What the Hell Happened to Liv Tyler?

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Liv Tyler

In the mid-nineties, Liv Tyler was a rising star.  Se had become a critical darling in a string of independent movies and commercial success by starring in a major summer blockbuster.  By 1998, it seemed like Hollywood was hers for the taking.  Since then, Tyler has worked consistently and in some fairly high profile movies.  However, he starring roles are relatively rare.  The A-list career that seemed to be hers for the taking never materialized.

So, what the hell happened?

Tyler - Parents

Liv Tyler’s Parents, Steven Tyler and Bebe Buell

Tyler’s parents were Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler, and infamous rock groupie, Bebe Buell.  But Tyler didn’t know that until she was eleven years old.  Odds are you know all about Tyler’s famous father.  But you may not know much about her mother.  Buell began modeling at the age of 17.  She was  Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month for the November 1974 issue.  During this time, Buell dated a number of famous rock stars.  Director Cameron Crowe has named Buell as one of the real-life inspirations for Kate Hudson’s character in the movie, Almost Famous.

From 1972-1979, Buell had an on-again-off-again relationship with rock star Todd Rundgren.  During an off-spell in 1976, she started a brief fling with Steven Tyler.  After they split, Buell realized that she was pregnant with Tyler’s baby.  But since she was back together with Rundgren, she claimed the baby was his.  Rundgren figured the baby needed a father, so he played along.  When she was born, Tyler’s name was Liv Rundgren.

Tyler - Rundgren

Liv Tyler as an infant with her mother and Todd Rundgren

Buell and Rundgren split up not long after Tyler was born.  But Rundgren continued to support Tyler as though she was his own.  Her biological father was going through a nasty drug addiction at the time.  Rundgren paid for Tyler’s education in private school and visited her regularly even after the split.  Meanwhile, Buell left the world of modeling to try to start her own singing career.  In 1981, she recorded a four-song record with The Cars as her back-up group.  The supergroup, The Power Station, came together in an effort to back her up in 1984 when she was dating  John Taylor of Duran Duran fame.

Tyler - Buell

Liv Tyler and Bebe Buell

At the age of 8, Tyler met her biological father for the first time.  Steven Tyler showed up at one of Todd Rundgren’s concerts.  Buell introduced them, but did not explain their relationship. According to Liv, “I didn’t know what it was, but I started to see him more, and it would mean so much to me that I would write about it in my diary.”  In 1988, at the age of eleven, Tyler met her half sister, Mia Tyler, at an Aerosmith concert.  She recognized the shared family resemblance and asked her mother about it.  Buell confirmed the truth that Steven Tyler was in fact her biological father.  Tyler was initially confused by the truth.  But she developed a close relationship with Steven while maintaining her relationship with Rundgren:

I have more empathy for my parents now.  As a child I didn’t understand why that would happen – how that could happen.  Everybody had a different interpretation of the situation and how they participated. And you know what – I’m OK with that. All that matters is whatever kind of relationship I can have with them now.

I don’t think my dad was in any position to be a father. Steven, that is. ‘What an amazing thing Todd did for me…luckily, it just made me feel more loved. It meant that I had two dads instead of one.

Tyler - Porizkova

Liv Tyler and Paulina Porizkova

In 1991, at the age of 14, Tyler changed her name from Rudgren to Tyler after her biological father.  She kept Rudgren as a middle name.  This coincided with the beginning of Tyler’s modeling career.  Supermodel Paulina Porizkova took pictures of Tyler which were published in Interview Magazine.  If that seems random to you, remember that Porizkova married Cars frontman Ric Ocasek and that Tyler’s mom was close enough with the band that they played back-up for her during her recording career.

tyler - seventeen magazine 1992

Liv Tyler – Seventeen Magazine cover – 1992

The following year, Tyler graced the cover of Seventeen magazine.  She was actually 15 at the time.  Tyler said that being thrust into the spotlight was second nature to her: “It happened sort of naturally, since I’ve been around this all my life,”

Tyler’s modeling career lead to TV commercials.  But she quickly tired of modeling and decided to pursue acting.  In 1994, she made a splash starring opposite Alicia Silverstone in the video for the Aerosmith song, Crazy:

Crazy was the third of a trilogy of music videos featuring Silverstone.  In this one, Silverstone and Tyler are… um… I’m not sure.  Are they actually supposed to be teenage, lesbian con artists?  We see them shop lift and enter into an amateur striptease.  Yes, this is an Aerosmith video in which the lead singer’s daughter works a stripper pole while imitating some of her dad’s signature stage moves.  Maybe Creepy would have been a better title.  But the song and the video were a hit.

