What the Hell Happened to Lacey Chabert?

lacey chabert - 2013

Lacy Chabert

Lacey Chabert was classically trained at Juilliard.  She has worked with all of the great American directors; Scorsese, Coppola, Spielberg, and even Kubrick.  At the age of nine, Chabert became the youngest-ever Academy Award winner.  She has followed up that Oscar win with two more, plus several nominations.  Not to mention her Emmies, Grammies and Tony Awards.  Chabert is one of only 12 people in history to win all four awards to qualify for EGOT status.  There is no denying that she has forever changed the face of cinema and all of pop culture.

Well, maybe not. She’s actually a child actor who grew into a curvy Maxim cover girl.  In fact, I have long considered her ineligible for the “What the Hell Happened” series due to her limited filmography.  But two things convinced me to reconsider (and probably not the two things you are thinking of)*.  First, to be completely honest, Chabert started showing up in the search terms that drive traffic to this site without even having an article devoted to her!  That got me to thinking… how much traffic would Chabert generate if I actually wrote a picture-filled article about her?

But even being the sell-out that I am, that didn’t immediately convince me.  What would I write about?  Chabert’s only done a handful** of movies.  So I looked over her filmography for an angle.  And I made a startling discovery.  These days, Chabert does a lot of voice work.  I mean A LOT of voice work.  Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for celebs to dabble in voice work to make a quick buck.  But typically, cartoon voice-overs are done by talented actors who are not loved by the camera.  But the camera LOVES Chabert. Allow me to present a visual demonstration:

Chebert - Maxim

Lacey Chabert – Maxim

This woman is working off camera!  What the hell happened? 

*The first of many boob jokes to follow

**I exercised a great deal of restraint to not turn the word “handful” into the second boob joke of the article***

***The footnote explaining how I resisted the impulse to make a boob joke is essentially the second boob joke of the article.

chabert - video toy chest

Lacey Chabert – Video Toy Chest – 1990

But Chabert’s story wasn’t always about her endowments.  Chabert started off as a child actor. In 1990, at the age of 8, Chabert appeared in a commercial for the toy store chain Child World (also known as Children’s Palace).  The video was essentially a series of toy commercials strung together to highlight all of the hot toys in the company’s catalogue.  The name of the video was Video Toy Chest… okay so maybe jokes about Chabert’s chest are unavoidable.

chabert - a little piece of heaven

Lacey Chabert – A Little Piece of Heaven – 1991

In 1991, Chabert appeared opposite Kirk Cameron and Cloris Leachman in a TV movie called A Little Piece of Heaven.  The movie was directed by Mimi Leder who was at the time primarily a television director.  But she would go on to direct feature films like The Peacemaker and Deep Impact. According to Wikipedia, here is the plot of A Little Piece of Heaven:

Will Loomis (Kirk Cameron) is living with his handicapped sister Violet. She wants a young child to play with, so brother Will takes a child (and later another) from the local orphanage. The children are told they have died and are in heaven. Will and Violet try to make their farm ‘a little piece of heaven’ for the kids, while the authorities wonder what has happened to the missing children.

That totally sounds like something Kirk Cameron would do.

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  1. re: Chabert, beautiful though she may be, was never cut out for the movies. Her range is well-suited to TV movies where she can smile and look pretty. This isn’t a case of a great movie career gone wrong. It’s a case of a child actor and Maxim cover girl who made the most of her, um, talents.

    Very well done entry! It seems re: Ms. LC: None of the usual drugs/booze/mental illness/ego/hubris/bad-luck-with-good-movies stuff that derails many H’wood careers, just a case of a moderately/passably-talented actress that is well, very lovely to look at but whose forte is smiling and looking pretty. And as anyone that watches lots of movies knows, “pretty faces with a nice smiles” are a dime-a-dozen in this crazy moving-picture world. While LC never became a “big star” it seems like she’s found a nice (working) niche in a notoriously fickle and unstable biz (without, presumably, becoming a massive jerk or substance abuser). Good for her, I say.


    • I’ll be terribly honest, I was extremely caught off guard and surprised that Lacey Chabert would get a WTHHT (I always saw her as more of a TV and voice over actress than a promising film star). I mean, she didn’t exactly “fall off the face of the earth” like her “Party of Five” co-star Neve Campbell. And she didn’t become an absolute train-wreck in her personal life like her “Mean Girls” co-star Lindsay Lohan. Hell, Lacey if anything, is an ideal example of a child star who seemingly grew up “normal”.

      I best guess is that, how come “Mean Girls” didn’t push Lacey’s film career further (so to speak ) like her fellow “Plastics” Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried? Ironically, when “Mean Girls” came out, Lacey Chabert, was pretty much the most famous or recognizable of the three.



        Lacey Chabert: This was the Party of Five star’s big comeback. It didn’t quite work out.

        Movie Roles: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

        Movies That Gross More Than $50 Million: 0

        Flops: 0

        TV Roles: Are we counting cartoon voiceovers, Christmas movies, and schlocky Lifetime specials, because she has a ton. No, seriously, she’s been a voice on like every superhero cartoon you can name. That has to count for something.

        TV Shows Produced: 0

        Emmy Nominations: 0

        Emmy Wins: 0

        Arrests: She couldn’t get arrested in this town. ZING!

        Break Ups: 0

        Scandals: No one is talking about her.

        Assorted Pluses: She was really good in Mean Girls, you guys.

        Assorted Minuses: Ugh, Christmas movies.


      • I have to admit, I did this one for laughs. I approached it as a kind of self-satire. It’s almost a parody of WTHH more than a legit entry in the series. But the hook for me was discovering that Chabert had an animation career on the side. And that she was actually far more involved in that than she was the cover girl stuff I knew her for.

        Also, as I mentioned, pictures of pretty girls do draw in traffic. I’m not above doing a write-up for the hits.


        • “And that she was actually far more involved in that than she was the cover girl stuff I knew her for”

          Don’t blame yourself, many people think that she is only a covergirl… or it’s the most important in her career.


        • The thing is, when she does voice work it isn’t visible to the general public. Heck, I have watched some of those cartoons and unless you freeze frame the credits (which fly by a light speed and are usually in a scrunched up font to accommodate commercials for other kids’ programs) the voice acting credits are impossible to read.

          Her Lifetime/Hallmark movies are only visible to people who watch those channels.

          But the men’s magazine covers are visible in super markets everywhere. And the pictures show up on-line. I don’t read Maxim or Stuff, but I’m vaguely aware of Chabert as a cover girl for those magazines just from shopping.


        • Is true, I don’t buy Maxim or anything like it, but I could see her cover anywhere (but it is very temporal, currently I dont remember who was the girl the pre month; and if her face is unknown her name don’t care too, is the typical procedure with noname models).

