What the Hell Happened to Kirsten Dunst?

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Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst was a child actor who successfully transitioned into adult roles.  She worked opposite Brad Pitt, Robin Williams and Jim Carrey.  She was directed by the likes of Woody Allen, Sam Raimi and Neil Jordan.  She played a cheerleader, a vampire and Spider-man’s true love.  But when her web-slinging stopped, Dunst disappeared from the once-hot spotlight.

What the hell happened?

dunst model age 3

Kirsten Dunst – Age 3

Dunst started modeling at the ripe old age of three.  Clearly, she had committed herself to her craft rather than being pushed into the spotlight by a stage mom.  Surprisingly, Dunst would later express some anger over having been “pushed” into show biz by her mom.  Hard to believe since her mom waited three entire years to put her child to work.

Soon, Dunst was doing commercials like this one for Pillsbury microwave potatoes from 1985:

And here she is shilling for Crayola Christmas of 1989:

Good lord was she adorable!  That same year, she was pitching Baby Doll Surprise, a baby doll whose hair grew:

This was also the year in which I graduated from high school which makes me feel a little weird about those Maxim covers I found while I was doing my research for this article.  In 1989, Dunst had her first movie role in Woody Allen’s short film, Oedipus WrecksOedipus Wrecks was part of a collection of films set in New York called New York Stories.  Dunst had a small role as one of Mia Farrow’s children.  Hopefully she kept a safe distance from Woody.  He has a history with Farrow’s kids.

Kirsten Dunst - Bonfire of the Vanities - 1990

Kirsten Dunst – Bonfire of the Vanities – 1990

In 1990, Dunst had another small role as Tom Hanks’ daughter in Brian DePalma’s infamous adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities.

The book was an acidic social satire which took on race relations, journalism, and Wall Street amongst other things.  DePalma decided to make it silly.  It didn’t work at all.  The movie received scathing reviews and flopped at the box office.  It was a major career speed bump for Hanks (who reinvented himself as a dramatic actor shortly afterwards), DePalma (who was basically exiled for a while) and Melanie Griffith (who would continue working but stopped getting good roles).  Bruce Willis was lucky he had Die Hard to fall back on.

For Dunst, the final fate of Bonfire wasn’t all that important.  As a child actor, the fact she worked in a major motion picture with A-list talent was a stepping stone.  Here’s a scene in which Hanks’ character tries to explain his Wall Street job to his daughter only to be corrected by his wife played by Kim Cattrall.

In 1991, Dunst appeared in a low budget comedy called High Strung.  The movie was co-written by and starred Steve Oedekerk.  It is best known for featuring a pre-fame Jim Carrey in a supporting role.

Next: Interview With the Vampire and Little Women


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  1. Tv is no longer considered low point in actors career. Back then going from movie to tv ment actors career is stalling now its jsut as big as movie especially with impact of netflix.


  2. Tv is expanding almost as big as films why would they do it . Networks want to capitlize on a successful outlet and make money. I think dunst bubly personality works better in sitcom shes funny got good comic timing. Similar to a role in sitcom mom. Look what sitcom 30 rock did for alec baldwin a failed potental a lister it catippaltyed him back in lime light it leads to bigger role like blue jasmine mission impossable 5 and still alice


  3. A sitcom role might do it for dunst. We all cna agree baldwin career is on fire not a list but getting great roles.


  4. The Cast of ‘Bring It On’ Reunites 15 Years Later, Recalls Getting Arrested in Mexico:


    • Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku and Gabrielle Union on whether Bring It On would be a hit today:

      It has been 15 years since the Clovers and the Toros first faced off, and since then, Bring It On has gone on to become a cheerleading classic. But when Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, Gabrielle Union, and Jesse Bradford reunited for EW’s 25th anniversary issue, we asked them if they thought Bring It On would have been as big of a hit if it was made in 2015.

      “I think it would be even more edgy, even like the overall themes,” Union said. “I don’t want to say nothing’s changed, but not a lot’s changed in terms of our overall themes. I think it’d be super relevant — as relevant today as it was 15 years ago.”

      “You have Pitch Perfect and stuff like that,” Dunst added. “I think it would.”

      But although Bring It On would probably still be big if it was made today, a few moments might have ended up on the cutting room floor. Watch the video above to find out which scene the cast members think wouldn’t fly in 2015.


  5. Kirsten Dunst Tells @JimmyKimmel How She Gained Weight for @FargoFX: ‘A Lot of Pizza’


  6. I just watched Kirsten Dunst in The Two Faces of January tonight, a very good thriller adapted from the Patricia Highsmith novel of the same title. It came out last year and is a very nice addition to her filmography. Don’;t expect a Hollywood style action film, though–this one is in the style of European directors like Claude Chabrol.


    • Rank/Rate Kirsten Dunst films

      Certainly one of my favourite actresses currently working, partly due to nostalgia (who didn’t love her in the Spiderman-films?) but she also is a natural beauty and always gives herself, whether it’s a serious dramatic role or it’s in a more light-hearted comedy.

      It’s odd that the ratings from the films I’ve seen her in don’t really reflect how much I like her so hopefully I’ll see her in better films (or films that I’ll appreciate more).

      Any recommendations are always welcome or information about interesting future projects.

      Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)
      Jumanji (1995)
      Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
      Small Soldiers (1998)
      Mona Lisa Smile (2003)
      The Cat’s Meow (2001)
      Bachelorette (2012)
      How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008)
      Melancholia (2011)

      Also seen but not rated: Spider-Man (2002), Spider-Man 2 (2004), Spider-Man 3 (2007), Wimbledon (2004), Marie Antoinette (2006)
      Already on my watchlist: The Virgin Suicides (1999)


  7. Last time @kirstendunst was on the show, Jimmy gave her a Christmas sweater! #FallonTonight


  8. Jimmy and Kirsten Dunst team up against Will Smith and The Roots’ Tariq (Black Thought) for a game of Catchphrase.


  9. Jimmy Kimmel’s latest Mean Tweets features Sean Penn, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Key & Peele

    Elizabeth Banks, Daniel Radcliffe, Colin Farrell, Kirsten Dunst, Matthew Perry, Michael B. Jordan and Julianna Margulies are also part of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #9.


  10. Cast Of Bring It On: How Much Are They Worth Now?

    Kirsten Dunst

    Estimated Net Worth: $25 Million. Kirsten Dunst got an early start in her career when at the age of six she played a small role in Woody Allen’s Oedipus Wrecks. From there, it was on to critical acclaim, earning herself a Golden Globe nomination at the age of 11 in Interview with a Vampire. The lead role as Torrance in Bring It On provided Dunst with the exposure she needed to transition into big-budget films, and after its release she earned the role of Mary-Jane in the Spider-Man franchise. This role elevated her to the A-list and she’s enjoyed consistent roles in acclaimed flicks like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Marie Antoinette, and Melancholia. In 2015 she landed the role of Peggy Blumquist in the highly celebrated television series Fargo, and this year we’ll catch her in the films Woodshock and Midnight Special. Kirsten’s successful career has earned her a huge fortune of an estimated $25 million!


  11. “Depression” rehab stint and career refocus

    I’ve been watching Kirsten in movies my whole life and have always been a fan of hers, and I remember her suspicious stint in rehab for “depression” a few years back; I’ve heard rumors of her being an alcoholic and whatnot, but I have noticed a major shift in her career after the rehab thing passed—she’s taken riskier roles, and been in a hell of lot better films than she was in her teens and twenties.

    Her performance in “All Good Things” was jawdroppingly good, and she seems to have rebranded herself and is taking far more mature and risky roles. I suppose you could argue that this is just an age thing; that she’s matured as a person and thus matured as an actress, but I’m wondering if her whole rehab ordeal and personal crisis had to do with being dissatisfied with her career or something. She was incredible in “Melancholia,” and has done a lot of less mainstream movies, and has turned in fine performance after fine performance–”On the Road,” “Two Faces of January,” “Fargo”; I just got back from seeing “Midnight Special,” and that was another unconventional and non-glamorous choice for her, but she was great.

    I feel for her with whatever she was going through personally, but since that she really has steered herself toward some very interesting, nuanced roles that are a far cry from things like “Elizabethtown” and “Spider-Man.” There was never any questioning that she was capable of this in my mind, given from when she started with “Interview with the Vampire” and the occasional roles in things like “The Cat’s Meow” or “The Virgin Suicides,” but I really have to give her credit for choosing to do such interesting and more unconventional projects. I’m curious to see where she goes from here.

    Wed Mar 23 2016 14:29:00

    She’s one of, if not my favorite actress so I definitely echo your sentiments. She’s been on a winning streak ever since she took on All Good Things, and then of course Melancholia. Sure, Bachelorette and Upside Down were not her most memorable roles but I still consider them solid additions to her filmography.

    I’ve always felt, even when she was doing teen-roles, that she chose some really interesting projects. Crazy/Beautiful, Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Virgin Suicides, The Cat’s Meow, The Virgin Suicides are all top-drawer performances from her, and also showed what a great talent she and/or her agent had for picking interesting and sometimes offbeat roles. I think Spider-Man set her back a little bit, because between 2002-2007 the characters she was playing were generally a lot less complex than some of the work she was doing in her teens. Of course, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was an exception and I honestly enjoyed every other movie she did in those years, but she never really had the opportunity to show her true potential that was quite evident in some of her earlier roles.

    Honestly, it seems she can do nothing wrong at this point. She’s selective with the projects that she does, chooses carefully and lately it’s paying off really well for her. I think she should be extremely proud of her work so far, because there aren’t many actresses of her generation, or any generation for that matter, who have a body of work quite as strong as hers. I can’t wait to see what she does next.


    • Blind Items Revealed #4

      June 8, 2016

      This B list mostly movie actor is hating life right now. First, his big budget starring chance bombed big time earlier this year. Even though he is a really good actor, he just can’t break through to that A list level. Also, his friends keep telling him things they kept secret from him while he was dating this former A list mostly movie actress. He knew about her drinking, but apparently she cheated on him all of the time and everyone knew but him.

