Lebeau’s Le Show: Episode 008 – Time Travel

Time Travel

A while back Daffy and I were approached by Dan of Annie and Danny’s FastPass Podcast to do a show on time travel movies.  Since coming up with topics is hard, Daffy and I decided to steal Dan’s idea  take him up on his offer.  We were finally able to master time enough to line up all three of our schedules to talk time travel.  So Dan becomes our first-ever guest star here on Le Show.

But it wasn’t just Dan joining us this time.  We also took feedback from the wonderful readers here at Le Blog.  About a week before we recorded, I posted a survey asking you guys what you wanted to hear about in a time travel show.  The response was overwhelming.  So we’ll probably continue to seek your input for future podcasts.  For this episode, we had you guys rank eight time travel comedies and eight action/adventure movies.

We’re obviously going to cover the classics like Back to the Future and The Terminator.  But Daffy dives deep with some scholarly research.  We also look at the indie comedy, Safety Not Guaranteed and everyone wishes they had found the time to watch Primer.  Special guest time travel expert Dan disses Star Trek and praise Jean-Claude Van Damme.  And we all talk about what we would do if we could travel through time.

The show is embedded after the jump.  Hope you like it.

In case this episode left you craving more Back to the Future the Musical, here’s a taste.

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  1. Interesting conversation especially in the mention of how specific movies treat the essential paradox.


    • I’m glad you liked it.

      We had a great time having Dan on the show. I think the three-person vibe was very lively and Dan brought a lot to the table. I look forward to having him back on in the future.

      We’re still figuring some things out about the show. Yesterday afternoon, Daffy and I tested some things that should improve the overall sound quality going forward. From a purely technical standpoint, episode 009 will be a big step up from everything that has come before. It should also make my editing process easier. So yay! And the clips will definitely sound better.

      We also kicked around some ideas that I guess you could call “marketing”. Bigger and better things are always on the horizon. Onward and upward. Tolly ho and all that.

      I can say with absolutely certainty that you will like our next topic. You may even think we picked it with you in mind. I can’t wait to tackle it.

      I also have something else in the hopper. So many exciting things to come. The future is bright around here.


  2. Look forward to it. I will say.. and this is not a criticism, just a minor thought… this latest installment actually could have benefitted from a bit more dialogue with a bit less inclusion of media. Although, in the previous LeShow I enjoyed the introduction of audio clips, so that’s why I hesitated in saying the above.
    And… I blinked and you guys are now over 5 million hits. There’s no slowing down of this train! 🙂
    Well my lunch break is over 🙂


    • Some of the audio clips came out scratchy. I spent much of yesterday afternoon looking for a fix to the technical problem which I have found. So next time, they should sound better. I am thinking about going back and touching them up for this episode as well based on some other plans Daffy and I came up with. We were scheming yesterday.

      I wondered if I was too heavy handed with the clips in this show. I think it’s entirely possible I crossed a threshold this time. I was using the clips for a few specific functions this time around. First, we had three people talking which sometimes resulted in unusable audio because people were talking over each other. Where possible, I edit around that. I left a couple of instances in because I couldn’t find an alternative. But sometimes, I could drop the audio entirely and insert a clip to transition from one topic to the next.

      Another function of the clips was plot summary for some of the movies we discussed. This is especially true when I was the one talking. Some of my plot summaries were really inelegant. I found that a sound bite from the trailer captured what I was trying to say better than what I actually said.

      But your point is well-taken. I got similar feedback from Daffy as well, so I definitely have to take it to heart. When my cohost and only listener agree, there’s obviously something to it. 😉

      Yep, the site crossed 5 mill. I actually mentioned it on Twitter and FB, but didn’t post anything here. It’s a milestone I never expected to reach when I started this thing. But now, we’re just growing and growing. I am really excited about the things we have planned. I just wish I had more time to devote because there are so many things I want to do. You can expect to see us creeping in to You Tube soon I think.

      I can’t wait to see your reaction to the next episode. I’m giddy over the topic. And now that we have worked out our technical issues, I know it will be our best installment to date.


  3. Out of curiousity, I bet the previous episode attracted new listeners, the 007 Leshow seemed to generate a lot of discussion and follow up content. You sure have me curious about the next show coming up!


    • Honestly, I still haven’t figured out the stats on the podcast completely. The show is housed here at WP which does not track how many people actually listen to it. The only thing I know from WP is how many people click on the page where the show is located. The hit count isn’t fantastic. Our first episode has 381 hits to date. The second show has 181. Our fourth show about Disney World has 171. Our third show about the 80’s has 154. Our fifth show on over-rated things has 135 hits. The James Bond show has 121. Our sixth show on pop culture references has only 90 hits. And our time travel episode is already up to 40 hits. Which isn’t bad considering it’s only been up a few days. But as you can see, none of these are big traffic generators. By comparison, WTHH to Bridget Fonda had 467 hits yesterday.

      The show is also available on iTunes and other venues through Feedburner. Feedburner provides me with some very complicated statistics. According to Feedburner, the number of subscribers fluctuates daily. We’ve been hovering in the low twenties in terms of FB subscribers. We’ve had about 54 people listen to the show through FB according to their stats. The feed actually gets around 100 hits per day, but not a ton of listeners yet.

      I think readers had fun with some of the Bond polls I did to promote the show. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they listened. For comparison, the “Who is the Best Bond” poll had almost 300 hits. More than double the number of hits the show received. Best Song and Bond Babe both had over 200 hits. I get it. Not everyone listens to podcasts. I honestly don’t listen to podcasts very often. (Shhhh. Don’t tell Annie and Danny!)

      But really, I don’t think much about the stats. The blog scores big numbers and that’s all the validation I need. The show is just for fun. I expect our audience will grow over time. But I’m not planning to conquer the world of podcasting. We do have some interesting ideas to promote the show going forward. I’m actually really excited about some of the ideas we have to integrate the show into the blog and the blog into the show and mix YouTube into the mix as well.

      It’s going to be fun.

      The next episode is practically custom made for you. Although you may want to punch us afterwards.


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