          Yet it is still funny. If (theoretically) her real career is to be an actress, her secondary career is voice actress and she is lingerie model when she wants attention and “recognition”, is funny that precisely they ignore what is important and what wants to revive and they highlight the tertiary “today the panties model of the month will tell us about her plans to be a singer, president or something”.

          Damn, even in the article you said she is more than a covergirl and you tried to be fair, so we have learned that she was a little more than another model with big boobs. And this site is supposed to be “the bad guy”.


    • That’s how I see it. She may not really be an EGOT winner, but she has made herself a kind of triple threat with modeling, acting and voice work. She’s really made the most of her talents. That’s something to be applauded.


      • Shakespeare I Am Not

        Really enjoy the article! BUT…I only take issue with the smile and look pretty part albeit I think it was done tongue in cheek. That said, while her voiceover work is really good acting, she does seem to have a problem between emoting vocally vs. emoting vocally ONSCREEN. Love her singing voice. She has one of those ranges (arguably when music WAS MUSIC) that would have at least netted her a couple of Gold Records. And like you made reference too, doesn’t seem to have the problems (drugs, binge drinking, etc.) that seem to follow former child actors. Keep up the good work lebeau!


        • Thanks Shakespeare IAN. Always great to get good feedback from the bard. 😉

          Yeah, the “smile and look pretty” bit was mostly tongue and cheek. But I agree with your assessment that she seems to “have a problem between emoting vocally vs. emoting vocally ONSCREEN”. That’s really what I was getting at. You may not be the bard, but that’s was an excellent way to phrase what I was getting at.

          Also, thanks for mentioning her singing voice. I probably didn’t highlight that as much as I should have. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she does Broadway again some day.


  2. re: doesn’t want to be in the spotlight? yeah, that’s why she did Maxim right? actresses don’t do spreads in men’s mags for anything other than attention.

    I must agree….I’m sure the magazines pay nicely too. It’s odd how her fans say (with presumably straight faces) that Lacey C “doesn’t want to be in the spotlight.” YEAH, appearing in yr underwear in MAXIM is a good way to hug the background! Maybe it’s my allergy-reaction to BS, but it’s like when Michelle Rodriquez said that she doesn’t want people to look at her “sexually.” That must be why she appeared in the latest MACHETE movie wearing a top that exposed her midriff and accentuated her cleavage, BECAUSE IT’S RELEVANT TO THE PLOT OF THE MOVIE. Her co-star Amber Heard was quoted as saying she doesn’t want to be a “celebrity,” which explains her POSING FOR MAGAZINE SHOOTS.

    Yeah, and these millionaire ballplayers are in it “for the love of the game.”


    • Amber Heard may not want to be a celeb now. But a couple years ago, she was sure trying hard to be one! Coping mechanisms are funny.


    • In “defense” to the fans, weeks ago she yet had not appeared half naked in MAXIM, therefore was possible to say this hypothesis and/or claim.
      In fact even she has been the first to say she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight and she don’t want to be seen as bombshell (Btw, always I thought it was BS).

      Of course, nowadays is stupid to say that she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, after she appeared in undies in MAXIM, which isn’t a lingerie magazine and even other actresses usually appear dressed…

      Perhaps her mind isn’t aging well. Years ago may wasn’t interested in attention, but now yes she want.


  3. She won the Oscar for what?


  4. Thanks for the research! I initially thought the article should be titled “Who the hell is Lacey Chabert” because that name resonates nothing. Well, it does sounds like a porn actress’s name!


  5. Wow! Someone actually WROTE. AN. ARTICLE! Good of you to do more than the crappy fluff everyone else does. You do a great job of capturing the tragedy her career has become. It’s too bad she doesn’t care enough about herself to do something about it. She’s clearly talented and connected enough to fill any role she wants, but she has to want it first. No one’s going to just give it to her, least of all those around her who spend so much effort convincing her to hold herself back so she doesn’t outshine them.


    • re: all those around her who spend so much effort convincing her to hold herself back so she doesn’t outshine them.

      And “those” people are…? Do you think La Lohan is whispering in her ear over drinks, “C’mon, don’t take that Tartantino role, let’s go out dancing and get arrested instead”?


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the article, Nunya. I think you could look at Chabert’s career two ways. It can be viewed as a missed opportunity that she wasn’t more aggressive pursuing big roles right after Mean Girls. But honestly, I’m not sure she has the acting chops for those roles. And even if she does, she clearly didn’t have the desire. Hollywood is a rat race that chews up young actresses like Chabert. I don’t really blame her for not elbowing her way into the spotlight any more than she has.

      Could she have been a bigger star? Probably. But with voice work, she’s got a steady gig she can do even after her looks fade. Plus she is probably getting some nice residual checks from Party of Five and Mean Girls. And she can probably go on making cheesy Lifetime and Hallmark movies for years. Not to mention guest spots on TV shows. And, if she wants, she probably has another Maxim cover or two in her.

      So I wouldn’t describe her career as a tragedy. Depending on your outlook, it could be characterized as a success story.


    • I know what you’re saying, nunya, at least in a general sense. that does happen, and the effects can last a lifetime.


  6. Had fun writing this article, didn’t we 🙂 Honestly never heard of the actress. Lovely girl, though. Zany good fun reading the post, and thanks for the equal time beefcake!


    • Yes I did. I’m glad it shows.

      If I had just stuck to Chabert’s movies, there wasn’t enough material to fill an article. That’s one of a couple of reasons I had always rejected the notion of covering her. But we talked about her in the comments section of the Neve Campbell article an the next thing I know I’m getting traffic from people looking for Lacey Chabert! I always endeavor to give the people what they want and of course to get as many hits as possible without turning the site into Maxim. So I started thinking about writing an article on Chabert.

      When I started looking at her credits, the voice work jumped out at me. And immediately, I asked myself what the hell is she doing behind the camera?!? And then I thought, “Hey, that’s close enough to ‘What the hell happened’ to me.” So I thought, give it a shot and have fun with it.

      Then I wrote the fake intro with Chabert winning every award under the sun. It tickled me. And that’s pretty much all it takes. If I entertain myself, I assume it will entertain at least 1 other person. So it was full steam ahead. And yeah, I chuckled the whole time.

      Lately, my wife has been acting as an editor after I post articles. She goes back and cleans up typos I missed. She was rolling her eyes big time. That’s how I know I achieved what I was going for. 😉

      I know what my female readers want. They want me and Daffy shirtless. AmIright? *crickets* I couldn’t post all those Maxim shots without throwing the ladies a bone so to speak. To tell the truth, that was easily and by far my favorite bit in the article. I am so easily entertained. There is something wrong with me!

