What the Hell Happened to Anne Heche?


Anne Heche

Anne Heche

During the 90’s, Anne Heche was an up-and-coming actress.  Many believed that the A-list was in her future.  Then she started a high-profile relationship with Ellen DeGeneres and I think it’s fair to say that all hell broke loose.  The couple became the face of same sex relationships at a time when the nation did not approve of same sex relationships.  They were all over the media.  Some accused them of shoving their lifestyle down America’s collective throat.  The relationship and the media whirlwind that surrounded it eclipsed both of their careers.  I know it’s hard to believe it now when DeGeneres is a beloved figure in the entertainment industry, but the backlash nearly took down her career.  It certainly limited Heche’s prospects.

So, what the hell happened?

I’m so glad you asked.  Because folks, this is going to be one of the bumpier rides in the series.  Buckle up, Buttercup.

Heche had an unfortunate childhood.  She was the youngest of five children.  Her family moved 11 times during her childhood including a stay in an Amish community.  It is unclear exactly how Heche’s father supported his family.  Outwardly, he was a choir director.  He also claimed to be involved in the business of “gas and oil”.  But Heche denies these claims suggesting that he was actually involved in something shadier.

When Heche was 12, her family settled in Ocean City, New Jersey.  They had lost their home, so the entire family of seven moved into a single bedroom in the home of another family from their church.  Heche took a job working at a dinner theater where she earned $100 a week.  At the age of 12, she was the top earner in her family.

The following year, when Heche was 13, her father died of AIDS.  He was only 45 years old.  Heche claimed that her father was a closeted homosexual, “He was in complete denial until the day he died. We know he got it from his gay relationships. Absolutely. I don’t think it was just one. He was a very promiscuous man, and we knew his lifestyle then.”  Heche has also claimed that despite being gay, her father raped her as a child:

I don’t think he was just a gay man. I think he was sexually deviant. My belief was that my father was gay and he had to cover that up. I think he was sexually abusive. The more he couldn’t be who he was, the more that came out of him in ways that it did.

Three months after the death of her father, Heche’s older brother Nathan was killed in a car crash.  He was only 18 at the time.  Officially, it was believed that Nathan fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a tree, but Heche believes her brother committed suicide.

heche - call me crazy

Call Me Crazy – Anne Heche’s 2001 auto-biography

Heche wrote about her tragic childhood in her 2001 memoir, Call Me Crazy.  In the book, she claimed that she contracted genital herpes as an infant and that her mother, Nancy, refused to acknowledge it or take her to a doctor.  Nancy Heche vehemently denied her daughter’s claims:  “I am trying to find a place for myself in this writing, a place where I as Anne’s mother do not feel violated or scandalized.”

Heche - sister

Anne Heche and her sister, Abigail

Heche’s sole surviving sister, Abigail, cast some doubt on the validity of the book:

“It is my opinion that my sister Anne truly believes, at this moment, what she has asserted about our father’s past behavior; however, at the same time, I would like to point out that Anne, in the past, has expressed doubts herself about the accuracy of such memories.  Based on my experience and her own expressed doubts, I believe that her memories regarding our father are untrue. And I can state emphatically, regardless of Anne’s beliefs, that the assertion that our mother knew about such behavior is absolutely false.”

Following the death of her husband, Nancy Heche became a Christian therapist and motivational speaker.  She  lectures on behalf of the controversial James Dobson’s Focus on the Family about overcoming homosexuality.  According to Heche:

My mother’s had a very tragic life. Three of her five children are dead, and her husband is dead. That she is attempting to change gay people into straight people is, in my opinion, a way to keep the pain of the truth out. People wonder why I am so forthcoming with the truths that have happened in my life, and it’s because the lies that I have been surrounded with and the denial that I was raised in, for better or worse, bore a child of truth and love. My mother preaches to this day the opposite of that core of my life. It is no mistake that she still stands up against love. And one wonders why I’m not rushing to have her meet my children.

Heche remains estranged from her mother.  But she has reconciled with her sister.

Following her brother’s death, the surviving members of the Heche family relocated to Chicago.  At the age of 16, an agent spotted Heche in a school play.  He secured an audition for her for the daytime soap, As the World Turns.  Heche’s mother insisted she finish school first.  Two years later, just before her high school graduation, Heche was offered a dual role on the soap opera, Another World.  Once again, her mother refused to let her go.  But this time, Heche rebelled:

My mother was very religious and maybe she thought it was a sinner’s world.  But I got on the phone and said, ‘Send me the ticket. I’m getting on the plane.’ I was like, ‘Bye!’ I did my time with my mom in a one-bedroom, skanky apartment and I was done.

heche - another world

Anne Heche – Another World – 1987-1991

From 1987-1991, Heche appeared as a regular on Another World.  She played twins Vickie and Marley Hudson.  The dual role allowed Heche to play both a hero and a villain.

In 1989, Heche was nominated for an Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Juvenile Female in a Drama Series.  In 1991, she took home Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.

In 1991, Heche made her prime time debut on an episode of Murphy Brown.  In the season 4 episode, It Came From College, Heche guest starred as the 18-year-old daughter of one of Muphy’s old friends.  Murphy learns about what she is in store for as a mother by watching over a college-aged kid.

In 1992, Heche appeared in the Hallmark TV movie, O Pioneers!  Jessica Lange starred as settler who has to keep the family together and save their farm.  David Strathairn played Lange’s suitor who gets the townsfolk talking.  Heather Graham played Lange’s character in her youth.  Heche’s role was a small one.

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  1. This confirms my opinion that she is pretty much a character actress with a crazy personal life. I’m happy for her if she is really mellowing with age. But as far as her career goes, there are plenty of lesser known actors with more impressive filmographies. I mean, I don’t see “What the Hell Happened to Harry Dean Stanton” happening any time soon! 🙂

    Also, it is probably just me, but I’m not understanding this quote on page 10: “Sometimes in these articles, you see things you can’t unsee. Brace yourself. This next picture is one of those times.” All I see is a still of her and Thomas Jane from their show. I thought maybe you meant the Toxic Skies trailer but I don’t see anything unusual there either.


    • Ooops. Editing error. That bit belongs above the pic of Heche nibbling on Ashton Kutcher. I have moved it to the appropriate position. Thanks.

      Heche turned out to be a character actor. But she was headed down the path of being a leading lady. Hollywood was grooming her. There’s no reason to think she wouldn’t have been vying for the same roles as Ryan, Roberts and Bullock if things had gone differently. Someone like Harry Dean Stanton was destined to be a character actor. The fact that he never turned into a movie star is no mystery. He’s had a great career as a character actor which is definitely something to be celebrated. If I had time, I’d do career retrospectives on character actors as well. But it’s a different animal. In Heche’s case, there’s a legitimate question as to why she didn’t become one of Hollywood’s leading ladies. I don’t think it was because she lacked certain qualities that could have made her a star.


