer Aniston and Garner.


    reply 18 Yesterday at 6:56 AM

    [R15], Demi had a drug problem almost from the beginning of her career. When she was in St. Elmo’s Fire, she had a hard time making it to set, due to drugs. She stopped after that, for the most part, and went downhill after her breakup with Ashton Kutcher. In the 80’s/90’s she was known as “Gimme Moore”, because she had an overly inflated ego, and made outrageous demands upon movie sets, which didn’t help her standing in the business. In the end, she pushed her weight around too much, her acting was never all that amazing, and her chickens came home to roost. She got what she deserved.


    reply 19 Yesterday at 8:05 AM

    Demi had already starred in a number of movies including big hits (Elmo, About Last Night) before marrying Bruce. So the person who wrote that she was just a TV star before her marriage is wrong.

    She doesn’t seem hungry for a “comeback.” If she was, she could have capitalized on her Charlie’s Angels role. She’s probably still very, very rich.


    reply 20 Yesterday at 9:09 AM

    She looked terrible in Charlie’s Angels.


    reply 21 Yesterday at 9:24 AM

    I always liked her. A lot. I should hate her for what she did to The Scarlet Letter. She’s got a filmography that’s unparalleled by nearly all actresses. Maybe not in quality but definitely in the money making department. Her slide started with the ridiculous Strip Tease. She should have never let herself get so thin and try for the Crystal Gayle hair.


    reply 23 Yesterday at 9:27 AM

    When was Demi Moore beautiful or a good actress? I must have missed that decade in movies.


    reply 24 Yesterday at 9:31 AM

    I always enjoyed her during her prime run, even if she wasn’t the greatest actress (she was fine, IMO). She had some quality that I liked. The voice, as others have stated, was unique.


    reply 28 Yesterday at 9:50 AM

    When Moore married Willis his star was on the rise, but she was already a movie star. He was just breaking out of TV. By the time she married Kutcher she’d been out of the spotlight for years.

    As she grown older her desperation to cling to her youth and to be seen as sexy meant that her movie choices became based on trying to show off how hot she was rather than choosing anything with substance. Her poor choices, not her fading youth, put the nail in her career while she was still in her 30s.


    reply 37 Yesterday at 12:44 PM

    She was pretty, but her personality was always coarse and off-putting. Once she became famous she started demanding a lot of money and her movies flopped. She does remind me of JLaw and vice versa, because both are white trash that worked a lot of pole to get to the top, but ultimately they don’t have the talent or grace to last in show business.

    —Miss Helen Lawson

    reply 39 Yesterday at 4:01 PM

    Courteney Cox came along and everyone confused the two


    reply 40 Yesterday at 4:19 PM

    I’m old enough to remember the s***storm when she was naked and pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair. Is seems so quaint and silly now in our trashy Kardashian era, but that was a big pearl-clutching scandal back then.


    reply 41 Yesterday at 4:20 PM

    I thought there’s be more love for Demi. I also thought when she was at the top she got more money than Julia ever earned. I just really liked her before she went off the rails. When she went off she went OFF. Her kids 911 calls, the dead man at her house, Ashton, her coolwhip or whatever you call that. Then she got that long MILF hair and MILF skinny. Showing up on the carpet with the younger set making her look even older. But when she was hot she was hot. Career and looks. I always thought her edge of abrasiveness was what gave her a lot of her appeal. For a brief time she exuded a lot of class and composure. Then it was fucking look out.


    reply 43 Yesterday at 4:22 PM

    “because both are white trash that worked a lot of pole to get to the top, but ultimately they don’t have the talent or grace to last in show business. ”

    Lol. How did Moore’s career not “last”. Sure, her prime could have been longer, but it was long enough for her not to be a flash in the pan. And, yes, some actresses continue to get great roles past her age, but, still, she had a pretty long run at the top compared to most.


    reply 46 Yesterday at 4:50 PM

    That ET video is disturbing. I wonder if Demi let the kid feel her up. She always seemed strangely sexual, but she was a hooker and turned tricks with her mom so maybe she was abused from an early age at the trailer park


    reply 47 Yesterday at 4:52 PM

    She had a coarseness and vulgarity about her that was unappealing.

    —Miss Joan Crawford

    reply 48 Yesterday at 5:04 PM

    she was a better actress than she’s given credit for. and she never pretended to be america’s sweetheart like that phony Julia Roberts.


    reply 49 Yesterday at 5:12 PM

    Out of curiosity i just started to watch Disclosure (i had never seen it). Well, after more than 20 years the sex scene between Moore and Michael Douglas is pretty racy. Didn’t expect that.


    reply 51 Yesterday at 6:04 PM

    JLaw has a lot more talent than Demi. She’s an acting powerhouse who will last far beyond when her looks begin to fade.

    Demi had charisma, which is more than most, but she wasn’t the greatest actress. She wasn’t bad, mind you- just not great.


    reply 56 Yesterday at 6:14 PM

    Demi Moore was not a hit on GH. She was brought on to pair with Tony Geary after Genie Francis left. She couldn’t act to save her life, and they tried to force her on the audience with mega publicity. They ultimately shoved her onto Scorpio’s character (This was before Emma Samms/Holly was on the show.). Even though she sucked on GH, she did have a great look. I didn’t like her character, but I thought she was great looking. She was also married at the time, to this young rocker guy. While her character was in limbo, Demi booked a movie called “Blame it on Rio.” It starred Michael Caine, Joe Bologna, Valerie Harper, and a newcomer with huge tits named Michelle Johnson. The plot was that Demi was Joe Bologna’s daughter and went on a family vacation with him, her friend Michelle, and Michael Caine. Michelle and Michael Caine ended up hooking up, with Michelle’s gigantic boobs swinging in his face most of the movie. Demi came out of the film unscathed. It was before she had her boob job. As you can probably imagine, the movie was a bomb, and Demi looked all the better as the one person in the film who wasn’t trashy, and she didn’t carry the storyline. She also looked great.