Tyler was supposedly cast in the video based on her appearance in a Pantene commercial.  The casting agents claim they had no knowledge of Tyler’s relationship to the band.  According to Buell, the original script for the video was even racier:

Steven and I vetoed the first script.  Omigod, it had some racy stuff in there. It had a kiss between Liv and Alicia. Steven and I just looked at each other and went: ‘Uh-huh, sure. When hell freezes over!’

Next: Empire Records and Stealing Beauty


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  1. She’s a bad actress.


  2. Liv Tyler: I chose family over career:

    Liv Tyler worries her private life would suffer if she was hugely successful.

    The 36-year-old actress is the daughter of Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler and has nine-year-old son Milo with her ex-husband Royston Langdon. At the moment she is fully focused on raising her boy, explaining she has difficult feelings about balancing a career with family life.

    “Perhaps I shouldn’t think this way but, from a very young age, I had this idea in my head… That if you are very successful in your career and you’re giving all of your attention to that, then your family life will not… I need to word this in the right way…,” she told Red magazine.

    “The life of your family possibly won’t flourish as it might. But when you focus on your family and you put that first, then your career suffers in some sort of way.”

    Liv can cope with her career not being at its highest point, but won’t be able to deal with letting her son down. On top of that, she isn’t a fan of the fame which comes with her career. Perhaps because of her famous father and model mother Bebe Buell, the star prefers to fly under the radar as much as possible.

    “Anonymity is like gold to me – it’s so valuable and precious,” she said. “And I love places where I can relax and not worry about standing out or being looked at.”

    Preferring to take a step back from the rat race doesn’t mean Liv judges women who chose to focus on work. Some of her best friends are very busy; she cites fashion designer Stella McCartney and actress Gwyneth Paltrow as prime examples.

    “I see Stella whenever she’s here, and we have a weird, crazy conversation, say, ‘I love you,’ and then she’s jetting off back to London. She’s got four kids, and a million businesses. And Gwyneth’s just really good at everything. She’s very organized, whereas I’m far more sensitive and adaptable,” Liv explained.

    “She’s good at structure and routine and schedules, whereas I get lost all the time. I’m always late and always rushing.”


    • Liv Tyler in a way, is kind of a “less kooky” Daryl Hannah in the sense that you never got the sense that they were really hungry enough to reach it to the top or to be a major star so to speak. In essence, they were more or less content with being a supporting player.

      Now that I think about it, I kind of figured that Liv could’ve kind of been a female Keanu Reeves so sorts. Like Keanu, Liv Tyler isn’t considered the greatest actress in the world, but people would still want to work with her because she seems reasonably easy to deal with.

      The problem with Liv now however, is that I suppose that Hollywood doesn’t really know what to do with her now that her ingenue days are over. And plus like I said, it isn’t live Liv is all that invested in really playing the Hollywood game in order to get more high profile work.


  3. Another great article LeBeau. Stepping up, to keep up, with your contributors so to speak….

    Liz Tyler. Born in the right place in the right time, with good genes and talent. Most people in the same place would have been pulled down into the decadence of drugs and mayhem. But this woman seemed to be able to resist these temptations and make something of herself.

    If there was ever a person situated to have contacts in the entertainment industry it would be her. Exposed to fame early in life it must by now become passé and no longer interesting. Art becomes more important when the notoriety wears off. I have watched since her MTV video days and expected her to self destruct…but it never happened. A pleasant surprise I must say as she always provides high quality performances and she is a natural beauty. I look forward to whatever she chooses to provide to us in the future. Good for her.

    Brad Deal


    • Yeah, DW is keeping me on my toes. I’m going to have to keep cranking out the good stuff to maintain my place on the pecking order round here.

      Before I started the article I did not realize what a life of privilege Tyler has lead. I knew she had a rock and roll daddy. But I didn’t realize how connected she actually was. I left this out of the article, but her grandmother is Dorthea Johnson, author of The Little Book of Etiquette.

