Saturday Night Live Bracket Game: Carvey Vs. Lovitz

Carvey vs Lovitz

This weekend, Daffy and I are getting ready to record the next episode of our podcast.  We have been working on some ways to improve the show from content to sound quality.  The next episode has a Saturday Night Live-inspired theme.  So as we build up to the next episode, we are going to run an SNL bracket game to pick your favorite former SNL cast-member.

snl bracket game

In the previous round, Phil Hartman advanced over Chris Farley with more tan 76% of the vote.

The fourth showdown features two SNL stars who helped define one of the show’s most enduring eras.  Jon Lovitz joined the cast during the ill-fated 1985 season.  He became the season’s unlikely star with his Liar character.  Most of the cast from that season was let go the following season, but Lovitz remained on the show until 1990.  Since then, he has been a reliable supporting player in movies and TV.

Dana Carvey joined the show in 1986.  His roster of popular characters like the Church Lady and Garth made him the new star of the show.  Carvey reigned on SNL for seven seasons before leaving to pursue a movie career.  His movie career never really took off.  Neither did attempts at a prime time comedy sketch show.  Eventually, Carvey’s career was side-lined by life threatening health problems.

Carvey and Lovitz appeared together with Nicolas Cage in the dreadful comedy, Trapped in Paradise.

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  1. This was a TOUGH one… I like them both for their quite different comedic talents.. ended up giving the edge to Carvey but honestly it was a tossup.


  2. make a hanks vs cruise one please or costner and affleck one


    • Maybe someday we’ll have some other bracket game that will pit some of those actors against one another. Right now it’s SNL stars to tie into the upcoming podcast.


  3. I like both of these guys a lot, but Lovitz is the guy who had the tendency to make me laugh just by standing there. I consider him to be one of the most criminally underrated comic performers of the 20th century.

    You failed to mention his animated show The Critic, which was always very funny.


    • You know, I liked the Critic. But I never felt like it was half as funny as it could have or should have been. The fake movie clips were almost always the best part. The show around the clips was okay.

      My favorite post-SNL moment for Lovitz was when he played Adam Sandler’s rival in The Wedding Singer. Chaka Kahn. He could also do dramatic supporting roles which definitely weighs in his favor. He’s a more versatile actor than Carvey if you are grading based on that.


  4. i like neither carvey would not have a career without waynes world his solo stuff sucks i hope u make one with murray and murphy both great actors


    • In terms of movies, Carvey did’t have much success. But as a performer on SNL, few performers has as many popular characters and catchphrases. He had all of America imitating his George Bush and Johnny Carson impressions and saying “Isn’t that special”, “We are here to pump you up” and “Party on, Wayne!”


  5. lovitz was annoying i hated thespien man he dosent have many memorable performance on snl


  6. This is one of the most interesting round one comparisons because when you think of either one of them you tend to think of the other as well.

    I consider the late 80s and early 90s cast to be the greatest in SNL history. The original (1975-1980) cast is the only other one that anyone could plausibly argue was on par with it. Carvey was the #1 star of the show during most of his tenure. That is hard to believe now since his career went nowhere while others during his time frame became big stars. However, Lovitz could well have been considered the second biggest draw. It was a REALLY close call for me here but I went with Carvey largely because of how huge Church Lady became.

    By the way, discussing Carvey reminded me of a family guy quote that might be interesting for the podcast, or at least for you to hear. Quagmire is comparing women to SNL skits:

    “Women are a lot like Saturday Night Live sketches .. Alot of them are awful .. some are decent .. And a few are pretty good. BUT THEN there’s that one. That ONE woman that is as amazingly perfect as Massive Head Wound Harry.”

    Honestly the comparison to women is unnecessary, it is the description of the sketches that sums up the show perfectly. Of course for the last part you can insert your own choice of skit. It does say something about my age that I knew instantly the skit he was talking about though!

    Here’s the link to it. The quote starts around 27 seconds in if you actually want to see it.


    • In that comedy club I was talking about yesterday that played SNL sketches for the pre-show, Massive Headwound Harry was in the rotation. Great sketch.

      I think the first time I took not of Carvey was the Chopping Broccoli sketch. Pretty sure that was his first big moment on the show.


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