What the Hell Happened to Uma Thurman?

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman has been a Batman villain, Robin Hood’s girlfriend, an Avenger (the English kind) and Quentin Tarantino’s muse.  She’s worked with Robert DeNiro, Bill Murray, John Travolta and George Clooney.  But these days, she’s shifted gears into supporting roles.  What the hell happened?

Thurman starred her career as a model at the age of 15.

thurman - modeling

Uma Thurman – Modeling career

In 1985, Thurman appeared in Glamour, a Vogue supplement and the cover of British Vogue.  Her modeling work lead to acting opportunities.  In 1988, Thurman appeared in four movies.

thurman - kiss daddy goodnight

Uma Thurman – Kiss Daddy Goodnight – 1987

Thurman’s first acting role was in the no-budget thriller, Kiss Daddy Goodnight.  Thurman played a model who picks up older men so she can drug them and rob them.  Steve Buscemi also appears in a small role.

thurman - johnny be good

Uma Thurman – Johnny Be Good – 1988

Thurman’s first mainstream movie was Johnny Be Good which co-starred Anthony Michael Hall and Robert Downey, Jr.

Hall was desperately trying to escape his image as the brat pack nerd.  He played a star high school quarterback and Downey played his best bud.  A couple of years earlier, Downey had tormented Hall in Weird Science.  It’s funny to remember when Iron Man played second banana to Rusty Griswold.

Johnny Be Good got bad reviews and currently holds a 0% approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes.  It flopped at the box office dooming Hall to the fate suffered by most of the Brat Pack.  Thurman and Downey were more fortunate.

thurman - baron 1

Uma Thurman – The Adventures of Baron Munchausen – 1988

Later that year, Thurman had a small but eye-catching role in Terry Gilliam’s mad fantasy, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen was a famously troubled movie.  Like most Gilliam movies, the flights of fancy put the film over budget.  A regime change at the studio meant that its US distributors weren’t especially excited about promoting Munchausen.  So they dumped it in relatively few theaters with little fanfare.

thurman - baron 2

Uma Thurman – The Adventures of Baron Munchausen – 1988

Thurman played the goddess Venus who emerged naked from a clam shell.  In her limited screen time, Thurman created one of the more memorably images in a film full of visual splendor.

Although Baron Munchausen flopped in the US, it fared better overseas.  Reviews were mostly positive and the film has developed a cult following.

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  1. ‘Be Cool’: Get Shorty gets shitty.


  2. Enjoyed this latest entry in a great series.

    “Playing for Keeps” isn’t great… but also not quite as bad as its savage treatment by the critics would suggest.. there were some good performances given the limited possibilities of the script. Uma Thurman along with costars Dennis Quaid and Catherine Zeta-Jones helped breathe some life into the project, (Gerard Butler was surprisingly watchable for most of his scenes) however this movie isn’t going to do any of their careers any good.


    • The problem with Playing for Keeps is that it might as well be called Generic Romantic Comedy #12. Even the name screams “meh”. Plus, Butler has long since worn out his welcome playing anything but a Spartan. I’m sure it’s not as bad as critics made it out to be. There are some great actors in the supporting cast. But that’s not enough to save the movie.


  3. Thurman is an appealing presence and seems to have a good sense of humor and pretty good instincts.
    Early on her sexuality was highlighted and it would’ve been easy to tag her as the kind of actress who wouldn’t last more than 5 years in the spotlight. But Tarantino sure did help her out twice! Not that she didn’t deserve it. She was excellent in both Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill films.
    Unfortunately, although she is still a very attractive woman, age has caught up with her and the transition has not been smooth. She was miscast in the musical version of The Producers in what is supposed to be the ultimate “Va-Va-Voom!” part. Just 10 years prior she might have made it work (her performance was not bad, she gave it the old college try), but the role calls for the milky soft flesh of a younger woman, not the athletic build Thurman had acquired by that time. Your photo from the film makes me look like a liar. Watch the movie.
    I recognize that Hawke can come across as douchey on film sometimes, but I still like him most of the time.


    • Thurman spoke quite a bit about her turn from overtly sexual roles. That seems to have been a key choice in prolonging her career. Although were it not for Tarantino, her career would have flamed out in the 90s. Working with Tarantino is by far the best choice she ever made.

      The worst? Batman and Robin? The Avengers? Or marrying Hawke? Both on screen and off, he seems like a jackass. Never more so than in Tape. That movie was more than I could bear.

      I sort of agree on The Producers. I didn’t feel like she was terribly miscast. But I am sure there are others who could have brought more “Va-Va-Voom” even if it came with les starpower. I think Thurman was cast because the studio wanted some movie stars in their movie.


  4. 10 Formally Respected Actors Who Have Probably Gone Insane:

    2. Uma Thurman

    Is Uma Thurman really this reliant on Quentin Tarantino to make a good film? Having become a member of the Hollywood elite with Pulp Fiction, she became further synonymous with the director after appearing as the main character The Bride in the Kill Bill movies.

    However, since the release of Kill Bill Volume 2, Uma has not done anything remotely as substantial; instead she has chosen to lower herself to appearing in bad romantic comedies like My Super Ex-Girlfriend and The Accidental Husband.

    In 2010, she topped this by starring in Motherhood, which officially became the biggest box office bomb in the history of British cinema, and it didn’t do much better in the rest of the world either.

    Questions about Uma Thurman’s judgement have always been there; this is the woman that was in Batman & Robin and The Avengers after all, but without Tarantino riding in to the rescue, I’m afraid to say her appeal has plunged to perhaps an irrevocable level. It will certainly take nothing short of a miracle to repair her reputation.


  5. Thanks for the catch. I’m interested in tracking down Kiss Daddy Goodnight myself.


  6. Any sympathy I have for Thurman is related to her personal life and not her career. She’s done well. If she had made a better Batman movie or if The Avengers hadn’t stunk, she could have been bigger.

    Conversely, without Tarantino she would have had a career like Bridget Fonda. A promising start that never lives up to its promise. But with her three Tarantino films, she managed to have a long career.

    Even now, I think she’s got a lot of life in her. It just won’t be as an A-list leading lady.


    • Tracking the Career of Uma Thurman:

      As Uma Thurman’s latest movie, Motherhood, gets a very limited theatrical release this weekend, we’re left wondering how this once A-list star’s career went in the tank well before she turned 40. Quentin Tarantino and Kill Bill: Vol. 3 (set for a 2019 release) might be her only hope. We’re pulling for you, Uma!


    • Uma Thurman’s Career Needs a ‘Bill’ Boost:

      Maybe Uma Thurman should finally take David Letterman up on his 1995 offer to meet Oprah Winfrey — at this point, considering her latest film’s box-office numbers, it couldn’t hurt. ‘Motherhood’ opened this past weekend in the UK and made around $130 at the box office. Now, to be clear about a couple of things: That wasn’t a typo where we forgot to add the word “million” at the end of $130. And, we know what you’re also thinking: That we didn’t convert the exchange rate from pounds to dollars. We did. Thurman’s film, measured in pounds, actually made £88. The saddest part is that on it’s debut day, ‘Motherhood’ made £9. The average price to see a movie in the UK appears to be £7 to £10, which means, yes, one lone person went to see it on day one. This begs a few questions: First, who is the mysterious, lone, brave, British moviegoer? Second, are movie ticket prices really that expensive in the UK? Nine pounds ($13.71)? Egads! And why, if Miss Thurman can be so butt-kickingly awesome in Quentin Tarantino movies, has her career been a myriad of near-bombs? After the jump, some theories.

      ‘Motherhood,’ which co-stars Anthony Edwards, focuses on the day-to-day hassles of being a mother living in New York … you know what? It doesn’t really matter.

      Thurman can take little solace in knowing that ‘Motherhood’ did slightly better in the U.S., taking in $93,388 at the domestic box office. Which means, at an average ticket price of $10, a little over 9,300 people saw her film. To put that in perspective, ‘Motherhood’ was seen by about three-tenths of one percent of the people who saw ‘Avatar’ … on its opening day.

      It’s a sad but true moment: Thurman now stars in films that are attended by less people than were actually involved in making them.

      Though ‘Motherhood’ is an exaggerated example, Thurman’s recent record at the box office has been suspect, to say the least. Not counting her well-received role as Medusa in ‘Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief,’ where she was far from the star of the film, she really hasn’t had much of a hit since the two ‘Kill Bill’ films. ‘Prime’ grossed $22.8 million domestically, and ‘The Producers’ grossed $19.3 million.

      Then there’s ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’ — a film that pretty much destroyed the film careers of everyone associated with it (and which, based on the premise alone, should have been much, much better). Rainn Wilson has yet to — quite surprisingly — latch onto much of a film career. Director Ivan Reitman, who directed ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Stripes,’ has yet to direct a film since. And Luke Wilson is, well … Luke Wilson can currently be seen throwing postcards across a map of the United States while he explains the reach of AT&T’s cellular service.

      It can’t be all Thurman’s fault, and no one doubts her ability as an actress. A lot of factors can combine to produce deadly outcomes at the box office. We asked Stu VanAirsdale of his opinion on Thuman’s recent career.

      “It’s really easy for all of us to get hung up on a star’s bad opening or a hard-luck streak, but let’s be realistic,” VanAirsdale says, “‘Motherhood’ was a small film that wasn’t supposed to burn up the box office. And people wouldn’t even show up to a Miley Cyrus movie if the studio didn’t promote it. It’s biggest value was always on DVD, where it’ll do just fine.”

      VanAirsdale argues that Thurman’s not the only star that should think twice about their recent roles.

      “Sure, Thurman’s choices could be better, but so could Matt Damon’s. He’s had the biggest studio flop to date in 2010 [‘Green Zone’], and he didn’t exactly burn up the charts with ‘The Informant’ last fall. No one’s calling him out, though. Throw him in a ‘Bourne’ film again, though, and he’ll be fine. Same with Thurman: Let’s revisit this after ‘Kill Bill 3.’ She’ll be fine.”

      And VanAirsdale warns: Don’t be too quick to judge, considering one of her latest roles. “Did you see her as Medusa in ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief?’ She was the best, campiest, craziest thing about it. Cut her some slack.”

      Though, if Thurman’s box office continues to sink, she might want to take a page from her former co-star, Luke Wilson. Catherine Zeta Jones’ reign as T-Mobile spokeswoman can’t last forever.


    • 11 Crappiest Movies of Uma Thurman’s Career:

      For many reasons, I prefer to think of Uma Thurman exclusive in a Quentin Tarantino context. Let’s face it — she’s never performed better for any other director, and otherwise, she has terrible taste in screenplays. Uma has appeared in so many crappy movies, and here are the top eleven of them:


    • Her height probably was a factor. But, I think she was also typecast in sexy siren roles and decided after Dangerous Liaisons to stop taking those roles. I think directors were after her for a certain type of role, but she was trying to reinvent her image.

      In fairness to the TV Robin Hood, it was meant to be a feature. But Kevin Costner steam rolled it.


    • The comments regarding Uma’s height being problematic makes me wonder if Geena Davis’ (another beautiful but really tall female WTHHT subject) career ultimately suffered because too?


    • 10 Movie Franchises That Were Doomed To Fail:

      The Avengers

      What’s it about?

      Adapted from the British television series from the 1960s, The Avengers follows the adventures of John Steed and Emma Peel (Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman) as they go head to head against Sean Connery’s Sir August de Wynter. In between bouts of poorly choreographed action they sip tea, doff hats and generally engage in dreadfully stereotypical “British” behavior which only a non-Brit would find remotely amusing.

