What the Hell Happened to Michael Biehn?

Michael Biehn

Michael Biehn

Michael Biehn has starred in some classic science fiction/action movies.  Even if you don’t know his name (and odds are you don’t) you know his characters from James Cameron’s early hit movies.  If things had gone just a little bit differently, he would have been a household name.  Instead, he’s doing voice work for video games.

What the hell happened?

Come with me if you want to know.

biehn - logan's run

Michael Biehn – Logan’s Run – 1977

Biehn made his inauspicious debut on the 1977 TV show based on the 1976 sci-fi movie, Logan’s Run.  The show, like the movie, was set in a dystopian future (is there any other kind?).  The world has been ravaged by war.  Rather than sending Michael Biehn back in time to save humanity as any sensible person would, this future society puts its citizens to death at age 30.  A reasonable back-up plan, I suppose.  Anyone who decides that maybe they want to live past 30 is called a “runner”.  The agents who track down runners are called “sandmen” because apparently the rulers of the dystopian future have a wicked sense of satire.

Logan, our hero, is a sandman who becomes a runner in order to infiltrate their sanctuary.  He is aided by a girl named Jenny and pursued by a fellow sandman who used to be his best friend.  Biehn played a nameless sandman named… Sandman.  I told you he was nameless.  But if it makes you feel better, you can call him Kyle Reese.  I’m sure he’s used to it.

Biehn’s role consisted of two lines.  Actually, it was one line repeated.  Biehn remembers being nervous about delivering the same line twice on TV:

I was scared. I only had two lines, and they were the same line: “Runner headed toward Quadrant Four!” I haven’t seen it in 35 years, but I remember doing it, sitting there and going over it and over it until they said, “Action!” And when they did, I said it the first time, and then my mind went blank. I was like, “Oh, my God, what’s my other line?” And then I went, “Oh, right: ‘Runner headed toward Quadrant Four!’” [Laughs.] So, yeah, I managed to get through those two lines, and that was my first time on film.

biehn - coach

Michael Biehn – Coach – 1978

In 1978, Biehn made his big screen debut opposite  Cathy Lee Crosby in the sports comedy, Coach.

Before I talk about Coach, let’s reminisce about its star, Cathy Lee Crosby.  Crosby was cast as Wonder Woman before Lynda Carter in a 1974 TV movie.  For some reason, she looked like this:

crosby - wonder woman

Cathy Lee Crosby as Wonder Woman

Later, Crosby would go on to host the hit 80’s TV show, That’s Incredible.

crosby - that's incredible

Cathy Lee Crosby – That’s Incredible

In Coach, Crosby played an Olympic Gold medalist hired to coach the boys basketball team.  When the school’s sexist principle realizes that he has hired a woman, he tries to sabotage the team so he can fire her.  Biehn played her star player.

Biehn talked about what it was like to hang out with the future host of That’s Incredible:

Well… You know, I was very young, I was very enamored with Cathy Lee Crosby… [Laughs.] As I think she was with me. I haven’t seen that movie in 20 or 30 years, but I think it was cute enough, I think it was fun enough, I don’t think there was anything horrifically stupid about it. It was an exploitation movie. It used sex exploitation. But I think I had a character in there who was attractive, and I had a lot of fun making it, playing basketball and hanging out with Cathy Lee Crosby. It wasn’t too bad for a 19-year-old kid from Arizona.

Seeing as Coach is an exploitation movie, of course it has a fan in director Quentin Tarantino.  Internet legend has it that Tarantino invited Biehn to his house for a screening.  Biehn denies the rumor.  He says he has been to Tarantino’s house, Tarantino does own a print of Coach, and they have discussed the movie in detail.  But he has not watched the movie with Tarantino.

Michael Biehn and John Travolta - Grease - 1978

Michael Biehn and John Travolta – Grease – 1978

Later that year, Biehn played another basketball hopeful.  Only, instead of making out with the blonde Wonder Woman, he got punched in the gut by John Travolta in Grease.

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  1. daffystardust

    Biehn really does call into question his own literacy skills.

    I don’t think he ever would have been an A-Lister anyway, but he sure had a chance to do few more memorable films. The career he has had is already pretty impressive, though.

    Navy Seals was filmed in my home town of Virginia Beach and a good friend of mine put in some time on the movie as an extra. Because it was possible that she might show up on screen, we felt obliged to go see it on opening night. Anybody who grew up in the 80s can tell you that Navy Seals is pretty much the epitome of bad action films at the time. Just so much terribly reductive and cliched stuff going on in that thing.
    As a local, one scene really made me laugh. Biehn is shown pulling up outside a hotel down at the beach and going inside. When he is in the room there having a conversation you can look out the window and see the Norfolk Naval Shipyard (an installation located maybe an hour from the beach and in a different city)! The crowd full of locals I saw the movie with howled and whatever plot was supposed to be happening in that conversation just got drowned out.
    But, as Biehn acknowledges, that would have been one of the movie’s smaller faults.
    My friend’s face never did hit the screen.


    • I didn’t even include all the quotes I found of Biehn talking about scripts and movies he didn’t understand. By his own admission, he is a “linear guy”. He doesn’t handle flashbacks well. Which does seem to be a major drawback when reading scripts is a part of your profession.

      No, I don’t think Biehn was ever going to be an A-lister. I don’t think he ever had much of a screen presence even in those Cameron movies. Without a major director backing him up, Biehn’s career sank. Without someone like Cameron, I think he’d have been playing pretty boys on TV.


      • “Is it just me or has it become a running theme that Biehn has a hard time understanding scripts?” I cracked up when I read that because, at that point in the write up, it had already crossed my mind more than once. I also questioned why he felt the need to offer his input on, seemingly, every script he was given. (Do they write in small print on the cover “Suggestions welcome”? Moviemakers never struck me as the type that took too kindly to that.) That could not have endeared him too much to the PTB, whether anyone said so or not, especially given his “linear thinking”. It struck me as odd that someone with marginal fame and zero clout would, both have the audacity to be so vocal about his problems with the script and, ostensibly, be making it harder for himself to work by (potentially) making waves. Although, I have to say, after reading the quotes of his you provided, he didn’t strike me as too bright. . .(Perhaps he comes off differently in spoken interview?)

