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  1. LeBeau,

    I just came back from seeing Birdman with my wife and son. I can’t say I understood everything, but it was very well acted. All the actors submitted above average performances. It was more like a play than a movie. Spoiler alert, maybe…it seemed like there were only five or six scenes in the movie. Very long scenes without any cutouts that flowed into the next scene. It was very interesting.

    I liked the movie but I found myself struggling to keep up with the dialog…they could talk faster than I can think, I need to watch it with the subtitles turned on I guess. Anyway I will have to read the reviews to find out what was really happening. Did he have special powers or was he just a nut job. I don’t know…

    Micheal Keaton is so interesting. I truly believe he made enough money on his early work that he is no longer motivated by money and chooses his movies based on his own personal criteria. I am going to be thinking about this movie for some time.

    Good job LeBeau. Keep the good stuff flowing.

    Brad Deal


    • For the most part, reaction to Birdman has been positive. The performances and the movie’s visual style have been universally praised. The movie was shot to appear like long continuous takes, but my understanding is that some of that was done with computers. I still haven’t seen it yet myself, but it’s high on my “must see” list.

      As for Keaton, I completely agree with your assessment. He cashed a couple of Batman checks and from that point on he was in a position to say “no”. Nowadays, he says “no” a lot. He says he gets sick of seeing himself on screen. Famously, he turned down Lost because he just didn’t want to deal with the grind of a weekly TV series. Must be nice. He also said “no” to outrageous sums of money for “Batman Forever”. This is what you can do when you make millions and don’t blow it all irresponsibly like Nicolas Cage or Val Kilmer.

      Since we’re talking here, let me just throw out a little explanation about this gallery. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while now. I’ve got all these pictures housed on the site. I figure why not repurpose them as galleries for people who just want to look at the pictures. So as I am going through the old WTHH articles, you’ll be seeing more and more of these galleries pop up. I’m not writing anything beyond simple, descriptive captions. But I do think they visually tell a neat story about the progression of a career without reading 12 pages. It’s the Cliff Notes version of WTHH.

      Once I get through all the WTHH articles, there will probably be other galleries as well. A gallery for all the Batman movies perhaps. Or all the Magic Kingdom pictures. Basically just lumping the sites hundreds of pictures together by theme. So more of these to come.


    • The only thing I know for sure about Birdman is that I loved it. The acting, the camerawork, and the script are all excellent. I’ll be very surprised if Oscar nominations do not ensue.


      • Unless there’s a backlash against the movie – and I have seen some signs of one – it seems like some nominations are likely. It’s done well. But it hasn’t been a big breakout hit like I think a lot of people were expecting. That may not bode well come Oscar time. I’d love to see Keaton nominated.


        • Anyone who saw the movie and thought it was supposed to be a blockbuster doesn’t have their head screwed on straight. Many layman types will hate it, and that’s a good indication that it has done its job well.


        • I’m not sure that was the expectation of anyone who had actually seen the movie. But the “comeback” buzz for Keaton and Norton started at least a year ago. Maybe I’ve got an inflated sense of it since I have written about both actors. My sense was a lot of people expected this to be a big hit beyond the arthouse crowd.


        • It is being positioned in a sort of middle space. I saw Birdman at the huge multiplex next door to a high-end mall here in Durham, which definitely indicates that it is being given a chance at selling itself to the same crowd as Big Hero 6 and Interstellar. Of course I also saw Her in this same location, so that seems to indicate a management that likes all sorts of movies and plenty of choice more than an expectation of huge box office.

          Awards (and quality) buzz can be very different from box office buzz. Both can be extraordinarily wrong. The only way this is a “comeback” for Keaton is if he wishes it to be, and I don’t get the sense that’s his goal. Now Norton might be able to get a bump from this, as it reminds other artists how good he can be while gently lampooning his own “difficult” reputation. In either case, I don’t think the box office will be enough on its own to really move the needle, but it might be enough in tandem with the quality work to help out Norton and maybe Naomi Watts too. This is the kind of prestige film that gets enough eyeballs to allow its cast/creators to do more prestige films.


  2. It sounds like you are all describing Oscar worthy stuff going on in that movie – editing and cinematography accomplishments as well. Might have to check that one out.


  3. BTW if anyone has a nom for Redbox “Must See” it’s a football bye week, so I’m headed there later. Looking at at trailer for The Prince, for its cast but the trailer makes an R rated film with violence look dull, and not looking for violence anyway.. Good People looks intriguing but also violent… A Million Ways to Die in the West might just fit the bill..inventive comedy always welcome…..Neighbors was big box office….saw Sex Tape and can’t highly recommend despite good chemistry among cast including hilarious extended cameo from Jack Black…. any and all ideas welcome…


  4. costner keaton norton reese all have oscar buzz this year they could all land oscar noms this year and hopefully resurrect there career even though costner has less of a chance lets pray he gets nom


    • Much like Christmas music, I believe awards talk should begin in late December.


      • How am I supposed to not talk about the Oscars when Keaton and Norton and Gyllenhaal are up on the screen just down the street right at this moment?


        • I don’t get my way with regards to Christmas music either. Doesn’t change my preference. You know my stance on awards. They are more about politics than merit. I can’t muster much enthusiasm for awards during awards season. So the pre-awards season speculation does nothing for me.


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