Lebeau’s Le Show: Episode 002 – Superhero Movies

Lebeau's Le Show Episode 2

Welcome back to Lebeau’s Le Show.  To celebrate the release of Captain America: Winter Soldier, Daffy and I discuss the past, present and future of super hero movies.

In our first podcast, we talked about the Academy Awards.  Which left me without much to contribute since I hadn’t seen any of the nominees.  This time around, we picked a topic I have a little more experience with: super hero movies.  So this time, I have a lot more to say.  I’m not sure what that says about me exactly…

This time, Daffy and I name our top three superhero movies of all time and also call out our least favorite.  We name our favorite movie superhero and villain as well as picking an under-rated super hero movie.  I rant about the lack of women and minorities in lead roles in the super hero genre and Daffy makes buzz out of nothing at all.  We both pick our favorite movie Batman and I reveal which actor stole Batgirl from Adam West.  Also, find out Marlon Brando’s unconventional idea for playing Jor-el in Richard Donner’s Superman.


Look for a new episode late April/early May.

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  1. daffystardust

    Great job lending form and function to our conversation, Lebeau!

    I should mention that the performance David Bowie did with Annie Lennox as part of the Freddie Mercury tribute was actually “Under Pressure,” with his performance of “Heroes” being a solo reading during the same event.

    As before, this was a fun experience.


    • Yeah I enjoyed it.

      The editing was actually fairly easy this time. I knew while we were talking that I would excise most of the talk about comic books that didn’t relate to movies. That alone got us down to roughly show length. I just coming back to the question: Would someone who has never read a comic book give a damn? If the answer was “no”, I chopped it. Then I realized there was nothing left so I randomly put 60 minutes back in.

      I mentioned before that “ums” and “ahs” show up in a very visual way that makes them easy to identify and edit out. Laughter is easy to spot too. So if one of us laughs, I assume we actually said something funny and I’m more likely to leave that in. I can also identify the differences in who is speaking because my voice records at a lower volume. So if I see a long stretch of my voice, that’s the first thing I cut. 😉

      This is all about the fun factor. If I wanted to reach the broadest possible audience, I’d just keep cranking out WTHH articles. The podcast takes the same amount of time and reaches a lot fewer people. With that in mind, I’ll be cranking out the next WTHH this weekend provided Kara’s birthday party doesn’t get in the way. I also have to bake and decorate her cake. It’s going to look like this:

      Or at least it will if I do it right.

      I believe this is the performance you’re referencing then:


  2. daffystardust

    That’s the one.
    I noticed that I tend to laugh a lot in recognition. Hope that doesn’t lead you astray in your editing.
    That will be a great birthday cake!
    Did you ever check out Superman’s song by Crashtest Dummies?


    • I haven’t listened to it yet. I axed the bit on Death of Superman, so it no loner made as much sense to include the video here. But I have the e-mail with the link. I’m planning to give it a look this weekend once the cake is baked, presents are unwrapped and maybe a WTHH article is posted. I also hope to squeeze Captain America in this weekend. But that’s looking less and less likely as I realize what a busy weekend this is actually going to be.


      • daffystardust

        I went straight from work to a showing of the new Captain America movie, but what appeared to be a serious wreck diverted me from the highway and through the country roads of North Carolina. My Garmin hasn’t been updated in quite some time, so it initially took me to a theater that is now closed. I just made it to a showing at the next closest site and liked it quite a bit. My Friday mornings start at 4:30am, so by the time I made it through the 2+ hour movie and finally made it home, I was worn the heck out.

        It has probably been more than 15 years since I’ve seen a movie twice on the big screen in its initial release, but I have to admit that I’m considering it in this case. There is so much to take in and my first viewing was extremely enjoyable.


        • I was also impressed. The sequel has such a completely different tone from the first film. But I feel like it got just about everything right. It’s probably the best Marvel movie since the first Iron Man. Hopefully I’ll post a review later today. Time permitting of course. Unfortunately, time has not been on my side of late.


  3. Finally got time today to have a listen to your second podcast. I enjoy hearing you guys banter about these movies even with not being a fan of the genre. Anyone would think you two had been doing radio talk shows together for YEARS. As a side note I’m working on the Vegas travel writeup. While at work, figured out how to insert pictures from the Web into a word document, but my home Word version is old. When finished I’m hoping i can just email it you Lebeau, see if you think it’s OK and then upload it to the travel section if you like. MIght be done by the end of the weekend. OH and CONGRATS on passing three million hits!!


  4. Still working on it Daf… and after it’s written, and pictures are included, I have to figure out how to upload it. What with it being Easter and also being only too happy to stop working on it and read the Ralph Macchio article, hopefully by the end of this week.


  5. Good stuff. the Podcast is great. Please make it downloadable as mp3 or put on Soundcloud or something. This word press Flash player thinggy is not cool – makes it a hassle to listen to the podcast on my phone.


    • Glad you enjoyed it. A surprising amount of work goes into making the podcast the best it can be. It’s really something we do because we enjoy it.

      There is a way to subscribe on iTunes. It won’t show up in the search. But if you go to the screen where you can manually subscribe to a podcast, you just need to enter this link and you will be able to subscribe:

      Let me know if you run into any problems. I did it once a couple months ago and it worked fine. But I don’t recall the exact steps involved.


  6. I gave this podcast a shout-out in my latest, which may be something you want to read–it covers several things we’ve hashed out here before. I can’t fouch for it being any good–I only just finished it after a long cram-session, don’t have the heart to re-read it, and don’t have the faculties to judge it if I did. I’ll have to see how it sounds after some sleep. It’s here:


    • daffystardust

      That was a really fine article and touched on quite a bit of my haunting misgivings about the current comic book hero boom. The characters really should be the stars here instead of the spectacle. Without strong character-centered context, we will be left only to marvel like raccoons at the shiny object action sequences rather than really caring about their outcomes. Some films have done a good job of balancing these, some haven’t really tried, and some have fumbled their opportunities badly or rushed them unnecessarily.

      Thanks for the mention!


      • I listened to the podcast right after it was posted and enjoyed it and intended to write a reply at the time, but I guess I never got around to it. I was surprised when Marvel went straight to “The Winter Soldier,” without having set it up properly. I still haven’t seen the film, but it looks as if it isn’t centrally concerned with the Winter Soldier anyway (and I’ve read a pair of reviews saying there isn’t much time devoted to him), so why even include it? I don’t like seeing good material thrown away.


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