      You’re absolutely right. Her upbringing could have resulted in a monster. Instead, she seems remarkably level for a Hollywood type.


      • I’m going to do my best the next couple months to be a regular contributor again… however the beginning of 2015 is going to be rough. So, I need to get in everything I can.


  4. Never been a fan of her breathy voice and over-earnest performances. Never got the hype. I just tried to watch Space Station 76 and milord it was bad. It was originally a stage play, and I thought, hey, sci-fi comedy in Star Trek vein! Nope. Nope. Nope. Not a laugh to be had.


    • I’ve said elsewhere on this site that Liv Tyler kind of reminds me of Kim Basinger. Both Liv and Kim are ravishingly beautiful women, who while arguably not the best actresses of their generation or era (and both incidentally, often speak in soft, breathy voice), arguably and a vulnerability or sensitivity about them.

      Both of course also once played the girlfriend/love interest in a comic book superhero movie (Liv would like Kim w/ Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer in “The Real McCoy”, eventually work w/ another actor who would play Batman in Ben Affleck) in the 1989 Batman movie and 2008’s Incredible Hulk movie w/ Edward Norton.

      Both also appeared in memorable (somewhat creepy if you think about it too much) music videos during the early ’90s (Kim Basigner as a corpse in Tom Petty’s “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” and Liv Tyler as Alicia Silverstone’s “partner in crime” in her father’s “Crazy” video).


    • The Incredible Hulk (2008)

      Post by Famous Rocking Chimes on Sep 29, 2017 at 5:37pm
      The ‘forgotten child’ of the MCU movies. I actually quite like it all things considered. Ed Norton was pretty good as Bruce Banner although I do prefer the Mark Ruffalo version.

      Don’t even mind the CGI fest between Hulk and Abomination at the very end. After the 2003 Hulk (which I don’t mind but can see why others don’t like) I think the audience just wanted to see Hulk wreck dudes and cause carnage. I enjoyed Tim Roth’s performance as Emil Blonsky and William Hurt was pretty damn good as General Ross. Sam Elliott was probably better though.

      Only complaint is Liv Tyler’s kind of generic as Betty Ross and there isn’t enough Tim Blake Nelson in this movie. I know they were setting him up to be Leader but I guess that fell by the wayside due to the whole Universal sequel deal and Norton trying to push his weight around with the producers.


  5. The appeal here was always her fantastic looks. Not being a fan of Aerosmith or Michael Bay, I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was not a lousy actress and that she takes the work seriously. Then she (kind of) disappeared. If she is happy and doing the work she wants to do, then I’m very happy for her. Who knows? She may have a resurgence at some point, but it seems that if she does it will happen naturally.


    • See, physically, she never did anything for me either. So that whole train I missed, it seems. She does seem to take it seriously, but that hasn’t translated into performances that have compelled me.


  6. First before I forget, “Robot and Frank” is an excellent movie that everyone should see. It’s Frank Langella’s vehicle but the cast is all around excellent. Susan Sarandon is my hero. Liv Tyler chooses a lot of interesting projects, and I give her credit for that and for remaining relatively grounded despite an unconventional upbringing.
    Second, well, there’s no escaping the thought that Tyler is about perfect bone structure. She is well connected and again, picks interesting projects, has beauty and energy but is she an acting legend, I will have to say no….then again does it matter? She’s got kids and a lifestyle that makes her happy, so good on her.
    See “Robot and Frank” it is so damn good


  7. Without repeating what others have said about Liv Tyler and why here career didn’t go further or stalled, the thing that I’ve noticed right away is that outside of “Armageddon”, the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, and “The Incredible Hulk”, Liv hasn’t been in a lot of movies that have been widely released or were remote hits at the box office. I wonder if Liv actively looks for roles that doesn’t obviously trade on her good looks. Either way, a large part of Liv’s problem perhaps, is that she never really did enough to capitalize off of her appearances in said blockbusters. The end result is a modest career w/o enough traction so to speak. I think if Liv wanted to be a “superstar”, then the right time so to speak, would’ve been after she appeared in “Armageddon”.

    I think another problem w/ Liv is that she perhaps never really had an actual “breakthrough” starring role that could prove that she could carry a movie or be a bankable leading lady. In other words, she unlike her Aerosmith music video co-star, Alicia Silverstone, never had her own “Clueless” for example (if that makes sense). I don’t know if it’s just lack of ambition or Liv not being a strong or charismatic enough of an actress to be able to do that. Liv has for the most part, been a “star by association”, in that she never really was singled out for praise for her more high profile movies. Thus, it isn’t like Liv at the end of the day, “gained much” on her own for being in “Lord of the Rings”.

