Pop Culture Quiz: What the Hell Happened Quiz: Robots Edition *Results*

robots 3

As we wrap up our look back at movie robots, it’s time to review the results of our Pop Culture Quiz.

Participation was down this time around.  Not sure if it was due to lack of interest or something else.  Scores were down a bit too.  The average was just over 40%.  The high score was 70%.  There were two respondents who tied for first place with the rank of Terminator.  No Brainiacs unfortunately.  We did have a Sleeper which means someone scored less than 20%.  Just to put that in perspective, the law of averages means you should score 25% if you guess.

Now that we know how everyone performed, let’s review the questions.

Quiz 1

Answers to this question were pretty evenly divided which suggests to me there was some guessing involved.  The most popular guess was the correct one.  Liv Tyler played Frank Langella’s daughter in the 2012 science fiction drama, Robot and Frank.  Langella starred as an elderly man whose son buys him a robot to help take care of him.  Instead, he programs the robot to help commit crimes.

Quiz 2

The scores here are exactly the same spread as in the first question.  Once again, the most popular answer was the correct one.  36% guessed/knew that Madeleine Stowe played Gary Sinise’s wife in the sci-fi thriller, Imposter.  Sinise played a scientist suspected of being an alien robot. send to destroy the human race.  *spoilers* Turns out he is.

stowe - imposter

Imposter was originally intended to be a 40-minute segment in a science fiction anthology film titled Light Years.  But the project fell apart before the other two segments could be shot.  So the 40-minute segment was padded out into a feature and released on its own.  It actually reused footage from movies like Starship Troopers and Armageddon.

Quiz 3

36% of respondents picked Arnold Schwarzenegger who is well-known for playing robots in the Terminator movies.  27% went with Robin Williams who played a robot in Bicentennial Man.  Another 27% correctly answered that it was Kurt Russell who broke his ankle while playing a robot.

During the first week of shooting the 1998 sci-fi action movie, Soldier, Russell broke his ankle which presented some problems.  The shooting schedule was rearranged so all of Russell’s scenes in which he could lie down were shot first.

Quiz 4

Most respondents knew that Nicole Kidman played a woman whose husband tries to replace her with a robot in the remake of The Stepford Wives.  The remake was directed by Frank Oz and attempted to satirize the original.  But it was a troubled production.

kidman - the stepford wives

John Cusack left the project and was replaced at the last minute by Matthew Broderick.  Oz feuded with several members of the cast including Christopher Walken and Bette Middler (who stepped in for Joan Cusack when she also quit).  The movie went through so many revisions, it is actually unclear whether or not robots were even involved.

Quiz 5

Speaking of Matthew Broderick, he got a chance to play a robot himself in the 1999 adaptation of the cartoon, Inspector Gadget.  More than half of respondents incorrectly answered that it was Jean-Claude Van Damme who played a security guard who became a crime-fighting robot.  Van Damme did star in a movie called Cyborg, so the mistake is understandable.

Quiz 6

Just over half of you correctly answered that it was Melanie Griffith who played a tracker who helps a man replace his broken sex robot in the sci-fi movie, Cherry 2000.

Quiz 7

36% of you knew that Judd Nelson played Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime in the 1986 animated Transformers movie.  Once again, answers were pretty evenly distributed which suggests to me that guesswork was involved.  There are rumors that Nelson may reprise his role by voicing a CGI robot in an upcoming Transformers sequel.  I see a future for the entire Brat Pack playing robots that turn into cars.

Quiz 8

Here’s another question where most people guessed incorrectly.  Over 55% answered that Rene Russo played the boss of a robotic US Marshall.  But it was actually Sharon Stone who co-starred opposite Miguel Ferrer in the TV movie, Badlands 2005.

Sharon Stone - Badlands 2005 - 1988

Sharon Stone – Badlands 2005 – 1988

Stone played the boss of two US Marshals in the distant future of 2005.  One of the marshals is human and the other is a robot.  After a drought that started in 1995, water has become more precious than gold and the American West is run by outlaw road gangs.

The movie was intended as a pilot for a TV series, but the series was not picked up.

Quiz 9

Just over half of you answered correctly that Jude Law played robotic prostitute, Gigolo Joe in Steven Spielberg’s robotic take on Pinocchio, AI.

Jude Law - AI - 1999

Jude Law – AI – 1999

A few of you guessed that it might have been Elizabeth Berkley.  Berkley actually did voice a robot in the American language version of the anime series, Armitage.  But she did not play a prostitute.  She did play a stripper in Showgirls.  And while it was never expressly stated that her character was a robot, I would certainly entertain that theory.

Quiz 10

A lot of times, I throw a freebie in at the end of a quiz just in case I made it too difficult.  This question was intended to be a gimme.  And yet, someone actually skipped it.  60% of you correctly answered that Daryl Hannah played pleasure robot Pris who gets “retired” by Harrison Ford in Blade Runner.  Sean Young also played a robot in Blade Runner, but she was not a pleasure model nor was she retired.

If anyone is looking for extra credit, be sure to listen to this month’s robot themed episodes of Le Show.  They are worth 25 points each.  Listen to them both and you could end up with a perfect score!

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  1. I didn’t know there was a quiz, so I didn’t participate. Even though I’m not that into robots, I would’ve gave it a run (a likely mediocre one at that).


  2. I got 7 out of 10 correct, as the only three that I got stumped on were the ones with Kurt Russell, Melanie Griffith and Sharon Stone. In fact I completely forgot about Cherry 2000 as I could’ve imagined Kathleen Turner replace broken sex robots in a film.


    • Wow, “Cherry 2000″…I haven’t seen that in forever (1988; I think it may have been called “The Year of Forever” too). I used to receive this magazine called VIDEO (not bad, though I got in trouble ion school for showing off some of the more suggestive film covers) and it was advertised in there, so when it aired on HBO some time later I was ready for it. I thought it was okay, but I guess it wasn’t memorable enough for me at the time.


      • I completely misunderstood what the movie was. I had seen it in video stores forever and just assumed it was porn. Based on the cover, I assumed Melanie Griffith was a sexbot. I finally watched the movie last year and was pleasantly surprised. It’s actually pretty clever.


        • That’s funny, although if I recall the spread in that VIDEO magazine was pretty racy (that wasn’t what I got in trouble in music class for, it was “Two Moon Junction”:-). To be fair to the film, I should view it again now that I’m an adult (I think).


    • You’re one of the two top scores. The other was Daffy. Well done, gentlemen.


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