      • Ahh, ok. I did think that was the strangest image on the page, so I’m glad the caption matches it now!

        I see your point about including her. It is hard to imagine her as on the potential A-list track now but if I take myself back to the 90s I can see how that could have been possible. Though to be honest I always thought of her primarily as Ellen’s girlfriend or ex-girlfriend. Other than that pointless Psycho remake I never took notice of any movie she was in.


        • The thing is, Heche became highly associated with Degeneres very early on in her career. She really only had two leading roles in big, mainstream movies. Volcano and Six Days Seven Nights. She came out the day after being cast in the latter. If she hadn’t done that or if SDSN had been a smash hit, I think she would have gotten a lot more leading roles. Instead, every time we saw her in the media, she was with her girlfriend. And their relationship with the media turned sour really fast. It’s hard to remember, but Degeneres was really unpopular at one point in her career. Pundits called her Ellen Degenerate with no fear of reprisal.

          So yeah, most of us see her as Ellen’s ex who trashed her career. But I don’t think that’s wholly accurate. She was actually a very promising leading lady prior to that point. And while her career suffered, it was hardly totalled. She has had a remarkable career largely in TV since then.


      • I disagree that Hollywood was grooming her. The year she came on the scene, this is what she was playing:

        the mother of a teenager (at 27) in Donnie Brasco
        a seismologist in Volcano
        a backwoods freak in I Know What You Did Last Summer
        a presidential advisor in Wag the Dog

        These are character roles. She wasn’t a budding ingenue. Any one of these parts could have been played by a 50 year old.

        The timing is certainly confusing. She got Six Days Seven Nights and Return to Paradise, her only legit leading lady roles, after the Ellen thing had begun. Then her career turned to shit just as it was about to take off.


    • 9 Celebrities Who Committed Career Suicide!

      1. Anne Heche

      Anne Heche was an up-and-coming actress in the mid to late ‘90s. She went from working on soap operas to landing supporting roles in movies and seemed well on her way to becoming a leading lady; however, once she began publicly dating Ellen Degeneres, her career cooled considerably. “People said ‘You’re not getting a job because you’re gay,’” Heche said. “How could that destroy my career? I still can’t wrap my head around it.” Following the break up, Heche had a nervous breakdown. Although she made a full recovery, her once-promising film career didn’t. These days, she mostly works on the small screen.


    • Phoenix will rise again, but will anyone rescue Anne Heche’s career from the flames?

      As the talented Heche re-surfaces, is Hollywood’s negative attitude to her breakdown, and its relief that Joaquin Phoenix’s was fake, a sign of its unease about real mental illness?

      Like much of the film-going world, my eye was caught this week by the re-emergence of a Hollywood star with a history of mental health issues that sent their once-glittering career off the rails. But I’m not thinking of Joaquin Phoenix, protagonist of what we all know for sure now is the hoax documentary I’m Still Here – although that does make for an interesting comparison. Because the person on my mind has been Anne Heche.

      Like Phoenix, Heche also has a new movie out today, although not one that ever inspired any great debate about its place on the divide between fact and fiction. Her performance comes in the more prosaic setting of The Other Guys, the slapstick cop-opera vehicle for Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in which she pops up early on in what looks at first glance a major role. However, and I can honestly say I’m not giving anything vital away plot-wise here, it then proves anything but – in fact, she promptly disappears, barely to be seen again.

      There may have been untold scenes left on the cutting-room floor – maybe it was only ever a bit part. Either way, it’s a shame. After all, back when she first broke through in the distant 90s, Heche looked if not exactly a safe bet then a significant new presence among Hollywood actresses. For me, the proof of her talent came in the small-but-pivotal role of the wife of Johnny Depp’s undercover Fed in Donnie Brasco. Just as good, however dubious the film itself, was her turn in Gus Van Sant’s shot-for-shot Psycho remake. Playing the ill-fated Marion Crane, it gave her the perfect showcase for her professional USP – jittery, clearly laden with some heavy baggage, never entirely sympathetic but too mixed-up to be written off as a villainess.

      Even then though, the performances often existed in the shadows of tabloid interest in her personal life – chiefly her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres. But the real crisis came later, in a spectacular meltdown a decade ago in which she wandered into a strange family’s house and claimed, among other things, to be the second coming of Christ.

      Since then, despite appearing to have recovered her health, her second act has pretty much stalled in the less credible corners of US TV. Among the handful of movie jobs, the best and most high profile came in Birth, director Jonathan Glazer’s tale of apparent reincarnation in which she took on the risky business of playing an unrepentant mistress – and did so with a startling, flinty bravery. That aside though, cinema hasn’t wanted to know. It would be nice to think that mainstream exposure (however brief) in the likes of The Other Guys and a role in the next movie from Youth in Revolt director Miguel Arteta might change that – but 10 years after she touched bottom, the jury remains out.

      Such is what happens when the film industry gets a whiff of mental illness – and which does feel like a jarring contrast with the giggly frolics of I’m Still Here. Certainly, it’s not hard to scent a certain double standard about women at work here – and to recall the sad example of Sean Young, Blade Runner’s tragic replicant Rachael, who as Heche was starting out was seeing her career implode amid lurid tales of her troubled psyche. Whereas you suspect that now it’s out in the open that Phoenix’s Letterman-baiting was a wheeze all along, the big-league roles will swiftly start up again.

      But I don’t think that’s just to do with gender, just as it’s not wholly down to Phoenix being more successful than Heche or Young at the time of his comedy breakdown. It’s both those things – but it’s also tied up with our terrified unease about real mental illness, and the comforting implication of Phoenix’s just-for-laughs routine that it can be as easily cured as shaving off your beard. One gets you a faux-guerilla advertising campaign with your hirsute profile rendered as hipster iconography. The other still ends your career.


      • 7 Car-Crash Actors Whose Meltdowns Were Better Than Their Careers:

        1. Anne Heche

        Her appropriately titled autobiography, Call Me Crazy, doesn’t even begin to hold a candle to the flames of weirdness surrounding this chick.

        By now most have heard the story. After breaking up with Ellen Degeneres, Heche’s one and only lesbian partner (all of her other relationships have been with men), she decided to a do a little soul searching. In Cantua Creek, a rural area of Fresno one Californian was a bit more than surprised when a lingerie clad Heche showed up at her door and asked to use the shower. Being somewhat of a fan the resident complied, but begin to grow nervous when Heche showed no signs of leaving. The sheriff was called, but things exploded into the world of odd when they arrived.