    I think around this time she split with her husband and started dating Emilio Estevez. That’s what really got her into the “Young Hollywood” crowd and out of the soap world. I recall an interview with her at the time, and she was also extremely driven. Very meticulous about following through on all her voice messages (it was before mobile phones). She kind of had the professionalism and focus I read Jennifer Aniston had when Aniston started booking things.

    She was in St. Elmo’s Fire and a others as a fifth lead, but what put her over was Ghost and the pixie cut she had in Ghost. I don’t know how she booked that job.

    Somewhere, along with the boob job, she did something terrible to her teeth. Made them long and skinny. Her mouth was always one of the most distinctive things about her, but after she had her teeth done the teeth made her look extra thin lipped, and ruined the shape of her mouth, which had been kind of lopsided or curvy in a distinctive way. However bad an actress she is, believe me she’s Cate Blanchett compared to her time on General Hospital. I do remember when she was married to Bruce Willis, Bruce said in an interview that the way Hollywood worked, they were already looking for a “young Demi Moore.” That Demi didn’t believe it because she was younger than him, but he knew that HW was already looking for younger and fresher meat.


    reply 57 Yesterday at 6:20 PM

    What unholy dirt does Demi have on Bruce Willis that would make Bruce agree to that humiliating red carpet walk many years ago with Demi and Ashton? Remember that? It was Demi & Ashton, and the kids, with Bruce tagging along behind. Bruce looked like a complete fool. And please, was Kutcher paid to “date” Demi? I never believed they were an actual couple.


    reply 58 Yesterday at 6:24 PM

    She was the female Tom Cruise

    Very limited talent but got good roles and later on became even more famous as a power couple with Willis. The two brought out the worse in each other. She’s horrid in the Scarlet Letter and Striptease. No one cared about her after that.


    reply 61 Yesterday at 6:31 PM

    She’s what my grandmother would have called common. She’s also not particularly bright, uncultured and frankly cheap. I never saw any appeal.


    reply 62 Yesterday at 6:56 PM

    Didn’t she move to Montana after she divorced Willis? She had a bomb or two before that. I thought she had just retired. She came back with CA and Kutchner.


    reply 63 Yesterday at 6:57 PM

    Her sultry/ slutty voice?


    reply 64 Yesterday at 6:59 PM

    I don’t remember Moore being a big, huge actress or star. Ever. ‘Ghost’ certainly gave her prominence but all these other movies were run-of-the-mill and unexceptional. In terms of these other movies I found her ‘acting’ underwhelming.

    Someone in Hollywood thought she was great because she kept working.


    reply 68 Yesterday at 7:09 PM

    She was the hot girl Brat Packer.

    She was good in 80s movies aimed at 20 somethings where she was essentially playing herself: St. Elmo’s Fire, About Last Night are the two standouts. But she could not move into more mature roles, did not have the comedy chops of a Sandra Bullock, couldn’t do serious acting. And then she married Bruce Willis.


    reply 73 Yesterday at 7:27 PM

    She should transition into a solid TV role.


    reply 74 Yesterday at 7:33 PM

    She was great in A Few Good Men.


    reply 75 Yesterday at 7:37 PM

    Demi was gorgeous but not a great beauty. She appealed to men and women at her peak and was likable . As an actress she had the same appeal that Madonna had as a performer cheap sexuality and ambition which appeals to women and straight men . She was also smart in that after she divorced BW she spent several years in seclusion raising her kids and then when she came back in Charlie’s Angels looking great and remarried Ashton.


    reply 76 Yesterday at 7:43 PM

    She was also great in Mortal Thoughts. I think it’s her best role.


    reply 77 Yesterday at 7:43 PM

    When she came back and remarried Ashton older women envied and worshiped her for a few years


    reply 78 Yesterday at 7:45 PM

    I love the Seventh Sign. One of my guilty pleasures.


    reply 79 Yesterday at 7:45 PM

    From what I remember, Demi Moore was more of a media star in the 90s, and her movies were not really seat-fillers except for Ghost and A Few Good Men (but that was more for Cruise and Nicholson). She was on a lot of magazine covers and got talked about a lot in the press, but she didn’t seem to be all that popular with the public.

    Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan (neither of whom I could stand) were truly popular actresses who sold movie tickets, for better or worse.


    reply 81 Yesterday at 7:49 PM

    [R15] got it right, good summary. I’ll add to say that Willis succeeded in keeping her away from drugs for the years they were together, he wouldn’t have tolerated her doing them near him or their kids. She became pretty domesticated there for a while during their marriage and I believe was mostly happy, at least until the end.

    I think she and Bruce did love each other; they married something like two months after the met and had a baby right away, and were married for more than a decade I think? Agree that the thing with Kutcher and their split screwed her up. She got too wrapped up in trying to stay younger than her age and that also hurt. Work opportunities of course slowed down but if she’d stayed reliable she would’ve still gotten parts.

    She made a ton of money at her peak too, she could have used that to move into producing her own projects. At one point she was the highest paid actress in Hollywood.


    reply 82 Yesterday at 7:59 PM

    [R73] She did successfully move into more adult roles. You might not have liked her 90s movies, but she got paid well for them.