         This was in interesting write up because, while, in most all other entries, I wondered WTHH, as in "that actor was all over the place and/or really talented; what happened to them?" Biehn was neither, so, in this case, it was more of, "I wonder what he's doing now" kinda thing.  I was really kind of surprised to hear that he was actually still acting.  As you, and other commenters have stated, he sort of just blended into the background, not really bringing much to the screen.  As usual, though, this was another great entry in the WTHH series.  I swear, you could make the manufacturering of paper  entertaining to read about.  :)


      • Actors who should have been huge?

        « Reply #68 on: July 15, 2010, 08:30:01 AM »
        I really liked Michael Biehn, but he got typecast as a Navy Seal-type and when those types of action films went out of style his career went with it. He did manage a decent run for about a decade though, so it wasn’t all bad.


  2. Got to love Biehn just for saying nice things about Val. I respect his work ethic, but he always came off a little, dull, shall we say, in his performances, and his comments about never understanding movies seems to coincide with that. He’s a perfectly adequate 3rd or 4th biggest character in your movie.


    • He repeatedly complimented Kilmer, Cameron and Friedkin, three Hollywood personalities who are considered to be difficult to get along with. Biehn seems to see things from their point of view. He thinks they ruffle feathers in service of the movie. And he’s perfectly fine with that. He says that when he directed The Victim, he was a screamer like Cameron. He actually said a lot of things about these guys that were meant as compliments, but made them sound like people you wouldn’t want to work with. He kept saying how smart Kilmer was. And as an example, he said that Kilmer would say something to you that you didn’t realize was an insult until after you walked away.


    • I also find it interesting regarding what he said is perhaps Nicolas Cage’s biggest or most fundamental problem as an actor. He needs to be paired w/ directors who will reign him in and not let him do whatever he wants.


      • I think that is a pretty commonly held belief. Sometimes I like to watch Cage just go nuts. But in a good movie that you want to take seriously, someone needs to pull Cage back in a little bit.


  3. Is there any weight to the stories or rumors (whatever you want to call them) that a good part towards why Michael Biehn’s career didn’t didn’t reach the “next level” so to speak was because of his issues w/ alcoholism?


    • Well, Biehn has admitted to being an alcoholic. That sort of thing can certainly impact a career. He talks about the damage it did to his personal life. He suggested that drinking may have contributed to him passing on The Usual Suspects. So indirectly, yes. But I didn’t find any stories of him acting up on sets. He doesn’t have any DUIs or public scandals. At least from a work perspective, he seems to be a functional alcoholic. So while I’m sure it had some impact, I don’t really think it hurt his career nearly as much as it did his personal life.


    • Who were the up-and-coming actors that never became huge stars?

      Love Michael Biehn. Some of my favorite movies have him in them (Aliens, Terminator, Navy Seals, Abyss) wish that he could have become another great action star but from what I hear he kinda did it to himself with drugs and alcohol. Hell I even liked him in K2 & Art of War.


  4. As Beihn mentions here, The Terminator is often thought of in retrospect as having been this big runaway blockbuster at the box office, which wasn’t the case. Terminator 2, now that was the big runaway blockbuster, the first film ever to have a budget of $100M and becoming the higest grossing film of 1991. The Terminator by contrast didn’t even break the top 20 films of 1984; it was a modest, respectable hit originally, nothing more.

    The Terminator was released on home video at an interesting time. Prior to 1985 the home video market was a niche market, but gradually more and more people began buying VCR’s and The Terminator was released just as that VCR market began to surge into the mainstream. I remember how local video stores had Terminator posters in their front windows and and rows of copies of the film on their shelves for what seemed like forever. The film just kept playing, and playing, and playing. It was a unique film back then, and it had an extremely long shelf life on the home video market. In 1986 and even into 1987, I still saw local video stores keeping Terminator among the new release titles, because it still kept renting and making money. The film made way more on home video than it ever did at the box office, and that’s why Cameron was able to make a $100M dollar sequel to what was just a modest hit theatrically. Home video turned The Terminator into a juggernaut.


    • I don’t recall if I included this bit in the article or not. But Biehn estimated that 90% of people who saw the first Terminator saw it on video. I know I did. The original Terminator was one step up from a Roger Corman movie in terms of expectations. Biehn talked about the way the movie was presented to him. Arnold wasn’t an actor, he was a body builder who barely spoke English. Cameron was the guy who got fired off of Piranha 2. The script was about a time-traveling cyborg. On paper, it shouldn’t have worked. If it hadn’t been for Schwarzenegger’s involvement and the fact Conan was a hit, the movie probably wouldn’t have moved forward. That’s why Cameron was willing to wait 9 months for Arnold to finish filming Conan 2.


  5. Ironically I only left a comment about Biehn on the leblog the other day. To be honest I have some sort of crazy love of Biehn and his movies. Lords of Discipline is great film, that I own on DVD and is placed lovely beside Taps. I think his performance in Tombstone alongside Kilmer is what made that movie what it is (a cult classic). I was excited when I first saw the Rock and he turned up and was horribly disappointed that his role was so small. I think Cameron has done him a disservice not casting him more recently.
    As for Navy Seals, it is utter tosh, but as a Kid I loved the film, so it resonates on some level with me.


    • I have gotten requests for Biehn regularly for years. But I never gave him all that much thought because I didn’t think he had a substantial enough career. I was wrong about that obviously. When I was writing What Might Have Been: Debra Winger, I wrote about how she passed on The Terminator. I used a picture of Hamilton and Biehn in that article. When I saw that picture, I thought “I really should have written up Michael Biehn by now”.


  6. jeffthewildman

    Re: Navy SEALS. It says something that its iconic status is due to being referred to as “the most intellectually devoid movie on the rack” in Clerks.

    Art Of War did get a brief theatrical release. There were a few sequels and all of them went straight to video.

    Biehn was never really a leading man yet never a character actor either. I won’t say he can’t act as he did good in the right roles. But he never really had the charisma needed to stand out.


    • It’s been quite a while since I watched Clerks. Now that I have sat through Navy Seals, I appreciate that line. I actually wonder what might have been if they pushed the comedy angle and just let it be Hot Shots. Parts of it made me laugh.


    • It’s funny, there are a group of actors who all were in Lords of Discipline that have made a career of playing, Military, Cops etc. Specifically Biehn, David Keith, Rick Rossovich and they do it well, but really anything beyond that, they are pretty stretched, at least in the eyes of the casting agents. I believe however that Keith and Biehn certainly show glimmers of more potential (Rossovich – not so much).