        Heche begin to describe to the officers and resident that she was, in fact, God coming down from Heaven to take them all back with her in a glorious spaceship. Heche would later admit that she was on ecstasy and state publicly that she had been crazy her entire life believing in an alien alter ego named Celestia who was the half-sister of Jesus and could talk to God. She then went on to say that she had finally realized how crazy that seemed to the rest of us and had put it all behind her.

        Hey, wait a second. I thought in the house she claimed she was God, not Celestia, and was there to… You know what forget it. Nevermind.

        Since her infamous debacle Heche has come out to say that her psychological problems stimulate from a sexually abused childhood. If true, that’s really sad.


  2. Well, that was one of the more interesting write-ups you’ve ever done Lebeau. There is no doubt that for a brief amount of time in the late 90’s, she appeared headed towards the A-list. I first heard of her when she played supporting roles in Donnie Brasco, Volcano, and Wag The Dog in 1997. Volcano was just mindless popcorn entertainment, but Donnie Brasco and Wag The Dog were excellent films. Donnie Brasco came a few years before Johnny Depp became a big box office draw with Pirates of the Carribean, a shame the film couldn’t have been released after Depp had his big breakthrough because it is a terriffic film that deserved a much bigger audience. If it had been released after Pirates it probably would have been a bigger hit. I wish Depp would occasionally still play in films like this, about real human characters instead of what he relies on now. Heche wasn’t exactly memorable in the role of Depp’s wife, but she did a fine enough job in it. Wag The Dog was another fine film that deserved a bigger audience. It’s errie how closely the film resembled Clinton’s presidency at that exact moment in time, but I think the film holds up well on its own even without any knowledge of the Lewinsky scandal of that era.

    I might be in the minority, but I actually really enjoy Six Days, Seven Nights, I find it to be a fun, charming romantic comedy. Then again, I am a huge Harrison Ford fan so that goes a long way towards explaining why I enjoy it. Six Days also represents the last days for Ford as a legitimate A-list box office draw, one more big hit two years later in 2000 with What Lies Beneath and then his time on the top of the A-list would be over. Heche was actually pretty good in Six Days, I’ve seen her in several films and this is the only time I’ve seen her in a film where she made any kind of impression on me.


    • 7 Celebrities Whose Careers Were Derailed Because of Relationships:

      1. Anne Heche

      Anne Heche’s career was negatively affected by her relationship with Ellen Degeneres. Before these two hooked up, her career was on the upswing. She has had a number of supporting roles in big films like “Donnie Brasco,” “Volcano” and “Wag the Dog” and it looked like she was well on her way to becoming one of Hollywood’s go-to leading ladies. Unfortunately, after hooking up with Degeneres, her once promising career suddenly disappeared into thin air. People became more interested in her personal life. Since the relationship ended, Heche has slowly been building up experience as a television actress, but her career is not even close to what it was before her relationship with Degeneres.


    • When I really started digging in on the research for this article, I realized Heche was long overdue as a subject. I was kicking myself for not writing her up sooner. Her story is so unique.

      Donnie Brasco is one of Depp’s best films. And one of the last times Pacino wasn’t just doing a schtick. It definitely deserved a wider audience. Heche didn’t get much screentime, but she made the most of what time she had. You can see her frustration growing over time. Not a lot of actresses can convey that progression from happy housewife to going crazy in so few scenes. That’s what impressed Levinson enough to cast her in Wag the Dog.

      Wag the Dog is also an under-appreciated movie. I think partially the comedy was too “inside” for a lot of audiences. If you didn’t work in Hollywood or Washington, a lot of the jokes didn’t land as hard. Also, people were just sick of the political scandals. They didn’t want to see a movie that reminded them of the headlines. I actually think the movie plays better now when it is slightly less timely – but still very relevant.

      Six Days Seven Nights had the stuff to be a great rom-com adventure. I’m not sure Ford did himself any favors by picking Heche as a costar on that one. No slight against Heche who I think is good in the movie. But the age gap is very visible. The movie might have fared better with a lead actress who was a little closer to Ford’s age – or a lead actor who was closer to Heche’s. But the big problem with the movie was that it was uneven. The rom-com and action elements didn’t marry as well as you would like. Gotta blame Reitman for that. Also, the script needed some fine tuning. But it’s very watchable and nowhere near as bad as its reputation as a bomb suggests.

      You’re right about it being part of Ford’s last hurrah. What Lies belief was sold as a Ford movie, but it was really a Pfeiffer movie. Soon, Ford would be stuck in Hollywood Homicide, K-9: The Widowmaker and dating Ally McBeal. I think Six Days is when the dreaded earring first showed up. That was a sign of Ford’s career implosion as much as anything. It was a manifestation of his midlife crisis. It sucked all his coolness right out of his earlobe.


      • You’re probably not going to meet a bigger fan of Harrison Ford than I. Well, you have a pretty huge audience now Lebeau, so yeah it’s possible. But I grew up on the original Star Wars films and I ate, slept and breathed Star Wars as a kid. And then I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark and it was all over for me, I was a Harrison Ford fan forever. I saw Blade Runner in its original theatrical run when most filmgoers (and even professional film critics) knocked the film even though I loved it immediately. I was a 10 year old kid at the time, I knew this was mature sci-fi material and some of what was presented was above my head, but I got enough of it to appreciate it and love it. Besides all the heady parts of the film, you had flying cars in the film. FLYING CARS! What 10 year old kid isn’t going to fall over for that?

        You have no idea how many lunch boxes, trading cards, action figures, comic books and movie posters I have with Harrison Ford’s image on them that I collected over the years. Seriously, you don’t want to know.

        The 90’s were obviously a great time for Harrison Ford’s career, he became one of the biggest movie stars of the decade despite not relying on any sequels to boost his career. Even other major stars of that time like Mel Gibson and Tom Hanks got a boost to their careers from sequels that decade! Six Days was not one of his blockbusters, but with a $75M b.o. take at the time it was a base hit for him that year. It kept his career level for that moment. It would be a couple years later at the beginning of the new century when his career would nosedive.

        A friend of mine came up with an interesting point: Harrison Ford divorced his wife Melissa Mathison (who wrote the Spielberg blockbuster E.T.) in the late 90’s, right around the time Six Days came out, and right after that his career declined sharply. There’s many facets to making it to (and staying on) the A-list, and as my friend suggested Ford lost not only his companion of almost 20 years, but a strong-wllled, talented writer who he could bounce his film offers off of. That may not be thought of very often, but no man is an island. Imagine being married to someone who not only is an Academy Award-nominated writer, but one who can also can be brutally honest about screenplays you are offered. You lose that, and your screenplay choices may not be as strong. I dunno, that was just a theory a friend of mine suggested, but the timing sure makes sense as right after his divorce, his choices in scripts in the following years (Hollywood Homicide, K19: The Widowmaker, Firewall) sure declined. And his star declined in those following years too. By the time he did Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 2008, despite that film doing very well his A-list days were long over.