    I think she made a mistake by emphasizing her body so much. She did that with G.I. Jane and Striptease. She was always talking about her workouts and dancing in a bikini on a talk show. It became kind of cheesy.


    reply 84 Yesterday at 8:07 PM

    Wasn’t there gossip about Demi’s emotional and drug problems before her split from Ashton?


    reply 96 Yesterday at 9:20 PM

    She got crazy doing bath salts one night and her daughters had to call an ambulance for her.


    reply 97 Yesterday at 9:25 PM

    Older women mocked her when she married Ashton [R78]. If they worshipped her it might have helped her career, but it didn’t. They thought she was ridiculous. I remember the women in my office discussing how delusional you’d have to be to think an attractive much younger man is still going to be around in a decade. Unless he’s painfully ugly no 34year old man is going to spring out of bed on his wife’s 50 birthday and not feel slightly embarrassed. They said that it might not be fair but it was true.

    And they were right, rumors of him cheating with college girls were rife before they split. And he’s since married Mila Kunis who is 20 years younger than Demi.


    reply 99 Yesterday at 9:57 PM

    Once she became a movie star post-Ghost she lost almost all vulnerability and her persona (which hardened along with her body interestingly enough) was all attitude and ambition. She was never much of an actress but in her Brat Pack years at least she exuded a softness that was at least somewhat relatable to women. By the early 90s she had lost all of that and was all about the publicity stunts and morphing her body into something sort of super human.

    Moore, Stone and Madonna often got lumped in together during this decade due to their overall “hardness” and naked ambition. But at least Stone proved herself to have talent (even if she’s totally cuckoo) – not to mention classically beautiful, which Moore never was.

    Honestly it’s a feat that Moore got as far as she did, had as long a run as she did, and even in her mid 50s, is still somewhat relevant (she’s certainly still a big name virtually everyone of all ages has heard of). And the friend who got disgusted with Moore’s ambition was Ally Sheedy not Cates.


    reply 100 Yesterday at 10:02 PM

    She admitted she got her voice to sound more raspy by spending hours screaming into pillows. I can’t remember where I once read that, but it was somewhere fairly reputable, like Vanity Fair.

    She wanted to be a star rather than an actress, but that only lasts so long for women, and when it was over, she panicked. Sheedy and Mare Winningham (the other two major women stars in St. Elmo’s Fire) really wanted to be actresses more than they wanted to be stars. Winningham still gets work; I’m not sure what happened to Sheedy. Not sure what happened to Judd Nelson and Emilio Estevez, either. Andrew McCarthy gets more work now as a travel writer than an actor.


    reply 106 a day ago

    She was just a late eighties B Movie hottie who married the biggest and best-liked action film star of the nineties and leveraged her publicity to land some big roles. She stank in all of them. ‘Indecent Proposal’ was the one that made her a global star, Thierry Mugler designed the dress she wore in the big scenes. She was actually plain, with a lantern jaw, (since shaved down) but her slutty aura and thick black hair made her seem sexy.


    reply 109 a day ago

    She was pretty good playing Parker Posey’s sister in HAPPY TEARS from a few years ago.

    She had a pretty good run of hits, especially when you adjust these for inflation.


    reply 112 a day ago

    Well, she was 20 at the time so there’s that. Gotta start somewhere. I watched GH then and my first impression of her was “Where the hell did they find this one?” but I quickly started to like her for her make it happen fortitude. Jackie Templeton was this hot babe savvy newspaper reporter who seemed like she mainly just coasted on her looks and pluck I guess . IRL, she shared an apartment with Nastassja Kinski around this point in time which must have been interesting.

    I went to a Gen. Hospital fan event in early January ’83 in Chicago and Demi was there along with Stuart Damon, Tristian Rogers, and the lovely Sharon Wyatt. I’d say about 200 or more showed up and it was fun because the host of AM Chicago emceed the thing. I heard a murmur from some frau as we filed out saying that she noticed Demi was acting coked out but I couldn’t tell. My mom’s friend Nancy, a former neighbor friend came over that day and shlepped me and my family (I was 20 and still lived at home) downtown impromptu to see this GH promo event hosted by Rob Weller of AM Chicago at 5 pm on a Sunday. It was just like a TV show but wasn’t taped to air even though it would have made for a decent AM Chicago showing. Demi was cute. She didn’t talk much but seemed like she was trying to enjoy being there at least. She wore a turquoise miniskirt with a snug fitted white and turquoise striped top and white stockings and she jumped onto Stuart Damon wrapping her arms and legs around his bod at the end of the Q&A session which was kind of a kooky thing to do but so what.

    I used to read (subscribe to) Premiere Magazine in the 90s and I think an article said Demi was getting 20 mil a pic during mid 90s; Butcher’s Wife/Scarlet Letter era. I thought it outrageous but also felt that since male actors were commanding that price so why not her. She doesn’t need to work. Her production company financed the Austin Powers movies and a few other blockbusters. She’s been pretty rich for a long time. Not bad for some poor white trash gal from KY. I admire her. She was cute and amusing in that Wild Oats movie I thought.


    reply 113 a day ago

    When Demi was on General Hospital, she had a really deep, raspy voice. Years later, when she was in “A Few Good Men,” her voice sounded high-pitched and unnatural. I’m surprised that someone said she was trying for raspy by screaming into pillows. It sounded to me like she had been coached to eliminate the raspiness.


    reply 133 18 hours ago

    I was always under the impression G.I. Jane sort of broke her down, acting-wise.

    I remember it was supposed to be her big “serious actress” breakthrough…people talking about how she transformed her body for the part and whatnot.