      Why was it doomed to fail?

      Kingsman: The Secret Service recently proved that a posh bloke in a bowler hat can appeal to a wide audience in an action movie, but there are few other parallels to be drawn between Kingsman and The Avengers. After refusing to allow critics to see the film then unceremoniously dumping it in theaters after the summer holidays were over, it was clear to everyone that Warner Bros were well aware they had a stinker on their hands.

      An atrocious script combined with a complete lack of chemistry between Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman and terrible special effects led some critics to label The Avengers “the worst movie ever made”. Any film which can be said to give Howard The Duck a good name – as one critic suggested – is clearly destined to flop.


  7. That’s where limited releases give me fits. PF premiered at Cannes in May of 94. It received a wide release in October. Cowgirls opened in Totonto in Sep of 93. It opened in the US in May of 94.

    I will flip flop them. Thanks again for the catch.


  8. What Happened to Uma Thurman’s Career?:

    In Gerard Butler’s latest critically reviled vehicle “Playing for Keeps,” Oscar-nominee Uma Thurman plays second fiddle to Jessica Biel, an actress better known for her love life than her acting career. As Patti, a bored trophy housewife married to a philandering husband (Dennis Quaid), Thurman, as always, gives the underwritten supporting role her all, vamping it up when Robbie Fox’s misogynistic script calls for it and stealing scenes from Biel (Butler’s romantic interest in the film) when she’s included in the same frame (which is sadly not all that often).

    Still, despite her committed work, chances are you won’t leave the romantic comedy singing praises of her performance. Rather, you’ll be asking yourself: what happened to Thurman’s career?

    It’s a valid question, one we’ve been debating for some time. Since hitting a career high as The Bride, Quentin Tarantino’s vengeful sword wielding assassin the the “Kill Bill” films, Thurman’s seen her Hollywood stature as one of the most coveted and talented women in the business take a nosedive.

    It all started with her immediate follow-up to “Kill Bill: Vol. 2,” “Be Cool,” the ill-advised sequel to “Get Shorty,” that saw her reunite with her “Pulp Fiction” co-star John Travolta. The film was a critical and box-office misfire that drew none of the praise bestowed upon its witty predecessor. Her follow-up to that was the affecting romantic comedy “Prime,” but thanks to Meryl Streep in full blown comedy mode as an overbearing Jewish mother, Thurman didn’t register as the lead of the film — which she was. Her two that followed — “The Producers” and “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” — were dead upon arrival, but no doubt the worst offender was her 2009 starring vehicle “Motherhood.” Dumped into UK cinemas with little to no fanfare, the comedy made headlines in Britain for only selling a measly eleven tickets on its opening weekend. Talk about a bust.

    Since seeing that badly received film tank, Thurman’s never fully recovered — appearing in the little-seen indie “Ceremony,” alongside Robert Pattinson in the pedestrian period romp “Bel Ami,” and as Medusa in the forgettable teen action pic “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief.” In fact, her most profile work since “Prime” was a five-episode arc on the Broadway TV drama “Smash,” in which she played a Hollywood star vying for to embody Marilyn Monroe on the Great White Way. Not a bad gig, but unfortunately for her fan base, a short lived one.

    And let’s not forget the “Savages” fiasco. In Oliver Stone’s latest that opened to decent notices this past summer, Thurman was set to appear alongside a cast that included Salma Hayek and Benecio del Toro, as mother to Blake Lively’s character. Unfortunately for the actress, Stone, in his ruthless editing of the movie, left all of her scenes on the cutting room floor.

    The reason this is all especially dispiriting: Thurman proved she could do pretty much anything Tarantino threw her way in the “Kill Bill” films. Master fight choreography? Check. Cry on cue? Check. Wrestle with Tarantino’s verbose banter and own every word as if they’re your own? Check. Granted, a role like The Bride is a once-in-a-lifetime gig for actors as fortunate as her, but the fact still remains: no writer-director has quite known what to do with her since.

    All of this points to the obvious conundrum: Hollywood doesn’t know what to do with actresses when they hit 40, unless you’re Meryl Streep. As the last decade has proven, TV is the place for female stars of certain age to jump-start their careers once their Hollywood offers dry up. Everyone from Glenn Close, to Thurman’s “Kill Bill” co-star Lucy Liu have done it with varying degrees of success. Whether Thurman’s big screen prowess can translate to the small screen for the full run of a show (unlike her brief stint on “Smash”) remains to be seen.

    Our take? Any TV studio would be lucky to have her. Make it happen! Either that or Tarantino better make good on his promise to make another “Kill Bill” film, thereby reminding audiences of how awesome Thurman truly is.


    • Who were the up-and-coming actors that never became huge stars?

      Add Uma Thurman to the list of actresses who fell short. And she did it to herself. She chose to step back from acting when she became a mother and would only work in New York. The one big exception she made was the Kill Bill flicks. Those movies are apparently going to be the defining role of her career.

      But let’s face it, she had another liability: she’s a giant. She’s 6 feet tall out of heels in a city full of midgets. I saw ‘Mad Dog and Glory’ not long ago. God was she gorgeous, but she spent the whole movie sitting because if she stood she’d tower over De Niro. You know Uma will never be in a Tom Cruise movie.


  9. I love these blogs! Could you possibly do ones on Moira Kelly, Rob Schneider, and Denis Leary?


  10. By the way, I don’t know if you do this, but if you do Moira Kelly, the reason she hasn’t been in a mainstream released movie since about 1995 was because she apparently quit Hollywood because she didn’t like their ideals especially considering she was a christian.


  11. Also, what do you think of my other 2 choices?


    • They are both good suggestions. They are not currently on my list, but eventually I will probably get around to them both.


      • Thanks! Actually, now that I think about it, I think all of Adam Sandler’s co-stars and the other 2 guys who star in the Ice Age movies would be good suggestions!


  12. Actually I sort of take that back-you can sum up a WTTH article for Ray Romano in a paragraph: He was a stand-up comedian no one heard of until he made a sitcom that was a big hit. He starred in an animated movie that was also successful and spawned off sequels. But his attempt at becoming a movie star fell through when Welcome to Mooseport flopped. Now he’s been relegated to Ice Age sequels and TV appearances.

    Not that interesting, now that I think about it…Even Moira Kelly got more chances to be a star than him!


    • Romano isn’t an A list movie actor, if he did any movies at all, none come to mind. TV wise he might be considered A? Not sure though. I never really got the whole grading system but it seems to be that for A list movie actors/actresses, it’s about awards and the ability to open a movie on their name alone. So I’m guessing the people you listed are all fine comics but mostly TV and don’t have A list movie careers to be profiled. Rob Schneider, though.. wasn’t he in something?


      • He was in Welcome to Mooseport-it’s fine if you haven’t heard of it, it really came and went!


      • Schneider has starred in an alarming number of movies. He’s kind of the Pauly Shore of his day except he is backed by his powerful buddy Adam Sandler who keeps getting him (and all his other pals) work through Happy Madison Productions.

        Before that, Schneider was frequently comic relief in action movies. He did 2 with Sylvester Stallone; Demolition Man and Judge Dredd.


  13. Also he’s in those Ice Age things.


    • Yeah, Romano followed pretty closely in the Jerry Seinfeld career mode. Successful stand-up gets a hit TV show. Flirts with a movie career that doesn’t really take off. Does some voice work. Came back in a less successful TV show. Romano has actually been more successful than Seinfeld in that regard. But they are both more TV stars/stand-ups than movie stars.


      • Yeah, that’s why I took back the Ray Romano suggestion. John Leguizamo, though, might not be such a bad idea…


        • I could definitely see doing an article on Leguizamo somewhere down the line. He always seemed to be on the cusp of being a breakout star.


      • 9 TV Stars Who Horribly Botched Their Big Leap Into Films:

        1. Ray Romano

        Ray Romano was on top of the world during his nine-season run on his sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. Not only was Romano the star of the show, but he also produced the show and wrote many episodes. During the series Romano also voiced Manny the woolly mammoth in Ice Age, a role he has reprised in three more movies and a television special.

        However, live action film success has been elusive for Romano. The first film he starred in, 2004′s Welcome to Mooseport, didn’t even make half of its budget back at the box office and earned a 13% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It even soured co-star Gene Hackman so much with acting that he retired four years later without making another movie. Romano’s following movies Grilled (which co-starred fellow sitcom star Kevin James) and The Last Word were released direct-to-video in the U.S. Romano obviously got the hint and has stuck with television ever since with only a handful of small movie roles in between.


  14. Thanks! Another suggestion is Maria Pitillo. Despite the fact that her IMDB page is dead, she was apparently a rising star at one point.


    • Hilary Swank is somebody (since another past Best Actress Oscar winner in Reese Witherspoon, is now on the WTHHT poll) who I would suggest for a future “What the Hell Happened to…” article:


      • Post-Oscar Underachievers:15 Academy Award Winners Whose Follow-Ups Did Not Hold Up:

        Two time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank shouldn’t be on this list. But since being honored for Million Dollar Baby, the actress has been racking up a series of cinematic clunkers. Quite frankly, titles like The Reaping, The Resident, and The Black Dahlia failed to utilize the actresses talents like her Oscar darlings. She too will be descending into the ranks of made-for-television movies this year with Mary & Marcy, a drama produced by HBO and the BBC.


      • That’s a good suggestion. I had forgotten her to the degree she wasn’t even on my radar.


        • That’s it. Swank is next!


        • Swank will be a very interesting read, one I look forward to. Be sure not to forget The Next Karate Kid in her write-up! You would never guess that she would grow as an actress from the poor man’s Ralph Macchio to a multi-Academy Award winning actress.


        • The opposrtunity to write up KK4 is at least 40% of my motivation for writing the article. And let’s not forget she was canned from Beverly Hills 90210. She came from very humble beginnings.


        • Craig Hansen

          Wow, I completely forgot she was fired from BH90210. That’s definately going to be a juicy part of the article right there. More of a side-note really, but i find it interesting that KK4 has Pat Morita returning to his Oscar nominated role as Miyagi (he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the first film), and of course Swank would go on to multiple Oscar wins later in her career. Bit player Walton Goggins would even go on to win an Oscar for Best Short Film also. More of a hint of Oscar prestigue (past and future) than one would expect in this type of B-level movie.


    • Whatever Happened to…?: Vol. 4 – Maria Pitillo:

      The TriStar Pictures produced American remake of Godzilla was a hotly anticipated film back in 1998. Sony’s marketing team worked overtime, making sure the film was absolutely everywhere (I still remember the Taco Bell tie-ins and the awful soundtrack). The special effects looked, at the time, stunning. Godzilla’s creature design itself was a huge secret going in, with even the toys being blacklisted from release until a certain date so as not to spoil the “surprise.” Director Roland Emmerich had scored mega-success two years prior with Independence Day, one of the highest grossing films of the 90s (and the biggest science fiction film at the time since Terminator 2). Star Matthew Broderick had been a successful screen presence since the early 80s. Co-star Jean Reno was internationally renowned for his work in films like The Professional, an influential action film from successful producer and filmmaker Luc Besson. The weak-link, if there was indeed a weak-link in the pre-release hype for the film, was in its female lead and co-star, the little-known (and still little-known today) Maria Pitillo.