      The next article, which I am already working on, will be more along the lines of what people expect from the series. But this was fun.


      • I do wonder if Lacey’s distinctively sweet, youthful voice can sometimes work for and (more than often) against her advantage. She has certainly carved a nice niche for herself in the voice acting game. I suggested in the comments section of Melanie Griffith’s WTHHT that in part due to her “unique” sounding voice, it may often be hard to put her in certain (more “serious” or non-quirky) types of roles it out it easily seeming like she’s been miscast.


  7. If I’m not wrong, her first Maxim was in 2006, then was again in 2007 (same photoshoot).
    Your hunch about she did a cover to announce to the world that she is a bombshell is wrong with NATM, but is right with other movies that she did in 2006 with “adult roles” = slutty, hottie, it girl, chest girl.
    But if you skipped over it then I don’t cares about naming these movies.

    “Chabert (who doesn’t even merit a mention in the trailer)”.

    But she is the loli with her flying skirt in the poster, right?. (by the way, if she is the girl then also flash panties was unavoidable in her career… or Maxim).


    • I got my info on Chabert’s Maxim covers off Wikipedia, so it could be wrong. According to Wikipedia, Chabert appeared on the cover only twice. Once in 2006 and once recently.

      Chabert is not the girl on the Tart poster. That was Dominique Swain I believe. Chabert wasn’t even mentioned in the marketing material for that movie.


      • Maxim:
        Well, I’m no Maxim expert, but a friend told me she was in 2006 and 2007 (same photshoot). You say in your article she was in 2007, then I thought you knew the Max2007 but not the Max2006.
        Anyway, what matters is that in 2006 yes there are movies which coincide with her cover. If you look in 2007 then you don’t find anything.

        The girl in the couch is Dominique Swain, I believe. But the girl with the books? I think is Lacey Chabert or somegirl… looks like her.


        • According to the list I got off of Wikipedia, Chabert was the Maxim covergirl in Jan 2007. Certainly possible that pictures from the same photoshoot appeared in 2006. I was surprised how rarely she appeared on the cover as my perception of her has been that she made her living primarily off of Maxim and similar magazines. I suspect she probably appeared inside the magazine far more frequently than she did on the cover. Sadly, my Maxim research is less than comprehensive.

          I’m fairly certain that in the Tart poster, Swain is the girl holding the books. The picture I have used is from a foreign poster. I chose it because it had more of the actors pictured. The most common poster features just the image of the girl with the books and the short skirt:

          It would be highly unusual to feature Chabert’s character in the poster when Swain is the main character and was considered the bigger star at the time. I’m not even sure Chabert appears in the foreign poster. It is one of the few versions of the poster I have found that even included her name, much less her picture.


        • I thought the Swain’s buttocks didn’t let you see the girl with the books at the left side. lol

          But you’re right, it makes no sense, they could use her picture and her name too if they wanted marketing with her, particularly because she was very popular at the time.


  8. lebeau Sells Out!!

    Ahh– well- at least she’s a treat to look at-

    Hey- if you are lowering the bar this much- how about Amy Locane? She was on Melrose Place and a couple Brendon Fraser few movies. She retired to New Jersey and killed a woman while driving drunk. She is now in jail. I was SO in love with her- and actually dated (once) a high school friend of hers.


    • re: Lacey Chabert was classically trained at Juilliard. She has worked with all of the great American directors; Scorsese, Coppola, Spielberg, and even Kubrick. At the age of nine, Chabert became the youngest-ever Academy Award winner. She has followed up that Oscar win with two more, plus several nominations. Not to mention her Emmies, Grammies and Tony Awards…

      I GOTTA ADMIT ya had even me goin’ for a minnit there!

      Amy Locane = A sad case. But I must say: Only three years for manslaughter — as they’d say on Law & Order, she should do the max.


      • When I wrote that, I wondered how thick I could lay it on before people would realize I was pulling their leg. I started with stuff that would be surprising if true and built to stuff most of my readers would recognize as BS. As RB noted, I had a lot of fun writing this one.


    • What little integrity I have can be bought cheap. But no one ever offers me any bribes. I keep suggesting that Disney should fly me out to Orlando every year to buy me off. But so far, nothing.

      I don’t plan to cover “stars” of Chabert’s caliber on a regular basis. This one was kind of a joke in between regular articles. But, Locane’s story has the makings of a great article! I’ll have to make an exception for her as well.


      • My intention isn’t to turn the series into a circus, I’m just making a suggestion.
        If Olivia D’Abo fits in your standard then I’ll be waiting.


        • lol – it’s already kind of a circus around here.

          I would never exclude Olivia D’abo from anything. I recall being quite taken with her after watching Conan the Destroyer.


  9. haha … good one, Lebeau … esp the Drew Carrey bit …

    now wheres my JCVD and Stallone!


    • I’m thinking I’ll have JCVD before the end of the year. Stallone maybe. But his entry is going to take a lot longer because he has such a long filmography. That one’s going to be a beast!


  10. Amy Locane was in School Ties with Brendan Fraser, who was in Crash with Matt Dillon, who was in Wild Things with Neve Campbell, who was on Party of Five with Lacey Chabert, who was in Daddy Day Care with Eddie Murphy, who was in Tower Heist with Matthew Broderick…


    • re: Amy Locane was in School Ties with Brendan Fraser, who was in Crash with Matt Dillon, who was in Wild Things with Neve Campbell…

      Strange, yet true.

      Unfortunately, Locane was herself in another kind of “crash,” one that…well, you get the idea, alas. A sad story that, for all concerned.


    • When I post a new article, I go back and link it to all the previous articles. There is always this six degress of separation thing that goes on.

      Back in the day, I used to be a machine at Six Degress of Kevin Bacon. I’m still no slouch. But time and kids have made me rusty.


  11. PS: I saw the new “THOR” movie last night and it was good to see Rene Russo’s role bigger than in the first “Thor”! I find it a little hard to believe that she hasn’t appeared in anything (in film or TV) since that movie in 2011! Does she do stage work?

    She might make for a good “WTH…” entry.


    • I think a WTHHT on Rene Russo in the near future (the last time I checked the poll, she was leading) makes a whole lot of sense in light of the release of “Thor: The Dark World” as well as her “Major League” co-star, Tom Berenger recently getting his own WTHHT. Russo I don’t think, has had a leading role in a movie since 2005 and the only movies that she has appeared since that time are to two “Thor” movies.


