My Production of “Equus”

Excuse me while I shamelessly self-promote.

My name is David McGuff, and I’m an actor.

Go go gadget Actor-face

Go go gadget Actor-face

It may surprise some of you to know that I’m actually a real life person with an approximation of a life. Outside of this blog I have a job in which I get paid to teach theater to youth and direct family shows. Also on the side I head up a small independent theater company that produces mature and provocative plays for the community. Yellow Lab Productions (my production company) next show will be Peter Shaffer’s Equus.

The show will be April 24-26, 7:30 PM, at the VK Garage Theater in Kerrville, TX. For more info you can check out the Kickstarter page here (or keep reading the article) where you can also help be a part of the show.

I’m producing this show, but I am an actor first, and so of course I snag myself a juicy role in every show.

My juicy role in Stephen King's Misery

My juicy role in Stephen King’s Misery

Audiences poured in to watch me be tortured for two hours. And as a method actor I had my foot cut off each night. Problem was it ran for three nights. Night three contained lots of improvisation.

My juicy role in

My juicy role in “Tape”

This play was fun because I got to do a lot of drugs on stage. Powdered milk makes the best cocaine substitute. Baking soda burns.

“The Pillowman” is extra juicy

Come for the Tarantino-esque dialogue. Stay to watch me get my brains blown out. And also to see a child crucified on stage.


As King Creon in “Antigone”

This play was fun because I kill everyone I love, or they kill themselves because of me. Hooray.

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter

No people were killed in this production.

As a lover in Shakespeare's

As a lover in Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew”

This is one of the few times I’ve gotten to be a romantic lead. And also funny. I have a habit of only picking very serious shows where I play terrible people. Needless to say, I didn’t pick the above show.

As an attempted rapist in Shakespeare's

As an attempted rapist in Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure”

I didn’t pick this one. But I still played an asshole. I have a gift.

My next juicy role will be as Alan in Peter Shaffer’s Equus. I get to be mentally disturbed and murder six innocent horses on stage. I picked this one.

Poster for the show

Poster for the show

If Equus sounds familiar, that’s because Daniel Radcliffe brought it to Broadway 7 years ago, and many people lined up to see his other magic wand… Or because it was once upon a time a movie starring Richard Burton and Peter Firth.

It wasn’t very good. Equus is made for the theater, and when you remove the representational and surreal aspects of it to ground it in realism, it loses the power and spirit of the show.


Our show, however, will be very good. I’m extremely excited about this production and think that it could be the best thing we’ve ever done. Which brings me to my (two) real point(s) of this blog: you’re invited if you want to come.


And here’s my first role ever on stage:

Call me juicy

Call me juicy

A little slideshow of some of my roles, because shameless…


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  1. Welcome, fellow actor!
    I myself am in possession of an undergraduate degree in theater and have spent some of the happiest hours of my life treading the boards.

    While I am much less the leading man type than it seems you are, I have also played my share of villains. In a production of the French Revolution piece “Danton’s Death,” I played one of Robespierre’s men, a real-life sadist named Collot D’erbois. During the play, I got to endorse executing pregnant women before they came to term in order to save money on little coffins. There was actually audible hissing from the audience.

    My day job is as a speech-language therapist for kids, but I usually get to run around on stage a couple of times a year in my “free” time. You may have seen a couple of my articles on Le Blog about roles I’ve played here in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Interestingly, my last show (a production of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” in which I played Harding) also featured a rorschach on the poster.

    Equus is a brilliant script that is challenging to produce, but can have a real “wow” factor for the audience.

    Break a leg and let us know when the inevitable great reviews roll in!


  2. Thanks that’s awesome. I’ve been acting like a madman for the last 6 years. It’s always great to meet fellow actors and theater lovers. I don’t know Danton’s Death but it sounds intriguing. Cuckoo’s nest is a great script as well, they did it here about 7 or 8 years ago.

    I’m sort of a leading man, but have always been drawn to anti-hero parts.

    Equus is both brilliant and challenging. I think we can pull it off though. Pillowman was similarly hard, but we did that. I’m really excited after 9 months off the stage.

    I’ll be posting updates and follow ups as they become available. Thanks!


  3. Uh-oh. Here comes the theater crowd!

    I dabbled in acting in high school and college. It didn’t take me long to figure out it was not my calling. But I enjoyed the experience. From time to time, Daffy posts about some of his acting experiences. I look forward to reading more from both of you since I’m really not cut out for it myself.


  4. Just remember, you actor types are going to need a good agent. I hear Lebeau is the best in the biz. 🙂


    • lol

      I would make a terrible agent for a lot of the same reasons I am not a good actor. I’m much more suited to sitting behind my laptop in my dining room snarking about other people.


  5. Good Luck Mr McGuff! Though one does wonder if you’re tempting the fates by advertising on a blog site primarily famous for the WTHH series!


    • lol

      As Daffy has pointed out before, being included in WTHH means you have achieved success on a national level. I’m guessing Mr. McGuff wouldn’t mind that level of success even if it was fleeting.


  6. jeffthewildman

    I did some acting in my high school drama class. Getting relegated to bit roles convinced me that I didn’t necessarily have a future in it and that I might be better off writing/directing.


  7. I’d be down for being the subject of a WTHH article. Though I’ve oft imagined what choices I would make as an actor, and doubt that I’d be up for that. But I’m sure many have said the same before me.
    Jeff, I like writing, and I can direct, but it’s not my thing. Give me a character and a script and I can do great things. The others feel more like work. Acting is expression for me.


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