Survey: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again!

Time Travel Movies

Daffy and I are preparing for our next episode of Le Show.  The topic this month is time travel.  So I thought I would give readers and listeners a chance to tell us what they want to hear us talk about before we record the show.  After the jump, I have included a brief survey for readers to share their opinions about time travel movies and to tell us what topics they would like to hear covered in the podcast.

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  1. Why are you calling Star Trek IV a comedy? It may be the most humorous of the TOS films but I’ve never considered it a comedy.

    On a separate note, you should check out “Safety Not Guaranteed”. It is a great indie film with time travel as the main premise, though you don’t see much in the way of time travel as the majority of the movie we are trying to figure out if the guy is for real or just a kook.


    • I have seen Safety Not Guaranteed and enjoyed it thoroughly. The only reason I didn’t include it on the survey is I figure most people have never seen or even heard of it.

      Star Trek IV feels more comedy to me. There’s really very little action. It strikes me as a fish-out-of-water comedy at heart. Since I included First Contact in the action portion of the survey, I decided to split the Trek movies up and categorize The Voyage Home as a comedy. Is it a perfect fit? No. But that’s just where I came down on this one.


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