        Sorry for the long post, it’s just…. we’re talking about Harrison Ford and I guess I have a lot to say about that.


        • I was a pretty big Ford fan back in the day. In the 90’s, I really thought he was an under-appreciated actor. My feeling was that he never got credit for his range. I have since revised my opinion of Ford. No matter what kind of movie he is in, he gives variations on the same performance. Despite the fact he has starred in action, comedy and drama, I actually think his range is fairly limited. But you couldn’t have convinced me of that in my 20s.

          In the 80s, the dude was Han Solo and Indiana Jones. You couldn’t get bigger than that. In the 90’s, he was not sequel free. Both of his Jack Ryan movies were sequels. Those movies definitely kept his career going through bumps like Sabrina and Regarding Henry. Did Tom Hanks make a sequel? I can’t think of one off the top of my head. Regardless, Ford’s career was very impressive. It seemed to dry up rather quickly, but in fact the seeds were being sown through the 90s. He had misfires like Six Days Seven Nights. Eventually, he couldn’t find his next Air Force One and everything became Hollywood Homicide and K-19.

          I came pretty close to writing WTHH to Harrison Ford a while back. But he’s been pretty prevalent since Indy 4 so I have put him on hold. Someday, he’ll have an article here because I find his career fascinating. But it will probably have to wait until he’s done playing Han Solo.


        • You’re right, Harrison Ford did do a sequel in the 90’s with Clear And Present Danger, somehow when I was typing earlier I had a brain fart and completely overlooked that fact. Oops! I’m embarrassed for talking up Ford and then making such an obvious mistake. Tom Hanks made one sequel in the 90’s, Toy Story 2. Normally animated films don’t make much of an impact on an actor’s career but the Toy Story films were an exception I think, it gave an additional boost to both Hanks and Allen since their involvement was high profile and TS2 was a well-regarded blockbuster. At least that’s my opinion.


        • Not just Clear and Present Danger. Patriot Games was a sequel to The Hunt For Red October. Ford came along and jacked Alec Baldwin’s franchise out from under him. Of course Baldwin facilitated that process by insisting that Paramount schedule the sequel around a play he wanted to do. Air Force One wasn’t a sequel to Ford’s Jack Ryan movies. But it kind of felt like one.

          I don’t give Ford too much credit for not making sequels in the 90s. Let’s examine his 90s career:

          90 – Presumed Innocent – Hit – but not the kind of movie you make a sequel to
          91- Regarding Henry – Bomb
          92 – Patriot Games – Stolen sequel
          93 – The Fugitive – TV remake (not technically a sequel, but part of a franchise). A sequel was made and Ford avoided it. But it would have been silly to have a second adventure with his character
          94 – Clear and Present Danger – sequel to a stolen sequel
          95 – Sabrina – Bomb
          97 – The Devil’s Own – Bomb
          97 – Air Force One – Hit – quasi sequel in spirit but not really
          98 – Six Days Seven Nights – Disappointment
          99 – Random Hearts – Bomb

          Ford actually didn’t have the best decade. The Jack Ryan pictures were basically keeping him going. Take those out and you have The Fugitive and Air Force One which he may not have gotten without the Jack Ryan movies. He tried to stretch, but every time he left the action genre he lost his audience.

          Compare that to Hanks in the 90’s:

          90 – Joe Vs. The Volcano – Critically under-rated bomb
          90 – Bonfire of the Vanities – Bomb
          92 – League of Their Own – Comeback Hit
          93 – Philadelphia – Oscar Win
          94 – Forrest Gump – Second consecutive Oscar win and huge hit
          95 – Apollo 13 – Probably would have been an Oscar win if he hadn’t just won two Oscars the last two years. Critically acclaimed hit
          95 – Toy Story – Icing on the cake
          96 – That Thing You Do – Directorial Debut – Bomb
          98 – Saving Private Ryan – Critically acclaimed hit
          98 – You’ve Got Mail – Hit
          99 – Toy Story 2 – More icing on second cake sequel

          You don’t see a lot of decades like that. He started off with two consecutive bombs and then had nothing but success save for the movie he tried to direct. Yes, Toy Story 2 was a sequel. But I don’t think either of the Toy Story movies had any real impact on Hank’s career as an Oscar bait actor. I think it’s just something he does because he likes it.


        • Tom Hanks had one of the greatest runs I’ve ever seen from an actor. Once he started his comeback in 1992, Hanks could do no wrong for the rest of the decade. What an impressive streak of hits and blockbusters! Not to mention multiple Oscar wins and nominations and Best Picture nominees in that decade. As long as that list of hits is, you actually left one out: Sleepless In Seattle in 1993, which was also a big hit for him, solidifying his comeback. And also, he had another critically acclaimed hit film in 1999 with The Green Mile. I’ve read that Tom Hanks was the biggest box office draw of the 1990’s and taking a glance at that list of hits, I don’t need to run the box office numbers to believe it. It’s possibile we may never see such a strong decade of box office success and critical acclaim from an actor again. You should consider writing up Tom Hanks for your A-List article, he has had a tremendous career. The only downside is that he has been very prolific in the past 30+ years, hence it would be a longer article. I know you like shorter careers, easier to write up! ha ha


        • Yeah, Hanks in the 90s was operating on another level. A while back, I wrote an article on his career. It’s sorely out of date. I figure I’ll hold off updating it because how far can he possibly be from his own WTHH entry?


      • Harrison Ford: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked:

        5 That Sucked…

        1. Quinn Harris – Six Days And Seven Nights (1998)

        It’s never fun to watch one of your movie heroes hit a false note, and that’s why Six Days and Seven Nights is such a sour one.

        As a movie it’s merely feeble; a limp rehash of Romancing the Stone, but not particularly terrible in other respects. It is however, that moment where Ford’s career took a turn and we, the audience, started looking at him a different light. For me, it’s the first time that there’s a significant lack of energy in his performance. Air Force One is not Fords’ greatest movie, but look at him commanding the screen there and then consider this came only a year later.

        The problems are easy enough to spot. Quinn Harris isn’t much of a character; he’s just a composite of several of Ford’s own roles, rehashed with no interest in personalizing it. Honestly, Quinn is too laid back and grumpy as a protagonist, and feels for all the world like Indy on Prozac. Director Reitman phones in the action scenes and doesn’t seem to care at all about the love story.