      Garrett Hedlund/Kirsten Dunst


  12. WHET to Kirsten Dunst?

    Did she become a huge coke fiend and drop out of Hollywood?
    Sad. She had a promising career.
    —Anonymous (403 views)

    She was brilliant and Emmy-worthy in the second season of “Fargo” this past year.


    reply 1 13 hours ago

    22 replies 20 13 hours ago

    Like a lot of big child stars, she had a lot of trouble adjusting to adulthood. She had a serious drinking problem for a while and had to take time off to get past it. Also like some child stars, the features that made her beautiful as a child made her somewhat offbeat looking as an adult.


    reply 8 12 hours ago

    Well she got great reviews for Melancholia and her stint on Fargo. She is still getting good roles. I like Kirsten. I think she will have a big second act.


    reply 9 12 hours ago

    She was easily the best thing about ‘Interview with a Vampire’, very impressive performance by such a young girl. She’s very talented, unfortunately that squeeky voice does her no favors.


    reply 10 12 hours ago

    You’re talking as if she hasn’t fulfilled her promise – that is not true.

    She’s a Best Actress winner, at Cannes (for Melancholia).

    She gave the most sensitive performance, IMO, in Eternal Sunshine.

    Marie Antoinette is a movie that’s here to stay, and it’s pretty good, too. There are even people who enjoyed The Virgin Suicides (I didn’t, but not because of her).

    She’s the lead in cult favorite DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.

    I could go on… And I’m sure she will as well. It’s longevity that counts, people. She’s a talented actress, she’ll keep working.


    reply 12 10 hours ago

    Yeah, Fargo is going to put her back on the radar for a lot of producers and directors. She was very impressive.


    reply 16 10 hours ago


  13. Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Interview With The Vampire

    Claudia (Kirsten Dunst)

    The child-star of Interview With The Vampire was the angelic young vamp Claudia – turned too young by Louis and Lestat (largely for Lestat to prove a point), she spends decades trapped in a child’s body, loving Louis as much as she hates him. She came to an unhappy end at the hands of a cadre of Parisian vampires who could not accept the age at which she was turned, but Dunst’s career is (thankfully) a much happier story than Claudia’s!

    Interview was one of her first films, but since then she’s gone on to find fame – most notably as Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man franchise. Most recently, she’s been in TV series Fargo, starred in Melancholia, and has three films currently in the pipeline (Woodshock, The Beguiled, and Hidden Figures). She’s also spent some time behind the camera as a director.


  14. Big Head Much? Jennifer Lawrence Thinks FOX Should Be Terrified If They Don’t Renew Her X-Men Contract

    I hope this comes back to bite her in the scaly ass. Didn’t Kristen Dunst have a very steep fall from grace after having made some equally over-confident remarks about being asked back to the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man franchise?


    • Here’s what Lawrence said:

      Fassbender and McAvoy and I were all talking. Like, ‘Will you come back?’ ‘I dunno.’ ‘I’ll come back, if you come back.’ Fox should be terrified because the deal we made was like if one of us doesn’t come back, none of us are.

      I would love to come back. I love the fans and I love the character. But then you realize how important your year is, like how important three months out of your year is. I don’t know. I shouldn’t be that honest.

      So, pretty much not anything like what the headline says. God, I hate clickbait. She thinks Fox should be worried because the three main leads have made an informal pact only to return together or not at all. Basically, this is a negotiation ploy. Nothing to see here. Move along.


      • I’ve seen this in sports recently; three people decide they want to work together and create a super-team (in this case The X-Men) and the organization (in this case FOX) obliges them. I think that’s FAN-tastic (the same cannot be said of clickbait though, a practice that has the buoyancy of a smelly and wet summer dishrag).


  15. Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Washington and more discuss TV nudity



    Dunst has always been an interesting actress, pretty enough to be constantly cast as the girl next door but with a soft onscreen presence that’s never overpowering yet always compelling. It’s that last part that makes her so interesting. Dunst is able to play meek and sweet pinnacles of femininity, but underneath that often glam exterior, there’s a calculated intensity that makes her characters feel … off. Take her role as Torrance in Bring It On. Torrance is our protagonist, though she’d likely be the villain in every other teen movie — the peppy, high-achieving cheerleader. In fact, even in this movie, she slips into role of well-meaning villain more than once. However, what’s interesting isn’t how Dunst portrays Torrance’s dueling desires to lead her team to victory and do the right thing. It’s Dunst’s mania. Torrance is so high energy and is characterized by such an intense brand of intelligent ditziness, she almost immediately becomes more of a caricature of how cheerleaders are portrayed than a believable character. It’s not just an enlightening portrayal; it’s an unsettling one.

    Dunst’s film career is filled with dimensional interpretations of traditionally feminine characters like Torrance. Perhaps unsurprisingly because she’s a great director, Dunst has done some of her best genre-bending work with Sofia Coppola. Through Coppola and Dunst, The Virgin Suicides’ Lux wasn’t merely a repressed and promiscuous girl. She was a sad source of never-ending mystery, the most accessible point the boys had to the confusing world of girlhood. Marie Antoinette wasn’t a self-absorbed and all-powerful ruler. She was a confused and lonely girl. Likewise, Interview with a Vampire’s Claudia wasn’t a helpless child; she was a powerful seductress. Even Dunst most mainstream role as Mary Jane Watson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man was laced with nuance, especially in Spider-Man 2. Mary Jane wasn’t just the doting girlfriend. She had aspirations of fame, and she was visibly jealous of her boyfriend’s, Peter Parker, growing fame.
    In all of these examples, Dunst tackles a traditionally feminine film trope — the high school seductress, the helpless child, the ruling bitch, the devoted girlfriend — and saturates it with dimension. It’s through these nuanced portrayals that Dunst showcases how flat and frankly boring our traditional roles for women typically are. Essentially, Dunst has been exposing the sexism of Hollywood by giving every role her all and forcing us to pay attention.

