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green - penny dreadful

Later that year, Green starred opposite former 007 Timothy Dalton and former teen heartthrob Josh Hartnett in Showtime’s horror series, Penny Dreadful.

Dalton played the father of Mina Harker from Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  Green played her childhood friend with a dark secret.  Together, they enlist the help of a mysterious American played by Hartnett to save Mina from vampires.  Other characters from Victorian literature also make appearances.

Showtime gave the series a strong promotional push by offering a free week of Showtime so non-subscribers could check it out.  The show received positive reviews and strong ratings causing Showime to order a second season.

green - the salvation

While Penny Dreadful was airing on cable, Green could be seen in the Danish Western, The Salvation.

Mads Mikkelsen stars as a peaceful settler whose family is murdered.  Since this is a Western – albeit a Danish Western – Mikklesen hunts down and kills the man who killed his family.  This upsets the killer’s brother, an outlaw played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  Green played the killer’s widow.

The Salvation opened in Denmark.  I’m sure they loved it.

Green - Sin City 2

In August of 2014, Green was part of the ensemble for Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For.

Green played the titular dame, but her part was a relatively small one in a crowded cast.  The cast for Robert Rodriguez’s noir sequel included Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rosario Dawson, Bruce Willis, Powers Boothe, Ray Liotta and Christopher Lloyd.  The movie consists of vignettes that take place both before and after the original film making it part sequel and part prequel.

Before it’s release, Sin City 2 made headlines with a controversial poster.  It seems Green’s nipples were too racy for the MPAA which banned a poster featuring her in a see-through blouse.

green - sin city poster

Green discussed the controversy and American views on nudity on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Sin City 2 received mostly negative reviews and bombed at the box office.  It opened at an embarrassing eighth place at the box office.  But here’s the thing.  The movie’s failure has nothing to do with Green.  The main problem was that it took nearly a decade to make a sequel.  By the time the sequel was finally released, the green screen technique that made the first movie a hit was old hat.  Frank Miller himself had released the atrocity The Spirit which unsuccessfully mined the same territory.  By the time Sin City 2 came out, the only person who cared was my Sin City-obsessed brother-in-law, Pete.  We try not to talk about him.  And even Pete told me the sequel didn’t live up to the original.

Rodriguez and Miller will take the fall for Sin City 2.  Green is going to be remembered as the sexy femme fatale with banned boobs.  She’s too hot for American audiences!  This can’t be anything but good for her career.

green - white bird in a blizzard

Later this year, Green will appear in the thriller, White Bird in a Blizzard.

The movie is set in 1988.  Green plays a mother who mysteriously disappears leaving behind her daughter played by Shailene Woodley.

Looking at the choices she has made, it seems pretty obvious to me that Green isn’t interested in mainstream movie stardom.  She’s attracted to dark, sexy material with complex characters and concepts.  While Green frequently burns of the screen with her sexuality (and let’s face it, she’s one of few modern actresses about whom that can be said), she’s not afraid to look ugly or at least sexy-ugly if you know what I mean.

Is Green ever going to be an A-list star?  I doubt it.  For an actress, that would mean starring in rom coms and playing girlfriend/wife roles.  Green seems positively bored by the idea.  She prefers to play powerful and sometimes psychotic women.  She’s got a quality that is extremely rare in Hollywood.  And while it probably won’t make her a star, it should keep her working for a long, long time.

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  1. There is something hauntingly beautiful about her. Piercing eyes, and a sensuality garners attention. I look forward to her performances.

    It’s interesting to note that many of the movies seem to break even in the States and must make their profit overseas. Maybe some of the actors recognize this and plan their career to meet the needs of the overseas audience? Maybe Hollywood is losing its status as the center of the movie industry. It will be interesting to see how the movie industry adapts to the new economic paradigm.

    Brad Deal


    • Definitely interesting times. Movies are being made based on the preferences of foreign audiences. Such a thing was unthinkable in the 80s. It used to be the foreign market was where you made your money if you made cheapo action movies or you hoped to break even on your box office failure. For a hit film, it was a little extra dough. But these days, it is not at all uncommon for a movie to bomb in the US and make bank overseas. So why should Hollywood care what American audiences want any more? We are becoming less and less relevant all the time.