        Even that isn’t what gets the film on the list. It’s the fact that there is honestly no chemistry whatsoever between Ford and co-star Anne Heche, and you spend almost every moment watching Ford try to light a spark where there is none. Finally, he’s just dragging her through the jungle like the cover art depicts, and I think it’s also one of those times where Ford’s irritation at the limitations of the material starts to bleed through into the performance. The last third is like watching an unhappy actor trudge across sets, waiting for this experience to be over.


  3. Wow, Anne heche: solid actress, reasonably good-looking, but she has bats in her shuttle. I feel that one condition is why her career never took off.


    • In a way, I think the crazy is part of what pushed her into the spotlight to begin with. You have to be a little crazy to think that you are destined for movie stardom. And you have to be crazy ambitious to survive all the obstacles and rejections the business throws at you. I think being a little nuts is what gets actresses like Heche, Sharon Stone and Demi Moore to stick it out long enough to become big, big stars. Of course with Heche, she was maybe a little too loopy for her career’s good.


      • Wow, good point: I guess one would have to be slightly unhinged to tackle the Hollywood industry (I like the names you used as reference too; they’re textbook). I actually like Anne Heche (she reminds me of an old girlfriend), but everytime I see her on television I can’t help but think, “oh lady, aren’t you just bats” (like my ex-girlfriend: someone fun for awhile, but the personal life is too exhausting, like punching in the time card when spending time with her, since it begins to feel like more of a job).


        • I don’t think I’d want to spend a lot of time with any of the WTHH subjects. Heche is no exception. If I could choose to have lunch with one it would probably be Michael Keaton. He seems like a pretty cool guy.


        • Bridget Fonda seems alright to me as well, but I really have to agree with you in general.


        • I’d take lunch with Bridget Fonda too. Although in most interviews, she seems really nervous and uncomfortable. Keaton on the other hand, seems at home anywhere.

          A while back, I read an interview where some internet guy kept trying to set up the interview with him but they couldn’t work out the schedule. Then one day, Keaton happened to be in town and he just went to the guy’s house and hung out in his basement for a couple hours. And just immediately right out of the gate he was talking to the guy like they were old friends – which they weren’t obviously. He doesn’t seem all tied up in all the showbiz ego bs.


        • You know, I’ve never heard anything negative about Michael Keaton, so the circumstance that you read in the article sounds believeable to me. I’ve always heard that he was engaging yet private, and I think that’s a good way to be.


  4. Well this was out of the blue, Lebeau, have to hand it to you – these surprises really keep the series fresh. That is no small accomplishment.
    As with many WTHH subjects, Heche has much more of a resume than I realized. And certainly gems like Wag the Dog are resume-builders. Although Hollywood considered her a very bankable star, even her more acclaimed movies were not blockbusters. Then the personal life stuff set in. Oddly, for someone so candid and open about everything, she remains enigmatic.
    Before she hooked up with Ellen, she had dated Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac.. who is not only one of the world’s most talented guitarists, he remains every bit as swoon worthy today as he was then.


    • When I picked Heche for my next subject, I didn’t realize how extensive her post-Ellen resume was. I had been aware that she was on Ally McBeal and that Men in Trees was on for a while. But that was about it. It was kind of a Lea Thompson moment to realize she had actually been working very consistently this entire time.

      Considering this series has 80 entries over more than 4 years, freshness is somewhat surprising. While there are certain elements that are common themes in all of these stories, the little details make each story vastly different. Sometimes someone comes in and say “They got old. End of story.” Well, sure. That’s usually a contributing factor. You can usually answer the question with something simple. But I think by going through the whole thing in detail, it gives you a sense of how one decision lead to another. If you were a movie fan at the time, you can relive the experience of following an actor or actress. If you didn’t follow them, you get a sense of what you missed. In the end, these careers are like fingerprints. At a high level, they all look the same. Look closer and they are all unique.

      I like to think that if someone reads one article, they learn something about that subject. But if they read multiple articles, they start getting a bigger story about pop culture and entertainment. Taken together, What the Hell Happened tells one big story I think.

      I actually meant to include a bit about Buckingham in the article. He wrote a song for Heche. I’ll have to track that down. Thanks for the reminder.

      Edit: The article now contains more Lindsey Buckingham than ever before!


  5. Lebeau,

    What a boring entry…oh wait, it’s my life that’s boring….ahhhh

    I have always enjoyed watching Anne Heche. She always seems to give a professional performance. I suspect that is why she continues to work.

    I find myself confused every time I watch her. Is she gay, is she not? Is it acceptable to be attracted to her, or does that confuse my masculinity? It becomes a challenge to my masculinity. Maybe I’m a little bit gay?? Am I being tested? Could I too change my lifestyle and dump my wife and kids for another ….guy? I think not but at this late stage of my life I am secure in my sexuality and am not intimidated by other lifestyles. I see Anne as a survivor. God only knows what demons run through head left over from her childhood, imagined or real. And she has suffered through some bad breakups, but like Morpheus stated, “she is still here!” Good for her.

    I look forward to her work and hope that she finds some peace in her life.

    L. You’re finally starting to get the hang of these articles. It only took 4 years and eighty subjects….Great fun!

    Brad Deal


    • The one thing Heche can never be accused of is being boring.

      It seems like people love to work with her. I have never heard a single bad thing about her commitment to her craft or her professionalism. I suspect for a while her work kept her sane. Or at least kept her from getting into too much trouble.

      I guess the cynic in me would speculate that Heche was never really gay. She’s been accused of being an opportunist. That was certainly what Martin was suggesting with his unflattering depiction of her in Bowfinger (although he denies she was the basis for the character he also denies that the movie spoofed Scientology with the whole Mind Head thing.) Since I wasn’t there, I won’t speculate too much about Heche and Degeneres’ relationship. I’m sure it felt real at the time.

      I suspect that Heche really did make some people uncomfortable. There was A LOT of talk about whether or not American audiences could accept a gay actress in a straight role. Which I find odd because no one bats an eye when a straight actor plays a gay character. How weird is that?

      I don’t think there’s any doubt Heche is a survivor. Even if her family disputes some of the details, she clearly lived through a lot of really horrible shit. I don’t know if I would have made it. So hats off to her there.

      4 years and 80 subjects and I’m still making this stuff up as I go. I’ll be writing these for as long as I have the ability to do so. Twenty years from now I’ll be writing What the Hell Happened to Jennifer Lawrence. And I’ll have to change the titles of the older articles to Who the Hell Was Val Kilmer and such.


  6. I’ve technically never watched Anne Heche act. I was going to watch Six Days, but never got to it. The Psycho remake looked terrible. And I did love If Walls Could Talk, but I stopped watching after it went through Demi Moore’s story. Demi Moore’s acting was too perfect. Sissy Spacek is one of my favorite actors, but the premise of a daughter telling her mom to get an abortion was too weird. And I didn’t get to the third part with Cher.