    Nowhere is Dunst’s brand of genre-bending feminism more clear than in Season Two of FX’s critically acclaimed drama, Fargo. Dunst should be nominated for all the awards for her portrayal of Peggy Blumquist, which is saying a lot for a series that is jam-packed with amazing actors and actresses performing at their A-games. At first glance, Peggy is the mousy, prim, and seemingly devoted housewife that we’ve seen in oh-so-many movies and shows. However, soon after seeing her reaction to a hit and run, it becomes apparent that Peggy is more than June Cleaver with a dark streak. She’s manipulative, aspirational to a fault, and completely uncaring about consequences as long as she gets her way. Peggy isn’t a loyal housewife. Peggy is a conniving villain who is scheming, not for the sake of any man, but to make her own life better. Beneath her pretty curls, rosy smile, and sleek jackets, Peggy is terrifying and formidable, and so is Dunst.


  17. Making her InStyle UK cover debut Kirsten Dunst talks rejection, wedding plans and trying to remain “normal” in Hollywood…


  18. So what the HELL did happen to Kirsten Dunst…what a way to end an article?????


    • I sometimes get this kind of feedback and I must admit to being confused by it. The article covers step by step the progression of Dunst’s career. It doesn’t quite come up to present day, but the then-current ending of the article is still applicable. She got pushed into acting at a young age, achieved a great deal of success, struggled with personal issues and backed out of the spotlight. Dunst continues working in lower-profile projects but has popped up in some pretty mainstream stuff like season 2 of Fargo.

      What specifically were you looking for that wasn’t included in the article?


    • Not bankable anymore?

      I think that she has become an incredible actress but for some years now, it seems like she won’t be a lead in any big studio movie anymore. I know that the big studios are mostly doing sequels and Superhero movies but there’s still some really good directors working for them. Spielberg, Burton, Tarantino, Del Toro, David O. Russell, Denis Villeneuve,… She’s perfect in everything she does but it seems like she can’t get any lead role in these big studio movies. She did Midnight Special for Warner but it was released as an indie movie in very few theaters and now she’s in Hidden Figures for the Fox but she seems to have a really small role.


  19. Why Elizabeth Banks Wasn’t Spidey’s Mary Jane

    Movies JUN 22, 2016

    Believe it: the ageless actress was told she was “too old” to play Spider-Man’s girlfriend.


  20. Who’s the most annoying manic pixie dream girl?

    I really hate the cliche character of the manic pixie dream girl. They are the worst type of character and they all suck in their own way but, who do you think is the worst one?

    For me, It’s Claire from “Elizabethtown”. Especially in regards to the scene at the end when the main character, Drew, goes on a road trip that she sends him on and she includes a cd for him to listen to along the way, and also a scrap book that has directions and comments in it with stuff she wrote like “pause for 30 minutes in Memphis for the greatest chili in the world”. It’s just so stupid an ridiculous. How the hell could she even have created something like that in the first place? I guess we’re supposed to think that at some point, she took some road trip and carefully documented all of the stops she took and the exact times that it took to not only get to certain places but, also all of the places she visited and the food she ate. And then she would also make a scrapbook around the whole thing and then give it away to some guy she barely knows who just so happens to be going through a hard time after losing his job and his father. Why would Drew even agree to the stupid road trip and then follow her exact rules the whole time? It makes no sense and the fact that at the end, he impulsively decides to visit a small town fair and she just so happens to be there waiting for him. Like, really? Give me a freaking break.

    I also despise the main character in “Juno”. People just don’t act like that and if they did, they wouldn’t be cute or interesting. They would be super annoying.


  21. Kirsten Dunst to Direct Indie Drama ‘The Bell Jar’ Starring Dakota Fanning

    Kirsten Dunst is set to make her feature film directorial debut with an adaptation of Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar.” Dakota Fanning will star in the independent drama with plans for a first-quarter start of production.

    Fanning will play the lead role of Esther Greenwood in the pic, based on Plath’s 1963 novel. Dunst has adapted the script with Nellie Kim.

    Priority Pictures optioned remake rights from Studio Canal. “The Bell Jar” was made into a feature film in 1979.

    Priority’s Lizzie Friedman, Karen Lauder and Greg Little will produce alongside Fanning and Echo Lake Entertainment’s Brittany Kahan. Celine Rattray is executive producing.

    In the book, Greenwood takes an internship at a magazine in New York City, and then begins to suffer a mental breakdown when she returns home to Boston.

    The novel is the only book ever published by Plath, who committed suicide in 1963.

    Dunst directed a pair of short films — “Welcome, »

    Dave McNary


  22. I think she has the career she wanted. Much like jason patric she went down indie path


    • The key difference between Jason Patric and Kirsten Dunst is that Kirsten had her own blockbuster movie franchise under her belt w/ “Spider-Man”. Honestly, outside of maybe, “The Lost Boys” can you name a Jason Patric movie right off the top of your head, that was a remote “hit”? And outside of “Spider-Man”, Kirsten had “Interview with the Vampire”, “Jumanji”, and “Bring it On” under her belt.