    • I was watching Navy Seals again and it made me think, what happened to Michael Biehn? I always loved him in movies and I looked it up and found these comments and thought goodness. My family and friends love him and when we think of those movies The Rock, Terminator,Navy Seals to name a few, he more than does a good job of presence. If here we are almost thirty years later still thinking of him wishing for more I think that says a lot don’t you:)


  7. Random comment from someone on hiatus from the blogging world for a while.

    An idea hit me, and I’m not even sure its fully WTHH material. Overall, they still are successful. Its also not a director or actor/actress. But something last week made me think “What the hell happened to DC movies?” Sure DC has done well with their straight to video DC films, and generally with their cartoons and even the CW’s Arrow (if they can get credit for that one). But what about their movies? DC basically brought life to the super hero movie with Superman. Continued it with Batman… Then Batman quickly lost it’s feel after the second installment. Nolan’s Batman picked things up greatly, sure, but that seems an odd gleam for them. Returns did okay (and I really enjoyed it) but generally comes out getting negative comments. Man of Steel did good money wise as well, but to be honest I hear more bad things on it than good. Heck, I’ve seen quite a few posts and blogs that now claim Returns actually looks good to people who disliked it due to how Man of Steel turned out. Not to mention while finally getting a Batman/Superman movie pairing, they’ve failed to bring that about dozens of times in the past. Failed to get Wonder Woman going, or their Justice League attempts in the past. Failed with Green Lantern… And generally seems right now the Marvel films are lapping them not just in quality but quantity as well.

    So what the hell has happened to the DC film franchise?


  8. I think Emma Stone is in real danger of deserving an article on WTHH. After the failure of Gangster Squad and her turn in the bland Amazing Spiderman franchise, she’s just faded away from public consciousness.


  9. Its’ a pity that the hilarious crapfest “Megiddo – the Omega code 2” with Biehn in one of the leads is not mentioned in the original article. Biehn plays the “good one” of two brothers, while Michael York is his opposite and becomes the antichrist in an apocalyptical story made by some christian fundamentalists. York is hamming it up big time as evil madman, definitely coming close to Raul Julias performance as M.Bison in Streetfighter 2. We also have Udo Kier another time as creppy sideshow, and R. Lee “Gunnery seargant Hartman” Ermey as the american president! I remember York somehow takes over the Vatican to form an evil one world government, ridiculousness ensured. Wonder how that script slipped through biehns quality control.

    Here is the full movie:


  10. There’s also that thing about his problems with alcoholism, I believe he filmed some kind of advert for AA. At least he capitalized his 80’s action icon status when he did the voice for Rex Power Colt in the videogame 80’s extravaganza Far Cry: Blood Dragon


    • Yep, Biehn is an admitted alcoholic. I didn’t include it in the article because I couldn’t find any indication that it directly impacted his career. Although I’m sure it must have. I suspect if you read between the lines it was probably behind the embarrassing on set incident Biehn references for The Rock. That story had to get around and probably contributed to the end of what was left of his career.


      • I suspected that too- it was his last big role- a little fumbling over a line normally wouldn’t be a big deal.

        It didn’t help to piss off Michael Bay either. It would have been nice to have had a couple of roles in Bay films the last 15 years or so.


        • According to Biehn, Bay was exceptionally understanding and helped him through it. But you have to wonder what Bay really thought of the whole thing. If he was really flubbing the scene cause he was drunk, it probably cost him the chance to work with Bay again in the future.

          Although Biehn points out that several directors have hired him multiple times. So I don’t think the alcoholism likely impacted his career all that directly.


  11. I actually agree with Bihen on a couple of movies like ;dead fall(Only good thing about it was Sarah Trigger fully nude)A side from that, it’s just a usual weird ass Nicholas cage movie.
    Same thing goes for the usual suspects I’ve seen it a couple of times, didn’t get it.
    Jade was also weird.
    But I liked time bomb, it’s not super, but as and action flick it’s okay. Same goes for navy seals.
    I think given the right part, Michal can be a really great and intense character. But as he states him self, he don’t like going through the preparation for war/ military movies, just things like that can make a director not want to use him.
    As far as speaking highly of Val kilmer, isn’t every genius misunderstood? Personally I think Val is over the hill. he have stated in and interview that it was he’s own fault that he got booted out of the movie industry for so long


  12. Oh- Lebeau- nothing about Cameron’s aborted version of Spiderman? I understand Biehn was up for Peter Parker.

    If those had been made and were hits- well- I don’t see articles on Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire here.


    • That probably merits a mention. Thing is, I don’t know how seriously to take it. By the time Cameron was really even close to making Spider-man, Biehn was too old for the part. By that point, everyone was talking about Cameron casting Leonardo as Peter Parker. Not that I think he would have taken the part. Point being, I don’t think Biehn really missed out on playing Spider-man in the same way he missed out in starring in Alien 3. I don’t think it was ever really anything more than Cameron saying, “I have some ideas for a Spider-man movie. If it happens, are you interested?” Followed by Biehn nodding his head furiously and offering to wash and wax Cameron’s car like George McFly.


      • Has Biehn done anything with Cameron since the deleted flashback scene in T2?

        That’s been a while- granted Cameron hasn’t done that much- and Biehn would have been a tough fit in Titanic- but still.


        • No. Although he was close to being cast in Avatar and may be cast in one of the sequels.


        • It’s funny to think that in the 23 years since Terminator 2 in 1991, James Cameron has only made 3 theatrical films. There just haven’t been many Cameron films since then for Biehn to appear in. Mastro is right though, a part in Titanic, or at least anything more than a tiny cameo, would’ve been a tough fit for Beihn (though it is worth noting that a fellow Aliens actor has a cameo in Titanic – Jeanette Goldstein, who played Vasquez, pops up as a doomed mother of two in the lower deck of the ship in the latter half of the film. Fun Aliens trivia!).

          Slightly off topic here, but considering that Cameron has such a strong reputation for being difficult to work for, despite that reputation there sure are a lot of actors that have worked with him numerous times over the years, both big and small: Schwarzenegger worked with him on 3 films (that Terminator ride from the mid 90’s being a 4th project), Sigourney Weaver twice, Bill Paxton four films, Michael Biehn 3 films (4 if you count the deleted T2 scene), the aformentioned Jeanette Goldstein 3 films, Lance Henriksen 3 films…. that’s just off the top of my head, there might be other repeat offenders. But for a well-known on-set dictator, he sure has a lot of repeat collaborators. That probably says something about Cameron despite his reputation.