    Liv also may have been a victim of bad luck or timing. For example, she did “Empire Records”, which wasn’t a hit at first (the was horribly marketed and promoted if I’m not mistaken), but has since become a cult hit. She did “Jersey Girl” during a time in Ben Affleck’s career in which he was becoming “box office poison” due to the whole thing w/ him and Jennifer Lopez. She did “Reign Over Me” during a time in which it was perhaps “too soon” to want to embrace or care about movies (a rare “dramatic movie” from Adam Sandler no less) concerning 9/11. And she took part in what became a “stillborn” franchise (and the “black sheep” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe) in “The Incredible Hulk”.


  8. Anne Hathaway stole her roles!


    • I’m not sure Anne Hathaway was Tyler’s main competition. By the time Hathaway came up and started stealing roles, Tyler had already moved on to mostly indie roles. But competition is always a factor. Especially with actresses. I think Kate Hudson and Katherine Heigl more or less locked up the rom com roles. Although Tyler never seemed all that interested in them anyway. She gravitated towards crime dramas/comedies and fantasy films.


  9. I saw Plunkett & Macleane, way back when. It just wasn’t as fun as the poster made it look. All I remember of Liv Tyler’s role is that while she has a major part, she doesn’t join the title characters until towards the end. One to avoid.


  10. 9 Actresses Who Are In Desperate Need Of A Career Comeback:

    By Fame 10 Staff on June 15, 2015 1:24 pm

    Christina Ricci

    During the ‘90s, Christina Ricci was one of the most in-demand young actresses in Hollywood. She seemed to transition from the child and teen roles to young adult roles almost seamlessly; however, by the mid 2000s, the big film roles that she had come to count on were already drying up. She went from having a role in the Oscar-winning movie “Monster” to guest starring on shows like “Grey’s Anatomy.”

    Ricci’s biggest roles in recent years were in the doomed television series “Pan Am” and the Lifetime original movie “Lizzie Borden Took an Axe.” We think that she is in dire need of a comeback. She proved many years ago that she has the acting abilities – now she just needs a good role in which to exercise them.

    Liv Tyler

    During the ‘90s, Liv Tyler was one of the hottest young starlets in Hollywood. She had roles in “Empire Records,” “That Thing You Do!,” Inventing the Abbotts” and “Armageddon.” Her biggest role to date, however, was as the elf Arwen in “Lord of the Rings” film trilogy and the last installment came out in 2003.

    Tyler has continued to act, but her career isn’t what it once was. She hasn’t had a career defining role since the ‘90s and we think she deserves at least one more opportunity to show us all what we’ve been missing.


  11. We Should Be Talking More About ‘That Thing You Do!’

    The other night, I was on Twitter and referenced That Thing You Do, a tweet that led to a multi-person conversation about the movie, a movie I didn’t think had much of a following because not many people talk about it these days. But it seems that a lot of people do love it, which got me thinking that maybe it’s a movie we should talk about more.

    That said, the most remarkable thing, to me, about That Thing You Do! is that the song “That Thing You Do” is just so darn catchy. This is not an easy trick to pull off, creating a piece of fictional art that becomes so fictionally popular that it drives the entire narrative. For this to work, a viewer has to accept that, yes, everyone really would love this popular thing that all of the characters on screen seem to like. It’s hard enough to just create a popular thing on its own, let alone create a fake popular thing on a relative whim because it’s needed for a movie. Usually, this kind of thing winds up being like what we saw in this year’s Entourage movie: Vincent Chase directs this “amazing” movie, Hyde, but, when we see a clip from it, it looks awful and there’s no way any sane person would find Hyde appealing, let alone a runaway sensation.

    And I’m not even picking on Entourage. If Hyde really were the true sensation that we were told it became, there’d be a real Hyde movie starring Adrian Grenier coming to a theater near you this fall. It’s hard to make a fake believable cultural touchstone because it’s hard to make a real one. But yet, the song “That Thing You Do” is an honest to goodness earworm. I remember a month in college where, blaring down the hallway between Blues Traveler and The Dave Matthews band, all of a sudden, I’d hear “That Thing You Do” by The Wonders. It made people happy. I honestly believe this song could have hit No. 2 in 1964. (Written by Fountains of Wayne bassist Adam Schlesinger, the song was actually No. 41 in 1996.)