      Maria Pitillo never expected to get into acting. Raised in an Italian-American family in New Jersey, Pitillo only took up acting during a chance encounter with a summer theater troupe. After this experience, she began finding work in commercials in New York City in the late 1980s. She then gained some experience in smaller projects such as various CBS After School Specials (which I kind of wish were still around because they’re hilarious), but never took acting seriously until after appearing in 1992’s critically acclaimed Chaplin. After Chaplin, she gained higher profile roles in True Romance, Natural Born Killers, Bye Bye Love (which aired continuously on pay cable in the mid-90s), and the failed Greg Kinnear vehicle Dear God (the commercials for which still haunt me occasionally some odd 17 years after its release). Pitillo, who had never starred as a billed main character in a mainstream movie, was an unlikely choice then for Godzilla.

      When the film released to absolutely dreadful reviews, a certain amount of scorn and hatred was reserved for Pitillo’s character, would-be plucky news reporter Audrey Timmonds. A character so dumb you’d think she’d be on The Walking Dead, Audrey Timmonds is the ditziest of the ditzy blondes. She provided absolutely nothing to the movie, and despite Pitillo’s up-for-anything style of acting, the script was just too bad to salvage the character. Broderick and Reno got off comparatively light, and both have gone on to continue the successful careers they already had. Emmerich bounced back not long after with projects like The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 (though his recent White House Down was one of summer’s biggest flops). Godzilla was not well received whatsoever (to put it nicely), and the film quickly leveled off at the box office without so much as sniffing any of the all-time records it seemingly had its sights set on just weeks before release.

      I legitimately hate the Razzie Awards. I find them mean-spirited, unfunny, and unfair in many cases. I don’t think that Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were bad in Interview with the Vampire. I don’t think it was fair to nominate Katie Holmes for her work in Batman Begins. I don’t find it particularly fair either that Nic Cage and Sylvester Stallone receive nominations every year just because it’s popular to harp on them (if anything Stallone and Cage are doing great work in not-so-great productions). I do, however, totally agree that Pitillo deserved the nomination and win she got for her role in Godzilla. She is abysmal in it, and I find it to be one of the worst supporting performances in any film I’ve ever seen. Godzilla is not a good film whatsoever, and Broderick looks like he is sleepwalking throughout the entire thing. But Pitillo is a different kind of awful. You can tell she’s actually trying, and there’s just nothing there whatsoever. I know the script is bad. I know that the shooting schedule was short and hectic. I know that director Roland Emmerich has expressed disappointment in his own work on the film. But Pitillo remains the absolute worst part of Godzilla, and that is very special in its own terrible way.

      It is quite difficult to talk about Maria Pitillo’s career without also talking about Godzilla. The two are now and will forever be tied together. The horrendous failure of the film, a film which has zero defenders because of how truly awful it is, had the largest effect on Pitillo’s career out of any other major player in the production. Look no further than her post-Godzilla filmography and this bears out as true (as well as sad). Before Godzilla, Pitillo appeared in 17 movies. After its failure, she appeared in just three, one of which was a made-for-TV special. Her filmography since appearing in Godzilla is both sparse and sad. She appeared in three unsold pilots for various networks (one of which featured a pre-Two and a Half Men Jon Cryer), and her most recent credit is from a 2008 television show called Big Shots that lasted all of 11 episodes before cancellation.

      So whatever happened to Maria Pitillo? Despite Godzilla essentially ruining her movie career, Pitillo seems like she’s doing just fine for herself I guess. She’s been married since 2002 and has a daughter. She’s described as a Yoga and running enthusiast, so she’s got that going for her too. Not everyone can have the level of sustained Hollywood success that someone like Sandra Bullock or Meryl Streep enjoys. Every once in a while (and probably more than every once in a while) there’s a Maria Pitillo out there, someone who never expected to become famous, and then flat-lined when her star-making role was terrible. Who knows, maybe 5 or 10 years from now we’ll ask ourselves what Blake Lively or Gemma Arterton are up to. I think we could certainly ask what Eva Green’s been up to for the last couple of years. During the whirlwind Godzilla production, Maria Pitillo probably felt fame and fortune within her grasp, but the two are fleeting and she just never quite made it. Had Godzilla been a good movie, then who knows how things would have shaken out for her. It wasn’t, however, and her career died on the table.


  15. I’m sure that’s a factor. I don’t think it’s the ONLY factor though.


  16. Kill Bill received mostly good reviews and was a hit at the box office. Thurman was nominated for both an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

    Lebeau, Thurman wasn’t nominated for the Oscar. She was nominated for the BAFTA and Golden Globes. This year, the Oscar nominees were: Keisha Castle-Hughes, Diane Keaton, Samantha Morton, Charlize Theron (the winner) and Naomi Watts.


    • Ack! Thanks for the catch. Not sure where that came from.


    • I can get behind that. Kill Bill 1 and 2 were great. But I think there was a bit of a Tarantino backlash at the time. He’d been away for a while. And Kill Bill 1 was mostly style over substance until you see Kill Bill 2. It definitely helped Thurman get back in the spotlight. But it probably could have been even more successful if it had been a single movie.


      • Wow. That’s pretty ridiculous. Why give her a Razzie? Must have been a slow year.

        Apparently she wasn’t just nominated for the Razzie. She “won”! That’s crazy.


        ◦Colleen Camp, THE SEDUCTION
        ◦Dyan Cannon, DEATHTRAP
        ◦Lois Nettleton, BUTTERFLY
        ◦Aileen Quinn, ANNIE


        • Like any awards, the Razzies get a lot of things wrong. Apparently in 82 they had a grudge against Annie which was nominated in several categories. I don’t love the movie, but come on!

          (After watching Arrested Development all weekend, I might end every comment with come on!)


  17. Joel Schumacher’s Batman: 6 Things He Did Better Than Nolan:

    2. Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy

    It’s all pure camp. There’s no denying that. But it’s the good kind of camp. It’s the What Ever Happened To Baby Jane/ Mommie Dearest kind of camp.

    I think the difference between good camp and bad camp is whether or not the actor is able to pull off the performance. Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze falls into the category of bad camp because he played the part so over the top that he lost his motivation and let the character get away from him. But Uma Thurman doesn’t make the same mistake: not once in the film, whether she was slinking around in her sexy Poison Ivy cat suit or giving one of her sultry super villain monologues, did she ever lose grasp of the roots of who her character was. If an actor is able to do this then the audience wont be distracted by how far out into left field the actor takes the character but rather will go along for the ride. They will be shocked (or appalled) just by how twisted a human being the person has become but they will never lose their investment in the character (think of what Tim Curry in the Rocky Horror Picture Show).

    Poison Ivy has always been one of the more fanciful villains in Batman’s Rogues Gallery. She is a woman with an affinity for plant life that goes far beyond that of the average tree hugger – we’re talking about a psychosis that verges on full blown Dendrophilia with homicidal tendencies. A woman driven to new heights of lunacy by her fanatical devotion to mother nature. Rendering such an obtuse character at least halfway believable (in the cinematic sense) would not be an easy task but Thurman pulled it off. How? By finding a base for her performance in a famous example of (overblown) cinematic femininity: Mae West

    Mae West was a woman who was a feminine force of sexual nature. Poison Ivy functions in the same way as Mae except that in Mae’s world men = sex and in Ivy’s world plants = sex. By using a familiar cultural touchstone as a basis for her acting, Uma maintained an element of believably in her performance because she was working in a vein of fictionalized woman hood that we as a culture had come to accept. As a result no matter how crazy her performance got, we bought it.

    I have a lot of fun with Uma Thurman’s performance because I see how much gusto she puts into it. Yes, if I had my druthers I would have probably told Uma to dial it back a little bit; maybe tone down the sultry/seductive tendencies from 11 down to 10. But it is still a dynamite performance and I doubt, in the rare event Poison Ivy ever makes her way back to the big screen, that another actress will be able to do any better.

    Compare her performance to the Nolan villains, and she is head and shoulders above them, because of her conviction and the explicit homages in her performance. And Schumacher deserves the credit for the casting.


    • 5 Reasons Why Batman And Robin Is A Genuine Guilty Pleasure Movie:

      2. Poison Ivy

      The performance of Uma Thurman is one which has divided the die-hard comic book community, however there are several factors which make her portrayal of Red a defining highlight, not just of Batman and Robin, but the entire series.

      Uma had a hard act to follow. Two films earlier, the physical and independent portrayal of Catwoman by Michelle Pfeiffer set the bar for female villains in Gotham. As such, the selection of Poison Ivy, an indulgent, controlling, siren who shamelessly seduces the opposite sex to get her way, was actually a very wise move from the team at Batman and Robin.

      Regardless of your thoughts on the film as a whole, Thurman was seductive, cunning and hateable; creating the most enduring image of the character to date.


      • 8 Fictional Characters That Are Hotter Than The Actress Who Played Them:

        8. Uma Thurman/Poison Ivy – Batman And Robin

        Uma Thurman makes her way through various different points on the hotness scale. Most of the time she looks average, other times she looks rugged but in some films she manages to look downright hot. Batman and Robin is one of those films where she looks hot, despite the fact that the film sucks badly.

        Not much can be said about the quality of Batman and Robin as a film but for all the terrible things that came out of it Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy was one of the few good things. Uma manages to be extremely seductive while trying to make Batman and Robin jealous of each other but really what she does is make us jealous that she’s not trying to seduce us. Her bright red hair and skintight outfit makes her arguably the sexiest character to ever appear in a Batman film.

        Don’t get me wrong, Uma is a good-looking woman and she always has the potential to be hot…but not Poison Ivy hot.


        • Batman on Film Part 6: Batman & Robin (1997):

          Uma Thurman portrays Poison Ivy. Sigh. Really? Poison Ivy is supposed to be a seductive knock-out. And while I love her as “The Bride” in Kill Bill, Uma Thurman always kind of strikes me as a dirty hippie and not a devilish temptress that Ivy is supposed to be. She was horribly miscast, but in the end result of this film… does it really matter? Thurman was obviously cast because after the success of Pulp Fiction, she was kind of an “It” girl.



          All traces of the almost-real world logic of the Burton series are well and truly gone by this point as is the interest in developing compelling origins for the villains with each originating after boringly being doused/injected with a respective chemical. Uma Thurman essentially plays the same role as Catwoman in BATMAN RETURNS, transforming from meek and bullied Dr. Pamela Isley into sensual super villain Poison Ivy, but the transformation is handled so poorly and the acting both before and after the transformation so over the top that it makes Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance in her similar role seem like she’s the female Daniel Day Lewis by comparison. Thurman’s acting is pure pantomime, about as broad as you can get. I mentioned the Power Rangers influence on Batman Forever but this time round the influence is even stronger. In fact this is more like an extended Power Rangers episode than a feature film and Poison Ivy fits right into that level of drama. Every line, action and costume constructed to appeal only to 9 year olds. And 9 year olds with poor taste at that. When she turned up half way through in a gorilla costume and proceeded to do a choreographed dance entrance my eyes rolled so hard I saw the color of my brain.


