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An October Trip of Walt Disney World Firsts: Part 3


“First”#5: DisneyBounding
This is definitely one I wouldn’t have tried on my own steam, but I must admit it was kind of fun. DisneyBounding is a relatively new trend in the Disney fan community. The idea is to dress in clothing which “suggests” a Disney character without it being an outright costume. I’m guessing that this is, in part, due to the parks’ rules against costumes on adults unless you’re at one of their Halloween parties (we’ll cover that later). There was, in fact, a widely reported happening in which a young lady dressed as Tinkerbell was refused entry to Disney World’s Animal Kingdom park. Part of the issue was that she looked too much like she might be an official cast member and other guests were stopping her for photos. Disney doesn’t really want competition for one of the bigger draws to their parks. Necessity is the mother of invention, and fans began showing up in modern clothes fashioned after their favorite Disney characters in subtle enough ways that nobody could possibly mistake them for a park employee. As you see above, the fad has lots of elbow room. Our day at EPCOT was spent in very comfortable and stylish bounding fashions.
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An October Trip of Walt Disney World Firsts: Part 2

As I continued to collaborate with the Disney “lifers” on our now sadly complete trip to the parks in Florida, I gradually realized that they were playing for keeps. Our trip had been decided on relatively late in the game (started planning in mid July for a late October visit), and it seemed to me that we would have to “catch-as-catch-can” in some cases. Hopes to find DVC rental points for sale that would get us into Boardwalk Villas didn’t pan out, and by the time we contacted their travel agent our preferred moderate resort location at Port Orleans French Quarter was also unavailable on our dates. With this in mind, I started making dining reservations based on the stated preferences of the group. I made some calls and searched on-line and once again found limited availability, so I settled on some dining locations that, while not iconic, were definitely getting great reviews. This approach did not appease one of our group, and am I glad of it! Because of this person’s persistence, I was able to strike off another item from my list of Disney World Firsts…
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An October Trip of Walt Disney World Firsts: Part 1


Once a person has visited Disney World in Florida a few times, any additional trips tend to feature “firsts.” These are things you have not managed to do in your previous opportunities, but are excited to accomplish this time around. My most recent trip this past weekend included several. I’ll feature these, along with some other favorites over the coming days!
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Boardwalk Empire: Nucky Mouse

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 2.35.11 PM

While it may be a good 47 years until Nucky could actually visit Walt Disney World, the same can’t be said for ol’ Daffystardust. Just as Nuck has been this season, I’m in Florida this week, so a post about the newest episode of Boardwalk Empire is not in the offing for tonight. I’ll take a look at it on my DVR when I get home and may have some things to say. Feel free to comment here, but please, **no spoilers**.

What the Hell Happened to Rebecca De Mornay?

Rebecca De Mornay

Rebecca De Mornay

Rebecca De Mornay starred opposite Tom Cruise when they were both young actors on the rise.  Cruise went on to star in Top Gun and became the biggest movie star in the world.  De Mornay, on the other hand, struggled to capitalize on her early success.

What the hell happened?

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33-Day Disney Countdown in 1 Post (Steal It!)


There comes that time in any wait to a vacation when it becomes hard to focus on anything else. That time usually comes for me about a week before the departure date. But we all know that the internal countdown begins long before the point of full distraction. Look around the internet and you’ll find a lot of different methods for counting down to an impending Disney trip. Heck, the photo above belongs to some little kid.

When some friends and I threw down the gauntlet and started planning an all-adults long weekend to the land of mouse, it was while we were in the middle of enjoying one of our day trips to Busch Gardens in Virginia. The plan to attend both the Food & Wine festival and the Halloween party was actually hatched as we launched out of the station of the roller coaster “Verbolten.” That was back in mid July.

One of our crew created a Facebook page for the trip, and as always, the planning and anticipation of the event have been almost as fun as I am hoping the trip itself will be. What I have decided to share is the numerically inspired trip countdown which I have created and posted for them over the last 33 days.
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Captain America: Winter Soldier Trailer

Hell yeah. Looks like everything I want in a Captain America movie.

Boardwalk Empire: William Wilson


**This article includes details about the 10/20/2013 episode of Boardwalk Empire. Spoilers may ensue.**

The newest episode occurs during the famous Leopold & Loeb murder case. Two Chicago area teens, under the impression that they were too smart to be caught, kidnapped and killed a younger boy. They did it just for the hell of it, and to help prove their own superiority. The pure hubris and immorality embodied by the case is a good touchstone for Boardwalk Empire, as it was for the Chicago area at the time, seeing as it was overrun by gangsters.

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Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 2 “Infection”

twd infected

Last week, I gave the season premiere of The Walking Dead a bit of a hard time.  Partially, I was being silly.  But I was also legitimately criticizing the show for its lack of subtlety.  This week’s episode still made its points with a sledge-hammer.  But as I watching I came to a realization.  This show ain’t Mad Men.  But it’s not supposed to be.  Maybe it’s okay that a show about zombies is about as subtle as a zombie apocalypse.

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What the Hell Happened to Neve Campbell?

neve campbell

Neve Campbell

At the peak of her career, Neve Campbell was starring in a hit TV drama as well as a popular movie franchise.  Scream revitalized the horror genre in 1996.  Campbell continued to star on Party of Five while making Scream sequels.  In between, she tried to make something happen outside of teen soaps and horror movies.  Following the cancellation of Party of Five after a six-season run, Campbell seemed to disappear from mainstream TV and movies.

What the hell happened?

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Disney Releases Concept Art for New Avatar Land

Avland Planning 

It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since Disney announced that they had partnered with James Cameron to bring Avatar to Walt Disney World.  But indeed, over two years have passed with almost no information from Disney as to what the project would entail.  This year’s D23 Expo came and went with nothing more than some vague teases that confirmed that after all this time, the project was still on.

Over the weekend, Disney finally released some concept art that shed some light on the mysterious Avatar expansion.  They did so at the D23 Expo in Japan of all places which means the news escaped the notice of a lot of Disney fans in the US.  So after waiting for two years, here is what we know about Avatar-land.

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Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 1 “30 Days Without An Accident”

twd 30 days 2

The first episode of the fourth season of The Walking Dead asks the question “Do you get to come back?”  If you have done terrible things to survive, can you ever get back to living a normal life?  It’s a question worth exploring on a show about survival.  It’s also a question fans are probably asking about The Walking Dead.  After last season’s dreadful finale, can the show redeem itself?  Can it come back from the Season of Andrea?  Is Scott Gimple the guy who will finally make The Walking Dead a TV show that lives up to its wasted potential?

Based on the first episode, the answer to that last question is definitely “no”.  30 Days Without an Accident (a title which makes me think of potty training) is no more coherent than anything from last season.  But it was pretty entertaining all the same.

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Boardwalk Empire: Who to Trust?


**This article contains info about the 10/13 episode of Boardwalk Empire. More than you’ll want to know if you didn’t watch it.**

“How can I trust you?”

With one of the series’ most trustworthy characters broken and gone, everyone in this episode appears to be casting about for answers to that question.

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