What the Hell Happened to Nicolas Cage?

Nicolas Cage

It may seem strange to ask “What the hell happened to Nicolas Cage?”  He certainly isn’t missing.  He appears in several movies every year.  But the Oscar-winning actor has gone from being a box office draw to a national punchline who can’t say “no” to any movie.

What the hell happened?

Nicolas Cage is part of the Coppola clan.  Francis Ford Coppola is his uncle.  Talia Shire is his aunt and  Sofia Coppola and Jason Schwartzman are among his cousins.  To avoid the appearance of nepotism, he changed his last name from Coppola to Cage early in his career.  He based his name on Marvel superhero, Luke Cage aka Power Man.

Cage’s earliest role was as an uncredited extra in the Robert Redford film, Brubaker in 1980.  In 1981, Cage appeared with Crispin Glover in a youth-oriented TV show called Best of Times.  The show was not picked up.

cage - fast times

In 1982, Cage appeared opposite Jennifer Jason Leigh, Sean Penn and Phoebe Cates in Amy Heckerling’s classic high school comedy, Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Cage was originally cast in the Judge Reinhold role.  But since he was still a minor and could not shoot at night, he was given a smaller role as one of Reinhold’s friends.  Fast Times was the only time Cage was credited as Nicolas Coppola in a film.

 cage - valley girl

In 1983, Cage had his first major role in the teen rom-com, Valley Girl.

Deborah Foreman starred as a valley girl who falls for a Hollywood “punk” played by Cage.  It was a very 80’s take on Romeo and Juliet directed by Martha Coolidge, a New York filmmaker who was recruited to Hollywood by Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope Entertainment.

Coolidge spent three years researching a rock-and-roll love story for Zoetrope, but the project fell through.  Years later, a screen-writer brought her the script for Valley Girl because “it was about a girl” and there weren’t many female directors at the time.

Valley Girl had a miniscule budget and only two weeks of pre-production.  The producers gave Coolidge nearly free rein to make the film she wanted so long as she didn’t go over-budget and  included four scenes with naked breasts.

During casting, Coolidge says she rejected all of the male members of the Brat Pack. “All those ‘Brat Packers,’ or whatever, they came and I rejected all of them. I almost cast Judd Nelson but I got so tired of all those pretty boys that I walked over to the reject pile, found a picture of Nic Cage and said, ‘Find me people that look like this.'”

At the time, Cage was living out of his car.  But Valley Girl helped put him on the map.  It got positive reviews and was a hit at the box office.

cage - rubmle fish

Later that year, Cage appeared opposite Matt Dillon, Mickey Rourke and Diane Lane in Francis Ford Coppola’s Rumble Fish.

Coppola directed two films based on novels by author S. E. Hinton.  The first adaptation was The Outsiders which was also released in 1983.  Cage auditioned for Dillon’s role in The Outsiders, but he didn’t get it.  He was offered Emilio Estevez‘s role, but turned it down.

Instead, Cage was cast in his uncle’s less successful follow-up to The OutsidersRumble Fish was the more progressive of the two films.  It proved divisive to critics and received mostly negative reviews upon its release.  Over time, it has come to be more respected.  Rumble Fish flopped at the box office.

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  1. What roles saved/ruined an actor’s/actresses’ careers?

    Well, before National Treasure, Nicolas Cage was considered to be a pretty good actor. He’d won an Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas, enjoyed a comfortable action hero star role in fun movies like The Rock and Con Air. He worked with Scorcese in Bringing Out the Dead and played a really great role as Charlie Kaufman in Adaptation.

    Then he makes National Treasure, which is a huge box office success, but critics didn’t think much of it. Suddenly he’s made the studio enough money that they let him do whatever he wants, and he’s pretty much set for life. Cue The Wicker Man, Ghost Rider, more National Treasure, and then the descent ends with him in movies like Season of the Witch, Left Behind, and the Croods.

    [–]AnalTyrant 17 points 10 months ago
    You also have to keep in mind that he got screwed over by his business manager several years ago, and lost a ton of money. That kind of forced him to start taking any role that came his way, in order to keep making money. That’s why he’s all over the place in the roles he takes, and the quality of the films he acts in.

    Every time I see a trailer for something he’s in I just think “what a shame that he’s been reduced to this.” Like you said, incredible talent in the 80’s, 90’s and early 00’s with some great memorable roles (Raising Arizona is probably one of my favorite comedies) but he’s just been forced to do garbage now, just to get by.