    She’s really good in it, and its one of the few parts of the time you can’t picture any of her peers doing. Could Julia Roberts have pulled it off? Nicole Kidman? Jodie Foster? None of them had the toughness or the sheer physicality required.

    When it wasn’t the giant hit people thought it should be, it seemed to really bring it all down.

    Still like her though.


    reply 134 18 hours ago

    As twisted as she became later in life, there are some stories of her niceness. GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn says that she was also up for Jackie Templeton, had gotten the wrong sides or something, and Demi, who was also there reading, ran the lines with her and helped her prep. Couldn’t have been nicer.

    I think she was a real party girl AND probably a nice, accessible person early on, but then as soon as she got major celebrity her life became about being a celebrity, which always happens.

    I believe she reconciled with her mother before her mother died. Demi was one of three actresses with major stage mother issues – Meg Ryan and Jennifer Aniston being the other two. I think all three moms wrote books, and all three moms made money off their daughters in the trashiest ways they could think of. Jennifer Aniston did speak to her mother before she died, but I think it was still pretty strained, and I’ve read Meg Ryan never spoke to hers. What I read was Demi Moore reached out to her mother after her mother got cancer, and took care of her through the end. She said something about there comes a point where you are the adult and act like it. She also said she realized all her life her mother just wanted to be taken care of, and that’s what Moore did for her mother, that unconditional caretaking, with the roles reversed. I’ve read enough stories about her niceness in her early days to believe it has to be a real part of her.

    That old story about women having to choose between their face and their ass is wrong. No, if you are a super waif in your teens and twenties, you probably need ten pounds when you’re in your thirties. But a woman certainly doesn’t have to choose between the face and body. First of all, if you’re getting old, there’ s choice. Both face and body will age. But fat does nothing for a woman’s face but eliminate her bone structure and make her look bloated.


    reply 141 17 hours ago

    I didn’t like her as an actress but I am (in general) a fan of the raspy voice. It also must be noted that Demi is an excellent crier. Big, juicy, voluminous tears. Do not underestimate this part of her appeal.


    reply 143 17 hours ago

    [R134], my understanding with GI Jane, is that she embellished what she had to go through to prepare for the role. She made out she went through some of the training that actual navy seal recruits have to go through. However, it came out later that all she did is take a tour of the base. Though the movie was a success, her career started to decline around that time.


    reply 144 17 hours ago

    “Sandra Bullock could have pulled off GI Jane”

    But Angelina Jolie would have killed it. Hilary Swank would have been good too. It’s been a long time since I saw that movie but I remember not liking it at all, the storyline, Demi as GI Jane, all of it was unbelievable and really just kind of stupid.

    A lot of people stopped liking Demi when she started “dating” Ashton. The whole situation was so weird.


    reply 149 16 hours ago

    The movie received mixed reviews from the critics, but really, it wasn’t very good. She gave some interview were she boasted about all the training she went through for the film. As stated above, it later came out all she did was take a tour of the navy seal base. The fact that it didn’t do all that well at the box office after all the hype, especially after striptease, began to affect her career.


    reply 150 16 hours ago

    I liked her up until St. Elmo’s Fire.

    She became humorless and laser focused on being a mega-star afterwards.

    She has become entirely uninteresting, guarded and insufferable.

    Reports she’s into $cientology cult makes her truly vile.


    reply 151 15 hours ago

    I liked her up until St. Elmo’s Fire.

    She became humorless and laser focused on being a mega-star afterwards.

    She has become entirely uninteresting, guarded and insufferable.

    Reports she’s into $cientology cult makes her truly vile.


    reply 151 15 hours ago

    She dumped Emilio after he put her in his movie WISDOM and it flopped.


    reply 156 15 hours ago

    She was called Gimme More in Hollywood. Producers and studios got sick of her many demands.


    reply 164 15 hours ago

    Yeah, they go on the red carpet and act like they are stars so they are fair game.

    Demi never really rebounded. Maybe after Charlie’s Angels for a brief moment, but her career died with Striptease, GI Jane, etc


    reply 167 14 hours ago

    She was strangely great on General Hospital during, or maybe just past, it’s most popular time. As young Jackie Templeton she sure captured my middle-school attention after school. Her smoky voice was sexy, even to a little gay boy. Another character on the show called Jackie “Gravel Gertie, the speech teacher’s nightmare” –I wonder if that was scripted or not.

    Haven’t paid much attention to Moore’s career since the Willis marriage, but the other night I saw her in a small but affecting role in “Bobby,” where she gave a great performance as a cabaret torch singer whose act was out of touch with the late 1960s, even if she was trying not to be.


    reply 168 14 hours ago

    It’s too bad that Demi did not transition to a police procedural or a Kay Scarpetta type TV series. She has major drug issues along with major body and face issues. None of those 90’s women – Demi, Meg, Julia, Michelle, or Jodie has managed to successfully transition to good middle aged roles.

    —Miss Helen Lawson

    reply 171 14 hours ago

    ” She was actually plain, with a lantern jaw, (since shaved down) but her slutty aura and thick black hair made her seem sexy. ”

    I’d say she was actually sexy. This whole “it was an illusion” theory is sort of ridiculous. She was considered sexy for whatever reason – looks, voice, attitude.


    reply 172 14 hours ago

    She was very attractive. Not to gay men – too calculating and remote – or even to women, by and large, but she was always considered attractive into her 30s.