    And it’s a good thing “That Thing You Do” is such a good song, because, during the movie That Thing You Do! we hear it a lot. Fictionally written by lead singer of The One-Ders (later changed to The Wonders) James Mattingly (Johnathon Schaech), the song becomes a hit after fill-in drummer Guy “Shades” Patterson (Tom Everett Scott), in a dick move, really, speeds up the tempo of the song without telling anyone else in the band that this would be his plan. (The original drummer, played by Giovanni Ribisi, broke his arm after a freak “jumping over parking meters” accident. Which, when you think about it, is probably a pretty common result from jumping over parking meters.)

    When That Thing You Do! came out in 1996, I really thought Tom Everett Scott would be a huge star. And the truth is, he’s had a nice career (he recently appeared in the Scream television series), but when he was playing Shades, he was electric. I just kept waiting for it to happen — I’m sure he did, too – but no other role was quite built for him like the one Tom Hanks had written for him in That Thing You Do! (When Guy is still working at his father’s appliance store, the way Tom Everett Scott delivers the word “avocado” when listing washing machine colors to prospective customers makes me laugh every time.)

    I truly think Tom Hanks’ involvement as writer, director and co-star of That Thing You Do! helped make it a success, but is what also made it so easy to dismiss. Before That Thing You Do!, Hanks’ prior three live-action roles were in Apollo 13, Forrest Gump, and Philadelphia. His next role would be in Saving Private Ryan. Hanks was right smack in the middle of one of the hottest streaks an actor has ever had, garnering three Best Actor nomination, two of which he’d win.

    The problem with this is, when That Thing You Do! was released, it felt like a little pet project just to humor Hanks, in a, “Oh, now you want to direct? Of course you want to direct,” kind of way. It seemed very insignificant when sandwiched in between Hanks’ other work at the time. Looking back, that’s not really fair. Just as “That Thing You Do” is a perfect little pop song, what Hanks actually did with That Thing You Do! was make the perfect little pop movie. It just wasn’t “important,” and back then there was this weird feeling that everything Tom Hanks did had to be “important.” That Thing You Do! would finish third in its opening weekend, finishing behind The First Wives Club and The Glimmer Man. It would go on to gross a modest $25 million, not bad for a first-time director with a cast of relative unknowns, but a blip on the radar for a “Tom Hanks Movie” at the time.

    Re-watching That Thing You Do! today, it’s crazy how many people who are well-known today are actually in this movie. Hey, there’s Charlize Theron as Guy’s girlfriend; hey, there’s Bryan Cranston as Gus Grissom; hey, there’s Chris Isaak as Guy’s uncle; hey, there’s Paul Feig as a disc jockey. But the band themselves is what sells it. Just as The Wonders were being thrust into the spotlight, here are four actors – Scott, Schaech, Steve Zahn (who gained attention in Reality Bites two years before), and Ethan Embry (fresh off of the cult hit Empire Records with co-star Liv Tyler the year before) – who were all at the start of their careers. And here they were, being directed by the guy who had just won two Oscars.

    Not only does Hanks not get enough credit for making the equivalent of a pop hit movie, he doesn’t get enough credit for his performance as Mr. White, an A&R rep who could have easily been played as a manipulative a-hole, but instead seems to actually care about the band members – though he’s hardly surprised when they quickly flame out and dissolve. He knows that the high of having a hit song starts to fade once a band is forced to make cameos in dumb movies like Weekend at Party Pier as Cap’n Geech & The Shrimp Shack Shooters.

    The best scene in That Thing You Do! is when The Wonders are playing their first gig for Play-Tone in Columbus, Ohio. Right before The Wonders start playing, Zahn’s Lenny says to Guy, “Well, take us there, Skitch.” The camera then pans in on Guy has he slams down on his drums, starting “That Thing You Do!” It perfectly captures the innocence of that, “Holy sh*t, what is happening?” moment before life always gets in the way and ruins everything. But there are moments. And at that moment, there’s just joy and fear.