  2. Nicolas Cage on WatchMojo’s Top 10 Celebrity Nerds


  3. Hey, Nic Cage and I have something in common: we once both worked for our uncles. Though being in “Rumble Fish” probably beats Mr. Lustre Care Wash, as fun as it was!


  4. Welcome to the Basement: Left Behind (2014)


  5. Nicolas Cage. No really. So it’s 1994 and Guarding Tess was his latest movie. Parts of it were filmed in Baltimore, where I lived, and they did a screening pre-release at the theater close to harbor. We had just finished Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and we see Nick with a bodyguard leave the Tess screening early. He was ranting about the audience and how they had no taste.

    We both were heading for the exit, and this theater had a weird parking garage, where it let you into the lobby for the theater but you couldn’t leave through that same door. You had to enter the garage from an outside. So I see Mr. Cage pulling on the door, making the same mistake that two dozen people make every day despite a large sign on the door saying NOT AN EXIT. Cursing and bitching.

    So I walk over to say the garage entrance is a few feet away right out the theater exit, and he spins around from the door and walks right into me. He screams at me to get out of his way, the bodyguard picks me up by the shoulders and flings me against the wall. No apology just roughed up for trying to help.

    TL;DR Nick Cage is a dick and his bodyguard threw me against a wall.


    • I saw that, though Nic cage was saving Vince Neil from making the situation worse. I heard he grabbed a woman by the hair and threw her down; I honestly don’t know what the deal was.


  6. 15 Actors In Desperate Need Of A Box Office Hit


    We always knew that Nicolas Cage was a mad genius, but we had no idea just how insane he was. Left Behind? Stolen? Seeking Justice (With Guy Pierce?!)? Season of the Witch? These are the types of films we’d expect from someone like Steven Seagal, not the star of Leaving Las Vegas and The Weather Man!

    If there’s one thing we can say about Cage, its that he’s managed to avoid typecasting. He’s a chameleon who treats all of his roles with equal respect, throwing himself headfirst into every single film in which he stars. Whether he’s Jerry Bruckheimer’s muse in films like Con Air, The Rock, and National Treasure, or he’s punching out strangers whilst wearing a bear costume in The Wicker Man, Nic Cage is a tremendous actor, no matter what role he’s playing, or how obviously terrible the movie might be.

    But that’s the thing about a wildcard like Cage: one can never count him out. His noteworthy turn as Big Daddy in Kick-Ass reminded us that, no matter how bizarre his career choices may be, Nicolas Cage is still one of the greatest actors of our time. There’s surely a method to his madness, but he’s the only one who knows what it all really means.


  7. Criminal Opened to today to bad reviews. The one smart move cage did turn it down . Costner accepted it. LOl i guess one mans trahs another man treasure


  8. Nicolas Cage’s Latest ‘National Treasure’ Sequel Takes Place on the USS Indianapolis

    You might not know this, but basically everything he makes is a National Treasure sequel. Big news: Nicolas Cage has a new movie coming out, and judging by its first trailer, released today, it’s yet another installment in the National Treasure franchise. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait a second, there are only two National Treasure movies and a potential third movie has been the subject of intense back-and-forth speculation and planning for almost ten years, so much so that all the rumors have their own considerably robust Wikipedia page,” you would be right. In the nine years since National Treasure: Book of Secrets was released, Cage has made an astonishing twenty-four movies, which is a number so high it should honestly be illegal.


  9. Movie Nights: Vampire’s Kiss (1989)

    He’s a vampire he’s a vampire he’s a vampire!


  10. Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: The Ghost Rider Movies

    Can Doug and Rob really decide which one is worse? It’s a tough call. Is it Ghost Rider or Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance?


    • Why Marvel won’t give Ghost Rider a movie

      Nic Cage isn’t interested in coming back

      Even if the stars somehow aligned and Marvel did decide to tackle a third Ghost Rider film with Cage, the actor has indicated he’s not really all that keen to climb back on the motorcycle, given the chance. As he told Collider, “I’ve said what I have to say. I don’t want to say never…anything’s possible. But I doubt, highly, that I would be in a third installment of that.” It doesn’t get much more cut and dried than that. Cage certainly sounds like he’s done with the franchise at this point, and you’d imagine many Ghost Rider fans (at least those who are fans of the comics) aren’t complaining.