    • Funny you should say that… 😉


      • To which ‘funny’ do you refer…? DOES she do commercials in Japan like Woody and Ah-nuld? (I always thought that was incredibly PHONY and PRETENTIOUS for actors/stars/etc. to seemingly turn-up their noses to doing commercials in America — you know, where they have “integrity” or something — but they’ll shill for a product where their fan-base won’t see it. Believe me, I’ve nothing against somebody doing something for a buck — but when someone acts like a certain type of gig is “beneath them,” well…)


        • Funny you should bring up Russo. Her article is about 50% done. Maybe more than that. She had a relatively short movie career which makes for a short article. Also, she didn’t really spend a lot of time paying dues. And when she stopped making movies, she didn’t transition into TV or direct-to-video. Very little drama too. It’s likely to be a quick read.

          Back to Chabert and overseas commercials. I am not aware of her doing any. But I haven’t looked.

          I can see why certain other celebs have done them. Back in the day, they used to be able to collect fat paychecks for doing things that were acceptable overseas but would have killed their image back here. But the world has gotten smaller and the really embarrassing ones show up on youtube now.


  12. I must be missing something here…so this whole article was written under the premise that Lacey Chabert hasnt had much of an acting career, and then the big payoff is basically telling us that the reason for this is because she had such a low ceiling to start with and was short in the talent department. Regardless of any accolades she may have won, Ive never heard anyone say anything about Lacey Chabert being a promising actress. She was a cute kid with a cute voice, now shes a hot adult with a hot rack. I think the vast majority of the planet who is aware of her presence is well aware of this. I dont really see the need to spend this much time bashing her for lack of accomplishments. Fairly redundant thoughts.


    • Yeah, you’re missing something. Not that I blame you. This article is part of a series. It’s something like the 60th entry. I’ll be the first to admit, it doesn’t really stand on it’s own. It’s almost a satire of the rest of the series. If you haven’t read a few of the other entries, you wouldn’t pick up on that. Even if you have, this one is particularly frivolous. I had reservations about writing it. But I had fun and I figured the fans of the series would understand the tone in which it was written.

      But beneath the silliness, there is a legit conversation to be had. This is basically a career retrospective. Before I started writing the article I wondered what the hell a Maxim covergirl was doing spending most of her time behind the camera. It doesn’t make a lot of sense on the surface. But if you go back and look at her career and how she got into voice work, it makes perfect sense.

      Now here’s what I don’t get. What makes you think I was bashing Chabert in any way? I actually felt like I celebrated her accomplishments quite a bit while having some gentle fun with her Maxim image. Where’s the bashing I supposedly spent so much time on?


  13. Lacey’s latest teleflick called Non-Stop will air this coming Friday(11-29) on LMN……check
    local listings for time!!!!


  14. “Party of Five”, Mean Girls Alum Lacey Chabert Ties the Knot:

    “Party of Five”, Mean Girls Alum Lacey Chabert Ties the Knot
    by Hilary Lewis

    “Party of Five” alum Lacey Chabert rang in the New Year by becoming a party of two. The actress got married over the holidays, she announced on Twitter, although she didn’t reveal the identity of her husband.

    “I’m starting off 2014 as a Mrs! Over the holidays, my best friend & love of my life…we became husband & wife! #soblessed #love”

    Fans have been responding to the news by quoting Chabert’s Mean Girls character’s favorite phrase, “So fetch,” and modifying other memorable quotes from the 2004 film.

    The actress seemed amused by all the jokes: “I love you guys. You never disappoint with finding a way to make Mean Girls quotes work for every single occasion. So funny”


  15. Lacey Chabert to star in “Christmas Tree Farm”

    The “Party of Five” alum will star in an UP network holiday film about a bank trying to take away her childhood Christmas tree farm.


  16. Lacey talks Mean Girls & that catchphrase that won’t die……….


  17. Thanks for the heads-up. The comment was deleted by one of my colleagues before I got to see it. We have had a few cyber stalkers pop up here. Very disturbing stuff. We will continue to monitor these as they occur.


    • I tend to only delete stuff if the commenter is:
      A) Trying to sell something or B) abusive in any way
      There were a couple of comments on this thread in the last 24 hours that fit those criteria in my mind.


  18. I have to admit, I am someone who, after noticing the Slightly Single movie on Netflix, ended up Googling to figure out what happened to LC. So, I guess I’m why this article was written. I have to admit I agree with everything except…and I wouldn’t bring it up except…

    The article mentions over and over how she is beautiful enough to make it but…honestly, I think she’s pretty enough and all, but movie star beautiful? Even romcom leading lady beautiful? That’s pretty rarefied air. I think she fell in a sort of awkward spot of sure, normal pretty, but not Hollywood beautiful. Fine for a character actress, but for a lead………….you’d better have some crazy good chops then. I think that’s what’s more behind it all. I think she does have a unique voice though, which is why she’s well-suited for the voice over work.


    • Well, obviously the way things worked out supports your view. And I don’t disagree. I don’t see Chabert as America’s Sweetheart. I don’t think she has the right on-screen presence for rom coms despite the fact she makes a lot of TV-movie romantic comedies. As a Maxim model, I think she has the right stuff to be a bombshell. I don’t think Megan Fox, for example, has anything on Chabert. But then, Hollywood doesn’t seem to know what to do with bombshells these days unless they are Scar Jo. In the age of CGI robots, aliens and super heroes, Hollywood doesn’t make a lot of sexy movies anymore. Not that Chabert seems overly inclined to follow that path anyway.

      I guess I’d make a lousy voice-over casting agent. I don’t really notice the unique quality of her voice. But there must be something there or she wouldn’t keep getting that kind of work. I recently saw a presentation by James Arnold Taylor (of Star Wars: The Clone Wars among other shows) and it impressed upon me what a unique talent that voice work is.


      • Yeah well it’s all pretty subjective (and as is apparent from even the most cursory read of your posts…random). Also, since this article was apparently meant for me: thanks! Great read.


        • You’re most welcome and I’m very glad you enjoyed it.

          These things are definitely subjective. I’ve been doing some updates on the Geena Davis article today. I have often heard people claim that Davis is not attractive. But I think she was frequently stunning.


  19. The Multi-Million Dollar Mistake That Led To Mila Kunis Voicing Meg Griffin:

    Voice acting, it’s good work if you can get it. Especially if you’re only asked to read for a single character, not an entire small village, like Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer do on The Simpsons. Or Seth MacFarlane does for ALL his shows. Take Family Guy‘s Mila Kunis, for instance. The character she voices, tortured daughter Meg Griffin, spoke about 10 sentences in Sunday’s “The Simpsons Guy.” Kunis takes home between $175,000 and $225,000 per episode, so she made a cool $20,000 for each of her lines. Again, good work if you can get it.

    You probably know that Kunis wasn’t the original voice of Meg, mighty fetch Mean Girls star Lacey Chabert was for the first season and into the second, but you might not be aware of why it happened. Here’s what Chabert told GameSpy, for some reason, back in 2006.