    And with That Thing You Do!, it’s not really important that The Wonders break up. What’s important is that they made it at all, albeit briefly. Everyone wants to experience that moment when the four members of The Wonders are dancing around the appliance store after hearing “That Thing You Do” on the radio for the first time. That’s what this movie is about. But it never lasts. Eventually it falls apart.

    Eventually, we all become Cap’n Geech & The Shrimp Shack Shooters.


  12. @LivTyler: Actresses are treated like “second-class” citizens at 38


  13. I just learned something from viewed the Good Bad Flicks video on “Empire Records”: Coyote Shivers (in the desert? really?), who played Berko in the film, was technically Liv Tyler’s stepfather at the time, because he was married to her mother. I did not know that!


  14. Good Bad Flicks: Empire Records (1995)

    The long and troubled history of Empire Records.


    • Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Empire Records

      Liv Tyler (Corey Mason)

      Easily the most recognizable star of Empire Records, Liv Tyler left her days playing a fuzzy-sweatered speed freak behind and became one of Hollywood’s A-List. She appeared alongside Ethan Embry in That Thing You Do before rocketing to fame with the blockbuster action flick Armageddon.

      Her next huge role was as Arwen in the Lord of the Rings franchise, one that bumped every actor involved to the next tier of stardom and netted them all a shelfload of awards. As well as playing the stunning elf, she became the face of Givenchy, returning to her modelling roots. More recently, she launched a television career in 2014, as Meg Abbott in The Leftovers, and has a fantasy-horror film (Wildling) out later this year.


  15. What are they now: Liv Tyler

    Shirred skirt schoolgirl, white shirt knotted at the navel, raven hair and mischievous and rebellious look, this is how Liv Tyler appeared to the world. It was the early 90s in a clip of Aerosmith. He was then seen in auteur films and blockbusters, before it gradually disappears. But what has become?
    A girl (but who?)

    Relatives of Liv Tyler’s “kingship” American rock can easily qualify, the actress after being a lover of the most prestigious alloy.

    His mother is the model Bebe Buell, well known in the 70’s rock circuit for the leader groupies who swarmed around the many diamond rockers of the era. While Bebe (it is not invented) maintained a more or less apocalyptic relationship with Todd Rundgren, we can not thank enough for his song Hello it’s me (frankly superior to Hello by Lionel Richie, let’s be honest), it is pregnant a certain Steven Tyler.

    Yes, the same Steven Tyler who officiates as a singer with full lips in the rock band Aerosmith. The child, namely Liv, will still be recognized by Todd Rundgren, the “official” Bebe, but the organized falsehood ultimately be revealed a few years later.

    In adolescence, Liv meets Steven Tyler and includes deception. As in a Hollywood happy ending, it officially recognizes as his daughter, happy, in the end, to host a descent in his new post-debauchery life.

    Modeling and the famous clip of Aerosmith

    With a physical and blessed by the gods with a mother in the biz, Liv Tyler has logically thrown headlong into the cutthroat world of modeling when she was a young teenager. After several campaigns that do not mark the history of fashion or her career, she eventually break through the help of his daddy.

    Against all odds, Aerosmith experiencing a hype back in the early 90s after a lull during the previous decade (the fault of over-consumption of drugs). It is with the album Get a Grip the Boston group found favor with the public thanks to singles Cryin ‘, Amazing and Crazy, worn by clips since become cult. It is in that of Crazy as the world discovers Liv and her partner in crime Alicia Silverstone, both young schoolgirls dressed like crazy, sexy and cool more than the version played by Britney Spears a few years later in the clip Baby One More Time.

    The serious things, “the seventh art”

    After marking forever the lives of millions of viewers followers of MTV music channel is on the big screen as Liv Tyler is shown. First in independent films such as Heavy (whose soundtrack is signed by Thurston Moore of Sonic Yourth) and Empire Records (a film “musical”, therefore like) and in a work designed by the great Bertolucci, Stealing Beauty at only 22 in 1996.

    Passport to fame this role earned him appear later in larger productions such as That Thing You Do! A comedy about rock bottom 60’s alongside Tom Hanks but also in the blockbuster Armageddon with Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. For his performance in this role she was nominated for two MTV Movie Awards and again found his father in the video I Do not Wanna Miss a Thing, honeyed ballad that takes soundtrack of the film.

