Pop Culture Quiz: What the Hell Happened Quiz: 1985 Edition *Results*

Movies of 1985 sepia

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been flashing back 30 years in 1985.  With the winner of the bracket game announced, all that’s left to do is to review the results of our 1985 Pop Culture Quiz.

I thought this quiz was tougher than usual.  But the scores were pretty consistent with previous quizzes.   Once again, no one scored 100%.  The average score was 45.6% which was actually higher than the average for the Christmas edition.  So good job everyone!

1985 Question 1

Most of you knew Linda Hamilton played a Russian prostitute, but you were split on who her costar was.  31% of respondents knew that Hamilton and Geena Davis played Russian prostitutes in the TV movie Secret Weapons.  The same percentage thought the correct answer was Linda Hamilton and Kim Basinger.

1985 Question 2

More than half of you knew that Linda Fiorentino played the older woman who rents a room from Matthew Modine’s family and ends up falling for him even though he’s still in high school.  Rebecca De Mornay was a popular choice which makes sense given her role as a prostitute in Risky Buisness in 1983.

1985 Question 3

I worried that this question might not be specific enough.  But almost have of you knew Tom Berenger played a singing cowboy in the Western satire, Rustler’s Raphsody.  I tried tricking you guys with Kevin Costner who played a cowboy of the non-singing variety in Silverado in 1985.  But only one of you fell for it.  Tombstone stars Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer were more popular choices.

1985 Question 4

This one was pretty obscure.  But 38% of you knew that Rebecca DeMornay played a singer who fell for a baseball player (Michael O’Keefe of Caddyshack fame) in Neil Simon’s The Slugger’s Wife.  The movie “won” a Golden Raspberry for Worst Song which was sung by DeMornay.  The other three choices are all actresses from that time period who are capable of carrying a tune.

1985 Question 5

42% of you knew that Matt Dillon teamed with Gene Hackman for the action movie Target in 1985.  35% of you went with Matthew Broderick who believe it or not has never appeared on screen with Hackman.

1985 Question 6

This was the only question on the quiz where the most popular answer was not the right answer.  Only 31% of you knew that Kurt Russell played a reporter in contact with a serial killer in The Mean Season.  A whopping 58% of respondents went with Tom Berenger!  More people thought he played the reporter than correctly identified him as the singing cowboy from question 3.

1985 Question 7

This question probably wasn’t fair.  But I thought it was funny so I included it anyway.  The answers were pretty evenly distributed which suggests to me that a lot of guessing was involved.  Honestly, I’d have had to guess too.  And I probably would have gone with Elisabeth Shue given the number of commercials she appeared in.  But the correct answer was Kirsten Dunst.

1985 Question 8

I thought this one was a gimme.  It was intended to make up for the mashed potatoes question.  Just over half of you knew that Jim Carrey played a high school student bitten by a vampire in the 1985 comedy Once Bitten.  Nicholas Cage actually played a guy who *thinks* he has been bitten by a vampire in the 1988 movie, Vampire’s Kiss.

1985 Question 9

This was another bunny question intended to make up for some of the more challenging ones.  84% of you correctly recognized that Chevy Chase was a busy guy in 1985.

chase - fletch

He played a reporter in Fletch, a family man in European Vacation and a spy in Spies Like Us.  I didn’t trick a single person with Kurt Russell as an option there even though he did play a reporter in 1985.  Drat.

1985 Question 10

Finally, half of you knew that Nicolas Cage auditioned for the role of Bender in The Breakfast Club.  At one point, John Hughes cast John Cusack in the part.  But at the last minute, he decided Cusack wasn’t threatening enough and replaced him with Judd Nelson.  Matt Dillon seems like the obvious choice, but he was busy hanging out with Gene Hackman in Target.  Not the store although that would be pretty funny if you ran into Matt Dillon and Gene Hackman just chilling at Target.

So, that’s it for our look back at 1985.  It’s been so much fun that we’re going to come back next week with a look at 1995.  There will be a new bracket game and a new quiz as well as a few other odds and ends.  Until then, you might want to brush up on your 90s trivia.

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  1. “I tried tricking you guys with Kevin Costner who played a cowboy of the non-singing variety in Silverado in 1985. But only one of you fell for it.” Ouch! That was me! I guessed Kevin Costner incorrectly! Well, on the bright side at least you got somebody with that red herring, so there is that. Funny thing is for the life of me I could not recall Costner singing in Silverado at all but I guessed it anyway. The reason was I have never seen the Tom Beringer western before, and Tom Beringer does not strike me as the type of guy that would play a singing cowboy. Even knowing he is the correct answer, he still doesn’t. Maybe I should look up one of his singing scenes on Youtube and have my mind blown. Matter of fact, I’m going to do that now.


    • Update: Ok, mind blown. I think it was worth me getting that answer wrong just because it led to me hearing Tom Berenger sing. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that. What a trip.


      • It’s a trippy movie. He eats some kind of root that lets him know what happens in the script. That’s borderline psychedelic.

        Rustler’s Rhapsody was Hugh Wilson’s follow-up to Police Academy. So expectations were pretty high at least in terms of box office performance. It was supposed to be Blazing Saddles for the 80s. It was supposed to make Berenger a big star. At least as big as Guttenbgerg anyway. But it didn’t do so well.

        I was 14 when it came out and it was pretty heavily promoted. So I have kind of grown up with the idea of Berenger playing a singing cowboy. But I can see how it would seem weird if you didn’t grow up with it. Kind of like the first time you see Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood sing in Paint Your Wagon.


        • I first discovered Tom Berenger in the great Oscar-winning War drama from 1986, Platoon. He was intense in that role, making a great first impression on me. What few films I’ve seen him in outside that have fit in with that tough intense persona, his small role in Training Day for example, or Sniper. Seeing Tom Berenger as a singing cowboy was a bit heady for me today. With that in mind you’ll probably understand why I didn’t anticipate Tom Berenger as the correct answer on the quiz.

          I’ve never seen Paint Your Wagon either, but at least I’ve always been aware of it. The Simpsons had a great bit years ago about it, where Homer goes to the video store and rents Paint Your Wagon, ready to spend an evening watching a classic Clint western. Then Clint and company start singing, and Homer cannot wrap his head around what he’s seeing. Funny stuff. Matter of fact that’s kind of my reaction to seeing Tom Berenger as a singing cowboy now. Not quite as much because Clint is on a whole other level as an action icon, but you get my point.


        • I saw that Simpson episode recently which is what brought Paint Your Wagon to mind. 😉

          I think someone needs to read WTHH to Tom Berenger? His career stretches way back to the mid 70s. I first became aware of him in The Big Chill which I still have no idea why I watched or even liked that movie. It was way too old for me. I can see why Boomers related to it. But I was a young Gen Xer.


    • I am disappointed any time one of my incorrect choices doesn’t get a single vote. I take that as a sign I did a poor job in choosing alternate answers. So thanks for picking Costner! 😉


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