      With Jason Patric, he always struck me as an actor who never really reached his “peak” (if that makes sense). “Speed 2” could’ve been his big breakthrough as an A-list leading man, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Plus, I don’t think that Patric was that ambitious enough to reach that particular goal in the first place.

      Kirsten Dunst simply had too much personal baggage and probably got bored with making the type of movies that the studios and general public wanted her to make or wanted to see.


  23. Celebrities who treat waiters like trash

    Kirsten Dunst

    Getty Images
    Fox News reports that Kirsten Dunst doesn’t tip at all, with one restaurant manager noting, “Kirsten Dunst came through and ran up a $233 bill and left without even the smallest gratuity.” Another Dunst server told Bitter Waitress, “She smelled badly. She wasn’t even coherent. The guy she was with had to order for her.”


  24. This bawdy comedy started as a play and became a terrific movie

    Bachelorette (2012)

    Leslye Headland, writer-director of Bachelorette and Sleeping With Other People, has worked as a playwright longer than she has been directing feature films; a stage version of Bachelorette predated the film, and her recent play The Layover had an off-Broadway run earlier this year. But despite the zingy talkiness of both her movies, they don’t immediately or obviously register as the work of a stage writer—not the way, say, Aaron Sorkin’s screenplays remain unmistakably theatrical even when they’re conceived and executed as films.

    Once its origins are revealed, it’s easy to see how Bachelorette could have started on the stage. The action is confined mostly to a single night, as high school friends Regan (Kirsten Dunst), Gena (Lizzy Caplan), and Katie (Isla Fisher) reunite as bridesmaids in the wedding of Becky (Rebel Wilson), the kind of old friend they’ve all kept in some touch with, but talk about extensively behind her back. Regan, the maid of honor, is the most put-together of the trio, which is to say she is the meanest. As Regan attempts to acquit herself as a good friend to Becky while radiating unhappiness, Gena struggles with a drug problem, and ditzy Katie struggles with her lack of filter. All of these struggles are exacerbated when a terrible fate befalls Becky’s wedding dress and the bridesmaids rush to fix their mistake. Like Bridesmaids, this movie could be sold as a distaff version of The Hangover if not for the fact that it’s actually well-written and very funny.

    While the movie version of Bachelorette makes good use of some New York location shooting, several major sequences unfold in more confined spaces of various hotel rooms. But like Sleeping With Other People, this movie looks great—much more so than many of the conventional romantic comedies for which it serves as a more acidic, foulmouthed counterpart. A bride preparation scene that might have involved door-slamming farce on stage, for example, becomes an exercise in momentum and tension on screen. Headland also seems to possess an innate sense of when to hold her shots. The best demonstration comes in a scene between Caplan and Adam Scott, playing former high school flames. As Scott’s character plays an old mixtape featuring “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” the camera stays fixed on the two actors for a full minute and a half, making their eventual, inevitable clinch (and a switch to a non-diegetic soundtrack blast of the Proclaimers tune) emotionally satisfying.

    Headland does such a great job utilizing performers who have been ill-served by other projects that it feels like she’s writing and directing specifically to show off Caplan (in one of her best roles), Fisher, James Marsden, and even sitcom staples like Kyle Bornheimer and Hayes MacArthur. It’s possible that the originators of these roles in the stage version of Bachleorette were just as good. But the movie, under-seen as it was during its initial release, is a great production of its own.


  25. Kirsten Dunst

    Is she pretty or is she plain? I can never make up my mind.

    I also can never decide whether she’s really talented or just adequate.

    She’s certainly hard to cast.

    —Anonymous (67 views)

    5 replies an hour ago


  26. her spiderman co star franco career is perfect candate for the blog. His career was on fire then he all of sudden went to b movie . Which is strange he did not have flops to bring him there it was his own will.


  27. dunst is currently in a number 1 movie hidden


    • She is, but the only reason I know that is that you told me. I don’t think the movie’s success has much of an impact on her short of reminding people she is still working (which already happened with Fargo).


  28. appearing in a hit movie regardless of size the part is good for any actors.Appearing in a hit beats starring in a flop.THERE are actors who have been character actors most of their career like freeman duvall and sam l Jackson are you saying the hits they appeared in had no impact on their career cause they where not star in them


    • Here’s the thing, right or wrong, the star gets the credit or the blame for the box office. The supporting cast rarely impacts ticket sales – especially when we’re talking about an actress who isn’t in the film’s marketing materials. The studio guys know that almost no tickets were sold to Hidden Figures based on Dunst’s involvement.

      That doesn’t mean it can’t help her. The movie will be seen by casting agents which serves as a reminder that she is available. She may get some more work out of this, but it will likely be in similar supporting roles. Unless people are coming out of Hidden Figures talking about how amazing Dunst was (which I have yet to hear), this isn’t going to be a big game changer even if the movie is huge.

      You brought up Morgan Freeman and Samuel L Jackson, so let me draw a comparison here. They both had supporting roles in movies that weren’t all that big. While Street Smart was a flop that set back Christopher Reeve’s career, the buzz Freeman got helped raise his profile. It didn’t make him a leading man, but people took notice. Jackson had a small role in Jungle Fever, but it was the part everyone was talking about after the credits rolled.

