Pop Culture Quiz: What the Hell Happened Quiz #1

what the hell happened big

Believe it or not, the What the Hell Happened? series is now four years old!  I thought it would be fun to see who has been paying attention.  So I’m going to start posting a series of quizzes to test your knowledge of past WTHH subjects.

The quiz starts after the jump.  No cheating off your neighbor!


10 Correct : A-lister!

8-9 Correct : Movie Star

6-7 Correct: B-Lister

4-5 Correct: C-Lister

2-3 Correct: D-Lister

1 Correct: Kardashian

Zero Correct: What the hell happened?

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  1. I suck. 4 years at Lebeau’s film school for nothin’. Shoulda listened to my parents and went to Yale or Harvard. But noo, I went to Lebeau school. Now I spend my days drinking Mountain Dew, playing video games and talk’in about, about actors. I spent years sending out my resume to potential employers proudly exhibiting my Lebeau’s Certificate of What The Hell Trivia. Google, Apple, IBM, not even the Federal Government would hire me. Now I work part time at the local 7-11 for soda pop and potato chips….Thanks a lot…

    You’ve ruined my life Lebeau. My parents saw my grades and gave me an ultimatum. Either drop out of Lebeau school and get a real job, or move out of their house.

    I’m moving into my girl friend’s parents house tomorrow.

    Brad Deal


  2. I didn’t do so good either. Next quiz will involve studying, or at least some review 🙂


    • I’m not going to lie. Part of my thinking is that people will be motivated to go back and reread older articles. 😉

      I have been surprised by how well some people have done so far. It’s been a fun experiment I plan to continue.


  3. I’m a B-lister, which sounds about right. However, I didn’t notice the Micheal Keaton question or the Sharon Stone/Mensa question (I KNOW I would’ve came correct there). I really should’ve scrolled more slowly! However, I’m happy being a B-lister.


  4. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You never said we’d be tested on this information. We still get a participation grade, right?


    • That’s why it’s a Pop (culture) Quiz. If you did your assignments, you should be fine.

      Yes, participation is everything really.

      Mindy scored 30% the first time she took the quiz. Statistically, random selection should score you 25%. She took it a second time and scored 80% which she was quite proud of.


      • I’m so proud of myself. I scored a 90%! The one question that really threw me for a loop is the Arnold Schwarzenegger one. For the life of me I couldn’t remember any of the four actresses ever playing Arnold’s mother! I actually answered that one right, but only through process of elimination. I really felt smart when I figured that one out. I’ve learned so much from WTTH! Now, when can I expect to receive my diploma? I already bought a fancy-schmancy wall frame for it so I can brag to all my friends about it.


        • That’s a fun idea. I may have to put one together for folks to print up!

          I tried to be very clever when picking my multiple choice answers. For the Schwarzenegger question, I tried to pick alternatives who were more likely to have played his mother than the person who actually did. The question that seems to throw people the most so far is the cigarette question. When I post the next quiz, I plan to include the results of this one. Seems like folks are having fun with this which is exactly what I was hoping for.


        • I’m looking forward to the next quiz; I refuse retakes, but enjoy being baffled by the trivia!


        • Sounds good. By this point, I’m sitting on a mountain of baffling trivia.


        • He he, seems you ruffled someone up Lebeau; I checked out Lea Thompson’s IMDB page, and there was a link to this site that someone else shared, and that individual, from what they read, got all grumpy about it. Hey, what is life without a few critics?


        • Yeah, that happens a lot. People get hung up on the title. At this point, I’m used to it.

          Sometimes I wish I had called the series “Isn’t ______ swell?” or something like that. Something cheery that wouldn’t ruffle feathers. But frankly, I think the mild profanity is part of the reason the series is as popular as it is. When “What the Hell Happened?” shows up in your Google results, that’s the one a lot of people want to click on.

          I’m willing to bet that the fellow who had his feather ruffled at IMDB over Lea Thompson has never actually visited the site.


        • That kind of boggles the mind a little. You have to be super thin skinned to be offended by the title, and you know how thin skinned RB can be when it comes to certain celebrities. Or it might be a very young reader who doesn’t yet realize that people in the public eye are used to much worse. Middle school soccer players are used to much worse.


        • lol

          I have definitely learned that some fans are extremely defensive about the object of their fandom. I get it. Sometimes, I bristle at headlines. You read a headline like “What the Hell Happened to…” and some people have an emotional reaction without going any further. Also, some people react badly to TMC posting links on IMDB and discussion groups. I’ve been posting links on Reddit lately and those people can be vicious! The internet is a strange and dangerous place. Thick skin is required.


        • That’s a 10-4 on that one, LeBeau; from reading the comment, the poster based their opinion on the title. I don’t know, I like the title. Besides, I discovered this site through IMDB (My man Tom Berenger!).


        • And I’m glad you found us! 😉


        • I actually remember first hearing the “Val Kilmer intentionally burns crewmember with a cigarette” story back in the mid 90’s in an issue of Movieline magazine. There was a whole write-up back then about his collaboration with Michael Douglas in the film The Ghost and the Darkness, and how difficult Kilmer was on that set. That was probably the first time I heard what a jerk Kilmer can be.


        • That’s really about when things started turning. These kinds of stories started showing up around the time of Dr. Moreau being released. Back in the pre-internet days, Movieline was the place to get the inside dirt with a side of snark.


  5. So it’s like this. My parents had a blowout, my father wants me out of the house, but my mother wants me to stay. So my Dad says that if I can pass the test with 100% then I can stay…

    Soooo I need a cheat sheet, or somebody to copy from. I can trade junk food and the cheats for the game “World of War.” But I really want is for you, Lebeau, to come to my house and take the test for me. After all, I don’t think it’s fair to make me read all that stuff, again. And this is your fault after all.

    And I’m with Craig. My Dad broke my homemade diploma. I would be great to have a real diploma. But no tests and no studying…

    Craig is my new best friend



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