  11. It is funny lebeau people complain that some of their favorite actor never pick good films but when they make good films their so called fan avoid the film and it flopped. When cage makes quality flicks like bringing out dead ,matchstick men,weather man and bad lieutant those movies flop. Then when he makes films people deem bad like national treature ghost rider gone in 60 seconds knowing , the rock and con air those films make a lot of money yet people still criticize him for those roles. In a way it is catch 22 people complain their favourite actor never make quality films but when they do people do not see them. So in a way their is not pleasing movie audience.


  12. Nicolas Cage and Wife Alice Kim Separate After 11 Years of Marriage

    Nicolas Cage and wife Alice Kim have decided to part ways.

    The actor’s rep confirmed to E! News that the couple, who have been married for 11 years, separated back in January. The pair have a 10-year-old son together, Kal-el Coppola Cage.

    Cage and Kim’s whirlwind romance was one for the books. The movie star met Kim when she was a waitress at Los Angeles restaurant Kabuki back in February 2004, and ended up putting a ring on her finger two months later! The couple tied the knot at a ranch in northern California in July of that year.

    A few years back, Cage explained that his seemingly sporadic decision to wed Kim, who is 20 years his junior, was so she could travel with him to South Africa while he shot the 2005 film Lord of War.

    “You can connect the dots; And we did it because we loved each other,” he told The Guardian.

    “I made a very clear decision to marry out of my own zip code,” he said. “I mean, way out of my own zip code. I married into another culture, and it’s interesting because in Korea they call me the Son-in-Law.”

    This was Cage’s third marriage. The 52-year-old was previously married to actress Patricia Arquette from 1995 to 2001, and then briefly wed Lisa Marie Presley for roughly four months in 2002, however their divorce wasn’t finalized until 2004. Cage also has a 25-year-old son, Weston, from a former relationship with model Christina Fulton.

    People was first to report the story.


  13. 15 Actors Who Desperately Need A Hit

    Nicolas Cage

    Google “wasted potential” and you’ll probably find a gallery of Nicolas Cage images. Despite winning an Oscar and having a wealth of box office smashes behind him, Cage is mostly in the straight-to-video doldrums these days, churning out weirdly expensive thrillers that largely don’t seem to recoup their cost.

    His only big theatrical hits from the last five years are animated film The Croods (which wasn’t sold on him showing up) and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance…which was terrible enough that it pretty much killed the franchise regardless.

    Quite why a third National Treasure film hasn’t materialized yet, considering that the first two grossed over $800 million combined, is truly baffling. Nevertheless, Cage is far too talented to continue wasting his skills on bargain bin garbage, so hopefully he’ll bounce back over the next few years.


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  15. 15 Craziest Nicolas Cage Performances Of All Time

    Nicolas Cage has put in some strange performances of the years, so let’s take a look at some of the weirdest, craziest decisions he’s ever made.


  16. nic cage cage career is similar to michael ciane. both actors balance oscar winning films with ridiculous films that became iconic flop. Both actors name became associated with bad films . Nic could make a comeback like caine did b y taking supporting roles in top notch films


    • In life, it’s usually said about someone what they can’t ____ themselves out of a paper bag. Well, in Nic Cage’s case, he can act his way out of a paper bag rather easily. It just depends if he’s still taking paychecks to recoup his finances. We know he’s capable of weightier roles, it just depends on if and when that happens.


  17. nic can balance pay check role and popcorn flicks. but you can agree the similarit between his career and michael caine


    • Oh, I agree with you, but the thing is I think Caine took hack projects because he was uninspired and it paid well (I can’t argue with someone wanting to get paid anyway), whereas Nic Cage kinda has to. I mean, after that Jaws 4 nonsense, Caine went and did “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”, which I think is a pretty cool film (Hey, I actually like 1986’s box office & critical bomb “Half Moon Street” too, even though it misses the mark, but I don’t think as badly as it was reported).
      Sure, Nic Cage could balance out his current filmography,, but who knows if he will, since a lot of his choices are on the edge, since he’s kind of on the edge to begin with (which probably lead to his money troubles). Well, some people are on the edge, and they like it there, I guess.


  18. caine grew up poor so that explains tkaing big pay checks he can. cage has always preferred off beat roles anyways .crorods 2 is coming out next year so that give him chance to attach his name to a hit


    • I mentioned “Half Moon Street” in my earlier message, but I forgot that Caine was in 5 films that were released in 1986 (which included a supporting oscar win for “Hanna and her Sisters” and a film I find interesting, “Mona Lisa”, which also starred Bob Hoskins & Cathy Tyson, and directed by Neil Jordan).