      Dunst is in a very different position. She was an A-list leading lady in her 20’s. Now, she’s a supporting actress in her thirties. She’ll still get work, but nothing is likely to restore her status as an A-list movie star. Hidden Figures being a critically acclaimed hit will benefit writer/director Theodore Melfi first and foremost. I rarely see the movie mentioned without his name attached. The three leads will certainly get some kind of boost – especially if they get awards attention. But it’s diminishing returns from there. There’s not a lot left by the time you get to Costner or Dunst.


      • Great explanation on the similarities between Sam Jack & Morgan Freeman’s big breaks (it’s so true, that’s how it went down) and the different between what’s currently going on with Kirsten Dunst. I’m going to take a guess and say Dunst took the part because she was interested in the role and liked the material, and doesn’t really care if she’s in more or less in demand. I mean, c’mon, she’s been there, done that, and has it all in a scrapbook. I think she’s doing it for the art. However, she’s been getting a lot of love on this site the last few days, as posts have become pretty Dunst-sy; nothing wrong in that.


        • She paid her dues while most of us were learning to ride a bike. I don’t blame her for stepping out of the spotlight. It sounds like that wasn’t a healthy place for her to be. The last few years, she’s been involved with some really interesting projects. The work has to be more rewarding than Spider-Man’s girlfriend even if the paychecks are smaller. I would wager Dunst is happier now than she was when she was on all the magazine covers.


        • I agree that she is likely happier now with things than a decade ago, and probably feels more in control and fulfilled with the state of her career too.
          Here something: in about 2004, I was watching the YES Network show “Center Stage”, and the guest was tennis legend Chris Evert. When interviewer Michael Kay asked her who her favorite actor/actress was, she said Kirsten Dunst. My reaction was that I was a little surprised that she chose someone so young, but then not too surprised that it was Kirsten Dunst, if that makes any sense.


  29. i do not think dunst was ever a list that would imply she was bankable at one point . \Her only leading hit was bring it on. All her other hits like interview with vampire ,eternal even the Spider-Man series was supporting roles. But do you think hidden will contunie doing well in box office or do u think it will drop


    • Dunst was considered A-list during her Spider-man hey day. Whether or not she was a box office draw is another matter.

      I think Hidden Figures will do very well. Critics and audiences seem to like it a lot. It’s got buzz. I think it will hold on very well.


      • Dunst was definitely a big deal from about 2003-06. She was getting paired as a romantic lead with other actors who were “up and coming” at the time, such as Paul Bettany in Wimbledon and Orlando Bloom in Elizabethtown. Then she was the lead in Marie Antoinette.

        Now of course, she didn’t maintain that status, which is a major part of her WTHH story. But she was pretty big back then.


  30. the Spider-Man movies may have created big buzz for her but not sure I would called her a list she was not even lead in those flicks just a damsel in stress.i think hidden may even gain best picture nom


    • I wouldn’t bet against a Best Picture nom.

      Damsel in distress roles are leading roles. Look at the poster for Spider-man 2. That’s a lead.

      If playing the superhero’s girlfriend doesn’t count as a leading role, there are very few leading roles for actresses in summer movies.


  31. here the thing the Spider-Man movies where not this cause of her.i can guarantee you no one bought a ticket for tobey or Kirsten. they bought it to watch Spider-Man movie. Margret kiddor and emma stone also played love interest in Superhero n movies does that mean they where a list no. yes she may been a big deal but does not mean she was a list, she was flavour of the month a teen sensation her pr team tried to sell. being a list going hand and hand with box office power. with she never had. Rachel mcadams was a big deal after notebook she was every where just like dunst but neither where ever a list. a list is not having your mug on magzines is drawing audience to flicks on your name alone


    • Not exactly.

      The A-list is a measure of power. A-listers get sent scripts first. B-listers get them after the A-list passed on them. When an A-lister expresses interest in a project, it gets funded. A-listers can throw their weight around. They can demand rewrites. They have the biggest trailers. You get the picture.

      Being a box office draw is not a requirement for being A-list. If it were, no one would be A-list anymore. There are very few if any reliable box office draws left. But even back when there were, what actually gives an actor power is the perception that they might be a box office draw. Convince the studios that you can make them money and you will wield the power of the A-list even if most people are just buying tickets cause they like Spidey.

      Dunst and Maguire were both temporarily A-list. Maybe they shouldn’t have been. Arguably their box office appeal was overrated. But that doesn’t change the fact that they were in demand.

      Margot Kidder – different story.


  32. magurie did not make a whole a lot of films after Spider-Man . I saw an artice where you wrote a list actors bring people in on their name a lone


    • Ideally, that is the case. But sometimes an actor or actress can skate by on the A-list for a while on the belief that their name on the marquee sells tickets. Even if it isn’t true, the perception that it is gives them power. And power is what the A-list is really about. If it turns out you’re not really a box office draw, your time on the A-list will be brief. But you still got there even if it didn’t last very long.

      One last thing. Obviously this is all highly subjective. Just like determing whether a movie was a hit, a flop or something in between. There’s no formula. It’s not a science.

      When I say someone was or wasn’t A-list, that’s my opinion. I try to present a good case for why I classify them the way I do. There’s room for debate and we may not agree because our definitions of what it means to be A-list may differ.

      All I can do is call em like I see em. I say, Dunst was A-list. But she’s not now and never will be again. I don’t even think that’s her goal.


