Lebeau’s Le Show: Interstellar Review


Daffy and I both caught Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic, Interstellar this morning.  So we decided to try something new.  We set out to do a 10-minute episode of Le Show to review the movie.  Instead, we ended up talking about Interstellar for 35 minutes.  The first fifteen minutes is spoiler-free, so feel free to listen even if you haven’t seen the movie.  We give you a warning before we start talking about the ending.


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  1. This movie is really divisive and I can’t stop checking out reviews and different points of view on it. Thanks for making this guys. Next time please don’t have one guy talk only through the left channel and the other only through the right. It sounds really weird on headphones


    • It does seem to be a divisive movie. While I think Daffy was more enthusiastic about Interstellar than I was, I think we both liked it. But I wouldn’t recommend it to people who don’t care for Nolan’s other works as I feel like this is more flawed than The Dark Knight, The Prestige or Inception.

      We recently switched from very low tech recording method to the new approach which records in stereo. That’s why I’m on the left and Daffy’s on the right. I believe I can convert the audio from stereo to mono which should fix that situation. But I wasn’t sure whether or not that would be desirable. Thanks for the feedback.


      • I haven’t had a chance to listen to the broadcast yet, but I certainly feel this is Nolan’s weakest film.

        His films have had editing issues in the past, but Interstellar is so episodic in structure that it feels more like a mini-series that was edited into 2:45 movie than a feature film. The disjointed feel also makes it glaringly obvious which portions were Spielberg’s (most notably the third act) and which were Nolan’s.

        That said, I still enjoyed it even if I don’t feel any urge to see it again before it comes out on video.


  2. Different reaction than Stoil. I’m listening on speakers and much prefer the right/left effect, in fact it’s eerily like you guys are right here. Since Stoil was using headphones the effect might have been magnified or distorted somehow? but, given a choice, I’d probably still go with the stereo mode. Miles better sound quality IMO anyway. I’ve not listened all the way through yet, and may have to pause for now to get some Christmas lights up. Still in a lot of pain from yesterday. Please do not ask for any details as I will not provide them. Carry on guys!


  3. Guys, I know you kind of do requests so can you please write something about the new Terminator trailer. I am still trying to wrap my head around it. It’s entertaining but for all the wrong reasons…


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