      • The Many Times The ‘Batman & Robin’ Cast Have Trashed (Or Defended) The Movie

        In 2014, when I interviewed Uma Thurman with childlike glee, she linked the reception of “Batman & Robin” to audiences’ unwillingness to accept superhero stories that don’t revel in hyper-masculine aesthetics. Whether or not Thurman’s analysis holds weight, she waxed poetic about the evolution of queer sensibilities in a way that I’ll never forget. Thurman resisted applying the word “camp” to “Batman & Robin,” and she’s right. True camp has a certain self-awareness that this film distinctly lacks. It’s just a bloated, silly circus designed to produce toys and flashy marketing tie-ins and a best-selling soundtrack featuring Jewel, The Smashing Pumpkins and R. Kelly. That doesn’t mean it’s not also a fun relic of Hollywood’s evolving blockbuster culture.

        Uma Thurman, Poison Ivy

        “It came out in a different time when people were still being bitchy about campy. Humor being campy and campy being a code word for gay has changed. … I think at the time the idea of taking a male superhero and having fun with it and someone using the C-word [campy] on it caused people to be very nasty. And that kind of nastiness was acceptable on those terms. And I think that’s the reason some people were particularly annoyed. They didn’t like seeing that tone applied to their heterosexual male icon.” (2014)



      Not a single element of the film is played straight, but this isn’t the worst part: the worst part is that nobody takes it at all seriously. Because even dizzy camp can and must be taken seriously, as the ’60s show perfectly demonstrates. Schumacher, famously, directs with a pronounced lack of interest in the actual movie, focusing instead on the dopiest elements of the humor he can scrounge up (also the bodies of three heroes, but really just in their introductions: the sight of Bat-A** is weird enough for it to command attention, but it’s not as though the director makes a Bat-Porno. It would probably have been better if he had), and letting Thurman indulge far too much in a showy, horribly melodramatic performance that is, I think, supposed to be her homage to Mae West, but feels like a small child trying to play a thematically inane prostitute. It is a shockingly low moment for a generally talented actress; just one year before her terrible work in The Avengers, it makes you wonder what the hell was going on in her life at the time that was so traumatising, that i led to such unhinged, kitschy acting. Or hell, maybe she saw where the project was going, and decided to have fun with it.


    • Batman and Robin Commentary Podcast:

      Uma’s performance as Poison Ivy and career in general is talked about in from approximately the 1:11:53-1:14:32. Does anybody else agree w/ the argument that when Uma Thurman really cares about a project she can give a really good performance? However when she seemingly doesn’t (as evidence by “Batman & Robin” for example), it isn’t all that fun to watch!?


    • Why doesn’t Uma Thurman get the praise that Michelle Pfeiffer gets for Batman?


      • Batman – Joel Schumacher — Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997):

        Like with all the Batman films before it, the villains of Batman & Robin dominate the film, which is unfortunate because Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze and Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy were the worst villains yet. Schwarzenegger’s Freeze is a pun-machine, literally spewing off more ice puns than actual lines. While Freeze is a hilarious joke of a character, Poison Ivy is a painful mess to watch.

        Ivy is probably Thurman’s worst performance to date. Not only does her performance lack even the groan-inducing humor of Schwarzenegger’s Freeze, she is actively regressive. While the eco-terrorist aspect of her character would be seen as somewhat admirable nowadays, in 1997 Schumacher and company played Ivy’s admirable motivations as idiotic and laughable. In one scene Ivy admonishes Bruce Wayne to shut down destructive corporate practices in South America, to which Wayne quips: “People matter more than plants,” before joining his employees in laughing off the absurdity of ethical corporate practice.


    • Batman & Robin – Hilariocity Review w/ The Flick Pick:

      Chris Stuckmann and John Flickinger team up to review one of the dumbest movies ever made, Batman & Robin!


      • 13 Comic Book Villains That Movies Ruined Worse Than Dr. Doom:

        Poison Ivy (Batman & Robin)

        It’s clear that Poison Ivy was supposed to be a sexy seductress in Joel Schumacher’s infamous misfire, but due to the agonizing amount of camp, Uma Thurman’s take on the character ends up being more freaky and annoying than desirable. Who can forget the scene in which Ivy dances around in a gorilla suit before administering her love potion to Batman (George Clooney) and Robin (Chris O’Donnell), leading to the infuriating “Bat credit card” moment.

        Her plan, to cover the world with her mutant plants, is more silly than scary or threatening, and Thurman’s performance is so outrageously over-the-top that it pretty much negates any genuine villainy she shoots for, unsurprisingly causing her to be nominated for a Worst Supporting Actress Razzie award in the process.

        With painfully innuendo-laced dialogue like “Come join me. My garden needs tending” and “How about ‘slippery when wet?’”, is it any surprise that the character, like most in Batman and Robin, was a complete laughing stock?



      Matt 18 hours ago
      Kinda weird that Uma Thurman makes a comparison to #$%$ culture” when this movie and that concept had nothing to do with it, frankly. I think Batman and Robin is an extremely important cultural milestone–it marked the point in history where we finally knew how much silly cartoon nonsense in a comic book movie was “too much”. It’s still incredibly fun to watch in its own right just because of how much it does wrong; it’s endearing in the way that a house fly thunking repeatedly against a light bulb is endearing. Anyway, filmmakers took the lessons learned from Batman and Robin and gradually steered comic book films into a more serious, grounded form–Spider-man, X-men, Batman Begins, Watchmen, Iron Man–all of them were better movies because Batman and Robin existed.

      A 3 hours ago
      Her “sexism” excuse for the movie not being well received is complete nonsense. It had nothing to do with it being “gay” (her words), it was the horrible over acting from the villains in particular and the “toyetic-ness” of everything. Tbh, the only character that wasn’t overdone was Alfred.


  18. 10 Actors Who Need To Make A Great Movie Before It’s Too Late:

    6. Uma Thurman

    Last Great Movie: Kill Bill, Vol. 2 (2004)

    Lovely Uma Thurman started her career making good films like Pulp Fiction and Tape, and bad movies like Batman & Robin and The Avengers, but there was a nice balance going on – she was just like all the other Hollywood stars. Despite the fact that Quentin Tarantino is renowned for bringing forgotten actors out of the [expletive] and into the limelight, he seems to have had the total opposite effect on poor ol’ Uma Thurman.

    Seriously. Since Kill Bill, Thurman hasn’t made a single good movie. I’m not being over dramatic when I say that. You can look through them all and everything – there’s 14 of ‘em by my count, and every one is certified “rotten” on Rotten Tomatoes. I mean, that’s tragic, isn’t it? The odds should have favored her at least one of those times, surely? So nowadays you don’t hear a lot about Uma Thurman, which is a shame, considering that she’s a great actress. Box office poison and the bane of movie critics everywhere, but a great actress nonetheless.


    • 8 Talented Actors Who Just Made Five Awful Movies In A Row:

      8. Uma Thurman

      The Five Awful Movies: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Ceremony, Bel Ami, Savages (role was cut out), Playing For Keeps,

      There was a time when I actually cared what Uma Thurman was doing, and that time was back in 2003, when Kill Bill was coming out, and she was one of the my favorite actresses. Prior to writing this article, though, I realized that I hadn’t really thought about Uma Thurman for a couple of years, and I wondered why. I realized that it was because I haven’t seen her in a good movie for about 10 years. I’m serious. What’s happened, girl?

      What’s happened, I guess, is that Uma is struggling to find a place for herself in Hollywood right now. I mean, she’s probably not young enough to be considered a leading lady anymore, is she? Not my words, but likely Hollywood’s. Either that, or she’s in need of a better agent. Maybe the last five movies that she agreed to star in genuinely looked good on paper or something, and it was an unlucky shame that they turned out so badly. But I’ve let her off the hook by saying “five awful movies in a row” – she’s actually made, like, fourteen in a row.


      • 10 Actors Who Hit Career Derailing Box-Office Free Falls:

        Finally, Uma Thurman has been in free-fall essentially since 2005’s Be Cool, starting with Producers and My Super Ex-Girlfriend, hitting a low point with Motherhood, a movie that had an opening weekend of £88 in the UK. Poor Uma.


        • Bad Luck or Bad Choices: 10 movie stars who can’t buy a hit:

          Uma Thurman

          “Ceremony”: is a movie we did not know existed

          “Bel Ami”: bad luck

          “Playing for Keeps”: third banana to Jessica Biel and Gerard Butler

          “Movie 43”: bad luck

          Our advice: “Kill Bill, Vol. 3.” Make it happen, Uma. Make. It. Happen.


        • Movies which were star vehicles and the star blew their chance at super-stardom:

          12-13-09, 02:36 AM

          12-13-09, 02:36 AM
          Luke Wilson is a walking monument to epic fail. Dude gets so many chances I have to wonder who he has pictures of.

          But while I think Wilson has no redeemable talent, Uma Thurman certainly does and has blown repeated opportunities. Ok, she was 18-19 and freaked out at all the attention her naked boobs got in ‘Dangerous Liasons’ and went into hiding for a year. She was a kid. But post ‘Pulp Fiction,” she was doing ‘Beautiful Girls’ and ‘The Truth About Cats & Dogs.’ ‘Gattaca’ was a flop at the time and found its fame in later years. She laid low after having 2 kids, came back, got a ton of momentum coming out of the ‘Kill Bill’ flicks and then blew it because she refuses to work outside of NYC, where she lives (due to the kids) and ends up doing dreck like ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’ and ‘Motherhood.’ She should have gotten an Oscar by now but, well… I guess her film career isn’t the top thing in her life. That much is obvious by her decision to stay in NYC rather than work.


        • Derailed Film Stars: Luke Wilson Looking for Relevance:

          Luke Wilson has always been the “other Wilson” to his older brother Owen. There was a time, however, when Luke was as highly regarded as his sibling, with the two both starting their careers appearing in college chum Wes Anderson’s films. Luke Wilson then parlayed his more standard good looks into playing the straight man for comedians like Will Ferrell and Martin Lawrence. But it’s been a long while since the last time that Wilson had anything resembling a big screen hit, either commercially or critically. While he’s part of the all-star cast in Adam Sandler’s upcoming Western comedy, The Ridiculous Six, we miss the days when the actor was running interference for “Frank the Tank.”

          Old School

          Wilson was the hero of Todd Phillips’ breakthrough comedy. His sad-sack Mitch provided the opportunity for his buddies Vince Vaughn and Ferrell to unleash their shtick as they convert his new place into a frat house. Vaughn and Ferrell may get all of the memorable lines, but it’s Wilson trying to win the affection of his high school flame (Ellen Pompeo) that provided the spine for the story. Wilson’s more subdued style was the perfect complement to the gonzo Ferrell and manic Vaughn.

          The Royal Tenenbaums

          Wilson had already worked with Anderson and his brother on Bottle Rocket and Rushmore before the director proved that he was more than just quirky with The Royal Tenenbaums. Despite his Bjorn Borg getup, Wilson gave a strong performance as the former tennis star son of Gene Hackman’s Royal. Sure, his relationship with sister Gwyneth Paltrow might have been uncomfortably close, but his indoor tent, complete with Rolling Stones vinyl, was totally cool.

          Home Fries

          On the one hand, it must have been nice to make a movie with then-girlfriend Drew Barrymore. On the downside, Vince Gilligan, who wrote the script, had not quite found his Breaking Bad stride yet. The story focuses on Wilson and his brother, played by Jake Busey, who accidentally kill their stepfather. Wilson then falls in love with his now deceased stepdad’s pregnant girlfriend (Barrymore). The film tries to be an edgy comedy, but falls flat on both counts. Barrymore and Wilson are really, really cute, though.