    The young actress clearly loves alternating blockbusters and art films since then sees the two films by Robert Altman: Cookie’s Fortune and Dr. T and the Women (good large turnip families not really representative of the filmography of ‘Altman and yet in its cast includes Richard Gere, Helen Hunt, Farrah Fawcett and Laura Dern).

    In the early 2000s it has the difficult task of incarnating Arwen, Queen of the Elves, in the film adaptation of Lord of the Rings over the entire trilogy. The success is phenomenal: Overall, the three films raking in nearly three billion dollars in worldwide box office and allow Liv Tyler and the entire cast of getting nominate a. Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast C ‘ is a rather long formula but do not lack sense or panache.

    Hybrid career and a reinvention on TV

    Yet born auspiciously, it is clear that Liv Tyler’s career took an unexpected turn, if not disappointing. Probably the fault of choice of films that seem totally thoughtless.

    Between its participation in monumental dung like Jersey Girl with her ​​old friend Ben Affleck in 2004 and interesting indie films, but not awesome like Lonesome Jim Steve Buscemi , his career took a hybrid or bastard turn. So much so that it is in short supply in the mid-2000s.

    In 2008 she returned (to pay the bills?) Appearing in the film adaptation of The Incredible Hulk with prestigious partners such as alongside Edward Norton, Tim Roth and William Hurt. After his participation in the blockbuster and probably tired by cinema and failures she knows repeatedly, Liv decides to rocker like his beloved Daddy. She tries to song with a cover of INXS Need You Tonight for a Givenchy advertising which she is the muse. As we feel a certain affection for Liv, how we say quite consensual and caring that the result is “interesting”.

    But it seems in any important case to stipulate that the music world has definitely need a single member of the Tyler family.

    Since 2014 it has reinvented itself as an actress in the semi TV fantasy series The Leftovers on HBO and thus make many happy teenagers 90 years to find it every week.


  16. Welcome to the Basement: Armageddon (1998)


  17. ‘He gives good presents!’: Liv Tyler praises David Beckham as a god-parent to son Sailor… as she FINALLY confirms engagement to fiancé Dave Gardner


  18. Jimmy Kimmel Live ‏@JimmyKimmelLive 5h5 hours ago
    #Kimmel tonight @BenAffleck brings us the EXCLUSIVE #BatmanvSuperman trailer + @LivTyler @TheNotoriousMMA & @G_Eazy


  19. Liv Tyler tells us about being a mom to her 9-month-old and how David Beckham became his godfather!


  20. Congrats! Liv Tyler is pregnant with her third child — see her cute announcement:


  21. A beautiful woman and a great elf.


  22. Liv Tyler will be back for The Leftovers’ final season

    Tyler says that she and much of the cast has been kept in the dark for what will happen in Season 3.


  23. Too good! Liv Tyler shared the most adorably awkward throwback of Ben Affleck:


  24. 9 Actresses We Wish Were More Talented Than They Really Are

    Liv Tyler

    Liv Tyler once said that she’s become a second class citizen in Hollywood because of her age, but we have another theory – she was never that talented to begin with and studio execs finally started to notice. That would help explain why the roles started to dry out after The Lord of the Rings trilogy wrapped. Since then, it’s been slim pickings for Liv.


  25. You didn’t mention anything about her weight issues. I had read several of her post Lord of the Rings series interviews where she spoke candidly about how she had to starve herself for the princess role in LOTR and was tired of doing so. She mentioned that once she allowed herself to eat and maintain a realistic weight, the roles were fewer. I say good for her. Life’s too short.


  26. Liv Tyler’s advice on post-baby body pressure: ‘Be kind to yourself’ via @peoplebabies


  27. They were it the great LOVE STORY Affleck and Tyler. THANK u For Teaching me to LOVE. ALL Your Movies.thank u both


  28. “Reign Over Me” is discussed at the 14:43 mark.


    • The Sandlercast Currently Watching: Reign Over Me

      Welcome to The Sandlercast! The Sandlercast follows Swanson, Kiorein and Stairmaster as they watch the entire filmography of Adam Sandler and try to keep from spiraling into madness in the process. Join along every other week as the journey into darkness continues!

      On this week’s episode, the gang watch the 9/11 drama, Reign Over Me and discuss time-traveling Stalin, why the family dog was traveling on the plane and what is up with Sandler’s hair. Also, Shadow of the Colossus and locker room talk!