  19. I am sure caine was given a lot of flack for his choice of roles in heyday like cag e


    • Roger Ebert mentioned that Caine was in some of the worst films of the last 20 years in his 1986 review of “Half Moon Street” (which he gave 3 stars to; another great review by Ebert), but also said that he remained untouched by it due to his unshakable self-confidence and quiet good humor (yeah, that sounds about right).


  20. Caine has a hit film for every decade. I would say he had more hits then cage. caine is not afraid to joke about his flops. before cider house rules caine career was in the dumps though. After winning his 1st oscar cider house his first hit in 13 years


  21. had this site has been made in early 90s I am sure ciane would had a blog for him


  22. Nicolas Cage – A brief look at his career and the three upcoming films ‘In Army of One’, ‘Men of Courage’, and ‘Dog Eat Dog’


  23. Good Bad Flicks: Drive Angry (2011)


  24. 10 Actors Who Suffered The Most In 2016

    Nicolas Cage

    Nic Cage should be due for a comeback any day now, but 2016 did remarkably little to further that cause. He was in five (?!) in 2016 alone, four of which went straight to DVD. The only theatrical release – Snowden – was one of the year’s biggest bombs, and he only had a couple of scenes in it.

    Indianapolis: Men Of Courage somehow cost $40 million to produce, and earned less than a million back, in addition to a whole lot of terrible reviews. He made two crime movies, one called The Trust with Elijah Wood and the other being Dog Eat Dog with Willem Dafoe. Both movies actually got a few decent notices, but they didn’t cause Cage’s agent to get flooded with offers either.

    Finally, there was Army Of One, a true-life comedy where he plays a man who tried to track down Osama Bin Laden. It’s a movie where Russell Brand also appears as God, which should tell you all you need to know about the quality of the humor.


  25. Cage should take juicy supporting roles. a villian in superhero flick


  26. I came across this review of “The Wicker Man” that I cut out of The Buffalo News entertainment section back in the day, which was written by critic Jeff Simon, Here’s what Simon said:

    THE WICKER MAN. Nicolas Cage, Ellen Burstyn, and Leelee Sobieski in Neil LaBute’s remake of near-classic cult horror thriller about neo-pagans on an isolated island. “A creepy anddisturbing thriller that falls apart at exactly the point where the original is so strong- a finale whose apocalyptic imagery burns in your brain. In this one, it just snaps, crackles, pop and sputters. LaBute changed the isolated community to a goddess-worshipping matriarchy which caused all sorts of misgivings but he’s more a misanthrope than a misogynist. It may be a failure as a remake but it’s an honorable one, with Cage doing some of the subtlest work of his life in the first half”. 97 minutes (Rated PG-13 for scares and intensity) **1/2 (Jeff Simon)

    I posted this because Simon gave it a respectable 2 1/2 stars, and actually thought it was pretty good till the end. I GUESS Nic Cage was subtle in the beginning of the film here, but all I know is that later he wasn’t just off the chain, he ripped the post that was attached to the chain right off.


  27. Nicolas Cage is wondering whether the role of Ronald Reagan would damage his career


  28. tv might be a good fit for cage. a criminal mind like show.i could see himplaying a detective. or even a cable sitcom similar to episode mocking his real life persona


  29. he got a razie nom his career is sinking even stallone is oding better then him


  30. Dear movie bad guys: Please stop robbing banks near Nicolas Cage


  31. 2016: The Year in Cage

    We’re already almost a full month into 2017, and as we get dragged kicking and screaming into the future, there are probably a lot of people who don’t want to look back on 2016. It’s understandable. A lot of talented, influential people died last year, we got a trailer for a Cloverfield movie that turned out to not be a Cloverfield movie at all, and then there’s that whole current state of America thing. But, in all that mess, there were a lot of things people missed. Unemployment dropped to its lowest rate since Bush, and Nicolas Cage starred in his highest number of movies in one year since 2011. Unleashed upon us were two idiosyncratic crime stories, two historical biopics, and one, well, Army of One.


    • Off the topic of film for a second, I just think unemployment (or as a friend calls it, unenjoyment) numbers are a little sketchy, due to people losing their benefits or being off the grid. I guess things are better, but numbers can lie.