  33. she went the indie route after Spider-Man 3 so she did films she wanted. not every actor wants to be a big star, look at patric he mainly did indies after his first big hit,


  34. hidden made 84 mill already and it will defintly reach 100 mill mark next week so Kirsten has attached to herself to her first hit since Spider-Man 3


    • Like Costner, being a part of this film turned out to be a good decision for her. I guess sometimes you suffer for your art, other times you are rewarded.


  35. it wont make her bankable but it will get people to notice her again . its the last of hers or kevin I thought would be a hit


    • Yeah, it’s positive recognition, and something both performers can be proud of without all the weight or stressers of headlining a film as they did in the past.


  36. its benefit of supporting role they don’t get flack if it flops cause they are not headlining it. of course if you think about it its not like dunst really dipped under Spider-Man 3 she chose to go the indie route and make films that are fulfilling artistically but not commercial appealing . so she had the career she wanted. Spider-Man 3 was a hit and I am sure she could have made more high profile films but she wanted to challenge herself . but its great she attached herself to a hit . the movie killed 2 birds with one stone helped kevin and dunst career


  37. dusnt part seems small but from what I heard kevin part is rather big


  38. hidden scored best picture nom good for dunst career



    What do you do when you are driving away from MacArthur Park and its late and you haven’t eaten? You go to Tommy’s. A more than suitable substitute for an area lacking in In-N-Out. I love Tommy’s. It has to be the original location though. None of their suburban offshoot locations. Tommy’s is crazy late at night. Everyone is outdoors. People are all drunk hungry or just got out of a club. You always see people passed out in cars while the other occupants grab some food. Even actresses who would usually not touch any food will feel compelled to eat if it is late night at Tommy’s. While there, JG and DD ran into another actor who had been in the same movie they had and said that an actress from the movie was having a house party nearby in Echo Park that was wild. All JG cared about was there were apparently plenty of drugs to be had at the party and it also meant he wouldn’t have to pay for them. He probably would have made RG pay for them anyway. Off we went, on the search for an elusive house party. At least this time we had an address. Well, the street anyway, and the street was not that long. One of the Hollywood traditions I am glad to have escaped is the I heard there was a party off ___________ Canyon. Yeah, fill in the blank with any street name before the word Canyon and the next thing you know you are driving up the roads and their spider like offshoots, windows rolled down listening for the sounds of a party. IF, and that is a big if, you manage to find a party, even if it is not the one where you were intending to go, chances are good you can just crash the one you found. If anyone ever says just off Mulholland, don’t even bother. Just go home and get drunk while you turn the music up at your place really loudly. Bang into a few walls and wait for a few minutes in front of your bathroom door before you go inside each time. All the same things minus the three hours of driving around time looking for a party that will be long over before you find it. I say all of the above but it took us about five minutes to get to the house of this actress. An actress I knew quite well actually. Yeah, that well. I mean, I had not known her that well for six or seven months, but I wasn’t opposed to knowing her well again. I didn’t know her the same way DD and JG did. I knew her from her recurring role on a television show. An almost network one. It kept her career afloat. When it went off the air her career went away with it which is kind of the way it goes. The further you get away from whatever gave you some success, the harder it is to get it back. She is foreign born. Even at the very peak of her career, she was probably not more than B-. OK, C+. She was basically a character actress. She was on a very hit almost network show (“Gilmore Girls”). One all of you know even these many years later. Another original friend of the site (Lauren Graham) was the star on the show which is how I met our actress. She was also in a movie most of you have seen (“Bring It On”), and if you have seen it, you probably have watched it multiple times. Let us call her KA (Rini Bell) from that role. I liked her in that role. When we found parking three blocks from her house and finally walked in to the party, it was still going full swing. We didn’t even need to walk in to know that. Literally, for the entire three blocks we had been walking, we could hear the party. There must have been 200 people crammed into a two bedroom bungalow with no air conditioning and no pool in back. One thing the backyard did have though was a deck. A raised deck separate from the house. It probably held 75 on top and there were another 50 beneath it where a bar had been set up. I could see no purpose for this deck, other than to have some kind of place to party. It took up most of the yard. It was reached by going down a set of steep wooden stairs and then walking five feet and walking up a steep set of wooden stairs. Most women it appeared were barefoot. Presumably, there had been some accidents on the stairs. One of the bedrooms was locked but the other had three or four couples scattered around the room having sex. There was only one bathroom inside and the line was not very long which meant either in the back there were some portable toilets or everyone was just using nature. The kitchen was not an open concept kitchen. It was narrow. There was about a three foot gap between cupboards and a bar with bar stools on the opposite side of the bar. On the counter in the kitchen, below the bar, I saw the star of the movie that I referred to above (Kirsten Dunst). She was probably pretty close to A+ list right then. A weak A+. Second installment of a huge superhero franchise had just come out (“Spider-Man 2”). She was doing some good small indies and some good major indies. At that moment in time though she was like a Hoover vacuum doing lines of coke. She has always been able to party. I also knew from past experience she brought the coke. She hated going to parties and there not being enough. She would go ballistic. I mean that. She would go 70’s rocker trashing hotel room ballistic if the coke ran out. She was ok with booze running out because it was easy to get more, but coke was a process that may or may not work itself out. So, our actress solved the problem by bringing her own coke. Gobs of it. She was also happy to share. Right next to her was a bottle of vodka which she would occasionally take a slug directly from the bottle. This was a 750ml bottle. She could easily finish it off. You are talking about someone who is a little less than 90 pounds who was a chain smoking chain coking bottle of vodka drinker and could keep up a coherent running conversation with multiple people. She was good at this. What should we call her? I’m sure at this point you all have guessed her so let us give her some initials from the movie where I first met her. LL (“Virgin Suicides”). You want to talk about a movie that was f**ked up during filming it was that one. I could write a couple of thousand words about the filming of that movie. Anyway, LL looked up and saw RG and gave her a hug. She saw JG and gave him the finger. DD got a hug and I got offered her bottle and a kiss on the cheek which left white powder on it. I also got a look at her face. Bruised. Her actor boyfriend at the time couldn’t handle his booze and would hit her when he got drunk. She refused to party with him but was not quite ready to leave him. I left everyone in the kitchen and went in search of our hostess. She was not in the house so I went outside and ventured down the wooden stairs. Ahead of me was the deck. Behind me though was the back of the house. Beneath the house was a little area used as storage. It was about 12×12 maybe. It was a hollow portion beneath the house. That is the best way I can describe it. There was a lantern hanging from a beam and a sofa that had once been indoors now used as an additional place to sit outside. On it, taking a hit from a meth pipe was this at the time B- list actress (Taryn Manning). Maybe. We don’t exactly get along. We never have. You all know her from her frequent drug use and role on this almost television show (“Orange Is the New Black”) but back then she was a movie actress. She had been in a movie with LL (“Crazy/Beautiful”) but they didn’t like each other. I guess she just followed the smell of the party. I also knew if RG saw her things would get crazy ugly (RG and LL co-starred in “8 Mile”). Hate is not strong enough of a word. Right now though I saw a woman she was with try and take a hit off the pipe and our actress telling her it was not her turn and then without warning smashing it on the head of the other woman. Little shards of glass were buried in the head of the woman. Blood was streaming down her face. Her hair was burning from the flame. She was screaming in pain. What did our actress do? She stood up, took off her flip flop and brought it down on the woman’s head which of course drove in more glass shards. The woman screamed in pain and our actress said that she decides when it is the other woman’s turn. The other women who had been in the little area pulled the actress away while yet another said she would take her inside to try and get her cleaned up. Side note here. That same woman who was the victim was in the arms of the actress at a concert two weeks later. I wanted no part of her right now and went off in search of KA. Nowhere to be found. Odd. Her house. Her party. Then, it clicked. The locked bedroom. It was hers. I went back inside and knocked on the door. She opened it and behind her I could see the guy who was probably her boyfriend. I say this because he wasn’t wearing any clothes. She wasn’t either but Hollywood rules dictate you have to hug all house guests so she gave me a quick hug and said she would be out in a bit and to go find LL. I said I had already seen LL but would head over that way again. I went back to the kitchen. This time though, I sat on a bar stool facing the kitchen and watching LL and JG and RG take turns doing coke. LL passed the bottle through to me and I took another healthy swallow. I asked about KA and the guy. LL said she thought I knew and that it had been going on for a couple of months. Hey, it was a long shot anyway, but long shots coming in are what makes life worth living. Everyone needs hope. Tomorrow we finally finish this story and no one gets killed. Felt like we would though.



