Post-Apocalyptic Movie Bracket Game: The Hunger Games Vs. Logan’s Run

The Hunger Games Vs. Logan's Run

It’s the end of the world as we know it.  And I feel fine.  In celebration of Mad Max: Fury Road, we’re getting post-apocalyptic.  So get ready to fight off zombies, scavenge for goods and run for your life!  And maybe spend some quality time in an abandoned mall or Bill Murray’s house.  We’re looking at what happens in movies when society crumbles.  Are we replaced by apes or pod people?  Is Kevin Costner a fish person or a postman?  Our dystopian future is up to you.

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Charlton Heston is two for two in our apocalyptic tournament.  First The Omega Man beat out I am Legend and now Planet of the Apes triumphs over Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  So the apes will face the winner of today’s youth-oriented bracket.

We’ve got two very different dystopias today.  In The Hunger Games, children are forced to fight to the death in annual televised tournaments.  Somehow these games are intended to prevent an uprising against an oppressive government.  In Logan’s Run, anyone over 29 must report to a ritual called “Carrousel” where they are put to death err “renewed”.

The Hunger Games movies are based on the young adult novels of Suzanne Collins.  I have never read them myself but Mrs. Lebeau is a fan.  Hey, at least it’s not Twilight, right?  An up and coming actress named Jennifer Lawrence was cast as heroine Katniss Everdeen who volunteers to fight in the games in place of her younger sister.  Katniss has become one of the most iconic heroines in recent movie history and the movies have helped make Lawrence a huge star.

Logan’s Run is based on the sci-fi novel of the same name by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson.  In the novel, life ends at 21 instead of 30.  But the maximum age was raised for the movie since Michael York was hardly believable as a 20-year-old.  York plays a sandman whose job is to hunt down anyone who doesn’t show up for “Carrousel”.  These people are called “runners”.

Logan is assigned to go undercover to find out where the “runners” go.  His time clock is advanced to make it appear as though it is time for him to report to “Carrousel” and he enlists the help of a runner played by Jenny Agutter.  Gradually, Logan goes from posing as a “runner” to actually running.

Unlike, The Hunger Games, Logan’s Run was not a big hit.  But it did inspire a short-lived TV series.  There have been rumors of a remake for quite some time.  The Hunger Games is one of the more successful movie franchises with the fourth and final film scheduled for release later this year.

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  1. daffystardust

    When I sat down to watch The Hunger Games on DVD and then the second film in the theater with my young cousin I was sort of hoping I would either really like it or really hate it. Unfortunately what I saw did not take enough chances to be either transformative or terrible or even a little of both. There was good work there, most notably by a few actors, but overall I found it all a little boring.

    It’s been a while since I saw Logan’s Run, but my memory of it says that it kind of fits into what I was hoping to get from The Hunger Games. It is a little ridiculous in a fully endearing way that allows me to buy in completely. My vote goes to Logan’s Run.


    • I think Hunger Games is the better movie. But it is very safe. I haven’t read the books, but the movies feel like they hold the books in too high esteem. I am sure fans of the books would disagree. A few cuts would have made a tighter movie-going experience.

      Logan’s Run is goofy as all get out. I marvel that it came out one year before Star Wars. It really goes to show you the state of science fiction before Lucas changed the game. But for all it’s flaws, I find Logan’s Run fascinating. I have to wonder how much of that is nostalgia. I didn’t see Logan’s Run until I was older, but I was certainly aware of it as a child. That awareness preprogrammed me to be interested in whatever it was.


  2. Rock the Casbah

    It looks like Logan’s Run is off to an early lead. I do vaguely remember watching it and the TV series as a child. It definitely did NOT leave the same impression on my younger self that Star Wars did.

    I did see the first two Hunger Games films and my impression was the same as Lebeau’s. Solid, well-made (if not groundbreaking) movies.

    I’m guessing that generational demographics will let their preferences be known in this round. I can see some nostalgic support for Logan’s Run among grizzled Gen Xers while those fickle Millennials seem to have an emotional attachment to the Hunger Games. I’m thinking that if I was in my late teens or 20’s, I would have a greater affinity for the Hunger Games. And, of course, I would try NOT to laugh at The Exorcist. ;D

    Since I’m guessing that LeBlog gets more traffic (and more votes) from the X’ers, I am predicting a Logan’s Run win here. I decided to betray my fellow generational cohorts and vote Hunger Games (just seems to me to be the better film). Plus, as Lebeau pointed out, at least is ain’t Twilight. 😀

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  3. I went with Logan’s Run here for similar reasons to those already expressed. Better an interesting failure than a play-it-safe, competent but routine hit.


  4. I vote Hunger Games, but not because of the movie itself.

    I only recently saw the first Hunger Games movie. It reminded me of a dull, toned down version of “The Running Man”. This prompted me to watch the Running Man a few days later and while it is not Arnold’s finest work I thought it was much better than Hunger Games.

    The reason I vote Hunger Games is because I went online to the IMDB website to look at the message boards and see if someone could explain why these films were so successful, exactly what did people see in them?

    I found a few answers as to why people though Hunger Games was so popular, but finding answers was difficult as I had to sift through dozens of threads written by fans (I suspect about six fans with six-hundred user-names) of some Japanese film (Battle Royale) I’d never heard of all claiming this sort of thing:


    And due to the level of nerd-rage displayed I now love that the Hunger Games series exist!

    It may not be a nice thing to admit but it just makes me all happy inside to see people getting so angry about the Hunger Games supposed plagiarism of another movie’s extremely unoriginal concept and plot.


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  5. Like my head, my vote is a little lopsided, since I’ve seen “Logan’s Run” and haven’t viewed any of “The Hunger Games” series (nor desire to), but “Logan’s Run” really does it for me. Yeah, it’s cheesy and totally silly, but I think it’s good fun. It’s campy in that old episode of “Lost in Space” way for me.


  6. I think Hunger Games is pretty clearly the better movie. I don’t think 40 years from now it will be seen as one of the great movies of our time, but I think it will be more watchable then compared to Logan’s Run now. It isn’t as though Logan’s Run is bad, it just isn’t great. It did have some interesting concepts.

    Nowadays whenever I think of Logan’s Run I also am reminded of a Family Guy skit that is a pretty good parody of 70s Sci Fi that isn’t Star Wars.


  7. Logan’s Run is a prophetic masterpiece. Just the whole truth of our time indeed…


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