    GameSpy: Now this, of course, was not your first experience voice acting. You’ve done voices for a number of cartoons and video games over the years, including, if I’m not mistaken, Family Guy, where you were the original voice of Meg Griffin, right?

    Lacey Chabert: I was. I did that for a season.

    GameSpy: Does this mean you have a grudge against Mila Kunis, who does her voice now, and if so, can this be settled in a game of Sonic the Hedgehog?

    Lacey Chabert: No, I actually left the show of my own accord. And only because I was in school and doing Party of Five at the time. But I think the show is hilarious, and don’t have a grudge against her at all. I think she’s a great actress. (Via)

    That’s what they all say, “all” being anyone who was replaced on a massively popular TV show that’s been on for 13 seasons and counting because of a mistake. Oh yeah, about that:

    What was the reason behind the recasting of Meg?

    Seth MacFarlane: You know, it was just purely a contractual thing. Lacey Chabert, I think there was a mistake in her contract, and I guess she had not intended to be involved for, like, the full run of the show. I don’t even remember. To be honest, I don’t really, to this day, know what it was. It was nothing – there was no tension or anything. She wanted to go, and she was very cool about it. We obviously don’t want to keep anyone there who doesn’t want to be there. So, you know, it was early on enough in the show that it wasn’t a huge – that happens from time to time, you’ve got to replace a voice actor. Fortunately, what Mila brought to it, Mila Kunis, was in a lot of ways, I thought, almost more right for the character. I say that Lacey did a phenomenal job, but there was something about Mila – something very natural about Mila. She was 15 when she started, so you were listening to a 15-year-old. (Via)

    That was Seth MacFarlane’s diplomatic response to what happened to Chabert, who it’s worth mentioning was actually the SECOND Meg. Cree Summer, who you might know as Elmyra from Tiny Toon Adventures, was originally hired for the role, but she was fired because, well, let her explain it

    Meg’s casting is as tortured as the character herself.


    • 16 Things You Didn’t Know About Mila Kunis:

      She Wasn’t The Only Meg Griffin

      It’s surprising how many people still don’t know that Kunis is actually the voice of Meg, from cartoon sensation, Family Guy, but did you know how she got the part in the first place?

      Lacey Chabert voiced the character for the first season, running into the second, but a bizarre mix-up saw the Party Of Five actress leave after that short spell. She left Family Guy of her own accord to work on other projects after apparently not realizing she had signed up for the whole run on the show.

      Seth McFarlane let her depart, and brought in a 15-year-old rookie named Mila Kunis, and now the show has 13 seasons in the bag, with the replacement earning around $200,000 an episode. Maybe not the smartest career move there Lacey…


  20. I’m sorry but when on earth did lacey chabert win an oscar? or work with those prestigious directors, or win an emmy, grammy or tony award?


  21. God, i am a giant idiot lol! i didn’t read the ‘maybe not’


  22. Glad i could be good for something…yeah, i was wondering where you got that info. I read the first paragraph and the second, i just missed that one line!


  23. Don’t get me wrong, I never actually believed the little girl from party of five accomplished all that, I was just wondering how you could get such false information. In the future, i’ll remember to read it things a little more clearly lol.


  24. I’m confused as to why she would get a boob job rather than braces or a nose job? Talk about mixed-up priorities.


  25. On one of the new seasons of Family Guy, there was an episode that had a few characters travel back in time to the very first episode. Lacey’s voice from that episode was used, with one of the characters saying: “She sounds like someone who’s about to give up a huge opportunity.”

    On the next season she actually came back and did Meg’s voice , when time was reversing for that episode.


  26. Carl from up north

    Hey, I think LC was a great actress but I think she’s pretty conservative and religious now and prefers to do more wholesome entertainment. Plus she’s older and more mature since the kid and teen acting days. I chuckled when I saw the comments about LC driving traffic to your sight because that is exactly why I’m here so thanks! Gotta give someone credit for sticking to their beliefs even if it costs them big time in the so called Hollywood rat race. Your WHHT idea is great and well researched and informative so thanks again!


  27. Wow.. Lacey grew up into one beautiful lady. Wouldn’t mind meeting her on a dark street corner in the middle of the night.


  28. Good Bad Flicks: Black Christmas (2006)


  29. I’m Directing A XMAS Movie …And My Favorite ‘Mean Girl’ Is In It:

    Mariah Carey is directing a Hallmark movie for the holidays starring her favorite character, Gretchen Weiners from “Mean Girls.”

    Our Mariah people say she started working on “A Christmas Melody” Tuesday and made herself right at home in the director’s chair. We’re told Mariah had only one request, her favorite actress from her favorite movie star in the flick. Let’s be serious … she had more than one request.

    Lacey Chabert, who played Gretchen Weiners in “Mean Girls” was more than happy to take the lead.

    Mariah won’t appear in the movie but we’re told her music is featured throughout. It’s unclear if MiMi tapped into directing legend Brett Ratner for advice.


  30. Cast Of Mean Girls: How Much Are They Worth Now?

    Lacey Chabert

    Estimated Net Worth: $3 million. If you’ll always think of Lacey Chabert as Claudia Salinger from Party of Five, no one will blame you and you’re certainly not alone. But you may also think of her as one of The Plastics that ruled and tormented the high school students in Mean Girls. She’s also lent her voice to various productions including The Wild Thornberrys and Family Guy. Little Claudia, or, um, Lacey is now worth an estimated $3 million.


  31. Lacey Chabert signs on for CMT’s Still the King

    The Party of Five alum will join Joey Lauren Adams and Billy Ray Cyrus on the country music comedy about a one hit wonder.


  32. 10 Forgotten Actresses From The ‘90s: Where Are They Now?

    Lacey Chabert

    Lacey Chabert was beloved for her portrayal of Claudia Salinger in ‘90s drama Party of Five. While Lacey has seemed to have kept herself busy since the end of the show in 2001, starring in B-list movies left-right-and-center, no one it seems has actually seen her. On the other hand, she’s made quite the impact on the voice over community, for which she has been nominated for several awards. I suppose of course, we can’t overlook her role in Mean Girls in 2004 either, but generally speaking, this multi-talented actress has fallen off the radar of Hollywood’s A-list.


    • 10 Forgotten Actresses From The Early 2000s

      Lacey Chabert

      Lacey Chabert was beloved for her portrayal of Claudia Salinger in the ‘90s drama Party of Five, which wrapped up in 2000. She quickly jumped on a few surprisingly successful bandwagons including Mean Girls in 2004. She’s been in a few B-list movies over the past decade, but has largely spent her time doing voice over work for video games and television series such as The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Family Guy, and Young Justice. She’s currently filming Acre Beyond the Rye, in which she plays the lead role.