    Julia has clung on to some extent. She still gets first pick of the Oscar bait and mid-level studio roles, even though her mainstream parts are ignored. She isn’t the type whose acting suits superhero franchises so she’ll never make that kind of box office $$ again. Plus Jennifer Lawrence plays parts for every age group under 55.


    reply 174 14 hours ago

    I loved her in St. Elmos Fire, as ridiculous as the movie is. She’s supposedly just out of college, but she comes across as a 35 year old coke whore/alcoholic. Good stuff. Plus she has a killer tacky 80s apartment and is supposedly good with the gays (she does, afte rall, refer to stereotypically gay Ron as “so fabulous). Lol. Someone should resurrect that thread.


    reply 176 14 hours ago

    I was just thinking that Demi, an OK actress, and Jodie Foster, a great one, missed the mega-millions superhero franchise roles by a generation. Either of them could have handled those roles just fine.

    Same with the other women of the Brat Pack era. Now they are playing grandmothers, while Tom Cruise continues to play a leading man love hero.


    reply 177 14 hours ago

    Demi Moore was never really that good an actress. She was very driven and ambitious, her marriage to Freddy Moore helped her get started to a certain extent. Then she banged a series of photographers and agents, who got her exposure, magazine covers etc. Dating Emilio Estevez introduced her to the brat pack scene, that helped her get better film roles and more visibility. Marrying Bruce Willis was the next step, he was the new “hot” star back then. She was also either lucky or shrewd in the early projects she chose, as quite a few were very successful, and the ones that weren’t, she managed to walk away from.


    reply 182 14 hours ago

    [R14] is right that back in the day, she showed some good instincts when choosing scripts. She sure picked a lot of hits. Ghost was not considered to be that much of a property even by the studio, then it became a huge hit. I remember an interview with Demi where she said she really believed in Ghost and thought it would be a good role for her. Obviously she was right.

    She had quite the string of hits in the 90s until Striptease flopped big time. GI Jane was considered a disappointment, too, at least financially. It wasn’t an outright flop but it didn’t do as well as expected either. She did get some good reviews for GI Jane, though. [R37] is right that when she came back after a hiatus, she seemed to lose her instinct for picking good scripts, although roles for women in their 40s or older are notoriously hard to come by.

    I remember her as Jackie Templeton on General Hospital. The producers did try to pair her character with Luke, but it was clear they had no chemistry, so they put her with Robert Scorpio. Not much chemistry there either. I remember, though, that there was something unique about her. She had a screen presence even back then. The girls in school would talk about how pretty she was, how she did her hair, her clothes, her make-up, etc., much more than the other actresses on the show. You noticed her. She stood out.


    reply 190 11 hours ago

    [R191], it’s been ages but I think they just had her character Jackie Templeton, who was supposed to be a journalist, leave Port Charles to pursue her career elsewhere. By the time Demi left GH, they had turned her character into a nasty, spiteful bitch. Robert Scorpio dumped her to marry Holly, who was pregnant with Luke’s baby but everyone thought Luke died in an avalanche or something like that. Holly was going to be deported, so Robert, who was no police commissioner, married Holly. Eventually, Holly and Robert fell in love. Jackie Templeton did everything she could to write stories portraying Robert as inept. Her character became so awful and vengeful, no one was sad to see her go. In fact, I seem to remember reading an article that Demi didn’t like what GH was doing to her character so she left.


    reply 195 11 hours ago

    It’s bizarre that Hollywood considered her a box office draw. All of her big hit films had co-stars who were as big or bigger than she was. She never really headlined a hit on her own like Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock were doing in the 90s.


    reply 199 10 hours ago

    I remember reading an article in some industry rag where, even after a ton of hits, she was considered an “asset” but not an “opener”. Good for an ensemble cast but not so much for the lead — e.g. “G.I. Jane”, “Scarlet Letter” or “Striptease”. I liked her far more as an actor than as a person. She was one of those trashy rich who wouldn’t wear the same pair of socks twice (truly).


    reply 201 10 hours ago

    I remember that, too, about Demi Moore. She was a bad actress on GH, and I didn’t care for her character at all, but I was very interested in her hair, her make-up, and her clothes.


    reply 203 9 hours ago

    I doubt Demi is laughing at women who are working now, since she is relegated to crap like Wild Oats that barely aired on Lifetime.

    Her obsession with her looks undid her.


    reply 205 9 hours ago

    She has 3 movies coming out that sound pretty good. She does about one movie a year. She just isn’t going to be competing with Emma Stone and JLaw.

    She got huge because she was sexy and had some appeal but she was over exposed and didn’t pretend to be humble and the public doesn’t like that. She was also difficult to deal with for hollywood.

    I still love watching the 7th sign. Its kind of a guilty pleasure but i was never a big fan.


    reply 208 8 hours ago

    Always kind of liked her and she was a pretty good actress. Mortal Thoughts a great little flick.


    reply 209 7 hours ago

    Demi was definitely A List in the 90s. The others were Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, and Sandra Bullock. Am I forgetting anyone?


    reply 213 7 hours ago

    I just want to give her a makeover. Give her a classy older woman type look. That MILF hair has got to go. I hate to keep harping on her kids but really foisting those ugly bitches on the country really was the straw that broke her career’s back. At least Bruce had the good sense to distance himself from the sisters grim.