    I’m more aware of her relationships than her acting. Which seems to be a huge problem in her career. When she was still rising, she gravitated towards successful older men and Ellen. I’m stuck between congratulating her for dating Lindsay Buckingham and Steve Martin, or in disbelief that those men dated her.

    This is one of the only articles where I didn’t read everything that it said because I’ve never been invested in her career past her relationship with Ellen. But kudos to her for still working! I didn’t even realize that she was in that Ashton Kutcher movie for years! I saw the trailer right before I read this post, and I didn’t recognize her at all.


    • She does look very different. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out she had some work done. But then, who hasn’t? I think she still looks fantastic.

      I will recommend checking out Donnie Brasco and Wag the Dog. Heche isn’t the star of either one, but they are both really good movies and she is good in them.


    • Psycho 1998: 5 Reasons It’s An Excellent Idea:

      1. Anne Heche, A-List Celebrity

      The star of last year’s epic Volcano and of the sure-to-be-legendary Six Days Seven Nights Anne Heche is perpetually on the cover of People Magazine and the National Enquirer. We see her on the nightly news and hear the mundane updates from her personal life on drive-time radio as we head to work each morning.

      Look for Miss Heche to take the role of Marion Crane to staggering new heights, an apex never even approached by the previous actress in the role, Janet Leigh. This film will be the one which nets Heche her first of assuredly many Oscar awards. And, of course, it will solidify her spot in the limelight, as this film will be commercially successful and a critically lauded masterpiece. Heche’s celebrity power will be like her sexual preference for women: unwavering.


      • 10 Horror Movies That Should Never Have Been Made:

        Psycho (remake)
        Released 1998

        The Psycho remake is not a bad movie. And why should it be? It hits all the beats of Hitchcock’s original almost to the letter. It is piously faithful. And while you could put director Gus van Sant’s recreation down to a fascinating cinematic experiment, the results are weak; watered down grape juice that looks like wine. Vince Vaughn simply isn’t weird enough to play Norman Bates, and Anne Heche is far too whispy and slight to carry off the requisite confident sexuality of Marion Crane. What else is new? There’s an unnecessary masturbation scene and more blood, and the whole thing is shot in color as opposed to black and white.

        But the real failure of Psycho ’98 comes down to Van Sant’s decision to make it in the first place. What exactly was he trying to do here? Suggest that, like longstanding Broadway shows, movies could be recast and slightly updated? Was he merely remaking the film so a new generation of movie-goers could see it on the big screen? Or was he suggesting that great movies shouldn’t be remade, giving us an hour and a half’s worth of explanation why?

        I really, really hope it was the latter.


  7. “Psycho 1998” wasn’t Anne Heche’s fault. I don’t know what Gus Van Sant was thinking (paycheck?), because he could offer up audiences so much more (“Drugstore Cowboy, “To Die For”) than that waste of time.


    • Van Sant didn’t do Psycho for the paycheck. It was his passion project. No one wanted to make it. He was only allowed to make it because of Good Will Hunting. He thought it would be a fascinating experiment. And he’s right. It is. It is a fascinating experiment that shows that remaking a great movie shot for shot does not a great movie make.


      • I see, that sounds reasonable enough. I guess was Gus Van Sant did with “Psycho 1998” is akin to a band releasing an album that’s a polar opposite to their usual stylings. You know what I thought was an actual good experimental film? “Timecode”.


    • Remake Recon: Psycho
      Alfred Hitchcock introduces the world to Norman Bates,
      his domineering mother and the dangers of showers in
      his 1960 horror classic Psycho. Then in 1998 Gus Van Sant
      does a shot-for-shot remake of Hitch’s film.
      I check them both out.


      • 12 Great Directors Who Helmed Terrible Movie Remakes

        Gus Van Sant – Psycho (1998)

        Why didn’t somebody stop Gus Van Sant as soon as he mentioned that he was planning on remaking Psycho, arguably the greatest horror movie ever made?

        It was a dumb idea from the off, and yet the art-house filmmaker – fresh off of the huge success of Good Will Hunting – was enthusiastically handed the keys to Hitchcock’s legacy. Presumably the reason Psycho wasn’t remade until almost forty years after its first release stemmed from the fact that there was nobody crazy enough to do it – Van Sant, for some reason, was willing to try.

        In recent years, Van Sant has explained his reasoning for remaking Psycho as something resembling “experimental.” He wanted to know whether rendering a incredibly iconic film as a shot-for-shot remake would result in a picture of equal brilliance. The answer, of course, was a resounding “no, Gus, definitely not.”

        Still, there is something intriguing about the project, colossal failure as it was; fundamentally, a film made up of the same general components and form should have at least resulted in a moderately effective horror movie, right? And yet it didn’t work at all.

        Maybe the bit with Vince Vaughn furiously masturbating during the shower scene had something to do with that.


  8. That is indeed Billy Bragg singing “Must I Paint You a Picture” during the scene transition and shots of Heche paling around. It was one of 4 full songs Bragg provided for the film’s soundtrack and snippets of his guitar playing were used for the movie’s score.

    I can’t say I was ever particularly interested in Heche’s career. She was always good enough in anything saw her in, but she always seemed like a career supporting player who was being squeezed into leading roles to me. Honestly, if her notorious breakdown and breakups hadn’t been so public she may have remained more interesting as an actress and become the sort of performer who would be constantly getting supporting awards buzz. As it is, I admire her ability to continue working despite the hurdles she’s had.

    I personally don’t think it is necessary to label a person as just “gay” or just “straight.” There are plenty of people who are capable of falling in love with any person no matter what their gender. This doesn’t make them confused or perverted. But we do live in a world that wants so badly to label everybody that these people end up being criticized by both the straight and gay communities, which is unfortunate and pointless.


    • I was never an Anne Heche fan per se. I remember when Volcano came out she was getting a lot of buzz. I saw the movie and didn’t care for it. Then with 6 Days, there was a different kind of buzz. Saw it, didn’t care for it. Those were her two big shots at being a leading lady and they were both disappointing, but I think she showed a lot of potential. She was like a slightly more pixie-ish Meg Ryan. Had she not imploded so early, I think she could have been a contender.

      Of course the way it ended up, her personal story completely overtook her career. But I think it masks the fact that she has actually had a pretty substantial career as a supporting actress and in TV and indie movies. That was a revelation for me at least.