        Claudia from Party of Five went on to star as the memorable Plastics member Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls. You might remember Lacey Chabert blasting Regina George for wearing sweats and telling her “You can’t sit with us!” In recent years, Chabert has gotten married and appears in Hallmark films. She is also a panelist on the after-show for The Bachelor, called The Bachelor Live.


    • 90s stars we completely forgot about

      Lacey Chabert

      Getty Images

      Party of Five star Lacey Chabert probably has the most post-’90s credits of anyone on this list, but for some reason, she’s chosen to focus on voiceover work for animated TV shows. In fact, Chabert was actually the voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy before Mila Kunis, though the role was uncredited. As for why she loves voicing cartoons so much? Maybe it’s because her amazing turn as Gretchen Weiners, the heiress to the Toaster Strudel fortune, in Mean Girls inadvertently turned her into a walking meme. Chabert told EW that during a trip to the pharmacy to get medicine when she was sick, a pharmacist said to her, “You don’t look like you feel very fetch today.” So, it’s not really a surprise that Chabert chooses to hide out in a sound booth.

      But it’s not just randos screaming “You can’t sit with us!” that drove her to voice acting. Chabert said she liked being able to play characters that she otherwise wouldn’t be able to because of physical limitations. She also confirmed the thing that everyone always thinks would be so sweet about being a voice actor. “The upside is you don’t have to have hair and makeup. You can go in your sweats if you want—that’s always a plus!”


  33. Nice article. Especially if you’ve read a good few of the others — I’d dabbled in this series before I first read this, but wasn’t entirely familiar with the style of the WTHH series at the time. It was good, but became even funnier on second viewing.

    I might be one of the few who wanted a true WTHH for Lacey. I’m of the generation to who Mean Girls is more than a teen movie, it’s a universally adored modern classic. (Yeah, those of us born from the late 80s through early 2000s really think that. In our defence, we don’t exist alongside many modern classics. Must rectify that when I become a Hollywood director…or, as is probably more realistic, a TV showrunner who complains in interviews about how much Hollywood sucks now.) I found Lacey as Gretchen Wieners both hot and funny (“We should totally just STAB CAESAR!”), but not particularly brilliant on her own, owing more to the excellent script and direction she had. Unlike Lindsay Lohan. That’s the other thing I’ll do when I’m a Hollywood director — stage a Tarantino-style comeback for Lindsay Lohan, no matter how much money I end up owing the mob after she pisses them off in a drug deal gone wrong.

    I also looked up Baby Daddy on ABC Family/Freeform to see what she did. The show is still going and has been nominated for a wide array of Teen Choice Awards, none of them involving Lacey. She played a psychologist. Of everything I expected Lacey Chabert to play, ‘psychologist’ was not on the list. Probably, again, because of her sickly-sweet voice. It can’t be fun to have that once you’re too old for dawsoning (playing a teenager as an adult).

    Interesting to hear about her voice work. I’m the type who dislikes actors who specialize in live action falling back on voice work, because it steals jobs from specialized voice actors, but Lacey is an interesting case because the amount of voice work she does these days puts her on the border of ‘voice actress’ and ‘actress’. But then, most voice actors have dabbled in live action in the past.

    The example that came to mind while reading is Tara Strong. I am of the generation who grew up with Tara Strong cartoons (can still sing the Fairly Odd Parents tune by memory — “Timmy is an average kid who no one understands/Mom and Dad and Vicky always giving him commands…”). She is a voice actress first and foremost, one of the indisputed queens of voice acting. If an animated show has Tara Strong in it, that’s an excellent sign for its quality. Her acting history also implies she didn’t exactly set off to Hollywood wanting to do voice work, but rather got into it after discovering she wasn’t as good at live action as she hoped. Her most famous live action role was Carla in National Lampoon’s Senior Trip, the film Wikipedia calls ‘teenexploitation’ (‘teensploitation’ would surely have a better ring to it), and which I have actually watched because I am friends with the only people who like it. Pity me. When your live action peak is a 1995 National Lampoon film, nowhere to go in the animated realm but up.

    The difference between Tara and Lacey is that Lacey’s live action peak was Mean Girls. Again — universally adored modern classic. For Mean Girls alone, I still think of Lacey as a live action actress. It’d be interesting to see if she can land a major role on an animated show. If the animated show in question was directed at children, it’d be especially interesting to see if a generation gap comes up between people who see her for her live action work in Mean Girls and people who see her for her voice work on the cartoon.

    Also, interesting to see the speculation in the comments as to how her political and religious beliefs affected her career. Personally, I’m going with ‘a multi-time Maxim cover girl probably isn’t too conservative for Hollywood’, but people have proven stranger sexually before. I also thought of Shannen Doherty when reading those comments. Shannen is an outspoken Republican who had a rather terrible career trajectory that I’ve never seen anyone try to pin to her politics, and I really want an article on her besides. WTHH has already profiled Christian Slater and Winona Ryder — need to get that trifecta. Pity she’s polling so poorly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Great comment. Thumbs up for you. You go, Max Astrophel! See, I like Mean Girls too. My kids love it. The have watched it over and over on Netflix. They also like Clueless but Mean Girls is a modern classic to them.

      The article definitely reads better if you know the series. It’s kind of a joke entry. There’s an element of self satire. But I was legitimately interested in the idea that while I knew Chabert primarily as a sex symbol and Maxim covergirl, her career is more accurately defined by her voice acting. That just seems like a weird dichotomy to me.

      Tara Strong is an apt comparison. Strong is a lovely actress who certainly could have spent more time in front of the camera than she did. Thank goodness she found a backup job in voice work.

      You will get that Shannen Dougherty article eventually. Probably not soon, but some day for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

  34. Lacey Chabert is pregnant! Mean Girls star expecting first child with husband Dave Nehdar:


  35. I came to your site about another article and ended up reading this one plus all the comments as this was one actress I recognized, and was curious as to what happened to her. I remember her from her roles in the 90 plus of course her maxim covers, for which I thought she looked gorgeous.

    IN any case, irrespective of anyone’s opinions, she has been one very busy actress – 120 credits at IMDB, and she appears to be busier then ever, in each of the last 5 yrs she has 6-12 movie and tv show credits, already 4 for 2016 and we are only barely into March.

    At only 34 she is getting busier then ever, and already has far more work under her belt then most have in a lifetime in the business.

    Were I her, I think I would be pretty happy about how matters have progressed overall. There really is not enough info to actually establish how rich or poor she is, but she appears to be happily married, she just announced being pregnant – which might cut into her screen time a bit, and with all the work under her belt since 2010, she has to have something in the kitty.

