American Horror Story, Season 2 – The Promo Build up

FX has been letting out a stream of creepy images and trailers to get you excited for the new season, this one set in an asylum in Boston.

It’s working.

Here are just a couple of the more interesting trailers.

First, a teaser image that plays on the asylum setting.

Then a more conventional trailer introducing the cast.

We’ve known for a while that some of the first season’s cast would be returning, most notably Jessica Lange (a Golden Globe winner for her role as Constance from season 1), Zachary Quinto (Chad in season 1), and Evan Peters (Tate in season 1).

The show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, has indicated that Lange had detailed input in the creation of her character, who will be the main focus of the season.

Of particular interest are the additions of James Cromwell (L.A. Confidential, Murder by Death), Chloe Sevigny (The Last Days of Disco, American Psycho), Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love, Elizabeth), and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine.

The first episode of season 2 is more than a month away, and I’m already waiting with bated breath.


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  1. American Horror Story freaked me out. An asylum? Asylums and spiders scare me.


    • I was loving AMS last season. Up until the finale. That finale was a let-down. But I am definitely on board for season 2.


      • I agree that the final episode of season 1 didn’t quite live up to the rest of the series, but I liked the concept for the ending enough to give them a pass.
        It reminded me a little of the ending of one of my favorite films of all time: Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil.”
        I’ll have to cover “Brazil” at some point.


        • They had me up until the Beetlejuice epilogue. I suppose I would have been better prepared for that if I had known season 2 would be a new story. The last half of the episode actually convinced me there was no story left to tell in that house.

          I still enjoyed the heck out of the first season and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good ghost story. But I would also warn them that the end is disappointing.


      • **Spoiler Warning for Season 1 of “American Horror Story”!!**

        The concept I liked was that all of the main characters had died, but it was a happy ending. Only by dying did the family come back together. The way they finally got there was not nearly as strong as it should’ve been.


        • I didn’t hate it. But it seemed like a pretty big shift in tone. There had been a sense of dread building all season. And then, we suddenly switched to Beetlejuice.

          Missed opportunity for a Michael Keaton cameo, if you ask me…


  2. I did Adventures of Baron Munchausen as one of my first articles. Terry Gillian is awesomely awesome. A lot of people don’t realize that the huge failure of Heaven’s Gate made things very difficult for Gilliam when he made Brazil and Adventures.


  3. Meanwhile, it’s only 2 weeks until Boardwalk Empire returns, which I’m also jonesing for. But they don’t have all of the fun promos that AHS does going for them.


  4. I’m definitely ready for AHS season 2. I thought the first season was very well done even if the ending was just a little “off”. It still worked and was not as convoluted or left you feeling let down like The Killing (AMC) did. Totally psyched for AHS. btw Lebeau how are you going to get your AMC fix with Dish? You gonna do the whole internet download thing? I really don’t like watching TV on the small screen computer and will only do it in a pinch. (Not that AHS is on AMC but TWD is.)

    Another show I will recommend to the audience here is Coppers on BBC America. They are a couple episodes in now but probably still available online or as replays on the channel. A really good “Gangs of NY” era serial.

    I’ve recently gotten into Sons of Anarchy on Netflix streaming. Don’t know why I never watched it from the beginning because I’m a biker and love the open road. Probably because I wasn’t interested in seeing outlaw bikers glorified, but I have to admit it’s very entertaining and I think the show does a decent job showing the toll that lifestyle takes on it’s members. Give it a look if that’s your thing.


    • I have been thinking about posting an update on my satellite situation. I started shopping around, but ultimately decided to stay with Dish. They upgraded my receiver to a “Hopper” which is super nice. They also boosted my channels by 50 at no cost for a year. And they sent me a free Roku device. With the Roku, I can watch AMC shows the day after they air. I have to pay for each episode though. So, I am not sure if I will be watching TWD next season or not. I may give it a couple of episodes before I shell out for it.

      I’m still hopeful Dish and AMC will come to an agreement before it’s an issue. I believe they are settling their court case later this month. I have read a lot of speculation that suggests that the settlement will likely including putting AMC back in the line-up.

      If not, don’t expect timely write-ups of TWD season 3 from me!


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