  9. I’ve been terribly in love with Anne Heche since the ’90s, but not so much with her career. She can play anything and well (and she’s absolutely gorgeous, and only becomes more so the older she’s gotten). She should have had a much better career. As it stands, it’s been way too much Hollywood. Her best part–best by light-years–was WILD SIDE. I discovered it, in one of its truncated forms, late at night on HBO and only got to see the longer version earlier this year. The cut-down versions (there are at least 2) really were hack-jobs, but the movie, even in that butchered form, is still great. The longer cut is incredible.


    • What I read about Wild Side sure was interesting. The studio did such a hatchet job on the movie that the director took his life? (Presumably there were other contributing factors, but still.) Walken describes his characters as the craziest he has ever played. I’m sold.


      • Yeah, that was part of why Cammell killed himself or so the story goes. WILD SIDE is a noir study of four characters–Heche, Walken, Joan Chen, and Steven Bauer. I definitely agree with Walken regarding his character; I also think it’s one of his best movies. The shorter versions are still great–not just good but great–and even feature some moments I think are better edited, but the original long version blows them all away. It would be a great film to use in an editing class to show how you can radically change entire storylines already shot via editing. It has beautiful cinematography, GREAT dialogue, great characters, one of the best cinematic sex scenes ever filmed (interestingly enough, a lesbian scene with Heche, shot before she had come out), some great use of music (one of the things the short versions also do well), and Walken, as a legendary, believed-to-be-mythical criminal, doing his nutty thang at a mile a minute. A movie you should definitely see.


  10. Ebert later wrote about talking to Van Sant about the remake, and why a director of van Sant’s caliber would do that. He said van Sant basically sounded like a parent keeping something precious away from the kids who might break it. Ie, he made it so no one else could. I think time and an incredible filmography has exonerate van Sant from whatever sin that may be


    • I actually appreciate the huge balls it took for Van Sant to make Psycho. I enjoyed the movie as experimental film making. Probably shouldn’t have spent so much or released it in theaters though. That was a bad idea.


  11. I think she’s an underrated performer in the same way that her co-star in the wicked “Walking And Talking”, Katherine Keener is. Smoldering, sensuous, and perhaps just a little bit nutty.

    Her turn in Donnie Brasco was really worthy of an Oscar, and actually the whole film was kind of shafted that season, but she held her own so well, I really thought she’d do much better with her career.

    I have a feeling she will get better with age and pick up a best supporting actress award somewhere down the road. Her time in the A-list might have been short, but ultimately she was never cut out in that mold. She’ll continue to work steadily, but she should take care not to become Sean Young.

    for fans of ENGRISH, check out my website


  12. Yeah- sad to say but Heche coming out really hurt her career (certainly didn’t kill it)

    Even now- with gay marriage legal in most states- I can’t think of any big gay stars- Evan Rachel Wood isn’t that big- and Amber Heard is now dating Johnny Depp.

    Heche will work regularly- but she missed the A list- and time will only tell if an open gay actress ever will.


    • Yeah, and Anne Heche came out when society wasn’t very accepting of such a union, and it was worse for someone trying to make a name in pictures.


    • No, it was already trendy for young Hollywood starlets to say they were bisexual in the late ’90s. Angelina Jolie and Drew Barrymore had “come out” before Heche. I think what bothered people is that this was such a blatant, obvious case of gold-digging that one took her seriously. She elbowed her way over to Ellen’s table at a Hollywood event and claimed it was love at first sight (yeah right). SNL and MadTV mocked the relationship, portraying Heche as a girltoy who was on the clock and Ellen as a fool.


      • Your recollection differs from mine. My recollection is that Heche and Degeneres were mocked for being so aggressive with their relationship. Both of their careers suffered as a result. If people thought Heche was a gold-digger I doubt they would have held it against Degeneres. But her sitcom was cancelled not long after she came out. The actual coming-out episode scored big ratings, but after that it went into a tailspin. Jolie and Barrymore weren’t “out”. They just teased with suggestions that they had been involved with women. Neither of them showed up at a red carpet with their wife on their arm.


        • Well, the last part is certainly true. But the Ellen/Anne thing really came out of left field. They’d only known each other for 3 weeks when they started making the red carpet rounds and telling journalists they were going to stay together forever. People were like really? How long can this last? Ellen never went public with any of her other girlfriends that quickly, before her since. Something fishy was going on.

          I’m undecided on whether the relationship ruined or helped Heche’s career. She only had what, 2 major roles in major studio films? 3 maybe? You could say Hollywood was doing a trial run to see if she clicked with audiences, just coinciding with the relationship with Ellen. She actually is a talented actress but her outrageous behavior makes her impossible to take seriously.


        • That’s how I saw it: they were very in your face publicly with their relationship. Back to “The Simpsons” again, they had a scene with an animated Ellen & Anne on a porch swing exclaiming in unison “We’re lesbians!”. I think the whole deal turned a lot of people off at the time (Not me; I just thought, “Yeah, that’s something alright”. Yep, sure was).


      • Ellen DeGeneres: left for a man again

        Comedienne and TV host Ellen DeGeneres and partner Portia de Rossi, who have been married for seven years, are reportedly calling it quits.It is being said that Portia, 43, cheated on Ellen, 58, with a man, reported Aceshowbiz.

        “This is the end,” a source close to the couple said. “Ellen and Portia have been squabbling and drifting apart for some time. But for Portia to leave Ellen for a man is the culmination of Ellen’s worst fears.”

        Portia has apparently fallen in love with one of her Scandal co-stars. It’s unknown who the man is. Ellen is reportedly gearing up for a $220 million divorce.

        This isn’t the first time Ellen has been through a situation like this. Her ex-girlfriend Anne Heche left her for James Tupper after they dated for three years.

        The TV host tied the knot with Portia on August 16, 2008 at their home in Los Angeles.


  13. Notable Pre-9/11 News Stories That Were Instantly Forgotten About On 9/11:

    Two stories come immediately to mind:

    Gary Condit is probably the only American who had mixed emotions on the morning of September 11th. Days before, he had given a disastrous prime-time interview about his relationship with Chandra Levy. As I recall, he came off as nervous and evasive. It really looked like the ‘court of public opinion’ was turning against him.

    On a much lighter note, Anne Heche also gave a bizarre prime-time interview just before 9/11 in which she told the public about her secret, ‘alien’ language…and, I believe, her other personalities. (The reason I remember this one, by the way, is that her ex-lover, Steve Martin was also here in Boston on September 10th. One of the rumors going around locally on 9/11 is that either Martin or Heche or both had been on one of the planes).


  14. Anne Heche is heading to Epix’s Graves:

    She’s nearing a deal to play a political consultant to Sela Ward on the drama that also stars Nick Nolte as president of the United States.


  15. Anne Heche is headed to Quantico:

    She’ll play a former FBI agent who has become a bestselling author and pundit.