    She really does not fit well into the category of “whatever happened to…” but she certainly is an anomoly in that she has managed to transition from child to teen to adult, in the business, and had a career out of the ordinary in respect of genres, yet seemingly is continuing to prosper.

    I think tv movies are a good fit as she is very pretty and fits ideally the attractive tv actress role ala Catherine Bell, but younger, known to be pleasant to deal with, not difficult, attractive enough to draw an audience with some “name” recognition and without baggage.

    I bet its not to long in the future before she leads a cable tv series on hallmark or similar type channel.

    Your article was a great read, thank you.


    • Thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed the article. You made several good points about what makes Chabert’s career unique. I will confess that the article started as a joke. But I very quickly realized that Chabert has had a very interesting and unexpected showbiz career.


  36. Lacey Chabert did the voice of Meg Griffin for like the first season of Family Guy, then quit and was replaced by Mila Kunis. Since then she’s only been in Mean Girls and some kids’ stuff. They even mentioned her in an episode of Family Guy where they go back to the pilot. Not sure she was credited, either.


  37. “Lacey Chabert was classically trained at Juilliard. She has worked with all of the great American directors; Scorsese, Coppola, Spielberg, and even Kubrick.”

    The fact that Lacey Chabert once worked with the late Stanley Kubrick is not well known, and has, until now, been relegated to the “neither confirm nor deny” category. However, since your site has let the cat out of the bag, perhaps a few details are in order.

    During production of the 1998 Lost in Space feature film, Ms. Chabert accidentally fell into a poorly secured wormhole and emerged at Shepperton Studios, Surrey, England in 1966, in the middle of filming of 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). Ms. Chabert’s surprised exclamation of “Where the heck am I?” was overheard by a passing Mr. Kubrick, who immediately recognized a unique quality and timbre in the young actress’ voice.

    Suffice to say, Ms. Chabert provided the vocal characterizations for the HAL9000 computer, (affectionately known as “HAL”), in the film. The brilliance of this performance has been recognized for decades: “I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that” and “Daisy, daisy,” are the stuff of cinematic legend. Alert viewers will have noticed however, that the role is credited to the actor Douglas Rain; there were two main reasons for this subterfuge:

    Untrained ears assume HAL’s voice to be exclusively male.
    MGM and Stanley Kubrick Productions were concerned that their use of a sixteen year old actress fourteen years prior to her birth on another continent might raise some eyebrows if it became public knowledge.

    Neither of the above considerations dampened Mr. Kubrick’s enthusiasm for the relative newcomer, and it is known that he offered her at least two other parts. First, he wanted her to climb into the nearest wormhole, head back to 1961 and replace Sue Lyon in the title role in Lolita (1962). (Mr. Kubrick planned on sending a note to himself with Ms. Chabert to introduce her to him.) Second, he offered her Gillian Hills’ part as Sonietta, one of the two girls Alex (Malcolm McDowell) picks up in the music shop, in A Clockwork Orange (1971). (In this case no note would need to be sent – Mr. Kubrick would know who she was.)

    Even though the part in Lolita provided an opportunity to work with James Mason, Shelley Winters and Peter Sellers, Ms. Chabert declined both roles as her participation would have been contrary to her beliefs. In particular, deliberate use of the wormhole violated her faith in Determinism and the second law of thermodynamics; the part in A Clockwork Orange came with a “some nudity required” proviso, and violated a rather vaguely defined principle about film and sexuality.

    Despite the lack of a subsequent collaboration, Mr. Kubrick and Ms. Chabert remained good friends, even after she went back to the future. In fact, just prior to the release of Lost in Space, Mr. Kubrick offered Ms. Chabert a small part written just for her in Eyes Wide Shut (1999). Again Ms. Chabert declined, but it seems that this time part of the reason was disappointment in the great director’s casting choices for the leads.

    Thus, in addition to having a great voice, superior acting talent, a profound knowledge of speculative philosophy, deep understanding of classical and quantum physics and cinematic moral boundaries, Ms. Chabert also clearly has good taste.

    Those still doubtful about her abilities to trod the boards should see the scenes in Thirst (2010), where her character Noelle, a premed student, not only performs brain surgery using a rock and screwdriver, but later saves her own life by making a saline IV drip with a pin for inflating a tire, some plastic tubing and a breast implant (not her own). Honestly, folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

    Great site.


  38. Lacey Chabert welcomes daughter Julia Mimi Bella—see her first photo via @PEOPLEbabies


  39. Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Lacey Chabert Anymore

    Lacey Chabert, best known for her roles on Party of Five (1994-2000) and Mean Girls (2004), isn’t so fetch anymore. At the height of her Mean Girls fame, it seemed like she’d be the one to shine, but co-star Rachel McAdams became the film’s Hollywood darling, going on to star in The Notebook (2004), Wedding Crashers (2005) and Spotlight (2015) among others. With McAdams and fellow Mean Girls co-star Amanda Seyfried landing big-name movie roles and Lindsay Lohan being well, Lindsay Lohan, that begs the question: why won’t Hollywood cast Chabert anymore?


    • Somebody on another message board recently suggested to me that in the case of Lacey Chabert, it’s likely less that Hollywood won’t cast her and more that she doesn’t want to be cast. She’s a regular for Hallmark and has been in maybe eight or so Hallmark movies, and she’s said that she really likes it there. So Lacey has seemingly just kind of carved out a niche in made-for-TV family movies and voice over work.

      Plus, “Mean Girls” was meant to be more of a star vehicle for Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams anyway – Chabert had already been in movies like “Anastasia”, “Lost in Space”, “Not Another Teen Movie” and “Daddy Day Care”, so she already had the Hollywood exposure


      • Lacey has kind of become a “big fish in a small pond” so to speak with her regular gigs in Hallmark movies. I think that because Lacey appeared on one of the biggest teen/high school movies ever in “Mean Girls”, it’s easy to consider her now being so closely intertwined with material decidedly safer and less edgy or revolutionary as a step backwards.


    • The Real Reason Hollywood Stopped Casting Lacey Chabert


      • I recently brought up how “Titanic” at the end of the day, really became sort of a “double-edged” Billy Zane and in some respects, you can argue that the same sort of thing occurred for Lacey Chabert. I think that at this point, it’s pretty safe to say that “Mean Girls” is Lacey’s most iconic role (at least live-action wise), surpassing her stint on “Party of Five”. Maybe in a way, Lacey unfortunately had nowhere else to go from that proverbial peak.

