Movie Robots Bracket Game Winner!

WDW - R2D2

Another bracket game ends as it must.  R2-D2 beat out Wall-E with 64% of the final votes.  It was a closer match than I expected.  The end result is not surprising.  I figured Artoo would win before I even started drawing up brackets.  But what it lacks in surprise, R2-D2’s win makes up for in satisfaction.

I have said a lot about R2-D2 over the course of this game.  And so have the readers.  So I’m going to quote some of my favorite comments from an R2-D2 fan:

Craig Hansen wanted to see the no-smoking PSA from the 70’s if R2-D2 won:

Lebeau, if R2 wins the match I have a possible suggestion for tomorrow’s post: how about including the TV commercial from the 70’s for the STAR WARS SMOKING PSA? I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen this before, but C-3PO finds R2 taking a drag off a cigarette and then tells him it’s totally not cool (“smoking isn’t grown up at all!”). Maybe R2 fell to peer pressure here, or maybe R2 fell in with the wrong crowd in high-school, but R2 is definately rocking that cigarette when that party-pooper 3PO finds him. You can find it easily on Youtube if you wish to check it out for consideration. 🙂

Have I seen it?  Of course I have.  It was unavoidable if you were a kid watching cartoons at the time – which I most definitely was.

That wasn’t the only PSA featruing Artoo and Threepio.  Here’s another one where they talk about immunizations:

Maybe they should pull that one out of the mothballs in light of the measles headlines this year.

Craig also gave a shout out to one of the technical wizards that made Star Wars into a pop culture phenomenon:

The unsung hero in R2’s creation really is sound designer Ben Burtt. It’s probably impossible now to imagine R2-D2 without all those electronic bleeps and blurps, but Ben Burtt created R2’s “voice” from scratch on his own, using his own vocalizations on an electronic synthesizer. R2 is a beautifully designed droid, but those vocal beeps go a long way to giving R2 his character and warmth.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  The blips and bloops gave R2 his personality.  I would also like to recognize Kenny Baker who sat inside a hollowed out robot and found a way to give him a life of his own.

That brings our look at movie robots to a close.  I hope you had as much fun with it as Daffy and I did.

And now, I’m going to do something a little different.  When we come back next week, we’re going to star a look at movie heroines.  Cinderella opens in theaters today with surprisingly good reviews.  Next weekend, the sequel to Divergent opens.  So with thought it would be a good time to look back at movie heroines.

Here’s the thing.  There’s a lot of them.  And I’m having trouble making up my mind who should make the cut in the bracket game.  So I’m going to let you guys decide.  What I’d like you to do is to rank the heroines in the survey below.  That way, I will know I am not leaving out anyone’s favorite.

These are the candidates who are “on the bubble”.  Your rankings will determine who gets included in the next game and who doesn’t.

Thanks as always for participating.

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  1. I had forgotten all about those PSAs!! What a trip down memory lane. Thanks also for the info on the creative guys who gave us R2.


  2. Thanks for the shoutout in the article, Lebeau. I was tickled at being mentioned. I’m seriously thinking of changing my name to Craing Henson, however, it has a nicer ring to it and I’ve really done all I can with my current name anyway! 😉


  3. The Star Wars smoking PSA has kept me from smoking over the years. I mean yes R2 sure makes smoking look cool and exciting, but on the other hand after their stern advice not to smoke I would never want to give into smoking and let R2 and 3PO down. I COULD NEVER LET THEM DOWN MAN!


  4. Rock the Casbah

    Thx Lebeau for another exciting bracket game. Of course, in my preferred testosterone soaked, intense, brooding alternate universe, it would have come down to Term vs. Roy Batty 😉 But, alas, as you pointed out, in this case cute won over brute.
    I think you raised a good point when you mentioned that R2 is a beloved character not just from some great film(s) but from the pop culture juggernaut that is Star Wars so his win was almost a foregone conclusion. It’s hard to overestimate the intense loyalty and devotion that Star Wars inspires. Almost a way of life to some. James Carmeron’s Terminator movies and Blade Runner are great films and cultural phenomena in their own right but it’s hard to compete with Star Wars.
    Hey, at least R2 never appeared in any rom coms.


    • Don’t give Disney any ideas. With all the Star Wars spin-offs they have planned, a robot rom-com isn’t out of the question. 😉

      Star Wars is just bigger than any one movie can ever hope to be. It’s bigger than most franchises. Although I consider myself a life-long Star Wars fan, I pale in comparison to the devotion of the true die-hard fans.

      In the end, I’m glad we got to showcase all movie robots good and bad, cute and killer. But don’t worry. We’ll be talking about The Terminator again real soon. Seems to me that franchise has a very popular movie heroine, does it not?


      • When you mentioned a robot rom-com, the early 1980’s Andy Kaufman movie Heartbeeps came to mind. Not that it was a rom-com, exactly – it was a really bizarre movie that almost defies explanation – but the two leads (Andy Kaufman and Bernadette Peters) are both robots who fall in love by the end of the film, so it kinda-sorta is a robot rom-com. Sort of. I know, I’m really reaching here, maybe I just felt like mentioning Heatbeeps. I’m probably the only person on Earth who is mentioning Heartbeeps in conversation today.


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