        • I think a lot of actors are willing to put up with Cameron’s antics because they know the end result will be worth it. Others don’t think it is worth it. I especially sympathize with the cast of The Abyss. That movie sounds like a nightmare and then it turns out to be Cameron’s least successful movie.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Pretty sure Ed Harris won’t work with him anymore. Is a bit bitter about the whole almost drowning thing.


      • Well- if Cameron did do a Spiderman- there were lots of roles for Biehn. At the very least a Bruce Campbell-type cameo.


      • Funny about the “Almost” aspect of Aliens 3- another “almost ” actor- Paul McGann had a large scene in Aliens 3 that was cut to the bone.

        McGann works regularly- he is all over British TV- but might have missed out on a Hollywood career.


  13. long duck dong

    I find it strange that he talks shit about jewel of the Nile, cause it was more successful than it’s predecessor.
    I my country it was a pretty big hit at the time.
    The critics didn’t like it true, but what kid in the 80s ever cared about that?
    I doubt anyone will remember Biehn in the same way they do Michal Douglass.
    Didn’t Biehn have a part in the wing commander game?


    • Sequels often do better than their predecessors. The studios double up on the marketing and fans show up on opening night. I don’t think many people thought Romancing the Stone would be such a hit- it probably was a word of mouth hit.


  14. I wonder if Biehn like Brendan Fraser didn’t suffer from looking so American that it would have been hard to imagine him as a foreigner. Admittedly it wouldn’t have been a huge drawback seeing as how most films are about Americans.

    Additionally both seem to be a pretty good illustration of an effect I can’t quite quantify. Both have charisma but neither have the I don’t know what else to call it but dominance to play high ranking people. Biehn is the perfect team leader in The Rock but even in a silly movie like Meigeddo he is wildly implausible as president. I remember thinking the same thing about Marsden cameo as Kennedy in the butler. Another charismatic guy that just seems implausible as a leader. Sorry for the tagent.


  15. I just read a Stallone interview about The Expendables. He talks about the type of actor he targets and mentioned Michale Biehn by name.

    I wonder if Stallone was just ad-libbing or has seriously considered him.


  16. I’ve never put too much thought into Michael Biehn in general (except for his Kyle Reese character), but from what I’ve seen, he handles action sequences very well. Also, maybe if some of those action films such as “Navy Seals” were approached better, he’d have a least a few better credits in his favor. For myself, though, i saw him as just a guy.


  17. Have you ever considered doing a WTHHT Michael Madseon?


  18. Love him as kyle reese in terminator and dwayne hicks in aliens! 🙂 beautiful roles made me fall in love with him….
    too bad im only 18:(


  19. The Mother Brain Files Underrated Actors Special: Michael Biehn:

    I can’t remember what year it was but I know it was sometime in the late 1990s when Starlog Magazine wrote a piece about Terminator and Aliens star Michael Biehn in which he was called “the greatest action hero alive”. Although if you ask anyone who knows action and sci-fi movies, he may well be the greatest action hero that people forget. Although he has been a favorite for directors such as James Cameron and Michael Bay to cast, Biehn’s strong performances have often been overlooked due to the presence of bigger stars in his films who steal the show. I’d say now this generation needs to recognize who helped to make these films the classics that they are today.

    Michael Biehn was born in 1956 in Anniston, Alabama. Biehn’s family moved to Arizona when he was 14 and it was in high school when he became a member of his school’s drama club. He then attended the drama program at the University of Arizona (where he joined Sigma Nu Fraternity) on a drama scholarship for two years before moving to Los Angeles to begin his professional career.

    Early on, Biehn’s love for playing basketball would help him land roles in films such as Coach and the classic known as Grease where he played “J.D.” (also played basketball in Wesley Snipes’ The Art of War). But the majority of his early roles were a range of villains from a psychotic fan stalking Lauren Bacall in 1981’s The Fan, to a racist navy cadet in 1983’s The Lords of Discipline, and a bad cop in a 3 episode arc on NBC’s Hill Street Blues. During the season of Blues when Biehn guest starred, another up and coming talent also appeared on the show: Linda Hamilton. They would soon work together on a low budget sci-fi thriller: The Terminator.

    The role of Kyle Reese in James Cameron’s 1984 classic almost never came to Biehn. Cameron initially approached Arnold Schwarzenegger for the part due to the success of the Conan movies. Schwarzenegger, however, felt that someone more physically powerful would have to play against him, making Cameron place him in the title role instead. Biehn would audition for the part and he was initially turned down due to a Southern accent he adapted for a stage production of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”. After losing the stage role, Biehn’s agents got him a 2nd audition for Reese and he nailed it.

    Much of the credit to Terminator’s success has always been towards Schwarzenegger because of his charismatic presence on-screen as well as his small but memorable catch phrases, including the big “I’ll be back” line. But Biehn played an equally important protagonist who fought many wars in the future and despite his mission to preserve the human race, Reese himself is a cold warrior with not much humanity left in him. Yet Biehn is highly convincing by playing Reese with a great deal of courage that rubs off on Hamilton as Sarah Connor, helping to create her character development growth in the sequel.

    Biehn’s next memorable role was another Cameron classic: Aliens. The 1986 sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic had Biehn play Corporal Hicks, the leader of the space marines sent to LV-426 to extract the creatures that Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley faced in the original film. Once again, Biehn is placed into the role of a courageous soldier whose strength rubs off on a troubled woman. Also like Terminator, his character is taken out of the ending in order to set the stage for the female protagonist to face the enemy head on without his help. It was another international hit for Biehn and fans of the franchise grew to adore his character; however, his performance was overlooked in favor of Weaver, the series star.

    Biehn’s next collaboration with Cameron was 1989’s The Abyss. It was a change in pace for Biehn as he played an unstable Navy SEAL who meets his violent end in the midst of all the madness under water. The role was his most critically praised to date and 20th Century Fox pushed hard for an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor. Unfortunately it never came to be. It would be a first of many disappointments for Biehn in the 1990s: His T2 cameo as Reese was deleted from the theatrical release (but restored on video in later years); the Alien producers chose not to bring him back for Alien 3 (despite numerous scripts written where Hicks was slated to return); and would lose out on a key role in Cameron’s Titanic as well as the chance to play Spider-Man during the time Cameron was slated to direct.