      Green is probably a bigger star in other countries than she is here in the US. Here, she was absent from the screen for several years. But in Europe, she’s been a constant presence.

      I definitely agree about her screen presence. She has a danger about her that few actresses have. I saw one headline proclaiming her the “queen of scary sexy”. She’s always sexy, but she’s never just some screen bimbo. There’s always something underneath the sultry looks and perfect breasts. Something that the MPAA apparently couldn’t handle.


  2. I really like Eva Green’s style, and I agree that it appears she has no interest in chasing fame. That’s awesome she isn’t willing to copromise. I also think her looks are something (great choice of first photo, Lebeau; I removed that photo from the pages of Maxim some time back and have it sticking out of a cardboard box that is under a small table next to a leather chair in my living room. Whew, that was long winded!).
    I viewed “The Dreamers” back when it appeared on HBO and noted that the director was the same guy who directed “Last Tango in Paris”, so I ready for some serious nudity, and that film didn’t disappoint (However, for a film with a decent amount of nudity and set in 1968, I prefer “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”). As it comes to Eva Green’s US film career, I think she has already past french actresses such as Emmanuelle Beart and Catherine Deneuve (beauties in their own right, and actresses in which their film output was mostly overseas).


    • The thing about Green is that she is a French actress who also dabbles in Hollywood. Tinseltown isn’t the end all be all any more. International audiences are more important than ever before. And growing more important all the time. Casting Green won’t open your movie in America. But she has a pretty terrific track record overseas. That’s a big deal.


  3. I haven’t seen much of Eva Green’s work since Casino Royale and The Golden Compass. I agree with the comments about her screen presence–it’s spellbinding in a way that European actresses sometimes are. I also agree with lebeau that she will probably be working for a long time to come–whether it’s in European cinema mixed with Hollywood, on stage, or following Sarah Polley into directing and writing along with acting. I will definitely be checking out films like The Salvation and White Bird in a Blizzard.


    • Even in a bad movie, she is captivating. If she’s in a movie, you know there will be something worth watching. I definitely recommend Penny Dreadful. It was a very pleasant surprise. I look forward to seeing where her career is headed. You know it will be more interesting than the usual string of either horror movies or rom coms.


  4. Right. I feel quite strongly about Eva Green, whom I think is fab.

    1) She is SPECTACULARLY beautiful. Even Angelina Jolie, Monica Bellucci, and Cate Blanchett can’t hold a candle to her. Possibly the most ridiculously glorious thing in front of a camera in the current era, maybe with the exception of Erin O’Connor. However, the latter is a work of art rather than sexy, and not an actress.

    2) But Eva’s beauty is self-assured & aware, and her presence utterly controlled; she always seems like a voyeuse who’s briefly taking centre stage. And she’s clearly not bothered about nudity, in an era when actresses are supposed to be naked as much as possible whilst pretending that it’s naughty / they’re embarrassed about it, whether on film, a beach, or the red carpet. (Yep, Daily Mail, I’m looking at you & your Sidebar of Shame.) If they don’t live down to that image, then They Must Pay for it.

    3) She’s a fine actress, despite recently almost always appearing in complete shit. Look at the reviews for ‘Camelot’, which I watched in part for her. They were universally (correctly) damning of its awfulness, yet no-one had a bad word to say about her. She’s magnetic, and delivers. Every time.

    4) I think she’s half-English? Proper bilingual, anyway. So no reason for not employing her based on language “issues”.

    5) Rather nice comment in a recent piece on Variety (
    “Intended or not, there’s a disconcerting trend in the premium drama sphere that implies women only become compelling once they’ve been victimized”
    – try victimising a character played by Eva Green & making it look plausible, I dare you.

    So I think the problem is a combo of 2 + 5. She comes across as too damn independent a woman for the US film industry to deal with. Europe / indie cinema is happier with ballsy females*, but she apparently is prepared to aim bigger budget at a cost of profile. I can’t believe that she’s happy as things stand, but in H/wood she’ll just never break out to her level of talent & appearance in an age where women are very much the second sex**.

    Feminism is alive, but unfortunately in mainstream cinema it’s in very poor health. Grrrr.

    • ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’ will, I suspect, NEVER get a remake in the US due to its horrendous implication that an attractive woman might want to take control and have sex on her terms with a couple of younger men. Compare & contrast with a multitude of films where it’s absolutely dandy for older male leads to nob women half their age. In fact, expected.