  16. Production Wraps On ‘Catfight’ Starring Anne Heche, Sandra Oh & Alicia Silverstone; Breaking Glass Lands ‘My Big Night’

    MPI has announced that production has wrapped on the upcoming comedy Catfight, from writer-director Onur Tukel. Sandra Oh, Anne Heche and Alicia Silverstone star in the film that follows a bitter rivalry between struggling outsider artist Ashley (Heche) and wealthy housewife Veronica (Oh) that lasts a lifetime. Friends in college, the pair lost touch after, but when they reconnect at a birthday party, verbal sparring turns to violence, locking the two women in a…


  17. What celebrity’s career never recovered after a controversial incident?

    Anne Heche after the whole Ellen relationship. There were other factors but her announcing her sexuality basically killed her promising movie career.


  18. I think she was only with Ellen because Ellen was famous. Plain and simple. Anne is manipulative and a liar. I think the parts of her book about her dad were just for sensationalism and to sell copies. Why her ex and current husband thought/think she won’t turn against them eventually is beyond me. She is delusional and unstable. No one is just insane the first 31 years of their life (like she claims). It’s her entire life.


  19. Anne Heche to Play Jeffrey Dahmer’s Mom

    The Save Me and Quantico actress may end up being the film’s next victim.


  20. I specialize in Nu-disco, though I leave the Menergy to the ghost of Patrick Cowley. Yay Buffalo!


  21. Talking to Jada Pinkett Smith…can’t you find a better pic to illustrate her role in Return to Paradise? She had some romantic scenes with Vince Vaughn, including one in a bathtub. They were a hot couple and had a rumored fling.


  22. Her name wasn’t even in the tiny little credits at the very bottom of the poster for The Juror. Just goes to show how unknown she was in 96. When her breakthru-to-be movies were made but hadn’t come out yet, she was already a familiar presence in the media thanks to Ellen. The public at large saw her as some person on a bizarre quest for attention before they ever saw her acting.


  23. Her instagram has a pic of her mom with one of her sons so I guess they’re not estranged anymore. One of the reviews on Amazon for a book her mom wrote in 06 says she does not even ADDRESS the abuse allegations Anne made in hers. Is there some conspiracy as to why that infamous Barbara Walters interview is still not on the internet 15 years later? Reading this stuff is not the same as hearing her say it on camera.


  24. Now I think I understand why she is so hated. One year after making this speech she was married. The gay and lesbian community felt she was making a mockery of them. She gave ammunition to the far right by making sexual orientation look like a choice. This woman is sick in the head. And IF the allegations she made about her father are true, that would make him an exceedingly rare offender.


  25. Happy McMaster

    I will literally turn a movie off if Anne Heche is in it. She is such a poor actor, and her presence on the screen bothers me. She acts as if she’s some iconic a-lister, but she’s boring, wooden and has zero “icon” status. You mention some good flicks to showcase her, but she sucked then, too. There’s a real reason we don’t see her: she’s awful.


  26. She’s batshit crazy. It has nothing to do with her past. Most actors are mentally unstable. They don’t have to do much to play other people because they are that screwed up.


    • 18 Actors Who Had VERY Public Breakdowns


      Anne Heche has suffered from many mental health problems throughout her life, most of them stemming, according to her account, from the repeated sexual abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of her closeted gay father.

      On August the 19th of 2000, shortly after the end of her high-profile relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, these problems manifested themselves in the form of a very public psychotic episode.

      After a three-plus hour drive from Los Angeles to Cantua Creek, Heche abandoned her car on the roadside, took a hit of ecstasy, and walked half-dressed across the desert for a mile and a half until she reached the ranch of one Araceli Campiz, who recognized her and allowed her to use his shower.

      When his famous guest showed no sign of intending to leave, he called the local sheriff’s department for assistance. When the deputies arrived, they were greeted by the sight of Heche claiming to be God and that she was going to take everyone to heaven in a spaceship. After spending a few hours in hospital, Heche was released without charge. She has since recovered from her ordeal.


  27. Every Version Of Lois Lane, Ranked From Worst To Best


    Unfortunately, Superman Returns isn’t the only adaptation of Lois that made the majority of her arc revolve around the fact that she was Superman’s girlfriend. It unfortunately also wasn’t the only adaptation to position her as a nagging, bitter one either.

    Superman: Doomsday, a 2007 animated version of The Death of Superman arc, ultimately shows Lois as a capable investigative reporter. But before it gets to that point, Lois is presented as a nag, unsatisfied in her relationship with Clark and bickering with him to take things further. When the world is led to believe that he’s died, Lois is reduced to shambles, finding it hard to go on.

    Thankfully, the movie course corrects and allows her to play a larger role in solving its central mystery, but between Heche’s monotone line delivery and the earlier out of character behavior, this Lois adaptation is one best avoided.


  28. What worked and what bombed as the fall TV season wraps

    “The Brave” (NBC)

    Why It Didn’t Work: Did anyone really think lightweight Anne Heche was really the best choice to lead a team of military heroes executing difficult missions behind enemy lines?


  29. Anne Heche was harassed and fired by Harvey Weinstein

    Anne Heche added her voice to the chorus of women speaking out against Harvey Weinstein, accusing the disgraced Hollywood mogul of exposing himself to her earlier in her career.

    The actress shared her #MeToo moment during an interview on the “Allegedly with Theo Vonn & Matthew Cole Weiss” podcast, after being asked why she thought more women didn’t speak out sooner.

    “First of all, you were threatened the second you walk out the door. I personally did not suck Harvey’s dick, although he showed it to me and I got out of the room before there was any physical contact,” she explained. “The fact is, I was fired from a job I had been hired for in Miramax. The repercussions of standing up for yourself were as deep and targeted as some of the scars of the women who actually got more physically unfortunately involved.”

    She added that “there is no bigger monster” in Hollywood and “it’s great that’s he’s being taken down.”

    “The efforts he made to have people followed, have threats, he fired people. You’re talking about girls, young actresses are very vulnerable. A lot of us come from hurt backgrounds,” she continued. “What happens when you come from a broken place, you don’t have any guidance, you don’t have support, a parent you can go to. And you certainly don’t want to go to Harvey’s partner and say this happened. You come to LA, you’re alone, you don’t have friends that you are being able to talk to and that’s what he takes advantage of, that isolated, vulnerable girl.”

    “That’s why every one of us was 19, 20, 21 or 22. He didn’t go after the 40 year old woman,” Heche added. “He hits on me when I’m 19, 20, 21, 22, vulnerable, scared, frightened.”

    Heche said her own history with abuse, which she detailed in her memoir “Call Me Crazy,” helped her find strength. “If I wasn’t sexually abused as a child, I don’t know if I would have had the strength to stand up to Harvey and many others,” she added.


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