Movies of 1985 Bracket Game: Brazil Vs. Back to the Future

Brazil Vs Back to the Future

With the start of a new year, there’s a whole new slate of movies to look forward to.  Hollywood is hoping 2015 will be a better year at the movies than 2014 was.  But how will the movies of the new year stack up against the movies from 30 years ago?  1985 gave us some classic movies and its share of forgettable ones as well.  In this month’s bracket game we’re going back in time to 1985 to pick our favorites from 30 years ago!

Movies of 1985

This was unexpected.  Brazil, the quirky science fiction movie championed by critics and ignored by everyone else 30 years ago, has advanced to the finals over the ultimate high school drama, The Breakfast Club.  Was the voting entirely on the up-and-up?  Well, there were more votes cast in this poll than in any round for the last two games.  That always makes me a bit suspicious.  So maybe put an asterisk next to this victory.

Regardless of how it happened, our final two movies are Back to the Future and Brazil.  Brazil is the clear under-dog here.  But it seems to have a very supportive group of voters backing it.  Will they be enough to pull the ultimate upset?!?  I would bet against it.  But then, I would have bet against Brazil making it to the final four much less the finals.

So this is it.  Which movie is the ultimate movie from 1985?

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  1. I’m voting early (but not often) for Back to the Future. It had almost Star Wars like impact and is just great entertainment. It’s been a fun progression no matter how this turns out.
    That picture really takes me back. I so love Christopher Lloyd!


  2. For me it’s Back To The Future. The most iconic and best film of 1985 in my view. One blockbuster that has stood the test of time and in my view legitimately earned the label of classic.


  3. I was honestly worried that Brazil would lose in the first round to Prizzi’s Honor, so you can color me flabbergasted that it went on to also beat Rocky IV and The Breakfast Club. I’m voting for it again because it is one of my personal top 10 favorite movies of all time, but once again I am expecting it to come up short. Back to the Future is indeed a classic of pop entertainment and would make an extraordinarily worthy champion of our bracket game. Wish I could post the expected memorial theme tune video for Brazil like I did for Weird Science a couple of days ago, but that’s just not possible for me today.


    • Dude, it just might win.

      If it does, I’m totally going to question the results. Casting multiple votes is blocked to prevent a repeat of the SNL game shenanigans. But there are ways around that. I suspect that is how Brazil managed to beat TBC. It calls into question Brazil’s unlikely winning streak all the way back to round 1. But the game is as secure as it can possibly be. So what can you do?

      Which is not to say I think Brazil doesn’t deserve to be in the finals. It is arguably the best movie of 1985. It made a lot of critic’s Best of Lists that year. It aims higher than Back to the Future and I’d say it hits the mark. Yesterday when you mentioned it was beating TBC I commented that it was the better movie. So maybe the results are legit and we just have a very sophisticated group of voters.

      Later in the day if the votes reach a point where the outcome seems pretty clear, I’ll try to post a memorial song for the loser. But this early in the morning, I’m not going to predict a winner.


      • I’m positive the voting was rigged. When I voted in the mid morning Breakfast Club was ahead by a clear margin and had nearly as many votes as it does now. Meanwhile Brazil tripled the number of votes since I last checked. At least it seems to be a good movie. I’d be more upset if something like Cocoon was the movie that won.


        • Daffy contacted me yesterday evening to let me know that 1. Something looked fishy and 2. He was not responsible. I agree. Something looked fishy. Generally, these polls get around 30-35 votes. Yeserday’s poll had almost 50. Duplicate votes are blocked, but that doesn’t prevent someone from voting multiple times on different devices. So there’s two possible explanations. Either someone recruited a bunch of friends who don’t normally vote or someone had access to numerous machines to vote on. I suspect someone in a call center or classroom or some other work place with a lot of computers really likes Brazil.

          With all that in mind, it doesn’t make much difference. I don’t think The Breakfast Club would beat Back to the Future. I think the final outcome of the game will be the same regardless. And I’m flagging yesterday’s results with a big fat asterisk to indicate it was probably bogus. At least whoever rigged the vote picked a good movie. But hey, let’s try not to have a repeat in the future Brazil Fan!


        • That sucks to hear; vote juicing? Anyway, I believe in fair play (that’s probably the wrong way to think, as i have a mean streak, but I’m not cold blooded).


  4. WOW! I love the use of charts here! Who knew Brazil ===> The Breakfast club! I am still gonna go with Back to the future for my fav.!


    • I would have never guessed Brazil would win over TBC. Who knew indeed.

      Back to the Future is just hard to beat for pure entertainment value. It’s one of those movies everyone can enjoy.

      Quick plug, Paparvan’s site is a great place to check out. She’s got cute fashion articles as well as movie reviews. I have added it to the blogroll at the bottom of the site. Drop in and check out the OOTD.


  5. Very close count at the moment–20 to 19 for BttF.

    I started out this contest voting against Brazil in the first round, where I voted for Prizzi’s Honor. But the next two rounds I voted for Brazil (only once each time 🙂 ), before switching to voting for Back to the Future in this round.


  6. I got here late so I couldn’t vote, but I would’ve voted for “Back to the Future”. I’m glad this vote was close though; “Brazil” was that underdog that came close to winning a championship.

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  7. I would have voted for Back To The Future too. Not only was it the biggest box office hit of 1985, but it actually is my favorite movie of the year too. Those two don’t coincide that often for me.

    As far as if there were any shenanigans regarding Brazil, the film has long been one of those films that I’ve sort of wanted to check out over the years, but after this bracket game I have decided to definately check the film out in the near future, so if there has been wrongdoing by others here then at least some good will come of it. I promise I will watch Brazil and make right of this wrong.


    • It’s all good. There has been some pretty obvious vote tampering. I would prefer to leave the voting open. But it was just getting silly. Hopefully we can all play nice when thd next game starts next week. Regardless, it’s been fun.


  8. Lebeau, just so you know, RB has been very well behaved since the Chevy Chase/SNL bracket. In fact, after I figured out I could have 2 votes because of my work computer, I have refrained from doing it. And the one time I did it, there was no effect on the outcome.


  9. Glad the fact that I was too late to vote didn’t cost BTTF the win (damn late coffee break) that would have been a travesty! No disrespect to Brazil just adore BTTF. On another note I’m really loving this more frequent posting, good job and thanks!!!

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    • I like the games because they give us something to do in between WTHH articles. Even when I am cranking out WTHH articles, it’s hard to get one done in less than 2 weeks. These kinds of activities allow me yo engage readers while I am working on the big stuff. The next WTHH article is about 1/2 finished and it’s a doozy!


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