    ** ‘Network’ was probably the peak of female equality in cinema. That was 38 years ago. The environment has gone steadily downhill since then.


    • I should also point out to those who have got this far but not seen her move that her beauty comes alive on screen. Pictures do her few favours by comparison.


  5. Interesting article. On the topic of Green as a potential A-Lister can anyone state how her American accent sounds? A passable American accent would certainly help her in Hollywood.

    Also, I have to disagree slightly with sentence.

    In the US, it grossed a mere $80 million against a $150 million dollar production budget. Fortunately, it performed much better overseas where it turned a profit.

    While it certainly performed better overseas, I doubt it actually turned a profit theatrically. $80 million domestically + $165 million internationally means a worldwide total of $245 million and since modern films (especially tentpoles) need to make at least double their listed production budget (in order to cover marketing expenses and the exhibitors’ cut) just to break even I can’t see anyway Dark Shadows could be in the black based just on the theatrical gross. (And actually since Burton and Depp both likely got first dollar deals for it DS probably needed closer to a 2.5 or even 3 multiplier to break even.)


  6. Ah, Camelot. I watched the first few episodes, until it took a week off. In that time were the first two episodes of Game of Thrones, which did all the same things except a hundred times better. While I tried to watch the next episode, it just wasn’t same.

    Also, the director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven is pretty good.

    One thing that may have affected her career, she’s probably currently the highest-profile actress who has no problem getting naked on camera. You don’t see much of that around these days. If there’s a (seemingly) good role around that also requires nudity, she seems to be the one to call.


    • Yeah, Camelot had so much potential. But it was so dull and yet at the same time silly. It was a wasted opportunity. But the fact that it did not get renewed for several seasons freed Green up for Penny Dreadful which is a lot more interesting. I’m looking forward to the second season of that show.


  7. She had the potential to be a star. She is beautiful, talented, and mysterious enough that you always want to know more. But if you read about ALL the roles she turned down or backed out of that could’ve made her a star, it seems she’s made a conscious decision not to be one.

    “I was not offered something interesting [after Casino Royale] by Hollywood. Every role was the boring beautiful girl. Instead of doing that, I made movies that not a lot of people saw but were good for my heart. I’ve always found the movie business rather cold, so finding parts to play and having people enjoy them has made this year a miracle for me.”

    So I think she’s made a lot of fascinating and also potentially interesting choices that blew up in her face. But, good for her.


    • Thanks for that quote. I had it when I started the article and meant to included it. But then I lost it before I finished. So I’m glad you dug it up.

      Fascinating actress. She’s going to have a more interesting body of work than an A-lister like Jennifer Anniston for example.


  8. You know what might be interesting? If you did a “What Might Have Been” for either geena davis or michelle Pfeiffer. I was looking recently and it seems they turned down a lot of high profile roles that might have been successful.


    • Definitely.

      At any given point, there are too few roles for too many actresses. So there are certain roles that have been attached to just about every actress who was anyone at that particular time. It makes WMHB for actresses pretty interesting.


  9. I’ve never been a big fan of Eva Green. She was memorable in Casino Royale, but never clicked with me. She was, in my opinion, dreadful in the 300 sequel, but I did like her bit in the unfunny Dark Shadows. Either way, another enlightening posts. Thanks for the write up!


    • Glad you enjoyed it. I have not seen 300 2 so I can’t speak to it specifically. But in general, I find Green captivating.


      • There’s no doubt she is beautiful, but I’m not sure why I can’t seem to be in her camp. You post sheds a lot light on her though and sparks some interest in trying other films she is in.


        • I’m curious to see some of her European films. And I have no doubt I’ll check out 300 and SC 2 when they are on video. In terms of mainstream entertainment, Casino Royale is still her best showcase with Penny Dreadful being a distant runner up.


  10. She’s a dependable character actress, and she’ll have a very long career; getting better and better as she gets older. I think she’s on the same trajectory as Helen Mirren.


  11. Eva Green is now on Twitter!! Follow her @ImEvaGreen


  12. Bond Girl Eva Green escaped from Harvey Weinstein after he made advances on her in Paris hotel room but mogul then threatened to ‘destroy her professionally’ claims her mother


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