    His roles in the 1990s varied from big successes (Tombstone) to major disasters (Navy SEALS, K2, Jade). But Biehn garnered some attention in 1996 when Michael Bay cast him as a brave Navy Seal in The Rock. The part was small and served the purpose of creating greater jeopardy for the film’s stars, Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage; however, audiences wanted to root for Biehn’s character. There’s a key moment in the film where the bad guy mercenaries hold Biehn and his men at gun point. Rather than standing down, Biehn stands his ground against Ed Harris’ character. Even in the face of death, Michael Biehn’s performance made you feel like he was on your side to the very end.

    For some of today’s filmmakers, Biehn is constantly being hired in hopes of getting him the attention he greatly deserves. His casting as a sheriff in Robert Rodriguez’ Planet Terror proved that his contributions to the genre did not go unnoticed by movie lovers. Even Anton Yelchin’s performance as the young Reese in 2009‘s Terminator Salvation paid a great deal of respect and influence from Biehn. The video game world oddly enough embraced him early on when his likeness was used for the character of Solid Snake in Konami’s highly successful Metal Gear franchise. There’s even rumors of another Biehn/Cameron collaboration in the near future. Let’s hope the 4th time’s a charm.


  20. I’m a big fan of Michael Biehn. If he’s in it, I’ll watch it. I happen to have Aliens playing right now! I just dig him. Reese, Hicks… swoon. This was an interesting read for sure.


  21. His girlfriend Jennifer Blanc is not his wife; he’s still legally married to someone else who recently filed for divorce. Jennifer simply looks, dresses and acts like an aging hooker trying to hold on to her youth; she’s not taken seriously in Hollywood at all. She’s his main problem. She produces and makes awful movies with Michael that go straight to DVD. They’re a package deal; one won’t work without the other, and the stuff they do together is awful. He needs to get rid of her and find a better looking girlfriend, then get a real agent who could probably find him better film opportunities.


    • dollymarionette

      She has all the acting ability of a styrofoam brick from what I’ve seen of her, but referring to her as looking like an aging hooker isn’t cool. How would it help him to have a “better looking” girlfriend? Judging people solely on their physical appearance is pretty shallow.
      The Victim was patently unwatchable. I turned it off after about 15 minutes. However, attacking this woman as a person seems unnecessary.


      • I spoke the truth. And if you had read more carefully, you would’ve seen that I didn’t only attack her physical appearance. Fact is, she does nothing for his career, despite all her “help”. As for my suggestion that he should find a better looking girlfriend, I never said it would help his career, though it might help him personally. I simply don’t understand his attraction to her.


        • I don’t know much about her or her work other than a TV movie in which she played a vindictive female (can’t remember the title), but maybe she really does it for him between the sweet sheets.


    • Finally, someone who gets it. She is hella ugly and i dont know what in the hell he sees in her? She brings him down. Anytime i see pictures of them together, he does not look happy. They have a baby boy name Dash and he is a cutie but thats about it.


  22. Got Michael Biehn and Joe Pantoliano mixed up. Was thinking while reading, what about the cranky police captain from Bad Boys, but then realized two different actors


  23. Seeing that cover of Teen Beat from 1978 is a gas!

    “Shaun: Are Fans THAT Important To Him? The Answer’s Inside!”
    “Leif: Girl Crazy! Do You Like Him That Way? He Wants To Know!”
    “Michael: He’s Running Your Way! Are You Ready For Him?”
    “Scott: Does He Work (And Play) To Hard? Page 81 Tells All!”

    Those titles are such pure cheese! I love it, so hilarious! You know, now that the question has been asked, why yes, I do want to know if Scott Baio does work – and play – too hard! Ha ha

    Actually, considering Michael Biehn had only done a couple of tv episodes and tv movies by the fall of ’78, I’m really surprised he made the cover of Teen Beat at that point. The other 3 young guys on the cover, Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett and Scott Baio were all famous teen heartthrobs by then, Biehn I presume would’ve still been an unknown. Maybe Teen Beat were throwing ‘fresh meat’ on the cover so to speak? Thanks for adding that pure cheese to the article, it really gave me a good laugh.


    • I don’t know about work, but I know Baio played way, way too hard.

      I think the teen mags liked to hype up the “new meat” as you put it.


      • Scott Baio did play way, way too hard? Did you by any chance read page 81 of Teen Beat to find that out? Ha ha, just kidding. Again, that Teen Beat cover cracked me up, I remember seeing that mag and those types when I was a kid at the local newsstand, and they always had such cheesy titles like that. Michael Biehn should be proud of getting on the cover of Teen Beat, if I were him I might boast about that more than my lead role in Terminator.

        Now the next thing I really have to find out is, Are the fans really THAT important to Shaun Cassidy? It would just shock me to the core if I found it they are not!


        • I bet Shaun Cassidy’s fans are really, really important to him now.

          Baio is still partying way too hard. It’s embarrassing.

          I personally try to hide my Tiger Beat cover appearances. When girls realize I was a teen idol they start throwing panties which makes my wife jealous. It’s more trouble than it’s worth.


        • Sigh, the trials and tribulations of being Tiger Beat “Fresh Meat”. Once a heartthrob, always a heartthrob, eh Lebeau? 😉


        • It’s a rough life. Plus, sometimes I party too hard. But my fans are definitely important to me. Especially the panty-throwers.


  24. I don’t know for sure if LeBeau has already posted this, but I’ll do it anyway for those who don’t already know:

    Michael Biehn was a late replacement as Hicks in James Cameron’s Aliens. Some rare photos of James Remar in the role have surfaced…


    • Some of those pics are contained in the article. But when these pics hit Reddit last week, it drove a ton of traffic here to read about Michael Biehn’s career. So thank you, Den of Geek and Reddit!!


  25. I loved your comment about Cathy Lee Crosby. Wow, she was quite the looker in the 70’s! I remember her from That’s Incredible and frankly the 80’s heavy makeup and big hairdo did not flatter her. The more natural look with the Farrah Faucet feathered hair was way more attractive on her. I just saw Coach for the first time about a year ago on the web. Talk about a movie that would never be made today! First, movies do not put in nudity just to do it anymore and actresses would probably out any director that tried as a sleazeball. Second, she is a teacher basically screwing around with her high school student and its presented as no big deal. lol She’s hot, what red blooded american guy wouldn’t even if he is 17!