    This former A- list mostly movie actress turned B lister who stays that high because you all know it loves nothing more than to take a flask of booze out at Starbucks and use that as her cream. She has big problems. Kirsten Dunst



      Wine and pregnancy in such quantities don’t really mix. This former child actress turned franchise actress turned television actress should know this. I think though that she hates the situation in which she has found herself and has gone back to drinking. Kirsten Dunst (“Interview With the Vampire”) (“Spider-Man”) (“Fargo”)


  41. Redoing Film Series

    Post by The DSR Escape Plan on Mar 7, 2017 at 9:17pm

    I wrote this about the Raimi/Maguire Spider-Man series a few years ago. I still think it’d be better than what we got:

    I felt like they could have broken Spider-Man 3 into 3 separate movies.

    Spider-Man 3: Harry acts like he’s Peter’s friend, but uses his wealth to bribe Sandman into doing his bidding, trying to destroy Spider-Man. Spidey wins with the help of the alien symbiote that becomes his new costume. Debut Eddie Brock as a minor character in the Bugle scenes here. Keep Gwen Stacy and have Peter and MJ drift apart over the course of the film (Kirsten Dunst seemed tired of playing the character anyway).

    Spider-Man 4: Frustrated, Harry becomes the new Green Goblin and goes after Spidey himself. Meanwhile, the symbiote gives Peter an unpleasant attitude (preferably without the dancing), he costs Eddie Brock his job (hopefully Brock doesn’t actually deserve to lose his job for photoshopping pictures and making up stuff in this version of things) and when Spider-Man goes too far beating the hell out of a burglar or somebody, he ditches the symbiote in the church bell tower. Spidey beats Harry, and the end credits stinger is the symbiote finding Brock in the church.

    Spider-Man 5: Spider-Man vs. Venom. Have Venom kill Gwen for dramatic effect. Spidey defeats Venom and sends him to jail. If Dunst wants to come back, have MJ and Pete reunite. Otherwise, Peter ends up with the hottest chick in the film series: Betty Brant. End credits stinger sees Brock in prison, Cletus Kasady wheeled in Hannibal Lecter-style.


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