  32. PICTURED: Nicolas Cage’s son Weston, 26, arrested for DUI after crashing car into tree following police chase


  33. It’s Cage versus Travolta in the sublime overacting Olympics of Face/Off


  34. Top 5 Best Nicolas Cage Performances


  35. Top 5 Worst Nicolas Cage Performances


    • doggledispenser

      15 Terrible Actors That Played Iconic Superheroes


      Of all the people on this list, Nic Cage is the only one we could potentially put on both the worst and best actors to portray a superhero. He’s been fantastic in several films and won an Oscar for the always great Leaving Las Vegas, but he’s perhaps one of the most inconsistent performers going, as he’s been genuinely terrible in other projects. He’s a complete enigma. It’s no wonder the issue caused Community‘s Abed to have a breakdown when he tried to get to the bottom of it all.

      One issue that most people agree on is that his portrayal of Johnny Blaze aka the flaming skull-headed biker Ghost Rider belongs at the garbage end of the acting spectrum. Cage is a massive fan of comic books, even taking his stage surname from Harlem’s own Hero for Hire, but he just isn’t a good fit for the character. He both over and underacts, and it’s difficult to get any kind of sense of who Blaze is meant to be. The problems are compounded in the 2011 sequel Spirit of Vengeance, in which the directing team of Neveldine/Taylor doubled down on Cage’s more unhinged side, resulting in a film that was aggressively bad and considerably worse than the first outing. Luckily, the Robbie Reyes version of the character seen in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been met with a warmer critical reception.


  36. THE GOSSIP LIFE 05/23

    This legendary actor is in dangerous fiscal waters according to our source. His income has fallen to well below 7 figures and for an actor that once achieved 8 that is a big culture shock. ‘He’s grabbing every offer and venture offered to him with both fists,’ spills the source. ‘It’s a good time to be a salesman in the market of past-their-peak thespians.’ Who is our poverty-stricken actor? Nicolas Cage


  37. Lisa Marie Presley : The Ultimate Wife from Hell!!

    Husband 3 ” Nicolas Cage”

    Actor Nicolas Cage has offered a dramatic reason for the break up of his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley.

    The Oscar-winner claims Lisa Marie was “too demanding” after just three months. He said: “She didn’t just want me, she wanted my soul.”

    The Hollywood star’s outburst came after he admitted selling his vintage comic collection to keep his wife happy.

    “I refuse to be blackmailed. I’m choosing independence, I should have stood up to her from the start,” he said.


    reply 1 5 hours ago

    Nicolas Cage-Lisa Marie Presley divorce : 2002

    Insiders say a minefield of marital problems helped blow apart the marriage after just 107 days, including too many sexless nights, Nic’s workaholic ways and Lisa Marie’s bizarre lifestyle, jealous rages and need for constant attention.

    And by the time the Oscar-winning actor decided to cut his ties with Lisa Marie and filed for divorce, he was so disgusted that he moaned to a pal: “The truth is, I can’t stand the woman!”

    “After only three and a half months Nic pulled the plug on his marriage because he simply couldn’t stand being around Lisa Marie full-time,” said a friend of the couple.

    “They fought over the mother of Nic’s son. They fought over Nic’s work schedule. They fought over which house to stay in, Nic’s or Lisa Marie’s. They fought over not spending much time together. And the more they fought, the less Nic wanted to be around Lisa Marie.

    “He thought she was a spoiled pain in the neck. They had furious fights. Lisa Marie screamed and ranted at him–and Nic gave it right back to her!”

    “Nic was just too busy and too much of a wild man for needy Lisa Marie,” the insider declared. “And he could never understand Lisa Marie’s bizarre, insular world. It seems like she’s almost constantly surrounded by a cadre of bodyguards from the Church of Scientology.

    “She expects to be catered to at all times and Nic just didn’t have the time or inclination.

    “And she wasn’t just jealous of Kristina, she was jealous of every woman who crossed Nic’s path. She’d fly into jealous rages. “She was also jealous of others who took up his time–producers,directors and editors who he’s constantly working with, his longtime friends and especially his son Weston.”

    “Shortly after their wedding, he put his $2 million comic book collection up for auction because Lisa told him to start getting rid of all his ‘junk.’ ” The beginning of the end for the couple came on November 10 while the “Leaving Las Vegas” star was away in New York.

    “Nic was in the middle of a very important film distribution meeting and every few minutes his cell phone would ring and it would be Lisa Marie,” says an eyewitness. “Finally Nic got up and left the table with an exasperated sigh. He went around a corner with the phone but I could overhear him pleading and trying to baby his bride.