    Biehn’s character basically asks her out on a date and she says yes and they start seeing each other. If their was a Coach 2, she would probably be his prom date. lol Nowadays such a movie would be unthinkable as glorifying student teacher relationships. The big climax of the movie was Biehn’s character being jealous of some guy and Crosby telling him some other guy was harmless as he was a recruiter to a college to see him or something. lol Its never even once portrayed as wrong that she is screwing her student, not even one line of dialog! haha


  26. Michael Biehn Officially Returning As ‘Hicks’ In Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Movie:

    The Chappie director had said he hoped to see Michael Biehn reprise the role of Corporal Dwayne Hicks after the character was killed off in Alien 3, and now the actor himself has confirmed that he’s on board. Find out what he had to say after the jump…


  27. Kathleen Grosso

    I have ALWAYS been a fan of Michael Boehm & take offense at these negative comments! He has talent,charisma&is the real deal, Hollywood’s loss for not realizing the scope of his talent!! I enjoyed him in every role, respect his talent & miss seeing him! Confirms my belief that the “powers that be” in movie world are idiots&don’t recognize real genuine talent when it stares them in the face!! You’re tops in my book Michael!!


  28. Kathleen Grosso

    Ahem stupid kindle/word check-Biehn, not Boehm


  29. Kathleen Grosso

    Why is anyone bringing up his past in his personal life?? We all have our own past/demons&mistakes! Leave him the hell alone!! If u don’t have anything nice to say then shut up!!! I enjoy his acting&films, that’s his job. Anything outside of his work is nobody’s business!!!!!!


  30. Terminator Genisys plot sounds bloody awful…

    Jul 1, 2015 at 10:12pm
    Post by Sin Cara Tres on Jul 1, 2015 at 10:12pm
    I thought the first thirty minutes were awesome. But when the movie goes in a different direction, it’s kind of jarring and doesn’t feel like you’re watching a Terminator movie anymore. But I guess I still enjoyed it overall as a sci fi action film.

    Jul 1, 2015 at 1:38pm Death to Analog said:
    Jul 1, 2015 at 1:12pm triplethreatmark said:
    Yeah, I told my friend that a certain angles Emilia Clarke does look a lot like a young Linda Hamilton.
    They clearly put the effort in to making her resemble Linda Hamilton, make a digital double of 1984 Arnie… Yet cast the least Michael Biehn-looking actor possible for Kyle Reese and make no effort to make him seem like the same character.

    Apparently it came down to Jai Courtney and Boyd Holbrook, who not only looks like Biehn but has a slim physique, perfect for the role. Courtney is ripped like a Terminator.


  31. 15 Awful Films Terminator Actors Want You To Forget:

    Deadfall (1993) – Michael Biehn

    RottenTomatoes Score: 0%

    The Plot: Con artist Joe (Michael Biehn) inadvertently kills his dad, Mike (James Coburn), during a sting gone wrong, and in order to see out his dying request, seeks to rip off Mike’s twin brother Lou, stealing some valuable jewels which Lou had lifted from Mike years previous. Lou is himself a schemer, however, so Joe has no idea quite what he’s getting himself into.

    Why It Sucks: Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew Christopher didn’t appear to learn much from his father with this undercooked attempt at a gritty film noir that just misses the mark completely. Biehn, a fine actor and handsome leading man, is given thoroughly a leaden script to work his way through, though honestly, the only reason anyone should bother with it is for Nicolas Cage’s outrageously over-the-top performance, which walks a fine line between being truly awful and hysterically, brilliantly insane.

    It’s also kinda hard to ignore the fact that Cage is probably only in the film because his brother directed it. Yup. People constantly wonder why Biehn’s career didn’t take off bigger after The Terminator and Aliens, and garbage like this is pretty much the answer.


  32. The 411 Movies Top 5: The Top 5 Worst Casting Choices:

    Bryan Kristopowitz

    JAI COURTNEY- TERMINATOR GENISYS – Jai Courtney’s performance as Kyle Reese in Terminator Genisys is a fine example of why Courtney has absolutely no business playing a lead character in any movie. If he’s needed to play a henchman of some sort, like he did in Jack Reacher, he can be hired. But if he has to help carry the movie the movie is f***ing doomed. Courtney has absolutely no personal charisma of his own, almost zero screen presence, and has no chemistry with anyone else in the movie. Reese needs to show off humanity, guile, and perseverance. He’s a scrapper, a fighter, a guy that refuses to give up. Go ahead and watch the first The Terminator. Does Courtney even resemble Michael Biehn one iota? Nope. A travesty.


    • Re: Why do people hate this guy?

      I don’t hate the guy. But I am hating the roles this guy gets but clearly doesn’t deserve. I just saw Terminator Genisys and he did NOTHING with the Kyle Reese character. He turned a complex character that hasn’t been seen on screen for 30 years into a forgettable pawn.

      Michael Biehn, who played Reese in the original film, actually studied up on PTSD symptoms, prisoners of war, and military tactics to mold the character. Jai Courtney? He couldn’t be bothered to even grow his hair out. Instead, he hit the gym (which I can assume is still readily available once the robots take over) – and that’s about it.


    • Jai Courtney : Terrible choice for the Terminator movie

      In the original, Michael Biehn was a great choice to play Kyle Reese as he actually looked like someone who had been fighting a war, not getting much sleep or food, etc. For Genisys they get this guy who looks like a pumped up gym rat douche-bro. Sorry, but people in the middle of a desperate war where food and supplies are scarce would not look like that.

      No disrespect to the actor, he was just a bad casting choice.


  33. You totally skipped over Borderline (2002), where Biehn starred with Gina Gershon and Sean Patrick Flannery! Not a big movie by any means, but he did get to have a sex scene with Gina! That has to be something, right? A nice little psych thriller….and Gina was so hot in it….big Gina fan here. 🙂


  34. Wow, thanks for replying! No shit? I will definitely be back to read that one! I just discovered this blog and I am loving it! Reading about Billy Zane right now…he was in a little gem of a movie with Gina, as well 🙂 They also did some modeling together, back in the day. Wish I knew how to place a picture on here, they were so damn cute! The two of them have a great chemistry…

    Gina continues to stay busy…she spent most of this summer filming movies and guest spots for tv (she will be in a multi episode arc on ZNation this season, on syfy channel). I love anything she is in, don’t care how bad it is…she ALWAYS stands out!


    • She has a presence about her, no doubt. Even in bad movies, I have always enjoyed Gershon’s performance. I have found that for the most part, once you reach a certain level of fame, you can continue working as long as you lie. Even Steve Guttenberg stays busy. Most people just don’t realize he’s still working. I have heard Z Nation is a fun show. I’ll have to keep an eye out for Gershon’s guest spot. I’d definitely like to see the Zane-Gershon modeling pic. If it’s online, just post a link and the picture will show up. If it’s something you have in your personal collection, you can email it to me at

      Thanks for reading! Glad you found the site.


