Movies of 1985 Bracket Game: Brazil Vs. The Breakfast Club

Brazil Vs The Breakfast Club

With the start of a new year, there’s a whole new slate of movies to look forward to.  Hollywood is hoping 2015 will be a better year at the movies than 2014 was.  But how will the movies of the new year stack up against the movies from 30 years ago?  1985 gave us some classic movies and its share of forgettable ones as well.  In this month’s bracket game we’re going back in time to 1985 to pick our favorites from 30 years ago!

Movies of 1985

Brace yourself for some shocking news.  Back to the Future has made it to the finals!  Okay, maybe not so shocking after all.  The heavy favorite beat Weird Science with over 82% of the vote.

But fear not Anthony Michael Hall fans.  For he is still in the game.  In today’s match, Hall along with most of the rest of the Brat Pack faces off against some movie most people in 1985 had never heard of.  It’s John Hughes vs. Terry Gilliam as The Breakfast Club faces off against Brazil.  Let me think of something these two movies have in common…


They were both works of filmed entertainment released to theaters during the calendar year 1985.  That’s it.  That’s all I got.

By now, you know who you’re going to vote for anyway.  You don’t need me to tell you anything.  Winner advances to take on the Goliath that is Back to the Future.

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  1. Well…I think they both display worlds which are roughly equivalent in how closely they represent the real world which we live in! 😉

    To be honest, I really don’t expect Brazil to beat The Breakfast Club in this round, but that didn’t stop me from voting for it. Brazil is the only movie other than Back to the Future out of 1985 for me that stands up well both as entertainment and art at such a high level.


    • This was a tough one for me. I have actually voted for both of these movies in rounds one and two. So now, I finally had to choose. I went with The Breakfast Club for pretty much the same reasons I voted for it in round 2. No, it’s not the better movie. But it is a better time capsule of 1985. It’s also the movie I have seen more often. I need to revisit Brazil. I don’t think I have watched it in the 21st century. The Breakfast Club I catch on cable about once a month. Never on purpose. It just comes on and I don’t turn the channel.


      • Still deciding. While Brazil is definitely the better movie, Breakfast Club I’ve seen more often as well. I don’t actually own Brazil on DVD (the only non-Python Gilliam film I actually have is 12 Monkeys). I like Gilliam’s work a great deal (although my favorite non-Python film of his is Time Bandits) and I know quite a few people who do too and some who can’t stand him. They think that him and the rest of the Pythons are fixated on making weird stuff that only appeals to the intellectual crowd. But I know quite a few non-intellectuals who are big Python fans.


        • I’m a non-intellectual who likes Python. I hesitate to call myself a big fan because there are much bigger fans out there. But I can quote a few sketches, The Holy Grail and Life of Brian. As for Gilliam, he’s a talented filmmaker who I believe went off the rails sometime in the 90s. I’m afraid there’s no getting him back. His movies are always interesting but his output for the last 20 years or so is also deeply flawed. I think 12 Monkeys was the last really good movie he made.

          This one has been closer so far than I expected. Last I checked, it was neck and neck. Although it seems like the movie snobs vote early and the populist vote trickles in through the day. So I’m still expecting a Breakfast Club win.


        • I always saw Gilliam as part of a group of filmmakers (that also includes David Lynch, Tim Burton, David Cronenberg, The Coen Brothers and John Carpenter) who’ve always managed to make idiosyncratic films. Some of them have had more commercial success than others. But all of them make films that wouldn’t get made if they didn’t make them.


        • I agree 100%; One of the reasons I voted for “Brazil” is that “The Breakfast Club” has already gotten its due, and I feel it’s time for “Brazil” to get a measure of acclaim.


        • It’s a rather small measure, but it appears Brazil will win the round.


    • The actual story of the Breakfast Club is preposterous of course, but I have a real fondness for the movie. While all the other teen movies of the era were screwball comedies or excuses to show T&A, Breakfast Club really tried to present characters and situations that might actually exist. You could see yourself and people you know in those characters. That is what John Hughes tried to do, at least in the Ringwold trilogy of films, and this one was closest to the mark.


  2. I’ve really been surprised at the strong performance of a couple films in this competition, namely Brazil and Weird Science. Both overperformed in these brackets beyond my expectations so far. I’ve been aware of Brazil for many years of course and have heard some good things about it, but I’ve never seen it. My takeaway from this Bracket Game is that I think I will finally search Brazil out and give it a chance.


    • If that’s all that comes out of this bracket game, then I will be very pleased. I am sure you will enjoy it. It’s a good movie.

      But yeah, I have been surprised by the performance of Brazil and Weird Science. They both made it farther than expected.

      I did see someone on FB (who shall remain nameless) shaming people to vote for Brazil over Rocky IV. Not sure how much of an impact that had, but there is some campaigning going on.


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