          My Super Ex-Girlfriend

          On the surface, the film’s concept sounds promising. A guy finds out that the crazy girl he’s broken up with is really a superhero, and she’s not happy about being dumped. The execution, however, is something different. Despite having Uma Thurman as the spurned superhero, Anna Faris as Wilson’s more normal love interest, and supporting roles from Rainn Wilson and Eddie Izzard, the movie never takes flight. Director Ivan Reitman seemingly forgot that a good concept still needs a decent script to make it work.


          There’s a reason that Wilson doesn’t seem like the horror movie type — it’s because he’s not, which Vacancy managed to prove. Wilson co-stars with Kate Beckinsale as a couple who check into a motel, only to realize that it’s the home site of snuff filmmakers. The duo spend a night trying to avoid being slashed, but in the end, Beckinsale — an action hero in the Underworld movies — comes across as being tougher than her on-screen mate. That wouldn’t be a problem if there was anything interesting going on beyond a basic cat-and-mouse story.


    • 10 Actresses Who Could Use a Career Reboot:

      4. Uma Thurman

      When you stop to think of Uma Thurman’s career, it’s easy to see it through rose-colored glasses. That’s because her most defining work has been VERY defining. Chalk it up to the power of Quentin Tarantino. Her sole Oscar nomination came for her turn in Pulp Fiction, and people have loved her ever since. Just when we thought she was a thing of the past, she roared back onto the scene in the Kill Bill double-feature and reminded people just how adeptly she can handle Tarantino’s particular brand of crazy. But in-between those two, and ever since, Uma has had a series of misfires that miraculously haven’t tarnished her name the way they would have many other actresses.

      The list is almost too long: Batman and Robin, Prime, My Super Ex-Girlfriend and the first Percy Jackson movie are among the few that are even recognizable. Her filmography is cluttered with projects better left forgotten. And somehow, she ended up on NBC’s most hate-watchable show, Smash, and came out on the other side with an Emmy nomination.

      Is there hope for her yet?: This is a complicated one. First off, the Emmy nomination can only mean good things. Often times, when actresses realize the creative benefits of television, they can land a great role on a cable series (see: Claire Danes’ reemergence from relative obscurity). So, now that Uma has found success on television, there is a chance she could come back for more. Also, rumblings have been made for years now that her and Quentin Tarantino will reunite for a third installment in the Kill Bill series, which can only mean spectacular things.

      Now, for the bad news. Upon inspection, Uma’s upcoming projects incite the ultimate facepalm. First up is Playing for Keeps, in which Uma stars as a soccer mom alongside Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel, whose resumes don’t exactly encourage me. After that is Eloise in Paris (yes, the children’s book series), Girl Soldier, a message film about child soldiers, and Movie 43, co-starring Uma’s fellow list-members Kristen Bell and Anna Faris. That last one is the sole promising prospect, if only because if it’s bad, Uma can hide behind the rest of the huge cast.

      My suggestion: Uma should convince Quentin Tarantino to fast track Kill Bill Vol. 3 as soon as possible, and keep an eye out for a leading role in a dark cable comedy. It worked for her doppelganger, Toni Collette, so maybe it’d work for her, too.


    • 10 Movie Stars Who Could Really, Really Use A Hit Right Now:

      Uma Thurman
      Thanks to her iconic role in Pulp Fiction, a handful of very well received performances and her high profile former relationships with Ethan Hawke and Gary Oldman, Uma Thurman is still very much a famous actress. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been the leading lady in anything that could be considered a hit since Kill Bill Volume 2 all the way back in 2004. Even worse, she hasn’t really contributed anything to any films any of us actually enjoy in the time since, apart from the mediocre remake of The Producers, the forgettable Super Ex-Girlfriend, a bit part in The Lightning Thief and a pretty good five episode arc on the infuriating since cancelled musical series Smash. If you take those away, we’re down to leads in films like Playing For Keeps, Motherhood, Ceremony, Bel Ami and various TV movies.

      Uma is more than capable of contributing a major role to a likeable film with a big budget, but she’s really not particularly good at carrying comedic weight or being the woman the audience is meant to relate to. She should focus her efforts on picking up a supporting part that allows her to steal a few scenes as an intimidating and eccentric woman no one can take their eyes off of.


      • 12 Actors Who Basically Guarantee You Make A Flop:

        1. Uma Thurman

        In fairness, Uma Thurman has had a number of financial successes over the last few years, such as Kill Bill Volume 2, Be Cool (an ensemble piece), Prime, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, the first Percy Jackson movie (a franchise, and she only had a small part in it), Movie 43 (as part of an ensemble), and Nymphomaniac (in a small role that’s part of an ensemble).

        As you can see, a good number of her hits are heavily qualified by the fact that Thurman’s presence had little bearing on their success. Even the best film of the bunch, Kill Bill Volume 2, was sold more on Quentin Tarantino’s name than her own. So, what about the flops?

        The flops include The Producers, The Life Before Her Eyes, The Accidental Husband, Motherhood (which made only £88 in the UK on its opening weekend), Ceremony, Bel Ami and Playing for Keeps. Fortunately for Thurman, she hasn’t got any recent blockbuster flops to her name (though we haven’t forgotten about the bombing of 1998′s The Avengers or the mediocre showings of Paycheck and Batman & Robin), which keeps her from getting a higher billing on this list.

        Why Is She A Flop? Because outside of the Kill Bill franchise, she just hasn’t done anything exciting or entertaining that audiences want to watch. She’s not a bad actress by any means, but she’s picked a pretty steady stream of boring movies that do little to enhance her star power and profile.


  19. Tell me that “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career continued to cool off” was an intentional Mr. Freeze pun.

    If so, bravo.


    • I don’t honestly remember, so I’ll just play along and take credit. 😉

      You could say Batman and Robin put his career on ice.
      Audiences and critics told Arnold to chill out.
      Batman and Robin put the Batman franchise into deep freeze.

      Okay, I’m out.


  20. 10 Most Wildly Inconsistent Actors In Movie History:

    Uma Thurman

    Uma Thurman is the Mark Wahlberg of actresses, in the sense that we all – deep down – know she’s a good actress (probably), but she’s turned in so many middling, lousy or downright bad performances over the years that it’s hard to remember whether or not she’s any actually any good. If you took Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill movies out of Thurman’s filmography, you’d have to wade through a lot of sludge to find any worthwhile performances. And yet because of those Tarantino roles, we know she can act. It’s complicated.

    So let’s look at what we’ve got: My Super Ex-Girlfriend, The Accidental Husband, Playing For Keeps… these are all near-disastrous movies with near-disastrous performances, courtesy of Thurman. Can she only function as an actress when she’s speaking Tarantino’s dialogue? Has she given up trying? Your guess is as good as anybody’s. There are bad movies with good Thurman performances of course: Ceremony and Bel Ami, to name just a recent two, but it’s not enough. As it stands, this gal remains something of an inconsistent mystery.


  21. 10 Movies That Changed Your Mind About Actors You Loved:

    Uma Thurman – My Super Ex-Girlfriend

    Though she had a moderately successful film career before she was ever involved with the likes of Quentin Tarantino, it’s safe to say that most people probably associate the actress with his work; as a result, Thurman is often thought to be one of the coolest actresses in Hollywood – her dual roles as both Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction and The Bride in Kill Bill have assured that. Aside from those movies, Thurman’s career has been generally hit and miss, but for the most part her image as a worthwhile actress has sustained. Well, until My Super Ex-Girlfriend happened, that is.

    My Super Ex-Girlfriend, a downright terrible “comedy” movie so unworthy of your time and money that it should be made illegal, marked the beginning of the end for Thurman’s career. Up until she added this devastatingly bad venture to her filmography, she was an easy actress to love. Having seen her frankly embarrassing performance here – she co-stars with Luke Wilson – it’s hard to disassociate her from being terrible. We loved Uma for Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, but in the wake of My Super Ex-Girlfriend, it’s easier to look at her entire career without rose-tinted glasses.


  22. her breakthrough role was pulp fiction then flops came she hadnt had a hit since kill bill her next hit kill bill part 2 . All of them are directed by the q man she should seek him only work in his movies she needs him


  23. terence iam surprised topher grace is not on the list hes a good actor but iam sad to say he will go the way of david curso after he left a hit show his career tanked but maybe interstellar will help him . Its sad to say his career is so dead before it really began spiderman 3 despite what people say made a lot of money its the highest grossing of the seris you would think it would help him. Sad part topher career might be so bad he will never make this website


  24. It will be great that Uma Thurman should play an actor in the movie wonder women


  25. uma was never a list kill bill were only movies that were hits sold her name that was it pulp fiction supporting role seems to me she was never a list she was a sex symbol like kilmer she was in magazines everywhere star on the rise the media hype that star up as a list but in realilty she didnt have box office to back it up


    • I can see your point. I don’t necessarily agree or disagree. But I would argue that Thurman and Kilmer were A-list in a fashion. It’s true, neither of them really anchored a hit movie on their own. Batman movies and Tarantino movies don’t count. The character and the director are the primary selling points of those movies.

      BUT for a time, Hollywood thought Kilmer and Thurman were selling tickets. So they went ahead and gave them A-lister status anyway even if it wasn’t fully deserved. Thurman landed a lot of roles that were clearly intended for an A-list actress. The Avengers, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, she was supposed to sell those movies. Heck, being cast in Batman and Robin shows that Hollywood considered her A-list.

      So it’s arguably a technicality. To me, perception is reality. If the powers that be think you’re selling tickets, it doesn’t matter if you’re actually selling them or not. For a time, you are bestowed with the power of an A-lister. If you don’t actually sell tickets, it won’t last long which is basically what happened with both Thurman and Kilmer.


  26. do u agree with me lebeau uma never reached a list like kilmer


  27. but if the media pumped them up to be a lists it they dont follow your golden rule the fact is they dont have the box office pull means they were never a list it felt look but there were never u mention colin and jude never hitting a list they were closer to it then uma and kilmer yet u dont mention those two never hitting a list when an actor hyped it tricks people into thinking there a list when there not


    • I look at A-list as a measure of power. Did they have A-list power? I think so. Were they truly A-list? That’s debatable. By a strict definition, you could argue that they were not. I wouldn’t argue either side too vehemently.


  28. phone booth made over 100 million it was just colin in the lead katie holms didnt cruise at the time she just had dawsons creek on her hands she didnt bring people in swat was a huge hit to he was the lead jude was lead cold mountain it made money so did close these actors had more hit then uma and kilmer there still working too


  29. chris o donnle was cast batman does that mean he was an a list then no he was a rising star he never reached a list never had a hit on his name


    • Definitely no. But look at the credits. O’Donnell comes fifth after Kilmer, Jones, Carrey, and Kidman.

      On Batman and Robin, I think he got third billing after Schwarzenegger and Clooney but ahead of Thurman and Silverstone. That shows you he was on his way up, but not A-list yet.

      It’s not an exact science. There’s an art to this.


  30. uma thurman was cast in batman and robin because producers thought she on the verge on the verge being a list like kilmer and quaid there on the verge on breaking into a list but missed it the success of batman forever gave kilmer leading roles in big budget movie to get opportunity to be a list but his movies flopped proving kilmer is not bankable batman forever was a fluke they went to see batman not the next kilmer movie


    • I don’t disagree with that.


    • Uma Thurman on the criticism of “Batman & Robin” (Huffington Post):

      I was a kid when “Batman & Robin” came out, and I worshipped you as Poison Ivy.
      So you must like Mae West? Because what I did was take Mae West and played with it.