  35. ZNation IS a fun show…I have never seen The Walking Dead, tried once to watch, couldn’t get into it…anyway, I saw that Gina was going to be guest starring on ZNation this season… watched the marathon of season 1, and I was hooked. I think Gina’s eps are 11 and 12, maybe 13 as well (she finished shooting them last week)… so I’m thinking they will air sometime in late November. Season 1 is also available on Netflix, and season 2 will be there after the tv season is over….I believe they are signed on for 14 or 15 eps.

    Gina will also be in the Amazon series Red Oaks (the one that Erin Grey is in), she will be playing Paul Reiser’s character’s wife…. it was also filmed this summer. That one looks fun…. a bit like Caddyshack, from what I saw in the pilot. 🙂

    I emailed those modeling pix! I have lots of pix, videos, and other stuff on my tumblr blog….


    • Duh! JENNIFER Grey, not Erin….what was I thinking/typing?


    • I was planning to check out Red Oaks. It was already on my radar since I just wrote about Jennifer Grey. Gershon’s involvement is always welcome.

      I got the pictures. Thanks for sending them. I have added them to the comments section of the Billy Zane article so everyone can enjoy them.


  36. Retrospective / Review: Aliens (1986)


  37. I have a friend who is an actor in California, and he got cast in a bit part in one of Beihn’s recent films (this is a couple of years ago). He was beside himself with glee because he got to work with Beihn. Apparently nobody had the heart to tell him that Beihn was completely finished in movies.


  38. 15 Actors Stuck In Hollywood’s Dog House

    Michael Biehn

    To so many, a legend. Star of 1980’s behemoths The Terminator and Aliens, Biehn was a ready-made star; chiselled good looks, a raspingly sexy voice and a penchant for beating up bad guys from outer space and the future! Good roles in Tombstone and The Rock followed but then something started to go wrong. Independent films, television and video game work has followed but Biehn seems strangely side-lined by a movie industry now set on making former action heroes current again.

    If even Michael Dudikoff (remember him??) can show signs of a comeback surely the door is open for Biehn?

    So What Next?

    Another that could benefit from Liam Neeson and Denzel Washington’s resurgent and continuing popularity, a Taken-like role would be perfect. Rumours of a part in Neill Blomkamp’s untitled Alien project are certainly exciting, and one of the many films Biehn is linked with could breakthrough and re-establish him in the mainstream.

    Failing that, come on Sly, this man has to be an Expendable!


  39. Re: Michael Biehn

    Haha, what a retarded freakin article. It reads like someone who’s only watched 3 of his movies (the Cameron ones). Biehn is an actor’s actor, dude’s acclaimed all over Hollywood by his peers because he’s had an amazing acting career from stuff like The Fan, Seventh Sign, Rampage and K2 to the present movies he makes with the Blanc-Biehn partnership.

    Near Dark sucked ass and he dodged a bullet on that, and he did not get upstaged in Aliens. Aliens only worked because all the characters came together as an ensemble. Hicks was the understated bad ass – guy was just as cool & important as anyone else plus he counteracted Hudson.

    The guy who wrote that article needs to stop assuming actors are failures just because they’re not starring in overhyped sh!tburgers all the time


  40. Michael Biehn, what a classy dude. Had an almost 15 minute heart to heart with him about both of us being germaphobes. Super nice guy. Also, Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery are awesome guys


  41. Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Aliens


    Michael Biehn will always have a heart in sci-fi fans’ hearts for his performance as Reece in The Terminator and that of the incredibly chilled Corporal Hicks in Aliens. Interestingly, Biehn wasn’t even meant to be in the movie — he replaced first-choice James Remar, who was fired shortly after production begun. Following Aliens, Biehn went on to appear in James Cameron’s The Abyss, where he played the tightly wound (and awesomely mustachioed) Lieutenant Hiram Coffey.

    Unfortunately Biehn’s reappearance as Reece in Terminator 2: Judgement Day never made it out of the editing booth. But that didn’t stop Biehn from making some notable appearances throughout the 90s, particularly in Michael Bay-actioner The Rock and Tombstone (alongside both Lance Henriksen and Bill Paxton). Biehn also voiced Rex Colt in 80s action pastiche Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. And that is well worth seeking out for anyone in possession of an Xbox 360.

    Things could have turned out different for Biehn, had Sigourney Weaver not returned to her iconic role as Ripley for Alien 3. Amazingly, Fox initially hired cyber-punk visionary William Gibson to write an initial draft of the film where Hicks and Bishop battle the alien hordes aboard a space station. A Gibson-penned Aliens? That’s the stuff fan boy dreams are made of.


    • Where Are They Now? The Cast of Terminator


      Saving the world is a tall order — especially if it’s a one-man mission. But Kyle Reese was more than up to his task of keeping Sarah Connor alive. He also just happened to be madly in love with her. And because of both his efforts and a heartfelt confession of his feelings, Sarah became pregnant with her son, John — the man who would grow up to lead the resistance force against Skynet.

      Michael Biehn had few acting credits to his name when James Cameron cast him as Kyle in The Terminator, though the movie was undeniably a career breakthrough for him. He appeared in Aliens alongside Sigourney Weaver and re-teamed with Cameron for the epic underwater saga, The Abyss. Since the late 1980s, Biehn has worked pretty steadily in film and TV, though none of his more recent projects have brought him the level of fame he found with Terminator. He lent his voice to the Aliens: Colonial Marines and Far Cry 3:Blood Dragon games, and he also appeared in the Grindhouse segment Planet Terror.


  42. I appreciate the time you take for these write ups. I respectfully disagree that Biehn was not the most memorable thing about The Terminator. He was what I think was the ‘taken for granted’ thing about the Terminator.

    The most obviously eye catching thing? No. And when people go into a movie to watch a horror or sci fi gore fest or spectacle, they are probably understandably primed for what Schwarzenegger delivered. But The Terminator was more than that and mainly because of Biehn.

