What the Hell Happened to Ashley Judd?

ashley judd 2013

Ashley Judd

In the 90’s, Ashley Judd was one of the most promising actresses in Hollywood.  She has been nominated for two Golden Globes, played a young Marilyn Monroe and for a while she practically owned the thriller genre.  But later in her career, Judd transitioned from suspense movies to chick flicks and political activism.  Since then, Judd’s movie career has shifted into low gear.  These days, Judd is better known for her political aspirations than her latest movies.

What the hell happened?

judd - the judds

Judd is the daughter of Naomi Judd and the sister of Wynonna Judd.  Naomi and Wynonna formed a mother-daughter country music duo known as The Judds.  Between 1983 and 1991, The Judds charted 23 hit singles and won five Grammies.  There’s more, but since this article isn’t about them let’s just say they were very successful.  Eventually, Wynonna went on to success as a solo act.  Point being, there was a time when Ashley Judd was known better for being related to the famous country music singers.

judd - UK

I am going to attempt to remain unbiased in this article.  But that may be a little harder for me than usual.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I should state up front that Judd and I both attended the University of Kentucky at the same time.  Now, I’m not going to say that Judd and I dated, but I’m not going to say we didn’t either.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Okay, no.  I never dated Ashley Judd.  But I totally could have.

I mean, I did see her on campus once.

And I had this poster she made for the UK hockey team.

judd - uk hockey

Yep, totally could have dated.

According to campus legend, someone on the hockey team had a connection with Judd and sent her the team jersey with a request that she take a picture in it for the poster.  Judd posed in ONLY the jersey which made the poster extremely popular.  They were handed out at hockey games to increase attendance.

So now that I have aired my personal history with Judd, I think we can begin examining her acting career.  Let’s just all try to be mature and move on.

judd - star trek

Ashley Judd – Star Trek: The Next Generation – 1991

In 1991, Judd made her acting debut on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Judd played an ensign on the Enterprise who gave nerds everywhere hope when she hooked up with Wesley Crusher, King of the Nerds.  These days, Wil Wheaton, who played Wesley on the show, is a beloved writer and  poster boy for nerds everywhere.  But even he will tell you, Wesley was lame.  Early episodes of the show all revolved around Wesley the Boy Wonder somehow saving the ship.  I’m not ashamed to say, I wanted to smack Wesley around.  But even I gave the kid props when he started dating way out of his league.

Ashley Judd – Star Trek: The Next Generation – 1991

Judd appeared on two episodes.  In the second episode titled “The Game”, she and Wesley played some weirdly addictive and vaguely sexual video game in which primitive CGI tubes consume blobby discs.  It’s like Star Trek pong.

Soon, the whole crew was addicted like a bunch of kids playing Angry Birds.

Judd talked about being cast on Star Trek with Anderson Cooper and whether or not the crew of the Enterprise wears undergarments.

I’d hate to be the guy who does Worf’s laundry!

Judd - Home Improvement

Judd auditioned for the role of the Tool Time girl on Tim Allen’s 1990’s sitcom, Home Improvement.  Series creator Matt Williams was so impressed with Judd’s audition that he refused to cast her in such a small role.  Instead, Pamela Anderson was cast as the jiggly Tool Time girl.  Williams went back to Judd’s agent and offered to create a bigger role specifically for her.  If she had accepted, Judd would have played Allen’s sister.  According to Williams:

We didn’t hear anything for about two days after the offer, and then her agent called and said, ‘You know, Ashley’s thought about it, and she’s not ready to go into television right now. She thinks she has a feature career.’

Next: Ruby in Paradise


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  1. Ashley Judd looks sensational in cleavage-baring sheer dress as she discusses being a ‘bada**’ at the TCAs in Beverly Hills

    Speaking from the heart


    • I think it’s a pretty classy outfit with a modest flair, although I don’t know about how “cleavage baring” it is; I don’t believe it’s exactly boobs on parade.



    I’m always amused when people think this former A+ list mostly movie actress has turned a new leaf and won’t be a big pain any longer. She gives a coherent interview or appears on a panel and everyone says isn’t she nice. Then, she shows up at work on a set and within a week the entire crew is raging. Writers and producers and the director try to find a way to reduce her part and get her out of there as quickly as possible like on her most recent project. The rest of her showbiz family has their own quirks but not the dislike this actress generates almost everywhere she goes. Ashley Judd (“Berlin Station”)



      Maybe there is a language barrier or something but this former A+ list mostly movie actress from a celebrity family is on driver #10 and production assistant #5 on her latest production. Most have quit within the first few days of being assigned to her. Ashley Judd (filming “Berlin Station” in Germany)


  3. Ashley Judd Upset & Spiritually Disturbed After Being Called ‘Sweetheart ‘ by TSA Agent

    TSA agent greeted her, “Hi, sweetheart!”

    As she set her items on the table to be checked he smiled and said, “Nice dress!”

    She said she’s not his sweetheart. She’s a client.

    When a female agent asked did she have on high heels, the male TSA touched her. (She didn’t specify.)

    She had to stop and pray in that moment.

    She reported him to a manager.

    The TSA agent apologized for offending her.

    She commends the manager for handling the situation. She wished they all could’ve done the apology and conversation about everyday sexism and the marginalization of women on FB Live.

    She received 3 vouchers for free coffee.


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