      Did you know at the time how notorious its reputation would become?
      What is it notorious for?

      For being campy.
      Well, it came out in a different time when people were still being bitchy about campy. Humor being campy and campy being a code word for gay has changed. I think one of the most beautiful things I will get to say I’ve witnessed in my lifetime is to have lived through part of the major movement of trying to quell persecution of human beings who have a different sexual orientation. If you think of the Berlin Wall coming down, people always talk about all these big things. I think what Pope Francis did 10 days ago, which people have just talked about in hushed voices: “Oh yeah, you hear the pope said that?” — I’m not Catholic, but I have to tell you, to me, Pope Francis should be sainted for this, what he did for mankind. For the millions and millions and millions of people on the earth who have died because of who they were. God, you just got me. So anyway, the word “campy” has nothing to do with “Batman & Robin”; it just somehow made me think of this. Obviously the Batman movies went in a very serious direction, a very humorless direction. Really straight and hardcore.

      Absolutely. They’re beautiful movies, but they’re not the same ones that Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher were making.
      Oh no, they’re totally different: hardcore violence. And I like them. But I think at the time the idea of taking a male superhero and having fun with it and someone using the c-word [campy] on it caused people to be very nasty. And that kind of nastiness was acceptable on those terms. And I think that’s the reason some people were particularly annoyed. They didn’t like seeing that tone applied to their heterosexual male icon.

      That’s an interesting perspective on it.
      Well, it takes time, and the idea that that wasn’t appropriate was because there was a deep-seated discrimination at hand, and hatred and fear. So what Joel did was actually very threatening at the time, and I think it is truly one of the things that we should all feel — and me as a person — is beyond greater than the Berlin Wall coming down. Far more thousands or millions more have died under that discrimination and those biases and those scriptures being interpreted in such a cruel manner compared to those who died coming out of East Germany. Anyway, this is very serious.

      It is. If someone were to play Poison Ivy in a Batman reboot now, who should it be?
      I have a problem where, whenever I want to say a name, it blacks out. She’s the most famous girl ever.

      Jennifer Lawrence?
      No. Well, she’s wonderful, I just watched her last night. I love her acting. No, I have to call you. When I’m interviewed, I go blank on names. Oh! Scarlett Johansson!

      That’s a great one.
      Sorry, I can’t believe this. Every time people ask me to say a name when I’m being interviewed, I just black out. Scarlett Johansson would be fabulous. It’s a must.


      • I’m guessing the whole “you must be homophobic” for hating “Batman & Robin” perception immediately has to do w/ the single fact that Joel Schumacher, an openly gay man, directed “Batman & Robin”. Schumacher was the immediate and main fall guy for the criticism.


      • Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread:

        I’d say Michael Gough had the most to do as an actor. Ironically Batman and Robin was the movie where he gave his best Alfred performance. Ivy, next to Bane, had the least to do since she pretty much was a mustache twirling character. Freeze was at least rooted down a bit in the saving his wife angle which allowed him some moments of humanity. Clooney had those great scenes with Gough, and even some good confrontations with Robin. Even Silverstone’s Barbara and her yearn to help her kind old Uncle gave her more to do as an actor than Thurman had as Ivy.

        She was just a walking cliche going around spouting Saturday morning cartoon dialogue and blowing love dust at men. Even her origin was comical. That rant she has at Woodrue was camper than camp. “You corrupt my research into some MANIACAL scheme for world domination. When I get through with you you won’t be able to get a job teaching High School chemistry. You hear me…you PSYCHO!!!!!”.

        Thurman looked sexy as hell, and she’s a great actress, but she was one of the least impressive performers in this movie, and had little to work with.


    • 8 Things DC Comics Wants You To Forget About Poison Ivy

      That Uma Thurman Performance In Batman & Robin

      Batman & Robin might be something of an easy target, but literally no one emerged from that film better for it. Sadly, old Ivy got dragged into things early on, and while there’s much to love about Uma Thurman’s hammy portrayal of the plant-themed villain, DC are less than enthusiastic to remind people of Joel Schumacher’s flick.

      It’s become a cliché to harp on about Batman & Robin, seeing as how pretty much everyone, their aunt and their uncle has had their say in regards to the film, but everyone seems to miss how it’s in that wonderful ‘so bad it’s good’ territory. Ivy goes through what must be ten or so wardrobe changes throughout the feature, each with their own brilliant hairstyle, glitter and what have you, and it’s just too brilliant.

      Everything about Thurman’s performance is just so over the top, and while it is, admittedly, not to everyone’s liking (hence why DC have swept the whole thing under the carpet), the film’s not nearly as banal as it’s made out to be.


  31. my point iam getting at is uma and kilmer were a listers on the rise studio gave them those because they thought they were close to be a listers they had potential


  32. thurman and kilmer couldt have that much power if there movies flopped


    • The power is to make the deals. It has nothing to do with the final box office results except in as much as performing well at the box office gives you more power and performing poorly can reduce your negotiating power. But not always. Flops do not necessarily remove you from the A-list. Johnny Depp has had a string of flops and yet, he’s still got A-list power.


  33. but depp has the box office to back up his a list hes had a list on his name um and kilmer never have i think uma and kilmer were stars on the rise which why they had power stars who were close to a list do get power kilmer uma even chris get power based on close to a list but none of them had a list results to back up they were all hype nothing


    • Yeah, I wasn’t making a direct comparison between Depp and Kilmer or Thurman. Your point about them is well-taken. One could easily argue that they were never A-list. I think one could just as easily argue the opposite point of view that they were briefly. Sometimes it’s hard to determine whether or not they actually achieved A-lists status because it’s not a real thing. It’s perception.


  34. i look by the rules then look at there filmography both never made movies that were hits on there name alone i breifly thought they were a list because of media hype when your hyped up this much it gives the illusion you are but when you dont have the hits to back it up your all hype quaid was everywhere in the 80s he was a heartthrob in magizines but his movies didnt do well average at best his chances at a list are gone


    • That is a good approach. By the strictest definition, I agree with you. The only thing I’ll say is that the “rules” are more like guidelines sometimes.

      In the case of Thurman or Kilmer, if someone said they were A-list, I wouldn’t disagree. If you say they are not, I can’t really disagree with you either by the strictest possible definition of the term.


  35. i guess people think differnetly when they think a list could mean huge name makes a lot of movies i use to think meg ryan was never a list becuase all her hits like rahcel mcadam she co stared with with a big name like cage hanks crystal but maybe iam wrong


    • I tend to judge actresses a little differently because it is very rare for them to headline a movie without a male co-star of equal or bigger marquee value. I would say Ryan was definitely A-list. Along with Julia Roberts, she topped the A-list in the 90s. Back when she was starring with Tom Hanks, they were on relatively equal footing. So I think she gets equal credit for those hits. She was Hollywood’s go-to girl for rom coms.


  36. in 1993 they were equal in 1998 he was bigger kilmer was never a list though tobey maguire another character who played a superhero never made it to a list either some of the actors on your list i think never hit a list broderick lawerence tom bergenger


    • In 1998 Hanks was bigger. He had his Oscar by then. But Ryan was still the reigning queen of rom coms. She was still big enough to deserve a lot of credit for You’ve Got Mail.

      Being A-list isn’t a requirement to be in WTHH. It was when I started, but I have loosened the requirements.


  37. cuban gooding jr never did either


  38. i see ryan and hanks gonna be in a world war 2 movie next year if its a hit ryan gets no credit since hanks is still a box office star good thing u loosened it up cause looking at the list there are more actors in there that never reached a list i only mentioned kilmer and and thurman cause in the article u made it out that they were a lists at one time but there track records says other wise plus when i talk to people about kilmer they make it seem like he was a list at one point then when i point out that outside batman he didnt star in too many big movies either i think he had everyone fooled thinking he was a list with all the hype around him


  39. i say a true a list lets there work speaks for themself hanks u barely about him in the new he wasnt a hearttrhob like kilmer was but his make a lot of money he is very bankable since catch me if you hes not as consitent as he used be but hes pumping out hit movies like danvic code series toy story 3 captain phillips


  40. affleck good example hes everyhwere with the jlo thing but in reality he didnt put out a lot of quality work then daredveil and peal harbour made over 100 million but had huge budgets so they actually lost money aramgdaen Shakespeare in love sold in other peoples names sum of all fear did make money but that was it


  41. Movie Jail: This week’s defendant is…Uma Thurman!

    The Defendant

    The Case

    The Prosecution: Movie 43, Playing for Keeps, Bel Ami, Ceremony, The Accidental Husband, Motherhood, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Prime, Be Cool, Paycheck, Chelsea Walls, The Golden Bowl, Vatel, The Avengers, Batman & Robin, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Jennifer 8, Where the Heart Is, Johnny Be Good

    Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, if you want to know why Uma Thurman is up for Movie Jail, look no further than the actress’ filmography over the past decade. While her Nymphomaniac received decent reviews, she didn’t have a big part in it, and it was her first fresh movie at Rotten Tomatoes since starring in the Kill Bill movies.

    The last ten years haven’t been pretty for Miss Thurman. She has starred in a disappointing sequel (Be Cool), terrible romantic comedies (Playing for Keeps, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Prime) and also appeared in the infamous Movie 43. Besides receiving negative reviews from most critics, many of her films have also either bombed or underperformed at the box office. Miss Thurman isn’t a bad or lazy actress, however she does have a bad habit of starring in awful movies, and that’s the most frustrating thing about her post-Kill Bill films. She’s a very talented actress, so what is she doing appearing in crap like The Accidental Husband?

    Quentin Tarantino helped launch and relaunch Miss Thurman’s career with Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill flicks, but while she at least starred in a few good movies after Pulp Fiction, her filmography after Kill Bill is a mess. Maybe the actress should think about hooking up with the director again, because it’s clear her career desperately needs a boost.

    The prosecution knows there are some who love the actress, but considering how dreadful Miss Thurman’s movies have been over these past ten years, we strongly believe she needs to spend some time in Movie Jail.

    The Defense: Nymphomaniac, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, The Life Before Her Eyes, The Producers, Kill Bill 1 & 2, Tape, Sweet and Lowdown, Les Misérables, Gattaca, Beautiful Girls, The Truth About Cats & Dogs, A Month by the Lake, Pulp Fiction, Mad Dog and Glory, Final Analysis, Henry & June, Dangerous Liaisons, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Kiss Daddy Goodnight

    Ladies and gentlemen, like the prosecution, the defense hasn’t been impressed with most of Miss Thurman’s film as of late, however we don’t believe the actress belongs in Movie Jail, and we don’t think the jury will want to send her there either.

    Miss Thurman is a strong actress, and although many of her recent films have been panned by critics, they usually have great things to say about her performances. The Life Before Her Eyes is only sitting at 24% at Rotten Tomatoes, however many thought she did a excellent job in the film. The Producers is another one that didn’t receive fantastic reviews form critics, but Miss Thurman was praised for her turn in the Mel Brooks film. Although the defense believes Miss Thurman has appeared in a few too many rom-coms, she has starred in many different types of movies, and it’s not as if she’s been playing similar characters in all of her films.

    But the defense believes the main reason why the jury won’t find my client guilty is because of her performances in Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. She played two very memorable (and borderline iconic) characters with her Mia Wallace and The Bride, and that goes a long way with jury members. But it’s not like those are the only good movies Miss Thurman has starred in either, and the actress has also done very solid work on the small screen (Hysterical Blindness, Smash, My Zinc Bed) as well.