    Decades later now, the sequel seems a bit bombastic and safe, and every time I strike up a conversation about someone that feels strongly for the original movie, it’s Biehn and the tragic Kyle Reese that resonated the most with them. He has his fans and I’m glad for that– but I often see them asking why he (and other such actors) didnt achieve “movie stardom” or “fame”. I can’t care less about that. There are so many actors going about their business– acting– with no frills.
    I do think that Biehn is an actor’s actor. Someone who seems at home on the screen. Someone who is a natural at embodying characters. Someone who can be separated from the self-conscious inferior actors that you can look at and go ‘oh ok I get why they’re not around anymore’.
    As such, it bugs me not that he was never a movie star or famous, but that he didn’t get a lot of quality material worthy of his talent. Maybe if he was born later he would have been in his prime when the indie film industry existed.
    And I don’t mean Usual Suspects. So he didn’t get the script lol, it’s funny but Roger Ebert didn’t seem to get the script much either. And no one cares about Stephen Baldwin nowadays because of the role Biehn turned down. Just some quality material, however minor, instead of even when he worked with Friedkin he worked on the shittiest Friedkin.. Oh well!


    • Great points about Michael Biehn. Thanks for dropping in and sharing them.

      While I agree with much of what you’re saying, the angle of the series is “why didn’t so-and-so become a bigger star” or “why didn’t so-and-so remain a big star”. So, that’s obviously what I am focusing on. When I say that Biehn isn’t what people remember from The Terminator, for example, I’m speaking of general audiences. While Biehn obviously stuck out for you, the movie is remembered for making Schwarzenegger a star.

      But being a star isn’t everything. In fact, I’d say it’s not very important. I am sometimes accused of making it seem like fame is the be-all end-all. But that’s not the case. One of the reasons that the articles include a blow-by-blow of the subject’s career instead of just highlights and lowlights is that I feel it presents a fuller picture than what you usually get in these kinds of retrospectives. My hope is that readers who aren’t all that concerned with the question of A-list status can still find points of interest due to the comprehensiveness of the series.

      Thanks for reading!


  43. Michael Biehn Talks ‘Aliens’ 30th Anniversary, His Production Company And His ‘Alien’ Future

    Widely regarded as one of the greatest films of all time and, certainly, one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time, Aliens is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Released in theaters on July 18, 1986, James Cameron’s film became an instant classic. Coming off the back of his iconic performance as Kyle Reese in James Cameron’s The Terminator ($78.37 million domestic unadjusted), Michael Biehn returned with the director to play Corporal Hicks, another seminal role, for Aliens. Now a successful producer, director and screenwriter in his own right, Biehn and his wife, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, also run Blanc-Biehn Productions, a production company that makes grindhouse-style movies and has an emphasis on working with female filmmakers.


  44. Mojave Moon (not mentioned) is an underrated gem. Biehn’s role is nondescript but the leads are fantastic. Highly recommend.


  45. What Happened To Michael Biehn – News & Updates

    “Remember, short controlled bursts!” Corporal Hicks said through grit teeth. The room flashed red as emergency lighting pierced the darkness.

    “Eight meters!” Hudson stammered, looking at his M314 motion tracker. With every second, the hand-held box emitted a shrill beeping sound, letting the surviving colonial marines know that they would not be alone for much longer. The marines and their civilian allies looked to their hastily erected barricades, not knowing how long welded-shut blast doors would hold against the horde outside.

    “Seven… Six!” Hudson counted down as globs of sweat dripped down his chin.

    “That can’t be, that’s inside the room!” Ellen Ripley stated. The Warrant Officer turned dock worker turned advisor on the doomed mission gripped the barrel of her Pulse Rifle tighter and held it at the door, ready to fire at the slightest scratch against its metal skin.

    “It’s reading right, man! Look!” Hudson’s voice began to break as he held the screen closer. Waves of sound bounced against the walls and back, filling the 3X5 monitor with dozens, if not hundreds of white dots.

    “Well you’re not reading it right!” Hicks barked.

    “Five meters, man! What the hell?” Ripley looked to her own motion scanner. Hudson was not wrong. Hordes of vicious aliens bent on their evisceration swarmed at all sides. In the hour it took the team of marines to secure the facility, there was one entry-point they hadn’t counted on the aliens using. Their problem wasn’t fire power, or a lack of it. They were just looking at the wrong direction. Slowly, she and the other marines looked up to the ceiling—and the maze of vents just beyond the ceiling tiles.

    In seconds, Hicks was mounting a box, flashlight in hand. He pushed open one of the tiles, and his panicked eyes peered into darkness—to find a dozen snapping, drooling jaws inching closer towards him.

    He fell backwards. Squeezing the trigger of his Pulse Rifle, a burst of noise like a chainsaw sent fifteen explosive caseless rounds into the blackness above. Ceiling tiles all across the room ruptured, and the glistening black demons that made the vents their home rained from above amidst a symphony of pulse rifle fire and inhuman shrieks.

    At the end of the day, Corporal Hicks entered a cryo-pod wounded, but alive. He lost his entire squad on planet LV-426, but emerged from the ordeal alive with Ripley, Newt (A young surviving colonist), and half of an android.

    He would go on to have many more adventures fighting against the Xenomorphs that threatened the human race, because Alien 3 didn’t happen. At least, that’s what his actor Michael Biehn likes to think. It was his exclusion from Alien 3 that marked his decline in film. But what happened to Michael Biehn?


  46. What the hell happened to madolyn smith , biehn’s costar from deadly intentions. She was a very talented actress. Why did she give up on acting?


  47. I saw him in the saint Sebastian martyrdom movie, a very rare movie, and I have noted how much expressive is the recitation of Michael Biehn in it; that movie was made in theatrical mode. I assume that the good recitation of Michael Biehn in the movies we are used to recognize him was no longer developed as well as in that movie though in terminator it is possible to admire the deep humanity he gave to Kyle character.


  48. I wish I could see the St. Sebastien movie, but like you say, extremely rare.


  49. Nostalgia Critic: Clockstoppers (2002)

    Time stands still in this early 2000s time capsule. Is it as bad as so many people let on though? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Clockstoppers.


  50. Great read, I’ve always loved Michael Biehn as a supporting military type. I’m watching The Rock right now and noticed it had a commentary option so I put it on for the scene where Biehn apparently froze during his speech to the Seals, Cage and Connery. The technical advisor Harry Humphreys tells the story as Michael Biehn freezing because he has real navy seals staring at him alongside Sean Connery who he was in completely awe of and he’s about to do his speech as their leader and superior and so he just blanked because he felt A.Fake in front of the real navy seals and B. Intimidated by Connery’s sheer presence.

    Also he claims Biehn has played a Navy Seal more times than anyone in film at that point. I wonder if that’s true.


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