Disney World Trip Countdown: 16 Days

As I count down the 16 days remaining until my family’s Disney World trip, I am I walking through the agenda step by step.  Once the trip is done, we’ll see how well the plan was executed.  Because there’s no way everything goes according to plan.  It never does. 

When we left off, we had just finished the last full day of our trip with the Mainstreet Electrical Parade and Wishes at the Magic Kingdom.  Really, what’s left to do?  Time to pack the bags and go home, right?  Or we could cram as much Disney into our remaining hours as humanly possible!

To the surprise of no one, I have opted for the latter.  We start off our departure day in style with breakfast at the castle.  We actually had breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table on our last trip.  It was an enjoyable experience that any princess fan should try once.

Last time, Kara was too young to really enjoy the experience.  She was more interested in her french toast than the princesses who visited our table.  Jasmin asked Josie if Kara was her little monkey.  Aurora and Belle spent some time with her.  But she kept trying to share her french toast with them.

Since Kara is now obsessed with princesses, we figured it was a good time to revisit the castle experience.  However, Cinderella’s Royal Table is an absolutely terrible use of Dining Plan Credits.  It uses up 2 table service credits for one meal.  That is why we have opted for breakfast (the least expensive meal).  We will pay for this out of pocket.

There is a possibility that we may cancel our reservations.  I booked the meal for the final day for this reason.  We will be having dinner with the princesses at Akershus in Epcot on our arrival day.  We will have had several days to visit princesses at various meet and greets around the parks.  So, it’s possible we will have had our fill of princesses by this point in the trip.

Breakfast is all-you-care-to-eat.  However, it is pre-plated rather than a buffet.  Guests order from a menu, but can order as often as they like.  Traditionally, the food has been adequate, but not exceptional.  Recently, Disney changed up the old breakfast menu. 

A lot of the old favorites are still around.  But there are some interesting new choices as well.

  • Lobster and Crab Crepes – warm cheese-filled crepes topped with spinach, sauteed lobster, and blue crab meat with a poached egg perched on top and draped in Hollandaise sauce
  • Steak and Eggs – grilled filet mignon on a mild Chipotle-caramelized onion frittata served with our signature rosemary-lemon roasted potatoes
  • Traditional Breakfast – scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and rosemary-lemon roasted potatoes
  • Healthy Choice – scrambled egg whites, hot ten-grain cereal, green yogurt topped with Castle-made granola, no sugar added walnut-sunflower bread and fresh fruit
  • Cream Cheese-stuffed French Toast – drizzled with Cognac chocolate ganache served with bacon and fresh fruit
  • Baked Quiche – goat cheese, spinach and mushroom quiche with a dollop of goat cheese cream served with rosemary-lemon roasted potatoes tossed with arugula, (child’s portion available)

I think I may have to check out the lobster crepes for myself.

Our reservations are for 9:00 am which is when the park opens.  Ordinarily, I hate burning park hours on breakfast.  But last time we struggled to get there on time for our 8:00 reservations.  And I didn’t want to feel rushed.  Plus, since this is our departure day, I am going to have to get the bags ready and check out before we leave for the day.

Next up, the Fantasyland Expansion?

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  1. We’ve done the Akershus our last two trips. Better food than the castle, you get to meet 6 princesses (1 posed photo, 5 wandering), and it only takes one table service. The other option to consider (I haven’t read entire blog so may be in there) is the 1900 Park at the Grand Floridian. Different characters for breakfast or dinner.


    • Hey Craig! What’s up?

      We actually scheduled Akershus twice before and cancelled both times for various reasons. So, I’m really looking forward to trying it now. I have heard a lot of people compare it favorably to the castle. I didn’t realize they had a net princess gain. How nice.

      I have heard decent things about 1900 Park Fare. I think the breakfast line-up of characters appeals to us the most. But even that is a deviation from our “all princess” demo. And the Mad Hatter freaks the girls out. We’ll probably try it somewhere down the road. Ideally, I’d like to give every place a shot at least once.


      • Crystal Palace has breakfast with Pooh & friends. If you can book it, the earliest seatings gets you in before park opens. Great for photos on main street without any people in background. My personal favorite is still Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary. Just buffet food, but you get the classic gang. Akershus I would go to for the food even without princesses.


        • I had Crystal Palace scheduled for dinner one night. But then I noticed the time pushed up awfully close to the start of the parade. So I ended up dropping that for Liberty Tree Tavern. Also, Mindy has an irrational hatred of Winnie the Pooh.

          We like the character breakfast at O’Hana. We’re not doing it this year but have in years past. Mindy and I have done Chef Mickey’s for breakfast. We’re doing it for dinner this year which will be a first.

          Since our reservation at the castle is for park open, I’m hoping we can get there a bit early and get some of those Main Street pictures you’re talking about. That mostly depends on how quickly I can get everyone up and get the bags taken care of.


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