    Without Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill movies, the prosecution might have a case against my client, however that’s a big might when you consider how great she’s been in other projects. Miss Thurman definitely needs to start picking better projects to work on, but the defense doesn’t think she should go to Movie Jail.


    Do you think the problem is the movies Miss Thurman has starred in, or the actress herself? Does she deserve to go to Movie Jail, or do you think she desperately needs a better agent? Is Uma Thurman GUILTY or NOT GUILTY?


  42. Re: Who is Blacklisted in Hollywood and why (bring the tea):

    Was Uma T blacklisted? I read a couple years ago she got into an argument with q taren tino and he told her she’ll never have a job in hollywood. Also she wasn’t down with those “eyes wide shut” parties.


  43. Be Cool in Top 10 Worst Movies with Great Casts


  44. Blockbuster Buster: The Avengers (1998)

    Cause Extraordinary Crimes to Cinema must be avenged by Critics Extraordinary.


  45. Blockbuster Buster: My Super Ex-Girlfriend

    Stupid Ex-Girlfriend is a more accurate title.


  46. 10 Actors/Actresses Completely Cut From Movies After Filming:

    Uma Thurman – Savages

    Getting right down to it, Uma Thurman being cut from Savages was one of the problems with this film. You’d think Oliver Stone could wrangle a little more say-so in meetings with studio brass, but that’s not the case. They kept pressuring Oliver to cut the film in length, and he fought tooth and nail to keep Uma in the mix. Ultimately, she was the one thing that could be cut, and the film would still “work.” Sadly, it robbed the film of its soul, and some of the understanding. Uma was cast to play the mother of O (Blake Lively), and it offered a deeper understanding as to why Blake’s character was the way she was. It built the foundation for such a desperate lifestyle, and doggoneit, it was excellent casting! If you’ve yet to see the film, you’ll agree: Uma should have stayed in the picture.


  47. Uma Thurman: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

    No prizes for guessing which category Batman And Robin fits into.



    Uma Thurman and Janeane Garofalo starred in The Truth About Cats And Dogs, a 90s movie that deserves more love…


  49. 11 Actors Who Survived Career Suicide Twice

    Uma Thurman

    Uma Thurman will forever have a place in the hearts of filmgoers because of Pulp Fiction, but she has a bad habit of signing on for crap following a triumph. She put the brakes on a potentially huge career after Pulp thanks to the one-two punch of Batman & Robin and The Avengers; they were awful, and sadly she was awful in them.

    She went through a dry spell in her career following this, but when Tarantino came along with Kill Bill she looked set to come back in a huge way; yet for some inexplicable reason she followed them up with muck like Paycheck and My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

    Again it looked like she’d squandered her chance, but in recent years she’s been doing excellent work in character roles like Nymphomaniac and The Slap, and Tarantino will no doubt call on her services again sometime soon.


  50. 15 Actors Stuck In Hollywood’s Dog House

    Uma Thurman

    Sexy, talented and kick-ass, Uma Thurman has/had everything but recently she has been limited to roles that even Jennifer Aniston might have thought twice about. In the 1990’s performances in Pulp Fiction and Gattaca positioned her as one of Hollywood’s leading lights, but roles as Poison Ivy in franchise killer Batman & Robin, and the financial disaster that was the remake of British television series The Avengers effectively turned that light off.

    After a hiatus following the birth of first child, Thurman returned with the Kill Bill volumes that saw her threaten those heady heights once again but little else since has shown any promise. A victim of the Movie 43 curse (it’s hard to have sympathy), Thurman has done nothing to trouble the box office in the last few years.

    So What Next?

    Who else thinks Thurman is probably casting envious glances over at Jennifer Jason Leigh? More than anything else she needs a call from her close pal Quentin and another plum role to show off her talents. With Kill Bill 3 repeatedly rumored, that redemption might be closer than ever.



    Paul Gleason is hilarious in this movie, he really is. As a coaching counterpart to the assistant principal in The Breakfast Club (1985), he provides the only beacon of light in Johnny Be Good, an otherwise ridiculous ’80s comedy. To put things in perspective, Anthony Michael Hall, who so convincingly played the nerd a few years prior, was now presented as the big man on campus, snagging ladies and football scholarships with ease. Um…no? The jump just doesn’t work here, and a script built around a running joke only furthers the lack of laughs scattered over this eternal 90 minutes.

    Uma Thurman pops up as youthful eye candy, but it’s RDJ’s appearance that really pushes this thing into WTF territory. Playing Hall’s best pal and the closest thing ever to a human Looney Toon, his off-the-wall ramblings are downright confusing opposite the jock’s gawky machismo. And that’s just the first half; things go down quicker than an Olympic diver on the latter part of the picture, no doubt aided by Downey’s motor-mouthed madness. It’s a move no one ever talks about anymore, and if ever graced with it’s presence, you’ll understand why.


  52. 10 Actors Who Need a Redemption Movie ASAP

    Uma Thurman

    Uma Thurman could be resumed in three words: “Quentin Tarantino Muse”. Back in the 90’s, her face was in every bedroom wall, and in the early 2000’s she brought back the yellow tracksuit into fashion, all that thanks to QT two masterpieces: Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill Vol.1 and Vol.2.

    But to do her justice, she is a skilled and accomplished actress who can do well in James Ivory (The Golden Cirle) and John Woo (Paycheck) universes… She can be as praised and acclaimed as in Gattaca or lose big like in Batman & Robin or the Avengers (No, not the one with Shawarma , the other one).

    After changing our lives being Beatrix Kiddo, she strangely opted for a different type of movies: Rom-Com and familiar dramas. What came next was a wreck; we had An Extraordinary Husband, Life Before Her Eyes, Motherhood, Prime, My Super Ex-Girlfriend…. Instead of becoming the Sigourney Weaver type of actresses, she went to be the one producers call when Sarah Jessica Parker is busy.

    How can she rise again: Those last years, Hollywood is fond of strong badass women avatars like Furiosa , Ilsa Fauslt or Gina Carano/Ronda Rousey flicks. Like Zellweger with comedies, Uma Thurman could convert again into the action/sci-fi genres.

    Add to that, no one is against seeing her teaming against with Quentin Tarantino, after all, she is his muse.


  53. Uma Thurman joins Bravo drama “My So-Called Life”

    Uma Thurman Joins Cast of Bravo’s Scripted Drama ‘My So Called Wife’
    by Elizabeth Wagmeister

    Uma Thurman has joined the cast of Bravo’s upcoming scripted series “My So Called Wife,” Variety has learned.

    The Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee will appear as a guest star in a story arc that spans several episodes.

    “My So Called Wife,” which was greenlit this March, follows a con artist, played by Inbar Lavi, who is as beautiful as she is dangerous, which makes her unsuspecting victims even more tormented when they realize they have been used and robbed of everything, including their hearts.

    But things get complicated when her latest victims, Ezra (Rob Heaps) and Richard (Parker Young) try to track her down just as she eyes her next mark, Patrick (Stephen Bishop).

    Thurman will play Lenny Cohen, the ultimate fixer.

    When the reclusive ring-leader of a group of con artists needs to keep his employees in line, eliminate an enemy or whip up a world class omelette, there is only one person for the job — the lethal, articulate and mysterious Lenny Cohen.


  54. There’s an interesting theory about her brief marriage to Gary Oldman. I read this, IIRC, on google groups (interesting site btw, you can see forum discussions going back to the early 90s). The buzz in Hollywood was that he was about to become a big star and she wanted to be associated with him before that happened. Similar, to a lesser extent, to what people suspected was Demi Moore’s motive for marrying Bruce Willis. Except Oldman didn’t get the stardom as predicted so she left him in the dust as soon as she realized his career wasn’t going anywhere.


  55. Its funny uma was a big star yet aside from the Quienten movies and a bit part in dangerous liaisons none of her films where hits. People must talked aobut her looks more cause no one saw her flicks


    • Rows of flops next to the milestones in her filmography prove she isn’t a box office draw. But she is a household name. Pulp Fiction and even Batman & Robin are staples of the ’90s. The Kill Bill movies were staples of the ’00s.

      She also comes off as very personable and is charming in every role. It always bugs me when people refer to her as “exotic” or “unconventional looking.” In the photoshoot scene in The Truth About Cats & Dogs, she was perfect.

      That photo of her at the top of the page doesn’t do her justice. I wonder whether it’s incidental or was chosen to make a point. On a few of these “What the hell happened to…” entries, the ostensibly “recent” picture is from nearly ten years ago where the subject of the entry still appears to be looking fabulous.


      • That picture was current the last time I did an update. I’ll swap it out next time. When I select the picture, I try to find one that is current, not staged for a magazine shoot, not unflattering but not overly glamorous. I’m never actively trying to make the subject look bad. At least not with the picture at the top of the article.


  56. Uma’s mom Nena Thurman used to be a big time model. Her first husband was LSD guru Timothy Leary. They divorced and she has been married to Uma’s dad for 50 years.


  57. Uma Thurman’s Baby Daddy Forcing Her to Choose Movie or the Kid

    Uma Thurman is stuck between a rock and a hard place … if she shoots a movie she won’t see her daughter. That’s the predicament she’s in, thanks to her baby daddy.

    Uma’s ex-fiance, Arpad Busson, just filed legal docs asking a judge to prohibit her from taking their 4-year-old daughter to Europe while she shoots a movie … sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

    We’re told Uma has been blindsided by the latest conflict … she’s supposed to leave in 2 days.

    Arpad wants the kid to stay put in NYC, so now a judge will decide … possibly creating a real-life “Sophie’s Choice” for Uma.

    TMZ broke the story … Uma and Arpad’s nasty custody battle heads to court in a few months to hash out visitation rights.

    A rep for Uma tells us … they’ll let the lawyers and judge handle it.


    • I wonder if she met Arpad when she was doing Batman & Robin. Elle Macpherson who had a small role in the movie was dating him at the time.

      Her personal life is kind of a mess but I love how she’s so dignified and weathers scandals with such grace. She never courts controversy unlike so many.


  58. Nena von Schlebrügge (a.k.a. Uma Thurman’s mother) circa November 1961


  59. Why Uma Thurman Doesn’t Get Many Movie Offers Anymore

    Once upon a time, Uma Thurman was Hollywood’s hottest starlet. After Pulp Fiction wowed critics and moviegoers alike in 1994, Thurman seemed destined for box office greatness, but that fiercely shining star has dimmed in recent years. Let’s take a look at why she doesn’t get many movie offers anymore.


  60. Blind Items Revealed #4

    November 4, 2016

    This very tall B+ list mostly movie actress who has been working for decades is hooking up with the married head of a foreign conglomerate. He has been sending a lot of very highly paid work her way.

    Uma Thurman


  61. Uma Thurman’s Custody Battle Got Uglier

    Actress and Quentin Tarantino fetish object Uma Thurman is currently locked in a custody battle with her ex-boyfriend Arpad (Arki) Busson over their four-year-old daughter, Luna.
    Last week, Arki accused Uma of mixing pills and booze while she accused him of letting Luna ride a scooter without a helmet (um…). Uma finally got her hands on some alleged real dirt this week. We’ve got hookers, the threatening of ex-girlfriends, and cheating on high school tests! True, one of those accusations is a little frivolous compared to the other two, but, you have to throw everything at the reputation wall and see what sticks!