    Molesting Jeremy? Do you think she was licking boy poo off her fingers? Did she know Bruce at this time? Maybe she was grooming him?


    reply 215 7 hours ago

    She’s the epitome of a “non-actress.” Always has been.


    reply 230 5 hours ago

    It sounds to me like she had a pretty rough start in life. Somehow she managed to get into television and the movies from some mediocre modelling gigs; from their she traded up husbands and boyfriends, till she got her big break in Ghost. She got lucky with that project, and, after she married Willis, was part of the A list. If you take a look at a lot of her most successful movies, she was never the main focus of the film, any time she carried a project solo it bombed. Simply put, she wasn’t that good an actress. She could be affective in certain roles, with a director who knew how to get the best out of her; but even in Ghost it was Swayze and Goldberg who did the heavy lifting.


    reply 252 3 hours ago

    Whenever she was the main focus of the film, it was a disaster. Case in point: Striptease. She couldn’t even play mother to her own real-life child believably! Showgirls is garish, tacky, stupid, incoherent and misogynistic, but this is arguably worse because it ruins worthwhile source material: a book by Carl Hiaasen. And to think it had the same editor as Lawrence of Arabia!


    reply 253 3 hours ago

    No. You’re not giving Moore enough credit. She was vulnerable and subdued in GHOST in a way we hadn’t seen yet from her onscreen. This scene alone shows that Swayze and Goldberg weren’t the only ones doing the heavy lifting…


    reply 255 17 minutes ago


    • Re: “Mannequin” Turns 30 Years Old This Month

      The only Brat Packer that was able to fully divorce themselves from that clique was Demi Moore and it took her marrying Bruce Willis (who was a big TV star at the time) for her to cut that cord and get the connects in Hollywood in order to get those A-list roles in the early 90s. I’d mention Rob Lowe as another (distant) example, but it took him decades for him to finally be not only known as the prettiest member of that crew (no thanks to that underage DNC scandal).

      I didn’t even know that Anthony Michael Hall was supposed to be in Full Metal Jacket.


      • I do wonder how Demi was able to successfully move past her Brat Pack stigma/image (before I started regularly visiting this blog, I didn’t fully realize that there was such a decidedly negative stigma behind it)? I’m guessing (w/o repeating what others have said) unlike say somebody like Molly Ringwald for example, Demi Moore was never pigeonholed/typecast as being a teenager and John Hughes’ favorite leading lady. And trading in Emilio Estevez (who was arguably, the unofficial “leader” of the Brat Pack) for Bruce Willis at the height of “Moonlighting’s” success and just before “Die Hard” took him to the next level, of course helped. And then, she was fortunate enough to land a huge blockbuster in “Ghost”. I guess, in some respects, Demi Moore was much more savvy then the other Brat Pack members and had the “right look” to be a movie star/starlet.


    • Quite possibly the stupidest thing I have ever read (‘not beautiful’). She is undeniably beautiful:

      All of these pics are post-plastic surgery. Some say her beauty is solely due to plastic surgery, but it’s not true. She was gorgeous in Ghost. At that point she hadn’t had anything done:



      There was something about her that was so sexy in her early days, when she was in Blame it on Rio, One Crazy Summer and on General Hospital. Her Oui magazine nude photos gave her a porn past that she never talks about.

      Her acting started to go off track in About Last Night, and I didn’t like her as much when she started dating Bruce Willis, and had an arrogance not matter what role she played.
      Now she seems so guarded and uninteresting that I can’t imagine her doing anything relevant again.

      At what point in Demi Moore’s career did you lose interest in her?

      —Anonymous (225 views)

      18 replies 44 hours ago

      I used to have so much respect for her when she quit Hollywood and moved to Idaho to raise their kids. They went to normal schools and were out of the spotlight. Then right when the kids were at the make or break early teen years she moved them back to LA , hooked up with Ashton, and went back to drugs. Just in time to screw them up for good. She did so many articles saying how she was sober and it seemed to be true. Then she just threw it all away. Younger people don’t realize how famous she was back in the day.


      reply 13 3 hours ago

      She really made a fool of herself when she married young Ashton Kutcher and tried so desperately to hang on to him, even when the relationship was falling apart at the seams. Then she sued him for $$$$$$$$. The last I read she was living with a 26 year old young man. Sad.


      reply 15 an hour ago

      Demi Moore was a movie star as opposed to being an actress.

      The writing was on the wall when she made her big (?!) comeback in a Charlies Angels movie in a supporting role after having extensive cosmetic surgery done.


      reply 16 an hour ago

      She had a lot of charisma in the 80s, but by A Few Good Men, she had lost her unique appeal.


      reply 18 16 minutes ago


    • 15 Actors Who Should Have Retired By Now


      It’s difficult to propose a middle-aged actresses retirement without sounding pretty chauvinistic—especially in an age where interesting roles for older actresses are becoming more prevalent. That being said, there’s not really much in Demi Moore’s more recent filmography to suggest she’s headed for Big Little Lies territory.

      Despite her talent and taste for interesting roles in her early years, Moore’s output has been lackluster for quite a while now. An early retirement would have suited her reputation just fine, and it probably still would. Otherwise, she may just be resigned to play moms in tween dramas and villains in action B-movies for another 10 to 15 years. But hey, there’s always the possibility of a really subversive G.I. Jane 2, right?


    • 15 Movies That Completely Ruined Actors’ Reputations


      Nominated for two Golden Globes, Demi Moore has had her fair share of box office hits and disasters through the years. She rose to fame with 1990’s Ghost, a paranormal love story starring opposite Patrick Swayze that was a hit with audiences and critics.

      She went on to star in the hits A Few Good Men and Indecent Proposal in the next few years, but things started going south when the actress took a role in the film Striptease in 1996.

      Although the book by author Carl Hiassen was extremely funny and full of satire, Striptease, a movie about a single stripper mother caught up in a murder plot, plays it too straight to come off as satirical. Instead, the movie comes off laughably bad, with one gratuitous topless dance scene on top a stripper pole after another.