        The thing about “Mean Girls” as a movie in itself, is that it was just one of those movies that perfectly captured high school life at the time (roughly, from 2003-2006). Every now and then, a movie comes along that does a great job of reflecting teenage culture of that time period. You can argue that “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” is a great example for late 1970s/early ’80s kids. “The Breakfast Club” (and really all of John Hughes’ teen movies) is another, for mid ’80s kids. “Dazed and Confused” and more substantially, “Clueless” are another,for early ’90s kids. And for those who went to high school from 1997-2001, “Can’t Hardly Wait” was perhaps that movie.

        I also think that tapped into the pressures and anxieties of the high school clique in such a satirical and entertaining fashion that it’s why it became such a “classic”. It wasn’t a parody of high school movies (a la another movie featuring Lacey Chabert called “Not Another Teen Movie”) — it was an actual coming of age story, complete with a sappy ending and a moral, just with a ton of moments that are startlingly funny.


      • What the cast of Party of Five looks like now

        Lacey Chabert

        Lacey Chabert was a pre-teen whens he landed the role of Claudia Salinger in Party of Five and has since grown up in front of America’s eyes. And although she was very young when she first got her start as Bianca Montgomery in All My Children at age 10, she seemingly hasn’t fallen victim to the child star curse that has plagued so many of her contemporaries. Instead, the new mother of one lives a quiet, but productive lifestyle.

        After Party of Five, she began what would become a very long-lived career in voice acting as part of The Wild Thornberrys and has since amassed a bevy of vocal credits including being the original Meg Griffin on Family Guy, Gwen Stacy on The Spectacular Spider-Man, and Zatanna on Justice League Action. Her on-camera work has been far from shabby as well, with roles in Not Another Teen Movie (2001) and, perhaps most memorably, as Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls (2004). 


    • Why most studios don’t want to work with these a-list stars

      Lacey Chabert

      Lacey Chabert was one of the 90’s golden girls with a starring role on Party of Five. Eventually, she gained an even larger sense of success when Mean Girls was released and she was forever known as Gretchen Wieners. That’s exactly the problem, though; Lacey will probably never be able to separate herself from the most iconic role of her career. Granted, she has been busy making babies and being a dedicated mother to her children but all of those Hallmark Christmas movie special probably didn’t help Hollywood producers learn to take her more seriously as an actress.


  40. Episode #213 – Christian Mingle

    Smalltember/vember continues! On this episode we discuss the feature length ad for a dating website and for God, Christian Mingle. and Stuart explains how to find cartoon porn, Dan checks his website privilege, and Elliott “Weekend at Bernies”es someone very close to him.


  41. What Happened to Lacey Chabert – News & Updates

    American actress Lacey Chabert initially started her career as a child star in the television series, Party of Five (1994). An aspiring performer ever since she was young, she always knew that acting was something that she wanted to pursue. Having taken both music and drama classes, Chabert was eventually featured on Star Search (1991) at the age of nine; soon afterwards, she made her small screen debut in a TV film called A Little Piece of Heaven (1991). From there, she appeared in a couple of television commercials prior to landing a role in a Broadway production of Les Miserablesーone which she portrayed for two years. In 1992, the young actress also made a number of small appearances in the mystery drama, All My Children. Over the next year, she lent her voice to several video shorts such as Best Learning Songs Video Ever (1993), Best Busy People Video Ever (1993), and Best Sing-Along Mother Goose Video Ever (1993). When she was twelve years old, she received a big break when she was cast as Claudia Salinger in the teen drama, Party of Five.

    Met with countless positive reviews, the series was named as one of the best television shows of its year by TV Guide. Playing the part of a main lead, Chabertーwho previously had only portrayed small rolesーgained some much needed exposure as a child actress, which in turn garnered her much fame. In 1998, while she was still starring on Party of Five, she also took up a main voice-over role in the animated cartoon, The Wild Thornberrys (198), where she voiced one of the main characters. Since then she has also made appearances in The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride (1998), Hercules (1998), Family Guy (2000), The Proud Family (2002), Ghost Whisperer (2006), to name a few. Throughout her career, Chabert has taken on well over a hundred different roles as an actress.

    Aside from television, Chabert has also appeared in multiple filmsーin 1998, she made her big screen debut in the science fiction movie, Lost in Space. Some of her other works include The Scoundrel’s Wife (2002), Mean Girls (2004), Dirty Deeds (2005), Black Christmas (2006), Being Michael Madsen (2007), Reach for Me (2008), and Slightly Single in L.A. (2012). A talented and versatile actress, the brunette’s work has netted her countless awards over the years including three Young Artist Awards (e.g. Best Performance by a Young Actress in a Drama), an MTV Movie Award (e.g. Best On-Screen Team), amongst many other nominations. In addition to acting, she has also been featured in a handful of reality shows such as Punk’d (2003), Celebrity Poker Showdown (2005), and Bachelor Live (2016).

    So what has the actress of Party of Five fame been up to since then? What are some of her latest film and TV projects? What happened to Lacey Chabert? Where is she now in 2017?


  42. Some say her religious beliefs are holding her back in Hollywood. I don’t think a super religious person would do some of the roles she does. Plus, there’s Maxim.


    • I didn’t know she was a strong Christian (Sister Christian? Motoring!), but I don’t know if religion has played much of a factor in her career. From what I’ve seen of her it seems like she hasn’t made much fuss and played by the “rules” (yeah, I never like the rules).


  43. Mean Girls cast urges fans to donate to victims of Las Vegas shooting

    In honor of Mean Girls Day, the cast of the cult favorite movie are asking fans to give back to those in need.

    With a video to YouTube and their GoFundMe page, the cast of Mean Girls—specifically, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, Jonathan Bennett, and Daniel Franzese—asked fans to donate to the National Compassion Fund, which is a program of the National Center for Victims of Crime. They ask for fans to donate just $3 in an effort to hit a $300,000 goal to help the victims of the terrorist attack in Las Vegas on Oct. 1, 2017. Their GoFundMe campaign promises to donate 100% of donations.

    “Do something grool today. Let’s hit this goal together,” the webpage reads. “We might not make fetch happen, but we can make this happen.”

    The Mean Girls stars also shared the GoFundMe video on their social media accounts. On Instagram, Seyfried wrote, “IT’S OCTOBER 3RD. Happy Mean Girls Day. This year please join us in helping the victims of the tragedy in Las Vegas by visiting and donating to the families of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting,” adding, “Thank you in advance!”

    On Twitter, Chabert wrote, “Let’s help those who need it most.”


  44. Honestly, I think her acting is just average and if she was walking down the street I doubt she’d turn a head. She’s very average-looking. If it wasn’t for her boob job she’d look like she was 12. She should have gotten braces instead of a boob job. Her overbite is really bad and she sounds like a little girl when she talks which is what makes her successful in voice-overs.


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