    “He kept saying, ‘But baby, I love you. Why can’t you understand that this business is important to me too?'”Nic left shortly after, but you could see the stress and sadness on his face.”

    Things went from bad to worse a few days later, after Cage returned to California, when “Lisa Marie had him thrown out of her recording studio,” said a source at the studio. “She’s working on her first album and single and was laying down tracks when Nic decided to drop in. She blew her stack. She had security throw him out!”

    “She yelled, ‘I don’t want him in here while I’m recording. He only makes me nervous.’ “Nic was flabbergasted!”


    reply 2 4 hours ago

    Then on the weekend of November 22, Cage was honored with a festival of his movies at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. He got adulation from the crowd–and nothing but the cold shoulder from his wife, said an observer.

    During the Friday night screening, Nic was attentive to Lisa Marie and repeatedly put his arm around her, but she was turned away from him.

    Later, Nic stretched out his and laid them across Lisa Marie’s lap ina display of affection, but she moved away.

    The next night, the couple returned for the premier of “Adaptation,” in which Cage stars in dual roles as twin screenwriting brothers.

    The pair walked the red carpet holding hands but Lisa Marie didn’t smile for photos and “by the time they reached the theater door, she was already pulling away from him,” said the observer.

    After the screening, Lisa bolted out a side door with her security team, while Nic stayed behind and signed autographs.

    “It’s no good,” Nic confided to a friend.

    “The truth is I can’t stand the woman. I’ve got to get away!”

    Following the film festival Nic and Lisa Marie squared off in a huge argument–the final fight that doomed what was left of the ill-fated marriage, the friend of the couple added.

    “After the event Nic finally decided he’d had enough and screamed at her: ‘I want a divorce. I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know what I was thinking when I married you!’ ”

    Cage filed for divorce on Monday, November 25.


    reply 4 4 hours ago

    Scientology is very important to Lisa Marie, but Nic didn’t want anything to do with her religion.

    The end came in a whirlwind series of savage spats. The couple held hands and smiled for the cameras at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theater Nov. 23 during an event showcasing Nic’s films. But they erupted in a screamfest while shopping on Hollywood Boulevard Nov. 24. He filed for divorce the very next day, Nov. 25.

    “They were at the new Kodak center with their boys, Nic’s son Weston, who’s 12, and Lisa Marie’s boy Ben, who’s 10,” says another insider.

    “The two boys are interested in lots of the same funky things you see in the shops there.

    “At one point, Lisa Marie said she wanted to go into a big new makeup place called Sephora to pick up some girly stuff.

    “But Nic and the boys were all against that. They wanted to hit one of the restaurants at the center and get something to eat.” Sources say that Lisa Marie grudgingly agreed to join them, but after the meal, when Nic refused to go to Sephora, she flipped. “He said that they were with their boys and should forget about themselves, says the insider.

    “But Lisa Marie knew very well that he meant her – that he was telling her not to be so selfish, always wanting everyone to be doing what she wanted. “She just exploded with rage. Lisa Marie can swear like a sailor and she let Nic have it, calling him a f—ing a——.”

    Then he exploded, too.

    “He was absolutely livid,” says the insider. “Nic grabbed the boys and went home, leaving her there all alone.”He took the car, so Lisa Marie had to call a friend to come and give her a ride home.”

    On Sunday evening, the fight between Nic and Lisa Marie escalated, say sources.

    Her plans for a Thanksgiving Day celebration had been a source of irritation toNic for several weeks, but they finally had a big blowup Sunday night over planning the holiday activities.

    She told Nic she and her family were going to have a Thanksgiving dinner at her home in Hidden Hills and then make an appearance at an event at the Scientology Center in Hollywood.

    While she didn’t say it, Nic presumed that her ex, Danny, would be there as part of the family, says another source.

    But insiders say Nic had been saying for weeks he wanted to spend Thanksgiving with his son Weston and with Enzo, the son of his ex-wife, Patricia Arquette, with whom he’s very close.

    Still miffed over the afternoon blowup, “Lisa Marie demanded that Nic be with her for the festivities and follow her agenda,” says the source.

    “Nic absolutely refused to go. It was clear that he was done with Lisa Marie, her family and her ex-husband Danny Keough. He left her house and thought about it all night. The next morning he told his lawyers to file for divorce.