      Episode 21: Reign Over Me


    • 10 Truly Awful Superhero Movie & TV Love Interests

      Betty Ross – The Incredible Hulk

      There’s not a whole lot about the Edward Norton version of The Incredible Hulk that most people remember. There’s a reason why he made one film and then was the only one replaced from the Avengers lineup when they started that franchise. But out of all the forgettable elements in this film, by far the most egregious example is Betty Ross. Who? Exactly.

      It’s hard to imagine that many audience members can remember a single detail about her character. It’s probably even a stretch to try to recall exactly who played her.

      That’s how nonexistent Liv Tyler is in this role. In point of fact, it’s not really fair to even call it a role so much as a thinly sketched cardboard cutout of an obligatory romantic interest. The film feels like it has so many other things to deal with that Betty Ross is always an afterthought, which is always a kiss of death when it comes to trying to create viable female characters within a superhero universe.


  29. Liv Tyler discovers a biracial relative and a Civil War ancestor as she appears with Aerosmith rocker dad Steven on Who Do You Think You Are?


    • Steven & Liv Tyler discover black ancestry

      “I always felt akin to Black people, always,” said Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler after daughter Liv Tyler told him about their African-American ancestors.

      Liv learned of their ancestral history on TLC’s Who Do You Think You Are?.

      She was elated to discover their ancestor Robert Elliott, her great-great-great-great-grandfather, was part Black. (During the late-1700s and 1800s, Elliott was identified as a mulatto, according to a newspaper article and census data.) However, what excited the actress mostly was the fact that Elliott was a musician. He was a drummer boy during the Siege of Plattsburgh, which is also known as the Battle of Lake Champlain and occurred in September 1814 during the War of 1812.

      Elliott passed his musical skill down to his son George Elliott and perhaps Steven. George served as a drummer during the Civil War, and was present at the Battle of Antietam on Sept. 17, 1862 and the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863. Before fronting one of the most popular bands ever, Steven also got his start as a drummer.

      Liv visited the Smithsonian where a drummer played for her a selection of music that George likely played on the battlefield. She was moved to tears.

      Steven is also part Italian.


  30. What the cast of Empire Records looks like today

    Liv Tyler – Corey

    Liv Tyler started out as a child model, though being the daughter of veteran rocker Steven Tyler (something she only found out about aged 9) meant that she was always destined for a life as a performer. After making the transition into acting, her daddy set her up with a gig alongside Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith’s timeless (and, upon reflection, kind of creepy) music video for “Crazy,” a platform that helped her land her first major role as overachieving student Corey in Empire Records. Co-star Maxwell Caulfield later admitted that the male cast members found it hard to keep their eyes off this “emerging swan,”” prompting Tyler’s mother to remain on set so she should could keep her daughter’s admirers in check.

    Tyler moved into the mainstream after appearing as Bruce Willis’ lovestruck daughter in 1998’s Armageddon and gained international recognition playing Elf maiden Arwen in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy in the years that followed. Barring her role in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk (the often overlooked black sheep of the Marvel Cinematic Universe) Tyler began to shy away from tent-pole blockbusters and has since moved into television, joining the ensemble cast of HBO’s The Leftovers. The actress is currently trying her hand at producing, pulling the strings on the upcoming fantasy horror project Wildling which is due to hit screens in 2017 and will star Tyler opposite Bel Powley and Brad Dourif.


  31. ‘We both wanted to have children and a partnership and love’: Liv Tyler praises fiancé Dave… as she admits self-doubt almost made her quit acting


  32. ‘He didn’t want to let everybody down but he was in pain’: Liv Tyler reveals father Steven is ‘recovering’ after canceling tour… and talks of bond with kids


  33. I get the feeling that Liv Tyler had the same issue as another WTHHT subject in Ralph Macchio. Liv always seems to be too nice and normal for Hollywood. And being a nice, down to earth person is of course, more acceptable than being a jerk. But if you want to survive in a cut-throat industry like show business, than you have to make sacrifices. And I don’t think that Liv was super competitive in wanting to make it up the Hollywood food chain and staying there.

    I’m surprised that Liv hasn’t transitioned to mom roles a la Jennifer Garner. Liv with her sweet, gentle, breathy way of speaking seems to be ideal for playing the “doting, nurturing mom”.


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