      After Striptease, Moore was still able to get work in movies like G.I. Jane and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, but her career definitely took a hit that it never really recovered from.


  15. Demi Moore Set To Recur on “Empire”

    by Denise Petski
    February 21, 2017

    Demi Moore is set for a recurring role on Fox’s hit hip-hop drama series “Empire”. Moore’s character will be introduced in the Season 3 finale this spring.

    She’ll play a take-charge nurse with a mysterious past who will become ever more treacherously entangled with the Lyon family in Season 4. Her daughter, Rumer Willis, joined “Empire” during the 3rd Season as singer/songwriter Tory Ash.

    “Empire” returns from its winter hiatus Wednesday, March 22nd.


    • I haven’t seen a single episode of Empire and don’t know anyone who watches it. I saw an interview with Terrence Howard from things he said about the show, it sounded gross.

      Her new movie Blind looks good though. She finally got another lead role. It obviously won’t get a wide release but at this point I’m just grateful she has a lead role in something (after years of supporting nobodies. How her ego allowed her to do ‘Very Good Girls’ or ‘Another Happy Day’ boggles the mind).


  16. Family of student who drowned in Demi Moore’s swimming pool during a party at her Beverly Hills mansion sue because ‘the pool was not well enough marked’


  17. Remember That Moment When Jules Freaks Out in St. Elmo’s Fire?

    That said, I want to talk about Jules. She’s played by Moore, and is arguably the real heart of the story. Jules works as an international banker but is having trouble letting go of her youthful escapes and as such, remains the group’s “party girl.” On top of that, she’s having an affair with her very married boss. At the bar where the friends all meet, St. Elmo’s Fire, she confesses this to Leslie (Sheedy), her best friend an aspiring architect, who expresses great disappointment and tries to dissuade Jules from the whole scene, including her lavish lifestyle of spending and partying. Further complicate things, later that night, Jules gives Billy (Lowe), the team’s man-child-type, who is a newly reluctant husband and father, a ride home, where, unsurprisingly, he makes a pass at her. This only infuriates her and she kicks him out of the car. But it’s about to get worse for poor Jules.

    Eventually, she runs out of control. First, she gets axed from her job and is so far in debt, she loses all of her possessions, seized by creditors. The affair over as well, humiliated by her choices and overwhelmed with the sudden collapse, she has a significant turning point. Numb and crashing hard, she strips down to only a loose t-shirt, locks the door to her apartment, opens the windows of her spacious apartment and sits on the floor, inviting the winter freeze to embrace and kill her. Talk about a slow doom.

    As her friends arrive and unable to get inside, other issues between them create problems as they work to try and save Jules, namely Alec’s (Judd Nelson) attempted murder of his best friend Kevin (Andrew McCarthy) over the railing of a fire escape outside Jules’ window. Why is Alec trying to leave Kevin a pile of mush on the pavement below? Hey, watch the movie. This isn’t Wikipedia. I’m talking about Jules right now. Either way, the whole gang shows up, and it’s finally Billy that busts his way in, and we come to the best part.

    I won’t spoil what happens, but when you do watch it, and watch it you will, pay attention to this sequence because it’s some of the best work both Moore and Lowe have done, and serve as a rehearsal of sorts for their next film, About Last Night, in which they play a couple in and out of love. Moore is especially convincing here and their seriously compelling dynamic is obvious, with Lowe at the peak of his charm-boy status and Moore going against type and portraying some truly painful vulnerabilities. While the film itself is tonally all over the place and the direction lacks any real momentum, it’s the characters that keep St. Elmo’s Fire burning, and Jule’s freakout is the very best in the show. Go back in time and catch some fire.


  18. Episode 198 – The Juror

    On this week’s episode, the gang goes to court with Demi Moore and Alec Baldwin in the ridiculous legal thriller, The Juror! Why does Alec Baldwin’s mafia fixer character have a Jackal-esque nickname? Could Anne Heche be a bigger Dead Meat side character? And what is with all the box puns? PLUS: That. Dragon. Video game.

    The Juror stars Demi Moore, Alec Baldwin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Heche, Tony Lo Bianco, Lindsay Crouse, Michael Rispoli and the legendary James Gandolfini; directed by Brian Gibson.


    • Anne Heche’s small role in The Juror was useless and disgusting. I’m surprised Demi didn’t insist the part be written out. That scene where Heche’s character is murdered in bed was so unsavory it ruined an otherwise decent film.


  19. NAUGHTY GOSSIP 11/23

    This movie star beauty doesn’t have the BEST VISION and never leaves her house without her CONTACT LENSES to correct her vision. But without them she is not only blind, she is cross eyed! Sometimes she is spotted out wearing glasses but she is never seen with just her natural eyes! She literally couldn’t walk across a room without bumping into the furniture! Demi Moore


    • Gossip no one in Hollywood will say out loud!

      Tom Cruise, VERY A.D.D. and jumpy and talkative, and Ashton Kutcher, a nice guy, kinda quiet believe it or not, were both CAA clients when I left 2 years ago, not sure if they still are.

      Demi Moore wasn’t but she had a couple of meetings with CAA during and oddly enough AFTER her breakup with Kutcher, Kutcher pushed her to sign with CAA to no avail when they were together and then she kept on scheduling meetings and NEVER SIGNING with CAA. Time after time. A VERY strange woman and sometimes not the nicest person. OK MOST of the time.

      Basically she’d come into these meetings and make demands and treat people like crap and TALK nonstop and never sign because SOMETHING would always come up.