    “It was the end – after just 107 days.”


    reply 5 4 hours ago

    Sources say Cage, whose real last name is Coppola, has a volatile temper and acts impulsively. But Lisa Marie is pretty explosive, too.

    One time, she was bawling him out on the cellphone, and he just hung up on her. “She flew into a rage, screaming and throwing things and demanding that someone get him back on the phone for her,” says a pal.

    A couple of weeks before Cage filed for divorce, wannabe pop star Lisa Marie banned Nic from the studio where she was recording her CD.

    “When he turned up unannounced to see her putting the finishing touches to her single and CD, she kicked him out!” says another source.

    “She’s a perfectionist and she told him she didn’t feel comfortable with him there. She didn’t want him there and told him to leave. He was furious and stormed out.

    “What made it worse was that Lisa Marie’s ex has been attending her recording sessions. Nic was jealous of the close bond they still have because of their two children.”

    And they couldn’t agree on anything -not even where to live.

    “Nic has several properties in Los Angeles and none of them was right for Lisa Marie,” says another source.

    According to sources she hated his bachelor pad with the Harley Davidson motorcycle in the foyer and its game room and pool table. She even made him get rid of his prized comic book collection.

    Pals say she nagged him that they took up too much room. It was a big concession for the actor, who took his stage name from the comic book character Luke Cage.

    By the same token, Nic hated her house in Hidden Hills, which is decorated in gingham slip covers and curtains and lit by candles, say sources.

    “In the end they ended up renting a house in Brentwood for a year. But even that wasn’t right. Lisa Marie hated it and Nic was proposing spending -I believe somewhere in the region of $600,000 – to renovate the house, even though it was owned by someone else,” says the source.


    reply 6 4 hours ago

    Lisa Marie Throws Nic’s $65,000 Ring Into The Sea – 2002

    A nasty fight nearly sank Lisa Marie Presley’s marriage to Nicolas Cage after Ersatz Elvis got bombed and belligerent aboard his yacht off Catalina Island weeks before the wedding – and Fiery Fiancee furiously flung her $65,000 diamond engagement ring into the briny deep . . . where it still sparkles with the fishes!

    The high seas horror unfolded one dark night during a vacation aboard Cage’s yacht, “The Weston.” Skipper Nic got heavy into the rum, then started snarling and ranting at his bride-to-be when she complained about his boozing!

    Shaking with rage, Lisa Marie screamed she was breaking the engagement, took off her ring – and hurled it into the sea!

    Horrified Cage howled, “That was a $65,000 f—ing DIAMOND!!”

    He freaked, phoned pro divers even though it was the wee hours, and offered big buck$$ to recover the ring.

    Lisa Marie helicoptered back to LA, but Cage – in a panic, say locals – stayed to supervise the search.


    reply 7 4 hours ago

    Nicolas Cage: “I can’t stand the woman!”

    Cage lamented to a friend about Lisa Marie: “I can’t stand the woman!”

    The Oscar-winner claims Lisa Marie was “too demanding” after just three months. He said: “She didn’t just want me, she wanted my soul.”

    The Hollywood star’s outburst came after he admitted selling his vintage comic collection to keep his wife happy.

    “I refuse to be blackmailed. I’m choosing independence, I should have stood up to her from the start,” he said.


    reply 9 4 hours ago


  38. Con Air turned Nicolas Cage into the gonzo action star we never saw coming

    Cage is such a charismatic actor that he likely could’ve continued alternating between wonderfully stupid popcorn fare and genuinely great dramatic fare for the rest of his career, with an intact reputation for both. It’s what he did for most of the next 10 to 15 years: Here a Gone In 60 Seconds, there an Adaptation. But the dumb action gradually took center stage; by 2009, his terrific oddball work in a film like Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans already felt like the exception, not the rule. Some of this career downturn, we now know, is the result of economic necessity: Cage lost a lot of money in really dumb ways, and began taking as many gigs as possible to try to dig himself out of the hole. (This isn’t the same thing as claiming he’ll say yes to anything offered him, a gibe at which he takes great umbrage.) It’s resulted in a steady stream of subpar films (seven in 2017 alone!) from the actor, who sometimes can’t even be roused to deliver a reliably compelling performance. Still, for every interchangeable Stolen or Rage, there’s a Joe or a Kick-Ass to remind you he still has the ability to entrance in both realms.


  39. 10 Actors Who Really Need To Fire Their Agent

    Nicolas Cage

    Nicolas Cage has descended so far into self-parody these days that he is arguably more meme than man. Once lauded as one of the finest acting talents of his generation, that reputation has long been buried under a constant stream of cinematic garbage.

