Boardwalk Empire: King of Norway


HBO’s Boardwalk Empire took some definitive steps to the series’ endgame tonight. As is sometimes the case on this show, these story-changing moments come in such a sideways manner that we find ourselves wondering if they could possibly be true.

**This article will discuss important events from the most recent episode. There will be spoilers.**

Nucky himself is incredulous when he is informed about Sally Wheet’s passing on a Cuban roadside. Unlike in other recent episodes, nobody’s murderous intentions seem to find their target tonight. With half of the final season gone, we’re just about to shift into high gear. That means a few things.

Betrayals are in the offing in a major way.


Good old Johnny Torrio has been revealed as a turncoat to Nucky after the two have seemed so chummy all season. This shouldn’t be that big of a surprise. Torrio maintained connections with organized crime even in retirement as an “advisor,” the role we’ve seen him take with Nucky. As it turns out, he’s in league with Lansky and Luciano instead. The grandfatherly fellow is a class “A” rat who set up both Nucky and Maranzano for a Depression-era drive by shooting. Both survived and Nucky is pretty peeved and swears he will see them all in their graves. A quick check of a few death dates does not show promise for Nucky.


Chalky White is back in Atlantic City long enough to give Mickey Doyle one of his best scenes of the series. There he is lounging about, telling jokes nobody else appreciates, and smartly pretending to assist a federal agent in apprehending Chalky. In a season that has already been adroitly referencing it past, to have Doyle turn in Chalky would have made a certain amount of sense. After all, when Doyle was pinched in the series premiere, it was Chalky who got Nucky’s business instead.

Back in the Eli and Nelson spinoff, we find out that the younger Thompson has not been dreaming about his own wife when he is in a drunken stupor. Instead he has been dreaming of Sigrid Mueller. Oh yes, and he had sex with her at least once, a fact that Sigrid drops like a hammer during a shared dinner with Eli and his wife.


Yeah, you heard that right Nelson. Oh, and while you’re reeling over that little bombshell, one of your compatriots in Capone’s organization is a federal agent and has made both you and Eli for the former lawmen on the run that you are. You’ll be turning on Al Capone to assist in his conviction for tax evasion. You’ll be doing it tonight.

There is plenty more betrayal to come. Just three more episodes to go.

A few stray thoughts:

– what a Buscemi double!

– Nucky’s opaque language may get him in trouble

– finally young Nucky shows some spark

– Chester would sound better further away

– Is Van Alden making you uncomfortable?

– I predict young Nucky murders his mentor before the season ends.


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  1. DANG, Daffy! I have to hand it to you and Lebeau, like the Gone Girl discussion, I am blown away by the writeups and don’t mind the spoilers especially when it becomes obvious this is not something I will end up watching. It’s especially remarkable because ordinarily not much else captivates me during the fall after CFB starts. You have no idea!


    • Thanks, RB! I hope your team survived the Boardwalk Empire style bloodbath that went down this weekend in college football. My ECU Pirates won, but were pretty unimpressive. I’m betting that before the season is over, the Atlantic City Thompsons and Washington Muellers go down for the count, while the Chicago Capones get disqualified for a variety of violations.


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