  62. Blind Items Revealed #3

    November 30, 2016

    This aging, very tall B+ list mostly movie actress has now gone up three breast sizes in the past two years. She is convinced it is getting her more work after having trouble in the year prior to her first surgery.

    Uma Thurman


  63. Uma’s dad says the industry doesn’t take proper advatage of her.


  64. Uma Thurman says turning down Lord of the Rings was one of her worst decisions

    Uma Thurman really, really regrets turning down the role of Éowyn in the Lord of the Rings franchise.

    “I do consider it one of the worst decisions I ever made,” the actress said while speaking with Lord of the Rings super fan Stephen Colbert on The Late Show Monday night. “But I had just had my first child, and I just, I don’t know, I was a little house bound.”

    “I think it was a little bit, little unknown for me,” she added of uprooting her family to move to New Zealand for the movie’s long filming process. “But it was definitely a regret.”

    This isn’t the first time that Thurman has said she hated that she missed out on the role. In an interview with DigitalSpy in 2008, she said that she wished she “could’ve been able to take that plunge,” but that she couldn’t with her young daughter. The Thin Red Line star Miranda Otto ended up taking on the part.

    It is likely that if Thurman had taken on the role of Éowyn she would have missed out on her most famous role as The Bride in the Kill Bill films, which definitely would have been a shame. However, it would have been interesting to see the actress’ take on the famous Tolkein character.

    Thurman isn’t the only actor to turn down a part in the Lord of the Rings series: read up on all of the actors who could have been a part of the famous fantasy franchise.


  65. Uma Thurman Cast in Lars von Trier’s The House That Jack Built

    Thurman joins Matt Dillon in the upcoming Lars von Trier serial killer film The House That Jack Built


  66. 14 Actors Who Desperately Need A Hit Movie

    Uma Thurman

    Another Tarantino alum who can’t seem to catch a break, Uma Thurman’s career has cooled down significantly in recent years, generally taking small supporting roles in movies that either bombed or didn’t get a major theatrical release.

    Thurman’s last starring project to be even moderately successful was 2006’s My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and though a few of her movies since have been hits, typically she’s only appeared in them for a few scattered scenes, so she can’t really take much credit.

    As for the future, she does have six movies due for release over the next year, though only upcoming thriller Serenity, co-starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, has any real box office potential.


  67. To all the women finally bringing themselves to open up about their experience with sexual harassment here on social media. To me. Seeking help and comfort: I assure you, you’re not alone. I’m with you. I see you and I hear you! At least we‘re already two. Stay strong!


  68. Uma Thurman accuses Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault

    The “Kill Bill” star is finally breaking her silence.

    During an interview with The New York Times published on Saturday, Uma Thurman came forward with allegations of sexual assault against her former frequent collaborator, disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein.

    The 47-year-old actress first recalled a meeting that took place in Weinstein’s hotel room in Paris following the release of 1994’s “Pulp Fiction”. Thurman alleged that Weinstein, who was dressed in his now-infamous bathrobe, acted strangely before telling her to follow him down the hallway into a steam room.

    “It was so hot and I said, ‘This is ridiculous, what are you doing?’ And he was getting very flustered and mad and he jumped up and ran out”, she told the publication. “I didn’t feel threatened. I thought he was being super idiosyncratic, like this was your kooky, eccentric uncle.”

    However, Thurman claimed that Weinstein, 65, later attacked her at the Savoy Hotel in London. “It was such a bat to the head,” she said. “He pushed me down. He tried to shove himself on me. He tried to expose himself. He did all kinds of unpleasant things. But he didn’t actually put his back on it and force me.”

    The following day, Weinstein sent her a bouquet of yellow roses and a note which read, “You have great instincts.” Afterward, Thurman returned to the hotel and warned him, “If you do what you did to me to other people you will lose your career, your reputation and your family, I promise you.” Weinstein reportedly threatened to destroy her career in response.

    Thurman also accused director Quentin Tarantino, who previously admitted that he knew about Weinstein’s behavior, of forcing her to do a dangerous “Kill Bill” driving stunt, which resulted in a crash that “screwed up” her knees and left her neck “permanently damaged.”

    “The complicated feeling I have about Harvey is how bad I feel about all the women that were attacked after I was,” she said. “I am one of the reasons that a young girl would walk into his room alone, the way I did. Quentin used Harvey as the executive producer of Kill Bill, a movie that symbolizes female empowerment. And all these lambs walked into slaughter because they were convinced nobody rises to such a position who would do something illegal to you, but they do.”

    She added, “I stand as both a person who was subjected to it and a person who was then also part of the cloud cover.”

    As Nicki Swift previously reported, a shocking New York Times expose detailed Weinstein’s alleged 30-year history of sexual harassment and assault in October 2017. Since then, over 100 women have come forward with sexual abuse and rape claims against the former Miramax co-founder, and multiple other powerful men in Hollywood have been accused of sexual misconduct.

    Thurman, who initially declined to comment on the scandal, first hinted at her own claims when she called out Weinstein on Thanksgiving day. “I am grateful today, to be alive, for all those I love, and for all those who have the courage to stand up for others,” she wrote on Instagram, captioning a black-and-white photo of herself in “Kill Bill”.

    “I said I was angry recently, and I have a few reasons, #metoo, in case you couldn’t tell by the look on my face,” the actress continued. “I feel it’s important to take your time, be fair, be exact, so… Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (Except you Harvey, and all your wicked conspirators – I’m glad it’s going slowly – You don’t deserve a bullet) – stay tuned.”


  69. Quentin Tarantino’s History of Disturbing Behavior Toward His Actresses

    For Quentin Tarantino, a man whose taste for portraying violence against women has often been mistaken for feminist filmmaking, the line between fiction and reality is equally blurred.

    As a writer and director, Tarantino is famous for pushing his female heroines towards acts of brutal violence; but more often than not, Tarantino’s women find themselves on the receiving end of the director’s graphic imagination—raped, beaten, killed, whipped and branded.

    Like so many (male) directors before him, Tarantino’s work has relied on the rape-revenge fantasy—an outdated trope that throws in a sexual-assault backstory instead of doing the work of female character development. As a Mic article, “Kill Bill and Our Troubled Relationship with Rape Revenge Movies” elaborated, “While sexual assault is worthy of in depth exploration on screen, these rape and revenge films do not depict the reality of how these assaults can affect women. Rather, they look to fetishize the act and use it as motivation for unabashed gore and violence. What should be empowering films featuring women rising out of past trauma to exact justice are often instead turned into a form of torture porn.”

    And yet, Tarantino has often been called a feminist—usually by other men. He’s the auteur of choice for cinephiles who like their directors male and their “feminist” films full of sexualized violence and lingering feet footage. Harvey Weinstein himself called Tarantino “the most pro-woman ever,” continuing, “[Look at] Uma Thurman [in Kill Bill], Pam Grier [in Jackie Brown], Melanie Laurent and Diane Kruger [in Inglourious Basterds].”

    Since Weinstein, who stands accused of sexual assault by more than 90 women, asked, maybe it is time to revisit those iconic Tarantino heroines—and take the director to task not just for the female characters he’s created, but the real-life women he mistreated in the process.

    In recent years, Tarantino’s legacy has come under fire by increasingly skeptical critics. In 2015, The New York Times’ A.O. Scott called 2015’s The Hateful Eight “an orgy of elaborately justified misogyny.” And new allegations by his former muse, Uma Thurman, threaten to unmask Tarantino as little more than what his films would suggest: a man who is altogether too interested in torturing women.

    Over the weekend, Thurman accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault in The New York Times.

    In a series of painful, shocking anecdotes, the actress also revealed that Tarantino pressured her into a potentially life-threatening scene while filming Kill Bill. Thurman told the Times that this incident occurred after she had disclosed to Tarantino that Weinstein, who produced Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, had previously assaulted her.

    Thurman had expressed that she wanted a stunt person to do the dangerous-seeming scene, which involved operating a wobbly car that she described as a “death trap.” But Tarantino was insistent. “He was furious because I’d cost them a lot of time. But I was scared. He said: ‘I promise you the car is fine. It’s a straight piece of road,’” Thurman recalled. “‘Hit 40 miles per hour or your hair won’t blow the right way and I’ll make you do it again.’” She added, “The seat wasn’t screwed down properly. It was a sand road and it was not a straight road.”

    Newly-released footage shows the subsequent crash, which Thurman says resulted in a concussion and knee damage. She described the accident to the Times, remembering, “The steering wheel was at my belly and my legs were jammed under me. I felt this searing pain and thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m never going to walk again’…When I came back from the hospital in a neck brace with my knees damaged and a large massive egg on my head and a concussion, I wanted to see the car and I was very upset. Quentin and I had an enormous fight, and I accused him of trying to kill me. And he was very angry at that, I guess understandably, because he didn’t feel he had tried to kill me.”

    Thurman also told The New York Times that Tarantino withheld the crash footage from her for years, saying, “Quentin finally atoned by giving it to me after 15 years, right?” She added, “Not that it matters now, with my permanently damaged neck and my screwed-up knees.”

    A recent Sydney Morning Herald article fleshed out the connection between the director’s oeuvre and the new accusations: “No matter how Tarantino might defend his blood-spattered back catalogue as pro-woman or true cinematic equality, violence in the QT pantheon so often seems to be, with a few exceptions, something done by men to women…Tarantino loves to put his female characters through hell. We know now, from Thurman’s account of his on-set behaviour, that he also likes to do the same to at least one of his actresses in the name of authenticity in performance.”

    In the past, Tarantino has admitted that he “knew enough to do more than I did” about Harvey Weinstein. He told The New York Times that, “There was more to it than just the normal rumors, the normal gossip. It wasn’t secondhand. I knew he did a couple of these things. I wish I had taken responsibility for what I heard. If I had done the work I should have done then, I would have had to not work with him.” Tarantino said that his ex-girlfriend, Mira Sorvino, had told him about Weinstein’s “unwelcome advances and unwanted touching,” and that he also knew about Rose McGowan’s settlement with the producer. Weinstein distributed his directorial debut Reservoir Dogs in 1992, and has served as a producer on every Tarantino project since.

    In the New York Times story, Thurman briefly summarized other abuses she suffered on the set of Kill Bill, with the Times reporting that, “Tarantino had done the honors with some of the sadistic flourishes himself, spitting in her face in the scene where Michael Madsen is seen on screen doing it and choking her with a chain in the scene where a teenager named Gogo is on screen doing it.”

    Actress Jessica Chastain commented on this perverse directorial dynamic in a series of tweets on Saturday, writing, “I keep imagining Tarantino spitting in Uma’s face and strangling her with a chain for KILL BILL. How many images of women in media do we celebrate that showcase abuse? When did this become normalized ‘entertainment’? When violence against women is used as a plot device to make the characters stronger then we have a problem. It is not empowering to be beaten and raped, yet so many films make it their ‘phoenix’ [sp] moment for women. We don’t need abuse in order to be powerful. We already are.”

    Chastain concluded, “Directors inserting themselves into a scene depicting abuse is crossing a boundary. How can an actor feel safe when your director is strangling you?” Judd Apatow also reacted to the allegations on Twitter, writing, “The number one job a producer and director has on a set is to make sure that everyone is safe. That can mean safe from reckless stunt preparation or safe from predatory producers physically attacking them. There is no excuse for not protecting your cast and crew.”

    Thurman isn’t the only woman who has suffered from Tarantino’s boundary-crossing.


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