    On his day, the 53 year-old is still capable of reminding audiences of his natural gifts with a great performance, it just happens on an increasingly rare basis given his penchant for OTT histrionics instead.

    Taking every offer that comes his way after financial troubles reduced his net worth to ‘only’ $25m, the Nouveau Shamanic thespian has seven movies set for release this year alone, and is a regular staple of straight-to-video actioners. The likes of Bad Lieutenant and Joe have proven Cage can still deliver a fantastic turn when the occasion calls for it, he just needs to learn to say ‘no’ every now and again and stop coasting on autopilot before he completely tarnishes his legacy forever.


    • 10 Worst Performances In 2017 Movies (So Far)

      Nicolas Cage – Arsenal

      If you enjoy Nicolas Cage’s over-the-top, eccentric shtick, then Arsenal is the cinematic equivalent of an adrenaline-pumping skydive.

      However, if you’re desperate to see the actor regain a piece of that soul that made his performances in Adaptation, Kick-Ass, and Leaving Las Vegas so special, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

      Cage is in full-on ‘Internet Meme’ mode here. With his ’80s porn-star mustache, terrible wig, and whatever the hell that nose is supposed to be, he’s overacting his socks off, but the hilarity of the performance will not distract you from the fact that this is Cage at his laziest.

      He’s relying on his patented lunacy to get the job done, and he looks absolutely ridiculous while doing it. He speaks in an unintelligible, monotonous tone – like he’s just rolled out of bed and landed on set – which was clearly an attempt to give his character some added quirkiness, but that’s all the character has. It grows tiring, quickly.

      If you’ve seen The Wicker Man, Bad Lieutenant, or even Face/Off then you know what you’re getting here. Expect scenes from Arsenal to be added to all those ‘Crazy Nic Cage’ compilations on YouTube, if they haven’t already. Ten years ago this may have been an entertaining performance, but today, Cage’s crazy antics have long outstayed their welcome.


    • 14 Actors Who Desperately Need A Hit Movie

      Nicolas Cage

      Nicolas Cage has had one of the most fascinating careers of just about any actor. In the 1990s Cage was a force to be reckoned with, scoring hit after hit at the box office and even winning a Best Actor Oscar, but over the last decade his favor with audiences and critics alike has taken a colossal nosedive.

      Cage appears in more forgettable straight-to-video thrillers than theatrical releases these days, and so his last starring live-action role to actually make a box office dent was 2012’s Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

      Cage has an impressive six movies due for release over the next year, but not one of them seems likely to get an actual theatrical bow, so his depressing streak of duds seems destined to continue for the considerable future.


  40. Nicolas Cage Is the King of the Good Bad Movie

    He’s been in a ton of preposterous movies, wears the hell out of a wig, and is secretly a good actor: Nic Cage is the Good Bad Movie star we need


  41. A deep dive into ‘Face/Off’: the best, most absurd action film ever made

    You may have had some weird ideas. You may have entertained some strange notions. But for sheer balls-out absurdity, can even your most gleeful fantasy compete with the following?

    Obsessed with bringing terrorist Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage) to justice, FBI agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) tracks down Troy, who has boarded a plane in Los Angeles. After the plane crashes and Troy is severely injured, possibly dead, Archer undergoes surgery to remove his face and replace it with Troy’s. As Archer tries to use his disguise to elicit information about a bomb from Troy’s brother, Troy awakes from a coma and forces the doctor who performed the surgery to give him Archer’s face.

    That is the plot of the 1997 movie Face/Off. The film turned 20 this week. Let’s go.

    “Every studio in Hollywood was looking for the next Die Hard,” says Michael Colleary, who, along with Mike Werb, was the brains behind the baffling script. On the Independence Day weekend of 1990, five days after the second Die Hard came out, the two Mikes sat down and stroked their chins. The early 90s was an era of million-dollar spec sales, and the pair could smell the money. Inspired by the film White Heat, starring James Cagney, they imagined a plot in which their main character could survive a prison riot – an idea that mutated and evolved as the first draft took shape. This draft bore little resemblance to the insane film we know and love. Set around 100 years in the future, it was more out there but arguably made more sense by virtue of its futuristic premise: homeless people occupied a derelict Golden Gate Bridge, cars flew through the sky, and chimpanzees carried out all manual labour.


  42. Nostalgia Critic: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010)


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