      Boy does she love to hear herself talk…

      —Former CAA Employee

      reply 276 03/01/2017


  20. The real reason we don’t hear from Demi Moore anymore

    After a difficult childhood marred by cases of alcoholism and suicide in the family, Demi Moore left behind her life in a New Mexico trailer park in pursuit of the bright lights of Tinsel Town. Three decades and three husbands later, Moore’s name is known the world over, but her face is rarely seen anymore. So what happened?

    She became a teen icon in the ’80s, and by the ’90s was the most sought after woman in Hollywood, though a series of unfortunate career moves and personal dramas in the years that followed sent her into a downward spiral. Here’s why we don’t hear from her anymore.



      This former A+ list mostly movie actress does not really act any longer. She could, if she got her meds right. Celebrity offspring abound and her ex is still A+ list. Another is A- list. Anyway, our actress is mum on her love life because she is dating one of the exes of her kids who wasn’t really an ex when they started hooking up. Not the first or third time mom has done this. Demi Moore


    • The Real Reason We Don’t Hear from Demi Moore Anymore


      • Some issues with that video-

        Very imbalanced. Too much negativity and not enough focus on her accomplishments as an actress. Her crying scenes in About Last Night, Ghost and If These Walls Could Talk were Oscar worthy.

        Shows TERRIBLE photos. Admittedly, she hasn’t been looking great lately, but are people already forgetting how great she looked in her 40s? Or late 30s? It wasn’t that long ago.

        Nearly all the comments reference that GH cast party footage or the bush layout, from when she was literally a teenager, that were dug up and made viral decades after the fact. (She really needs to hire an image consultant to fix her internet presence, because it’s garbage.)


      • Demi Moore sued by the parents of 21-year-old man who drowned in her pool two years ago after booze-fueled party


  21. Her unreleased music is available for listening here:

    “On a Night Like This” is her best song.


  22. The real reason Bruce Willis and Demi Moore divorced

    In 1998, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s divorce was the break-up event of Hollywood. Despite living a lavish lifestyle thanks to their superstar careers and putting on the facade of a happy family hidden away in Idaho, behind the scenes, the couple had been slowly buckling from the strain of filming Hollywood blockbusters and, if rumors are to be believed, infidelities on both sides of the fence. By the end, their marriage had become a recipe for disaster.


  23. Can your teeth REALLY fall out due to stress like Demi Moore’s did? Dentist reveals the truth


  24. Actors who refused to accept that their movies were awful

    Demi Moore bares her thoughts on Striptease

    After starring in a string of hits including Ghost and Indecent Proposal, Demi Moore scored a $12.5 million salary to appear in Striptease, which in 1996, made her the highest paid actress in Hollywood history. However, things immediately went south when Striptease bombed at the box-office and was destroyed by critics. “Who told Demi Moore she can act? She can’t. End of discussion,” wrote the Washington Post. “Moore’s body is in better shape than her acting,” said USA Today. “Striptease has the inert, cruddy-looking ambiance of a straight-to-tape thriller,” added Entertainment Weekly.

    With reviews like that, it’s no wonder that Striptease rests on Rotten Tomatoes with a low 12 percent and is considered by many as the death of Moore’s career. However, if you ask Moore, she believes she was targeted because of her paycheck instead of the questionable quality of the film. While looking back at Striptease and G.I. Jane, she told The Guardian, “I took a lot of criticism, a lot of heat, got hit really hard for both of these films, I think because there was a lot of money attached to it.”

    G.I. Jane, which arrived in theaters barely a year after Striptease, also failed at the box office to the point where the studio remarked to Newsweek, “People just don’t want to see her. We would have to drag them kicking and screaming to see this movie.” Was that because of Moore’s salary, too? We’re not so sure.


  25. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughters are all in recovery for something

    The one-time Hollywood power couple also kept things friendly after they divorced in 2000 and moved onto new partners. In Moore’s case, she picked up with 16-years-younger actor Ashton Kutcher, who was her husband for eight years. As if to show their bonus family solidarity, Moore, Kutcher and Willis often turned up together at red carpet events, with all three girls in tow, everyone looking happy and accepting. Still, it can’t have been easy for the Willis girls growing up in the fish bowl of Hollywood celebrity, even if they had money and privilege. That lifestyle apparently took its toll on the sisters as all three have gone public in the past 10 days with their various battles with obsessive,


    • THE GOSSIP LIFE 08/01

      None of the C list kids in this A list family are speaking to the A list parents. ‘Too much freedom,’ says the source. ‘It’s been exercised in the worst way.’ I don’t think any of us saw the mom and dad winning awards for their parenting, but we didn’t predict that it would get this bad this fast. Rumer, Tallulah Belle, and Scout LaRue Willis (Bruce Willis/Demi Moore)


  26. I saw Blind. First movie Demi’s been in since Flawless that’s worthy of her. She should be promoting the hell out of it. Alec Baldwin too, he’s actually sympathetic! Comes close to being a great movie but there was 1 vulgar line that really stood out to me. If the box office were better it might have a chance at getting nominated for Golden Globes.


  27. Lingerie-clad Demi Moore, 54, proves she hasn’t changed since Striptease 21 YEARS ago as she flaunts her stunning figure in racy scenes from new film


  28. Who Was The Worst Charlie’s Angels Replacement Actress?

    Bringing it back to OP’s question: I actually think Demi Moore’s angel was rather weak. I am OK with the idea of an angel going rogue. But she just wasn’t right for it in my opinion. Maybe it was the writing that turned me off. Madison had a lot of anger that wasn’t plausible to me. And in a way she did way too much “mustache twirling”. For that I guess I can blame the director.


    reply 219 3 hours ago


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